US Mint Circulating Coin Production for April 2014

ShenandoahThe United States Mint has provided updated circulating coin production figures through April 2014. Separately, additional details have been revealed about the US Mint’s proposed information collection methods which will be used to understand the public’s use and perception of circulating coins.

For the month of April 2014, the US Mint struck just over 1 billion circulating quality coins at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This was relatively flat compared to the prior month, but marked a decline of 9.1% compared to the year ago period when monthly production had reached 1.11 billion.

Total production for the year to date has now reached 4.42 billion pieces. This is up by 5.2% compared to production from the same period in the prior year.

The table below includes a breakdown of circulating coin production figures by denomination and mint facility for April 2014, along with total production levels for the year to date.

2014 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Apr 14 YTD 2014
Lincoln Cent – Denver 288.00 M 1,326.00 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 299.20 M 1,267.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 39.36 M 193.92 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 63.12 M 202.08 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 82.00 M 370.00 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 92.50 M 380.00 M
Quarters – Denver 62.40 M 368.20 M
Quarters – Phil. 79.00 M 266.40 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 2.10 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 2.50 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 5.60 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 3.08 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 2.38 M 14.42 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.88 M
Total 1,007.96 M 4,421.78 M

Monthly production levels for the denominations fell within their recent typical ranges. The cent accounted for more than half of all production at 587.2 million pieces. The next highest production took place for the dime, followed by the quarter, and then the nickel. Only a small number of $1 coins were produced during the month and no half dollars were struck. The two highest coin denominations are not struck for general circulation, but only produced in quantities necessary to fulfill collector demand from the US Mint’s numismatic bag and roll offerings.

There were no updates or changes to the production totals by design. Figures are available for the first two of the five America the Beautiful Quarters and the first three of the four Presidential Dollars to be issued for this year.

2014 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
Great Smoky Mountains 99.40 M 73.20 M 172.60 M
Shenandoah 197.80 M 112.80 M 310.60 M
Warren G. Harding 3.78 M 6.16 M 9.94 M
Calvin Coolidge 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Herbert Hoover 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M

As noted earlier, the United States Mint has provided more details on the information collection methods that will be used to understand the public’s use and perception of circulating coins. These details were revealed in a notice published in the Federal Register, which solicits comments on the proposed information collection methods.

The information collected will cover the following topics concerning the use of alternative metals in the production of circulating coins: metallic content, color, design change, height/relief of elements, density/weight, related savings to taxpayer, related cost to industry.

nonsenseFocus groups will be used to for qualitative research to meet the need for direct and informational opinions on specific topics. Consumer responses to the physical characteristics of alternative metal coins experienced in person will also be gauged, which suggests that the Mint will allow participants to physically handle prototype or “nonsense” coins struck with differing compositions and specifications. The US Mint projects the need for 10 focus groups with an average of nine people per ground lasting 1.5 hours each.

Quantitative research will be performed through an online survey with an estimated 1,200 respondents averaging 12 minutes per response and a telephone survey with an estimated 1,000 respondents to a 12 minute questionnaire.

The surveys will ask individuals to compare and rate different scenarios of possible metallic compositions of circulating coins. Demographic and psychographic information will also be gathered to understand how the characteristics correlate to different preferences.

The information gathered from the focus groups and surveys will be included amongst the factors under consideration when the United States Mint makes potential recommendations to Congress on changes to the Nation’s circulating coins.

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  1. Dustyroads says

    When liquidated some of my collection on Ebay, I decided that Thursdays through Saturdays were good times to end the auctions, but never on Sundays.

  2. CF says

    I was wondering what you guys recommend. I have a box of ten BHOF proof 1$ silver coins sealed dated 4/24/14 from the mint. Should I sent them to pcgs for grading or keep them in ogp? All my collection coins are in ogp. I have never sent any coins to be graded.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    Looks like nothing has changed on the mint website in reference to ship dates… The announcement about changing ship dates is still up. So guess they were working on something else… like font size or something;-)
    Shut down the site for 20 hours for ???… I’d like to know.

  4. Hidalgo says

    @CF – I presume that you intended to re-sell your coins. A collector would typically buy 1, maybe 2 coins. However, a flipper typically buys multiples.

    With that being said, by all means, send your 10 silver proof BHOF coins to PCGS in the original box so that you can obtain a “First Strike” designation. Based on the comments I’ve seen on this blog, your chances of getting several PR70 coins are pretty good. The PR70 coins are selling with huge premiums over the retail prices you paid for your coins. The PR69 coins are selling for more than the retail price, but not as high as the PR70 coins.

    That’s my recommendation.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    @CF: Do you plan on keeping them? NGC slabs work the best in preventing discoloration, scratches to the holders, etc. Based on my experience.

  6. John says

    How often does ngc bump a grade? I submitted my two silvers and they came back ms70 and pf69. I was almost certain it would have been the other way around…the proof looked great to me and I thought I saw something on the unc that might make it a 69. I’m going to re examine when they come back but I’m curious if its worth submitting for a regrade.

  7. gary says

    @CF, There’s no doubt you’ll get some 70 pieces in the mix of grades with third party grading. If you are planning on keeping them for a while, the phony “Early Release, First Strike” designation (a proven meaningless accolade) will not add value to the grade in the long or short haul. Also, you bear the expense of shipping them registered mail, the grading fees and return shipping. After incurring those costs, should you sell them on Ebay for example you will incur a probable 12% Ebay seller & Paypal fee to deduct from your presumed profits. Not a great deal of wiggle room there!
    Were they my 10 coins, I’d probably open the box and sell them individually on Ebay or elsewhere, at your leisure. (Just my humble opinion.)

  8. Dave says

    A mint bag sold on the Bay for $6.95 + shipping. UNGRADED and not sealed box.
    P.T. Was right!

  9. mark says

    Sell the sealed box on ebay…ship it overnight express…let someone worry about getting them graded. Take the profit and be happy. Iam sure you can double your money.

  10. CF says

    @fmtrasmitter: I plan on keeping a few and selling the rest. Can I still send to NGC?

  11. fmtransmitter says

    I would submit the few best ones to NGC you plan to keep. I am looking at a “toned” coin from 2011 in a PCGS slab. NONE of NGC from moderns have any hint of toning. That is MY opinion…Everyone has one..I pay for scratch resistant holders too…

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Nothing worse looking at a coin through plastic and it is all scratched up and you can’t even get a clear view of your coins…

  13. VA Rich says

    Hildago – actually, closer than you might, I live work in Reston.., so there’s no fear of me having to bury my coins nor guns in the ground quite yet out here! 🙂

    Steve – you bet’cha! There was a frenzy of buying OGP yesterday from the ebay saved watches I was tracking, not sure how much longer supply can support that, some went in excess of 150.

  14. mark says

    With the first strike/early release done. Unless you have a sealed box dated 5/06 of prior. Pcgs will still accept it…..ngc is done. Sell them now while the irons hot. Ogp are now approaching $140, so what more can you ask for if your a seller. Dont wait for the flood gate to open.

  15. says

    People telling me to “sell now” or “buy a year from now because prices will be cheaper” I don’t know if they are trying to convince ME or THEMSELVES. Maybe they have convinced themselves but they have not convinced me. I would not be a seller here and I do not think prices will be lower in a year than they are today. That is what makes a market…

  16. Hidalgo says

    @cagcrisp – what you do with your coins is up to you. If we could predict the future, we would all invest in certain stocks, bonds, precious metals… and coins so that we could experience financial gains.

    I personally believe that secondary market prices for the gold and silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins will fall as the current frenzy subsides. I believe that the gold and silver BHOF coins will still command a premium, but not as high as we are seeing right now. I am basing my projection on an analysis of previous market trends for “hot” collectible commemorative or American Silver Eagle coins. Further, buyers will be moving on the next hot collectible (e.g., the gold Kennedy halves) and demand will start to decline.

    Look at the 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set, the 2010 Hot Springs P 5 ounce silver coin, the 2011 and 2012 American Silver Eagle sets, and the 2013 W reverse proof buffalo. You’ll see that all of these coins are not commanding the same prices as those seen shortly after the coins or sets were sold on the secondary market.

  17. Pittsburgh P says

    Sry, cut off

    Cag no one was telling you to do anything with your coins… At least I didn’t see any posts about it unless you asked for opinions. Which is all these are opinions…. So I doubt anyone is trying to convince themselves or you since what you think has zero effect on me or others IMO. I have sold now since I feel the price is about as high as it’ll get, when the mint finally starts shipping the prices will drop. How much no one knows. I am a huge fan of these coins too and kept a lot and believe they will command a premium in the future but to think they will maintain these levels is wishful thinking.

  18. says

    @Mk, since the pro’s are ignoring your question, I’ll take a stab at it. The TPG’s don’t grade coins, they collect fees, much like your typical insurance company. IMHO keep your coins in OGP, I think you’ll be better off in the long run…

  19. Hidalgo says

    @VA Rich – Reston? That’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live. Perhaps you can drop on by my neck of the woods. We can do lunch and talk about coins. I’ll try to bring you over to the blue side as well 😉 . Look forward to our talks on gun control, free speech, Obamacare, and aid to the poor. 🙂

  20. gary says

    @Hidalgo… in an earlier post I had the same sentiment as you regarding the gold & silver baseball commems. It’s the current production & shipping snag that has fanned the flames for these “hot items”. The instances you point out about price cool downs are spot on. Once the wind leaves the sails on a particular item prices almost invariably drop, some even plummet. I bought 5 of the 2011 ASE sets and unloaded them on in OGP sealed box on Ebay in 2 days & made some good coin. My wife thought that selling them in unopened box was ludicrous and I agreed with her but I had to convince her that it was what the buying market wanted. For me personally, any U.S. Mint coins I keep for my collection I open up right away and check them. (There is always the possibility, probably remote, that there are missing coins in sealed boxes.) As soon as more BHOF product ships from the Mint, prices will angle south gradually. The BHOF coins I am getting I plan to turn and sell right away to pay for my other coin collecting interests.

  21. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, I would have to agree with you on the hot prices for hot mint offerings that cool off when the next one comes along. Any future price prediction for the 1995W silver eagle or is that one ever going to come down in price?

  22. Hidalgo says

    @stephen m – if you bought the 1995 W American Silver Eagle coin in 1995, then you’ve done very well! Secondary market prices for a PR70 1995 W American Eagle have remained very high during the past six years. That’s primarily because this coin is a key coin in the immensely popular American Silver Eagle coin series. Anyone who wants a complete set of ASEs will want one of the 30,125 coins minted. So demand for this coin will likely remain strong.

    If you don’t own the coin now and are thinking about buying one, I am uncertain if and when prices may drop to a level that fits your wallet. However, be prepared to spend a pretty petty if you intend to own one of the coins in the future.

    Here is the price trend for the coin:

  23. Hidalgo says

    @stephen m – postscript. If you can view the linear graph, click on the word “All” in the white row that begins with the word “Current.”

  24. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, Thanks. I don’t have it and made the mistake of waiting for it to take a dip in price before purchasing. One day it will come.

  25. VA Rich says

    CF – there may only be 3-4 in the box worth grading, luck of the draw (my experience). Buy what you want to keep now, or later when the surge hits in late-June.

    List the box at $1,675 (or more)BIN/OBO; don’t accept less than $1,550 – it’ll likely sell within 10 days or less to a retailer. Good luck!

  26. Hidalgo says

    @CF – after reading posts from other bloggers, I would have to say that you may be better off keeping your coins in the sealed box and selling it on eBay at an elevated Buy it Now price. There is no guarantee how PCGS will grade your coins. You could possibly have all your coins graded as PR70s or all of them graded as PR69s (or lower). More than likely, you’ll get a mix. (I based my original recommendation on the feedback I had seen on previous posts.).

    From what I recall, PR69 silver BHOF coins were selling at slightly lower prices as their counterparts in original packaging (around $115 – $135). PR70 coins were selling at significantly higher prices (around $200 – $250). When you factor in the cost to grade the coins, eBay and PayPal fees, etc., you may be better off selling your coins in a sealed box at a higher price.

    So the choice is yours. There are no rewards unless you gamble. 😉

  27. CF says

    @VA Rich: That might not be such a bad idea. If I can sell them at that price I’ll be more than happy.

  28. Hidalgo says

    @CF – I rarely flip coins. I usually buy 1 or 2 of a particular coin and keep them in my collection. I usually sell when my collection gets too large and I want to downsize.

    Anyways, I decided to take a chance with the silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins. I ordered 10 of them (5 proof and 5 uncirculated) from the Denver Mint. I sent them to NGC for certification and obtained the “Early Releases” label. (Note: I did not pre-screen them or look at them with a magnifying glass/loupe before sending them to NGC). To my surprise, here is how the 10 coins graded:

    * Proof coins: 3 PF70 Ultra Cameo and 2 PF69 Ultra Cameo
    * Uncirculated coins: 5 MS70

    PCGS tends to grade harder, so your odds of duplicating the results I obtained are questionable.

  29. Dave says

    Over the past 2 weeks I sold all 30 HOF silver dollars from the Philly mint store. I started them at $88.88 + $8.88 Priority mail with signature required. My peak price was $135 + $7.60 S& H
    You will find ebay sales of proofs at about 8 to 1 over Unc . The Unc are selling at least $10 below the proof. My last Unc did not sell at $129 with free shipping.
    All were OGP, and I saw PCGS 69 s selling for near the same price as the OGP!
    Now I only have to wait, wait, wait for my 1:15 3/27 golds and pre sellout late silver order.

  30. VA Rich says

    Dusty – can you help me with this? Back to your post – “I decided that Thursdays through Saturdays were good times to end the auctions, but never on Sundays.” – I’m relatively new to this ebay thing and started letting some personal stuff go over the past 6 months and coins in the past month, I’ve always felt that Sunday’s evenings were an optimal time to end auctions, though have begun to question that rationale. What did you find/discover regarding Sunday’s?

    I’m beginning to think Saturday late-afternoon may also be an optimal time, what do you or anyone else think? Thanks much!

  31. VA Rich says

    CF – you’re in a very unique and enviable position in that very few that have ordered $1 HOFs can say they’re faced with your dilemma – but more importantly, you have the opportunity to turn this back on the retailers (they’re not getting they’re coins and they want what you have) – & we need winners out here! I think we’d all feel good if one of us on MNB beat the retailers at their own game.

    So after second thought – forget ebay, call the purchasing manager at each retailer offering BHOF coins and tell them what you have and offer them a chance to make an offer directly to you. It may really work out to your favor (you do not incur fleabay fees) and would probably learn a lot in the process. If you you do, please share somewhere down the road.

  32. VA Bob says

    2Cents – excellent comment and accurate to IMO. Who drives their brand new car off the lot and takes it down the street to have someone else take a look at it for a price? Unless one is flipping, a 70 now will be a 70 twenty years from now, unless one plans to store said coin improperly. Of course, one shouldn’t at that point to expect a slab to hide a bad coin.

  33. Pittsburgh P says

    I just won a clad proof BHoF NGC 70 FR for 91.88$ I put the bid in thinking there was no way I’d win since people are biddin 120$+ on these. Guess prices are droppin already in some of these… I checked the population on these at the NGC website and the proof clad 70s there were over 1900!!! The MS 70 was much lower, under 300…

  34. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry there were 1607 Proof NGC 70 BHoF clads and 299 MS 70 clads as of 5/5/14… Seems like a lot since everyone was getting bad ones… At least the proofs. Unless they were pushing through terrible looking coins and just sayin they are 70s. The MS 70 clad may be a winner though. Just mho

  35. CF says

    @ Hidalgo: Thanks for sharing your results 8 out of 10 70’s, that is awesome! That is why I’ve been contemplating sending my coins to be graded – i’ve heard some great results on this blog. I agree, that PCGS is much harder on their grading and getting the same results is not guaranteed.
    @ VA Rich: Interesting idea – will definitely share.

  36. Jeff says

    P you sound excited the flood gates have not opened when it does it will be like parting of the sea’s however I think you got a fair deal if it were PCGS I’d say you had a winner but not NGC

  37. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, I like to end actions on Thursday evenings before buyers go to bed on the east coast, and just after they’ve had the chance to get home in the west. I believe most buyers are more willing to buy on Thursdays through Saturdays for two reasons. First , they get paid on Friday, and secondly, because the work week is becoming less dominating and they want to begin thinking more about themselves. I don’t like Sundays for selling because I feel that buyers are relaxing and beginning to get geared up for the work week. However, coin buyers may be a different breed altogether, possibly more affluent or more willing to spend larger amounts not dependent on weekly paychecks. I have only sold auction style, but if I were to don it again, I’m pretty sure I would have a “buy it now” with offers excepted, same as what’s been mentioned here. My rational is that people may tend to be more open in their spending at the end of the week and Saturday. IMO, auctions ending Sunday afternoon don’t get the most exposure.

  38. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, Pittsburgh P just said he got a good deal on Ebay today, that’s another good deal someone got on Sunday!

  39. Dustyroads says

    BTW, I got the 5 oz. Wedge Tailed Eagle itch real hard today, not sure what to do about it. My income projections for the year went up a lot over the week end, but I’m still in the confines of a budget, so I don’t want to spend $589. at the moment. Do you know if the Perth Mint has made all 5,000?

  40. Peter says

    Va Rich, I’ve sold various items for many years on ebay, and can confirm that while Sundays used to be strong, they are now weak, and a good time to buy, not sell. Monday during the day is a great time to either list buy-it-nows or have auctions end. I attribute this to depressed Monday “retail therapy” syndrome, or DMRTS, and the “cure” is to buy something cool that you want online.

  41. Hidalgo says

    @Pittsurgh P – if you look at sold listings for the clad half Baseball Hall of Fame coins at MS70, you’ll see, in general, a downward trend in prices. It is more difficult to see the trend for PF70 coins without plotting them on a graph. However, there does seem to be a downward trend as well.

    The clad coins — with a maximum mintage of 750,000, will not be rare. Further, I am uncertain why buyers are willing to pay double the price that the US Mint is charging for the clad coin. Perhaps it’s because folks simply want to have this coin in their hands. If so, it is contributing to the frenzy and keeping secondary market prices high.

  42. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago agreed the clad BHoF will not be rare at all but neither will the silvers and the gold had a high mintage as far a gold commems go also. From what I have heard on this blog and elsewhere the 70s graded and otherwise may be fairly rare. That’s why I was suprised there were so many proofs graded at 70, I thought it be more inline with the MS numbers. The only reason they are paying double is either they don’t know about gettin them strait from the mint or like you said don’t wanna wait til june or who knows when. As for the graded ones, in my estimate, it would cost 75$ to send one in to be graded and more for FS/ER if it wasn’t to late. Thats why I said 90$ was a good deal.

  43. Pittsburgh P says

    @Jeff I really don’t mind either way. Let everyone make their money but when the gates do open I am interested to see what happens. I think I got a fair deal and think its a winner since I am keeping it and am happy… I don’t have any PCGS so they wouldn’t fit in my collection. I prefer NGC, but only have a few slabbed coins at all so I am no expert….

  44. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P – I think $91.88 for a BHoF NGC PR70 is a great price! Like you said, you couldn’t do it for less after factoring in buying the coin, shipping costs, grading costs, and thenthe “x” factor of hoping to get a PR70 (you probably have to buy 2 or 3 coins to get one PR70). And if it does fall, you can’t get hurt too badly — there’s gotta be a floor on a graded PR70. The coin itself is like a smaller Silver Proof — excellent looking coin even if it doesn’t have any precious metals in it (imho). If I saw that price on Sunday, I would have bid the next level up… Congrats!

  45. CasualCollector says

    Forgot to mention — I thought at one point I saw a PCGS BHoF Clad MS70 bid over $200 yesterday — now that might be a little steep (imho). But forget about now or the next 3 months. Think in terms of 5 or 10 years down the road. We might all be saying something like this:

    Remember when those BHoF Coins graded 70 were selling for “x”, dag nammit I should have grabbed all of them when I had the chance…

    Each of us has to fill in their own prediction for the value of “x” (my personal feeling for the value of “x” is conservatively double today’s prices — at least for the Gold 70’s).

  46. Pittsburgh P says

    @CC yeah I thought it was a steal and was happy. About putting a price for the value of “x” I am being conservative as of now but it could be very high… Like you said for the gold, esp. the unc. gold for the lower mintage but the proof gold is the best looking in the bunch so both are winners imo

  47. thePhelps says

    I am still not believing the half dollars are worth anything above $50 or $60 PF or MS 70 is going to be worth buying. Sure right now they are selling – and probably will for a while. There are going to be way to many coins before it is said and done.

    The design is nice – even well done on the clads with the smaller bowl… but they won’t be rare or hard to find.

  48. fmtransmitter says

    agree the Phelps,,,those clads will be dead in the water when the flood gates open imo…

  49. fmtransmitter says

    I am thinking there will be all kinds of new marketing tactics used to move them ie the REAL players signatures etc etc etc etc…

  50. VA Rich says

    Dusty/Peter – thanks, much appreciated! Makes total sense now. It also seems that the auction style lures those that are looking for a deal, and the BIN customer knows exactly what they want, doesn’t want a hassle and just wants to acquire what they’re after. So a real good quality photo that sets the item part seems to help to move BINs.

    On the WTE, I’ve been wondering the same, let you know when I find out.

  51. Pittsburgh P says

    @Phelps and FMT it costs more than 60$ to get them graded… Thats why I doubt the market will be flooded at that price. Yes in opg for sure and I guess it depends on how many 70s are out there too. Imo only

  52. says

    Pittsburgh…congrats on your PF70 Clad. However, just to be clear, your estimated cost of more than $60 to have these graded is high.
    I sent 10 Silver HoF coins to NGC and the total costs for grading came to $34.50/per coin. So add $20 for the cost of the coin and you’re only at $54.50/graded coin. And this includes the HoF label “Early Releases”.

    Here is a breakdown of the cost. $30/coin for grading = $300. Plus $3 for returning the capsules. Plus $8 handling fee. Plus $28 return shipping. Plus $6 priority mail shipping of my coins to NGC.
    Total costs = $345, or $34.50/coin.

  53. CasualCollector says

    @Steve — for a collector to get a BHOF Clad Proof 70 in the future (before January 1, 2015)

    1) ER/FS Labels are gone
    2) $30 grading fee for the coin
    3) buy the BHOF Clad Proof from the US Mint $28.90 ($23.95 + Shipping $4.95)
    4) Shipping to and from TPG ($15 round trip?)
    5) Cross fingers and toes hoping the coin you bought from the US Mint is a “70” Quality (good luck with that)

    1) Buy already graded “Early Release” BHOF Clad Proof 70 on eBay for $75 (free shipping)

  54. hw says


    I sent my ten (10) BHOF to PCGS for their “Express Service” level grading ( 5 day turnaround) and First Strike designation. The total cost was $763 or $76 per coin. As noted by others, you can get it down to around $39 per coin depending on the service level.. .

  55. Pittsburgh P says

    @Steve the clad proofs are 23.95+4.95$ shipping so with your calculation of 34.50$ that’s 63.30$ so 60$ plus estimate seems spot on imo. What about insurance? Was that included in your calculations? I know they’re only clad but if you are sending 10 or 20+ like some do I’d still want it. Thanks for the input though, it’s always good to get info from people with actual experience…

  56. says

    CC…yeah, you can do that.. Personally, I’m not sending any clad coins in to be graded. When the cost of having a coin graded is MORE than the cost of the coin…that’s a red flag in my book. Long term, not worth it to me.
    I wouldn’t pay $60 for a PF or MS 70 clad. The clad coin is one I’m happy to just keep in the OGP for only $20. But I realize those that want to have a complete 6 coin PF/MS 70 set, and that’s great.

    I’ll settle for the gold and silver 4 coin 70 set, and the clads in OGP…but that;s just me.

  57. VK says

    @ VARich – My observation on listing:

    BIN (BIN with best offer) – timing does not matter when it ends, as every one is aware.

    Auction style – Sunday evening 8pm to 10 (or even 10.30pm EST) works out good. I am against Friday or Saturday for auction style. For auction style all you need is two good bidders. And if they go out (happens a lot on Fri/sat) to party or drunk – imagine. We know with smart phone ..its one click away. I have missed so many times on Friday /Saturday evening when I am at party (not drunk 🙂 ). Second best that works for me is Thursday evening. Lastly – one other thing I have noted is big dealers tend to end many of their prime ones on Sunday evening. This is my 2 cents and that has worked for me. Let us know what you find(when ever).

    Good luck!

  58. says

    ot…talk about the difference in turnaround time between PCGS and NGC. PCGS received my coins on 4/17.
    Since that time, I ordered and received HoF coins from the Denver gift shop, submitted them to NGC…and received them back from NGC. And this is with comparible service levels.

  59. thePhelps says

    My take is based largely on the past releases of the clad coins. Many large resellers buy these in bulk – grade them in bulk and sell them.

    Your costs for getting coins graded is probably higher than theirs – based on how these things flood the market. I can pull an active list of 2013 commemoratives and find the generals selling BIN for well below $60 and there weren’t nearly as many of those as there will be of the HOF coins.

    You are paying popularity pricing… not actual costs.

  60. CasualCollector says

    @Samuel — it’s not there now. The illustration was an attempt to find the floor for this graded coin. Someone mentioned it’s hard to see them worth $50 – $60. I just threw out a fake $75 for illustration purposes (assuming people are correct that prices will fall once the Mint starts shipping again). Again, no $75 right now — but heck the $91.88 winning auction mentioned earlier was a great price — I just can’t see too much downside from $91.88 (imho). And if it does fall, buy more on the way down — dollar cost average — that’s if you believe 5 – 10 years from now they will ultimately be higher than they are today…

  61. Pittsburgh P says

    @Phelps popularity cost is actual cost right now and possibly in the future. The five star generals coins are so cheap because no one liked them. I just picked one up for $39.95 buy it now with Free Shipping. It was a silver uncirculated in a OGP & has a mintage of under 25,000 if I remember correctly. I am not disagreeing with your veiws but I feel the popularity of this coin will keep the premium up now and in the future.

    @Steve that is exactly why I felt the 70 graded clad would be a keeper for the future. many people would think along the lines of you and not pay more to grade a coin than it cost. So there wouldn’t be as many on the market, that’s why I was so surprised the number was so high for proof clads being graded.

  62. Pittsburgh P says

    @Samuel the cheapest buy it now with free shipping on eBay is $199.99 for both clads.

  63. Dustyroads says

    Well, I evidently believe that clad MS70’s in the rarer labels will be in short supply, so I suspect the price could spike for those. They may be $60. coins in standard MS-PR70 holders as the #’s rise, unless I’m still missing something. Of course I’m not betting on a big spike in price for early labels, but thought I would add one to my collection just in case time does provide one. But then again, I’m long on all my buys, so I’m back to… buy what you like!

    VA Rich, It’s funny how you can get a lot of different answers about selling strategies for Ebay, isn’t it.

  64. Dave says

    Recent ebay selling experience:
    The MS that was available Fri,Sat,Sun did not sell at $129 with free shipping. I relisted early Monday morning at $135 + $7.60 ship and it sold before 8 am . Go figure!
    I do not take offers – I don’t think you ever get your price with that strategy, so if you want to use it you have to mark up the ask and that scares away some buyers. You also have to deal with a bunch of ridiculous low ball offers.
    BIN generally pay immediately while you just never know about auction buyers, in my experience. Plus I have seen some auctions go really below what I would sell for.

    Also, my previous statement regarding a high multiple of proof up for sale vs Unc turned out to just be an oddity. I took a census last night and the count was nearly 50-50.

  65. Samuel says

    Pittsburgh P, where is the $199.99 for both clads? i need to buy a pair of ER label to match my other coins.

  66. says

    Let’s just start off by saying that I do not think many of these will sell, but the ACTUAL autographed Hall of Fame baseball players signed BHOF Golds are hitting the market and those offering sure are proud of them….

  67. CasualCollector says

    @cagcrisp – I saw the Authentic Autographed BHOF Gold Coins on eBay and thought they were priced too high. I’m thinking for that asking price, I can buy the Coin (70), an Autographed Bat, an Autographed Ball, and perhaps a Gem Mint 10 PSA Graded Rookie card for most of them (probably not the Ernie Banks Rookie Card).

  68. Ray says

    PCGS FS MS70 clad BHoF have the lowest population, well other than the Opening Day labels, which are out of reach (as a set) for me. This coin in this label has already doubled and is selling for 2x what they were originally selling for. I think we’ll see this label eclipse the $300 price point in the next month. Good luck getting one for less than $200.

    So have any BHoF coins shipped in the past 2 weeks?

    And has anyone seen charges for the 2nd coin in the AtB subscriptions?

  69. VA Rich says

    VK, Dave, et al., – thanks again for the input! And will post my findings in the near future!

    Dusty – it is – & I have to admit, since 11:35 EST on 3/27 this has been a total non-stop rush ever since that is constantly evolving; about every 120 hours there’s a new twist or something is changing. I wonder how this will continue to evolve as word on the BHOF spreads further and what surprises that may arise when the mint starts to ship again. You know there’s going to be some surprises with this offering, too complex for there not to be.

    Pitt – grab one of those PCGS PRF .50; I think that’s the one to have. Unfortunately MCM knows this and has theirs listed at $189, I’ve grabbed some in the $125+ range though it cost me a couple hours of sleep to do so.

  70. Steve says

    Liberty coin on Ebay has PCGS MS70 50c clads for $219 and quadruple Ebay bucks which brings it down to $202- 4 left.

  71. says

    The Mints excel file is out and total Gold BHOF coins dropped in total by 33. Proofs were down 24 and Unc down by 9.

  72. VA Rich says

    Ray – I had two $1 UNCs ship on 06 May; none others that I’m aware of.

    Anyone else receive any BHOF in the last week or two? Is it more or less a total shut down on the $5s, $1 & Halves still? Thanks

  73. Tom P says

    @dusty and others. As an Ebay buyer my favorite time to browse auctions is Sunday night. I have 2 theories for this. 1. The most or at least a very high volume of sellers. 2. If someone is bidding on specific coins or on a budget they have to wait to see how their earlier auctions turn out before bidding on later items.

    As someone stated, I totally agree selling prices are much higher Monday to Thursday (at least for lower priced items). I generally don’t even bother looking on weekdays. I do not look at BIN or reserve auctions at all because these sellers generally expect book value for their items, and how would that be any fun for me?

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