Update on 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins

The First Spouse Gold Coins have been a notable absence from the United States Mint’s numismatic product line up for this year. Back in April, the US Mint announced the design selections for the 2012 issues featuring Alice Paul Suffragist, Frances Cleveland (First Term), Caroline Harrison, and Frances Cleveland (Second Term). Following the announcement, no further information was provided about the coins, which led to some speculation about the future of the program.

I have recently been able to obtain statements from the United States Mint on the status of this year’s releases. Earlier this week, CoinWorld had published an article citing production problems as the reason for the delay. The statements I received also explained these problems:

Problems striking the Alice Paul and Frances Cleveland (first term) gold coins in the First Spouse Gold Coin Program have delayed release of all four coins in the 2012 series, but all four proof and uncirculated 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins will be struck and issued before the end of the calendar year, though not until production problems are remedied.

Trial strikes for all four of this year’s coins had been conducted at the Philadelphia Mint. Problems were encountered for the first two coins, with difficulty in achieving proper metal flow to fill the design devices and achieve proper surface finish quality. Philadelphia Mint personnel are seeking to address the issues by adjusting striking pressure. Once the problems have been rectified and final trial strikes approved, production will take place at the West Point Mint. The US Mint indicates that the West Point Mint has plenty of capacity to strike all four coins in proof and uncirculated versions once the problems have been cleared.

There are still no release dates established for the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins. However, based on the statements provided proof and uncirculated versions of all four coins will be struck and issued before the end of the year.

This will clearly make for a more crowded release schedule. For most years of the series, coins had been released with a gap of two or three months between issues. If the 2012 issues can start to be released by September, collectors would be looking at the release of one coin every month.

The US Mint also confirmed that once the problems for the gold coins have been resolved and the coins start to be issued, the bronze medal versions will also be issued. This will include the Presidential $1 Coin & Bronze Medals Sets, as well as the 4 Medal Set.

Each of the four 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins will have a maximum mintage of 13,000 coins across both proof and uncirculated versions. As in the past, the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins will be determined by customer demand.

This represents only a small decline from the 15,0000 maximum mintage level that had been established for the 2011 releases of the series. This maximum mintage had ultimately proved more than double collector demand during the offering period. The Eliza Johnson coin, which has sold out of both the proof and uncirculated versions, recorded total sales of 6,812 across proof and uncirculated versions. The remaining three 2011 releases have combined sales around or below this level, although in each case one version still remains available for sale.

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  1. Brad says

    With such a short time frame to release the coins, the Mint won’t really have much data to forecast how many of the 13,000 will sell. So, unless the Mint alters the practice of only selling the coins for “approximately one year” from the date of issuance, there probably won’t be 13,000 coins for each design struck.

    They very well might change they way these are sold and just leave them for sale into 2014 and beyond, until all have been sold. If that was done, then they actually COULD strike all 13,000 for each design and just sell them until they’re all gone. That does seem to be the practice now employed for the other coins, like the Eagles and Buffaloes.

    If that were the case, all they’d have to do is estimate how many should be proofs and how many should be uncs. Maybe 8,000 proofs and 5,000 uncs.

  2. Leo S. says


    It looks like the bid price for the Unc Garfield coin on Ebay is around $1700. I assume that was caused by the fact that the Garfield has a lower mintage that the previous low mintage Julia Tyler coin. With that being the case, do you think that the demand for the Tyler coin will lessen thus being the after market price down?

  3. says

    Depending on when the production problems are resolved, I wonder if it’s possible we might not see the 2012 first spouses released in a manner similar to the 2010 AtB uncirculated coins.

    Anyone have any idea why this year’s first spouses would be so much harder to strike than in previous years? The statement provided by the Mint doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I am hardly a professional.

  4. Mint News Blog says

    There is actually a current auction for an unreserved Unc Julia Tyler coin also on eBay, so we can see where the price for that coin ends up.

    In some cases, coins which have been viewed as low mintage and priced at a premium continue to sell at a premium, even after subsequent coins come in with lower mintages. For example, there are some modern commemorative $5 gold coins that still bring strong premiums for their low mintages, despite the recent unc 2011 commemorative gold coins having lower mintages.

  5. Leo S. says


    Thanks for the information. Do you know of some coin companies that are reliable that sell past first spouse coins? The only one that seems to have some is APMEX but most of them are out of stock.

  6. Hidalgo says


    Do you know what mint mark will be placed on the 2012 FS gold coins (West Point is striking them)?

  7. Fosnock says


    I agree this sounds like hog wash. Their has been no change in the manufacturing of the coins in size or composition so what could be the issue? These are not like the initial mintage of the ATBs

  8. Mint News Blog says


    Mostly, I have bought the coins from the US Mint during the period of availability. On the secondary market some places to check are Apmex, Silvertowne, Modern Coin Mart, and eBay. Availability of specific coins tends to be sporadic. Pricing can also vary widely.

  9. Mint News Blog says

    Hidalgo- the 2012 coins will be struck at the West Point Mint and carry the “W” mint mark.

  10. Brad says

    The production problems stem from the Mint not knowing how to strike the new gold-plated tungsten blanks they intend to use! Sorry guys, just kidding. 🙂

    It does seem weird that it took so long for the Mint to break their silence on what was taking so long with the 2012 First Spouses. Maybe they didn’t want to admit they were having a problem.

    Have test strikes always been performed at Philadelphia? What’s the point of doing tests at a different facilty?

  11. Natatack says

    Anybody see the proposal for the Pan-Pacific commemorative? 50,000 each of the gold round and octagon and 500,000 each of the silver dollars and clad half dollars. I hope this one passes!

  12. SmallPotatos says

    With such a short window to press all four types, does it make sense that they will press 13,000 of each? Or seeing the recent trends, press maybe say 5,000 proof & 3,000 unc each? If they chose the larger amount, what is the cost to melt the unsold remainder?

  13. ClevelandRocks says

    There’s an elephant in the room!
    WHY THE HE$$ is Alice Paul on a USMint gold coin???
    This is worse than the “girl on the Boy Scout coin” and the “no white guy” “09 plat. Rediculous!
    As if this series wasn’t bad enough, this will gaurantee turning folks off.
    “Let’s see son, here is my compete set of First Spouse gold coins, yes most are obscure names and oh ‘Alice Paul’, well she was a suffragist….no not a first spouse at all, but……

  14. Mr. Solo says

    They’ve attempted to strike to demand over the last couple of years and there’s little reason to think that would change. Sales have continued to decline for quite some time so striking 13,000 initially makes zero sense. The mint doesn’t want to sell these forever, but at the same time no one really knows I suppose. It’s all speculation at this point, but I think it’s safe to say that when the 2012 coins finally become available the first one (or two if launched together) will sell very well that first week or two. I just hope that strong sales of the Paul coin don’t encourage the mint to strike even more of the 2012 coins before the year is over.

  15. Roy says

    I don’t understand why they’d rush them out at the end of the year. They need to produce all of the coins this year, but why wouldn’t they spread out the releases into 2013?

  16. says


    One thought I am having is that assuming the Mint is being honest, perhaps they have laid off the people who knew how to do this stuff properly and whoever is now responsible for doing it is getting some “on the job training.” Given that the Mint is under financial stress they may be going through layoffs to cut costs.

    It might help to explain the recent, seemingly high numbers of Mint products coming out with flaws and problems.

    The above is just me guessing in the dark, though. Like I said, I am not an expert on the mechanics of the striking of coins and if anyone reading this blog is, I’d appreciate if they could comment. It just seems to me that the Alice Paul design doesn’t look all that much more complex than the recent FS releases.

  17. ClevelandRocks says

    Oh, Alice Paul is not as well known as Susan B. Anthony as a Suffragist, and we all know how popular the SBA coin was. 13k, ha! I’d be shocked if more than 13 people want this coin.
    The Libery Series raised some interest, this will kill it, because you cannot explain it.

  18. ClevelandRocks says

    Sorry, one more point. Is this the only FS coin that doesn’t have the dates of the presidency? Does this coin fit the legalities of the first spouse program that Congress enacted?

  19. Gold Lover says

    Do you blow your wad on the 2012 First Spouse coins, or the not-yet-announced 2013 buffalo gold commemorative coins? What a dilemma.

  20. Brad says

    I agree that the Alice Paul coin design SHOULD have had the dates of the presidency it represents, similar to the other “non-spouse” Liberty designs. That way it’s place in the set would be more obvious. Why that was overlooked or purposely left off I don’t know.

  21. joe says

    Fact: The number of collectors of the FS series is dwindling fast based on unit sales numbers.

    Fact: Gold is very expensive these days (roughly $1615/oz as we speak). The average price of gold/oz in 2007 was roughly $700.

    Fact: The legislative constraints for this particular series were ill-conceived to require 1/2 ounce of gold and the first spouse (not the president) on the obverse.

    Fact: The release of a FS coin was no more than a politically correct play on the part of legislators, and PC coins will never do well no matter how much someone wishful thinks they will.

    Fact: The US Mint does very little to promote the FS series.

    Fact: The US Mint dropped the ball on releasing the 2012 FS coins and will be (theoretically) releasing four coins in the next four months.

    Conclusion: The incompetence of Congress (developing impractical coin legislation) and the Mint (not producing coins in a timely manner) have basically killed any prospects of the FS series being successful. Yes…some of the coins will be valuable based on low mintages; however, the series as a whole will in all likelihood not do well for the aforementioned reasons.

  22. ClevelandRocks says

    President Chester Arthur was a widower, but Ellen Arthur was his devoted wife before she died, and must be rolling in her grave with Alice Paul on HER coin. Alice Paul had zero relationship with the president. Nothing on the coin recognizing President Arthur’s term as President at all…..
    Does this coin meet the legal requirements?

  23. ClevelandRocks says

    They should call the series “FSOPMRP” (First Spouse and Other Politically Motivated Random People).

  24. Ikaika says

    “Anyone have any idea why this year’s first spouses would be so much harder to strike than in previous years? The statement provided by the Mint doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I am hardly a professional.”

    I agree with you Captain.

  25. VA Bob says

    ClevelandRocks – I hear ya… but apparently collectors aren’t running this rodeo… probably not much use complaining about it. One would think any huge coin program aimed at collectors would have their input. But when has the government listened to the people lately?

  26. Shutter says

    WHY THE HE$$ is Alice Paul on a USMint gold coin???

    Yes, that’s pretty stupid. But then the whole FS series is stupid. It is unique among mint products for what it isn’t.
    1) It’s not a series of circulating coins (obviously)
    2) It’s not a commemorative series (since it would violate 2 programs per year rule)
    3) It’s not a series of bullion coins (since you can’t buy any of them at bullion prices)
    4) It’s not a series of medals (since they are “legal tender”).

    I don’t think there is anything left other that to admit that it’s a pointless boondoggle dreamed up by congressmen to satisfy their overly active political correctness gene.

    The Libery Series raised some interest, this will kill it, because you cannot explain it.
    All the remaining presidents were married, so the Liberty “series” is over anyway.

    Does this coin meet the legal requirements?
    Technically, yes. Since Alice Paul was snuck into the law. Feel free to call shenanigans on that, but it’s legal. That same law gave us gold buffaloes and the incredibly ugly shield penny.

  27. Shutter says

    Towards the end of this series can we get a Marilyn Monroe coin?

    Yes, in UHR based on a scene from Seven Year Itch (standing over a steam grate). And in silver, so that the original B&W look can be preserved.

  28. ClevelandRocks says

    The way I read the public law 109-145, it must say what term (ie. 21st, for President Arthur) on the coin obverse, so the Alice Paul as shown may be illegal (and stupid)!

  29. Wes says

    Shutter that would be a nice coin. Or they could just include her in the ATB series and make a Five ounce coin of her in that scene.

  30. Shutter says

    The way I read the public law 109-145, it must say what term (ie. 21st, for President Arthur) on the coin obverse

    I don’t think it says that WRT FS coins, only the presidents. For FS, it says: (F) Inscriptions.–Each bullion coin issued under this subsection shall bear the inscription of the year of minting or issuance of the coin and such other inscriptions as the Secretary may determine to be appropriate.

    Doesn’t make it any less stupid, but all they are required to put on it is the year of issue.

  31. ClevelandRocks says

    @ Shutter, The FS gold coin legal requirement, Public Law 109-145, Section 103 (3) ii and 103 (3) iii, please re-read.
    Not sure if this absurd Alice Paul joke coin is even legal…

  32. Edgar says

    This may explain why I had so much trouble finding a perfect 70 Lucretia Garfield proof. For the first time since 2007, I sent two LG coins back to the mint before finding the grade.

    I’m not convinced that the U.S. Mint itself is enthusiastic about this series: As an “enterprise” funded agency, it must live on revenue it generates and I can’t imagine that FS coins are making money for it or mintages wouldn’t consistently be lower than authorized limits. Compounding the problem with the FS series are the lack of collector enthusiasm for the composition (cost) and weak designs, which will provoke constant grumbling and complaining well into the year 2016 (Nancy Reagan). That’s ten years of nonstop nagging that must drive the mint nuts.

    On a positive note, I actually like the Alice Paul coin adding fresh controversy to the series…much like sufferage issues added to the political debate. I also like that FS 2012 portraits are starting to look more a little more feminine than their predecessors, almost all of which looked like Whistler’s Mother on a bad date.

    Given its druthers, I’ll bet the mint would rather administer a more exciting, more profitable 10+ year series of 24K gold coins. Unfortunately, it has no choice and it shows.

  33. dan says

    Hey Edgar

    I have had quality issue with these from the Elisa Johnson coin. On the uncirculated coins there were spots and areas that looked like they were buffed out in places, same problem I had with the 11 AGE. I Went through 5 LG’s to keep two coins.The proofs it looked like there was either crap on the dies or the blanks were lousy and they had rim damage. I cant help but wonder if thats helped to keep the mintage low on the last few aside from lack of interest.

  34. Edgar says


    I feel your pain…lots of shipping and insurance charges and oh the time involved.

    All I can say is that loyal FS collectors will have earned a high sweat equity (and monetary) premium for a complete set…although no one really knows for certain when or if the FS series will ever end.

  35. dan says


    its the time and grief thats the pain, at least the mint reimburses for all the returns. Lately if the mint did not reimburse it would raise the cost of each coin another 100 or so, that would be unacceptable. I for one hope they continue the set in perpetuity and then maybe make the presidents themselves in a gold or silver set or both.

  36. VA Bob says

    @ Shutter – I kind of like the shield cent. It’s simple like the wheat cent was. About the only bad thing IMO is the fact that it is done on zinc, and those look terrible after just a short time in circulation. Hey we could have had another building on the reverse!

  37. Jon in CT says

    CaptainOverkill wrote on August 17, 2012 at 5:04 pm:
    One thought I am having is that assuming the Mint is being honest, perhaps they have laid off the people who knew how to do this stuff properly and whoever is now responsible for doing it is getting some “on the job training.” Given that the Mint is under financial stress they may be going through layoffs to cut costs.

    It might help to explain the recent, seemingly high numbers of Mint products coming out with flaws and problems.

    I would hope that any layoffs would be among those who were pounding out the dollar coins, which produced the most seigniorage for the Mint. But, on the other hand, the Mint has likely sanctioned collective bargaining agreements which allow the dollar coin grunts to bump any gold coin grunts at West Point with less seniority.

    I was under the impression that the Mint is required by law to set prices for its numismatic coins which will recoup their entire cost, plus a premium.

  38. Jon in CT says

    Trial strikes for all four of this year’s coins had been conducted at the Philadelphia Mint. Problems were encountered for the first two coins, with difficulty in achieving proper metal flow to fill the design devices and achieve proper surface finish quality. Philadelphia Mint personnel are seeking to address the issues by adjusting striking pressure. Once the problems have been rectified and final trial strikes approved, production will take place at the West Point Mint.</i?

    I doubt that the physical/metallurgical properties of 99.99% pure gold have changed significantly in the past year and I'm baffled about why trial strikes aren't being conducted at the production facility, West Point. When did the Philadelphia Mint acquire ANY special expertise in the production of pure gold coins?

  39. natatack says

    If they do a Marilyn Monroe one that sets up considering a new series. Mistress’s of the Presidents, but woudn’t know if you would be able to limit each President to only one mistress, esp Washington and Jefferson 🙂

  40. says

    To Captain Overkill:
    In answer to your question about coin striking problems, the problem is in where the greatest details might be on both the obv. & rev. of the coins and if there are areas coincident with detail in the same position on both sides. When a coin is struck, the metals flows radially from the center of the coin outward. In addition to detail areas, the actual raised height or relief of the coin in those areas requires more metal to fill the areas. In general, it can be determined if problems in strike will occur by overlaying the designs onto each other, but this is not foolproof. Given the fact that these coins are issued in such low numbers, the Mint can take certain extra efforts at strike pressure & speed, double striking, etc. where they cannot with general circulation coinage. Hope this helps! (You could see a few of my coin designs on my website if you are interested.)

  41. phillip says

    I’m thinking 2 Alice Paul proofs now. Very controversial coin with potentially low sales sounds good to me. I don’t have any dog in this hunt politically, but I do love women. Especially when they are extremely rare and made of gold.

  42. Gary says

    After B Obama does his four more years and Hilary Clinton does her 8 years, she will be in the First Spouse series and then the Presidential Gold Coin Series! I wonder then if Wild Bill Clinton will get a First Spouse Gold Coin, i am sure he wouldnt mind being stuck in there with all the ladies! Alice Paul is kinda a hottie!

  43. Hidalgo says

    When / after Hillary Clinton is elected as President in 2016, does that mean that Bill Clinton will have a chance to be honored on a First Spouse gold coin?

  44. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    when sales are down
    delay the next release, keep the sheeple in anticipation

  45. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Bama – Yeah, the show took place this weekend in Sydney. Since it’s already late Monday AM in Perth, I figured it would show up on their site in a couple of hours.

    Talisman and others should show it available w/in 48 hours; similar pricing and cheaper shipping. With the exception of the Black Dragon, the three remaining (and this one) will probably remain available at reasonable costs for some time to come.

  46. fosnock says


    The issue is not that the coins are problematic its they are no different than the other coins which have been minted for years, and the mint never mentioned a problem with them.

  47. Hidalgo says

    @Michael – another lunar dragon…. Must be dragon burnout – the coin is still for sale…

  48. ClevelandRocks says

    What with the “Votes for Women”? Some gal from New Jersey (read with NJ accent) wanting you to vote for a woman?

  49. Brad says

    My backordered Hayes and Garfield coins have not been cancelled yet. They just keep having the expected ship date pushed back automatically every day. I wonder if the sales totals for Garfield will shrink with this week’s report? If it does, I wonder too how many were initiated by the buyer due to higher than expected reported sales, or initiated by the Mint due to lack of inventory?

    I wish I could just find out soon if the orders will be fulfilled or not!

  50. Olde Sailor says

    How about putting Alice on the shelf and issue her as a Commem later on. and come out with a fifth Liberty head coin for President Arthur.
    This coin really screws up the set.

  51. Hidalgo says

    @Brad – why do you keep saying that orders for your backordered coins will be cancelled? Just curious. I can only think of one instance since 2008 when the US Mint did not honor its sales. There may have been others, but I am only aware of one.

  52. hank meyer says

    concerning back orders of FS on June 16 2007 I came to the party a couple of hours too late and my order for one each of the four FS on sale were put on backorder by Sept. I started to receive cancellation of each of the four that I had ordered but on Sept. 12 2007 I received a MS Abigail Adams. I then ordered a MS Thomas Jefferson even if it had all ready been reported to have sold out the mint put my order on backorder and I received the MS Thomas Jefferson on Oct. 5 you never know what will happen with the mint. But I try to order now sometimes soon after the coins go on sale or when gold is at its lowest.

  53. Brad says


    It’s because I don’t know if the Mint took more orders than they can fulfill with whatever inventory remained for the Hayes and Garfield uncs. All of my orders were placed after the backorder notices appeared. Sometimes that means it’s already too late. After being “strung along” for a while, the Mint cancels the orders citing the reason “product not available.”

    Maybe I got the orders placed in time, but the longer the backorder drags on, the less hope I have.

  54. James says

    I miss the banter. OT I see 1 person returned the SF 2 coin set and received a replacement. I wound up sending my 1 set back for replacement. They gave me a ship date and have changed it every day. It has been changed 7 times already. I hope I get it one of these days.

  55. Willy says

    If we are talking politics again…

    Let suppose Obama wins the white house again and Joe Biden decides to
    retire after the election, wouldn’t Hillary then become the new Vice President, over? And then be set up to run for president against Republican Paul Ryan…


  56. Rod says

    What is the story on the “backorder” of FS Unc coins? The Lucretia Garfield Unc I ordered is listed on my order as “1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 09/05/2012.”, but this expected ship date changes every day. It is always the same expected ship date and the Julia Grant Unc that is still on sale. Now today’s US Mint Sales report says:

    Coin Sales Change
    Lucretia Garfield Uncirculated (2011) 2,498* NLA

    What the heck is “NLA”? I don’t appreciate being strung along with an expected ship date if in fact, as I keep reading here, I will never get this coin.

    Is this some scam because I purchased the Garfield Unc when the price of gold was lower than it is now? Or is this just a reflection of Mint incompetence; i.e. they have no idea how many coins they have or where they are? As a collector, not some flipper, and as a multi-decade Mint customer I think we should demand better accountability and transparency from the Mint. Why isn’t there a stated mintage for an FS coin when it goes on sale that we can rely on instead of this ridiculous “nobody knows how many coins there are” and “you can order it but you may never get it” scam?

  57. Gary says

    I think we can do more than suppose Obama wins the White House…as long as the Republicans keep fielding turds!! Ugh!

  58. Box says

    I agree with Gary. Alice Paul’s likeness is the most contemporary and modern of all so far. She’s a hottie, and I will vote with my credit card when her coin goes on sale. Like others though I question why the12 dated coins are allegedly so much troublesome in the production department.

  59. James says

    Shipping date was changed yet again to 9/7. Just got notified it went out today 8/22. Go figure. Can’t wait to see how this set looks.

  60. Gary says

    @ Ricky
    We shall see real soon! November is just around the corner! And your right, if Romney gets elected we will have no class, well no middle class anyway!

  61. george glazener says

    OK, I’m bored and reckless enough to ask. WHY would anyone actually want the current occupant of The White House to have 4 more years in that role? Disregarding what you think of Romney, what do you actually hope that BO will do?

  62. Rick says

    I would have hoped he would change course just a bit, but he’s not budging. He will deliver on his pledge to fundamentally transform America into Greece.

  63. Rich says

    I noticed the 2012 Star Spangled Banner Uncirculated $5 Gold Unc has been put on back order. I guessing maybe they are running into some sort of production issues since this coin was just released in March 2012 and nowhere near the mintage limits for the gold coins. Did they mint just a few thousand? Are they minting more to meet the less then 1% weekly demand? How is that decided? Why can’t they mint more Lucretia’s if that is the case? Could this coin be sold out in a few weeks? Anyone see something similar in the past?

    If I could only get my hands on the mint’s playbook…if they had one.

  64. Mint News Blog says

    In the case of commemorative coins, they should always remain available until the pre-announced sales ending date in mid-December, unless the full maximum authorized mintage is sold. All commemoratives include a surcharge, payable to a beneficiary organization, who would not be very appreciative if the US Mint ended sales early for any reason.

    The reason no more Lucretia Garfield coins could be minted is because they are dated 2011. The US Mint cannot strike coins carrying the prior year date.

  65. Rich says

    Thanks for the information. Makes sense. So it may be safe to say that the 2012 FS will all have the potential to have low mintages because they are planning to release them so late in the year and they cannot mint more in 2013 if for some strange reason demand skyrockets. (depending on initial mintages)
    I still think – at this time- the Star Spangled Banner Uncirculated $5 Gold has a good potential for low mintage…within the lowest three comemoratives maybe.

  66. S. Knight says

    My guess is that they truly have bit off way too many coins in production.

    By the time they GET GOING gold will really be up in price. They are 6 coins behind on these spouses for 2012 now.


  67. Christy says

    Perhaps, the mint has been waiting for the price of gold to be manipulated, oh wait, I mean for the price to naturally rise to maximize their profits. Since the spouse series is not very popular, it makes sense.

  68. phillip says

    @ george & rick. Perhaps the public still remembers the eight years before past four years. I don’t know about you, but Mitt and I are about 110% better off than four years ago.

  69. says

    Alice Paul, being an important partof history, had nothing to do with being a First Spouse. The entire program is now meaningless. It may be ironic because, someday in the future, this may be the rarest and most expensive of the series. The Mint seems to do whatever it likes and often creates an dooity like this.

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