United States Mint unveils winning designs to be featured on World War I Centennial Silver Dollar

WASHINGTON — The United States Mint unveiled the winning designs in the World War I Centennial 2018 Commemorative Coin Design Competition today. The unveiling took place during the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

The designs, by LeRoy Transfield of Orem, Utah, will be featured on the obverse (heads) and reverse (tails) of the World War I Centennial Silver Dollar scheduled for release next year.

“Our team at the U.S. Mint is proud to have the honor of crafting the coin that will commemorate the contributions and the history made by American men and women of all walks of life who bravely stepped forward 100 years ago to defend the interests of the nation and that of her allies,” said Thomas Johnson, Chief of the United States Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, who spoke at the ceremony.

Hover to zoom.

The obverse design, titled “Soldier’s Charge,” depicts an almost stone-like soldier gripping a rifle. Barbed wire twines in the lower right-hand side of the design. Inscriptions are LIBERTY, 1918, 2018, and IN GOD WE TRUST.

The wire design element continues onto the reverse design, titled “Poppies in the Wire,” which features abstract poppies mixed in with barbed wire. Inscriptions include ONE DOLLARE PLURIBUS UNUM, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Now retired United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart sculpted both designs.

Additional participants in the unveiling included Under Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, U.S. World War I Centennial Commission Chair Robert Dalessandro, and World War I re-enactors who unveiled the designs.

The World War I American Veterans Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (Public Law 113-212) authorizes the minting and issuance of not more than 350,000 silver dollars in commemoration of the centennial of America’s involvement in World War I. A surcharge of $10 for each coin sold is authorized to be paid to the United States Foundation for the Commemoration of the World Wars to assist the World War I Centennial Commission in commemorating the centenary of World War I.

Additional details about the World War I Centennial Silver Dollar will be announced prior to the coin’s release in 2018 and further information can be found on the Mint’s website.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I hope that the “real” silver dollar coin design looks better than the line drawing.

  2. John Q. Coinage says

    Ugh, what is that George C Scott’s Nose? Poor design,. they like babrbed wire SO much it’s on the obv & rev. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Poppies ok a WWI symbol but? The WWI Victory Medal is so much more artistic than this?


    Nice obverse, not a big fan of the reverse. I am about 50/50 on purchasing this one.

  4. Jim_D says

    What is wrong with his eye? I’d hate to see what the other designs looked like if this is the winner.

  5. Gary Not Dave says

    Pass! Again!

    Looks Like I will be buying just 5 ounce Pucks in 2018! (Michigan & Minnesota only)

  6. Karl Meyer says

    the rifle looks more like the German mauser than the springfield hopefully they will change the finger position but i am not certain about that point in training at that time. But the poppies I want colorized red, oh please U.S. Mint finally do that little bit of color but never again.

  7. KCSO says

    IMO – Big, Big, Big Disappointment.

    Not only is this Commemorative 25 to 50 years late.., it’s design is just – SAD.

    And that’s no 1903 Springfield, the receiver and thumb safety very much resembles gramp’s 8mm Mauser I lugged around in 1986 and shot my first deer with in Kentucky; good eyes Karl.

    I was really looking forward to being ‘Wow’ed’. – maybe the over priced silver medals will look better (?).

  8. Zaz says

    Wow. What a fugly design. Small wonder traditional collectors have been abandoning the US Mint in droves.

  9. Louis says

    I too had been looking forward to this one since it is long overdue and an important topic, and I must concur with my fellow collectors. I will not be purchasing a coin that looks like this. As I have said until I am blue in the face, please send our artists to train with Europeans who have much more experience in the medallic arts. I hope to be attending an event later this month where I will have a chance to seakwith the CCAC chair and other members, and I will try to convey that these designs are just not working.

  10. Gary Not Dave says

    2017 Palladium Eagle

    Expensive but BEAUTIFUL!

    Should of just produced all of these in Proof Like!

  11. Tinto says

    This is a design ??! I used to say that the Mint was baiting winos from the streets with cheap wine and then forcing them to design coins which s**k … but this one tops ’em I guess the Mint couldn’t round up any winos this time around!

  12. NumisMatt says

    Apparently snarkiness is the new critique…

    Personally, I think these designs will translate well to a silver-dollar-sized canvas. Line art is a far cry from a sculpted surface, and features that appear odd on paper will render very well in metal. I’m continually – and pleasantly – surprised by great coins that come from highly criticized artwork.

    I think they achieve a compelling balance between symbolism and realism, with a good use of negative space, and clean designs. RevProof or EnhUnc on the back would really make it pop, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

  13. smalltimecollector says

    Double right eyed, richard nosed, triggerhappy, somekind of gun toting, soup-bowl wearing , cartoon-of-a-man at the edge of the coin.
    Sing to the tune of the one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater song.
    Are the poppies opium poppies on the reverse? It may be fitting as I believe morphine was liberally dispensed to the medics to make soldiers at least minimally comfortable after the heinous injuries they suffered.
    Is this the best the committee could come up with?

  14. Buzz Killington says

    I will be the first to admit that I don’t understand the geopolitics that underlie WW1 very well, or I might even admit “at all”. I do know that the United States got into the war very late, and Germany’s sinking of a passenger ship had something to do with it.

    I have seen worse designs than these, but I see the main flaw as Congress selecting this topic for commemoration on a coin. You will never put a coin together than conveys anything meaningful about the end of a complicated War from 100 years ago.

    I don’t even think the Flanders Field poem is that great, which both mourns the necessity of war, while imploring people to continue to fight. But it did give us the symbol of the poppy, which grew in the disturbed earth on the battlefields, reminding us that life comes from death.

  15. jhawk92 says

    OT from previous thread @ Casual Collector. I have 2 of the 2017 Congrats set in OGP, will not send out to grade. I have 2 of every ASE, sans the 95W, and 1 bullion version. All the US Mint purchases are still in OGP. Bullion coins are slabbed just for protection from the elements.

    OT#2, for us Queen’s Beasts collectors, I got my Unicorns last week. Anyone notice the new “background” on the obverse? I think I like it better than the previous 3 coins and the “crackle” backdrop. I wonder if the this is one part of the coin that will change every time with the reverse? I do see several companies pre-selling the 10oz silver Griffin. I’ll be in for one.

    Back on topic, I’m not a fan of the WWI designs. Will use this money for Eagles or Beasts.

  16. Tinto says


    Haven’t been following this but did the WWI design candidates go through CCAC, CFA fro comments, etc at all? Or was it totally done in-house at the Mint?

  17. Mattarch says

    Sometimes at design competitions they show the 2nd and 3rd place designs. Any chance we will see those?

  18. DBR says

    @ NumisMatt

    I think we are in the minority thus far in liking the designs. I guess it needed a bird in flight or something to give it that soaring quality that the bird coins evoke.

    @ Louis regarding sending our artists to train with Europeans in the metallic arts: I can second that.

    I like the barbed wire because of the wretchedness of the bunkers in trench warfare. What a miserable war it was. And then having everyone drop like flies during the Spanish influenza outbreak. Geez times have changed.

    We better hope we aren’t due for another lethal strain of influenza…or another war. Who knows? It might unite us again.

    Existential threats have a tendency to do that for decadent cultures.

    I’ll be buying these coins simply for the surcharge that cares for the monuments that people are starting to deface and vandalize now.

    Sure makes it worth all fighting for doesn’t it ladies and gents?

  19. KCSO says

    Regarding the question posed on the last thread – how many Congrat’s ‘S’ do you have?

    Thanks all that replied; I enjoyed reading the responses and seeing the #’s being held on to.
    Some of you all have very impressive collections – Congrats.

    IF the responses are indictative of the over all collector base, and I believe it to be, as I / collector’s inherently acquire more than just one sample of something they really like, or assess as having inherent value, while purely a guesstimate – then the entirely 2017 Congratulations set ASE – S’s are held by fewer than 40,000 folks.

    Given some of the multiples being held onto, the total number of collector’s holding the Congrat’s ‘S’ could be feasible be around 28,000 to 34,000. That would be very interesting to know for sure.

    I am blown away that upwards of 67,000 of the Congrats set have been graded; that’s just amazing.

  20. KCSO says

    Hopefully 2018 won’t be a repeat of 2017, and they’ll be a couple more surprises in the form of precious metals with a mint mark.., and there’s better transparency as to what collector’s can expect –

    Dated notional schedule that the U.S. Mint did adhere to this year:

    Looking forward to 2018, per the above schedule, very little of interest to plan for, except for the following I’d like to pick up –

    – Breat Cancer Awareness Comms (~$1,000 for all)
    – Proof Pallidium Eagle (~$1,450 at current spot)
    – SF Revse Proof set (whatever that is, as long as it’s PM and not clad; Price – who knows).

    – Still no Coin & Currency’ set for ’17/’18? Kinda lazy.

  21. Gary says

    I feel that these designs were a very good selection, yet there are some elements that I would develop further.

    The obverse profile face definitely needs some more work to the confusing “doubled eye”. If it is meant to be a furrowed brow, squinted-eye it needs a lot of adjustment to get there. The distorted nose is too fleshy, the chin a bit weak. The hand & arm holding the rifle appears disembodied from the soldier. Some light touches of uniform creases/folds where the double date appears and between rifle strap and trigger fingers can make for a more unified figure. The dates could be made incuse (or in relief) in this area. Barbed wire is a GREAT design element for this war of the trenches! The rifle needs some slight adjustments to allude unequivocally to a standard-issue Springfield.

    The reverse is a WONDERFUL allegory of the Flanders Field poem & trench warfare. However, I would intertwine the barbed wire within the clutch of poppies to depict some greater depth & cohesiveness to the composition.

    The typeface used for the inscriptions is extraordinarily plain to the point of mundane. A well selected serif face would enhance & complement the barbs of the wire and make for a dynamic & pointed textural “edginess”.

    Having been one of the artists who participated in the design competition (while yet not having seen any of the other design submissions) I feel that the CCAC and the U.S. Mint made dignified & satisfying design selections for this very special centennial commemorative!

  22. cagcrisp says

    Trumps doing Everything he can to keep the USD down to help the stock market and help sell his tax cuts…

  23. Justacoin says

    Hey “cagcrisp” I think it would be more appropriate to say “his tax cuts program for the American people” since I can’t believe that you and all of us would not benefit.

  24. Gary says

    @Throckmorton: Hey, good eye! The helmet contours are off. The doughboy’s helmet was a tad taller and almost a perfect half dome, unlike the somewhat flattened top in the approved design. Also, the angle of the crown of the helmet to the brim is too rounded and a tad too high. Since this is a full profile view, the angles of the back and forward brims need to be almost identical. The forward brim is the most correct, while the back brim appears too short. Some noodling is needed here also.

  25. Mint News Blog says

    It looks like it. I’ve submitted a bug fix, but someone else submitted the same bug a couple of months ago and it still hasn’t been repaired. The next thing would be to try changing your registered user name, email, and/or IP address, to see if any one of those defeats the glitch.

  26. Mint News Blog says

    For the folks who have had issues with your comments getting stuck needlessly in moderation, do you remember what browser you were using when it happened? Thanks!

  27. cagcrisp says

    @Justacoin, I don’t think Increasing the Federal Deficit would “you and all of us would not benefit.”

    No…I’m not in favor of a tax cut that would specifically benefit me to the disadvantage of my children, grandchildren and generations to come.

    I Don’t believe in Supply Side economics or what George H. Bush called “voodoo economics”…

  28. The Real COOL Dave says

    I was using I.E. in the past, however, due to an issue (need to re-image computer), I started to use Google Chrome — until I re-image (Ugh!).

  29. Mint News Blog says

    Shoot — changing “Cool” to COOL was a bust. How about The RCD? Or something else that doesn’t have the words “real,” “cool,” or “dave.” Probably won’t make any difference, as COOL should have fixed the problem.

  30. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    The soldiers pose also seems incredibly unnatural, like an engagement photo taken at JC Penny studio. Either that, or that right arm is another soldier lending a hand to carry the weapon?

  31. says

    Ref: 11:45 Throckmorton – Helmet.
    I suspected the same thing about the WWI helmet.
    The crown looked excessively ‘bulbous ‘.
    Looked up WWI helmets on Internet for sale & could not rule out depiction accuracy.
    Maybe just poor artist rendition.
    Wonder why finger is on the trigger while weapon pointing vertical? Anti air?
    There must be better artists within CONUS….maybe a viable resource from the pool of those who are involved in production of precious metal ’rounds’?
    To me, the most elegant recent design offerings from the US Mint are repeats from years ago.
    Semper Fi

  32. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    The juxtaposition of LIBERTY and barbed wire is alarming but with the poppies it’s beautiful.

    Canada has done some beautiful red poppy coins since 2004 (the spy coins). The red poppy on a maple leaf design is outstanding.

    I’m not usually a fan of colored coins but the red poppy is excellent. Also the atb quarters look nice colorized.
    These 5 oz’ers really come to life in color.


  33. The Real COOL Dave says

    @Mint News Blog
    “Shoot — changing “Cool” to COOL was a bust.”

    Yeah, it doesn’t feel right — so, I am now going to switch back to using the quotation marks and see what happens.

  34. Justacoin says

    So @cagcrisp , you believe in DOUBLING THE NATIONAL DEBT IN EIGHT SHORT YEARS UNDER OBAMA , with NOTHING trickling to lower and middle classes is the way to go! LOL I’d rather see the tax cut so I could put the extra dough into another COLLECTIBLE COIN for the next generation.

  35. Buzz Killington says

    @Justacoin —

    You would do well to listen to @cag’s wisdom, not just with his coin analysis, but for his real world thinking, too.

    Tax reform needs to be TRULY deficit-neutral, and not rely on fanciful calculations that we will grow our way out of all of our problems. You’d have to be a very poor student of history to believe that will work. We can’t turn a blind eye to intellectual dishonesty anymore, no matter which party it comes from.

  36. Justacoin says

    Ah, yes, @BuzzKill, a TRILLION + added to DEFICIT per year for eight years is “JUST HISTORY” and we sure learned a LOT from the WINDMILL THEORY. LOL! Meanwhile I’ll keep buying coins made of precious metals that at least don’t devalue at same rate.

  37. Cadet1967 says

    Very disappointed, especially after such a long wait. I would have preferred Cher Ami over this rather weak doughboy depiction.

  38. cagcrisp says

    17XA 2017 AM LIBERTY 24K GOLD 1 OZ 24,941 + 124
    17XB 2017 AM LIBERTY SILVER MEDAL (P) 46,462 +540
    17XC 2017 225TH ANN ENHANCED UNC SET 197,133 +2,739

  39. cagcrisp says

    Not Near as many returns as previous offerings on the Ellis Island…

    16AN 2016 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – FT MLTR 17,581 + 18
    17AJ 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EFF MNDS 15,940 + 34
    17AK 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – DOUGLASS 15,950 + 44
    17AL 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – OZARK 15,305 +118
    17AM 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ELLIS ISLAND 15,876 (233)

  40. cagcrisp says

    16EA 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ 573,721 +66
    16EB 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 23,753 + 7
    16EC 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 5,764 + 7

    16EG 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 207,159 (338)

  41. cagcrisp says

    Two items that should have been pulled weeks ago…

    16XA 2016 WALKING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .5OZ 64,401 +53
    16XC 2016 STANDING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .25OZ 90,324 +73

  42. cagcrisp says

    17EA 2017 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ 317,957 +3,423

    17EB 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 6,678 +79
    17EC 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 1,689 +124
    17ED 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/4 OZ 2,633 +118
    17EE 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ 10,512 +188
    17EF 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET 8,673 +60

    17EG 2017 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 125,260 +977

    17EH 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD UNC 1 OZ 5,320 +726

    17EJ 2017 AM EAGLE PLATINUM PROOF 1 OZ 8,935 (3)

    17EL 2017 AM BUFFALO GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 13,615 +174

  43. cagcrisp says

    17CA 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD PROOF 1,423 + 8
    17CB 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD UNC 2,091 +36
    17CC 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER PROOF 23,624 + 140
    17CD 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER UNC 9,932 + 50
    17CE 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD PROOF 16,337 + 45
    17CF 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD UNC 14,270 +38
    17CG 2017 BOYS TOWN 3-COIN SET 5,118 +17

    17CH 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER PROOF 65,327 +115
    17CJ 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER UNC 16,512 + 34

  44. cagcrisp says

    JQ1 2015 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 2,715 + 2
    JQ2 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 1,910 +4
    JQ4 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – EISENHWR 2,058 +6
    JQ6 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – KENNEDY 6,771 –
    JQ8 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – JOHNSON 1,847 +5

    16SA 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – NIXON 2,599 +5
    16SB 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – NIXON 1,686 +5
    16SC 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – FORD 2,414 + 6
    16SD 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – FORD 1,667 +3
    16SE 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – REAGAN 3,449 + 6
    16SF 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – REAGAN 1,928 + 4

  45. John Q. Coinage says

    The design is poor, the gun IS a Mauser, the helmet is more like an early Japanese WW2 Helmet, barb wire ok but do we really need it on the front & rear? Perhaps the doughboy should be wielding a Thompson trench sweeper or walking with the new hi-tech tanks, in gS CLOUDS, GAS MASK ON, OR SOMETHING COOL, THIS LOOKS LIKE LOSER…….THE mINT IS A RUDDERLESS SHIP….

    aND TO THOSE PUSHING FOR tRUMP’S gop TAX REWRITE & TAX CUT,….after every one the GOP does this trickle down podunct there is a crash or economic crsis 5-9 years later…Raygun Stock crash 1989…..Bush II 2008 Economic meltdown….. NIxon off AU standard & cuts = Inflation delux!! Remember WIN……..pass thgrough tax cuts, what a crock, biz owners already write off alot, their wives tooling around in a Benz with a plate that says “Debby the Designer” etc…. I digress….WW1……should have used the ww1 Victory Medal for part, it is so cool!!

  46. cagcrisp says

    What’s Up with this????

    The 2017 1 oz. Unc Gold…

    After 14 weeks of cumulative sales at w/e 09/03/17 the sales were 2,968
    After 19 weeks of cumulative sales at w/e 10/08/17 the sales were 5,320

    That’s 5 weeks sales of 2,352 or 79% Increase in the past 5 weeks.

    There has been 2.2 x as many sales in the past 5 weeks vs. the previous 13 weeks.

    Anyone want to tell me the Last time you saw a Gold item that wasn’t up against a hard date deadline go up 79% in 5 weeks vs. the previous 14 weeks?…

  47. Gary says

    @Cadet1967… The famous carrier pigeon Cher Ami would have made for a great subject for the reverse of the WWI silver dollar.

  48. Justacoin says

    @John Q…..Oh yes, all those terrible crises over a span of what 50 or 60 years and the National Debt stood ONLY at around 10 Trillion and then without ANY crises, it was doubled in eight years flat; the rich got very rich and popped up like dandelions, and the poorer folks suffered in silence. Better stick to COINS and not digress !!

  49. smalltimecollector says

    My last thoughts on the selected coin is that historically WWI had many “firsts” that may have been fitting for a centennial coin. Many of the firsts remain important components of modern warfare.
    Cute pc coins do not bode well for those making decisions for/at the treasury dept/mint.

  50. Scott says

    @Justacoin, those trillions that doubled the national debt trickled back to the donors and friends of the socialist jackass. Meanwhile the middleclass was hit with the largest tax increase in history.

  51. Jake says

    That is the ugly man ever to grace a coin. The eyes are terrible and the nose looks like it a penis.

  52. Tinto says

    So helmet’s wrong, rifle’s wrong, the right arm might belong to another soldier, missing uniform in the dates area .. (at least give a hint, Mint!) or is the soldier partially invisible?, squished face (hey how often does the Mint get facial features right? RR, Rumsfeld dollar, etc come to mind immediately)

    Yup a loser of a design chosen by the losers at the Mint (didn’t hear of CCAC or CFA involvement or am I off?) .. sadder thing is those “decision” making folks at the Mint are paid their full salary, plus possible yearly bonuses or at least a cost of living adjustment .. plus other benefits… no matter how they screw up .. plus pension … so do they really care? And like someone noted before, why aren’t the losing finalist designs shown and how did these “experts” chose the final design from that lot? Or is it a secret?

  53. cagcrisp says

    @Tinto, This should answer some of your questions…

    from a CW article…

    “2018 silver dollar

    Although the Mint has not released details about the silver dollar’s designs, one CCAC member who has seen them discussed the designs during the meeting. Panelist Michael Moran said the commemorative dollar coin will have an image of soldiers in battle on the obverse and a reverse that shows both barbed wire and a field of poppies.

    Moran, Scarinci and CCAC chair Mary Lannin were the CCAC representatives on the panel chosen to judge the 2018 World War I American Veterans Centennial silver dollar design competition.

    Scarinci complained that the silver dollar would have a more modern design than the proposed medal designs under review. The proposed medal designs would have been fine for coins, he said.

    He added that both the United Kingdom and France have adopted more modernistic designs for their already issued World War I medals. “We’re not there,” he groused, adding, “…This is going backwards.”

    After the meeting, Scarinci said he was upset that the Mint did not show the commemorative silver dollar design to the artists who designed the medals.

    “We have these boring designs today because the artists did not see the approved WWI commemorative coin … which has a more modernist design. The medals don’t go with the coin,” he said.

    Lannin had urged the panel to find an alternative to Scarinci’s suggestion to send all of the silver medal designs back to the Mint. “We’ve got 10 very talented people sitting around this table,” she said.”

  54. John Q. Coinage says

    Maybe if the LIBERTY was ON the helmet….anyway
    Justacoin Reagan was 35 years or so ago & he sent the economy where it went, stock boom & bust, how is it wrong to point out that the big GOP (I am independent BTW) economic plans usually yielded economic crisis later, where WE have to bail out Wall St, the Banks, etc. You want to go back to Hoover, Silent Cal & the 1920’sRepublicans who set the depression in motion……same economic $# as to concentration of wealth only more now in the 1% hands…. LIfting those bad regulations = a crisis later., due to shady profiteering….Thnik about Trump’s moronic rule that for every new regulation 2 must go, regardless of what they are! Bush “too big to fail” You can point @ Obama all you want but the Economy was a wreck. Indeed lets lift all regulations on bnks & insurers the marketplace & thugs like Munchkin will figure out what is best for the middle class, all3 of them left…..

  55. Justacoin says

    @John Q Coinage. This is not the FORUM for discussing your misguided hopscotch socio-economic meanderings. I’ll take the tax cut and buy gold and silver coins.

    @Scott …and that performance with around 10 Trillion added to the National Debt !!!!

  56. Tinto says



    I took a look at CW and saw their article dated 10/10 on the 5 silver medals and according to CW .. quote

    “Each silver medal will be offered paired with a World War I Centennial silver dollar, as a special set. The silver medals will not be available alone.”

    So the Mint is trying everything to foist this coin on other products (just like the proof ASE with the RR C&C set) and thus hype up the sales … sad


    I received my palladium eagle today and it is brilliant. This has changed my thoughts on the silver eagle , because of the classic designs.

  58. cagcrisp says

    “This has changed my thoughts on the silver eagle , because of the classic designs.”

    Please expand your thoughts.? ..

  59. Mike says

    Just got my palladium eagle. Really a nice coin. The quality is that of last year’s centennial commemoratives. The finish is very similar to those too. The strike is nice, deep, and even. The rim is perfect. This coin would likely grade 69 or 70. Being the least dense metal of the precious metals, it feels nice and substantial in the hand. The rim is quite beefy, an +A from the mint!

  60. So Krates says

    You can’t listen to what they say.

    The real reason for massive tax cuts is the same as it ever was. Sure we might get a few basis points of growth, but the true reason behind them is to starve the beast. The GOP has realized that they too are unable to stop borrowing and spending. Their solution to cut entitlement (but never “defense”) expenditures is to reduce revenue to the point where there’s simply not enough left. Then cuts (or limits on growth) in social programs will inevitably follow.

  61. So Krates says

    @ Xena – Thank you for the eBay advice the other day. Curious as to why you avoid Morgans… too many fakes?

    I admire your initiative with the new coin club. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one interested in reading about your experience.


    @cagcrisp- IMHO after receiving the palladium eagle I started to think about how they could have ruined the very first coin of said precious metal. The silver eagle is a classic design that if changed would be ruined forever.One example I can give is the school desegregation and disabled American veteran commemorative coins, there was no effort put into these coins. My father would always tell me, son if its not broke don’t fix it and if you live long enough you will learn.

  63. Xena says

    So Krates – thanks. I have a couple of others that I thought of later. Will have to re-think again, I am too tired from the coin meeting. It went great, but as an introvert I am a bit worn out.

    Yes, avoid Morgans because my perception is that there are a lot of counterfits out there. But also becasue they are popluar – it’s very hard to get a good deal since so many folks are going after them.

    Libertad fans – APMEX has their Proof/Reverse Proof 2 coin set for sale. I remember a lot of chatter about this set last year.

  64. Buzz Killington says

    @SK —

    The Grover Nordquist crowd has made this explicit — they want to starve the government by cutting taxes.

    As far as working people who favor “tax reform” I’m sorry to have to say I don’t think they understand what is going on. Every time a regular person calls the estate tax the “death tax” an angel gets its dunce cap.

  65. NcCoinCollector says

    You will never put a coin together than conveys anything meaningful about the end of a complicated War from 100 years ago. – Buzz Kill

    What about the Peace Dollar?

  66. earthling says

    The US Mint needs to unleash some sort of seismic event to shake up the Numismatic Universe. If they could find it in their dark souls to return my 1 oz BU AGE the Returns Dept in Memphis stole from me a couple years ago, that would certainly shake up my corner of the World. BUT…. since when do crooks ever return what they stole?

    Alright. Maybe the obvious is out of reach ……. designing and selling Great Coins. BUT, maybe improving the artistic renderings of proposed Coin Designs? The current illustrations make EVERYTHING look bad. If they were selling Plates, the artwork might be right on time.

    So to make the artwork fit the task, maybe the Mint could begin actually selling Plates. Make Plates in New Mexico, New Hampshire, Montana, or even Alaska. Make em good enough and soon Coin Sales wouldn’t be the only revenue.

    Sound good? Or is my change to 3rd Shift taking a serious toll on my world view?


  67. Joe M says

    @ cagcrisp
    Is there a correlation between the dollar index and the price of metals??
    I am VERY interested as I’m invested in silver(about 40% of my “portfolio”) and I remember you saying we might see a decrease in the price of silver???
    I am interested in your input because I plan on selling about 25% of my coin collection and invest 75% in silver over the next 8 months….
    any opinions, positive or negative is APPRECIATED.
    Thank you,

  68. cagcrisp says

    @Joe M, “Is there a correlation between the dollar index and the price of metals??”

    Precious metals are dollar denominated. Thus any movement in the USD ( excluding other factors) affects the price of precious metals.

    The Stronger the USD the Weaker Any dollar denominated commodity has to be.

    The Weaker the USD the Stronger Any dollar denominated commodity has to be.

    Raising Interest rates Should Strengthen the USD.

    Trump NEEDS a weak USD to do the things he wants.

    ….SO…Trump, Wilbur Ross and Mnunchin have done Everything in their power to lower the USD.

    I believe the Fed will raise Interest rates, thus raising the USD, however, Trump has SO many ways to lower the USD.

    …SO…You have cross currents at work concerning the USD…

  69. Mike says

    @ Gary not Dave says, the finish is perfect but I’m not sure what proof like looks like. Never seen an example in the flesh. But, by golly, I’d hope so. It’s hard for me to say any coin that isn’t a proof is proof like. The finishes are too different. These have a satiny finish to me. Very shiny though. Too bad you can’t post photos here 😖

  70. KCSO says

    2018 WWI Silver Medals –

    Tell me that I’m reading this wrong –

    “Each silver medal will be offered paired with a World War I Centennial silver dollar, as a special set. The silver medals will not be available alone.”

    Keying in on “Each” and “paired” – this reads like each medal will only be available IF you buying it paired with a Siver $1 Comm.., therefore you end up with 5 heinously designed $1 Comm’s? Surely they’ll be a Combo Set with all 5 medals and the obligatory $1 Comm.

    If not, this would be the biggest bone head mistake by the mint among all the other big bonehead mistakes.

    And get this – the medal are COIN SILVER, not .999 ASE planchets – the mint is going backwards, stuck in reverse. Why not .999 silver?

    Here’s the article –


  71. KCSO says

    Mike – you can via Photobucket, it’s easy to set up an account and free.

    You just take the photo, upload and copy and paste the link to your photo. You can use it for anything.

    I saw how NGC already graded some Palladium Eagles as “Proof-Like” – just another gimmick to keep the TPG relevant and the $ streaming in, some goofballs with a lot of discretionary $ will pay considerable premiums for a label that states, “Proof-Like” – Big Whoop!

  72. KCSO says

    JARHEAD – as a former squid, I must say the Corps has the best design of the lot, I’m in on that one.
    I’ll get the Combo Set if offered, along with the obligatory $1 Comm, and if not offered as a complete set, just the USMC.

  73. Buzz Killington says

    @NC —

    At the time of the Peace dollar, it was NOT a 100 year old war, but a recent war very much in the public consciousness. I don’t think you would find 1 in 100 people who know about the Flanders Field poem or the symbolism of a poppy.

    I do remember Veterans selling poppies on 11/11 to the gathered crowds for cemetery services that I attended as a youth. I had no idea what they meant then.

  74. A&L Futures says

    Does anyone have the e-mail address of the “acting/current” U.S. Mint Director?

    Prior to my retirement, my leadership sought support from “then” Director, Mr. Peterson in hopes of having a single flag flown over the Mint Headquarter in D.C., and then sent to each of the four coin producing facilities (i.e. Philadelphia, West Point, Denver, and San Francisco) to be flown there as well, accompanied by a Certificate listing the date of each occurrence.

    Needless to say, we never heard anything back from Mr. Peterson or his staff. I’ve been retired now for two years, but haven’t given up on this possibility.

  75. says

    Hot Diggity Dog!

    The United States Mint announces the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) public meeting scheduled for
    October 18, 2017.

    Review and discussion of candidate designs for the obverse of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Program,


    @KCSO- I agree on the Marine Corp commemorative.

    @cagcrisp- The buffalos on the gold/silver coins.
    The reverse on the San Francisco Mint commemorative.
    In the past I preferred the commemorative coin program. Now I feel they are just feeding our addiction, no matter how bad the drug is.

  77. Mike says

    @kcso, I will say that my pd eagle looks identical to the proof like ones on eBay. I agree with the dubious nature of the designation. Maybe they appear proof like under special lighting, lol. Tpg scammers.

  78. cagcrisp says

    @ Buzz Killington “Every time a regular person calls the estate tax the “death tax” an angel gets its dunce cap.”

    Let’s see…From Joint committee on Taxation and Tax Policy Center

    The estate tax does Not affect 99.8% of All estates.

    It only affects the Top .2% of the Wealthiest estates.

    Trump continues to say that the estate tax unduly burdens the “small business and small farms” in the United States.

    The fact is that out of 2.7 million estates estimated in 2017 there are ~ 50 that fall in the small business or small farms category.

    That’s roughly 1 in 50,000 estates fall in the small business or small farms category that currently pay any estate tax.

    Any single person can have an estate in 2017 of Less than $5.49 million and owe No estate tax.

    Any married couple that has an estate in 2017 Less than $10.98 million own No estate tax.

    The vast majority of estates taxes are paid by the wealthiest 1 percent that own stocks or real estate that have paid No tax on appreciation of those assets…

  79. Sith says

    Another military coin, and not a very good one. I like the symbolism of the reverse , but would have preferred that the actually showed the Flanders Field rather than more barbwire. I think showing some GIs “going over the top” would have been more symbolic of the this war. To summarize WWI represents a giant meat grinder, lead by generals sitting safely in the rear, who used their troops as bullet stoppers. “Lions led by donkeys”

  80. Gary says

    @Buzz… I feel that the Flanders Field poem and depiction of poppies is as much relevant TODAY as it was a century ago. This was a terrific selection by the CCAC, NEA and the U.S. Mint!
    I first heard the Flanders Field poem when I was in elementary school and it certainly moved me. I’m sure more than 1 in 100 U.S. citizens are familiar with the allegorical connection.

  81. Sith says

    So Krates – Nice theory, but its not true. They will never starve the beast, and they know it. “Deficits don’t matter, ” as the Fed will create as much money as the government needs, the tax cuts are exactly what they are suppose to be, you simply get to keep more money, and let inflation do its dirty work.

    In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. – Alan Greenspan

    “Only morons pay the estate tax” – Gary Cohn. Cited another source Cohn didn’t use the word “moron” but was referring to “rich people with really bad tax planning.”

  82. Sith says

    @Gary – I think Buzz was thinking about this, “As a result of its immediate popularity, parts of the poem were used in propaganda efforts and appeals to recruit soldiers and raise money selling war bonds.”

  83. cagcrisp says

    I see where 3 Lots of 100 LESPS have Sold on the bay for $16,250.00/each.

    That tells you that the Money will be in graded coins for sale in the All Important 70 grade.

    Must be a Ton of 70s available since this is a “S” strike and dealers just couldn’t get enough once the HHL was lifted.

    Doesn’t bode well for Average Joe that will be Buying these overpriced 70s…

  84. Sith says

    @cagcrisp – That is most likely because financial advisers have not figured out how they will get their commission on it. They have no issue pushing risky investment, as long as they get a slice of the pie.

    P Morgan boss Jamie Dimon has said he would fire anyone trading bitcoin because it is “stupid” and “will blow up”…JPMorgan Chase has been routing customer orders for bitcoin-related instruments, a spokesman said on Monday, despite the bank’s chief executive calling the crypto currency “a fraud.”… JPMorgan’s buying for is offering no sense of fiduciary care . JPMorgan Securities is knowingly allowing clients to buy securities it believes are a fraud, That or it is buying it for itself. Then add that JP Morgan doesn’t just purchase bitcoin notes, but is also heavily involved with the ‘blockchain fever’ that has infected banks across the world. The financial firm has applied for a “bitcoin alternative” patent with the U.S. over 175 times in 2013.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  85. Gary Not Dave says


    Its definitely not a TPG scam. The Proof Like sticks out like a sore thumb! I hope you got one! Good Luck!

  86. Buzz Killington says

    @ Sith —

    If only morons pay the Estate tax, then why the giant push to get rid of it?

    Are the workarounds (which are, I expect, trusts that invest in securities) harming the economy? Or should certain trusts come within the ambit of an Estate?

    As far as I know, the Federal Estate Tax does raise money, and if so, the country needs the revenue.

    I am sure certain tax reforms would be very beneficial. I am not smart enough to know what they are, but it would be wonderful if there could be a non-partisan national discussion on the issue. But we need to have a shared set of values. Should taxation be progressive? Can we acknowledge that we do need to raise revenue to run the government? Is our deficit spending out of control? I don’t understand why these issues have to be partisan, but they apparently are.

    There is something to be said for intellectual honesty, and the days of respected public intellectuals are on the wane. I guess in the end we get the government we deserve.

  87. Dustyroads says

    I only now have the funds together to buy an American Palladium Eagle, and with quantities running low everywhere I know of, I was just about to place an order for one at Provident when they sold out there.

    Does anyone know where I can get one other than Ebay.?

  88. Dustyroads says

    They’re getting pricey. I’ve looked at MCM, but would like to find something closer to the $1,1xx price for raw coins I just saw disappear at Provident. Thanks JARHEADnFLORIDA, my hats off to ya!

  89. says

    Dusty, APMEX has some. Earlier today, all they had was NGC MS 70 ER, now they only have PCGS MS70 FS…prices keep rising, but APMEX is lower than MCM
    I was lucky to order from APMEX early…Sept. 25 ..NGC MS70 ER for $1278.00 with cc. Shipping begins tomorrow.

    I also ordered a NGC MS69 ER Oct. 1 from Pinehurst for $1101.00. Received it yesterday.

  90. KCSO says

    It’s Product Review Time here on MNB boys & girls..,

    Palladium Eagle –

    – Kudos to the Mint! Outstanding Execution, this Baby is Georgeous! The high relief is profound, device elevation is impressive, it’s very well struck, and this baby is thick!

    – I regret not being greedy and grabbing another, and anticipate that the Proof ( if under 12k struck @ ~ $14,000) will be a 2 hour sell out.

    Scotland’s Beast –

    – Gold and Silver are well struck, the design looks better than the line art, Obverse has new field across all options that transposes better, and just another winner. Looking forward to the arrival of the 10 oz’ers

    Provident’s Centennial Walkers –

    – These are the ones they were offloading at $690 – honestly it appears they were never opened by looking at the packaging, and well struck. And they threw in a Zombuck Morgue Anne Key Chain – Win, Win

    2017 LESPS –

    – Shipping – the frigg’n idiots at fulfilment put in one strip of the green bubble wrap for the sets in a box that is 2x bigger than the LESPS sets, which got all banged up. I swear these clowns couldn’t find their way out of McDonald’s playground! How precious is a strip of bubble wrap???

    – LESPS Sets – THEY ARE DIFFERENT THIS YEAR. Each coin is housed in its own capsule which can be removed from this card board carriage. The carriage DOES NOT LOOK like anything on the mint’s website, the carriage is cardboard with felt, and their is NO integratity of coins housed in the sealed plastic case like before.

    – I like that the ‘S’ pops out in its own capsule, though the cardboard carriage is CHEEZY. I personally don’t like the set as a whole, I’d prefer all coins in a sealed plastic ensemble as a complete set.

    – There’s no set integrity, therefore I’d give the set upgrade a 👎 on general presentation. The premium for the cardboard is a disappointment.

    – Beware, anyone can get a 70 set with the new presentation carriage, because the coins can be interchangeable. Buy the set for the ‘S’ and dump the rest. Though Jack does look good on these.

    Hope this helps you make an informed decision, this my assessment of coins bought with my hard earned money, happy collecting!

  91. Tom says

    To each their own. The Palladium Eagle is pricy enough without paying extra for a “certified” one. Not to mention the additional cost for the FS or ER pedigree. And if you want, you can spend a little more on a special black label, limited to only 500 coins from a certain supplier. Not for me.

  92. KCSO says

    One more point on the Pd 🦅 –

    – this sucker is chunky thick and I just held it raw with gloves on.., it just feels good and makes ya smile. The U.S. Mint has a winner is this design and specs.

  93. Dustyroads says

    Steve, I checked APMEX again and they have put back up a PCGS First Strike MS70 and the new black label slabs. I’ve always thought that the PCGS FS flag labeled slabbed coins do very well in the secondary market, so I bought one at slightly over $1,500. It’s a lot of money, but being the first year for these I think they will be fine. Also, I would not be a bit surprised if the USM upped the mintage next year boosting the value of this years coins. Thanks for the response. Have a good evening.

  94. Mattarch says

    While not specifically on this topic, we had to pack up our truck last night for a potential evacuation due to CA fires. Had about an hour to think about which coins to take in the available space. The tubes of ASEs went but the 2017 ASE in OGP did not make the cut. The complete US type set and my Dad’s complete set of Lincoln cents are in the truck, the Truman and Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles sets are not in the truck. The wind changed and we did not have to evacuate (yet) but it was an interesting few minutes picking what to take. Old coins won out over the newer mint products.

  95. Louis says

    I’m surprised some of you aren’t kvetching about the truly seismic event of today: The Boy Scouts will begin accepting girls next year! It was done at the urging of families and girls who wanted to do what the Boy Scouts do, not sell cookies and all the other stuff the Girl Scouts do. Not that selling cookies is a bad thing as it helps teach them about money, business, etc.


    @KSCO-Did you purchase a capsule for the palladium eagle? This coin is very thick, so I wonder if a special capsule is needed.

  97. KCSO says

    From the above, I need to recant the following –

    “The carriage DOES NOT LOOK like anything on the mint’s website,”

    It is in fact identical, you can see the individual capsules against the cardboard holder.

    It took me a second look, my bad. Find the good in it!

  98. Gary says

    @Mattarch… I sure hope that the wildfires never make it to your town. I wish you and your family safe journey if you do need to evacuate the area.

  99. KCSO says

    Lou – I saw that on CNBC today, I just chuckled,

    I said to myself.., “like a good stock purchase.., I now have a coin design that grew into it’s market”


  100. Louis says

    Maybe you folks went over this already, but how can a soldier have his eyes closed while he is holding a rifle, and why is the rifle pointed backwards? On the poppies, it is really common knowledge whether or not you know the poem, that they are the flower used to honor those who served in this war. Anyway, I will be saving lots of money next year or spending it on world coins.

    Following in KSCO’s foot steps- I can say the wooden Queen’s Beast 2 oz. silver box is very nice. Just the right size, not too big. The name plates are a nice touch, and the material inside is some kind of hard rubber that really holds the coins nice and snugly, so you can carry the box from one part of your home to another and not have the coins move around. Very pleased with this box, which really adds to the enjoyment of the coins.

    Does anyone happen to know if the 1/4 oz. gold beasts fit into any 1/4 oz. gold capsule, or need a special one?

  101. KCSO says

    JARHEAD – what’s your first name, I can’t keeping call you JARHEAD. Many of my close friends have gone through Basic, flown Marine One, AH-1Zs, had a cig with on Red Beach or just great Americans, they all had a first name.

    To your question, I don’t know.

    I do know that many retailers (aka zipper heads) posted Specs on a coin they didn’t have info on.

    I know numbnuts APMEX posted SPECs on the Pd Eagle that are WRONG.
    There’s no way the typical 32.7mm capsule that APMEX posted alongside this Pd Eagle when I bought mine from them at $1,074 pre-sale was remotely accurate – APMEX is a bunch of idiots for selling something when have no knowledge of when the Specs were never released.
    I know this because I inquired with those who would likely know and they didn’t.

    Here is what I know –

    1. Retailers that post Specs on coins whose Specs haven’t been release by the mint SHOULD JOIN the U.S. Mint fulfilment center workers in the McDonald’s playground and bring enough food for a week or two,

    2. It’ll take some work on our part to ascertain the right size capsule for the Eagle. I have a caliper to size the diameter and will do so tonight, though let’s do our homework and find the right fit on the capsule..

    Report back here with what you find out and we’ll find the right product. I’m anxious to get mine in a capules and on display.

  102. Louis says

    Xena- Regarding Morgans, if you like BU coins, the main issue is most of the ungraded coins out there are sliders, whizzed, etc. usually AU coins someone is selling as BU. But you can still buy nice ones from Mint Products.com, and I picked up the 30 most common dates in really nice original BU from APMEX many years ago. Most of my Peace dollar BU set (ungraded),, which are also hard ti find now that are not messed with, came from them. Just need those 2 key dates that cost a lot. For higher grades and better dates you must buy graded.


    @KSCO- Vince and I had the same problem with the same with named company.

    @Louis- Yes the 1/4 oz gold capsule will work.

  104. Dustyroads says

    Mattarch, Wishing you and your’s the best.

    I thought the Palladium is 34 mm. Clearly it’s not 2.5 mm thick.

  105. KCSO says

    Lou – regarding the Comm design, it’s more than that – it’s the WRONG rifle – and the HANDLING of said rifle doesn’t make sense.

    I’ll bring my 1903 or Grande over and you can try to make sense of it and write an article about it.., it just doesn’t work, in practice nor theory.

    AND the doughboy is carrying a Mauser – which is just Poor Form. I love the Mauser – though a Kraut rifle in the hands of a US Servicemember on a U.S. WWI $1 Commemorate – it is just Poor Form. IT IS SAD AND AN EMBARRASSMENT!
    Besides, there’s only one person on MNB that is qualified to carried a Kraut weapon.

    Someone needs to Step Up and Fix It. Along with the Helmet, the Eyes, and Nose, and remove one set of barbed wire.

    WRT the 1/4 oz Queen’s Beast – it will fit the U.S. Mint Comm capsule – I bought mine off ebay.

  106. VA Bob says

    I own a Brodie helmet, you sir are not wearing a Brodie helmet. I half expected the Picasso inspired soldier to yell, “Pauly cut me, you’re going down Apollo. Yo Adriane”. The designer needs to take a field trip to the Springfield Armory museum in MA to get the rifle right. I was there last month and highly recommend it to anyone interested in military history. Those saying it looks like a Mauser, are spot on.

  107. Tinto says


    Wonder why this Law required only 3 reps each from CCAC and CFA along with the Treasury Secretary to act as judges. If I remember from reading 2 or 3 of the other laws on commemorative coins specifically request the Treas. Sec to consult with CFA and CCAC as organizations who will hold appropriate meetings to discuss the designs and then give advice. Dunno why it wasn’t done here … and BTW all 3 CCAC reps were nominated by Congress .. no one to represent the public ..

  108. says

    @Louis….when you mentioned that the Boy Scouts will begin accepting girls….I couldn’t help but think how ironic that the Mints Boys Scouts commemorative coin included a girl and how we all complained…

  109. earthling says

    Now a confused Boy Scout can become a ” girl” and stay in the “Scouts” sisterhood. Next step will be to issue a skirt uniform for those that might want that option.


  110. Jerry Diekmann says

    This design could have been, and should have been, much, much better. A very disappointing effort from the Mint – again. I agree with Louis – let’s get some better artists designing our commemorative coins! I hope they can fix the numerous problems with this coin that other bloggers have already pointed out before it is finally minted.

  111. says

    Is there no one at the mint who knows anything about WWI and history ? What an embarrassment the new WWI Silver Dollar Coin design. Somebody needs to step up and change this before it becomes reality. I refer you to Susan Taylor’s award winning WWI medal ” Remembrance “. Medal of the Year. This is a great medal. Susan Taylor is the recently retired Senior Engraver of the Royal Canadian Mint. Her design is beautiful. Wake up people at the US Mint. Back to the drawling board for a more historically correct design.

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