US Mint Circulating Coin Production January 2013

quartersThe first circulation coin production figures of the year have been provided by the United States Mint. Production is off to a fast start with heavier production seen for cents and quarters compared to the year ago period.

For the month of January 2013, the Philadelphia and Denver Mint struck 1.22 billion circulating quality coins. This is up significantly from the 245.34 million coins struck in the prior month of December 2012. This also represents a sharp increase from the production of 802.5 million seen in the year ago period of January 2012.

The table below shows the break down of circulating coin production for each denomination at each mint facility.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Jan 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 298.80 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 376.00 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 68.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 60.48 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 102.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 122.00 M
Quarters – Denver 112.20 M
Quarters – Phil. 67.20 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0
Native Am Dollar – Denver 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 3.36 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 9.10 M
Total 1,223.68 M

Across both facilities, production for the cent reached 674.8 million coins. This accounted for 55.15% of all circulating coin production for the month. Cent production is up by about 44.06% compared to the year ago period. For the full year of 2012, the US Mint had struck more than 6 billion cents.

Production of the nickel and dime each registered small increases compared to the year ago period. These denominations have seen steady increases in production over the past few years.

Quarter production started strong with 179.4 million struck across both facilities. This seems to represent the highest monthly production for the denomination in several years. For the entire year of 2012, quarter production had reached 568.01 million, with more than half of that amount coming for the fifth design release of the year.

As mentioned in previous posts, it seems that we are now clearly on the path towards higher quarter mintages. Following the conclusion of the State Quarter Program and the economic conditions of 2009, a huge backwash of previously quarters coins flowed back to Federal Reserve Banks, which mitigated the need for new production. This overhang of supply finally seems to have been worked off, setting the stage for increased production.

As I have also said in the past, this may create some greater desirability for some of the low mintage America the Beautiful Quarters from earlier in the series. The mintage low was reached with the Chaco Culture  Quarters with 22 million struck at each the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities.

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  1. says

    As always, the most interesting data is what’s going on with the quarters. It seems like we’re headed towards a definite recovery in quarter production with the improved performance that started with Hawaii. This is good news for the mint and should help it make up from the continued losses from the penny and the nickel.

    I am still surprised the mint chose to defer action on the penny and the nickel for further study.

  2. posterhunter says

    People have probably stopped dumping their state quarters back into circulation so the mint has to step up and make more ATB quarters now.

  3. EvilFlipper says

    OT- 2012 age proofs just went on backorder. Sellout imminent. Looks to be for sure new lower mintages. Pretty scarce to find on all the sites. Tulvig,apmex but I did find a few here and there….. Remains to be seen if 13,14k will be good numbers for the 1/2,1/4 oz. proofs. I’m guessing a 50-100$ premium. 13 may be waaaaay lower however!

    On T- I haven’t seen much in the way of circulation in the ATB quarters. What I also never find are the US territory quarters! Tons of state quarters still available. The native American dollars are still my favorite modern circulation coins even though I never see them in circulation! If you ask me the dollar coin is the new penny! But I hate the presidential dollars!

  4. Mark in Florida says

    6 billion cents a year? Half of the Mint’s production? Maybe they keep making them because they’d have to lay off half the staff if they didn’t make cents. Like the guy who suggested we could improve the economy by hiring some people to dig holes and hire other people to fill them in again.

  5. goldbug says

    RE: EvilFlipper: About 2012 AGE proof

    The previous low for 1/4 oz is 18,877 and 1/2 oz is 22,602, they are both from 2008.
    I know there there haven’t been much premium developed for these 2 coins in the aftermarket.
    However, as you already know, this year’s 1/2 oz is ~12,000, and 1/4 oz is ~13,000. These numbers are significantly lower than the 2008’s.
    Given the vast collector base of AGE proof, I think the 2012 deserves more respect.
    Of course, you hit the main point is that the 2013 might be even lower. However, I believe that the mintage of 2013 will be mostly dictated by the IRA demand. As the 2013 AGE will be available in April, 2013, if the US Mint has sold out their initial batch, they still have plenty of time to make more in the remaining 2013.
    Regardless of the 2013 mintage, I think the $1,000 price tag for the 2012 AGE proof 1/2 oz is a safe investment with growth potential.

  6. says

    On T- I haven’t seen much in the way of circulation in the ATB quarters. What I also never find are the US territory quarters! Tons of state quarters still available.!

    EF, I’ve noticed this too. It’s very difficult to find circulating AtBs anywhere. I am thinking the actual number available in several years is going to turn out to be fairly low given that most of them appear to be sitting somewhere buried in the depths of the Federal Reserve. I still think there’s some chance we could actually see the 2010-2011, pre-Hawaii 2012 quarters/quarter rolls actually appreciate in several years when people begin figuring out they can’t find any.

  7. IcSopris says

    With increased quarter production, will they appear in rolls at my back again? Hope so! Hate paying the inflated price to the Mint such as my last purchase of the 3 roll set, $30.00 face for $54.95!

  8. EvilFlipper says

    CO- spot on.
    Goldbug- I was doing some research on the IRA. That didn’t play in to my estimates when I first started doing my research a while back but the more I read the more it seems buy and hold in IRA’s are having an effect on PM markets. It’s such a small amount of the total IRA market so small 1/2 to 1% reallocation to PM’s could have a dramatic effect in the future. No one I know personally is even remotely invested in anything physical. Just talked to my accountant the other day and he wa asking ME if it would be better to move into physical rather than hold ETF’s. I said it would be good to split 50/50. I cant believe how many still hold no physical. Should the day come when the average person decides to start buying watch out!!! I wonder what kind of business could be made selling 1 gram amounts from those wafer bars from Europe?! Small enough increments for the little guy to get involved in. Good premium spread. May be worth looking into.

  9. DCDave says

    2013 silver quarter proof set grades (as viewed in-hand):

    White Mountain – New Hampshire: A-

    Perry’s Victory – Ohio: B+ (nicer than expected).

    Great Basin National Park in Nevada: B+

    Fort McHenry National Monument – Maryland: B+ (nicer than expected)

    Mount Rushmore National Memorial – South Dakota: F (awful, ugly, messy looking coin, especially in proof, with only a sliver of proof finish to the extreme left (not making the foreground “pop” as proofs should do) and a dominant view of Jefferson’s high relief nose). Injustice to a great American iconic symbol. Whoever approved this should have jail time!

  10. says


    Agreed on Fort McHenry. I got a silver quarters set and I thought the design turned out to look okay in proof. I’m still leery of how it will look blown up on the five ounce AtB, though. I also agree that of the 2013s, White Mountain is probably the best looking overall.

  11. DNA says

    The lowest mintage ATB design (P+D combined) is Chaco Culture, but the lowest mintage ATB variety is Acadia-D at 21,606,000.

  12. goldbug says

    2012 AGE proof 4 coin set officially sold out!
    (You have to click into the product detail or add them to the cart to see the sold out message. Otherwise, you will still see the backorder status)

  13. John says

    @EvilFlipper says:

    I did some roll searching at the beginning of 2012 (picked up $50) and found just about every state & territory. What I didn’t find was any 2010 ATB. I found several Chickasaw which at the time was a “high” mintage.

    In the past several months I’ve found El Yunque (P & D), Acadia (P) & several Denali (P) in change. One local K-Mart had lots of rolls of Denali last week when I passed by a few times. I got a few in change right after the “Official” release.

  14. me says

    got rolls and rolls of Hawaii and Alaska just waiting for a good day also got rols of each of pres dollars will they be worth anything?

  15. posterhunter says

    The El Yunque P and D quarter bags and rolls were only suppose to be available for one year after February 3rd, 2012 and they haven’t pulled the coins yet.

  16. Dan in Fla says

    I’m confused the Native American and the Presidential dollars are listed as circulating coinage.

  17. Jon in CT says

    Dan in Fla wrote on February 9, 2013 at 10:21 am:

    I’m confused the Native American and the Presidential dollars are listed as circulating coinage.

    They circulate in the same way that new half-dollar coins do.

  18. george glazener says

    Correct, they circulate from the US MINT to collectors like us, then they circulate around our closets, our desks, our safes, then they circulate onto eBay or to our children.

  19. Vachon says

    If you’re patient, the later date Kennedy halves show up in rolls when people dump them. I’ve gotten every date and mint from 2002-2011 except 2009-P over the years. The same is true for 2002-2008 Sacagawea dollars and I’m sure, in time, post-2011 Presidential dollars.

  20. Dan in Fla says

    I haven’t seen a half dollar in circulation since the eighties. That’s the 1980’s boys and girls.

  21. EvilFlipper says

    Anyone know what the big dealers who have 2013 AGE proofs in stock are selling them for…. Or any big dealers that have them in stock? eBay has a few but only the 1/10 oz. seem to be available in OGP. Some premium on those ~50$ but I’m lookin for what the 1/4 and 1/2 oz.’s are moving for.

  22. Ralph says

    RE : EvilFlipper / Just a comment on the Native American Dollars. I really wish they had left the Sacagawea coin alone. I thought the old reverse with the Eagle was one of the best mordern coin designs ever. I wish they never went to the different reverses. Also, I cannot stand the edge lettering. Think they shoiuld have left the date on the obverse.

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