US Mint 2009 Lincoln Cent "Professional Life" Two Roll Sets

To round off coverage of the next 2009 Lincoln Cent release, here’s a look at the US Mint’s offering for the 2009 Lincoln Cent “Professional Life” Two Roll Sets.

The product includes one roll of 50 coins from the Philadelphia Mint and one roll of 50 coins from the Denver Mint that have “never been circulated”. The rolls are packaged in custom US Mint wrappers that indicate the design and mint of the coins.

The coins will officially go on sale August 13, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. Each roll set is priced at $8.95 and the US Mint has indicated an ordering limit of 5 per household. The product page is already available on the US Mint’s website here.

On the release date for the prior two roll set featuring the Formative Years design, the US Mint’s website was slowed to a crawl and became inaccessible for many. Collectors were rushing to place orders after the unexpected sell out of the first two roll set. The Birthplace design had sold out in less than two weeks with a sales total of 100,000 units (later adjusted to 96,000). The Birthplace Two Roll Sets quickly began selling for high premiums on the secondary market and still fetch about $100 per set. (current eBay auctions)

This quick sell out for the first Two Roll Set created the assumption that only the same number of sets would be available for the second release. This turned out not to be the case. Well over 100,000 Formative Years sets were sold from the release date through the opening weekend. The sets still remain on sale and have sold 297,520 units and counting.

The US Mint has not confirmed the total quantity that will be available for the Professional Life sets other than indicating that they are available “for a limited time only.” Based on their treatment of the prior release and other similar offerings, it seems likely that the Professional Life Sets will remain on sale until the next design is released, making the low run for the first design a one time occurrence.

On a related note, it seems likely that sales of the Formative Years Sets will end on August 13 to coincide with the release of the next design.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think that over time even if the numbers are over 225k they should still do well. But its so hard to say thess days. Perhaps one of the key things to do is to keep the mint box seald.

  2. Anonymous says

    You can't go wrong with the new pennies!

    I want to know more details on the "2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Proof Set" @ 8/26.

  3. vaughnster says

    I don't know why the mint doesn't abolish the 5 sets per household limit on the Formative Years set. Seems like they gave everyone more than enough time to get sets. Open it up to the rest of the collectors the last week.

  4. Scot n KY says

    I bet sales for LP3 will be HALF of the LP2's due to speculators not buying this time around! The Mint should have pulled the plug earlier on the LP2's

  5. Anonymous says

    Right now Linoln series pennies look very collectable. Being not much of a penny person these various designs have got me interested. Too bad they didn't do them on a commemorative silver half dollar. Not to change the subject but has anyone looked at the fractional gold buffaloes on ebay. Those things are headed for the moon.

  6. Anonymous says

    I knew the fractional gold Buffalo coins of 2008 would be special. I coughed up the dough to buy two of the uncirculated 4-coin sets. The uncirculated one ounce coin with the "W" Mint mark will end up being the KING of the gold Buffalo series. Less than 10,000 of them were minted, so there aren't very many to go around for anyone who wants to have a truly complete set of the 1 oz coins. That of course would require all of the regular bullion coins, proof coins and the 2008 W coin.

    Even at today's prices, the 1 oz uncirculated coin is a must buy. A lot of $$$ now, but it will yield a lot more $$$$$$$$$ later!

  7. Anonymous says

    I agree with the 08w buffalos post. I bought a 08w 1oz unc one for $1999 two weeks ago on ebay. I am not sure when the supplies will be dried up, but I think the days are numbered. Look at the big guys on ebay. Only a few of them are still selling 08 buffalos. I've been buying 08w fractionals too. Prices are up weekly, if not daily. I agree they are already expensive, but still rooms to go! Great investment even at the present prices.

  8. Mr. Met says

    Leave it to the gold bugs to pollute a thread about 2009 Lincoln pennies with their off-topic self-serving spam.

  9. Jeff says

    So the mint now has the proof set of Lincolns going on sell and has a schedual for the chronical set some were in the fall. Does any one have any idea what they will include.

  10. Anonymous says

    The proof set of Lincoln Pennies will include the same four copper proof cents that the 18-coin proof set has, but they will come in their own specially-decorated box with their own COA. The plastic lense containing the coins themselves will likely be indistinguishable from the one included in the 18-coin set, but the Mint MAY decide to make a change to that so you CAN tell the two apart. No picture of it has been published yet to my knowledge.

    As far as the Coin and Chronicles set goes, it will also include the same four copper pennies as the other proof sets, as well as a proof Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar. They will most certainly come packaged together in the same lense, the four cents surrounding the silver dollar. There will also be a copy of the Gettysburg Address and one or two other items with the set as I recall. They will be limited to 50,000 units (the number of unsold proof dollars), and will undoubtedly have a household limit of 1 set per household. Despite that, the sets WILL be sold out within 2 hours most likely. Prepare yourself for some HEAVY website lag on that day. I'll be there!

  11. Anonymous says

    So, correct me if i am wrong.

    The only difference between the "US Mint 2009 Lincoln Cents" and any other rolled 2009 Lincoln Cent is the paper (and that someone paid $8.95 to the US Mint to get them)?

  12. Anonymous says

    You are wrong. The paper has a post-hypnotic suggestion printed on it in invisible ink. Once yoiu see a picture of the rolls on the mint's web site, your higer brain functions shut sown, and yoiu get the uncontrollable urge to stand in line, or get on the phone and dial 1-80-USA MINT, and open your wallet. If you are especially volnurable, you will find yourself on ebay, with Paypal account informaton in hand, bidding uncontrollably. Look into my eyes…buy…buy…buy

  13. Anonymous says

    I have yet to get any of the new cents from the bank or circulation. So I bought from the Mint. They are actually fun to sort through for the gems and errors.

  14. Michael says

    In response to the question about the difference between the US Mint's Two Roll Sets and other rolls-

    Yes, the cents inside are the same as those struck for circulation and found in rolls from other sources. Only the wrappers are different, and the US Mint also packages them in a white box.

  15. Anonymous says

    I find many of the posts about the 2009 Lincoln pennies to be of great interest, primarily because it gives me a pulse of what others are thinking about these commemorative coins.

    First of all, I am a coin collector, not a coin investor. So when I see folks buying scores of rolls of the 2009 Lincoln pennies or the Territories Washington quarters, I find it hard to believe that many
    believe that these coins will increase significantly in value. Millions of these coins are being produced, they are being hoarded, and simply put, they are not rare in uncirculated condition, despite their relatively low mintage numbers. Because of the plentiful supplies that exist, demand will drop, which in turn, causes values to drop because fewer people are willing to buy items at a higher price.

    What US mint items that will likely increase in value in the future are those items that unexpected sell out. Great examples are the 2009 Lincoln log cabin rolls and the Harrison dollar rolls. Also, some coins that you can't get anywhere else or that came in one-year issue sets. I think you know what these are.

    I've found that it's very difficult to predict coin values in the future. You have to be lucky. And for every success you have, their probably will be an equal number of misses. I had breaking even or even losing out when speculating future values. So I stopped buying multiples, hoping some would appreciate in value. I now buy coins because I enjoy collecting. If any of my purchases increase in value, that's an added bonus. If not, then I'm OK with it, since I bought it to fill a hole in my collection.

  16. Anonymous says

    Wow. That was too easy. My order for the new pennies was completed at 12:03. For those keeping track, the number was 32613xxx.

  17. Anonymous says

    Gotta lone THE MINT ,order placed within first 5 mins. "BACKORDERED" Expcected ship 8/19..:(

  18. Anonymous says

    I was in at 12:00 (CDT), order placed and out at 12:02 (CDT)…#32613XXX.

    Based on the historical slowness of the US Mint's ordering system, I felt it was necessary to add the timezone to my post. Typically I order at 12:00 in one timezone and it goes through at 12:00 in another timezone.

  19. Anonymous says

    Anyone notice or care :

    8/26/2009 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Proof Set*

    * Shipping is expected to begin in late November.


  20. Anonymous says

    ordered two sets of the LP3 roll sets on the subscription program june 24. expected shipping date 8-17-09 then they changed the shipping date on 8-12 to ship on 8-13-09, last night the shipping date was changed to 8-30-09.DISGUSTING!

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