US Mint 2010 Silver Proof Set

On August 26, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET, the 2010 Silver Proof Set will go on sale at the United States Mint. This set contains 14 different proof coins, with 7 struck in a composition of 90% silver.

Each 2010 Silver Proof Set includes the following coins:

(1) 2010-S Proof Lincoln Cent – the first year of the new Union Shield design.

(1) 2010-S Proof Jefferson Nickel

(1) 2010-S Proof Roosevelt Dime – struck in 90% silver.

(5) 2010-S America the Beautiful Quarters – struck in 90% silver and featuring Hot Springs National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Mount Hood National Forest.

(1) 2010-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar – struck in 90% silver.

(1) 2010-S Native American Dollar – featuring the Hiawatha Belt design.

(4) 2010-S Proof Presidential Dollars – featuring Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln

It’s worth noting that all of these coins have previously been released by the United States Mint in other proof sets except for the 90% silver Kennedy Half Dollar and Roosevelt Dime.

The 14 coins of the 2010 Silver Proof Set are packaged in three separate plastic lenses and placed within an outer cardboard box with certificate of authenticity. The sets are priced at $56.95 with no stated maximum production and no household ordering limits.

The price of the set represents an increase of $4 compared to the cost of the 2009 Silver Proof Set. Last year’s set contained 18 different coins with 8 coins struck in 90% silver. The price increase follows suit with the previously released 2010 annual sets, although in this case the pricing is more easily justified by the higher price of silver.

When last year’s set went on sale on July 17, 2009, silver was $13.16 per ounce yielding a silver value per set of $19.99. Using silver’s current price of $18.40 per ounce, the silver value per 2010 Silver Proof Set is $24.63. For the calculations, I used Coinflation’s Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator.

Sales trends for the currently available 2010 annual sets suggest lower final sales will be achieved for each set compared to the 2009 versions. Likely, the 2010 Silver Proof Set will follow suit. The last reported sales figure for the 2009 Silver Proof Set was 694,406.

Coin Update News: Latest US Mint Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    Speaking of 2010 coins, I finally got a "D" dime and a "P" Yellowstone quarter in change yesterday. Out of a coffee vending machine in a hospital in Franklin, N.C. I love bison or buffalo and I bet that one will look great on the 5 oz'ers. But, alas, can't afford to get one, this silver set will probably be the last purchase for me, rest of the year. Thanks Sir Mike, you are all over the place right now with various and timely information. Keep on doing the great work !!!! I vote you next "MINT DIRECTOR" ! Tim

  2. Anonymous says

    None of the coins in the set are worth my time or money. I will continue to avoid these annual products as they have horrendous coins in them. Scrunched illustrations on a quarter, ugly old presidents on 99% of the coins, edge inscriptions on certain coins (which are hardly visible due to the container). No thanks. I'd take a silver eagle or classic coin over this rubbish anytime. I'm done playing into the US Mint's collector manipulation game.

    Instead of buying some of these sets, I've opted for a mint state G$1 Indian for my type set. I'm much more satisfied with this coin than any of these sets could provide.

  3. The Dude says

    18 different coins with 8 in silver for in 2009 for $54.95. vs 14 different coins with 7 in silver in 2010 for $56.95. No Thanks Dudes!

  4. Falcon says

    A earlier message has it right. I wish we could vote for the Mint Director. You have timely and insightful posts. I would rather vote for a person who knows coins then have a politician given the job. I would certainly vote for you.

  5. Anonymous says


    My Jane Pierce Proof coin arrived yesterday. It appears to have a thin line "gold shaving" across the bottom from the edge, right below the date and mint mark, stretching onto the corner of the portrait. It's not a scratch or a part of the coin itself, but rather might have been some sort of residue from the die that got onto the coin somehow. It does not appear to be attached to the coin itself very much, but it might be on the portrait part. It's very hard to tell, even under a 16X loupe. Is this considered an error that makes it worth more, or should I return it for a replacement?

  6. Anonymous says

    A significant error would be a doubled die or die clash. If this is removable (very very carefully) and the coin is a good specimen it would be a keeper.

  7. Falcon says

    Does anyone know what is going on with the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters subscriptions? No sets are shown from the mint and no release date.

  8. Anonymous says

    Sorry but I have to say this, for all you Jacka??es that thought gold had popped or is going to pop dont you wish you had bought some at $900 or $1000 or $1200…Gold will hit $1325 – $1350 by end of this year and if you are looking for a better play buy Silver!

  9. Anonymous says

    wouldn't be cool if the silver set meant that all coins were silver, silver penny, silver $1 etc. that would be worth buying

  10. Anonymous says

    Yeah, that would be cool. The set would cost an arm and a leg, though. Still, the novelty factor would make the first years' set sell like hotcakes!

  11. Anonymous says

    From my earlier post about finding the dime and quarter in change. The dime is superb, the quarter however is another story. It would probably be AU, no scratches or abrasions, but the quality is not what you would expect from a brand new coin. Under a 6x magnifier, there are plenty of smudges, looks like embedded spots, and just really a nasty coin in the workmanship. Oh well, whats new? My Silver Proof had better not look like that or that is it. Back to our friends to the North or older US beauties. Tim

  12. Anonymous says

    An all silver set would blow previous years and mintage's out of the water, but that is "common sense", and in government, forget it. Just think of all the money they would make, however, whoever grabbed the credit for it would have a head swollen as big as a "buffalo".

  13. Anonymous says

    To commenters above re: a true silver set with all coins 90% silver. The mint would have to introduce some unique element into the design of any new all silver coins to slow down a scam involving silver plated pennies, nickels, and dollars that would most likely develop. Perhaps the "W" or "S" mint mark is enough of a deterrent. Its all just a pipe dream exercise anyway.

  14. Anonymous says

    Soooo…are you implying there is currently "a scam involving silver plated quarters, dimes and half?
    Give me a break…you are another "paranoid" fool!!

  15. Anonymous says

    Yes, there is currently a scam in place. The goobermint is passing off tin plated zinc quarters as real money. The scam is working because people use them in commerce.

  16. Anonymous says

    I don't consider "zinc" quarters as a scam…they are what they are …25 cents regardless of what they are made of. Just like a dollar bill is cottton/lent paper, but a $100 bill is a $100 bill, so what is your point??

  17. Anonymous says


    You're wrong, that quarter dollar is only truly worth around 4 cents or so. Sure it's accepted here, because of the fact that people are brainwashed into what they believe is money. The amount of seigniorage is ridiculous on most of the coins. In fact, Michael has outlined in one of his articles that the mint scores big time off producing dollar coins, that result into large seigniorage margins, which make their operations look much better than if the program wasn't in place. In his article he states "In the most recent fiscal year, seigniorage earned through the production of $1 coins was $318.7 million." Simply stunning.

    Sure it's third party monopolized currency that is legal tender in the United States. However, most people don't know what money really is (early US coins used to be closer to face value of the coin). How can something be money if the money itself isn't of fair inherited value (or at least closer to face value)? How is it fair that our money can be so easily manipulated by untrustworthy people within the government? Just ask yourself that. I'm not trying to make this a political thing or anything, but it's just the reality of the situation in the United States. I think it's relevant to the topic too because the offering of silver US coin sets as a "luxury" or a "good" is a big slap in the face to our early ancestors, who would never take this crap.

  18. Anonymous says

    Don't forget the FRN (federal reserve NOTE) is also a scam. What is a "note" in banking terms? A note in banking terms means something is owed. If I have a one dollar FRN in my pocket what is owed? What will you get if you go down to a Federal Bank to collect? Four genuine quarters? I guess that may be an improvement. You get 16 cents worth of tin and zinc metal for a piece of paper. Didn't we used to get gold and silver in exchange? Sha Zam. Maybe people will wake up one day. Probably not.

  19. Anonymous says

    I think I will pick up a set. It would be nice if the mint ALSO made an uncirculated silver strike for each NP quarter and packaged it (maybe with a silver proof too) with the 5 Oz bullion replica for each design. Just think how crazy collectors would be for something like this. I'd go for the full set. Hint – Hint Mr Moy!

  20. Anonymous says

    At this point, we'll just be lucky if we can get our hands on ANY of the 5 oz. silver coins. I hope they get a good enough distribution that I can get some from an "authorized purchaser" as opposed to the secondary market! They will likely sell out so fast, the secondary market will be the only option for a lot of people.

    The Mint keeps hinting at plans of selling proof versions next year, but what's the point of that since there will be no proof versions of the 2010's? Who would want an incomplete set?

  21. Anonymous says

    Man, the Zachary Taylor "direct ship" rolls are already sold out. That was practically over before it started! I ordered 4 boxes, but admittedly I only did it because I want to search them for those 2010 date errors like the one found in a Native American roll. I know it won't happen, but you can't blame a guy for trying!

  22. Anonymous says


    Exactly. I would have seriously considered collecting the 5 ouncers in proof condition, but not if they completely skip the first 5 or 10 in the series. There is a complete disconnect from collectors and the concept of collecting when it comes to the mint and their decisions. They are grossly inept.

    Same goes for the ATB Unc sets they put up subscriptions for. Where are they?

  23. Anonymous says

    I waited to buy the 2010 uncirculated and proof sets till the silver proofs were available to save on shipping. Wonder if there will be a spike in sales of the first two now that all three are available to complete annual series books.

  24. Anonymous says

    I waited to buy the 2010 uncirculated and proof sets till the silver proofs were available to save on shipping. Wonder if there will be a spike in sales of the first two now that all three are available to complete annual series books.

    Still waiting for the SAE's

  25. Anonymous says

    To 4:47…I disagree…I think the 2010 Proof Buffalo with a mintage of over 26,000 and counting will NOT be a "winner".
    Please explain & convince me otherwise.

  26. Anonymous says

    Any gold coins including buffalos will be winners because they are gold. Mintage may or may not help.

  27. Anonymous says

    Buffalo is the nicest looking gold coin this year and the most "pure" gold available.
    Buchanan will have max mintage for gold spouse and a crappy reverse.
    Gold is nicer to look at than platinum and has much greater world wide appeal.
    Buff will sell well under 1000/week and if discontinued sooner than expected will have instant large premium.
    May fetch '08 prices or more if early d/c.

  28. Anonymous says


    I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the 2010 Proof Buffalo having an "instant large premium" at this point regardless of the final mintage, and it most certainly will not approach the 2008's in price. They are in a class all by themselves, and will most likely never be eclipsed.

  29. Anonymous says

    Obviously, I'm having trouble "dumping" by unattractive Buffalo with gold prices plummeting and all of the other nicer looking gold alternatives this year. Those slow Buffalo sales will make them even more difficult to dump in the future.

  30. Anonymous says

    It's true that sales are pretty slow right now, but there's no guarantee that the Mint won't keep selling the 2010 Buffalo Proof until the end of this year or beyond. They might keep selling them until they get close to the 50,000 level again. Not a magical number as far as Buffalo Proofs are concerned.

    What hurts it is that it is not a "type" coin, like the 2009 Ultra High Relief. It continues to distance itself from the spot price of gold, because you can't simply pick up a similar 2008 or 2010 coin instead. It's the 2009 or bust. Despite the 115,XXX mintage, it continues to command a nice premium.

    No, it appears that the 2010 Proof Buffalo is destined to be just another year in the series, gold spot plus a modest premium.

  31. Anonymous says

    Sorry about hijacking silver proof set (big rip off!) thread, but the current proof Buffalo is under 30k and if gold demand goes up the Mint can, and will, discontinue proof buff production with no further notice and prices could soar. Not likely but certainly possible. Don't see a down side to the '10 buff. Buchanan liberty will have max mintage and like the Jeff liberty, may not have much premium (Jeff reverse 100x nicer than Buchanan reverse).
    Time will tell.
    I think the silver '08 sets do not demand any premium over the clad. If true, we should take a lesson, although th '10 clads are a big government rip off also.

  32. Anonymous says

    I'm not buying any of the 2010 sets from the Mint. If I buy them at all, it will be on the secondary market later on, and only if they sell for a few dollars less than issue price by then. If they go up, then I'll just do without.

  33. Anonymous says

    Good grief, this costs a dollar more than last years Lincoln Chronicles set. Way to go "us mint" (lowercase intentional). We need a silver coin commemorative to honor "COMMON SENSE". Something that is very lacking in 2010.

  34. Anonymous says

    It's official, no order limits for Buchanan Liberty (see "coming soon" on Mint website). Certain to reach max mintage with few other good precious metal choices this year. Poor reverse design and high gold prices possibly may hold off a quick sell out.
    I think Glen Beck mentioned something about "taking back the mint" with Michael as it's new director…maybe my wishful thinking.

  35. JA says

    I've bought 10 sets of each of the annual mint silvers for the last 2 years.

    I think I'm going to be keeping a couple and putting the rest on Ebay shortly.

    I thought I could afford to buy 10 every year but there's no way that I can.

  36. Anonymous says

    Silver proof set came in today. Not very impressed. Lots of spots and lint inside the lens. The quarters looked best and the president dollars were the worst. One would probably need to order a quantity to get a nice set, and still no guarantee then. Good luck.

  37. Anonymous says

    Sorry for shouting, but collecting silver proofs for decades, these are the worst! Penny with ugly spots, ALL presidental dollars with irregular surfaces. Lint under seals with mini-pieces of brown cardboard material as well. Quarters all look poorly struck. They are going back. What a disppointment!

  38. Anonymous says

    All of you speculator are funny. Expecting a sell out? The problem with coins that are very popular is that everyone wants one to the point that when it comes time to dump them, no one wants them. Why? Because they already have one.

    So supplies are high, demand is low, and you'll find that you'll only get the spot price for gold and maybe a few bucks more because it's a proof coin.


  39. Anonymous says

    Dude, I think you are on the wrong thread. This is about lousy quality silver proof sets. You may be correct in that the Julia Tyler bubble may be bursting as witnessed by the current ebay listings.

  40. Anonymous says

    Speaking of silver – what is up with the Silver Eagles ? How can the Mint of all entities not be able to find enough silver bullion ? It can't be because the price is too high – they just raise the retail prices and the public will pay anything at this point…

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