United States Mint 2013 Birth Set

Tomorrow, January 15, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Birth Set. This is a product targeted as a gift to mark the arrival of a newborn, but it will represent the first appearance of four coins.

Each set includes the following:

  • 2013-S Proof Lincoln Cent
  • 2013-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2013-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2013-S Proof White Mountain National Forest Quarter
  • 2013-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

All coins are struck in proof quality at the San Francisco Mint and contain the “S” mint mark. Each of the coins are struck in their standard compositions currently used for circulation.

2013 Birth Set

Only the White Mountain National Forest Quarter has been offered in a previously released product – the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set released on January 8. (As some readers noted, the previously released product contained the 90% silver version of the White Mountain Quarter. So this is the first appearance of the clad White Mountain Quarter.) The remaining four coins will make their first appearance within the Birth Set.

The product features the five coins mounted in a folder which includes spaces for a personalized welcome message, the baby’s statistics, a photograph, and a lock of hair. The US Mint touts some improvements to the product prompted by customer feedback. This includes moving the certificate of authenticity to the back of the folder, moving the coin specifications to the sleeve, and adding another teddy bear image to the folder.

The 2013 Birth Set is priced at $19.95 plus applicable shipping and handling. Although this makes for a reasonably priced gift, the full 2013 Proof Set scheduled to be released on March 28, 2013 will contain all of the above coins in addition to the remaining four proof quarters and five proof $1 coins for a projected price of $31.95.

Last year’s Birth Set generated some excitement when it was discovered that some sets inadvertently contained 90% silver half dollars. The 2012 Birth Set, which still remains available for sale at the Mint has sold 39,873 units.

In the 2012 Annual Report, the US Mint mentioned that this product line would be extended, so perhaps we may see other sets issued later in the year for themes such as graduation, birthdays, or weddings.

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  1. Shutter says

    Only the White Mountain National Forest Quarter has been offered in a previously released product – the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set released on January 8.

    The ATB proof set will be released on 1/22. 1/8 was the date for ATB silver proof set.

  2. DNA says

    This Set is the first product available with the Clad Proof version of the White Mountain Quarter.

  3. EvilFlipper says

    I just can’t see the value in clad…. I like 90 copper, gold and silver. I understand mint sets since they’re circulating coins but clad proofs? It just feels like a waste of money. Silver and gold proof sets seem the only coins of value in proof form. They retain value.

  4. EvilFlipper says

    If I’m going to get a birth set for a child and it’s going to be money then it’s going to be real money. I got the australian silver lunars in the year of birth for my kids and my friends kids. All those coins have gone up and my friend’s son was recently asking how coins were money and what to collect (my kids already know)! He’s only 11! I like to think I helped bring a new collector/flipper into the world;)

  5. DNA says

    If I’m going to get a birth set for a child and it’s going to be money then it’s going to be real money.

    Agreed: The child would be much happier to have their birth-year Silver Proof Set when they’re grown up! Or a birth-year Silver Eagle…

  6. GMS says

    The 2012 Spouse Medal Sets are on backorder this morning, you be the judge if these are going to be a quick sellout like a lot of items that have gone on backorder. These sets have only been available a few weeks. Just thought I would pass on the info.

  7. Pegasus says

    Shutter, thanks for the heads up on the price increase for the 2012 ATB 5 oz coins. I just ordered Denali, completing my set of the collector versions of the ATB 5 oz coins for 2010-2012. With that I may be done with the ATB collector versions, and instead buy the ATB bullion versions. At ca. $188.00 from ApMex for the bullion version, I think I would lose less money over time. Its too bad ther mint is raking collectors over the coals with the ATBs, the five ounce format really showcases the beauty of the designs.

  8. Shutter says

    It says for the 2013 new products

    But do you see them maintaining two different prices for the next few months? In the past, all ATB were listed for the same price.

  9. KEITHSTER says

    I think they will they know the bulk of the 2012’s are gone. Unless we get a large upswing in silver they’ll look like there on sale? And then compare sale’s on the new pricey one and then adjust? downwords hopefully Good luck on that?

  10. KEITHSTER says

    As for the Spouse Medal Sets one can only hope that they are gone?. Maybe they just ran out at shipping and need to get more to them.Can they make more or do the medal’s also all have to be struck in the year of issue?? Good luck hope there gone baby gone$$$

  11. al in ohio says

    What a glorious day platinum has finally outpriced gold for the first time since I can remember —-at least for now.

  12. KEITHSTER says

    Nice mine will be in wendsday but my c’s and v’s are still on backorder now till the 30th. Good luck everyone..

  13. Smiledon says

    Evil Flipper,
    I am not big on the silver quarters since they are not worth that much more in terms of melt value. Also, there are a few times that the clads are worth something. Since you and I collect for the opposite reasons, to each their own. I bought, by mistake, 2009 silver quarters; they did not do much for me. They are still sitting in my desk.
    FYI, the 2013 quarters do look really nice on the Mint’s web site. Hope they look that way when they arrive to my home. For me, this set of state quarters looks so much better then the 1st time around.

  14. Eddie says

    I have a question about the 5 oz ASEs.
    I am wanting to buy one before 2/12 when the new one comes out. I don’t have El Yunque or Denali. Should I go ahead and get one of these (if so which one) or should I just wait and see what the price is going to be for the new ones? I know it has $245.00 but I feel that price will come down. I am wanting to get all of the new 5 ozer’s. At this moment I don’t know what I should do. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks for any helpful ideas.

  15. Micro says

    It looks to me like the mint is raising prices on silver items by $3 per ounce. So that’s $15 for the AtB 5 ouncers. But not all silver producs – like the AtB silver proof set is the same as the 2012 set. Whether they will also apply this increase to the 2012 AtB’s is anyones guess.

  16. Louis says

    @Eddie- I would grab your 5 oz coins now.

    The Mint just made it easier to stick to my budget. No more numismatic versions.

  17. Ikaika says

    @ GMS

    Thank you for the info on the 2012 FS bronze set. I am not sure the Mint would pull the plug on these before the 2011 set. Maybe they are temporarily out of stock. The 2011 is still available.

  18. Fosnock says

    @Eddie – I would get one now..I’m partial to El Yunque but get whatever one floats your boat I think Denali may have a lower mintage (due to less of them being sold) than El Yunque if that is a factor.

    That being said are you just looking to pick up one of the ATBs? Have you looked at the cheaper bullion ATBs? Why not Hawai’i Volcanoes? I think it is the best of the 2012 crop and I’m not alone on that assessment (they look terrible on the website but great on the actual coin)

  19. Fosnock says

    @Eddie – Just reread your post if you have the other three coins then your guess on future price movements is just as good as ours, but once again my guess is to get them now. The mint is slow to drop prices but quick to raise them the 2013’s were priced in with silver at about $30 per ounce the current price of silver is $31. From past experience the mint will reprice their silver items at around $35 (going up) and $28 (going down). A quick price spike to $35-$36 and the mint will take them offline for repricing, but they will have to stay around $28 for several weeks before they drop the price back to $205. That is my 2 cents, and once again I’m partial to El Yunque

  20. says


    Thanks for the warning on the AtBs. The minute I saw that, I went and bought it. I was going to wait and grab it with the proof silver eagle next week, but I am not taking any chances given that I missed the S rolls through inaction.

  21. Zaz says

    I grabbed the last two five ouncers over the weekend and the last two remaining S rolls, sinceI figured that Acadia was About done.

    @Eddie: El Yunque is the better design, IMO, but if you are aiming for lower mintage, Denali. Look what happened with Gettysburg v. Chickasaw, a 7K spread because the latter went on sale for a much shorter period of time. However. if nobody collects them later mintage doesn’t really matter, so if you only have funds for one, pick the one you like the most.

  22. Eddie says

    Yes I have the other three but have to wait until the 3rd of Feb. to order. I really don’t understand why the mint is going to charge pretty much $50.00 an ounce for the 5 ozers. I know we are paying about $60.00 an ounce for the ASEs. I guess I should be thankful that they aren’t charging $60.00 an oz for the 5 ozers.
    I like the mint ones over the bullion ones.

  23. Smiledon says

    To help personalize proof sets given as gifts, the United States Mint is again offering an array of gift sleeves available to customers for special occasions. This three-pack of three-lens Congratulations sleeves will fit either of the three-lens proof sets the United States Mint produces – the United States Mint Silver Proof Set® and United States Mint Proof Set®

    You can see of photo of this @ the US mint web site.

  24. EvilFlipper says

    Dang Clev!! I was just about to post my prediction for a sellout. Still over 20k though. A bit much on the mintage which is why I went for the 1/4 oz. 1/2 will do well as well. I bet the set sells out by next week.

  25. EvilFlipper says

    It appears the mint made 15k 1 ozers, 4k 1/2 ozers, 5k 1/4 ozers and 12k 1/10 ozers. That’s nearly exactly 1/2 of 2011’s mintage. Going by that then it appears they would have made 9k sets at most. How long those take to sell out remains to be seen. Unless that makes 14k 1/4 and 13k 1/2. Not terribly low of a mintage but should be good for 1-200$ premium 😉 I would think they made the whole 9k but it could be that they saw how high the price was and opted against making that many more.

  26. Shutter says

    This three-pack of three-lens Congratulations sleeves will fit either of the three-lens proof sets the United States Mint produces – the United States Mint Silver Proof Set® and United States Mint Proof Set®
    I’m aware of these. However, the Federal Register list United States Mint Congratulations Set for $64.95. That would be one hell of a jump from $5-$6 they charge for the cardboard sleeves.

  27. Mark in Florida says

    I can’t figure why the Mint would raise the 5 oz AtB so much unless they want to kill the series and blame it on low demand.

    They didn’t have to make those versions, and I bet they only made them because they had so many bad bullion ones, they had to find a way to rescue them.

    As the only coins I can read without glasses I really love the series but I’ll just get the bullions if they don’t price the others reasonably. But hey, if silver jumps in price the next few months they might end up reasonably priced!

  28. EvilFlipper says

    The ATB bullion 5 ozers are nice. I love the reliefs on some of the artwork. I could see a demand for these in the future…. Would make a nice display.

  29. KEITHSTER says

    Cuz they can’t get their restocking fee from you guy’s so they had to make it up somewhere??? Ah !! Eagle lover’s ya and them guy’s that like them Big one’s that’ll work .Good luck with that??

  30. Don says

    Instead of the 2013 Birth Set, I will get my new grandchild (due in June) silver coinage such as the bullion Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, China Pandas, and the Silver Proof sets. Why get the clad coins that are in the Birth Set? Get coins that have some chance to appreciate in value. I did this for my first two grandkids, and I’ll do the same for the new arrival.

  31. Brad says

    The Hawai’i Volcanoes “numismatic” P 5 oz. silver coin is now backordered. Based on the last sales number, it looks like there must be a 15,000 mintage on that one. Do you think that’s low enough to give it a decent collector premium?

  32. hi ho silver says

    …. how is that 2nd morgage doing ¿ must be tough to have that while collecting FS coins

  33. Brad says

    Actually, it’s not a second mortgage. The first house was paid off over 8 years ago. Now I just hope it doesn’t take forever to sell it. I don’t want to be a landlord!

    I still haven’t bought the ’12 Spouses yet, but I’d probably better not wait too much longer. The price of gold just doesn’t appear to be ready to give up enough to force another price drop. With the way the 2012 products are dropping off left and right, who knows how long the FS coins will last? The Alice Paul unc could be gone in a couple more weeks or so.

  34. Brad says


    Nothing, but unfortunately she’s part of the set. Therefore, it can’t be complete without her.

  35. Dan in Fla says

    Brad I have heard you on previous posts say that you have a complete set of the FS gold coins and now you wait until the brink of a sellout what are you waiting on?

    I paid 279.00 for the 5 ozers when they came out and was glad to get it. The mint knows we will pay more to have our needs met.

  36. Brad says


    Well, at first I was forced to wait until closing on the new house before I could make a credit card charge of that magnitude, due to the bank not wanting me to “take on additional debt.” It’s not really debt if you don’t carry the balance forward, but they still basically bullied me into not making the purchase until after closing. Then, by the time closing was finally done the price of gold was beginning to retreat, flirting with a price decrease. Since one pricing tier is worth $200 for the coins I want to buy (4 proofs and 4 uncs), I was basically gambling on the coins remaining available while I could see what the price was going to do. Now, it’s getting back up towards the next higher tier again, so it looks like the price drop won’t be happening after all.

    I guess I could always order just the Alice Paul coins for now (since theoretically they are most likely closest to the sellout point), and hold off on the others just in case a price drop may still happen in the coming weeks.

  37. Eddie says

    I need to get the El Yunque and Denali but only one at a time so which one you should I be getting first. I don’t want one to sell out and I got the other one. So any suggestions?

  38. KEITHSTER says

    EI Yunque should sell out before Denali. So unless you know flipper real well and that might not work either ? With one on backorder don’t wait to long EI Yunque then start saving for Denali. good luck

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