Updated Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Sales Figures

ballLate yesterday, updated sales statistics were provided for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins in the weekly Coin Update numismatic sales report. The figures confirm the sell out of the $5 gold coins and provide the split between the proof and uncirculated options. The silver dollars and half dollars have seen their numbers climb, but for now remain well below sell out levels.

The sales figures for the coins as of the March 30, 2014 reporting date are as follows:

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coins 32,000 18,000 50,000
Silver Dollars 155,523 73,002 228,525
Clad Half Dollars 67,236 44,144 111,380

The figures show that for the $5 gold coins, 64% of the coins sold were in proof format with 36% in uncirculated format. At the onset, the US Mint had indicated that customer demand would determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins minted within the authorized mintage limit.

Silver dollar sales have reached 228,525 across both options, up by 71,850 from the opening day sales number. The latest cumulative total represents 57.13% of the maximum authorized mintage of 400,000 pieces.

The clad half dollars have reached sales of 111,380 across proof and uncirculated options, up by 38,026 from the opening day sales number. The cumulative total represents 14.85% of the maximum authorized mintage of 750,000. Later in the year, the US Mint plans to release a Young Collectors Set containing the uncirculated version of the half dollar, which should serve to bolster sales.

The ordering limits of 100 coins per version for silver dollars and half dollars remain in place. The US Mint has indicated that the limit would be evaluated on a regular basis and adjusted or removed accordingly.


The 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Coins have been seeing some huge premiums on eBay, particularly for the sold out gold coins and certified examples which pedigree the coins to the initial release at the Whitman Coin and Collectible Spring Expo held in Baltimore. For coins submitted at the show, PCGS has given a designation “Baltimore First Pitch” and NGC has given a designation of “Opening Day Releases”. The NGC holders also include the National Baseball Hall of Fame logo, with a portion of grading fees to benefit the organization.

Completed auction listings show the gold coins recently selling for prices ranging from about $650 to $700 per coin. Examples of any of the coins certified by PCGS or NGC with the special designations have been commanding even more substantial premiums. Examples of the certified and designated silver dollars and half dollars graded Proof-70 or MS-70 have sold for $400 and upwards. There have been fewer examples of the specially encapsulated gold coins to change hands, but sales prices for these have stretched into the thousands of dollars.

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  1. MarkInFlorida says

    My silvers are all listed as “EXPECTED TO SHIP 04/03/14” and yet today is 04/04/14. Wassup wit dat?

  2. Blair J Tobler says

    My silvers say the same, while both clads have gone to “in stock and reserved”

  3. GoldGuru says

    @Mt668866. …….seems everyone is frustrated over the HOF offering. Sometimes it carries over to this blog. To be bashed here is an honor! Just means your posts are st least being read. Not all are ever going to agree with you, & the bashing begins. ..just fire back! Trust me we’ve all been there. Especially me & AMY. Take it with a grain of salt. Keep on posting, all opinions matter. No harm no foul!

  4. stephen m says

    Dave, It would make sense to ship large orders first in order to get the large money first so I doubt if the mint is doing that. They should start shipping early bird orders pretty quick. GG, will you ask Amy about that please? Thank you.

  5. GoldGuru says

    @stephen m………already asked days ago. Doesn’t matter how large or small the order, 1st in 1st out, as usual. $ amt doesn’t matter.

  6. zeeman says

    Has anyone Gold Coins shipped yet? i have a story to tell you guys but not untill my coins are shipped.

  7. Zaz says

    Had two separate charges issued on the same day, first one for the bag, and the second for 4 HOF coins. The bag got shipped by ITSELF yesterday. Because it was a separate charge, consolidating the orders would screw up the computer programming as well as mess with the queue. It also appears that the computer games are finally settled and the dates have stopped rolling forward I have a couple of back ordered coins available for shipping 4/03 this morning — or Novitek’s network could be completely down??? “Customers broke the network” LOL

  8. GoldGuru says

    @ zeeman. ….no gold yet, just bags. I was told next Monday the 1st gold goes out. Of course today might be the day. I’ve been charged full amount. Tell us the story, the suspense is killing me.

  9. stephen m says

    I think I remember that now. There has been such a large number of post. Maybe we will see some shipping start over the weekend or early next week. I don’t think it was 1st in 1st out with the WP special silver eagle set. Hope that shipping fiasco never happens again. I don’t intend to flip and know mine will be here soon. I just want to see them in person. Do you think the TV people and large dealers purchased a large percentage of the gold and silver?

  10. GoldGuru says

    They purchase a large % of everything. That’s their bread & butter. Sad but true.

  11. ibex66 says

    Anyone’s CC actually gone beyond a pending charge in your CC account? Its my understanding a pending charge is just a pre authorization and not a finalized charge. Until that charge becomes finalized nothing is going to ship.

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Stephen m does the mint ship on weekends? I didn’t think they did but it’d be nice… Has anyone ever had a shipment go out on a weekend?

  13. Zaz says

    @GG, Stephen M: that figure is too conservative, probably almost 2/3rds of the first day orders went to the big boys. Most of them have a marketing dept that has a research division that’s got a pulse on the market by reading the dailies, sending people to shows to scour the marketplace, and constantly reading blogs like this one. They will dig deep for any highly hyped release and try to corner the market on those coins and set the secondary market pricing. Only in America. Free market economy.

  14. Dave says

    Good point on the pending vs. billed!
    My clad halfs are now both cc pending – one 4/2 the other today. Oh, the bag, too, is pending. Maybe they will ship all together after all.

  15. Pittsburgh P says

    Off topic… about the AtB 5oz scheduled to come out on the 7th. Is there a reason to get it from the mint for 154.95$ other than the case and CoA when I can order it now from AMPEX for 122$ and some change? Might be a dumb question but I only started collecting recently for my son and I & just got the 5 AtB from 2013 through AMPEX since the mint was sold out and they came in a capsule and were in perfect condition.

  16. stephen m says

    Pittsburg P, I don’t remember which offering it was long ago but it seems Sunday night something or an email about a shipment going out. I think there is a different shipping contractor now and I do not know if they ship or prepare for shipping on weekends.

  17. GoldGuru says

    @PittP. ….aren’t the ones @ Apmex the dealer version for $122? The mint version are UNC with P mintmark. 10% off the $154.95 with subscription from mint.

  18. stephen m says

    Zaz, 2/3rds would be a lot to gamble with but if that’s what they purchased it appears they have done well so far. Only in America.

  19. Mt668866 says

    I have seen a few post about grading and all the issues and I would like to get some opinions on what I should do. I am not really a avid coin collector but did start buying silver eagles and gold eagles for a investment down the road for retirement . My question is should I get my HOF’s graded or not and by who, by the time I get them will the graders be a little timid on giving 70’s since they are giving so many to the big flippers. I have an order for 2 gold proofs, 4 silver proofs, 2 silver unc, 3 clad proofs and 3 clad unc. If the gold ships within the 30 days do I open the box or wait and send them in? GG hope spelling is a little better, it’s funny someone asked what I was on lat night well I had a round of shots in my back yesterday total of 12 needles poked in my back and the 4 valium’s they gave before procedure sure made me feel so good WOW I want some more this morning LOL. FM I don’t know your situation on your back but I hade a fusion at S-1 and L-5 15 years ago and I have lived in misery since then. I do hope you got a 2 and even a 3 opinion because if your having a fusion it’s irreversible, by the way your not a plumber are you. Good luck FM.

  20. Pittsburgh P says

    GG thanks, you look to be right but I’m not sure. The 2013 ones I have all have the mint mark except the Rushmore and look to be unc but those could have been from the secondary market. So the Rushmore is prob a dealer version and I got lucky on the rest? I’ll have to inquire at AMPEX(wish Amy worked there!) Thanks again GG…

  21. Zaz says

    @stephen m: the big boys are in the business of making massive amounts of money from the unwary… The huge “household limit” of 100/200/200 HOF coins per order made it easier for us one-off little guys to place an order as the big boys got their fill early on and freed up bandwidth for other customers to get in on the action. This was not the case with the 5 per limit on the 2011 ASE anniversary sets, the site was solidly and consistently blocked for over six hours that day in October 2011, and I recall the website was down a portion of that time as well. It isn’t fair, but living and surviving in America has always been about trying to get crowned King of the mountain, and not about fairness!

  22. Pittsburgh P says

    Yep GG You were right… The ones at the mint are a limited run and AMPEX have the dealer version. They told me If they had a mint mark they were part of the limited mintage and if not they weren’t. They were all UNC. So they’re just bullion without the mint mark…

  23. GoldGuru says

    @PittP……if they have the “P” mintmark they are the collector version from the mint. If u didn’t get a box & COA, it could be some Apmex sent to be graded, & they didn’t get a. 69 or 70 grade, so the TPG’s send them back to Apmex ungraded. That’s the deal they have with all the bulk submissions. Then Apmex sells them as is.

  24. thePhelps says

    PittP… the collectors version is a frosted finish as well and the bullion is shinny with no mint mark

    If your planning on buying these this year – your best bet is to sign up for the subscription – and get the 10% discount. That knocks $15 off the P release – which of the 2 is thought to be the more desirable coin. The low mintage numbers for each version makes it tough to buy one version over the other to me – so I usually buy both.

  25. GoldGuru says

    Today is the last day to subscribe for the 1st ATB. You can always cancel the subscription after u get your coin, if u don’t want future ones. I also recommend to subscribe for the silver Eagle unc. to be released next week, you’ll get the 10% discount.

  26. Zaz says

    It’s too late to subscribe for the GSM-P release on Monday, just got an order # 43045xxx issued today. If you subscribe today it would start with the Shenandoah release next month. Also subscription orders never generate a confirmation email at the time of creation, so be aware they’ll ping your debit/cc or whatever you used for the subscription. Check back with your order history frequently. Funny, the GSM-P coins are backordered to 4-19…

  27. Jeffrey says

    HOF PROOF SILVER DOLLAR In stock and reserved
    HOF UNC SILVER DOLLAR 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/03/2014.
    HOF CLAD UNC In stock and reserved
    HOF PROOF CLAD HALF-DOLLAR In stock and reserved

    Bag should be here today.

    I called and was told that they show same status and the computers were slow to update.

    CC shows Pending charges for the 3 that are in stock & reserved.

  28. GoldGuru says

    @zaz……thanks for the info, as of last night u could still get the sub in. Didn’t bother to check today, just assumed since the release date isn’t till Monday.

  29. GoldGuru says

    @zaz…..my order is close to yours, #430487XX, but I haven’t been pinged for $.02. Has your cc been hit?

  30. GoldGuru says

    @zaz……..my order is close to yours, #430487XX, but I haven’t been pinged for $.02. Has your cc been hit for the .01 or .02?

  31. Zaz says

    Yes, the .02c is a pending charge as of this morning. Only the check if the card is still good, they won’t run the $283.85 charge until the GSM shows in stock and reserved and that could be anytime between 4-07 and 4-19…

    Anyone remember the charge for one Hot Springs coin back in late Apr. ’11 was for $284.90??? Now the same hunk of metal is half that initial price!!! You win some, you lose some in this “hobby!”

  32. Pittsburgh P says

    @GG and The phelps… thx for the input. Good advice too. I was going to wait to sign up for the subscription but I thought I had till Sunday. Thanks again

  33. Pittsburgh P says

    Zaz just read your post… oh well I’ll still sign up for the subscription, I guess I’ll have to pay full price on Monday.

  34. Pittsburgh P says

    Zaz I just subscribed and it said the first coin I’ll receive is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as my first coin… isn’t that the one released on Monday?

  35. SilverFan says

    Zaz is correct. If you order the 5 ounce ATB subscription now the next coin will be Shenandoah and not GSM. Don’t stress out though there will be plenty of these to go around.

  36. thePhelps says

    Congrats PittsP – sounds like you got in under the wire! This years coins are all winners…well except one – but even that one is better than what they have planned for next year.

  37. GoldGuru says

    To all…..I just called the mint, didn’t talk to AMY, but the cs rep told me NO gold HOF have shipped. Also, they will not ship on the weekend, at the earliest on Monday. She did say they are in the warehouse. As for BAGS, they still have them in stock. She said she would get an email when they were sold out. I asked about the bags because they do not show up on my ATB subscription order, so I thought they were finally sold out. She said on subscriptions u do not get a free bag, only on regular orders!! Bottom line. ….they still have bags. Thank Heaven !!

  38. GoldGuru says

    Also she said ATB subscriptions are being processed now & could start shipping on Monday.

  39. GoldGuru says

    FYI……Silver HOF’s are going quick. Just placed another order ! Email confirmation : Ship dates – PF on 7/7, UNC on 6/21. Why not get more? You can always cancel if these things tank! If they stay hot or get hotter, you’re in there!! U can always sell them to a baseball card shop or @ your local ballpark! If they tank….I’ll just stack them with my 2012SF & 2013WP sets that I have stacked to the ceiling, due to lack of interest! It’s only money! Gonna roll the dice….AGAIN. Also my email confirmation has a BAG listed !!

  40. Zaz says

    @GG: I’m with you there, someone who attended the coin forum in Virginia yesterday on another blog said that Dick Peterson, the head honcho at the Mint reported 316,000 total silver dollars sold as of yesterday 12:00 noon ET. They probably won’t last another week. Good call to stock up as you won’t be charged until much, much later with an anytime option to cancel, if they tank.

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    GG Agreed… just placed an order for 2 more each of the silver and even 1 each of the clad. Same ship by dates for the silver and 6/21 for clad unc but 4/10 for clad proof… order says in process already. I’ll prob get the clad proof from todays order before any gold! Canceled the bag though(regrets immediately after… maybe if I call Amy she’ll get it back on my order)…Imo I do think the silvers will sell out this weekend or early next week. We’ll see.

  42. GoldGuru says

    Still being hyped on TV, eBay, & in the baseball community, I think more people are going to jump on the bandwagon, causing a faster sellout. Like I said u have plenty of time to cancel before they ship if they tank. I think a lot of young ball players are going to ask Dad to get them one! Baseball season lasts a looong time. Word will get out nationwide & worldwide.

  43. GoldGuru says

    Once people see these coins live in person @shows or Flea markets, etc. I think they’ll want em. Even in 6 months if the current prices go south, you should still be able to double your $ !!! Not many coins carry a double your investment deal. I’d like to double my $ any old time. Right?

  44. AkBob says

    You better back the truck up before it’s too late. Got my truck loaded!!! We don’t get too many opportunities like this. Once the baseball fans and the public get wind of these and baseball season is a long one, these will be HOT for quite sometime, IMO. It’s a NO brainer, for me anyway. No risk no reward. How much risk is involved in a clad half dollar, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  45. CrazyK says

    Just wanted to point out that the mint did indeed ship me just the mint gift bag. The gold/silver proofs are reserved but not shipped, however, I have already received the bag…….

  46. Mike says

    Ordered my gold proof and uncirculated on the 27th of March at 6:00 PM and ordered two more on March 28th just got off the phone with the US Mint they told me my chances of receiving them are not looking good. Looks like I will not get them not to happy !

  47. Mike says

    MK they said my chances on both orders are not looking good unless a lot of people cancel orders or there credit card will not go through. I really do not think many people are going to cancel there orders on these coins. My chances are most likely 1 in 50.000 oh well.

  48. Hidalgo says

    @Mike – if you ordered your gold proof and uncirculated BHOF coins on March 27th at 6 PM, you likely ordered before the “waiting list” notice was posted. None of us are able to tell where the cutoff point will be, so you’ll have to wait and see.

    I recommend that you talk to a second US Mint representative. You will be amazed at how different representatives can provide you with completely different answers. If you receive different answers, then don’t give up hope.

    Considering the date and time that you placed your order, I would say that you have a good chance of receiving one or both of your gold coins. Don’t cancel your order(s). 🙂

  49. MK says

    Mike, I spoke to a mint rep this past Friday about the one gold proof coin order I placed on Thursday just after you at 6:11pm. She said she was 99% sure I would get the coin. So…. I guess it depends on who you talk to at the mint.

  50. Pittsburgh P says

    Mike… the first order at 6 on thurs. imo you have a decent shot at getting but the other I’d say no… I wouldn’t cancel it though since you never know. hopefully you’ll get something, good luck… Maybe order some silvers, but they might be gone as of now too! Can always get clad

  51. michael says

    Really they shipped my bag via overnight shipping. That’s why our country is broke, and the best part about it is they didn’t ever use USPS. What a joke thank’s no coins but a bag overnighted.

  52. Mike says

    Talked to ten different people at the mint today and got ten different answers not one good answer think I will just order the 2014 gold fifty dollar coin and forget about the hall of fame gold.

  53. Rudy says

    Just got this in an email:

    Date Shipped: 4/07/14

    Amount Charged : 138.80

    Tracking ID


    Items included in this shipment:

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF (B33) Qty : 1

    2. 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC (B34) Qty : 1

    3. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD PROOF (B35) Qty : 1

    4. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC (B36) Qty : 1

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