US Mint Circulating Coin Production July 2014, JFK Sales Update

pennyThe United States Mint has provided their latest updated circulating coin production figures.

During the month of July 2014, total production reached 1.33 billion circulating quality coins at the United States Mint’s Denver and Philadelphia facilities. This represented a slight gain from the prior month when production had reached 1.28 billion pieces. It also registered a gain compared to the year ago period when production was 1.23 billion pieces.

For the year to date, the Mint has now produced 8.36 billion circulating quality coins. This is up by about 9.7% compared to the year ago period when production had reached 7.62 billion pieces.

A breakdown of circulating coin production by mint facility and denomination appears below. The first number column represents the monthly production amount, while the second number column represents the cumulative production for the year to date.

2014 US Mint Coin Production Figures
July 2014 YTD 2014
Lincoln Cent – Denver 376.40 M 2,582.00 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 393.60 M 2,445.20 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 68.64 M 375.36 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 66.00 M 398.16 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 112.50 M 693.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 123.00 M 661.50 M
Quarters – Denver 90.40 M 639.00 M
Quarters – Phil. 100.80 M 516.60 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 2.10 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 2.50 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 5.60 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 3.08 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 15.26 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.88 M
Total 1,331.34 M 8,359.74 M

As typical, the cent accounted for more than half of overall circulating coin production. Across the two facilities, there were 770 million cents struck during the month. Year to date production across both facilities has now topped 5 billion pieces.

As a change from recent months, the dime was the next most produced denomination at 235.5 million pieces.

Remaining production for the month was rounded out by 191.2 million quarters and 134.64 million nickels.

The United Sates Mint did not produce any circulating quality half dollars or $1 coins during the month.

There are no updates to the chart indicating production by design for the America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential $1 Coin Programs. The Mint had previously indicated the production totals for the first three quarter designs and all four Presidential Dollar designs.  As mentioned in the past, these figures should be considered preliminary until the close of the year since the Mint reserves the right to restart production if warranted by demand.

2014 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
Great Smoky Mountains 99.40 M 73.20 M 172.60 M
Shenandoah 197.80 M 112.80 M 310.60 M
Arches 251.40 M 214.20 M 465.60 M
Warren G. Harding 3.78 M 6.16 M 9.94 M
Calvin Coolidge 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Herbert Hoover 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3.92 M 4.76 M 8.68 M

Sales Update for 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollars

gold-kennedyOver on Coin Update, the weekly numismatic product sales report has just been posted with updated sales figures for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products.

The individual gold proof coin, which went on sale August 5, has reached cumulative sales of 62,341 units as of the August 10 reporting date. This figure is only slightly higher than the two day sales total which had been reported last week.

To recap all sales data for the gold coin, after the opening day sales had reached 56,694. After the second day, sales had risen by 5,006 units to 61,700. Now after five days, cumulative sales are just 641 units higher at 62,341.

Sales for the two coin copper-nickel clad 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set have reached 112,134 units. Sales have been much steadier for the lower priced set.

To recap all sales data for the two coin clad set, after the launch date on July 24, sales had reached 68,974 units. As of July 27, sales had risen by 15,619 to 84,593. As of August 3, sales rose by 13,062 to 97,655. Now as of August 10, sales have risen by 14,479 to 112,134 units.


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  1. says

    In light of the circulation figures above, I found this Washington Post blog article article discussing the future of the penny and the nickel recently. It’s a few months out of date, but still a decent read:

    The mint has to deliver a follow-up report to Congress at the end of the year on alternatives to the current metal composition of pennies and nickels, right? It’ll be pretty interesting to see how that goes.

    Regarding the gold Kennedy, I remain convinced that the final number will be 50K-55K after cancellations. It seems like a combination of low eBay premiums and anger at the ANA fiasco have killed demand for the piece. In the sales report on Coin Update, it also notes that sales of the proof gold eagle took a big jump, leading me to wonder if buyers said something to the effect of, “Forget the Kennedy! I’m getting a proof eagle instead.”

  2. Sith says


    Sounds like a reasonable assumption, but it could also be the expected increase in price, and as it is about to be sold out, nobody could afford to see if the price would drop again.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    CO thx for the link… IDK about 50-55k though. Wouldn’t mind it but can’t really see it

  4. Larry says

    Looks like all the negative publicity finally caught up with the gold Kennedy. Would be interesting to know where all those presidential dollars are going, there can’t be that many collectors, even at the amounts shown. I would think the amount should be closer to the Kennedy halves.

  5. Wes says

    O/T Shocker my order for the uncirculated kenned’y sets has been pushed back yet again. That is the worst I think it’s getting close to when they say my order will ship only to repeatedly watch the date move back. I am nearly ready to stop collecting modern coins and the dealers aren’t much better. With all their special labels they are just pure greedy.

  6. Jon in CT says

    As we all recall from the Kennedy gold coin’s product page:

    An initial inventory of 40,000 coins will be available for sale on August 5 through various sales channels. The United States Mint will evaluate sales activity during the first week and make adjustments to its production schedule accordingly.

    And we note that a week has passed since that coin went on sale. What do we know so far?

    The initial availability of the coin received far more attention from the mainstream media than just about any other US Mint issuance in recent memory, although not all of the “ink” was flattering — “Mangy Menagerie of Mercenaries Masses at Mint – Melee Ensues” (OK, I made that headline up myself. 🙂 ).

    By Sunday, sales of the coin had slowed to a tiny trickle according to the Mint.

    The Mint does not accept orders for this coin via the US mail.

    The Mint raised the price today by $37.50.

    If I’m the Mint’s “acting” director, I’m saying to my staff: “We clearly got the word out and it looks like just about everyone who wanted one of these coins has had ample opportunity to order up to five of them. Since few new sales are expected now that we’ve raised the price, I think it’s time to shut it down and move it to the ‘No Longer Available’ list. Make it so!”

  7. Blair J Tobler says

    Just my opinion, but I believe they would leave it available for at least a month before they would consider shutting it down.

  8. Pittsburgh P says

    CO you know I agree with you 1000% & could see it happening but there is a long way to go – unless the Mint pulls a fast one & just ends it! I am happy either way but would love to see your prediction reach fruition.

    I totally see the view point of all who want to cancel too…. not a great investment, not really a JFK halve dollar, can buy so much more bullion, wait for silver set, no matter what the mintage its too high!-look at the Dr. Who coins from Perth… Now that’s a low mintage, 24 k is too soft, circus coin… wait that’s a different coin but I could go on. Cancel

  9. jeff says

    I’m stickin with my 70 k prediction on the Kennedy gold personally I would rather have a full oz. of gold vs .75 oz. that’s just me . I also think the cancelation will off set the buy’s net, net a 0 sum. I can’t predict the future of this issue could go either way.

  10. VA Rich says

    CO – Next week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a (-) negative sales number for the JFK, and if not, a number close to it.

  11. MN says

    I got a tracking number on my 12:25 Kennedy Gold order; it says shipped 8/13 but I doubt the tracking shows any information yet.

  12. mark says

    Lost interest….flippers bailed….anger over ana, graders, labels. Maybe the final kennedy number will show how many actual modern coin collectors exist.

  13. Boz says

    Did anyone ever figure out why the 6 million plus Harding dollars at Philly were so disproportionate to Denver and to the other presidential coins?

    Somebody order 2 million extra for toll booths on the Jersey Turnpike?

  14. says

    For me guessing When the Mint pulls the Plug is Knowing just how many cancellations we had last week. Net sales for the remainder of the week after Day 2 were 641. That’s Net Sales. The Key is we Don’t know how strong demand is After Day 2 because we don’t know what cancellations were. Assuming Zero cancellations and the Mint has a big problem with sales. If there were 5,000 cancellations then there was 5,641 in sales which really would not be that bad. IF there were 10,000 cancellations then there was 10,641 in sales. So on and so forth. This week sales could be skewed because the price increase and some on the fence purchasers buying in hopes Gold would continue to go up and they have a free get out of jail card for 30 days before their cc gets pinged. It’s hard for me to guess when they pull the plug without knowing Sales and Cancellations.
    I do agree with many Others, if sales gets down below 1,000 a week the Mint needs to pull the Plug…

  15. thePhelps says

    You guys are cracking me up with this roll back on the Kennedy.

    I do think that there was a deep misconception in many of the public stories about the coin when it went up for sale. The primary one being that only 40,000 were being made and sold. I watched on the mints facebook page (which doesn’t require a facebook account – thank you), and many were throwing that around like it was a gospel event. I think that might have aided in the frenzy last week – following the BHoF 50k gold offerings rapid sellout.

    I doubt 50 to 55k is realistic. Given just last week the mint announced they have the raw materials to produce 75,000 and will be producing them at the rate of 6,000 a week – I suspect that this will be closer to the final number – unless sales increase.

    Either way – I have household goods to buy and don’t see the half dollar as a life changing must have coin.

    Also – that penny – way up —-^ there look worse than normal.

  16. VA Rich says

    I hope we don’t see a silver pricing grid! Some transparency into silver product pricing would be nice though

  17. thePhelps says

    One other thing to keep in mind about the Kennedy roll out… one has to imagine they included the planned coins not sold in Chicago in the early sales totals – with the expectation they would be sold based on the early demand showing. That could result in a swing of at least 1,000 coins as well…since those had to go back into the pool.

  18. Sith says

    The mint already announced it will mint to demand until 31 December, I for one expect them to hold this date regardless of sales levels unless they run out of coins…

  19. VA Rich says

    cag / phelps – more of an FYI that’s factoring into my speculation; there’s a lot of pre-sales still listed on fleabay as well as those with Sept. ship dates, after those BINs/Auctions relist a few times, I wouldn’t be so inclined to keep the listing nor the mint order, though that’s just me. It appears that most sellers of OGP are netting ~$100-$125 if it’s sold at a profit, a few flippers selling with an accum 13% fleabay/paypal fee lost money yesterday – & the competition continues to GROW daily.

    FLIPPERS – that shirt you’re wearing TODAY, it may not be there TOMORROW! Lucky for you it’s summer.

  20. A Bob says

    I don’t think they will run out of coins but they could run out of packaging. The turn around time on extra packaging would put them beyond December. I wonder if they can sell the Kennedy’s beyond Dec 31.

  21. thePhelps says

    Rich – I am thinking of starting a new eBay scheme – where for the nice round sum of $1 – I’ll send the buyer all the information they need to purchase coins from the US Mint. Just watching thes people pay extroidinary fees for pre-purchasing coins they can go buy – I think I’ll make a killing.

  22. ABC says

    I’ve seen a few posts here that stated the mint will produce the gold Kennedy until December 31st. I looked at the mint’s website and their facebook page, but couldn’t locate where they state this. Can someone provide the link?

  23. says


    I’m not actually sure it’s net sales.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t cancellations mostly only get considered in the final numbers in the mint’s annual report/financial statements? I think the weekly sales figures are just total sales without factoring in any cancellations.

  24. Jon in CT says

    A Bob wrote on August 13, 2014 at 4:04 PM:

    I don’t think they will run out of coins but they could run out of packaging. The turn around time on extra packaging would put them beyond December. I wonder if they can sell the Kennedy’s beyond Dec 31.

    Nowadays the US Mint, and many other agencies within the Federal government, treat the US Code as merely a set of guidelines or suggestions and not as requirements. And, when nobody can demonstrate “standing” (i.e. they’ve suffered significant monetary harm), then the Feds can’t be sued. It’s a nice racket to be in.

  25. says

    My 12:30 p.m. JFK gold has shipped, should arrive Friday by end of day (whatever that means). I hope it doesn’t have deep dish pizza sauce on the COA or wino weeping pustule juice on the felt lining of the case.

    And, I hope my post doesn’t get me locked out of the blog… Again.

  26. Jon in CT says

    ABC wrote on August 13, 2014 at 4:20 PM:

    I’ve seen a few posts here that stated the mint will produce the gold Kennedy until December 31st. I looked at the mint’s website and their facebook page, but couldn’t locate where they state this. Can someone provide the link?

    You won’t find a link to any .gov webpage because that is not the Mint’s official position. It’s merely something that a Mint minion said off-the-cuff at a Q&A at last week’s ANA confab.

  27. says

    @ABC, This is the reference that is being used:
    Peterson said the Mint has the ability to strike more than 100,000 gold half dollars, and will be striking coins to customer demand through Dec. 31. The Mint has not decided on a specific sales cutoff date, according to J. Marc Landry, the Mint’s acting associate director for sales and marketing.

  28. jeff says

    BIN auctions if there’s no sale of these coins on ebay there is still a price to pay just to list so there is a cost. Now it maybe marginal, however if you multiple x 100,1000 with no sales ebay is clearly the beneficiary. You know this coin is growing on me I would be inclined to purchase in a fire sale which I think could be coming I just can’t predict when it maybe just a few coins I’ll continue to shark around ebay for blood in the water..

  29. Clark says

    All this negative chatter about the gold Kennedy reaching the end of it’s product life cycle ignores the important fact that it’s the exactly the same extraordinary numismatic product it was when details about it were first announced. Now that all the irrational noise, hype and frenzy are over, this coin is exactly where it should have been if Mint representatives wouldn’t have identified 40,000 coins minted and ready to go.

    Low BHoF mintage limits and high household ordering limits caused a misdirected “me too” phenomenon to spill into the first two days of gold Kennedy sales. With all that nonsense over, we can expect calm and rational purchasing behavior of the coin on its own numismatic and historic merits. The third and largest offering of the Kennedy 50th anniversary series is months away, as is the holiday shopping season. Both these events will stimulate sales of clad and gold Kennedy products as the Mint executes its sales and marketing plans.

    Letting mint-to-demand products slowly run their courses is how every other unlimited mintage coin is sold by the Mint. This one is no different. It will be a remarkable, collectable coin no matter how much urgency ebay and HSN sellers try to create now. When they are good and ready, folks should buy gold Kennedy coins from the Mint at wholesale prices and with guaranteed authenticity. They have plenty of time.

  30. Pittsburgh P says

    @Sith The Mint has not released a end date at all for the JFK golds(see quote) just that they can produce them until December 31rst…. Actually the date 12/31 was never in a press release(only in the Coin Week article the quote below is from)at all – the production of 6000 a week until October until they have 75.000 was and that they will re evaluate demand each week – this doesn’t mean just because they have the materials to make 75,000 they will. If that was the case why wouldn’t they bust out 35,000 at once like the first 40,000? So after 2 weeks they make 12,000 but only sell 2,000 are they gonna make 6,000 more?
    The Mint’s Deputy Director also said they have the ability to produce more than 100,000 JFK gold halve dollars also-again doesn’t mean it will occur…

    — The Mint has not decided on a specific sales cutoff date, according to J. Marc Landry, the Mint’s acting associate director for sales and marketing. —

    So you expect them to hold to a date that does not exist.
    I really don’t know how many or how long these will be produced. I am only thinking out loud here and do enjoy all the speculation and hearing what everyone else thinks. I have my order and hope I somehow get it this week…

  31. says

    @CaptainOverkill, On the Weekly excel file that the Mint puts out it adjusts downward for cancellations for sold out products and for the Majority of products sold the excel file and the hard copy file show the same numbers. An exception is the BHOF coins that on a weekly basis, the numbers continue to come down as Cancellations are subtracted from sales. When all the BHOF Golds and Silvers are shipped then the excel file should agree with the hard copy file.

  32. VA Bob says

    Look at the number of JFK clads sold (so far). I’ve heard some say on this blog how they don’t buy clad junk (and they are entitled to their opinions). Lot’s of people feel that way, but look at the numbers sold (so far), and now compare them to other $.50 clad pieces (not so much the curved BHoF as it has that going for it). I’m afraid no one here can convince me that the JFK design is NOT popular (like him, loath him, or are indifferent) and people will turn away from it because of what dealers did. I’d bet money on it that people that haven’t seen it yet, or are short on cash and are scrapping it together, or some wife of a collector looking for a Christmas present will be buying these in the coming months.

    I’d like the numbers to be low in the end (and have egg on the flippers faces), but I’m sure the Mint will at least be able to sell all the coins which it has materials to make it. As soon as the holiday catalog hits the streets they’ll sell a boat load, they always do with both silver and gold eagles around the holiday (if they are available), and since this would be a cheaper, yet unique gift compared to a 1 oz. coin it will do well.

  33. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – you should do that! And have it relist every 3 days so it’s always showing up repetitively. You could title it “2014 GOLD JFK Coin – How to buy one cheaper” and then make your case and how to buy one of these mint-to-demand coins until 31 December. And then say something to the effect and if you’ve benefit from this information, then I’ve saved you $100-$300 dollars. Please make a $5 contribution for yourself or a charity of your choosing! Heck, I’d pay for that entertainment!

  34. says

    Very nice, Jon.

    I hadn’t really expected a dealer to come out and use such harsh language. There really does seem to be a backlash against these coins, though how much or how long it will last is anyone’s guess.

  35. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m also in the camp that feels it is premature to be thinking that the Mint would shut down production of the Gold JFK anytime soon. Scaling production based on actual weekly sales/cancellations would seem to be the wise thing to do instead of making any rash decisions right now. It can be tempting to interpret what the Mint might do based on the events of the past week, but that flash-in-the-pan will pass, holidays will be coming, etc, etc.

  36. VA Rich says

    Well said Clark! Though I would like to see a mintage limit imposed on the “third and largest offering” determined by the mint, as they seem to have a track record of “falling short” in assessing consumer demand. ;7

  37. Sith says

    Pittsburgh P – I don’t think a mint minion would be talking out of his behind. Even if incorrect it would be from an insider and not far from the truth. As far as “the Mint has not decided on a specific sales cutoff date,” it was brought to my attention they could mint until Dec 2014, and announce a sales cut of date of Aug 2015, allowing the coin to be technically available for a full year.

  38. stephen m says

    If the Pet Rock made a fortune I think Phelps can too with his $1 information deal. I’m looking for the gold half to be available until the end of the year from the mint. Sales will pick up.

  39. Sith says

    Jon In CT – IMHO The Certified Gold Exchange are hypocrites as they are selling certified gold coins under the guise of a possible bullion confiscation. One of the biggest worst things “a savvy long-term gold investor” can do is load up on certified gold coins….key word here is gold investor, their words not mine.

  40. Sith says

    Clarification, The Certified Gold Exchange states that… “If you are a coin collector, a fan of history, a reseller of commemorative gold coins, or a collector of JFK memorabilia, then this coin might be right for you,” Jones said. “If you are a savvy long-term gold investor then it could be beneficial to consider other options.”…I disagree one of the biggest worst things “a savvy long-term gold investor” can do is load up on certified gold coins, which they have no problems selling. To quote Peter Schiff “gold is gold is gold.”

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith-I wasn’t saying it was incorrect was only saying it hasn’t been officially stated by the Mint & in the article it was actually in consecutive sentences saying – can be minted til Dec. 31 then we have not set a specific cut of date, by 2 different Mint minions… I have heard the same thing that sales can last a full year just not production.

  42. VA Bob says

    Jon in CT – Those are the same folks that tried to sell me an “investment” sunken ship coin that I had seen just a few days later on Coin Vault, and CV had it cheaper!!! What does that tell you? It tells me there is no immediate $$$$ in it for them. These guys prey on people with little knowledge of coin prices wanting mostly high grade (slabbed) classic coins. I got them for three 1/10th oz. ($45 each) AGE’s and a full roll of silver eagles ($168) in 2004 and a few years of high pressure sales calls every three months were I told them where to stuff their over prices merchandise. After I busted them on the Sunken Ship coins, they never called back.

    CO – If there is a “backlash” from these type of dealers, they have to be good for the collector. I know they are trying to make a buck, but they don’t have your best interest in mind.

  43. Tinto says

    Didn’t the Mint have a total of some 70,000 gold JFK (40k original + 30k or so on order) even with a sales decline, I think the Mint will try to sell whatever they currently have on hand ..IMO it would be costly to stop after one month or so if they still have inventory because that would mean they will have to spend $$ to melt down what’s left.

  44. VA Bob says

    Tinto – You are correct sir. If they sell that many, they may stop outright if sales are slow, otherwise they will go until the last day to sell as many as possible. Of course if sales do pick up sooner rather than later, they will go beyond. Since they don’t make the planchets they might have an agreement to return any unstruck pieces with the supplier. IMO late October will tell how this goes.

  45. john says

    my order of baseball coin ship today,order date was 8-04-14 at 10:45 pm.I think they are at the end.

  46. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on August 13, 2014 at 5:53 PM:

    Jon In CT – IMHO The Certified Gold Exchange are hypocrites …

    VA Bob wrote on August 13, 2014 at 6:32 PM:

    Jon in CT – Those are the same folks that tried to sell me an …

    I see that messenger shooting is still alive and well around here. 🙄

  47. VA Bob says

    Jon in CT- paranoid much? No one took a shot at you, unless of course you are associated with The Certified Gold Exchange in Fort Worth. We realize you are just searching for articles on the JFK gold and linking them here. I, as I’m sure Sith did, was to elaborate on the company YOU brought up on a discussion board, for the benefit (or not) of other readers. If you expect a thick skin from others, you need to have one as well, especially when the comment is directed as an “oh by the way”. Sorry you couldn’t comprehend. Cheers.

  48. Jon in CT says

    Nevermind about the Mint’s facebook page. Everything seem to be there again form me, except for a recent posting about the Great Sands quarter.

  49. VA Bob says

    Sammuel – I’m not surprised they haven’t shipped your order yet. I would have been really surprised if they got through the first half hour of sales in the first week. I still waiting too, not a huge issue, as long as it ships before the returns.

  50. Jon in CT says

    VA Bob wrote on August 13, 2014 at 7:41 PM:

    Jon in CT- paranoid much? No one took a shot at you, … the company YOU brought up on a discussion board, …

    Yet more arrows?

  51. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Just a suggestion to consider. If you’re receiving a defensive reply from a person that showed no intent of “stirring a pot”, it could just be that your own responses had a part to play. I saw “Jon in CT’s” post (with the YouTube link) as purely entertainment/info about the recent fiasco. The responses he got were a bit “over the top” for what he posted and seemed more like venting from a personal bad experience.

    We all have “filters” and different personalities too that can react differently to what is said. To accuse Jon of being “paranoid” (based on what I read of his post and those that followed) was unwarranted. Go back and read how you guys responded to him with a different perspective and maybe you’ll get a better handle on why he reacted the way he did. It really wasn’t that unusual IMO.

    The atmosphere here (at times) is a bit unfriendly and seemingly for no good reason…

  52. VA Rich says

    When Santa asks me what I’d like for Christmas this year, my response will be for my fellow posters out here that comment on Mint News Blog the time and energy to actually READ ALL THE COMMENTS on MNB on a DAILY basis. Enough said.

    Back on topic or trying to steer that way…(Pitt, catch the humor in the ‘back on topic’? heard that before?) hehe

    Hey Dusty – I’m surprised how quickly Burnished blew through ’13 #’s, and the AUDCS set hasn’t closed yet, you making a play on the subscription? I had planned on it, though having doubts now, mint went way over board with the set and they seem to get it the third time around. Maybe get a set and have the dough for mid-October.

  53. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – If I was attacking you their would be no doubt. You seem to take these post too serious\personal. Are you by chance affiliated with The Certified Gold Exchange? If not I fail to see how we are attacking you.

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – I would like to see you defend other posters when Jon in CT actually insults them by calling them names or announces to the board that he found yet another spelling error, while insulting the poster. If it seemed like I was attacking him my bad it was not my intention, but tough he attacks everyone at every opportunity, and now I will attack him so you can know the difference IMHO giving accolades to what I consider a dealer using “shady” sales tactics is ignorant.

  54. KEITHSTER says

    My 12:34 says it shipped today trac# is there but no info and it went up late. My problem seems to be with the Kennedy clad sets & the BHOF unc. $’s both in stock & reserved but both on hold for weeks now! I have vowed to not call this time and to let these run the true course just to see what goes? Last time I called on a on hold the lady said they would have rechecked it in 7 days anyway but not on the hot ones I’m thinking? Did have some of the kids 50 centers on hold also but as you know not so hot and they came off and shipped awhile ago.But its hard to stay on hold for this long but will try. My fear now is getting my unc $’s with all the blue marks all over the caps:) But holding out hope for a variety 2 on the clad sets! Time will tell the will I !!! So Good Luck To Us All :>:>:>

  55. Clark says

    VaBob & VaRich–Thanks.

    While I wouldn’t mind the value of my new Kennedy anniv coins increasing because of mintage limits, for the long term health of the hobby, I wish the Mint would simply issue coins, mint and sell them for a reasonable time until demand is met, and then move on. The good ones will emerge long after we buy them, which places the onus on us as collectors to choose the winners.

    This hobby started with people finding rare coins from antiquity or in circulation with unusual qualities that made them collectable. Over the years, government mints have transitioned into for-profit enterprises with mandates to create numismatic varieties which are special, but only because they are minted that way. I’m not saying they should stop making collector versions, but creating insane runs for first day sales (online and physical) is changing the hobby from one that requires patience, knowledge and skill to one that looks like annual Black Friday tramplings at Wal-Mart.

    A wise poster on this board once characterized this hobby, like chess, as a “game of kings.” He was right.

  56. Sith says

    @Clark – But the insane runs for first day sales is all about the labels not the coins. The mint has no control over how you choice to display\hold their coins once they leave the mint. As far as government mints have “transitioned into for-profit enterprises with mandates to create numismatic varieties,” are we taking about the Perth Mint, or the Canadian Mint. The Mint is not perfect but it at least tries…I collect ATB bullion pucks because the US Mint stopped the dealers from gouging collectors

  57. VA Bob says

    I see two comments that were directed to the business practices of a company in a link (not from you tube)

    Maybe some people should read the entire string from the initial post (why is which I put the original commenters name first, so others know what I’m referencing) prior to commenting before injecting themselves into the discussion to ensure they are on the same comment.

    My advice to anyone that comments on any topic is; If they don’t want discussion on said comment, best not to post it. I will continue to post on company dealings both positive and negative. If I call the commenter “ignorant or a moron” (hasn’t happened from me ever) I will full accept the accusation of “shooting the messenger”. When the response says nothing about the commenter, but is about the content, I can make no excuse for others reading comprehension. My advise is to stay off the internet in a commenting capacity, otherwise your feels may be hurt. My peers that have been here know my demeanor, and I’ll profusely apologize if one of them believes I crossed the line. I don’t particularly enjoy feeding this stuff, but I won’t let a “repeated” light touch make unfounded accusations either.

  58. VA Bob says

    Clark – please don’t take offense, but I believe our coin collecting philosophy are quite similar. I cannot recall any specific topic that I disagree with you on. I’m truly sorry if this comment has offended anyone in anyway. 😉

  59. VA Bob says

    People seem to forget anyone that really wanted the JFK coin ordered on the first day. Is anyone surprised it tapered off the next few days? Check the UHR sales, none shipped until the orders were above 40K, went right down to the low 1000’s (and under). Final mintage 115K+.

  60. Brice says

    @Keithster, call the mint. You need to update your CC with them. The system is to old and will not forward the new info for previous orders. I resolved the issue myself last night. They Shipped today!!

  61. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich yes caught that hee hee…

    I was gonna keep quiet ike I always do(most of the time) when it comes to our freind in CT but when he starts crying about… Well really ANYTHING another poster says then has someone actually defend him???? Jus-a-coin-luvr have you been reading this post long? To say others are “stiring the pot” while jon in ct is the innocent defensive victim who is here to spread joy and give unbiased numismatic information you are mistaken… He is the cause of 90% of the unfriendly atmosphere you speak of & it is for no good reason! Jon it was said before – if your gonna dish it you gotta take it! Always thought it might be some weird sense of humor you had IDK but I have heard so much worse said about you & too you here because of your ignorant rude comments or grammer/spelling corrections and you choose this to cry about? Not even the semblance of an attack.
    Too funny… WOW

    Back on topic…..

  62. Jon in CT says

    VA Bob wrote on August 13, 2014 at 8:51 PM:

    Maybe some people should read the entire string from the initial post (why is which I put the original commenters name first, so others know what I’m referencing) prior to commenting before injecting themselves into the discussion to ensure they are on the same comment.

    My advice to anyone that comments on any topic is; If they don’t want discussion on said comment, best not to post it. I will continue to post on company dealings both positive and negative. If I call the commenter “ignorant or a moron” (hasn’t happened from me ever) I will full accept the accusation of “shooting the messenger”. When the response says nothing about the commenter, but is about the content, I can make no excuse for others reading comprehension. My advise is to stay off the internet in a commenting capacity, otherwise your feels may be hurt. My peers that have been here know my demeanor, and I’ll profusely apologize if one of them believes I crossed the line. I don’t particularly enjoy feeding this stuff, but I won’t let a “repeated” light touch make unfounded accusations either.

    Simply referring to the company’s name (Certified Gold Exchange) would’ve been sufficient to indicate what you were ranting about, but you took pains to avoid any mention of the company’s name and, instead, used my name in your disparaging comments as if I somehow were the company, even though all I did was report that the company had issued a press release which seemed relevant to one of this blog entry’s topics (Kennedy gold coin sales). You pretend you don’t indulge in name-calling but then vow you “won’t let a ‘repeated’ light touch make unfounded accusations either.” Somehow, I doubt that was intended to be complimentary. I get it – you don’t much like that company, but I am not that company.

  63. says

    Here’s a problem I have with Flippers. Someone just listed an Uncirculated Gold BHOF for $659.00 Buy It Now. Drill down and you see “10 available”. Now If I was a Buyer I immediately think “This seller has 10 of these to move so just wait and the price will come down”. Some Flippers just don’t have a clue how to Sell a Product….

  64. VA Bob says

    Through chatting to idiots that can’t read (if one believes I am speaking of them, so be it). Anyone other than the person that shall go unnamed want to talk about coins? Or take personal offense when a scrupulous business practice is recounted?

    “VA Bob says

    August 13, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Jon in CT – Those are the same folks that tried to sell me an “investment” sunken ship coin that I had seen just a few days later on Coin Vault, and CV had it cheaper!!!”

    Where I come from when people say “Those are the same folks” when referring to a comment by a named person, it is expected the named knows what they originally commented on. I suppose one can’t expect the people that link to drivel to read it before posting, wouldn’t be progressively PC enough.

  65. says

    I’ve said this before, I think this is the best Coin blog out there.
    Here is a one time example of what I am talking about. On another blog a new Thread was started Tonight “Gold JFK question: Why is the price now $1277.50?” The Coin person that posted this has…….. 13946 posts…..And some of the replies are Not a lot better than the question asked…

  66. says

    @VA Bob, “sounds like they just want to unload them”…Yep…That’s the message I am getting loud and clear…

    Don’t sweat the other stuff….

  67. Sith says

    @cagcrisp – I did that once to test the market for some Lunar Series coins I bought in bulk. Surprising after a couple of days I got no bids, so I withdrew the auction, and put one on the market and watched a bidding war ensue between people who were watch the original auction. In a nutshell I posted the original auction up with a buy it now price (10 listed) but that was the discount, IE it could happen don’t count on the price going down

  68. VA Bob says

    Cag – IMO all coins will find their equilibrium in the secondary market, all more or less to our liking. As long as there is baseball (and the Mint don’t go crazy on curved coins) these too will break past market saturation long term. Everyone that got a gold example (or 2, or 3) will most likely be happy in the future. Kids and grand kids should make out much better, unless the hobby dies.

    The 92 Olympic Baseball coin Nolan Ryan controversy) is worrisome as far as theme goes with almost 3/4 million minted (pick up the D, it’s the lowest mintage at 187,552, the S is over 500K). These could be had for about $44. With only the silver being the saving grace. 95 followed with a half dollar, then the 97 JR gold, the latter the only one to pop it out of the park.

    The BHoF does have the most pleasing design, but the curve is where the specialness will live. IMO the silvers and clads will do worse, but PM and inflation will probably ensure they are not a loss. I like the 92 Baseball coin, it is iconic, based on (supposedly wink wink) a baseball card. Seems to have taken the path of the baseball cards.

  69. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on August 13, 2014 at 5:53 and 6:02 PM

    Jon In CT – IMHO The Certified Gold Exchange are hypocrites as they are selling certified gold coins under the guise of a possible bullion confiscation.

    Clarification, The Certified Gold Exchange states that… “If you are a coin collector, a fan of history, a reseller of commemorative gold coins, or a collector of JFK memorabilia, then this coin might be right for you,” Jones said. “If you are a savvy long-term gold investor then it could be beneficial to consider other options.”…I disagree one of the biggest worst things “a savvy long-term gold investor” can do is load up on certified gold coins, which they have no problems selling. To quote Peter Schiff “gold is gold is gold.”

    Given that the US government has confiscated private gold before, during the FDR’s first term, I don’t understand why you feel that it would be impossible for that to happen again. During the FDR confiscation, an exemption was made for “gold coins having recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins.” If something similar were to occur again, then having your bullion gold coins graded and ‘certified’ might provide the necessary documentary veneer which would allow your ‘certified’ bullion gold coins to be considered a numismatic coin collection. So, back in the ’30s and into the ’70s, not all gold was treated the same and Peter Schiff would’ve been dead wrong. People stack gold for many reasons and the possibility that the government might try to confiscate it one day definitely should be considered. It might be cheaper and safer, though, to simply rent safe deposit boxes in Canada, but you would probably run afoul of the 2010 Federal Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act . BTW, a brief outline of FDR’s monumental gold heist can be found at:

  70. VA Bob says

    Brice – if the flippers, speculators, and first bought label chasers stay away, it has a chance of doing well… long term. If not it will be the next Special San Francisco ASE set, way too many for the number of hardcore ASE collectors IMO. The only certainty is the first day will be a madhouse, especially if the new website is twitchy. Definitely, a buy if you like only set, again IMO.

  71. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    AUGUST 13, 2014 AT 10:17 PM

    I’ve said this before, I think this is the best Coin blog out there.
    Here is a one time example of what I am talking about. On another blog a new Thread was started Tonight “Gold JFK question: Why is the price now $1277.50?” The Coin person that posted this has…….. 13946 posts…..And some of the replies are Not a lot better than the question asked…

  72. fmtransmitter says

    I almost popped on the St. Gaudens for the simple beauty of it and then BAM, sales tax for FL residents…UGH!

  73. sharks2th says

    Off topic, I went to the bank to cash a check yesterday and did the normal query regarding half dollars. The teller didn’t have any but offered me some dollar coins. I declined until she said they were the big ones. Well, I walked out with 185 Ikes. She originally had 200, but a few people had gotten the missing 15. I sorted them last night and it seems to be a typical distribution for this many coins, except there were no 73s or 73Ds. I would have expected at least one or two. I did get one 76S mint state silver. I can post the distribution if anyone is interested. It looks like someone either needed some money or a kid found the grandparents casino stash:).

  74. Clark says

    VaBob–Thanks for the compliment. We do have similar philosophies.

    Sith–1) Clearly not “all” the insane rush was caused by label chasers. Several here who routinely disavow grading were in the waiting room with all the label chasers on Aug. 5th; 2) The Mint absolutely has control over what happens after it imposes mintage limits or says it has 40K coins ready to ship, people unnecessarily stampede and make dumb decisions. Why the rush? NOVITEX/PBGS makes sure everyone waits a good while anyway; and 3) I’m referring to all gov’t mints, including ours. Sure the US Mint does a relatively good job, but it is for-profit and in business to promote three product lines: bullion, numismatic and circulating coinage. The U.S. Mint, like Perth, RCM, et al., develops and tries to sell as many new numismatic or “collector” coins every year as possible, except for the occasional limited mintages. It is, after all, the world’s largest mint.

  75. VA Bob says

    FM – sounds like Cag was referring to a TPG forum (the only places I know for coins where people have those kind of comment numbers). Lot’s of those guys IMO have their finger on the eBay button too much as the worry is almost unanimously slab people, that’s their thing (some do come here though, as it’s pretty common for the MNB to be linked to). It only takes a short while to determine who the TPG company fanbois are. They will let you know you’re out of line long before a moderator will. Ok, if that’s what one likes.

    Michael sets the topics, then we seem to do our best to stray, but does help and nonsense comments get buried quickly here anyway. No hierarchy here (comment count) to profess their uber-knowledge of all things coin related. Much better learning environment. That question in Cag’s comment by the super poster would have been answered here without embarrassment. Of course most everyone would think it was a novice asking.

  76. Brice says

    @VABob – Thanks, you and a few others I like your takes and value your opinions. I’ve been reading this blog a while and have learned you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again to all, enjoy the info I receive here

  77. Sith says

    Jon in CT – So we are going their now . You do know that we are off the gold standard? It would serve no monetary purpose to confiscate gold, even if they did decide to confiscate gold for whatever reason back then gold coins was money IE everyone had them, how many people today own gold? They made it illegal to own gold bullion\modern coins for about 40 years, and guess what it worked nobody has them. IMHO that is why silver and silver coins are so popular in this country. Anyway the reason I called them hypocrites is even if what you are claiming is all true, don’t you think my JFK commemorative gold coin would fall under the same protection as graded coins?

  78. VA Bob says

    Sharks2th – If I were in your shoes I’d hang onto them, unless they are in terrible condition (and even then maybe). Even lower quality coins bear a little premium. People that can’t afford the higher end Ike’s get them to fill holes in their albums until they can upgrade. Nice catch (pun intended).

  79. VA Bob says

    Brice – most of us are old dogs here anyway, with a few exceptions. At the very least maybe we can all keep each other from forgetting! 🙂

  80. VA Bob says

    Sith – what a deal!!! Didn’t realize you got your gold JFK for $.50! Awesome! I’ll buy it from you for a $1 and promise not to tell the government ( or conspiracy theorists) where I got it. 😉

  81. Sith says

    @Clark – Obviously their were a few collectors in line, but the mayhem was caused by people bussed in to buy the coins for the dealers. Unless you saying that the collectors came in by the busload?

    “The U.S. Mint, like Perth, RCM, et al., develops and tries to sell as many new numismatic or “collector” coins every year as possible” – Except the US Mint only makes two commemorative coins per year, and the last time the mint used its ability to produce a collector coin was 5 years ago.

  82. David says

    I would like to know what the government plans to do with the billions of dollar coins that are being stored in government vaults. Nobody wants to use them anyways…face it, they will NEVER work until the green back is withdrawn. While on the subject, I think its time to do away with pennies. Nobody wants those either.

  83. sharks2th says

    @VA Bob – I plan to keep them all, except for a couple which probably did see a slot machine or two. One had a hole drilled in it, maybe for a necklace. Another had the name Thelma etched into it. I pretty much got a few low grade sets all in one swipe, except for the missing 73 dates.

  84. Sith says

    @David – Who knows maybe they will melt them down. Unlike the vast hordes of silver dollars nobody will want them but minting dollars in this country has always been an exercise in futility

  85. VA Bob says

    The Mint should have learned it’s lesson with the 82 Geo Wash half, 86 Statue of Liberty, and the huge Olympic gold set that only a few could afford. Settling on two commemoratives a year was a good idea, now if they could only pick the right two topics. For example the CR commem, which some collectors absolutely love, but have tepid sales (and apparently little interest) compared to say the 200th anniversary of the burning of Washington DC, something that might appeal to a wider section of collectors (and an appropriate subject these days as well lol).

  86. VA Bob says

    David – I’d like to see them keep the 1 cent pieces, but only for the annual sets, and only in their original composition 95/5 for collectors. It would bolster the annual offerings sales, and be a fitting bonus for the collector. I’d like to see the $1 coin in the same 95/5 copper composition (it mostly is now anyway). That manganese BS looks awful if you get one in circulation that has been in the wild for a few weeks. I’m with you on removing the cent from circulation. People could still be allowed to spend 5’s or ten’s at a time, but they would be pulled from circulation.

  87. Doug says

    I love this blog and enjoy everyones comments. Over the years I have seen many on here waiting for the next mint product, anxiously awaiting shipping and hoping it will arrive in time to be graded early or first release. I have also seen many that will only keep OGP. I have also seen some of the same people flip the other way depending on whether or not they received the coin in time or not. As for the ANA show, the dealers who bussed people in should be ashamed, as it was a pure greed thing. I don’t object to dealers buying coins and making profits or people flipping coins, that is their right, but the dealer induced mob scenes was disgraceful. I was going to get a coin on the 5th at the ANA, until I got there at 7:00 and saw over 1,000 people in line. I returned home and waited for the mint to open its’ site for orders. I ordered two seperate Kennedys. The first at 12:50 and the second at 12:51. Because of the time I ordered, and the dismal track record I had with the mint shipping the BHOF coins, I was afraid it might be months before they shipped. I gave it some thought and thought I would try it again on Wed morning, as the ANA show was only about 50 minutes away from where I live . I arrived at Rosemont at 12:15 a.m. , and stood at the back of the line, ( i was roughly # 200 in line), and stoo between 2 paid buying groups. The line continued to grow. Some people tried to cut in but were chased out by 2 people who were watching the line. Two large tour busses drove up and dropped people off at the back of the line. Everything was civil until about 2:00 . I had seen a few people go up near the front of the line but standing well behind it. The line was organized in an E-W direction. At this time the police decided to move the line accross the street. The police scattered themselves in the street, then announced ” we’re going to move the line to the other side of the street, please move in a neat and orderly fashion”. The back of the line surged forward before the front people could pic up their chairs and a stampede ensued. The police then had everyone back up north along the fornt of the building to the corner, and then south down to the parking garage. suddenly it became obvious despite the police saying they would be comming back to join the line back together they were not going to. This resulted in another stampede in the west direction. By the time everything had settled I was about 450 in line, and four people behind someone who was originally #27 in line. we were then left standing in the dark and cold for about 6 hours with no possibility of sitting, because the line was in the middle of the flower beds on the expoteria side, which had built in sprinklers goin for the next hour creating a wet and muddy mess. The line finally began moving between 8 and 9. Some where around 10:00 I was finally inside the building. We went throug 3 mor winding lines before being able to enter the bourse floor. I had my coin by about 1:00, but was too tired to look around, so I went home. I came back the next day, and depite all of the horror stories I had heard about only big dealers getting good grades, and small collectors getting lesser grade, I decided to risk having my coin graded by PCGS, even though I had the lowest membership possible, and was only going to grade 1 coin. I finally had a chance to look around the show and enjoyed it. I picked my coin up Saturday, and was afraid to look, but I had received a 70 grade. I did this all for myself, and feel I earned it. By the way just a note about myself, I served in the USN for 6 years active, collect bottles 1750 – 1890 , and have a degree in (useless as it is), in Antropology. Oh I almost forgot the mint shipped the 2 kennedys I ordered today and they will be arriving by the end of business Thursday 8/14 . Ironic to say the least . Please forgive any gramatic or spelling errors.

  88. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    “lower priced set”!? Rich people don’t understand how people with no money struggle from day-to-day.
    I think you mean MUCH LOWER priced set.

  89. HiCal says

    Doug, Great story, glad you got one and it graded a 70. Sounds like it will be special coin in your collection. I love those anthropology courses but after thinking about it I decided to major in MIS instead.

  90. Mat says

    Jon in CT was wondering if I should have my firearms ready to hand over when the government comes knocking for my gold.

  91. VA Rich says

    cag – too funny! On the $5 BHoFs, I see this as a good thing. I’ve been hoping for an total and utter shake out of the weak hands for some time now over July thru September. We won’t know if that’s happened until late this year though it feels like it could be occurring. Like you, I anxiously await to assess the true market for these sans the mint induced demand and now over supply.., I say if you’re not into the BHoFs any longer, then dump them ALL on ebay now, we may see another round of opportunity for these babies in the near future (you and others can read into when that may happen).

  92. says

    FDR’s Exec order (and subsequent housecleaning variants) were backed by public law in 1934. It is under this law that folks were prosecuted. Congress since passed a law (Aug ’74) signed into law by Gerald Ford (31 Dec ’74) that makes gold ownership legal again. To make it illegal again far more would have to occur than the current president merely signing another exec. order. He’d have to get congress to go along. And then anything that happened as a result (say, gold confiscation) would be challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court, just as it was before. Those of us who have gold are very safe right now imho.

  93. says


    Thanks for posting that story, I’ve been finding the reactions pretty interesting and am glad you got your coin. Would you reconsider doing something like that again if the lines were organized better and you didn’t have goons hired by dealers to contend with?

  94. Sith says

    @Markh – You are very safe, The Fed does not need your gold to print more money, i.e. devalue the dollar.

  95. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I won’t belabor the point, but do have a few things to say in response. If some of you actually think that people read each and every post here, you are as misinformed as you thing that I am. Maybe some of you have that kind of time, but I do not. So, if you expect people here to know about every nuance of your feelings about other posters, that too is quite unrealistic.

    I have been here a very long time (years). No, I don’t post as much as many of you. Seems to me that some on this board expect people to only post within the confines of their “own” expectations. Well, I’ll do better than that and just leave which I’m sure will satisfy a few of you and won’t matter to me that much either. As to the unfriendliness here, I rest my case based upon what I read above. Some of you are as angry as the people that you seemingly accuse of same. It comes out in your responses more than you may realize.

    To Michael, the owner of this Blog, great work man and I will certainly continue to read your articles. They truly are the best.

  96. Doug says

    I might consider doing it again if conditions were different, because I believe the mint takes the best of what it has to these events. Last year I bought my 5 oz silvers there because of the perfect condition. Something changed between the reverse buffalo of last year and the kennedy of this year. The line for the buffalo was indoors, took about an hour and was problem free. I think this year the Kennedy was overhyped and promoted for being released at the show,creating a bigger demand, while the mint for some reason decided to release less coins per day, (although they planned on more days). The buffalos averaged over 1000 coins per the 2 days they were available, whereas the Kennedy was limited to just 500 each day. Dealers were offering $200.00 over the initial coin cost for the buffalo, (again right by the mints checkout line), whereas this year they offered $1-$2000.00 over the release price. Even the grading company suggested I sell it to one of the buyers instead of grading it, but I wanted it for myself. I don’t regret my decision even though the other kennedy is arriving today. So to answer the question if conditions remain the way they were this year, than no I would not do it again.

  97. Clark says

    VaRich–So I went through a box of 15 silver $1 BHoF proofs last night and returned 11. Even some of the capsules had obvious signs of handling, opening, etc. Of the four I kept, I’m only sending one to NGC this week and relegating the remaining three to a large box of mediocre, but still cool, silver kooks, proof libertads, etc.There’s no doubt in my mind that the Mint is distributing poor quality returns. After reading someone here say they were writing “returned” on the inside of BHoF boxes, I decided to follow suit, ‘tho I doubt it will matter much to the Mint. I wonder how long the Mint plans to continue redistributing rejects?

    Sith–“Except the US Mint only makes two commemorative coins per year, and the last time the mint used its ability to produce a collector coin was 5 years ago.” To which coin from 5 years ago are you referring, the UHR?

  98. Sith says

    @Clark – Yes I’m referring to the 2009 UHR, and the 5 year gap between it and the Kennedy coin. Sure the US Mint seems to celebrating everything, but the reality is it is variations of currently running programs. IMHO if the mint was trying to maximize profit by selling “as many new numismatic or “collector” coins every year as possible,” we would be having yearly UHR\Kennedy coins. The difference being that the variations only have appeal of those that already collect the coins, the UHR and Kennedy have a broad appeal. The Perth Mints for example attempts this multiple times a year by releasing coins about battles, ships (that never sailed,or that changed the world,take your pick), Disney, aircraft, animals, landmarks, Dr Who…you get the point. Then add I have never heard of a survey from any of the other mints asking for your opinion about a proposed coin. IE the Kennedy would not have been produced if people did say they wanted it in a survey.

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – You claim people are unfriendly but per your own admission you rarely post and apparently when you do as far as I can tell you only posted to make if “unfriendly” then pointed comments. Then when called out on it you pull a Cartman, and declare “Screw You Guys I’m Going Home” Did I get this straight or is their more to it?

  99. VA Dave says

    For those tracking gold Kennedy ship dates, looks like the mint is working on the second 30 minutes….My 8/5 1252pm order just closed and received a tracking number in the past hour.

  100. thePhelps says

    @Doug…congratulations on your Kennedy! Sounds like a lot of frustration… and some side entertainment to go with it.

    I think your own story – in comparing last year to this year just about sums up the changes. The mint rolled into town with 2000 RP Buffalo coins last year – sold 1000 each day and left. This year to hype the experience they changed to a single coin per buyer and 500 a day for 5 days. With last years ANA releases being labeled and hyped as the must have labels for the coins – every hack in town wanted to have his sure thing profit machine strapped to the convention coins… and thus we had the free for all in the lines.

    Personally – knowing you already had 2 coins ordered and secured – I’d have taken the money and walked away from the convention a little wiser and richer, but that is just my take on it. I didn’t order the coin and don’t plan on buying it right now.

  101. VA Rich says

    JFK Arrived! Yeah, they are SWWEEEEETTTTTTT! It’s more heftier than I had expected and HR element adds a real nice touch!

  102. VA Rich says

    Congrats Doug – thanks for sharing!

    Clark – sorry to hear that, so very disappointing. I went thru some more Unc last night and I’m at 3 good out of 19. 2 of the 3 were the Proof like examples on the obverse and they do look good. Sending those two off.

    Shark- the PL from the last bunch are more pronounced than the earlier ones we spoke of. I held the two from last night in front of me while standing in front of a large mirror. I could make the room out in the reflection of the coin, that’s how clear the image back was.

    Sith – OMG, the Cartman quote had me busting a seam!

  103. SKM says

    My status is still IS&R for JFK Gold. My order was placed 8/5 at 12:31PM. I did see the JFK Gold coin on HSN, absolutely stunning.

  104. Pittsburgh P says

    VaDave good to hear hope my 1:10pm order is done today… It seems others have not recieved a tracking # from well before your time… I wonder why-holds maybe, ordered the max or other items in the same order?
    Has anyone eceived a tracking # for their JFK gold that ordered other items in the same order?

  105. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    @Sith, you have gotten nothing right about me ever since you began engaging me a few days ago. “King of assumptions” and ability to get ugly (either directly or on the fringe) with people are the things that come to my mind about you. Think what you like because there is little opportunity for you and I to communicate in any meaningful manner.

  106. mark says

    HSN guy said he has about a thousand (1000) ANACS PF69 ANA Chicago Releases gold Kennedys. This guy and ANACS are a joke. He did not show any PF70s. So out of 1500 sold at the show he has 1000 of them.

  107. says

    @VA Rich, I thought you said you got your Gold Kennedy in today. The Gold Kennedy has a small black cloth in there and I have never received one of those before when I got Buffalo’s. Just wondered what it is for?

    All mine look Really good.

  108. VA Rich says

    Oh, in the JFK coin box? beats me! Never have figured that out unless you want to remove the coin and lay in on the cloth for view. Or a wipe down rag?

  109. VA Rich says

    cag – good, glad to hear! I’m going to look at mine closer this evening. The first one I looked at is a 69, has a minute scratch in the field. I”m thinking with that large clear field, these may not grade as high as the BHoFs.

  110. Jafmidtx says

    @Pittsburgh P, I got a tracking number yesterday for the gold for a 12:43 order that included the gold and half sets. Sets show to be backorder

  111. Clark says

    VaRich–Congrats on your sparkling new gold Kennedy. It reminds us why we collect. BTW, what are you doing with your sub-par $1 BHoFs?

    Sith–I guess you and I just disagree, which is fine. The Mint and MNB frequently refer to most numismatic coins, not just commems or the ’09 dbl eagle, as “collector coins.” For example, all 50th anniv Kennedy issues are collector coins. Beyond semantics, I am concerned that the some of the Mint’s policy decisions will have adverse effects, with possible long term consequences, on the viability of the hobby.

  112. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – Congrats getting your JFK. My order shows shipped this morning (though still not at UPS as normal). Seems they are moving along quickly, as far as the Mint speediness goes that is. 12:40 order for those still waiting and trying to gage when theirs might ship.

  113. A&L Futures says

    So I decided to pull the PCGS ANA (World’s Fair of Money) Population figures on the 50th Anniversary Kennedy coins. This is what I found:

    PCGS #
    530186 — 50th Anniv. Gold (69 ea x PR69DCAM; 687 ea in PR70DCAM)

    530185 — 50th Anniv. “Denver” Clad (42 ea x SP68 w/none higher; 294 in lower grades)

    530284 — 50th Anniv. “Philadelphia” Clad (54 ea x SP68; 1 ea x SP69; 281 in lower grades)

  114. VA Rich says

    Well, I just couldn’t stand it any longer, so I did a visual inspection of the 5 without a loupe and here’s what I see –

    4 of the 5 are probably 69’s

    – one has a proof star on the Reverse over the first ‘L’
    – one has a shiny spot in the T on the Reverse
    – one has a minute scratch in the field of the Obverse (6 o’clock position)
    – one has a blotched/smear spot on the Obverse up near the rim (11 o’clock)

    Hope you all fair better, I don’t know what to think at the moment.

  115. MN says


    My 12:25 Kennedy Gold order had backordered Unc Clad Kennedy folders on it; tracking showed up for the 2 Gold yesterday afternoon, they shipped and will be delivered tomorrow. The 2 UNC backorder date keeps advancing a day.

    It would be nice if this was the last year of the Kennedy half…could that be a possibility?

    3 BHoF Prf Silver will be delivered today…I ordered these at 3:15, less than 45 minutes before the 4/9 Wait List appeared so they are very near the end of shipping out original orders. Who knows how long the Mint will continue to send out returned BHoF coins.

  116. VA Rich says

    Clark, thanks but I don’t know. Not sure what I’m going to do with those JFKs above, I don’t seem to have good luck of the draw with these things.

  117. VA Bob says

    I don’t know I think it is a bit unfair to compare the show sales of the RP Buff to the gold JFK. The RP Buff was the first release of a Mint coin before the public could get their hands on them, and while more orderly, was far from perfect. The big dealers found they left money on the table as the opportunity to gouge much more than they did was not realized. The big dealers do however learn quickly. Had the JFK been released in the same manner as the Buffs were, the bus loads of people would still have been there trying to crowd out people like Dave. This time they had buyers (suckers) lined up to pay big bucks for goofy made up labels. They only wish they had the foresight to do it when the RP Buffs came out.

  118. Louis says

    Well, the eagle, I mean JFK’s, have landed. One looks excellent, the second seems to have an imperfection or two. I will have to inspect more closely, and my eyes are not that good. 10 years ago I was going blind due to a brain tumor, but thankfully getting the tumor out made a huge improvement. Anyway, I like the boxes too. Not sure yet if I will keep both or sell one, as I need the $. I still think those who can afford to hold for the long-term will do well with these, the first and only gold half dollar ever minted.

    @VA- Sorry, buddy. Guess you could return the inferior ones.

  119. Louis says

    @VA Bob- Not sure what you mean, as the RP Buf was released at last year’s ANA, there were numerous media accounts of a couple dealers using paid buyers to scoop up most of the show releases, which were sold for $4-5K a pop like the JFK’s are going for. The coins were also launched online first, and as was the case last year, I got mine about 2 days after the show ended after ordering online. The only difference is dealers were more organized this time, and the Mint also sold at other locations, and there was lot more chaos though there were also reports of fights last year. This coin , the JFK, is more unique also.

  120. Pittsburgh P says

    Jafmidtx, MN, & VaBob thanks for the info & updates on the JFKs . Much appreciated! Hope mine goes out today or tomm.

    VaRich sorry to hear about your luck. Yeah these may not grade as high as the BHoF gold for the reason you said-the large clear field- & on top of being larger these are 24k gold bein a little softer.

  121. VA Rich says

    Louis / Pitt – thanks guys. Yeah, $1,240 is too much to spend on something when you can see the defects a foot away. 4 will be going back.

    Will be interesting to watch how the PCGS 70 numbers come down now that the show is over, there’s no way these will grade out at 90% if my 5 are any indication.

  122. VA Bob says

    Louis – The RP Buff online orders were not yet in hand, as the show coins were. It was a relatively new phenomenon for a new Mint offering to be available at a show, before others could get it in hand. IMO I believe the big dealers, although quick on their feet, did not know quite how to react, but then stepped up their game for the JFK. That’s all I was suggesting, realizing others may have a different take.

  123. Hawkster says

    Some commenters have remarked that the .75 oz gold Kennedy is an odd size. Not the case, as it now joins the line-up of fractional modern gold offerings. Now we have .10 oz, .25 oz., .50 oz, and .75 oz. The Mint filled that open .75 oz slot.

  124. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hawkster imo I believe people who were saying that meant it’s odd because it’s the first .75 oz coin produced by the mint not that it was odd in size. Now if they had to make it something like .73 or .81 to make it conform to the half dollar that would be odd due to size.

  125. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – You might have an idea there with the introduction of a 3/4 oz. piece. The last (and only) 24kt 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 oz. pieces where the 2008 buffalo’s. Lot’s of people would like to see their return, but the annual 1/4 and 1/2 have traditionally had low sales. IMO for an annual 3/4 oz. gold to have a chance at working it would have to be unique and not part of a current set type. Even then, after the first year or two, it could be an up hill battle. People either like the big 1 oz. or the affordable 1/10 oz. gold as sales seem to suggest.

  126. says

    My friend received delivery of our Kennedies today, and will hand mine over tomorrow. I’m pretty much on the edge of my seat waiting!

    Hearing about peoples’ Kennedies having all these various flaws has me quite nervous, though. Hope mine is all right.


    You’ve posted a lot of good links in the past few days, that latest one was a good article as well.

  127. VA Bob says

    Clark -lol, they want you to believe it’s Lou Hoover, when it’s really the “Ms. Doubtfire” Robin Williams tribute coin. 🙂

  128. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah Clark agreed – first time I saw it I had to look twice then back at the description!

  129. HiCal says

    A&L Futures, thanks for posting those numbers, that’s a big % of 70s for the gold Kennedys.

  130. Sith says

    @Clark – We are in agreement. We both feel the mint seems to be going down the wrong path. Where we disagree is the current extent of the problem, and the fact that I feel the mint is attempting to address the issue.

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – Enlighten me! My opinion of you comes from your own posts. Telling me I’m wrong then saying “screw you guys I’m going home” does not help.

  131. Ikaika says

    @ VA Bob

    Grace is the only decent FS this year. She actually looks pretty. The others look very odd. We already know how Eleanor Roosevelt (ak.a. Barney Fife) will be.

  132. Sith says

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – Their may be little for us to talk\communicate about, but you initiated the conversation, by posting a “unfriendly” comment. Then you get upset about people not on this board who “expect people to only post within the confines of their “own” expectations. ” But when my post fails to meet your expectations you throw a temper tantrum, and take your toys and go home.

  133. gary says

    Looks like a PR69 slabbed Kennedy gold should be a bargain discount in it’s plastic coffin with so many of them grading @70!

  134. Hidalgo says

    For those of you who want to flip your gold Kennedy half dollars…..

    Modern Coin Mart is buying 2014-W Proof Gold Kennedy half dollar commemoratives.

    If you ordered 2014-W Gold proof Kennedy half dollar commemoratives from the mint and have them in hand, MCM is interested in purchasing them. MCM is paying $1,350 each for your coins.

    Your must send your coins to MCM using overnight shipping. MCM will pay for FedEx shipping on three or more coins (call for instructions).

  135. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – Thank you, but I will pass. The good news is it looks like demand is outstripping supply.

  136. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, MCM paying $1350 for IN HAND JFK golds! 3 or more ONLY shipped FREE by them overnight. They are scrambling with this ordering limit by the Mint. Bravo US Mint! And thank you for making this a more FAIR playing ground!

  137. gary says

    Chance to sell off any Gold Kennedies you have that you are unsatisfied with. Better to off load them to MCM & let them deal with them than return them to the Mint!

  138. Clark says

    VaBob, PittsP, Cag–Hee hee hee!

    You know what’s even funnier is that I’m about to shell out two grand for ol’ Lou in MS and PF70 and still more for a bronze image in MS68 or69. Just shoot me now!

  139. VA Bob says

    Clark – That’s OK you’ll need Ms. Doubtfire to keep your up coming Barney Fife company.

  140. VA Bob says

    Sith – I’d let it go man, if I were you. Any reasonable person would know that our posts were our opinions of the particular the Texas coin company in the link, I should have left the snarky “shoot the messenger” comment slide, but it was late and I’m getting tired of seeing those. If people want to be butt hurt, or not care to read the related comments due to lack of time, so be it. We are here to talk about coins and related issues, while having an exchange of thoughts on the topics.

    On topic – I’m wondering why MCM is expressing interest now? The coins are shipping steadily. I don’t expect them to hold out that offer long. Seems like there is always a little flipping money to be had, even mint to demand.

  141. thePhelps says

    If I just got a bad batch and could sell them to MCM for $100 more than I paid and order replacements…I’d be seriously considering it! (Rich?)

  142. Hidalgo says

    @VABob – considering that MCM is offering to buy the gold Kennedy halves right now, I suspect that it might have something to do with increasing their supply of NGC Early Releases coins.

    I agree with you — MCM’s offer will not last very long. And it certainly will not last indefinitely.

  143. Clark says

    Louis-Hilarious! Might even get to the eyes of the Mint and make our points!

    VaBob-LOL! Those two deserve each other!

  144. AkBob says

    There’s an article on Kitco’s home page in regards to the JFK Coin. Sorry, I don’t know how to cut and paste, maybe Jon in Ct can do it for us.

  145. Sith says

    VA Bob – That is the best advice I have heard this week, and while I’m at it let me apologize to the board for my rants. Now let me go watch Frozen with my daughter and sing “Let it go.”

    @Louis – LOVED the video…

  146. VA Bob says

    Louis – EPIC! I wonder if Hitler will get his JFK silver sets? I also wonder who is going to tell him they are also mint to demand. I also have seen this “Downfall” clip used in other cases, the Windows 8 roll out is a funny one too.

  147. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Still in tears having just watched the video. Thanks for that comedic relief!! Desperately needed it this week. I also left you some thoughts over on WMNB.

  148. Louis says

    Thanks, everyone. I have not laughed that hard probably since a good Robin Williams movie.

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