US Mint Circulating Coin Production November 2013

centUpdated circulating coin production figures are now available from the United States Mint. The latest monthly total once again exceeds the production of the the year ago period.

For the month of November 2013, total circulating coin production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities fell just short of the billion mark at 991.14 million pieces. This amount was down from the previous month when 1.22 billion pieces were struck. However, it was up by 29.43% compared to the year ago period of November 2012 when production had reached 765.76 million pieces.

For the year to date, production has now reached 11.62 billion pieces. This amount exceeds the full annual production of the prior year by a fairly wide margin. During 2012, total annual production had reached 9.34 billion pieces.

The table below displays the latest production figures broken down by denomination and mint facility. The first number column represents the production for November 2013, while the second number column represents production for the year to date.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Oct 2013 YTD 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 230.80 M 3,242.80 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 332.80 M 3,624.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 40.32 M 602.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 60.72 M 595.68 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 77.00 M 1,001.00 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 90.50 M 1,056.00 M
Quarters – Denver 75.00 M 801.20 M
Quarters – Phil. 78.00 M 650.80 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 2.80 M 4.60 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 3.20 M 5.00 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 14.01 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.45 M
Total 991.14 M 11,620.98 M

The stand out within the current figures is the new production of circulating half dollars. According to the figures provided, the US Mint struck an additional 2.8 million pieces at the Denver Mint and 3.2 million pieces at the Philadelphia Mint. Before this month, the US Mint had only struck 1.8 million pieces at each mint facility during March and April. This amount had effectively matched the 2012 half dollar production of 1.7 million pieces at Denver and 1.8 million pieces at Philadelphia.

Currently, the half dollar is not distributed for circulation, but only sold within numismatic bags and rolls. Current bag and roll sales suggest around 2.5 million half dollars have been sold across both mints, which makes the additional production seem unnecessary.

Although I have not been able to confirm, it is possible that the latest half dollar production is for 2014-dated coins. In the coming year, production would presumably be higher due to the 50th anniversary of the coin and the offering of potential special products. The 2014 product schedule released earlier this week shows the 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar bags and rolls going on sale in February.

rushmore2013 Mount Rushmore Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins

In other news, the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins have sold out. The US Mint is now completely sold out of the 2013-dated numismatic five ounce silver coins.

The White Mountain design had sold out on October 9, followed by the Great Basin design on November 19, the Perry’s Victory design on November 25, and the Fort McHenry design on December 3.

The Mount Rushmore design was available for the shortest amount of time, having gone on sale November 7 and selling out on a little over a month later on December 12.

This week’s sales report indicated total sales of 23,477 units with the pace of sales accelerating following the other sell outs. It seems likely that the US Mint may have sold the entire maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces.

In contrast, the other four designs for this year sold out at levels below the 25,000 maximum. Last reported sales range from a low of 17,716 for Perry’s Victory to a high of 20,530 for White Mountain.

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  1. MarkInFlorida says

    The bullion Rushmore puck is also sold out at Mint at 35,000 production but most dealers still have some (APMEX, Provident NWMint). Wonder how long before they are gone. Might be a good one.

  2. thePhelps says

    Michael… not nit picking…. but the title is misspelled. Might be good to correct before archiving.

    Mark – I also thought the bullion would be a good one and grabbed a few of them.

  3. says

    Although I have not been able to confirm, it is possible that the latest half dollar production is for 2014-dated coins. In the coming year, production would presumably be higher due to the 50th anniversary of the coin and the offering of potential special products.

    I hadn’t even thought about that, but it makes the most sense of all the theories proposed so far. Thanks, Michael.


    I would not be surprised if this sellout of the Mt. Rushmore AtB-Ps encourages buyer to acquire the bullion as well. It will be interesting to see how high the demand is for Mt. Rushmore. If you see the dealers start to raise premiums on the piece, you’ll know it’s hot.

  4. Brad says

    I bought one of those APMEX “Mint Direct” sealed tubes of 10 bullion coins, as well as an encapsulated single bullion coin of Mount Rushmore. 35,000 is not a large mintage for such a popular site as Rushmore. I felt there was little risk involved in owning extras of that one. The sealed tube might be attractive for someone who may be seeking coins that (supposedly) have not been cherry-picked to submit for grading.

    I also bought four of the “P” version from the Mint. Again, there’s very little downside potential I would think, despite the full mintage of 25,000 coins.

  5. AkBob says

    I too purchased 2 rolls of the Mt Rush for a total of 20 ccoins. I have been purchasing a roll of each but the one’s I feel are popular I try to buy 2 rolls. If they go up great, if not, I’m still stacking silver. I would have to agree with CO that with the “P” puck sold out the bullion won’t be far behind. I can’t wait for the 2014’s to come out. I sure appreciate all the tips and information I get from this blog. I look forward to reading this everyday. Happy collecting to ALL and Happy Holidays as well.

  6. AkBob says

    I really don’t worry about that as the ones that do will be just bullion value and hopefully there won’t be too many of them. I don’t even look at the coins as I don’t want to take a chance on damaging them so I just look at the rolls. LOL It is a nice sight to see those Monster Boxes of 5 oz AtB’s. I have purchased graded coins that have had spots on them so there’s really no guarantee you won’t have that happen to you and I’ve even heard that spots can occur once the coin has been incapsulated so we all take our chances in some form or another, I guess. We all collect what we like or what we think will go up in value as I’ve purchased coins that I didn’t really care for but I knew it would go up in value and those are the ones that are VERY easy to sell.

  7. Jon in CT says

    I suspect the extra Kennedy halves produced last month carry the 2013 mint mark and will be used next year as part of a special Kennedy half-dollar set. More people associate 1963 with Kennedy than any other year, so including a 1963+50=2013 coin will greatly increase the attraction of such a Kennedy set. Also, when was the last time the Mint offered a special set of circulating coins which included more than a single year’s mint mark?

  8. Brad says


    No, because the roll has the APMEX clear plastic seal around it to signify that it’s supposed to be straight out of the monster box and unopened. As such, the coins inside will be sold “as is.” We have to take APMEX’s word for it that the rolls really are unopened, though. For all we know, they fill them with their rejected “scruffy” coins and put the seal around the tubes as “Mint Direct”! 🙂

  9. Don says

    Are the production figures for 2013 dated coins only? If so, the speculation that the highly increased Kennedy half mintage is the result of 2014 dated Kennedys being minted in preparation for the upcoming sets is questionable.
    Rather, I believe that the production figures for the 2013 Kennedys were transposed with the production totals for the NA $1. coins, as they appear in adjoining columns on the Mint page that gives the 2013 coin production totals through early December. The 3.6 million figure for the NA $1. is more align to what the mintage figure has been for the Kennedy half for the past several years, not 9.6 million.
    Further, I don’t think circulating Kennedys are planned for the planned 2014 set(s). It is usually uncirculated and proof versions that are incorporated into coin sets.

  10. Don says

    Jon in CT:

    I understand your reasoning, but wouldn’t you think that this year’s 2013 Kennedys would be selling like hotcakes? Not the case.

  11. stephen m says

    I agree with some that the Mount Rushmore looks very popular, and no doubt it is, but I think the price of silver could be playing an equal role for the demand of the 5 ozers. The price looks equally attractive as the coin. Wish I had stayed in after that first year now but got out because I speculated spot silver to go to $50 and thought it would be over budget for me to stay in. My hindsight is still 20/20.

  12. VARich says

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter Launch – January 29, 2014, 10 a.m. ET

    Road Trip may be in order!

  13. Erik H says

    I just received my SP70 Rushmore and it’s definitely one of my favorites (El Yunque #1 for me so far). I almost didn’t buy it but my OGP had a few minor nicks so I thought I should get a backup before they sold out, I’m glad I did. Prices are already $40+ higher than yesterday.

  14. Don says

    Just couple more thoughts on the Kennedy halves before I sign out for the night:
    Is there the possibility that the 50 year run of the Kennedy series will come to an end with the issuing of the special 2014 sets?
    Will 2013 be the last year of the circulating quality (Mint bags and rolls) Kennedys? If the current 9.6 million mintage figure is indeed correct for the 2013 Kennedys, might we expect, in the near future, a Mint announcement of the cessation of circulating Kennedys after this year? Perhaps the Mint is anticipating a big run on the 2013 dated Kennedys following such an announcement and are adjusting their mintage accordingly.
    Of course my comments are purely speculative, but you never know.

  15. Darek says

    After seeing 5 oz coins sold out in a month or two I think we may see 2013 First Spouse gold coins to by history by the February next year.

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    OK, First things first. What in the name of everything Holy are we doing with 6.9 Billion Pennies?? Or the 6+ Billion in 2012??

    WRT the Kennedy Halves, I’d offer the following thought. People, as a whole, are fickle about what they celebrate and why. Well, not including college students!! We, as a Nation, recognized the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s asassination with great ceremony this year. We, as collectors (and a much smaller sub-set of the nation), are waiting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half with an equal amount of ceremony in 2014.

    I went back through Michael’s and the Mint’s archives to take a closer look at the Kennedy productions, and here’s what I found. Between 2009 and 2013, total Kennedy production has been 3.8M, 3.5M, 3.45M, 3.5M and, prior to this most recent report, 3.6M stikes per respective year.

    As of the most recent Mint sales report, 2013 UNC Kennedy sales across all products is approx 2.8M coins. If the Mint were interested in marketing a product to a Nation, production would have increased well in advance of November, and they would have been much more aggressive with their, otherwise lame, advertising. Maybe, even going so far as inserting the 2013 coins into circulation.

    Given the time of year and the fact that the Mint usually markets their numismatic products to collectors, I have to believe that these 6M additional Kennedys represent a run-up on 2014 Anniversary UNC coins. Depending on the type of set they create, though, can they really expect to sell 2+ million sets over and above their usual bag and roll sales?

  17. Louis says

    Sorry guys and ladies- But the set planned for next year to honor the 50th anniversary of the JFK half will have 2014-dated coins. As several have noted, they are not marking the 50th anniv. of the death, it is of the coin. We have never to my knowledge issued a coin to mark the death of anyone. There is no reason for 2013 coins to be part of the sets, and you could not in today’s market sell 2 million of anything. And so the mystery of the 2013 mintage and consequent speculation continues….

  18. Two Cents says

    VABEACHBUM, you may have hit on something, when you mentioned about the Mint releasing Kennedy halves into circulation.

    Let’s assume, as Michael speculates, that the additional millions of halves are 2014-dated coins.

    The Mint could make them available next year in a face-value, bulk-purchasing program (such as the one that was discontinued) with no shipping charges, in order to encourage people to catch and release the coins into circulation.

    Another alternative is a special promotion with a major retailer — remember the Sacagewea $1 rollout with Walmart and with Cheerios?

    Or possibly a major coin company (or companies) has let the Mint know that they will be ordering a significant amount of 2014-dated Kennedy halves next year for their own sales or promotion.

    What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous ’64 Kennedy Half than to give it the widest distribution possible (preferably at face value).

  19. joe says

    I guess I’m an oddball, but I like the Fort McHenry coin best out of the 2013 5 ouncers. What disappointed me about the Mount Rushmore reverse was that only a couple presidents are showing…and not much of them either (except their noses). The FM coin shows the Fort with Old Glory waving and the “bombs bursting in air”…straight out of our national anthem. Also, FM is more than an monument; it’s a part of our national history (War of 1812, Civil War, WW1, WW2). Conversely, MR is just a monument (albeit a pretty cool monument) with little historical significance other than images I can see on my fiat currency (Roosevelt excepted).

    The FM coin is probably one of my favorite NP designs because it really sums up what makes the monument (and our country) so special.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion…

  20. Zaz says

    @Louis: There has been one coin to mark the death anniversary of Washington, the Laura Gardin Fraser design for the quarter that was passed up in favor of the Flanagan design in ’32. Issued as a $5 gold coin in 1999. So a Kennedy death commemorative with the existing ’13 half dollar would have some precedent and merit.

  21. dan says

    You are not alone on your thoughts on the Fort McHenry coin, I also like it the best of the 2013 coins. I had been waiting for it to be released so that I could take one and make it the centerpiece of a framed set along with the Star Spangled Banner Coins of 2012. Now it just comes down to the proper layout and background.

  22. gary says

    My ATB “fave” for 2013 is White Mountain, next is Great Basin. So great to get a 2013-P 5oz. 5 coin set this year from the Mint so “cheep” with silver so ridiculously low.
    I hope 2014-P Great Smoky comes out @155 too. Either way, I think it’ll come out “smokin'” I think, because of the design.

  23. says

    Just throwing this out there, but people have discussed in the past the possibility of the Mint retiring the Kennedy half dollar at its 50th anniversary, and if they announced this I’m sure people would start scooping up rolls. Does the mint have the authority to stop producing halves on their own, or would they need Congressional authorization?

  24. thePhelps says

    CO… I don’t believe the mint can stop issuing the coin unless directed by congress to do so. That said I think the mint has been given a lot more latitude in the last couple of years so who knows.

    I might be an odd duck on this one – but the Kennedy half has never been a favorite of mine. I think it might be because the Franklin half is/was and the only reason it ended was because of the Kennedy release. I will buy the special issue release next year – because I have most of the others and it would be dumb to miss out on this release.

    My 2013 5 ounce favorites… Fort McHenry – Rushmore and White Mountain I think next years releases are on target to hit 25k for most of the coins. I plan on buying multiples of them all – even the Dunes which I think is the poorest of them – maybe the poorest of the entire series.

  25. Brad says


    Yes, I also think that the 2013 First Spouses won’t hang around nearly as long as the 2012’s. It seems plausible that the Mint will end up having to melt around 2,000+ total of the remaining 2012 coins due to overproduction. Since there’s five designs for 2013 instead of the usual four, the Mint may cut back production to avoid having a large melt required next December. The only thing that may make them avoid cutting production too much is if they think the lower issue prices for the 2013’s versus the 2012’s will result in higher sales. I mean, I paid $1,004 for each proof and $991 for each unc for the 2012’s. Ouch! But, how was I supposed to know that all but the Alice Paul proof would available until 12/31/13?

    Still, I’m ordering my 2013’s as they come out despite the possibility of further price reductions. I’ve already overpaid for one 2013, since I bought Ida McKinley for $840 and $820 (plus $4.95 shipping). But, I’ve gotten the rest for $815 and $795 with free shipping. The promotion has been extended again, so I’ll even get the free shipping for the Edith Wilsons too.

  26. ClevelandRocks says

    I think the ugliest ATB is the “Big Nose” with lines on the coin, and a Lilliputian attacking with a hammer. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  27. Don says

    According to the 2014 Mint Product Schedule, the Kennedy half dollar rolls and bags are due out in February, therefore confirming that these products will still be available and not discontinued for next year.
    The speculation that the highly increased 2013 Kennedy circulation quality mintage (bags and rolls) could be due to the early minting of 2014 dated Kennedys does have some merit. Perhaps the Mint wants to get the production of these out of the way so they can concentrate on the 2014 Kennedy collector sets.

  28. HIdalgo says

    I checked eBay to see how well the Mount Rushmore 5 ounce P silver coins were selling, now that they have sold out. As I expected, since a sell out was expected and there was no real “surprise,” uncertified coins are selling (in general), for $200 or less at this time. I do not expect secondary market prices to increase with time, despite the popularity of the Mount Rushmore theme.

    When one considers eBay and Paypal fees, it makes you wonder if buying the coins from the US Mint and reselling them at a later time on eBay is worth the trouble of packaging and sending them. Of course, if you’re a dealer, then it could make a difference since you wouldn’t have to be so concerned with selling your coins on eBay.

    To each, his (or her) own.

  29. Nick says

    I have to agree with joe, ft mchenry is the most beautiful. I am very excited for smokey mountain!! And of the past years El Yunque and Hawaii are my favorites. I wish I had picked them up. I received my first puck a month ago

  30. ClevelandRocks says

    Just picked up an Bitcoin PCGS FS MS70!

    Seriously, my favorite ATB is El Yunque (especially the bullion strike) followed by Hot Springs (SP), Hawaii, and White Mountain.

  31. Ray says

    Ft McHenry is also my favorite. It is the only one that II bought both the bullion and P versions.

    @thePHelps, I am in the same small boat, the Kennedy half really doesn’t do anything for me. I always thought it was odd that Kennedy went on the half, and not the non-existent dollar in 64, yet 5-6 years later they put Eisenhower on the dollar. That all seems odd and out of place to me. I wonder if there was any thought of putting Kennedy on a dollar coin back in 63/64.

  32. CarlosDC says

    Sounds like most are simply enjoining their 5 oz ATB coin purchases. Why all the doomsday, secondary market news from somebody here.

  33. Louis says

    Those who followed the tip from Matt I think it was about the Rushmore PCGS MS69 DMPL’s at APMEX made a smart move. They were $200, now $270 at APMEX, and on e-Bay latest sales at $300 and $328.

  34. Wes says

    I have no problem with Kennedy being on the Halve dollar and replacing Franklin. I personally don’t care for the Franklin Halves and think they should have kept the Walking Liberty on the Half. Ben is on the 100 dollar note where he belongs.

  35. Erik H says

    I have been collecting all the ATB Silver Quarters & some of the 5 oz “P” for the designs that I like. As for the Fort McHenry, the fireworks on the 5 oz “P” didn’t do it for me. However on a DCAM silver quarter it looks good. Somebody commented recently that they preferred the bullion version 5 oz Fort Mc Henry because the “Fireworks” looked good. So basically beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  36. mark says

    Louis.. it was me who recommened the rushmore ms69 dmpl for $202.00. Funny thing I forgot to order that day(Wednesday) because of a long day at work. Woke up Thursday morning and was pissed because I forgot. Went to apmex web site and the price had dropped to $197.00 with free shipping only for that day. So I placed a order for 20 of them .

  37. HIdalgo says

    I have seen or heard of all coins in assorted multi-coin US Mint sets (e.g., Limited Edition Silver Proof set, 2008 W Buffalo gold coin sets, 2011 American Eagle 25th anniversary sets, etc) all grading as MS70/PR70. What are the odds that all coins in one set will grade out as MS70 or PR70?

    When I see auctions for such sets on eBay, I would think that the seller cherry picked the graded coins from multiple graded sets and sold them under one eBay auction.

    Would you agree?

  38. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I had posted the APMEX sale on Wednesday on the article by Michael about the 2014 product schedule. At that time the 5 oz Mt. Rushmore were selling below $200. I hope some of you were able to cash in.

    Ikaika says:
    December 12, 2013 at 8:10 am

    To all you folks collecting the 5 oz ATBs. Just purchased the bullion version of Mt Rushmore in PCGS holder ms69 DMPL FS Mercanti signed $199.10 free shipping.

  39. Sam says

    I am so looking forward to the 2014 atb designs. I think next years designs are the best the mint has offered so far for this series. The smoky mountain and everglades coins are my favorites. I plan to get all of them except the Colorado sand dunes. By the way IMHO hot springs, chaco, and Perry are tied for the worst of all the atb designs.

  40. HIdalgo says

    Congratulations to those who purchased a Mt Rushmore 5 ounce P coin in a PCGS holder, MS69 for $199.10. I wouldn’t say that the sale of 2 coins will determine the long-term value of comparable coins.

    As I see it, from a long-term perspective (say 6 months or longer), the coin will not appreciate or will not appreciate significantly. Those who think otherwise – good luck to you. I really hope you’ll see the profits from this coin that you are seeking.

  41. Wes says

    I could easily see the Sand Dunes coin set a new mintage low while the others should be very popular.

  42. VARich says

    Alright Gentlemen, now that you’ve piqued my interest in the JFK set, what is the breadth of possibilities?

    A set from various mint, or all mints
    90% AgCoin (is that permit-table under current law?)
    Were there stamps to support a Coin and Stamp/Currency set?

    Miss anything?

  43. Ikaika says

    @ Hidalgo

    APMEX had about 100 of the Mt. Rushmore ms69 DMPL Mercanti when it was put up for sale. They sold out in a couple of days but will have more. I was fortunate to have been in their website sales started. Now, is $200 a good buy? Only time will tell. I know some of the other coins in the series with similar grade have decreased in value. But as a collector I am picking them up one by one, a bullion and a collectors version. Mintage is not my priority, but purchase price is 🙂

  44. Don says


    It depends. How much is Mr. Mercanti’s autograph worth to you. Personally, not much to me.

  45. Dustyroads says

    VARich~An ultra high relief is a stretch of the imagination, but I absolutely can imagine a reverse proof / proof / matte finish / enhanced / then the circulation quality half. It’s my desire that they all be in silver, but I doubt any would be in pure silver.

  46. Dustyroads says

    Yes, time will tell, but as long as the trend is occurring, who is going to say taking advantage of it is out of line. If “deep pockets” is not educated, then the expenditure is probably of no difficulty, no harm done. I’m not involved, but don’t point fingers.

  47. Samuel says

    Ikaika, i saw ur post last time, and also noticed apmex increased the price last night. my observation is that this yr apmex atb pricing is very confusing, and, crazy, especially the last two, FM and RM.

  48. mark says

    If you bought them for $200 flip them now. Take your small $20 to $40 profit after ebay and paypal fees. Rinse and repeat. All adds up to free silver. But you have to buy in bulk. Takes money to make money, as long as you have the free time to list pack and ship.

  49. Ikaika says

    @ Don

    I agree with you. Not much to me either. In fact all my numismatic ATBs are in OGP. For the bullion version, I have the El Yunque, Gettysburg and now the Mt Rushmore in TPG holders. The rest are in capsules non-graded. If the difference between the price for a raw bullion and ms69 DMPL (again, I don’t care about the FS or Mercanti thing) is not too far apart, why not? At least you know you are getting a nice coin instead of having to go through many raw ones. This is just MHO.

  50. Ikaika says

    @ Samuel

    I think APMEX is adjusting the prices based on demand in addition to silver prices. I see the FM ms69 DMPL selling for over $1000 in their website, but not many takers. No way in hell I am paying this kind of money for that coin. In fact, I already purchased the raw bullion FM for $118 from PM a few weeks ago. As mentioned, when we get into a situation where graded and raw prices are not too far apart, why not get the ms69 DMPL?

  51. mark says

    Just because it is graded ..does not mean its a nice coin. Grading is subjective. Received my rushmore ms69 dmpl today from apmex. Two are going back for exchange because of deep gouges on that big nose. Dont see how the graders missed seeing that.

  52. Samuel says

    Ikaika, the recent atbs’ quality are all very good, especially FM and RM. i bought multiples, all very good. so i expect there will be many DMPLs flood the market later.

  53. Ikaika says

    @ mark

    That can happen. I received mine today also. Looks nice and have tucked it away with the others. Will get ready for the 2014’s now.

  54. Ikaika says

    @ Samuel

    I think you are right on. My guess is the dealers weren’t sending many for grading because of decreasing demand/not making enough money on them. That created a short supply and price inflation. With higher prices more people want to have them graded now. Patience will pay off 🙂

  55. mark says

    Yea.. I dont usually either. Put a different order in about 10 days ago with check and it just shipped yesterday.

  56. Samuel says

    talking abt the label, sometimes, the signed ones are cheaper than plain ones.
    i am looking for a plain label Vicksburg to make a set. but vey difficult to find. at the same, the two signed one are much cheaper, i once saw apmex sold for $153.

  57. VARich says

    Dusty – I agree, a UHR may be a bite of a stretch, though I did run across an example of a high relief example in the 1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence commemorative half dollar. Interesting that it was down in silver back in the day and we haven’t seen an example since (that I’m aware of anyway).

    I suspect now that the mint is authorized to mint silver medals now, we might see a silver inaugural medal as a possibility in a special set – who knows, fun to speculate though…

  58. Dustyroads says

    Looking at the 1926 commemorative half, it does have a relief, but I’m not sure if it is considered a “high” relief. You are talking about the same reverse later used on the Franklin half aren’t you? I think if the US Mint were to trying going that far with the half in 2014, they would have legal issues.

  59. Dustyroads says

    I’m glad that the new TR medal coming up is made in .999 silver, better than the last medal, if I,m not mistaken, done in .925. sterling.

  60. high low silver says

    As far as this years Kennedy halfs…. I guess the Mint just mints what they want….Earlier in the year I saw mintage limit close to the 2009s.

  61. Dustyroads says

    No High low, nothing at all. I was having trouble remembering which coin I was talking about, but if I’m not mistaken, it was a medal truck by the US Mint in 1976. The medal was commemorative dollar size and less than a full once. This up coming TR one is pretty neat being that it’s 1.5 in., or basically sounds like an ASE planchet on and under new dies. So no, my friend, nothing wrong with .925 sterling.

  62. high low silver says

    Sterling was hot in the 70s, so it may be, my island coins are from that period minted by Franklin Mint. 🙂

  63. high low silver says

    They had a contract with them in the 70s. Ten and five dollar coins sterling and two and one dollar coins .800 fine silver with no dead presidents on either side lol.

  64. Dustyroads says

    Ya, originally in the early days of our country it was frowned upon to put a likeness of a president on our coinage, what happened?

  65. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    How about a silver 1963 Kennedy overstrike?
    Also I think we should consider making Neil Armstrong coins. He was a very humble man, like Washington, who objected to having his likeness on legal tender. Irony always plays out. Look at all the Washington coins.

  66. VARich says

    Yes Sir, that’s the one. Any variation should be a big hit though. On the TR medal, I read last week that it is a ASE planchet, just being struck without any finish/touch up.

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