United States Mint releases first coin in new platinum Proof coin series on January 25

Washington — The United States Mint will open sales for the 2018 Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin (product code 18EJ) on January 25, 2018, at noon Eastern Time.

This coin is the first release in the three-year (2018-2020) Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series. The series features all new obverse (heads) designs, as well as a new common reverse (tails) design on a one-ounce, 99.95 percent platinum Proof coin each year.

The series portrays Liberty planting seeds for future sustenance, lighting the way westward, and harvesting the well-worked crops. The inscriptions “Life,” in 2018, “Liberty,” in 2019 and “Happiness” in 2020, are in the likeness of the handwritten words from the Declaration of Independence.

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The obverse of the 2018 coin features “Life” personified by Lady Liberty teaching a small child to sow seeds in a field. The sword she carries symbolizes the power to defend life. The furrowed earth represents the forethought and labor required to sustain life. The tree and stream represent nature, suggesting the need to be good stewards of an environment that sustains life. Inscriptions are LIBERTYIN GOD WE TRUST, E PLURIBUS UNUM, 2018, and LIFE.

Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) Designer Justin Kunz created all the obverse designs of this platinum Proof coin series. The 2018 platinum Proof coins were sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill.

The coins’ common reverse design for this series depicts an eagle in flight with an olive branch in its talons. Inscriptions are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA1 OZ..9995 PLATINUM, and $100. AIP designer Patricia Lucas-Morris created the reverse design, which was sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart.

Produced at the West Point Mint, this coin is packaged in a black velvet satin-lined presentation case with outer box and sleeve, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

As with all Mint products containing a precious metal, this coin will be priced according to the range in which it appears on the Pricing of Numismatic Gold, Commemorative Gold, and Platinum Products table. Current pricing information is available online at the Mint’s online catalog.

Orders will be accepted online and at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing- and speech-impaired customers with TTY equipment may order by calling 1-888-321-MINT (6468). Information on shipping options is available at the Mint’s website.

The 2018 platinum Proof coin mintage is limited to 20,000 while orders are initially limited to one coin per household. This product may also be available at various United States Mint sales centers once the household order limit is lifted.

About the United States Mint
The United States Mint was created by Congress in 1792 and became part of the Department of the Treasury in 1873. It is the Nation’s sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and commerce. The United States Mint also produces numismatic products, including Proof, Uncirculated, and commemorative coins; Congressional Gold Medals; and silver and gold bullion coins. Its numismatic programs are self-sustaining and operate at no cost to taxpayers.

Note: To ensure that all members of the public have fair and equal access to United States Mint products, orders placed prior to the official on-sale date and time of Jan. 25, 2018, at noon ET, will not be deemed accepted by the United States Mint and will not be honored.

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  1. cagcrisp says

    cagcrisp says

    New Grid pricing for 2018:

    1 oz. Gold American Liberty Proof No Change
    4 coin AGE Proof set +32.50
    1 oz. Gold Proof Buffalo +$20.00
    1 oz. Platinum Proof +$20.00
    1 oz. Gold Proof AGE +$17.50
    1 oz. Gold Uncirculated +15.00
    1/2 oz. Gold Proof AGE +10.00
    1/4 oz. Gold Proof AGE +5.00
    1/10 oz. Gold Proof AGE +2.50
    Commemorative Gold Proof +6.25
    Commemorative Gold Uncirculated +1.25

  2. joe#2 says

    Interesting. Why would the Gold American lberty proof, Not go up, And, The Gold buffalo goes up $20.00. Whats the difference except the gold content? i guess it must be the gold content.

  3. cagcrisp says

    My Guess is the reason you are not seeing a price Increase for the 1 oz. Gold American Liberty is because you are still selling the 225th version…No matter if it is sold in 2018…

    …SO…That would mean when we get Another American Gold Liberty 1 oz. you will see Probably a $20.00 Increase…

  4. KCSO says

    Platinum, at today’s spot of $1,012, would make this offering a $1,420 coin come the 25th.

    That 42% mark up has a big sting to it.

    Saw recently where the 2017 Anniverary Platinum Proof could be had for under $1,100.

  5. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “That 42% mark up has a big sting to it.”

    Glass Half Full…

    …IF Platinum was $3,000.00 then you would Only be looking at a 14% Premium…

  6. Tinto says

    I was among those who bought all the Preamble series APE direct from the Mint, I think I paid like up to $1,800 .. but no regrets .. I liked the designs and I liked the subject matter and I wanted to have a complete set for once in my life …

  7. Erik H says

    My wife (non-collector) saw the Pt. Eagle on display at the FUN show and said she liked the design. If it was silver I’d buy it but I can’t afford any platinum right now and would rather get the Pd. Proof this year.

  8. earthling says

    This surely will sell out in 2 or 3 minutes. A mintage of 20,000 .. what the ? Who do they think they’re kidding here. Mintage should be more like 226,000 with HHL of 1 and drawn by lotto.

    But who cares if I get shut out. I’ll just buy in a couple years and pay less than issue for a slabbed 70, anyway.

  9. Goat says

    @ Dustyroads says JANUARY 17, 2018 AT 10:05 PM

    The charts for most of the major companies on st mkt shows sings of a potential short term bull/pull back. I had posted this (twice) in Oct, Nov. or Dec. that we are for mkt. pull back and PM’s would increase. I’m waiting on a sneeze , so many factors that can fit the category “sneeze” so odds are in favor. Debt is the runaway, that is not being stopped/reduced so this formula I have works best in this time of economics. When my figures lined up against each other (mkt/pm) as they are, once it gets started it will last for some time. IMO.

    One I take note of and it is one of the early starters in negative turn is GE, I think a lot of charts will look like this in near future look at 20 yr. chart and you can see what I am writing about here. Hope this helps.

    Figures don’t lie but liars figure.

  10. Goat says

    Utilities are in line with this subject also. AEE ,SO are in DYN might be starting. Much money can be made playing the other way. Sad to state that, everyone wants to see progress.

  11. The RCB says

    I don’t mean to start a political argument, but want to know if anyone knows if the government shutdown would affect the mint product releases and general business

  12. Anthony says

    It would seem a certainty that the government shutdown will affect the U.S. Mint’s timelines for 2018 products. Maybe they will make some sort of announcement on Monday as to what may be impacted.

  13. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, “These results were driven primarily by a 98.3% drop in sales of American Eagles silver dollars.”

    That should read a 98.3% drop in Net Income

    Sales were only down 41.5%…

  14. just another dave in pa says

    I realize these artists are strictly from commercial but they could’ve at least made Liberty seem happy on the Pursuit of Happiness coin. These are terrible.

    The artistic infusion program is an utter failure.

    I don’t know who the artist used as a model for this Liberty but I’m not liking it.

    I think sales of this coin will be flat although I was thinking that the pro-life movement might like the LIFE coin.

    Maybe the preamble should be re-written as “choice, security and the pursuit of money” to more properly reflect US values.

  15. cagcrisp says

    The Royal Mint is releasing First Every bullion Platinum coin.

    That will introduce more competition in the low mintage Platinum bullion programs…

  16. Koichi Ito says

    Better buy coins from Royal Canadian Mint or British Royal Mint? I think that U.S. Mint issue coins higher mintage numbers than Royal Canadian Mint or British Royal Mint. So I rather buy coins with lower numbers of mintage because it more rare.

  17. sharks2th says

    There seem to be three design failures from an aesthetic viewpoint this year. The nose on liberty is out of proportion to her face on the platinum proof, the nose on the soldier of the WW1 commem is also improperly proportioned and the zombie like look of the older woman on the breast cancer coin is not attractive. All of these obverse designs could have been better executed and would have had the potential for more sales with better designs. 2018 will definitely have the most unattractive coins offered in a single year we have seen in a long time. They appear more like cartoons than portraits. Sales could be negatively affected by designs buyers don’t like. I guess we’ll see at the end of the year if these poorly executed designs lower sales which have been trending downward anyway.

    I do like the reverse butterfly on the breast cancer awareness coins and the eagle on the platinum proof, which may be the only saving grace on these coins.

    The mint and Congress should develop more programs using America’s natural beauty with more wildlife and get rid of all the human representations on coins. They have missed the mark on some of the ATB coins in this respect. Presidents are not kings, they are citizens like the rest of us and should be taken off of the coins and currency of the country. There are too many beautiful and less controversial subjects we could use to show what this country represents. There are great human achievements and natural beauty we could be placing on coins and currency to demonstrate the positive things in our country. The stagnation in coin designs for circulating coinage shows some of the stagnation in the achievements of America.

  18. Daveinswfl says

    Really? No Congressionally approved Mint Director since 2 0 1 1 ??????? And we wonder why they are so poorly managed? Seems pretty clear to me.

    Then again, maybe BHO & Timmy Taxcheat may have just realized way ahead that we’d be going cashless before long 🤔🤡

  19. earthling says

    II’m applauding the US Mints efforts to helping me kick the CoinBuying Habit. This will be the year it happens. No more US Mint product.

    Thank you US Mint. Steal my 1 oz Gold Return. Inundate me with atrocious art…. It’s been a great help.

    Thank you.

  20. Tinto says


    In the same boat here, the US Mint has excelled in getting folks like me off the coin buying habit … nothing big $$ since end 2014 and every time I was gonna slip back the Mint rides to the rescue!! Some low lights .. putting the 30th Ann. proof ASE in the RR C&C instead of a silver medal unique to the set like they did with all others before , discontinuing the NA $1 C&C set at a time they produced over 200k EU NA $1 coins, no HH limit on the 2017 Congrats set with the “S” ASE so guess who cornered that one , taking loving care in producing the first ever Palladium coin as 15,000 mintage bullion in 2017 just for the AP’s of course (sorry collectors, your turn comes in 2018 and who knows what the mintage is gonna be like and it’s a year too late … ) .. not to mention designs like that self portrait of artist WWI coin with no pics on runners up, no CCAC review .. (was that coin design selection preordained BTW??) ..

    Only things left are to get me the RP set and probably the 2019 5 oz moon landing since they are all gonna have the same design (unless there has been a change of heart at the Mint)

    Most of what I have now will be gone by the time 2019 rolls by ..

  21. Tom P. - MA says

    What a bunch of negative Nellies. My gripe is that these designs are on highly inaccessible coins for the average collector. Gold and platinum and lately palladium are for rich people. Some may quibble at my designation, but if you have 1K+ to spend on a single coin, yes you are rich.

    Stick the ethnic Libertys and the non conventional designs on one ounce silver pieces, not the silly medals and watch sales take off.

    Mr. Ito, as a collector of Canadian coins 25,000 used to be rare a few years ago. Now it’s 8000. Check Ebay for the resale value of some of these rare coins. For an issue of 8000 coins, you need at least 8001 collectors of said item in order for it to be rare.

  22. says

    cagcrisp says
    JANUARY 19, 2018 AT 12:45 PM

    @KCSO, “That 42% mark up has a big sting to it.”

    Glass Half Full…

    …IF Platinum was $3,000.00 then you would Only be looking at a 14% Premium…

    – And at $3,420 per coin, I’d be okay with that , it would be my last APE ever purchased of 1 of 300 struck –

    Glass half full!

  23. NCM Collector says

    I enjoy tracking commemorative sales by week on a spreadsheet looking for trends so I am anxious to see the sales numbers for the WWI program on Tuesday. Sales, by the end of week three, will give a good indicator of where final sales will fall for this program. Your typical commem program sells half of their total sales by week three. This is true for both 2010 Disabled Veterans coins, three out of four 2011 Medal of Honor, all 2011 Army, all 2012 Infantry, and most but not all other programs since 2010. I don’t see this program being more popular than the military themes recently.

  24. NCM Collector says

    On topic.. I purchased the reverse proof platinum set directly from the mint at issue thinking it would go up in value. Burn.
    I can’t see myself buying platinum directly from the mint again regardless how nice the design.

  25. earthling says

    Just found the 2018 Platinum Britannia at a nice price. Put a Gold and Platinum in my cart also a 25 coin tube of Silver Britannias. Think I’ll wait until the end of the Eagles Game before firing off my order. Been a while since I could sit home on a Sunday and enjoy a Football Game.

    Super Bowl Sunday ! Haven’t watched a Super Bowl in ages. Gonna be a good one.

  26. KEITHSTER says

    3 then free Mint Loyalty Program good start and works for Me must be new haven’t seen it before? Well Good Luck To US “>”>”>

  27. datadave says

    Looks like first days sales of the WWI proof were only 17K. If that includes the medal sets then the Mint is in trouble on this one. Not sure what to make of the numbers though. 17K is too low to include even low medal set sales but just about right for what to expect for a proof silver commemorative.

  28. earthling says

    Blame it on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is such a white hot flare it’s got people blinded to everything else. No grading , no rarity, no storage problems. Just a shooting star bringing unlimited easy wealth to all. When it climbs beyond $1,000,000 / bit people might be in a mood to buy a few 1913 Nickels.


    And if it plunges to 12.5 cents / bit…………………… ? 😱😨😵

  29. John Q. Coinage says

    Government shutdown had no effect on the mint, they have not really ‘worked” there for a few years…..and their marketing really is a non-working situation… The u$ Mint “Moving the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Since 2010!”

  30. John Q. Coinage says

    Many said the Obeverse looks unhappy! It looks like she had a dump put in her hand by baby Donny Jr.!

  31. Scott says

    Looks like the mint is using the same low budget packaging as the proof Silver Eagle. These overpriced coins will be $200-250 cheaper on the secondary market within 6 months.

  32. earthling says

    Contrast this APE with the new Platinum Britannia and there’s no contest. Britannia rules everything, as far as I’m concerned.

  33. CW says

    John Q. Coinage is the epitome of the classless, Resist crowd. Polluting even hobbies with politics. I will be enjoying a pay increase as of tomorrow’s pay check. Not everyone shares your sky-is-falling sentiment.

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