Updated Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Sales Figures

ballLate yesterday, updated sales statistics were provided for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins in the weekly Coin Update numismatic sales report. The figures confirm the sell out of the $5 gold coins and provide the split between the proof and uncirculated options. The silver dollars and half dollars have seen their numbers climb, but for now remain well below sell out levels.

The sales figures for the coins as of the March 30, 2014 reporting date are as follows:

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coins 32,000 18,000 50,000
Silver Dollars 155,523 73,002 228,525
Clad Half Dollars 67,236 44,144 111,380

The figures show that for the $5 gold coins, 64% of the coins sold were in proof format with 36% in uncirculated format. At the onset, the US Mint had indicated that customer demand would determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins minted within the authorized mintage limit.

Silver dollar sales have reached 228,525 across both options, up by 71,850 from the opening day sales number. The latest cumulative total represents 57.13% of the maximum authorized mintage of 400,000 pieces.

The clad half dollars have reached sales of 111,380 across proof and uncirculated options, up by 38,026 from the opening day sales number. The cumulative total represents 14.85% of the maximum authorized mintage of 750,000. Later in the year, the US Mint plans to release a Young Collectors Set containing the uncirculated version of the half dollar, which should serve to bolster sales.

The ordering limits of 100 coins per version for silver dollars and half dollars remain in place. The US Mint has indicated that the limit would be evaluated on a regular basis and adjusted or removed accordingly.


The 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Coins have been seeing some huge premiums on eBay, particularly for the sold out gold coins and certified examples which pedigree the coins to the initial release at the Whitman Coin and Collectible Spring Expo held in Baltimore. For coins submitted at the show, PCGS has given a designation “Baltimore First Pitch” and NGC has given a designation of “Opening Day Releases”. The NGC holders also include the National Baseball Hall of Fame logo, with a portion of grading fees to benefit the organization.

Completed auction listings show the gold coins recently selling for prices ranging from about $650 to $700 per coin. Examples of any of the coins certified by PCGS or NGC with the special designations have been commanding even more substantial premiums. Examples of the certified and designated silver dollars and half dollars graded Proof-70 or MS-70 have sold for $400 and upwards. There have been fewer examples of the specially encapsulated gold coins to change hands, but sales prices for these have stretched into the thousands of dollars.

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  1. says

    These numbers basically match what was posted in the comments section of the other thread, though the mint doesn’t seem to have included the “wait list” orders which went over the maximum mintage of the gold coins.

    Silver is the one to watch right now. We could see a quick sellout of these if this pace is sustained for another couple of weeks.

    I’m probably in for the Young Collectors set, this is the first I’d heard of it. I’m a total sucker for these baseball releases. Perhaps that will give a shot in the arm to the sluggish half dollars.

  2. Sith says

    Well I finally see the why one of my order is “in process,” and the other is on “hold, but both orders have the coins listed as “in stock and reserved.” My first order contained other items so it was labeled “in process” and those items shipped yesterday (I have the tracking number.) The second order only contained the gold HOF coin, so it is on hold.

    For all of you people that fell for CCs April Fools joke, the mint is not sending the mint bag by itself, but they are sending anything else that might be in your order including the bag. If you don’t have anything else in the order the order is simply placed on hold to avoid shipping the bag by itself.

  3. Samuel says

    off topic,
    (first of all, i m not a facebk user.)
    when u guys use FB to interact with the mint, u expose that you have coins to all ur friends, right?

  4. Sith says

    My card was pinged for my first order…I may get the young collector’s set, but it depends on the price, and the presentation.

  5. Zaz says

    The sales of the half-dollar over the entire length of baseball season is what will give legs to the sustained premiums of the silver and gold, particularly once the general public finally sees what the noise is all about and gets their hands on a couple of clads. That will probably result in greater interest in the gold and silver as some non-collectors will try to complete sets. Silver and gold poised to become the next high premium item since 2009 UHR and among commems since the silver American Buffalo silver dollars. Way to go everyone on calling this coin!

  6. ibex66 says

    … the National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set will soon be available in Cooperstown, N.Y., featuring an uncirculated half-dollar along with kid-themed educational materials from the United States Mint.

  7. Hawkster says


    Wow, the day of your back surgery, as well as the day after and you continue to transmit your comments. L4 and L5 discs? That would be my guess.
    So far your comments appear to be static-free.

  8. Sith says

    @Samuel – That would depend on your privacy settings (you can limit certain posts, or all posts to yourself or just a few friends) , and of course what information you post. IE if you post on the Mint’s FB page that you bought 50 coins then everyone who goes to the FB page now knows that information, and if they know who you are, or you have public information so they can find out they might come a knocking.

    But I don’t “interact” with the Mint I just went there to confirm what others were saying, it is no different then going to website.

  9. Dave says

    A different spin??
    I am not in any hurry to try to flip my golds. I believe that there will be plenty of demand down the road for these coins. Also, I doubt if any of the single coin orderers will be selling. I would guess that most every major league player will want one ( or more ) and possibly a set of the coins. And this is a must have for every collector ( except maybe the circus clowns). And the fans will certainly go for the silvers – right price for under the Christmas tree and great display piece for every Little League player’s dresser top. Add in the silver stackers and the “I gotta have one” crowd, and I
    Think this series is a hit in both silver and gold.
    The halfs will be interesting. I make no prediction there.
    So, I will hold on t o ALL of my HOFs for the long run.
    Except for the ones going to my grandkids, of course ( I think a lot of grandpas will be following me on that!)

  10. Sith says

    fmtransmitter – Good luck on the surgery…if it helps I can try a dead lift to see if it helps with your disks 🙂

  11. Blair J Tobler says

    Sorry Sith, but you’re wrong. The mint sent me a shipping confirmation email with tracking for just the bag – no coins have shipped yet. Bag shipped yesterday.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Agree with Blair, the bags SHIP first if they have any left and other orders are not in stock. ANYTHING in stock ships first…

  13. zeeman says

    Sith@LOl, watch out about lifting the dead weight, your discs might give up too, then we all are in trouble, then every one on this blog has to get together, to lift 2 of you up 🙂

  14. Sith says

    @Dave – I agree with you but flipping mine now, you don’t go broke taking a profit. The issue is with the mint limits I don’t think a lot of single coin orders got through vs the dealers. I’m not sure if it is true but I did read once that one of the reasons the silver buffaloes were so expensive is that most when to dealers, and that might be true in this case. If true its a good thing because it limits supply, but its a bad things because they will control the market and they are you’re direct competition. I wanted to get rid of mine early in case their was a glut (even a temporary one) on the market.

  15. thePhelps says

    The young collectors set will probably be listed at like $23.95 or so. I’ll probably get one of these to fill in all the blanks for this set.

  16. Sith says

    @Blair J Tobler – Thank you I find that amazing. I wonder if they sent your bag with expedited shipping….funny that none of my single orders with the bag have shipped, and one of my orders has a 12:12 order time.

    Sorry GG I really thought it was an April Fool’s joke.

  17. DCDave says

    There have been times that one would have thought demand would always outweigh supply (ie. the release of the first ATBs where people went crazy) and then things settle down when the next thing of interest grabs the headlines. I really like the proof silver BHOF, but I sort of have to convince myself about the gold since it is so small and lacking a real “iconic image”. Really the gold is a winner due to mintage, but the mintage may not keep the premiums so high in a year or two. Time will tell.


  18. Sith says

    One thing for sure though I’m not waiting until 6/20 for my HOF silver dollar…it is “in stock and reserved,” and my credit card has been hit.

  19. Hawkster says


    Do you mean to tell me that your surgery has been backordered? (I couldn’t resist that one).

  20. Brice says

    Sith, you are incorrect as I only ordered HOF coins and theyshipped my bag yesterday. Tracking number confirmed. FYI

  21. MarkInFlorida says

    Wasn’t there a Gold Eagles post up here a few minutes ago? It disappeared. Some of my comments over the last few days have disappeared too. What’s happening???

  22. Hawkster says

    The “dead lift” that Sith is referring to is an exercise in which the barbell is lifted up to waist level while keeping the legs straight–in other words, the wrong way to lift a weight and a great way to pop a disc.

  23. Hawkster says

    Do you live in the part of Florida that is prone to sink holes? Perhaps your comments have disappeared into one of them.

  24. Hawkster says

    Thanks for the info that the Young Collectors Set will soon be available in Cooperstown. But, I somehow don’t think that the New York State Thruway will experience a massive traffic jam with everyone converging on Cooperstown in an attempt to obtain the Set.

  25. Paul says

    I ordered a gold unc on Friday at 9 am, the gold has a ship date of 7/17. The others 6/21. Does anyone think I’ll get the gold?

  26. mmm says

    Paul, I hope you do because I have one ordered ahead of you by 30 minutes and if you get yours I get mine.

  27. Blair J Tobler says

    Paul – only if you do better than the guys who win the Silver and the Bronze. (Sorry – I couldn’t resist)

  28. ibex66 says

    Paul no, gold looked to be sold out 6ish on Thursday. Anything after that is waitlisted and I wouldn’t hold high hopes for that.

    Re, Young Collectors set, its simply a Cald Uncirc with some packaging but I fully expect the TPGs will have a special label for this. PCGS already has like 16 different labels for the BHOFs. Absurd.

  29. mmm says


    Item Status Order Date: 03/28/2014 at 08:21 AM
    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

  30. ClevelandRocks says

    @MarkinFlorida: I think Michael has a post of mine from yesterday evening foating around somewhere, but did not post it to the blog.

  31. says

    @Paul, The wait list warning went up around 6:30pm on Thursday. The Mint is slowly but surely working the way through ‘held’ listings and putting ‘in process’. Your were approximately 15 hours behind the point the Mint said they had already sold 50K. I would think you are just way too far down the line to get anything…

  32. Ray says

    @Paul and @mmm, I ordered one Friday and my order history now has a ship date of “Expected to ship on 07/07/2014.”

    I hope we all make it. No clue how many were sold at the ANA show. anyone? i wonder if any of the gift shops, especially denver, will be selling any of these in person? im a 10 minute drive away from the dnever mint.

  33. Ray says

    @Paul, my order was at 2:15pm on Friday the 28th. no idea how my ship date would be before yours.

  34. says

    I need some expert advice. Who among the 4 big slabbers; (ICG, NGC, ANACS, PCGS) has a perfect track record on grading? I’d like to have my gold HOF”s graded and want returns like the big tv guys…

  35. says


    Once in awhile comments do not get posted to the blog and disappear. My assumption is overactive spam filters are marking these posts as “spam” and autodeleting them. Michael usually doesn’t purposefully delete comments to the best of my knowledge.

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    Does anyone have silver BHoF P and unc in stock and reserved or shipped yet? The clad I ordered are and the gold moved up a month for the expected shipping date but the silver keeps moving back daily and expected ship date is 4/16 now.

  37. Pittsburgh P says

    Also, I’d have to say if you ordered Friday you’re not getting a gold imo.

  38. GoldFishin says

    Long time reader, new poster…. Had the day off of work 3-27, entered the waiting room around 11:55 am. Had initial wait time of 16 minutes which climbed to 45 minutes held there for a while and I was able to complete my first order for one each of the proof and unc. gold coins at 1:04 pm order #4292xxxx. Placed a second order for a few silver proofs minutes later. I went from an initial backorder date for the proof gold of 4/10 to 6/15, back to 4/10 then the daily one day creep.
    My order status changed yesterday to “In Process” from “Order On Hold” and also was hit for the $4.95 shipping charge on the Credit Card. This morning Credit Card was charged 424.75 for the Proof Gold.
    The Unc. Gold has backorder date of 6-1 and my credit card has not been charged yet. Ordered them both at the same time so they must not have had sufficient volume to ship my unc. gold.
    Lessons learned from the ordering process….
    1- Enter the waiting room earlier.
    2. VERY Important- Disable any pop- up blocking, cookie prevention, and ad-blockers. (After waiting nearly an hour, my browser settings got me the pleasure of a blank white screen and a chance to re-enter the waiting room.) Talk about a sick feeling! Luckily, once I had disabled my pop-up and ad blockers the US Mint Site alllowed me in without a further wait.
    3. Read this BLOG!!! The information here saved my chance to get my orders in.

    Thanks to Everyone Here!!!

  39. Raphael says

    Funny that mint had coins for sale at Spring Expo and I’m sure the informed all concerned they would. But those of us that order coin on the 1st date they put them on sale on then net see the delivery date keeps changing further and further down the road, first it was 10Apr, now to past 16Apr., guess they did not know many of us wanted those items. OR is there a preferred Client list that we are not aware of?

  40. Sith says


    I would not hold my breath, but it depends if the website is correct or the people that posted the sales figures on Thursday (which indicated that about 20% of the mintage was still available as of midnight) are correct. I’m not sure which one is more reliable.

    I have a 07/07/2014 ship date and my order was placed at 3:57 PM, maybe that means they are updating you’re order with a “real” date and mine is dead, then again this is from a mint that shipped people a free bag.

  41. Hawkster says

    If you contact sales reps from all of the major grading companies, they will gladly let you know that their company is the most prestigious and has a flawless track record on grading.

  42. Eddie says

    It would have made more since to put a proof and UNC half into the Young Collectors Set

  43. Jake says

    In Stock and Reserved, ordered at 12:18.

    My reusable bag has been sent and I have a UPS tracking number for it.

    How much money is the mint wasting by sending the free bag by UPS?

  44. ibex66 says

    If it wasn’t the US Mint, I’d feel like I was getting scammed somehow with shipping a useless bag in lieu of actual coins. Great way to lock up a credit card purchase.

  45. Pittsburgh P says

    Nevermind about the question I asked earlier. I just check my order status and all my coins were changed to “in stock and reserved” even the gold that just changed to an expected ship date of 6/30 not 2 hours ago and my card was pinged for the total order amout… Hopefully that means actually send them soon.

  46. Eddie says

    I received my Proof sets today and I didn’t get a bag. And yes my order was over $75.00. So I don’t know why I didn’t get a bag.
    Does anyone know where we can get a box to make a 6 piece set of the BHoF coins?

  47. says

    @Hawkster, thanks. But in the “real world” there seems to be big differences in the prices slabbed sells for based on who graded it and not what the grade is on the label.

  48. Pittsburgh P says

    Has anyone else seen what AMPEX is charging for ms69 and 70 and ps69 and 70 clad coins? Over a grand for the 70s! Thats the CLAD! Not to mention they’re asking for 5 grand for a gold proof PS70…

  49. MN says

    I received a U.S. Mint email saying my 4 Silver Proof One Dollar BHOF Coins were on Backorder but would ship 4/1…next email from them said the free Bag shipped 4/1 (gave FedEx tracking information). The expected ship date of the coins has advanced by a day since my 12:18 p.m. EST purchase on 3/27…today the expected ship date of the coins stated 4/3 and later the Backorder status changed to In Stock and Reserved. Now my credit card shows the U.S. Mint pending charge, so the 4/3 ship date will likely happen!

  50. Hawkster says

    As per your comment of 1:05 pm, in which you asked if anyone thought you would get the gold: We have the utmost faith that you will. It’s not your style to settle for silver or bronze. Good luck in the competition.

  51. Frankie says

    My second order placed at 2:07pm now has this status:
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 5 $424.75 $2,123.75 5 units backordered. Expected to ship on 04/16/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 5 $419.75 $2,098.75 5 units backordered. Expected to ship on 04/03/2014.
    It was Jun27 or something along these lines this morning. I guess the mint is getting serious!

  52. Doug D. says

    I think the Mint changes their order limit on the gold coins without letting anyone know by lowering the total number of HOF gold coins a person can buy. I placed my order for the gold coin on Saturday and Sunday and now the status is on held and will be shipped in July. May be they review the number of orders with 50 coins or so and lower the limits to 10 so that other people can buy them and at the same time clear the waiting list as well.

  53. simon says

    OT : Picked up a very nice Rainbow toned GSA Morgan in complete OGP with Nixon’s “Hancock” NICE !!!

  54. Los_Osos_Larry says

    Ordered 3/27/14 @ 5:27PM. Eastern Time

    On Hold…..Back Ordered…. Ship Date 06/21/2014

    Bag in stock and reserved….

  55. Johann says

    @ Paul. I ordered a pf Friday morning online. Call the mint around 3 Friday and the gal said she thought the gold ran out about noon Friday. She said if your order went in by noon you should be alright.

  56. thePhelps says

    Frankie.. that is kind of confusing. My order was 2:06 pm… I show it as in process now as well, but none of the dates changed.

    UNC Silver is still showing backordered and 4/16 shipping
    Proof Silver is backordered showing a 4/03 ship date
    Both Golds are backordered showing 6/21 shipping

  57. Ray says

    @ibex66, I have a bag on the way from my order of a set of silver baseball HoF coins. The bag was shipped, and initially all check boxes disappeared. Now the bag is in transit, and I just checked and my checkboxes are back. So even though they have shipped the bag, I’m still able to cancel any item from my order (or so it appears, I’m not messing with it).

    even still, I cant wait til they run out of those lame ass bags. those bags say, hey, i collect expensive stuff, follow me home and steak my place out so you can rob me of all my us mint purchases. fuck the mint and their pea brains.

  58. high low silver says

    Soo let me get this straight, you hate the mint, but you buy gold from them ??

  59. Blair J Tobler says

    Bag shipped yesterday.
    Proof half “in stock and reserved” – CC pinged.
    Unc half and both dollars now show 04/03/2014 expected ship date.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  60. Hawkster says

    I think you meant “stake” your place out–unless you are inviting us all over for a steak dinner.

  61. says

    Thanks Pittsburgh P. I looked them up, looks like they use PCGS and NGC. They even have an advertising badge for both of them.

  62. Frankie says

    now my dates have changed back to Jun01 and Jun21 for my 2:07pm order. the mint is playing cat and mouse…

  63. ibex66 says

    union76. you are not going to get near the ‘special’ treatment that the big boys get, this includes priority and expediated grading, preferred pricing, bulk grading deals, special labels and so on. Big dealers are the TPGs’ bread and butter, they cater to them and makes for a real conflict of interest in terms of maintaining the integrity of the grades when big dealers are throwing so much money at them.

  64. high low silver says

    I don’t know Hawkster, but a hot dog would go better with a baseball coin.

  65. MarkInFlorida says

    Anyone else notice the United States Mint 2013 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set™ (XE7) is sold out, even though 2011 and 2012 are still available. A surprise? Probably sold a lot because you can’t get them in banks anymore.

  66. Hidalgo says

    From what I see on eBay as of this writing, secondary market prices for “sold” gold proof BHOF coins are generally higher than the prices for “sold” gold unc BHOF coins. That’s the case, even though more gold proofs were minted.

    Will the trend continue? Time will tell!

  67. GoldGuru says

    This morning my CC pinged for full amt for 2 gold orders. 42923XXX@12:28. Somebody said yesterday they didn’t think I would get my gold because of the high order#….glad they were wrong….whew!! Still says PF ships 4/15, Unc on 4/2, but full amt. charged on card. Ship dates must not be updating fast enough. I’ll call “Amy” !! BTW my silver orders ship dates now say PF on 6/20, Unc on 5/31, placed a few minutes after my gold orders.

  68. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah frankie… my gold coins went from in stock and reserved to 4/16!!! How does that happen? Reserved, yeah right.

  69. Pittsburgh P says

    @gold guru… That’s the first I’ve heard them ever charging full amount before items were in stock and reserved. Why wouldn’t you get your coins if you ordered at 12:28 also. If it was Friday I’m calling bs imho…

  70. joe says

    ^To that point, I have often wondered whether the TPGs also “tweak” their grading criteria to accommodate the big resellers. I’ve had some “perfect” coins come back as 69s and I couldn’t see a single problem anywhere using a 10X loop.

    And to be even more blunt, there is a major TPG “X” that I trust a lot less than the other major TPG “Y.” “X” is constantly accused of dipping their coins and I have to ask why would a TPG ever dip a coin that was sent in to them?

    Just thinking out loud here…

  71. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint will sell its American gold eagle proof coins in all denominations tomorrow, April 3rd.

    Do you think we’ll see a mad rush for these coins?

  72. GoldGuru says

    PittP, yesterday I had 3 pings for $4.95. Today my CC got pinged for ALL the gold coins – 2 seperate orders #42923XXX ! One of the $4.95 pings must be for one of my 2 silver orders. The full amount was charged for my gold. Track order says in stock/reserved, cancel boxes gone on both gold orders! What’s so hard to believe?

  73. GoldGuru says

    PittP, BTW, I use my ckecking account Visa card. My online banking says US MINT- hold ! My available balance reflects the Mint hold.

  74. GoldGuru says

    PittP, somebody else said I wouldn’t get my gold because my # was too high, not me. Go back and read their post! No BS here, just ask “Sith”.

  75. Hawkster says


    That is exactly why I have never bought a graded coin from the mega dealers. You can be assured that grading companies are under intense pressure to come up with a very high percentage of 70 coins for these folks. Otherwise, they (the dealers) will simply take their business to another TPG that is more grade “friendly” to them.

  76. says

    @Joe Thinking out loud. What will it mean 10 years from now when I’m croaked and my family tries to sell a coin I paid 4k for is worth 400 because the “major TPG” was helping out one of his big boy customers and is now defunct. Kinda wants you to sick the FTC on them now…

  77. Joseph says

    Out of 50k Gold BHOF, what was the percentage that dealers taken? 80%? 90%?
    I think at least 70 to 80%. the rest are flippers on ebay, the percentage ends up in collectors’ hand, maybe just 2 or 3%

  78. Pittsburgh P says

    @goldguru… I’m guessing that you ordered on Friday at 12:28. So your cards were pinged yesterday for 4.95 and today for the full amount then they are in stock and reserved in that makes sense.I was assuming you order on Friday if someone said you weren’t gonna get your coins… My mistake and apologies.

  79. Hawkster says

    For a grading company to honestly grade coins, the graders should have no prior knowledge as to who submitted the coin(s) for grading. Small potatoes Joe should have the same opportunity as Mega Mike to see his coin graded a 70. But this is very unlikely to happen. What a farce.

  80. fmtransmitter says

    I can attest to looking for a single tiny flaw under 10X loupe before sending in and not finding any and all came back 69 UC PF, I used the 5 free grades, had to do with it I assume.

  81. fmtransmitter says

    I just hope the baseball players MLB players with absurd contracts didn’t get one of these and are telling their agents to get them some and pay WHATEVER…

  82. GoldGuru says

    PittP, no prob. Come see me @ the Jax.FL. show @the end of may, I’ll buy you a Drink! Look for my sign…BLACK CREEK PRECIOUS METALS. My name is Mike. Or come by F.U.N. in July, same tables as last year.

  83. Pittsburgh P says

    @joesph…it’s high but I truly don’t believe its that high. That’s crazy because then collectors only got roughly1000 to 1500 coins…

  84. gary says

    Just checked my order for 1 each of the HOF $5 gold proof & unc. Ship date now is June 21. Sure hope the wind doesn’t drop from the sails (sales) on these coins & that I can make a buck on them at that late ship date.

    @Hawskster, I agree with you 100%, but that’;s how the racket works!

  85. Hawkster says


    Good point. As these grading companies go by the wayside, which some surely will, the labels and the pumped up grades given to the mega dealers will not retain much meaning. The holder of these coins will then be stuck with highly overvalued Mint issues.

  86. fmtransmitter says

    If you bought a gold comemm because you are a collector and enjoy the hobby and plan to keep it, please chime in. Would love to hear from you..

  87. Boz says

    Robert on Coin Vault says they are the only company allowed to back their armored car directly to the mint’s loading dock. They also get priority grading over anyone else since they are the biggest dog in the yard. For maximum profits they have the best business model going.

  88. joe says

    @Union76, @Hawkster, and @fmtransmitter

    Not to stir things up too much, but I have examples of “PR70” gold coins (some that carry a large premium) that changed color over time. They went from bright yellow to a dull orange. All were graded by the same TPG and were (in my opinion) dipped. I started checking around and noticed that many others had the same problem with their gold coins graded by the same TPG. It must be all about the immediate revenue for this particular TPG because their name will be attached to these crappy looking coins for a long time. And I’m not buying the “natural tone” excuse they like to peddle. I now avoid their overrated product (grading services) like the plague and I certainly wouldn’t send my HoF gold coins in to them for dipping…I mean grading.

  89. ibex66 says

    I could rant all day about TPGs, there are really only two of note anymore, NGC and PCGS. The newest money making scheme is to produce as many different label variations as possible – 16 and counting for PCGS and the BHOF line.

    One day the whole scheme will fall apart probably take a whistle blower to do it as at the moment its very hush hush what goes on and there is zero transparency. Grading makes sense for old classic coins but is a crock for modern bullion.

  90. mark says

    Gold guru….I said you probably would not get your order…but you said your order # was 49299xxx

  91. joe says

    @fmtransmitter – I purchased one of each HoF coin the first day for my collection. The second day I went back and purchased one each of the NON-GOLD coins for my kids, which I think is a great deal. I do hope the mint/congress leave this coin as an original and are not tempted to start cloning it with tennis balls, friz-bees, croquette balls, lacrosse balls, etc. It would put a damper on it in my opinion…

  92. GoldGuru says

    Mark, must have been a typo on my behalf. The 1st order# was 4292XXXX. Sorry, should have proof read the post. Trying to type too fast.

  93. Zaz says

    @gold guru: you ordered your gold coins approximately half an hour before me on Thurs. 3-27. I have an order of #42924xxx placed at 12:52pm ET 3-27. Unc gold moved to B/O of 6-01, while unc silver is now 4/03. Can’t keep up with this roller coaster of date changes!

    Kyle Konopka of Nat’l Research Associates strikes again. Wonder what they want to survey this time? Got to get to my laptop later on…

  94. says

    Robert at the Coin vaults partner Scott was showing an NGC unc HOF coin Monday that has “P” mint mark, not “W”. That’s a pretty basic knucklehead mistake. Maybe these big boy players are starting to fall apart now…

  95. GoldGuru says

    @zaz, my gold unc says 4/2 in stock/reserved, my 1st silver order unc says 5/31, yesterday it said 6/20. Computers are playing games.

  96. Zaz says

    @joe: you have a point that this should be an one-off one-time offering, if they were to make something like this again, how about a pure copper half dollar for the 125th anniversary of basketball in 2016?

  97. says

    APMEX…looked at prices again…the reason their prices all so high is because the are from the Baltimore show. They have FP (first pitch) on the listing. I’m assuming that anyway…but that would make sense.

  98. Sith says

    FYI (From 1990)

    The nation`s largest coin-grading service has agreed to run disclosures in its advertisements and take other actions following an investigation of its business practices by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

    Last month, the Professional Coin Grading Service, Inc., of Newport Beach, Calif., entered into a consent decree with the FTC without admitting to any allegations contained in a FTC complaint. Among other things, the complaint accused the PCGS of misleading consumers by falsely claiming that it provides consistent, objective grading of rare coins.

    David Hall, PCGS chief executive officer, said the complaint contains some untrue allegations but that PCGS signed the consent decree to avoid an expensive, drawn-out legal battle.

    This came about after Tulving went under the first time…enough said.

  99. says

    Steve. Interesting. $900 HSN $4000 Coin Vault and as much as $5000 on E Bay. I wonder how the Red Book will list the average retail price on this commem?

  100. GoldGuru says

    “Sith the 5th”(Beatle), welcome back. Yesterday we forgot to count Pete Best, he would’ve been the 5th Beatle, that makes u the 6th. LOL, just having fun.

  101. says

    @Sith. I guess the FTC does check these things out. I didn’t see any disclaimers on their (PCGS) website though, I wonder what they were supposed to say?

  102. Sith says

    GG, No problem you hit the nail on the head with the mint bags…I still can’t believe it was not joke. For the record the Mint has not sent me any of my bags outside of an order that contained actual coins, they must not like me very much

    Steve you are correct but that is still wild you’re suppose to buy the coin not the label, once the rest of the coins become available the PF-70 should not be that rare after all they made 50K of these coins, so in a nutshell is the label with the “Baltimore Show pedigree” worth the over 1K markup, personally I think people have more money than sense, but then these are probably the same people that pay 10K for an umbrella or 1K for a pizza.

  103. GoldGuru says

    To ALL – not to change the subject, but CNN is reporting an active shooter on base @ Ft.Hood.

  104. Sith says

    @union76 –
    Under the terms of the consent decree, PCGS is subject to num-
    erous prohibitions and requirements. PCGS is prohibited from mis-
    representing that its grading is objective, consistent or unbiased,
    or that an investment in PCGS-certified coins eliminates all risks
    associated with the grading of coins. PCGS is also prohibited from
    misrepresenting that PCGS-certified coins are liquid at reasonable,
    competitive prices.

    In addition, for a period of two years, PCGS must disclose in
    all of its advertising and promotional material that “Certification
    by PCGS does not guarantee protection against the normal risks
    associated with potentially volatile markets.” The decree further
    requires that any claims about the safety or security of an invest-
    ment in PCGS-certified coins be accompanied by a clear and conspic-
    uous disclosure that the rare coin market is highly speculative and
    subject to risk. PCGS must also clarify its liquidity claims with
    a disclosure that the degree of liquidity, and the availability of
    markets for certain coins, will vary from time to time.

  105. Ray says

    Anyone notice that the product limit for the one ounce american gold eagle is 15000. last year they sold more than 16000 just from the single one ounce coin option. is that a typo, or is the mint expecting lower sales of gold proof eagle ounces. peas for brains i tell ya

  106. says

    @Sith. What the heck!? So my PCGS MS70 2013 ASE might be a 70 grade and then again maybe not, just don’t hold PCGS to it! I wonder if all the TPG’s are like this?

  107. Zaz says

    Survey request was about timeliness and packaging quality of the last order, nothing special. However, under the comments on whether I would recommend the US Mint to others, I gave them an earful about the ordering process last Thursday, how the waiting room worked for a few, and for the majority, not. The sluggishness of the site once past the waiting room, and the repeated refeshing and blank pages trying to drag six individual items in to the shopping cart. The outrageous wait times some people had to endure because they came too late to the party, and the fact that the US Mint was completely and overwhelmingly swamped last Thursday afternoon, they need a better delivery solution to this glaring mess. If I hadn’t read the comments on this blog, I would’ve assumed it was just my connection, laptop, WiFi network, etc., and not on the Mint’s end. So thank you one and all for your experiences on the 27th.

    P.S. I didn’t touch on the BBHOF ordering limits, as that’s a cudgel I’ll let someone else take up. 🙂

  108. Hawkster says

    A generation or so from now all of these superfluous labels, such as the Baltimore one the HOF coins, will lose whatever meaning they once had. I am, and will always be, a firm believer in buying the coin not the frilled label. It is a shame that coin collecting in now tied in with label collecting.

  109. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, Although the BHOF gold proofs outnumber the unc gold the proof appears to be the most desirable of the two and will create a greater demand than the uncs. making it the most valuable of the two. I don’t think there will be a gold rush on the upcoming proof gold eagles. Most collectors are going to hold back and possibly try for a gold Kennedy.

  110. stephen m says

    fmtransmitter, are you the same poster as FM? Just trying to keep all straight in my mind.

  111. GoldGuru says

    IMO…order the 1/4+1/2 early, they always have low mintages. Then wait & see the #’s on the 1/10 + 1oz. The gold tier should be adjusted down according to the London fix week avg. Has anybody heard about a price decrease? The avg is under $1300.

  112. Darek says

    All my coins( gold,silver,clad) from 12:13pm are in stock and reserved and I have pending charge on my card for full order except bag which I canceled.

  113. GoldGuru says

    @ Steve. ….Thanks, that tells me to order the gold proofs tomorrow. The tier might go up next Wednesday. Now u save $50/oz. Thanks again.

  114. bobo says

    I have lots of ms70 gold moderns from both PCGS and NGC. Some of the PCGS ones turned orange over a couple of years in an unattractive splotchy way. Does anyone know why this happens? And why only for PCGS? Is there something going on with the plastic they use? Gold should be unable to react with anything, being one of the most neutral substances in nature. Is there some kind of polymer being emitted by the plastic holder that is then binding to the surface of the gold coin, turning it a deep orange in splotches? Any chemists out there? This experience has made me err on the side of not wanting to get PCGS holders until they fix whatever is causing this. Anyone else have this experience?

  115. mmm says

    Does anyone think it would be a good trade to trade a 2013 reg gold proof buffalo and a single proof baseball HOF gold for his single 2008 gold proof buffalo? His is not graded.

    I’d be interested in your input.

  116. fmtransmitter says

    no stephen m, i have never used a different handle, other posters used to respond to me by using fm. this new fm is NOT me.

  117. says

    mmm…I wouldn’t. The 2013 has a lower mintage now than the 2008…so what are you really paying extra for?…maybe just the prestige/reputation of the 2008? Who knows…someday the 2013 may also be recognized. I guess it really depends on how bad you want the 2008 and how many 2013 and 2014 HoF coins you have.
    Bottom line to me….why trade 1 1/4 oz of gold for 1 oz?

  118. GoldGuru says

    @mmm, The 2008W-PF has mintage of 18,863, 2013W-PF mintage is 18,584, a lower mintage. That said I don’t know if the 2013 will catch up with the extremely popular 2008! Question is…what’s your HOF gold gonna be worth? 2013 could be a sleeper, less than half as many as the reverse proof 2013 Buff. Your call. I have both graded 70, pd $4,200 for the 2008, got the 2013 for $1800. Good luck, hard choice.

  119. mmm says

    Thanks everyone. I really need a 2008 to complete the series. It’s the only one I’m missing. I got both of mine for the original mint price. I do have an extra gold BHOF proof now. I’d hate to shell out $3500 or more for that 2008 if I want to stay married. She’d notice that amount missing from the check book.

  120. GoldGuru says

    The 2008 has been around for 5+ years, as popular as it is, there might be a reason why the guy never got it grade. A 2008 in a 70 holder is as much as $5K right now. I would have sent it to a TPG & hope for a 70. Even 69 brings good $. Have you seen his 2008 live?

  121. john says

    all they shipped was the bag,I check with fedx,package only weigh .2oz.But they charge my card for total order.I order 2 gold and 10 silver dollar its got to weigh more then .2oz.what a joke the mint is.

  122. mmm says


    One of the guys in my coin club has it who missing out on last Thursday’s fun in the sun. It looks good but that means it might be a 69, old eyes.

  123. thePhelps says

    I’m not sure I would give up 2 possibly hard to find coins – for 1 hard to find coin. I’d keep looking since as the others have said – we don’t know yet what the value of either of your coins will ultimately be.

  124. Sith says

    One it is encapsulated they will stand by the grade, whether the coin deserves it or not, of course what I find funny is the until recently if you sent a coin that graded a PF-70 to another TPG (top tiers mind you), they could grade it within the encapsulation so it would not be down graded, now how does looking for flaws become objective? I mean if you were grading a coin I could understand one grader might have different criteria, but does one TPG miss flaws under 8x magnification while the other one discovers it?

  125. DCDave says

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a sudden sell out of the silver HOF, especially if the big dealers decide to spend a bunch to try to manipulate the after-market prices. I wish I had more funds to buy more, but need to save for other things including gold Kennedy.

    Welcome DeSean! HTTR!!!

  126. thePhelps says

    @john and others who feel the need to rip the mint every time they do something. Unless you were planning on cancelling your order – I don’t see the reason to rip the mint. They do what they do every other time they sell a product – ship what they have and follow up with the other items when they become available. In many surveys – I’ve been asked which I prefer – and I always check the one that says ship what you have.

    So your card got charged what your expecting to get charged – when you get all the items… and the problem with that is exactly what? You are locked in and guaranteed you’ll get them int he near future… oh I see that is a problem for you.

  127. fmtransmitter says

    @joe: that sounds great and I am sure your kids will love those one day. I can’t believe it but I somehow found enough fiat to get my #2 release Aphrodite NIUE. Can’t wait to finish that series, will look stunning lined up together.

  128. Zaz says

    @mmm: I would keep the ’13 of buff and your extra BBHOF gold. 2008 might come down under $3500 and your ’13 might rise over $2250. He’s getting the better deal, but the ’14 buff proof might come in lower yet with 2 must have gold offerings this year in the HOF and special Kennedy gold? Not a good deal from your end.

  129. Pittsburgh P says

    @thephelps… I agree with you totally. The mint won’t always have these cheesy free bags so if you have items on backorder and items in the warehouse do you really want them holding the coins they have until they get the ones that are back ordered?

  130. VA Bob says

    Who’s in for a Gold Buffalo this year? Just like the RP Buffalo reduced the mintage of the regular proof version last year, I believe this year will be similar with gold collector dollars being stretched thin with the BHOF and Kennedy gold offerings. Something to consider if you can swing it.

  131. GoldGuru says

    Seems like if the 2008 was going to come down, it would have already don’t you think? Your 2013 can be found much easier now, but I agree the 2013 is a key to have. Most 08’s are put away in sets I believe.

  132. GoldGuru says

    @VaBob….. count me in on the 2014 buff PF. I think it’s going to be low mintage. The Mint might have to call it early, planchets are going to be needed for the Eagles & Kennedys. Either way, I need it for my set.

  133. Hawkster says


    I don’t think the bag issue is the fault of the Mint. It would be the Fulfillment Center who ships out the bags. They are contractors for the Mint. I would assume that it is the Fulfillment Center’s decision to ship out these bags before the coins.

  134. GoldGuru says

    @Hawkster, I asked the mint about sending bags only on these HOF orders, & it was explained to me, that if u order something and it is in stock, meaning it’s@ the warehouse & it has to ship, because all items in stock ship 1st. The rest of your order ships after it arrives @ the warehouse.

  135. stephen m says

    Hawkster, the Fulfillment Center operates by a contract with the USMint and shall strictly adhere to it. It would be decided what, when and how to ship by the contract.

  136. GoldGuru says

    Just so happens BAGS are in stock, so they have to ship & not wait for your entire order.

  137. Sith says

    GG – Its obvious “Amy” heard about me because my bag still has not shipped, but I canceled the bag on my wait list HoF just to be sure. No sense in temping fate especially with a coin I’m not getting.

  138. simon says

    Bobo : PCGS ones turned orange

    This is a VERY SERIOUS problem with PCGS and they have totally screwed up many-many Au coins. Here is an example :


    I would strongly urge those of you planning to submit your Au BBHOF
    unit to PCGS to exercise extreme caution, particularly if you plan to
    keep your coins long term, and perhaps also if you decide to sell, since
    you will be passing on this problem to an unsuspecting buyer.

    If PCGS wanted to find out what this lacquer coating is they could – they
    chose not to – and this has devalued many coins.

  139. Sith says

    GG – Don’t rub it in too hard you also stated that my Silver Proof HOF would not ship until June…

  140. GoldGuru says

    @Sith, Have faith, it’ll ship soon. Want me to call Moe, Larry, Curly, & Shemp on your behalf? LOL.

  141. fmtransmitter says

    Passing along 10% off coin supplies to all that need anything..Cheers!
    While you shop today please use coupon code NEWSITE for 10% OFF your order now through Saturday.

    Please complete our brief survey after visiting http://www.coinsupplyexpress.com and let us know how we did.

  142. GoldGuru says

    @Sith, the June date they gave me was probably a “just to be safe” date. My silver orders now say PF-6/20, Unc- 5/31. Dates keep changing.

  143. VA Bob says

    GG same here on the 14 Buff, can’t miss one now. Probably won’t top the 08, but should be another low mintage (unless gold prices plummet).

  144. fmtransmitter says

    @simon, I find that edge toning very attractive on that gold coin. Each to his/her own what they find appealing eye wise…

  145. GoldGuru says

    @fmtransmitter, thanks for the link. Just ordered some air-tites for gold Maples. By far the best prices around. The code worked, s/h only $6.15. Also got some points. Thanks again.

  146. Erik H says

    OT: for those who might have wanted the 2013 UK “St George & The Dragon” £20 for £20 Coin, MCM has them on sale for $35 free shipping. Currently £20 is equal to $33.29 and the Royal Mint didn’t ship to US customers. eBay sales are closing at $42+.

    Some may say the whole 20 for 20 is a waste of money because it’s only a half oz silver. But many people that are reading this blog paid $52 for less than an oz of silver. Personally I like the idea, I’d rather have $10 of silver with a face value of 20 than some paper with 20 printed on it.

  147. GoldGuru says

    I like the fact that the Buffaloes are the only U.S. coins that are .999 Gold. Of course there might be a. 999 gold Kennedy. Gotta have it too.

  148. GoldGuru says

    According to the mint…buffs are the only 24K. Has 4- 9’s. Plus an iconic image.

  149. says

    GG, you stated that the Buffalo was the ONLY .9999 fine gold…I was wrong and the spouses being .9995…they are also .9999

  150. GoldGuru says

    But I was still referring to the buffs 1oz since that’s what we were talking about. However I concede to u. Thanks for refreshing my old memory. I didn’t do my homework. Thanks

  151. says

    GG…didn’t “Amy” tell you yesterday that all the gold HoF coins would ship before any others? With cc being pinged, that doesn;t seem like it will play out like that.

    ot…did you also have a booth at the Atlanta ANA show…if so…sorry I missed you…it’s always fun to chat with a fellow coin collector.

  152. GoldGuru says

    No didn’t do Atlanta. I live in FL., & do F.U.N. & 2 In Jax. I’m raising my 2 grandkids, I would love to do more Major shows. Maybe someday.

  153. vaughnster says

    My credit card pinged twice today for gold HoF coins ordered within the first hour. Just got confirmation of being shipped!!…………Two mint bags 🙁 Couldn’t they wait, save money and ship with the coins???

  154. silverhawk357 says

    Mint shipped my “free” bag. Nothing else. Charging my card for $4.95 shipping….. Hopefully the coin order won’t show additional shipping…

  155. GoldGuru says

    @Steve, yes I was told that. They expected the gold to be in the warehouse first, & go out 1st. Maybe Some silvers & clad showed up sooner than expected.

  156. says

    Personally, I don’t get too hung up on % of metal content. The gold eagle are 22k gold, .9167 gold 3% silver, balance copper. But have an ounce of gold.
    All the pre-1933 gold coins are 90% gold…and that is also true with the
    modern $5 gold & $10 com. coins. The $5 HoF gold, as well as all other $5 gold commems. have .241875 oz of gold.

  157. vaughnster says

    When is the cutoff date for Mint bags being graded by TPG’s “First Bagged?” Sorry…it bothers me they do it this way.

  158. GoldGuru says

    @ Steve, I just think a pure gold 24kt gold coin with no alloys is neat. Don’t get me wrong, I love pre33’s + Eagles. But really like the Buffs.

  159. Sith says

    Steve – If I remember correctly they use to be .9995 but in order to be competitive they changed to .9999

    fmtransmitter – I’m not an expert but I read gold coins are not suppose to tone, the copper on 90% coins could and does tone on older coins, but generally a toned modern gold coin means it is reacting to a chemical

  160. says

    Sith..I’m just looking at my Jackson and Buchanan…they both have .9999
    And really, I doubt thet changed over the years…anyone have a coa that says .9995?

  161. GoldGuru says

    Who’s got the very first FS. Just look @ coa & let us know what it says. Might be 4-9’s.

  162. GoldGuru says

    AANtv….. now showing gold & silver HOF/Baltimore, they’re going to auction them off. They look good in the NGC slabs. DISH channel 219. He said only 500 gold with Baltimore label.

  163. IndenturedServant says

    Regarding the toning/orange color on some graded PCGS Au coins………..I doubt that the plastic holders cause a problem but the chemicals used to produce the paper as well as the ink used to print the labels could be out-gassing and causing the discoloration. It’s probably not an Au/mystery chemical reaction but more of a deposition on the surface of the Au.

    Yet another reason not to pay hard earned money for someone’s opinion about the grade/condition of your coins.

    You could always spend more money still and file a lawsuit, wait 10 years for a settlement and then give them another crack at damaging……………er…I mean cleaning & slabbing your coins. Brings to mind something about fools and their money.*

  164. says

    Hey all, I’ve been watching for MM on HSN to post his 5$Gold HOF for sale. They were supposed to be up on Monday at noon. They were still not on earlier today. Well it looks like he had 188 of MS70 and 288 of PF70. Guess what…sold out! Probably in less than 8-10 hours. This is outta control! WOW!

  165. VA Bob says

    Anyone know how big the slabs are for the Mint Bags? NGC and PCGS please. Hoping for a knit state 70 with a first sewn label, in a retro doyly holder. Since I have more than one coming, I might put it on eBay and see how many thousands someone would pay for it.

  166. VA Bob says

    Anyone know how big the slabs are for the Mint Bags? NGC and PCGS please. Hoping for a knit state 70 with a first sewn label, in a retro doyly holder. Since I have more than one coming, I might put it on eBay and see how many thousands someone would pay for it. 😉

  167. GoldGuru says

    VA Bob, Good one! Like I said earlier the Chinese are counterfeiting them due to the popularity, so slabbed might be the way to go!

  168. SmallPotatos says

    fm – I have collected every uncirculated gold commem since 2000, including the bimetallic. this is the first one I have missed purchasing. I was busy at work, and could not place an order until I got home around 9pm. Currently listed as backordered; expected ship date of 7/17. While I understand things sell out, I am disappointed with the 50 per household limit. The mint had done well in the most recent prior high demand coin issues; I am at a loss why they flubbed this one. with so many folks flipping them, I will probably obtain one that way….I guess it is just the cost of doing business.

  169. AkBob says

    If you think those prices are high, look at the prices for the same coins only graded by PCGS!!! OMG!!! This is just unbelievable, for me anyways. I’ve just never seen anything like this before. When Michael called it the “First Day Frenzy For Baseball HOF Coins”, he must have known something we didn’t, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  170. Sith says

    Steve – They are right the FS have always been .9999, I think I may have confused bullion bars which use to be .9995

  171. Dustyroads says

    Steve, You recently mentioned 22kt coins, and keeping in mind the tarnished 2008 Bald Eagle commemorative gold piece in the PCGS slab above.
    I saw a news clip not long ago which featured the former Mint director talking about a visit he had the honor of taking to the Fort Knox Depository building where he was able to view a large amount of gold which had been melted in the 30’s.
    He said the gold bars were not shinny as one would expect, but rather tarnished and discolored.
    I had a PCGS slabbed MS70 2008 Bald Eagle also, but later sold it. Mine also looked like some toning was taking place, not to mention haze appearing in the slab around the coin.
    I just remembered Moy mentioning that the discoloration was due to impurities in the old melted down coins…90%.

  172. Sith says

    Just checked E-bay and the cheapest buy it now is for $700 with delivery in June, it looks like my auction now has a bidding war…I may have to sell my keeper coin, and be happy with the silvers, then again it might be smart to hold on to it. Again this is crazy

  173. says

    I just can’t get over the instant sell out on HSN, isn’t anyone else blown away by this? He had 188 of the MS70 @ $879.00 and 288 of the PF70 @ $899.00. All were gone in a few hours. I know they were ANACS which no one seems to like here. I got one of each from the mint at half these prices like everyone else. Whose the best for grading?

  174. HarryB says

    On toning of gold coins: the composition of US gold coins for circulation has been the same since the 1830s. I have gold US coins 150 years old that have luster comparable to modern gold eagles or commemoratives. When deciding to collect gold commemoratives In TPG slabs, I spent a few months observing slabs at coin shows and Ebay, and concluded that NGC and ANACS slabs were more kind to the coins over time, so I went with NGC. My collection now includes all modern US Gold Commemoratives and First Spouse gold coins in MS and PF 70, and I acquire issues in OGP older than 2006 as I encounter an attractive example. None of my NGC or OGP coins exhibit the surface issues present in the above linked PGCS example. My experience, yours may vary. Only time will tell if NGC slabs will remain chemically stable. One note on grading, the difference between a 69 and a 70 is strength of the strike, look for flatness of the field surfaces and details, I look to hair or feathers as an example. Until the price of gold went up in 09, I purchased 2 of each finish from the mint and chose the best one for submission to NGC for grading. I got excellent results, but decided to purchase a graded example from 2010 on, and an OGP example from the mint, as my job time demands changed and no longer had time for the submission process. I store my coins in the corrosion resistant boxes when in bank safe deposit boxes, or in a large safe with proper humidity controls.

  175. thePhelps says

    I’m no expert on gold – the HOF is my first purchase. That said – didn’t we just read several stories on 3 cans of 1800’s era gold coins were found buried in the ground since the late 19th century – and they were in pristine MS condition? The pictures of the coins I saw showed no discoloration – and those coins used the same gold content as the modern coins. I’ve also read many articles referencing gold found in ship wrecks that were pristine… I’m not sure I understand how modern coins are different than those?

  176. SilverFan says

    I would not want to feel the regret these buyers will have after paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a label after these cool off.

    Don’t be surprised if the TPGs have other special labels (All Star game, World Series, HOF induction ceremony) later on during the year.

    Glad I got my order in early. Mine will stay in OGP to enjoy.

  177. IndenturedServant says

    I tried to post about the gold toning last night but the post went into the ether I guess.

    I doubt that the holders themselves are an issue and it is about a 99.9999% certainty the gold is not reacting with anything. I would suspect that the chemicals used to make the paper and/or the ink used to print them is out-gassing and causing a deposition problem.

  178. thePhelps says

    SilverFan… I have no problem paying for a graded coin. The problems start when you read people paying extra for the FS/ER and all these other superfluous labels. The coin grade isn’t any better, but somehow people have become convinced the label adds value. Seriously – if you want to call your coin a FS – fire up the printer and load some labels and call it a FS… because it won’t be any less or more important than the label TPG are placing on them. There is no such thing as a FS coin – only a label claiming it to be a fact… it could be the last coin minted in a series and have a FS label and no one would be the wiser.

    The value has strayed from the coin grade to which label the coin got graded with….and as many others have said – in the long run as people start to figure this out (which appears to be years down the road), those over priced label chasers will regret having invested in the label. People apparently are sitting around convincing themselves that because others are buying these labels they have to have them as well – and ignore the fact a plain label MS/PF70 coin is the exact same coin as the ER labeled coin for more money. There are no manufacturing differences and the plain label could have been made before the ER coin for all they know.

    Baseball card sellers must be laughing their closed stores doors off.

  179. bigboy says

    SilverFan you are right people just are not getting the mintage on these coins,a year from now and maybe not that long,the price on these are going to be around the normal for ms 70 commems, I was talking to a coin dealer yesterday about this,he said these guys paying these crazy prices are going to be kicking themselves.the mintage on the 5 star general unc gold last year was the second lowest on a five dollar coin, one just sold on ebay ms 70 for 900.00,and these people are paying anywhere from 3000.00 to 5000.00 for a unc glod coin that has a mintage of 18,000,and don’t get me started about labels,he said the only coin he pay more for is the black label 2006w coin from 2006 set, all the others are just 70 s coin he could care less about labels,he said the gery sheet which dealers use for buy and sell does not give any price for label coin ,just ms 69 or 70 or proof listing in 69 or 70,this label thing was all designed by your largest dealers for money ,and that is the bottom line,just to rip unknowning people off. I go to coin shows all my life and I can tell you from selling that 99.9% of the dealers could give a good hoot! about what label you have!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Paul says

    I ordered an unc gold on Sat at 9:30 AM. I just got an email from the mint saying it is backordered and will ship on 7/17. Looks like i may get one. For my collection, not to flip.

  181. SilverFan says

    Does anyone actually know someone who has paid these extremely high prices for the Baltimore labels? Are these registry set people? I would imagine these labels could easily be forged.

  182. high low silver says

    Congrats Paul….they didn’t sell out before Sat morning, even tho you got on a waiting list.

  183. bigguy says

    After all these big dealers get all of these coins back from the grading companies the market is going to be flooded with graded coins,the price is going to drop like a rock.A dealer told me yesterday that when people get there credit card bill and see that it is crazy high,he gets stuff all the time from the TV coin shows,people bring to sell to him and try to get some money to pay off the credit card ,its called implusive buying,I told him he might end up with some baseball coins

  184. Nedd Ludd says

    Can anyone translate Mint-speak for me? (See actual email below.)

    “Please expect your item(s) to arrive within the timeframe listed below.”

    Does this mean I’ll get actually my coins, or does it really mean nothing?

    These were ordered after the supposed 6:30 cutoff, but I am still unclear as to whether only 41K coins were sold by this time.

    “Greetings from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently on backorder. Please expect your item(s)
    to arrive within the timeframe listed below.
    Track your order at http://catalog.usmint.gov
    Thanks again for shopping with the United States Mint.

    Order #: 4296 ——-
    Sold To : —————
    Ship To : ————–
    Item: B32 Qty: 2 Exp Ship: 7/17/14

  185. says

    Need some help here. Put in an order this morning for 4 HOF coins, silver pr, silver unc, clad pr and clad unc. ALL went well in the shopping cart and checkout. NO Problems…Then I was going to go back to check on my existing orders that I placed last week and when you log in and look at My Accounts at the bottom of the order that I placed this morning is says ‘Sold Out’ next to status. The order did NOT appear with my account and in red it said ‘We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.” I called and the CS person said that my order was ‘suspended’ and that it was OK. She assured me that no items that I had purchased were sold out. So WHY does it say ‘Sold Out’ next to status????

  186. MarkInFlorida says

    Where’s that guy from Cleveland who kept complaining that these are stupid circus coins?

  187. MarkInFlorida says

    And what happened to the post about today’s gold eagle release? I read it yesterday and then it disappeared.

  188. Pittsburgh P says

    Cleveland rocks is still floating around here at the circus… He has seemed to calmed down on the badmouthing on theses coins but stands by his statements. Thats what I took from his posts imo

  189. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, welcome to the USMINT. Don’t worry, it appears to be a glitch as CS says your order is ok. I had a CS rep tell me they see a different screen than we do when they looked up an order. Go figure.

  190. high low silver says

    Mark in Florida: I saw it too,maybe two posts were added instead of 1…..your not crazy.

  191. Eddie says

    What is wrong these people are they collecting coins or are they collecting labels?
    The Mint makes 50,000 of the gold ones and 500 has the Baltimore labels and the TPGs make out like that is all the Mint minted. The TPGs always do that and there are like 44, 500 still out there. What a scam!

  192. TheCoinKeeper says

    Here’s a question… I have one order with 1 HOF Gold proof showing 7/7/14 backorder on hold status. Yet, it shows my bag in stock and reserved. Would the mint send out a bag but not fulfill the coin?

  193. says

    @Nedd Ludd, There has been discussions about the 630pm Wait List Notice and the conflicting 41k numbers posted as of midnight on 03/27. Here is what I believe. The Mint knew at the time the notice went up that a total of 50k of the golds had been ordered. That is exactly what the notice stated. Many people on previous blogs said that when they submitted multiple orders, SOME of those orders did not show up under their account history. They received email varifications, however, those orders initially did not show up. That is where i think the variance lies. The 41k did not count the multiple orders and only counted those orders from one ID address. Going back on Friday and those orders were counted. As of yet I have not seen that anyone has posted on this blog that there order placed after the 630pm Wail List Notice went up has been canceled. There are approximately 9k orders placed that exceeded the 50k limit so at some point in time the Mint will have to start cancelling those orders…

  194. says


    To the best of my knowledge, parts of the Mint’s ordering system broke down during the initial wave of sales and the error(s) have not been fixed yet. The “SOLD OUT” problem prompted some confusion in the first giant HoF thread about whether the silver coins had been sold out or not. I was not entirely sure until Michael reported the first day sales numbers.

    Your order should be safe, though.


    Some commenters have claimed they’ve had bags shipped seperately.

  195. says

    @TheCoinKeeper, the Mint sends out what they have in stock. If all they have in stock is the bag then you could get pinged on your cc for $4.95 and you will get the bag and then when you get your coins you will not be charged any more shipping. If you get a bag and your coin order is cancelled you can call a CS person and get the $4.95 charge reversed and you get a free bag…

  196. says

    Thanks CO, the mint rep told me to check back in a hour. I did so and now the status has been changed from ‘Sold Out’ to ‘Held’. I can live with ‘Held’.

    I just keep thinking that at some point the HOF silver has a good chance of selling out and I know what happened Thursday night and Friday and it allowed you to buy stuff that you will probably not ever get.

  197. Sith says

    HarryB – Thank you for your informative post

    TheCoinKeeper – Yes they just ship the bag, it has not happened to me but it has happened to other people. I canceled it just to be safe

    Eddie – Its one up one-upmanship, and a bunch of ignorant collectors following suit. IE someone buy a coin for a ridiculous amount of money so he can show that he has money (rich (well to do) people for example have been known to buy cars from the most expensive dealer in town, and leave the dealers sticker on the car to prove it). Everybody else sees the sale and says it must be worth something so the flock to buy one..

  198. Johann says

    Cagcrisp- I think you have it wrong. According to mint CS on Friday they sold the remaining app. 9000 Friday morning. I believe the wait list went up before there was a sell out. Time will tell .

  199. Sith says

    I need clarification, I just got a back order notification that a coin I bought on Friday at 3:57 PM will ship on 7/7. Obviously it was well within the wait list period and I see people saying orders made on Saturday will be fulfilled. In a nutshell does this e-mail indicate your safe, has anyone received a cancellation e-mail?

  200. says

    @Johann, I saw what you posted yesterday. I just disagree. I think very few people that put in orders after 630pm on Thursday will see a gold coin. Time will tell. I HOPE you get the gold coin that you want.
    If you take the 41k number that was reported at midnight on 3/27 as gospel, then yes there was 9k sold on Friday morning. I just think the 41k number as of midnight did not account for the multiple orders.
    One thing we should all be able to agree with is that one of the two numbers is wrong.

  201. Johann says

    I received a conformation this morning for another Pf HOF gold ordered 11:09 am Friday.

  202. ips_stuff says

    @ Sith,
    I have numerous orders placed from 3/27 at 12:10 to 3/31 gold option indicated sold out.
    I have some that I have been charged for already and some that I received backorder notification. With all that said, I have not seen any of my orders with cancellation notification. Hope some clarification comes in the next few days. But I would think lots of cancellations are coming.

  203. says

    I placed an order Sunday night for 2 gold Hof…they show as backordered
    expected ship date of 7/7. Of course this order will eventually be cancelled.
    But if you ordered after 6:30 on Thursday and your coins are backorderd to 7/7, I’d be concerned.

  204. CommodityGuy says

    Hi All,

    I’ve been enjoying this site (and blogs) from afar for a few weeks. I was sucked into coin collecting recently as I am a baseball fan and found the curved baseball coins too much to pass up.

    My order was placed at 1:12PM on 3/27 for multiple coins across all types. Would there have been an advantage to ordering the types (gold, silver, clad) separately? The clad is “in stock and reserved”, the silver is scheduled for 4/3 and the gold 4/16 and 6/21. My credit card was not pinged… oh and, of course, my bag is reserved too 😉

  205. thePhelps says

    I think a lot of people are not getting the logic the mint is employing on the wait list coins. It seems relatively clear most here read the notice – which went up on Thursday at 6:30pm or so… you MIGHT get a coin if you ordered under those circumstances … IF the people who do have a confirmed order cancel. The mint will not cancel your order until they go through the confirmed orders and fill them – if that process leaves them with coins they will fill the wait list…

    So in short – to me – if you ordered after the wait list posting on the mints site… you have a very good chance of getting nothing – and you honestly won’t know until near the end of this process.

  206. Mark Rex says

    UPS had me sign for bag – this was my 3/37 12:05p order for 1x PR $5 which I have been charged $5 and $425 now. My second order containing 1x UNC $5 is still on hold and no pings. I’ve been told not to worry about my second order but I am am still very worried. Why is it my first and third order (for silver and clads) have been charged but not my second? It’s been a week now. I fear the Mint messed up and don’t want to admit it and I’m going to lose my place in line for my UNC gold coin. I bet in a couple days I’ll get notice that there’s been an issue with my card even though I’ve called the card company – Paypal – and the Mint for each of the past few days. What can I do? I don’t want to go back to the end of the line or lose my spot.

  207. Johann says

    If I don’t get it so be it. It just seems funny I was told if my order was place by noon I should be ok,after she apparently looked into it. In the past I thought the “wait list” was on my order conformation. I know I ordered a $10 unc buff on the wait list and never cancelled it,it showed up out of the blue 3 1/2 mos. later. It’s a beauty too and not one of those “returns”.

  208. says

    @Johann, you said you received a “confirmation’ this morning for a proof ordered on Friday morning. Are you sure it was a confirmation or an email saying that your order was backordered? You should have gotten a confirmation just as soon as your order was placed. An email saying that we are sorry that your order is backordered and a confirmation are entirely two different things..

  209. SilverFan says

    Although you can make some decent profit listing the HOF coins as pre-sales on eBay right now, isn’t there an eBay rule that allows only a 30 day window after the auction ends to deliver the coins if listed as a pre-sale? Not sure if the sale is voided or penalties are imposed if this rule is broken though. The longer these HOF coins take to ship from the mint the more anxious sellers and buyers will become. Could lead to cancellations and the US Mint moving deeper into the wait list. A seller with deep pockets could sit on the order or even take the loss, but not everyone is in that situation.

  210. Johann says

    It stated back ordered and did not mention anything about wait list. I placed orders early Thursday so I’m not worried about it. Just passing on info I received from the mint,for what its worth.I have the agree with high low , I don’t think the mint knows !

  211. Sith says

    ips_stuff – Thank you

    thePhelps – No arguments just per the mint when the wait list went up with about 10K coins unsold (the 9K was as off midnight so you have to assume they sold some coins between 6:30 and 11:59.)

    In a nutshell you would expect the mint to confirm\ or place in a normal back order status at least 7K-8K if not all of those 10K coins, with the traditional wait list (waiting for a cancellation) starting at some point after words. That is unless the personal reporting the numbers was inaccurate in the count, and no I don’t think the mint would use number of orders instead of actual sales, but then again I did not think the mint would expedite ship a cheap bag.

  212. high low silver says

    The point is, that magic 41k number was never confirmed by the previous stories on this site. Like someone stated before, if your not an ebay flipper, just wait for further news. The mint doesn’t have an accurate account for unc vs proof gold either.

  213. joe says

    The longer it takes the mint to ship the gold coins, the better it is for those who ordered late. Life happens, things come up, or people just change their mind. I am expecting a decent number of cancellations between now and a June shipment date…at least 20%. That said, my order no longer has the option to cancel…not that I would.

  214. thePhelps says

    Sith… I placed 2 orders on Thursday. My 1st order showed up on my order history immediately, and the 2nd order went into can’t display all your orders.

    Others have speculated…and it makes sense to me… that the 41,000 was the 1st order and the rest of the orders were not shown and that is where the initial discrepancy is…

  215. Sith says

    thePhelps – That can’t be true unless they sold out of the 41K coins by 12:12. My second order fell into the void (can’t display all your orders,) and it was placed at 12:12 on Thursday

  216. saucexx says

    I’m in the club! two $4.95 charges, two mint bags, suck it HSN!

    Seriously, what is wrong with the mint. They couldn’t even wait to send them with the coins? These were on my silver orders and the cancel boxes never showed up. Maybe next time they can send U.S. Mint welcome mats.

  217. Johann says

    If the”lost” orders Thursday were not recorded in the 41000 sold Thursday and the mint had 9000 to sell Friday , would the orders Friday take precedence over the unrecorded orders Thursday ?

  218. says

    @ Johann, No. The orders that were placed on Thursday were INCLUDED in the total 50k that the Mint used to determine whether or not to put up the Wail List Notice at 630pm Thursday. They were NOT included in the 41k reported as of midnight on Thursday. The Mint then went back on Friday and started going through the ‘multiple orders’ placed with one IP address to see if the TOTAL orders placed exceeded the limits. IF you placed an order before 630pm on Thursday and you did not exceed the limit then you are going to get a gold coin. IF you placed an order after 630pm (approximately) on Thursday then you are on the wait list and the only way you are going to get a coin is if someone voluntarily cancels or if the Mint cancels your order because you exceeded the product limit or insufficent funds or such.
    Bottom Line: If your gold order is ‘in process’ you are good to go and if your gold order is ‘held’ then you have to be concerned..

  219. steven says

    My second order, placed before 1 pm Thureday, is still “on hold”. Not worried though. Not yet.

  220. Johann says

    I still have holds on orders placed before 2:30pm Thursday and your saying I should worry? Why?

  221. dan says

    A bit off topic and a little lenghty but a reply to an earlier post.

    I enjoyed reading your post this morning of 7:31 and am glad to see there are still some of us out there who value the coin and not just the slab/label. Every now and then you catch a post about the Holland tulips or the Reich mark after WWI with insane valuations (both for different reasons) but bad investments either way, anyway back to your post.

    As many have said before me, coin grading is and can be very subjective. Depending on the condition of the coin and the experience and eyes ofthe graders, I can understand there being a difference of opinion on the grade assigned to a coin sometimes. Many a time I have placed two coins side by side and either have been unable to tell the difference between them but eye appeal steered me to the coin with the lower grade. On occasion I have even been pleasantly rewarded with an upgrade on a resubmission. I am afraid that this label chasing may have a negative impact on the long run by turning off an existing newer collector and also by preventing others from entering the hobby. Eventually I believe that these labels will not hold these value and newer collectors will be burnt and lost. Notice I said newer because I do not believe old dogs like me would pay these ridiculous prices. While this is a unique coin, and crosses 2 hobby’s, I just can’t justify the numbers with a 50,000 mintage, 32,000 proof and 18,000 uncirculated and all in the upper 68 – 70 grade with survival numbers that will be very, very high at least on the coin collecting aspect. Maybe down the road but just not yet.

    I learned mintages, survival rates, condition, demand, and price being a formula to be applied on every acquisition, unfortunately there were never set values for the unknowns. I have already seen it happen twice before where, investors, speculators and flippers have entered the hobby and done damage to it. This time I am concerned that there will be some buyers remorse in the future like what happened with the card collectors, not quite a beanie babies collapse ( because there will always be some sort of PM value) but it could affect the overall health of coin collecting for some time. Unfortunately those that get burnt may have undue influence on future coin collectors and the current modern market may take a hit. While the true classics may suffer to some extent, I think there will be sufficient collectors of true rarities to support that market, the damage will be that there will be fewer collectors graduating from moderns to classics for some time.

    While I do believe there is a need for the TPG”s, I just wish they would have stuck to there original mission purpose, authentication and grading to the best of their ability, but this is America and capitalism at its finest and as a result, labels seem to be big business.

    Since I have rambled on here long enough today, in closing I would just like to make one final statement. Often I have seen the question what is a collector and rarely do I see in the definition one that takes the time to truly educate future generations on collecting as many did for me including my grandfather, father, many a great dealer who took the time to help educate me and to all those that I have meet at shows in just general conversation.. Maybe we have to try harder to educate our replacements every chance we get..

    I am probably going to wish that this post will self destruct in 10 seconds

  222. says

    There are a lot or orders that are “on hold” but are good to go. I have 4 orders for the gold…all placed by 12:38 thursday…only one order is “in process” and my cc pinged. The other 3 are “on hold”, but they at “in stock & reserved”

  223. Pittsburgh P says

    I know people are annoyed that they shipped their bag first but its their policy! If you didnt want it to happen you could have cancelled the bag. Stop complaining or ripping the mint for it! I said it before but if you had coins that were in stock and a coinn that wouldn’t get there for 4 months would you want them to wait to 4 months to send your whole shipment or send what they had?

  224. says

    @Johann, I said concerned. Read what Mark Rex wrote. He said he placed an order at 12:05pm on Thursday and he was “very worried”

  225. thePhelps says

    If you placed your order Thursday before 6:30pm – I wouldn’t worry about it. My order placed shortly after 2pm is not in process – but I am also not worried about it.

    My order on Thursday after 2pm – didn’t show up until later on Friday in my history. That is the order I don’t think was counted on Thursdays numbers.

    If you ordered after the wait list notice went up – unless there are cancellations – there is a very high probability your order will not get filled. If you ordered on Friday… I would think you already are not expecting a coin.

  226. says

    a bag is not a coin. My bag has shipped, no problem with that…but is is stupid. My coins will ship any day now, why not just send them together?

  227. saucexx says

    Two gold unc in process, one gold proof on hold, all received back order notices and all ordered before 6:30 pm. One gold proof ordered on the 31st, also on hold. The first three have June 21st back order dates, the last one has a July 5th date.

  228. saucexx says

    Oops I meant the 29th not the 31st for the proof. I placed that figuring what the heck, the worst thing it gets cancelled, the best I probably get a returned coin.

  229. says

    yes…first order is in process…placed at 12:02. My orders on hold, but in stock and reserved were place at 12:07, 12:22 & 12:38.

  230. Pittsburgh P says

    I’m not saying a bag is a coin. But it is in your order just like a coin or some supplies… It may be stupid but it’s their policy. I’ve been asked on questionnaires from the mint if I would want them to send what they have or hold until they have the entire shipment and I will always say send what you have.

  231. thePhelps says

    saucexx…cancel the bags off your orders if you don’t want them. I did that with my stand alone gold unc – that I ordered at 2pm. I did it because I didn’t want to get charged for the shipping and get a bag – in the next week or 2 and still be waiting for the gold months from now.

  232. Johann says

    @Cagcrisp Im not even concerned. The more I read on the blog the more I think nobody has a clue on this ! Where’s your info coming from ? The mint did say the gold sold out Friday around noon.

  233. high low silver says

    I got a coin show to attend sat about 80 miles north of baltimore in lancaster pa, if we don’t get another word, ill ask around there (most dealers attended the balt show last week)

  234. Pittsburgh P says

    High low… I was thinking about going to that show if I can get off work. Its just a fairly long drive for me. I’m hoping we’ll know something before then though, lol

  235. Pittsburgh P says

    @cagcrisp… I have two orders. One with a gold unc and one with a gold proof and they’re both in process. Although coins in one order are expected ship date of 4/3… since that’s today I’m guessing that’s not happening!

  236. GoldGuru says

    @Cagcrisp…..I have 2 gold orders in process! Both #4292XXXX, and my cc has been charged full amount for both orders. Yesterday they were pinged, in hold @ my bank, because I use a visa check card. Today the amts have been subtracted from my balance. I was originally pinged $4.95 on 4/1. Full amt on 4/2. Still no bags though.

  237. saucexx says

    Phelps and Pitsburgh,

    I never had the option to cancel the bags on my silver orders. The golds are a different story. The boxes were there and I canceled them.

  238. jj says

    note to all was told today that if you don’t have a ship date you are on wait list and most likely sol but if you have a ship date even if its later like mine 7/07/14 i would get mine?

  239. Pittsburgh P says

    Highlow it is on my way…lol. Depending on if its northern or southern c pa I guess

  240. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ… first off I hope you get one but everyone who is on the waitlist received an email and there was a ship by date on it. Just like when they were still for sale on the wait list the ship by date was 4/11 or something(obviously not true). If you read the waitlist notification on the Site when it was up it said you will receive a confirmation email but may not get your order. If you paid by credit card a refund will be given to that credit card if paid by check you will be sent a refund(even though there were no mail orders). You won’t know until all orders have been shipped and all cancellations / returns have been made.

  241. clayton says

    To pepole who ordered after 630 on thursday , I would not get my hopes up. I ordered a 5 star general gold proof 10 min after it went on back order. it took 2 weeks before the mint cancled my order. I hope you all get lucky but if you did not get an order in on thursday you will probobly be sol.

  242. Pittsburgh P says

    if you go to the faq site on the mint site you can read the wait list notification still.

  243. mmm says

    I do…. My good friends Cal Ripken, Derek Jeter, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and the like:)…. Should I go on?

    SilverFan says:

    April 3, 2014 at 7:58 am

    Does anyone actually know someone who has paid these extremely high prices for the Baltimore labels? Are these registry set people? I would imagine these labels could easily be forged

  244. Pittsburgh P says

    I apologize, the waitlist notification is not available in the faq section. I found this on another blog/site after searching for us mint waitlist notification.

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof 5$ Gold Coin (B31). You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    You will be sent an email notification verifying your order. This is only confirmation that you are on the waiting list. If we are not able to fulfill your order you will receive a cancellation email. If you have paid a refund will be received. if paid by credit card the credit card used will be credited. If paid by check a refund will be mailed.

  245. Johann says

    The gold HOF may have sold out Thursday. I was just told by customer service that when she came to work Friday she was informed they were sold out by 6:30 Friday morning. This differs from what I was told last Friday. As far as the “waiting list” they are not allowed to give out any information.

  246. Eddie says

    I have a question about the Baltimore Coin Show.
    When you buy your coin from the Mint Booth do you just take it over to whichever grader you want to grade your coin? Do they grade and slab it while you wait or do they mail it back to you? I have never been to a coin show where you can get you coin graded there. If that is what they do it would be nice to have one at all the shows around the country.

  247. Paul says

    I ordered all the uncs on 3/29. I ordered the proofs, dollar and half on 4/2. My unc half has a ship date of 6/21, while the proof half ordered four days later has a ship date of 4/10. I think this means they have already minted more of the proofs than the uncs. This gives me hope for the unc gold, because many more people ordered the proofs. We shall see how it plays out, because no one truly knows how the mint works.

  248. bigguy says

    hilosilver ,$5000.00 for a label is not hype,what are you talking about ,it sure is not about the precious metal I can buy a heck of alot of silver for $5000.00,First pitch Baltimore its all about the hype

  249. John says

    Just FYI…noticed my first order of silver and clad sets shipped. The bag shipped two days ago, and I just now reloaded to see a new tracking number for the coins and status next to each coin as shipped 4/3/14. My order was placed at 12:17thurs.

    No update on my gold order at 1:40(pr), 830(pr), or 845(un)PM on thursday. All still show backordered (4/16, 6/21, 7/17 respectively)

  250. high low silver says

    bigguy: your last 2 replys don’t make any sence? 1st you say the market will be flooded with graded coins, then you say there is no hype. Good luck anyway.

  251. GoldGuru says

    Just got back from my Dr. Appt. My 2 gold orders say in stock/reserved, bags shipped 4/3. My cc has been pinged for full amt. for gold. On my 2 silver orders, bags shipped 4/3, back ordered to 6/21 for PF, 4/16 for Uncs., Go Figure!!

  252. bigguy says

    high low silver

    hype is what is going on right now,2 months from now you will see people kicking themselves

  253. ibex66 says

    Wow John your silver coins are shipping – Mint Amy said that wouldn’t happen until June 20th. My two orders are both before you, full CC charge but nothing shipped at all, even dumb bag.

  254. GoldGuru says

    All 4 orders beginning #42923XXX, first gold order @12:28, last order, Silver @12:40. All cancel boxes gone except on last order.

  255. GoldGuru says

    @ibex66, Give it a rest. Amy was passing on what she was told, as was I. At least she was right about the BAGS, and u didn’t believe that….hmmmmm.

  256. GoldGuru says

    @ibex66, Perhaps the Mint got caught up. You think? U should know how dates change. When I was told, 6/20, that was probably the “to be safe” expected date.

  257. thePhelps says

    I think the bags are messing my 1st order up…

    I have 2 silver proofs showing a ship date of today (not shipped last I checked) I have 2 unc silvers with a 4/16 ship date (not shipped) a proof gold with a 6/01 ship date and an unc gold with a 6/16… plus the bag.

    None of mine have shipped – as of last night my card hadn’t been hit – and my cancel has been gone for a couple of days… it does show in process… whatever that might mean…

  258. thePhelps says

    On the bags… my half dollars are split between the proof which shows in stock and reserved and the unc which show a 4/16 ship date…

    My bag shipped yesterday – the proofs just show in stock and reserved not shipped … been that way for a couple of days. I guess I will be one of thse who gets just a bag even though the coins could have been shipped at the same time.

  259. GoldGuru says

    Ibex66, Letterman announced he is gonna retire next year. In all sincerity I think u would make a great replacement. U So Funny.

  260. mark says

    My bag shipped today for 12:07 ET order…ups tracking shows signature required…wtf. Hope I am not home to accept it and will let it sit at ups, until they have to ship it back to the mint.

  261. SilverFan says

    What is the latest time people have on their HOF gold orders in which you do not have a “Your order request is on hold” but instead have a “Your order request is in process” listed on your track order summary page?

  262. fmtransmitter says

    Just post if you have a tracking number in your order status on the Mint website. If you do, OTHER than the bag, we know they have begun to ship. I do not believe a single gold HOF has shipped yet.

  263. jj says

    am just telling you what was said to me that if you have a ship date today on your order status( I didn’t have this a few days ago) that you would most likely be in on getting 1 and SHE said not me that the wait list was trimmed significantly so if you have a ship date on your order today than it looks good ….now with that I have been a long time mint buyer and most of the time I dont even call them but I was just wondering why a few days ago I couldn’t even see my order but now today I do? thats what she stated as why … so hope fully ill get 1

  264. ibex66 says

    Silverfan, my order with Gold BHOFs at 12:09 says on hold, but in stock and reserved, with cancel boxes and CC charged full amount. Pretty cool huh.

  265. GoldGuru says

    Ibex66, my gold @12:28 says in process, in stock / reserved, no cacel boxes, & cc charged full amt yesterday, bag shipped 4 / 3. See how screwy things are ?

  266. mark says

    jj…good question.— I believe other people have said they had to sign for bag also..

  267. VA Rich says

    Eddie – Yes, both graders were present in Baltimore and they were charging $50 per coin. It is as simple as buying your coin and walking over to their booth though I would HIGHLY recommend that you become a member of the grader you prefer and familiarize your self with their submission form before hand which can be found on their website.

    I did not take advantage of that opportunity though I do know that only early submitters on Thursday received first day service. Otherwise, it was two days or have them shipped to you. The line will be long so don’t stop at the concession stand before hand for a coke – Oh, and don’t go cheap on the admission fee. I just found my ugly mug on the mint’s FB page picking up my coins, wish they had said ‘cheese’

  268. GoldGuru says

    @fmtransmitter, I called NGC before 5pm & cs told me they haven’t had any HOF’s submitted yet.

  269. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ… I thought you said you ordered much later. Idk why but I thought it was sat. or at fri. at least. Thats why I was skeptical. Imo you have an excellent chance of getting your order.

  270. jj says

    I ask the rep today why they was sending out bags instead of waiting for coins to be ready she stated they didn’t have the man power to separate so when something is ready they send it? LOL our government at work but you all know that that is only 1 ship of 4.95 per order so they are getting the shipping paid asap and will have to ship coins as they are ready like my order looks like it will be in 3 different shipments? so thats 3X they will pay to ship

  271. thePhelps says

    jj – Is 7:30 eastern time? Your order is 1 of the ones that might go through. The cutoff was around 6:30 eastern when the notice was seen, and the chances that you are queued up early in the wait list are pretty good. You could even have been on to the active list for all we really know. By the sounds of it – your order either wait listed or not – isn’t reflecting anything any different than most other orders.

    The wait list isn’t a hard line – just a good indicator of where the list starts. No one truly knows if they had 50,000 orders at the time the list went up – but chances are good they were close.

    I wouldn’t say you do – or don’t have a coin ordered – we really won’t know on a lot of these until we get near the end of the process.

  272. jj says

    @pittsburg they way people talked it was sold out by end of first day and when I keeped looking for my history it wasn’t showing up? so that why I thought I wouldn’t as when I called in the day after (couldnt get through the auto said my order was cancelled) now it shows up in my history thats why I called today and asked the rep what was going on?

  273. john says

    I got my bag today,no coins got a e-mail today that said my 2014 silver proof set ship today.I call the mint said its was a mistake.

  274. Erik H says

    Looks like my bag shipped today, coins will be shipping in 2 months. I wonder if I refuse the “bag” at the post office if the mint will cancel the rest of my order?

  275. Mt668866 says

    I wish people would stop calling the mint and asking stupid questions or checking on orders. Your only slowing down the process and who cares if they ship the bag first or your order date has changed. You will get your coins when they are ready to ship them.

  276. Pittsburgh P says

    @mt668866 How does calling and asking customer service questions slow down the process??? Takin orders and answering questions IS their job! They have nothing to do with the warehouses, packaging, or shipping. This is a blog where people state their opinions and try to relate information. After hearing your opinion and lack of pertinent info, even though I may agree with some of what you say, imo you are a douche…

  277. Clark says

    I too will not sign for the reusable mint bag…letting it go right back to Pitney Bowes Gov’t Svc in Indiana. Happy travels!

  278. Mt668866 says

    Because when I called on Friday to make a silver order I was told they had to get the staff that normally process the orders after they have been taken to answer phones instead of processing orders.

  279. Mt668866 says

    Why am I a douce because I am right. Stop acting like kids. You sound like a 10 year old when am I going to get my coin I want it now this and that’s not fair they got theirs firs whine whine whine. They will send the damn coins when they are ready and if you want to know about your order go online and check.

  280. Jack says

    FYI… My third order, placed 3/27 at 12:15, shipped today. One each of the silver and clad. First order was one each of the gold. Second was same as the third. Both of the first two are “in process” but neither has shipped. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but at least they’re moving product.

  281. Pittsburgh P says

    I dont believe that for a minute but IF it happened on friday it was from ordering mostly Imo and I doubt its happening now. Your the one that sounds like you’re whining also. Go back and read my posts, I said the same things you’ve said just not as ignorantly or by attacking people. Thats why you’re a douche…

  282. Pittsburgh P says

    Why did you call to place your order anyways if your such a fan of the website? Man you took away someone who could ve been processing! Especially if it was after 5pm huh…

  283. DoctorJekyll says

    When is the latest that anyone has ordered the gold baseball coin proof or unc and has order confirmed? I am still “on hold” backordered to 7/7. I placed my order 9:43 am PST Friday 3/28, order number 429677xx.

    I know they sold 41,000 or so first day, but I dont know when the cut off point is.

    Just wondering if I still have a small chance of getting them. Reminds me of the demand in 2011 ASE 25th anniversary set.

  284. Mt668866 says

    Pittsburg I take it your from the the north so that explains your rudeness. If you must know my wifi went out. I bet your are one of the ones that didn’t get gold that’s why your whining. Me order on 27th at 12:37pm for 2 gold proofs and when they get here they get here. Bet your a democrat. Sorry to all for his rude name calling I think I touched a nerve with him hmmm could be he calls the mint every day. Anyway I am done we done here in Texas don’t stoop to his name calling level were a little more refined than that.

  285. GoldGuru says

    @Mt668866…… You forgot to proof read your post. I take it spelling wasn’t your best subject last year in high school.

  286. GoldGuru says

    Everything in TX is bigger, including douche’s, I guess. Don’t embarrass the rest of us Southerners! Thanks

  287. Pittsburgh P says

    My rudeness? Amusing… maybe you should apologize for yourself. Good pick up that Pittsburgh is up north. FYI I got my orders in at 12:13 @ 1:37 on Thursday and both are in process and Im a conservative Republican. I apologized for the name calling immediately but maybe I was right on

  288. Pittsburgh P says

    GG thanks… I was thinking the same thing. Oh Amy is the best. If I needed to call I’d ask for her personally!

  289. Mt668866 says

    Typical responses when someone has a point you don’t agree withy the only thing you can do is bad mouth them.

  290. Pittsburgh P says

    Mt668866 honestly I don’t know what posts your reading or world you live in but whatever you’re on it must be good!

  291. GoldGuru says

    I think the library closed, probably won’t hear back from Mt668866 until the morning.

  292. Sith says

    Then people went off on me and fmtransmitter. Mt668866 get off the line the worst case scenario is that these calls are delaying new orders. I tell you what I’m going to call the mint tomorrow and ask for Amy. Talking about bad mouthing “You sound like a 10 year old…” “I bet your are one of the ones that didn’t get gold that’s why your whining.” “I take it your from the the north so that explains your rudeness.” and “Bet your a democrat.”

    We have a saying down here in the south, your the pot calling the kettle black. Now talk your own advice and call it done.

  293. GoldGuru says

    Almost forgot, having so much fun. ….but got email confirmations on 2 gold,1 silver order, that my bags have been shipped, by themselves. I♡AMY!!

  294. Sith says

    yep that’s the one…their is a bit about the HOF not as heated as this thread but…

  295. GoldGuru says

    @ sith. …. I was there earlier, but there weren’t many posts yet. Just went back, cause I ordered the 1/4+1/2. Want to hear what ya’ll think.

  296. says

    Just got my shipment confirmation…..just the bag! This is insane, I have 12 coins and 4 rolls on order, and they just ship the bag? What about order consolidation? I used to be in the distribution industry, I’d have been fired for doing something wasteful like this, or I would have fired someone I saw doing this. No excuses, pure waste of time, materials, postage, etc. They should be ashamed.

  297. Dave says

    Obviously, you never worked for a governmental agency. It’s just soooooo easy to spend OPM. And when you own the printing press, when their money runs out, you just print more.

    Anybody wonder if the golds are held up so our TV friends can get all their labels sold first? The coins are already struck, so shipping the bags only via UPS with signature confirmation is really goofy. They at least could have used USPS and supported a near bankrupt governmental agency! Oh, I guess when you sell items at half of the cost to make them ( penny & nickel), you don’t think about such expense.

  298. Mt668866 says

    To all that responded to my original post. I think the mint is doing a great job under the circumstances and if you don’t think so why do you do business with them. My original post wasn’t meant to offend anyone and if you felt it did I am sorry but the nasty name calling was way out of bounds especially if you agreed with a little of what I was saying. It also a natural instinct if someone attracts you for no reason other than posting my opinion to strike back. I apologize for several of my comments because I do find a lot of the post very helpful.

  299. Jon says

    Given the volume, it wouldn’t shock me if the US Mint has a deal with UPS/FEDEX where they pay a single price per truckload.

  300. Natatack says

    Anyone going to spend $30 at NGC to grade their clad halfs to get the special label to match the gold and silver. Kind of stiff to pay $10 more than what you paid for the coin.

  301. MarkInFlorida says

    My silvers are all listed as “EXPECTED TO SHIP 04/03/14” and yet today is 04/04/14. Wassup wit dat?

  302. Blair J Tobler says

    My silvers say the same, while both clads have gone to “in stock and reserved”

  303. GoldGuru says

    @Mt668866. …….seems everyone is frustrated over the HOF offering. Sometimes it carries over to this blog. To be bashed here is an honor! Just means your posts are st least being read. Not all are ever going to agree with you, & the bashing begins. ..just fire back! Trust me we’ve all been there. Especially me & AMY. Take it with a grain of salt. Keep on posting, all opinions matter. No harm no foul!

  304. stephen m says

    Dave, It would make sense to ship large orders first in order to get the large money first so I doubt if the mint is doing that. They should start shipping early bird orders pretty quick. GG, will you ask Amy about that please? Thank you.

  305. GoldGuru says

    @stephen m………already asked days ago. Doesn’t matter how large or small the order, 1st in 1st out, as usual. $ amt doesn’t matter.

  306. zeeman says

    Has anyone Gold Coins shipped yet? i have a story to tell you guys but not untill my coins are shipped.

  307. Zaz says

    Had two separate charges issued on the same day, first one for the bag, and the second for 4 HOF coins. The bag got shipped by ITSELF yesterday. Because it was a separate charge, consolidating the orders would screw up the computer programming as well as mess with the queue. It also appears that the computer games are finally settled and the dates have stopped rolling forward I have a couple of back ordered coins available for shipping 4/03 this morning — or Novitek’s network could be completely down??? “Customers broke the network” LOL

  308. GoldGuru says

    @ zeeman. ….no gold yet, just bags. I was told next Monday the 1st gold goes out. Of course today might be the day. I’ve been charged full amount. Tell us the story, the suspense is killing me.

  309. stephen m says

    I think I remember that now. There has been such a large number of post. Maybe we will see some shipping start over the weekend or early next week. I don’t think it was 1st in 1st out with the WP special silver eagle set. Hope that shipping fiasco never happens again. I don’t intend to flip and know mine will be here soon. I just want to see them in person. Do you think the TV people and large dealers purchased a large percentage of the gold and silver?

  310. GoldGuru says

    They purchase a large % of everything. That’s their bread & butter. Sad but true.

  311. ibex66 says

    Anyone’s CC actually gone beyond a pending charge in your CC account? Its my understanding a pending charge is just a pre authorization and not a finalized charge. Until that charge becomes finalized nothing is going to ship.

  312. Pittsburgh P says

    Stephen m does the mint ship on weekends? I didn’t think they did but it’d be nice… Has anyone ever had a shipment go out on a weekend?

  313. Zaz says

    @GG, Stephen M: that figure is too conservative, probably almost 2/3rds of the first day orders went to the big boys. Most of them have a marketing dept that has a research division that’s got a pulse on the market by reading the dailies, sending people to shows to scour the marketplace, and constantly reading blogs like this one. They will dig deep for any highly hyped release and try to corner the market on those coins and set the secondary market pricing. Only in America. Free market economy.

  314. Dave says

    Good point on the pending vs. billed!
    My clad halfs are now both cc pending – one 4/2 the other today. Oh, the bag, too, is pending. Maybe they will ship all together after all.

  315. Pittsburgh P says

    Off topic… about the AtB 5oz scheduled to come out on the 7th. Is there a reason to get it from the mint for 154.95$ other than the case and CoA when I can order it now from AMPEX for 122$ and some change? Might be a dumb question but I only started collecting recently for my son and I & just got the 5 AtB from 2013 through AMPEX since the mint was sold out and they came in a capsule and were in perfect condition.

  316. stephen m says

    Pittsburg P, I don’t remember which offering it was long ago but it seems Sunday night something or an email about a shipment going out. I think there is a different shipping contractor now and I do not know if they ship or prepare for shipping on weekends.

  317. GoldGuru says

    @PittP. ….aren’t the ones @ Apmex the dealer version for $122? The mint version are UNC with P mintmark. 10% off the $154.95 with subscription from mint.

  318. stephen m says

    Zaz, 2/3rds would be a lot to gamble with but if that’s what they purchased it appears they have done well so far. Only in America.

  319. Mt668866 says

    I have seen a few post about grading and all the issues and I would like to get some opinions on what I should do. I am not really a avid coin collector but did start buying silver eagles and gold eagles for a investment down the road for retirement . My question is should I get my HOF’s graded or not and by who, by the time I get them will the graders be a little timid on giving 70’s since they are giving so many to the big flippers. I have an order for 2 gold proofs, 4 silver proofs, 2 silver unc, 3 clad proofs and 3 clad unc. If the gold ships within the 30 days do I open the box or wait and send them in? GG hope spelling is a little better, it’s funny someone asked what I was on lat night well I had a round of shots in my back yesterday total of 12 needles poked in my back and the 4 valium’s they gave before procedure sure made me feel so good WOW I want some more this morning LOL. FM I don’t know your situation on your back but I hade a fusion at S-1 and L-5 15 years ago and I have lived in misery since then. I do hope you got a 2 and even a 3 opinion because if your having a fusion it’s irreversible, by the way your not a plumber are you. Good luck FM.

  320. Pittsburgh P says

    GG thanks, you look to be right but I’m not sure. The 2013 ones I have all have the mint mark except the Rushmore and look to be unc but those could have been from the secondary market. So the Rushmore is prob a dealer version and I got lucky on the rest? I’ll have to inquire at AMPEX(wish Amy worked there!) Thanks again GG…

  321. Zaz says

    @stephen m: the big boys are in the business of making massive amounts of money from the unwary… The huge “household limit” of 100/200/200 HOF coins per order made it easier for us one-off little guys to place an order as the big boys got their fill early on and freed up bandwidth for other customers to get in on the action. This was not the case with the 5 per limit on the 2011 ASE anniversary sets, the site was solidly and consistently blocked for over six hours that day in October 2011, and I recall the website was down a portion of that time as well. It isn’t fair, but living and surviving in America has always been about trying to get crowned King of the mountain, and not about fairness!

  322. Pittsburgh P says

    Yep GG You were right… The ones at the mint are a limited run and AMPEX have the dealer version. They told me If they had a mint mark they were part of the limited mintage and if not they weren’t. They were all UNC. So they’re just bullion without the mint mark…

  323. GoldGuru says

    @PittP……if they have the “P” mintmark they are the collector version from the mint. If u didn’t get a box & COA, it could be some Apmex sent to be graded, & they didn’t get a. 69 or 70 grade, so the TPG’s send them back to Apmex ungraded. That’s the deal they have with all the bulk submissions. Then Apmex sells them as is.

  324. thePhelps says

    PittP… the collectors version is a frosted finish as well and the bullion is shinny with no mint mark

    If your planning on buying these this year – your best bet is to sign up for the subscription – and get the 10% discount. That knocks $15 off the P release – which of the 2 is thought to be the more desirable coin. The low mintage numbers for each version makes it tough to buy one version over the other to me – so I usually buy both.

  325. GoldGuru says

    Today is the last day to subscribe for the 1st ATB. You can always cancel the subscription after u get your coin, if u don’t want future ones. I also recommend to subscribe for the silver Eagle unc. to be released next week, you’ll get the 10% discount.

  326. Zaz says

    It’s too late to subscribe for the GSM-P release on Monday, just got an order # 43045xxx issued today. If you subscribe today it would start with the Shenandoah release next month. Also subscription orders never generate a confirmation email at the time of creation, so be aware they’ll ping your debit/cc or whatever you used for the subscription. Check back with your order history frequently. Funny, the GSM-P coins are backordered to 4-19…

  327. Jeffrey says

    HOF PROOF SILVER DOLLAR In stock and reserved
    HOF UNC SILVER DOLLAR 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/03/2014.
    HOF CLAD UNC In stock and reserved
    HOF PROOF CLAD HALF-DOLLAR In stock and reserved

    Bag should be here today.

    I called and was told that they show same status and the computers were slow to update.

    CC shows Pending charges for the 3 that are in stock & reserved.

  328. GoldGuru says

    @zaz……thanks for the info, as of last night u could still get the sub in. Didn’t bother to check today, just assumed since the release date isn’t till Monday.

  329. GoldGuru says

    @zaz…..my order is close to yours, #430487XX, but I haven’t been pinged for $.02. Has your cc been hit?

  330. GoldGuru says

    @zaz……..my order is close to yours, #430487XX, but I haven’t been pinged for $.02. Has your cc been hit for the .01 or .02?

  331. Zaz says

    Yes, the .02c is a pending charge as of this morning. Only the check if the card is still good, they won’t run the $283.85 charge until the GSM shows in stock and reserved and that could be anytime between 4-07 and 4-19…

    Anyone remember the charge for one Hot Springs coin back in late Apr. ’11 was for $284.90??? Now the same hunk of metal is half that initial price!!! You win some, you lose some in this “hobby!”

  332. Pittsburgh P says

    @GG and The phelps… thx for the input. Good advice too. I was going to wait to sign up for the subscription but I thought I had till Sunday. Thanks again

  333. Pittsburgh P says

    Zaz just read your post… oh well I’ll still sign up for the subscription, I guess I’ll have to pay full price on Monday.

  334. Pittsburgh P says

    Zaz I just subscribed and it said the first coin I’ll receive is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as my first coin… isn’t that the one released on Monday?

  335. SilverFan says

    Zaz is correct. If you order the 5 ounce ATB subscription now the next coin will be Shenandoah and not GSM. Don’t stress out though there will be plenty of these to go around.

  336. thePhelps says

    Congrats PittsP – sounds like you got in under the wire! This years coins are all winners…well except one – but even that one is better than what they have planned for next year.

  337. GoldGuru says

    To all…..I just called the mint, didn’t talk to AMY, but the cs rep told me NO gold HOF have shipped. Also, they will not ship on the weekend, at the earliest on Monday. She did say they are in the warehouse. As for BAGS, they still have them in stock. She said she would get an email when they were sold out. I asked about the bags because they do not show up on my ATB subscription order, so I thought they were finally sold out. She said on subscriptions u do not get a free bag, only on regular orders!! Bottom line. ….they still have bags. Thank Heaven !!

  338. GoldGuru says

    Also she said ATB subscriptions are being processed now & could start shipping on Monday.

  339. GoldGuru says

    FYI……Silver HOF’s are going quick. Just placed another order ! Email confirmation : Ship dates – PF on 7/7, UNC on 6/21. Why not get more? You can always cancel if these things tank! If they stay hot or get hotter, you’re in there!! U can always sell them to a baseball card shop or @ your local ballpark! If they tank….I’ll just stack them with my 2012SF & 2013WP sets that I have stacked to the ceiling, due to lack of interest! It’s only money! Gonna roll the dice….AGAIN. Also my email confirmation has a BAG listed !!

  340. Zaz says

    @GG: I’m with you there, someone who attended the coin forum in Virginia yesterday on another blog said that Dick Peterson, the head honcho at the Mint reported 316,000 total silver dollars sold as of yesterday 12:00 noon ET. They probably won’t last another week. Good call to stock up as you won’t be charged until much, much later with an anytime option to cancel, if they tank.

  341. Pittsburgh P says

    GG Agreed… just placed an order for 2 more each of the silver and even 1 each of the clad. Same ship by dates for the silver and 6/21 for clad unc but 4/10 for clad proof… order says in process already. I’ll prob get the clad proof from todays order before any gold! Canceled the bag though(regrets immediately after… maybe if I call Amy she’ll get it back on my order)…Imo I do think the silvers will sell out this weekend or early next week. We’ll see.

  342. GoldGuru says

    Still being hyped on TV, eBay, & in the baseball community, I think more people are going to jump on the bandwagon, causing a faster sellout. Like I said u have plenty of time to cancel before they ship if they tank. I think a lot of young ball players are going to ask Dad to get them one! Baseball season lasts a looong time. Word will get out nationwide & worldwide.

  343. GoldGuru says

    Once people see these coins live in person @shows or Flea markets, etc. I think they’ll want em. Even in 6 months if the current prices go south, you should still be able to double your $ !!! Not many coins carry a double your investment deal. I’d like to double my $ any old time. Right?

  344. AkBob says

    You better back the truck up before it’s too late. Got my truck loaded!!! We don’t get too many opportunities like this. Once the baseball fans and the public get wind of these and baseball season is a long one, these will be HOT for quite sometime, IMO. It’s a NO brainer, for me anyway. No risk no reward. How much risk is involved in a clad half dollar, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  345. CrazyK says

    Just wanted to point out that the mint did indeed ship me just the mint gift bag. The gold/silver proofs are reserved but not shipped, however, I have already received the bag…….

  346. Mike says

    Ordered my gold proof and uncirculated on the 27th of March at 6:00 PM and ordered two more on March 28th just got off the phone with the US Mint they told me my chances of receiving them are not looking good. Looks like I will not get them not to happy !

  347. Mike says

    MK they said my chances on both orders are not looking good unless a lot of people cancel orders or there credit card will not go through. I really do not think many people are going to cancel there orders on these coins. My chances are most likely 1 in 50.000 oh well.

  348. Hidalgo says

    @Mike – if you ordered your gold proof and uncirculated BHOF coins on March 27th at 6 PM, you likely ordered before the “waiting list” notice was posted. None of us are able to tell where the cutoff point will be, so you’ll have to wait and see.

    I recommend that you talk to a second US Mint representative. You will be amazed at how different representatives can provide you with completely different answers. If you receive different answers, then don’t give up hope.

    Considering the date and time that you placed your order, I would say that you have a good chance of receiving one or both of your gold coins. Don’t cancel your order(s). 🙂

  349. MK says

    Mike, I spoke to a mint rep this past Friday about the one gold proof coin order I placed on Thursday just after you at 6:11pm. She said she was 99% sure I would get the coin. So…. I guess it depends on who you talk to at the mint.

  350. Pittsburgh P says

    Mike… the first order at 6 on thurs. imo you have a decent shot at getting but the other I’d say no… I wouldn’t cancel it though since you never know. hopefully you’ll get something, good luck… Maybe order some silvers, but they might be gone as of now too! Can always get clad

  351. michael says

    Really they shipped my bag via overnight shipping. That’s why our country is broke, and the best part about it is they didn’t ever use USPS. What a joke thank’s no coins but a bag overnighted.

  352. Mike says

    Talked to ten different people at the mint today and got ten different answers not one good answer think I will just order the 2014 gold fifty dollar coin and forget about the hall of fame gold.

  353. Rudy says

    Just got this in an email:

    Date Shipped: 4/07/14

    Amount Charged : 138.80

    Tracking ID


    Items included in this shipment:

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF (B33) Qty : 1

    2. 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC (B34) Qty : 1

    3. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD PROOF (B35) Qty : 1

    4. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC (B36) Qty : 1

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