United States Mint and National Park Service to launch America the Beautiful Quarters Program coin honoring Ellis Island on Aug. 30

The following press release is courtesy of the United States Mint.

The public and the media are invited to the ceremony to mark the release of the Ellis Island quarter, the 39th coin in the United States Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The event, which will take place Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, at 11 a.m (Eastern), includes a coin exchange of $10 rolls of newly minted Ellis Island quarters after the ceremony. Barbara Fox, designer of the quarter’s reverse, will be available for interviews before the ceremony. The following will be present at the event:

  • Todd Baldau, senior advisor, United States Mint
  • John Hnedak, deputy superintendent, Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island
  • Zach McCue, projects director for U.S. Senator Cory Booker
  • Erica Daughtrey, communications director for U.S. Congressman Albio Sires
  • Dave Krolak, master of ceremonies
  • Janis Calella, president, Save Ellis Island

The ceremony will take place in the flagpole area of Ellis Island. Ferries leave from Liberty State Park, New Jersey, and Battery Park, New York City. (Riders must pay a ferry fee.)

After the ceremony, the Mint will host a coin forum at 12:30 p.m. at the same location. The coin forum is an opportunity for the public to learn about upcoming coin programs and initiatives, and to express their views about future coinage.

The United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Program is a 12-year initiative that honors 56 national parks and other national sites authorized by Public Law 110-456. Each year, the public will see five new national sites depicted on the reverses of the ATB quarters. The Mint is issuing these quarters in the order in which the national sites were officially established.

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  1. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    It is bs but that’s the world we live in.

    Thanks to Longarm for the video and for making the message count on the last post a double nickel.

  2. earthling says

    This is the most bestest ATB this year… in a really down year for designs. I might buy the Puck, I might not… haven’t bought any since the Harper Ferry release.

    Well, I’m starting to focus on Classics. Got my eye on 1936 Proof Buffaloes and 1928 Hawaiian Halves. Been saving a lot of cash because of lack of anything worthwhile from the US Mint.

    Keep up the good deeds, Mint. 😙 👍

  3. KCSO says

    Whoahh, Whoahh, Whoahh..,


    APMEX, on it’s ‘recently viewed’ thread, shows a price for the Pd Eagle of



    Pd Ask is $924 (way too high any to justify any reasonable smart financial decision), and THEY WANT $104 OVER SPOT above that…,


    Ain’t gonna happen for this cowboy, ’cause I ain’t your Huckleberry.

    With the number of retailers lining up for this release.., I expect the norm to be $44.95 over spot and then Specials at $24.95 forthcoming.

    Don’t buy into the hype, be patient on this one and that over spot ratio will be coming down.

    I’d really like to know what the USM is charging dealers.., should anyone have a reference,

  4. Tom says

    Palladium is a hard sell. Even with a low premium, it is still difficult to move. It’s not a metal for everyone.

  5. earthling says

    Rhodium is priced in the same ballpark as Pd and Pt. This is the same Rd as was up around $10k/oz a while back. I don’t think the USA produces much Rd at all so probably that keeps it out of consideration as a US Mint struck item. And then of course there’s the hardness/ brittleness factor that makes it act like glass.

  6. So Krates says

    For every 500 people who buy gold or silver, maybe one will buy platinum.

    For every 50 people that buy platinum, maybe one will buy palladium.

    Hard sell is right.

  7. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I like the Ellis Island design. Ozark Riverways is my favorite this year but EI is not bad. The flag that the boy is holding almost seems red, white and blue on the eu coin and the proof coin when looked at in the right light. I think the 5 oz pucks should look pretty good.

    I’m going to try to make it to Liberty State Park and take the ferry. If nothing else, I can get more National Parks Passport stamps for my book and hopefully 4 rolls of quarters.

  8. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    On a lark, I looked at some reviews of the US Mint on Glassdoor.com.

    There isn’t much there. The usual inept management , favoritism and nepotism that all govt agencies suffer from but there was one from a precious metals manager that said

    “living in a dream world — they think people care about coins — HA!!!”
    Current Employee – Precious Metals Manager in Washington, DC

  9. Jerry Diekmann says

    Palladium is the highest it has been in a very long time, and I don’t think that is any coincidence, with the Mint getting ready to sell bullion Pd coins. Like some other posters have said, a very hard sell. The coin hobby seems to have been taken over by fast buck artists and dishonest dealers colluding with the TPGs for the perfect “70” coin, which until a few years ago was almost never heard of. Now, if a dealer ships newly minted coins to the TPGs, they will favor them with a high % of “70” grades, which they then unload on buyers who have drunk the Kool-Aid. The hobby is being ruined by the insatiable greed of these dishonest business people, and the Mint deserves blame too for enabling these things to continue.

    Earthling has a point about buying older rare coins, but OMG – the prices on these are sky-high too.

  10. So Krates says

    A study was commissioned and it was determined a Palladium bullion program was not economically feasible. It was ignored and now we will have a product with little chance of success. They can’t say they weren’t warned.

    That reverse makes it tempting though.

  11. Buzz Killington says

    @SK —

    I didn’t read that study, but my impression was that there will be no annual Pd “program”, but these coins are just one-offs, or possibly three-in-ten-years-offs.

  12. Felson says

    I’m throwing in the towel on most mint products these days. The mint has become little more than a precious metals retailer of monetary medals… I don’t see a lot of difference between their products and any other gold and silver manufacturer. Trying to create a market for a palladium coin is farcical since doing so has driven the value of palladium up as they try to gather enough of the metal to even produce the coin… which shows how little interest here was in the metal to begin with.

  13. says

    “living in a dream world — they think people care about coins — HA!!!”

    I like this quote. Those of us still messing around with this nonsense just dont seem to be able to get it. I think if a word is changed we can begin to understand where we are ……….. and where we’re going .

    “living in a dream world — they think people care about pogs — HA!!!”

  14. Ridgerunner says

    I will purchase this one, I haven’t purchased any pucks in a couple of years. My mother-in-law didn’t go through Ellis Island but came over on the Thomas H Barry and landed Sept.16, 1946 at the port of New York . She is an Italian war bride, she just turned 94 this past June and is one of the most wonderful ladies you would ever meet, just don’t get on her bad side. LOL

  15. says

    President Woodrow Wilson authorized the refurbishing and reopening of the old Philippine Mint building in 1920. On July 16, 1920, the new U.S. Mint in Manila, P.I., officially opened. This is still the only time in U. S. history that a Branch United States Mint was established on foreign soil; ie: outside of the Continental U.S. To commemorate this event, three different medals were coined. These are the So-Called Wilson Dollars. They were struck in Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

    1920 Wilson Dollar

  16. cagcrisp says

    You guys that Think the 2017 Congratulations Set is as winner, You need to look at the prices of the 2016 Congratulations Sets.

    Guess Who bought sets as gifts? (And has given ’em ALL away)

    Guess Who has contacted said giftees and told them to Sell, Sell, Sell?…

  17. Gary Not Dave says


    The 2016 doesn’t have the S Proof Silver Eagle….the 2017 does.

    So not sure what your looking at?

  18. Gary Not Dave says

    So yes the 2017 will be a winner and will sell out in minutes!

    The 2016 can be had for less than issue price if your patient!

  19. Brad says

    Wow, I wish I had bought a few of those 2016 Congratulations Sets the day I bought the 2017’s. Who woulda thunk it? Folks with more dollars than sense must be buying those!

  20. cagcrisp says

    Final mintage of the 2016 Congratulations Sets was 5,966

    One Sold Yesterday in OGP for $750.00 BIN…

    One Sold Saturday Graded for $1,299.00 BIN…

    Looks like a LOT of abuses could be in store Down the Line.

    Sell the 2016 Congratulations Set Graded coin, Keep the 2016 Congratulations Set’s mint paperwork, Buy one of the Half Million 2016 already minted and Sell Again…

  21. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “I’m at an utter loss… ”

    That’s why I made the Call to my giftees…

    Sell, Sell, Sell…

    Give the Customer what he wants… I haven’t ever sold a coin, however, some of the 2016 Congratulation Sets that I gave away could be Coming to the Bay Near You…

  22. Brad says


    There IS no rationalization for that auction! You can still buy a 2016-W ASE on the website for $53.95 (which is still too high for what you’re getting). To pay $700+ more for a silly cardboard folder and slipcover is utter lunacy!

  23. Daveinswfl says

    That is sheer madness.
    Am I missing something special about the SAE in the 2016 set?
    Or is it that awesome cardboard packaging? If so, better watch out, mint. Hallmark may be waiting in the wings with their own Congratulations cardboard.
    P.T. Barnum woulda been proud😜

  24. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    Yikes. Congratulations, indeed!

    Thanks, Longarm, for the Wilson dollars. I hadn’t seen these before.

    Wilson is another President that’s in hot water….. at least at Princeton where the buildings named in his honor will be renamed if a vocal minority has its way. I’m not a big fan of Wilson (the Federal Reserve) but I enjoy Mrs Wilson’s Prospect Garden at Princeton. It’s a nice campus and it’s an arboretum, too.

  25. Larry says

    I was watching the coin dude on HSN (purely for entertainment purposes) when he starts talking about this rare 2016 W proof ASE from the congratulation set. So I think to myself, is there something I don’t know about? That coin is not rare, heck you can still buy all you want from the mint! Wait a minute, he is selling it for $1499.95! What am I missing here? All of a sudden this coin is the rarest (his words) ASE of all time! Give me a break.
    This is nuts!

  26. says

    News of that 2016 Coin should be great News for everyone. It tells the world us Coin People are a bit nutty but we sure aren’t Stupid. We’re in an ultra intelligent hobby where money is made, baby. This ain’t no Crypto currency pipe dream here. This is Real Currency we’re playing with.

    Hey, MNB, could we get an update on that First Chicago Gold Kennedy Half sold , a few years back? Didn’t that sell for $100,000? Well inquiring minds want to know how much that shining jewel is worth now. Has it reached an even $1,000,000 yet?

    And who was the brilliant person who bought that prized specimen? Any truth it was Bill Gates or Warren Buffet? It had to be one of those guys.


  27. KEITHSTER says

    No only great news for the guy that bought them out! I remember wanting to get some to go with the2017 set but someone had swooped in and they were gone not to be found till now? 3130 sets were sold in the week of April 3rd. before that only a few per week .So someone is sitting on a pile of um but we kinda knew this was coming ? So ya buyer beware with the graded or ungraded. Might have been the tv guy who else would buy that many? Well hope you did not want one of those! Well Good Luck & don’t stare into the sun to long today “>

  28. KC&SO says

    Brad says
    AUGUST 20, 2017 AT 11:11 PM

    $1,136.11 for a 2016-W Proof ASE in a cardboard folder instead of presentation box. Insane!

    – Unbelievable, just unbelievable!

    When you’ve think you’ve seen it all.., there’s always a new marvel.

  29. KC&SO says

    It’s beginning to eclipse here in Santee, South Carolina..,,

    I just should brought some of those Baseballs coins to sell to the gen pop

  30. John Q. Coinage says

    How long until the folks paying $1,5oo for a 2016 ASE Congrat$ set start jumping off r00fs, or staring @ eclipse ….another brilliant move for them…..

  31. cagcrisp says

    2 guys have Sold the Majority of the 2016 Congratulations Sets on the bay.

    1 Of these guys has an offering for a pair of the 2016 and 2017 Congratulations Sets in 70 with FDOI for a Measly sum of….


  32. Mintman says

    Those two sellers are Outright BS when they state “mintage” of 5966
    Rather than packaging option is 5,966

  33. Bigguy says

    I guess the reason everybody calling this insane,is because they do not have any to sell decided to buy the 75,000 coin instead of the 5,900, that’s insane

  34. Bigguy says

    Look at the 2000 silver eagle they are not expensive ,except the ones that came in millennium coin and currency set,you better have a nice wallet for a ms 70,if you can find one

  35. Bigguy says

    I meant to say with the Millennium label saying it came from that set,even a regular 2000 date ms 70 it really expensive

  36. Brad says


    I’d be perfectly happy to help those fools soon part with their money, but you’re right in that I didn’t buy any of the 2016 Congratulations Sets. They would have seemed like a waste of money at the time, but the simple fact is it never even occurred to me to buy any. Those few who had the foresight to realize packaging collectors would want the 2016 to go with the 2017 were the smart ones. An unfortunate oversight on my part.

  37. Mintman says

    Big guy
    The fools that believe that there is value in the “congratulations set” on the label will be few and far between
    The sellers that are flat out lying about the mintage rather than the packaging option should be bounced from eBay
    They are deceiving the collector

  38. Barry says

    Regarding that 2016 Congrats set, I saw there were some other bidders. I wonder if they were shills or just as uninformed as the purchaser. I was looking online and the seller could have violated a consumer protection law by omitting a material fact(s). Even the “Coin Vault” states when a product is/was available in other packaging.

  39. So Krates says

    @ earthling – Yes, the current value of the First Gold JFK Coin Sold at the Chicago ANA would be interesting to know. Diana? Louis? Would make a great “Where are they now?” piece. I had heard it sold at least twice more since that crazy week-both times increasing in price. Maybe $116K then $128K? can’t remember exactly but the so called fool who allegedly paid $100K made some money on that slab.

  40. DBR says

    I think packaging is an important part of the item collected but be reasonable. For example, a collectible first edition book is way more valuable if the book still has its dust jacket cover. Without the dust jacket book covers, books lose an incredible amount of their value among collectors.

    For coins, certain products will need to keep their OGP for similar reasons. For example the Coin & Chronicles Sets and the Coin & Currency Sets and the true first strikes of the U.S. Presidential dollar coin covers (much maligned here at MNB as overpriced). The packaging is part of the entire package as they say.

    Same holds true for collectible toys and action figures. You need the packaging. If it’s unopened that’s even better and increases the value.

    Those who buy coins from the mint and leave some unopened in the shipment boxes are wise. Collectors are a fussy lot. They tend to prize items in pristine condition and never handled by anyone.

  41. Mintman says

    numismatics is much different than the book or toy market.
    Packaging is not the determinant of value–rarity and condition are the key factors-with respect to the coin itself.

  42. Daveinswfl says

    It is fairly obvious to anyone who has collected modern coinage that VERY few items hold their premium over time. The hobby has been transformed into a flipper’s paradise!
    Just look at values over time for Olympic, Robinson, bi-metallic, First Spouse, and on and on. Give them time and most will drop to near spot.
    I am among those “innocents” who loved the coins but got really beat up on the values. Had I studied the hobby more when I began, I would have bought a lot more nice bullion and a lot less expensive coinage.
    That said, all the First Spouses I managed to pick up very close to spot over the past two years are good investments just based on spot and have the potential to gain numismatic value for my grandkids (or great great grandkids!)

  43. says

    This morning I noticed the Mint has placed more of the Platinum Turkey Coins up on the website. I checked and it was at 88. A few minutes later it was 87 …….. they seem to be on the move. At a bargain price of $1350 it’s easy to see why.

    There’s also only 19 Jacqueline Kennedy BU Gold Spouses left. Maybe one day those might sell out? But the way things are going……… don’t count on it.

    Same with the EU Sets. One has to wonder if Sales will ever outpace Returns.

  44. says

    I have 5-2016 Congratulations Sets and 5-2017 Congratulations Sets, might be a good time to dump a couple of the 2016’s on ebay.

  45. Brad says


    Ya think? Hee hee. Dump them ALL, then buy one back later once people come to their senses!

  46. earthling says

    39 – 2017 Platinum Lumps left

    19 – Jackie Kennedy BU Spouses left

    Wow those Platinum Birds are moving out smartly

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