US Mint Circulating Coin Production May 2013

PennyThe latest United States Mint circulating coin production figures are now available. For the fifth month in a row, production levels show an increase compared to the year ago period.

For the month of May 2013, the US Mint stuck 1.084 billion circulating quality coins at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This represents an increase of 32.20% compared to the year ago period of May 2012 when 819.86 million coins were struck.

Total production for the year to date has now reached 5.289 billion coins. This amount is up by 37.66% compared to the comparable year ago period.

The table below shows a breakdown of circulating coin production for each denomination at each mint facility. Separate totals are shown for the month of May 2013 and the total production for the year to date.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
May 2013 YTD 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 324.40 M 1,515.20 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 371.20 M 1,655.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 55.68 M 292.56 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 50.88 M 255.84 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 94.00 M 447.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 93.00 M 500.50 M
Quarters – Denver 51.60 M 330.00 M
Quarters – Phil. 43.60 M 254.60 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 1.80 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 1.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 10.64 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.45 M
Total 1,084.36 M 5,289.13 M

As usual, the cent accounted for the majority of overall production. The Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities struck a combined 695.6 million cents during the month, representing 64.14% of all production.

The monthly production totals for nickels, dimes, and quarters remained around their typical monthly levels for this year. These three denominations accounted for the balance of circulating coin production during the month.

There were no circulating quality half dollars or $1 coins reported as struck during the month.

Production totals by design for the America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential Dollars appear below. As mentioned in the past, these production totals by design should be considered preliminary until the close of the year. In the past, the US Mint has reserved the right to restart production based on demand and production capacity.

2012 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
White Mountain Quarter 107.60 M 68.80 M 176.40 M
Perry’s Victory Quarter 131.60 M 107.80 M 239.40 M
McKinley Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.12 M
Roosevelt Dollar 3.92 M 5.31 M 9.23 M
Taft Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.12 M

Other News

goldThe weekly numismatic product sales report has now been published on Coin Update. The report includes the opening numbers for 2013 Mint Set, 2013-P Perry’s Victory Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin, and 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle.

Separately, it is possible that prices for the US Mint’s numismatic gold products will be decreased tomorrow. Over the past several weeks, prices have been moving back and forth as the market price of gold has fluctuated above and below the $1,400 level.

Based on the available data, the average weekly gold price will likely fall within the $1,350 to $1399.99 range. This is one tier lower than the range used to establish current prices. In the most likely scenario, the prices for gold numismatic products would be decreased as long as the Wednesday London PM Fix price is below $1,400.

Products impacted by the change would include the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins, 2013 commemorative gold coins, 2013 Proof Gold Eagles, the 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo, and the recently released 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle. Prices would be increased proportionally by $50 for each ounce of gold content.

It is also possible that the price for the US Mint’s single numismatic platinum product may be increased tomorrow. Based on the available data, the average weekly platinum price will likely fall within the $1,500 to $1,549.99 range. This is one tier higher than the range used to establish current prices. In the most likely scenario, as long as the Wednesday PM London Fix price is above $1,500, then the price increase would take place. The single product impacted would be the 2012 Proof Platinum Eagle, which would see its price increased by $50.

Weekly pricing changes have typically been made effective mid-morning on Wednesday.

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  1. fosnock says

    This make sense to me I have already gotten more Perry’s than all the other ATBs combined.

  2. Rod says


    Change “increased” to “decreased” at the end of the third to last paragraph.

  3. Dan in Fla says

    Great article Michael thanks. As for the low mintage of the W AGE burnished I had to cancel my order but will order next week when the price decrease happens.

  4. Ray says

    Just looked at last years opening sales, which were surprisingly string for the burnished age, yet it ended up being the key date for this coin. might have to double up on the 2013. one of my fav us mint products. wish it was 24k, but hey, it is what it is. should be interesting to see where this one ends. it might compete wit last years for the key date. i’ll be staying tuned.

    As for circulating coins, I’ve been receiving a lot of (D) pennies and dimes, but nada on quarters and nickels.

  5. Hidalgo says

    @Ray – the opening numbers don’t mean much. What matters is the final number that have been sold and also the “surprise” factor.

    If you check out US Mint offerings that have had unexpected sell outs, you’ll find that most of these have high secondary market values.

  6. simon says

    > All those pennies…where do they all go?

    I picked up one in change – it is proofish – very shiny and no blemishes of any kind. I’m getting an airtite for it.

  7. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, ?

    Ray, I like the bur W 1 oz. too, also keep an i on the 1/2 proof. Will have to see what happens with pm prices and the popularity of the other W gold products. Will know more soon, may have to buy 70.

  8. Hidalgo says

    All those pennies are in jars, cans, chests, etc. You can find some in a fountain, on the street, and other other odd places.

    What can a penny buy you? Not much. I knew a man who was so poor, they called him Nicholas (nickle – less)…. (sigh…)

  9. fmtransmitter says

    I know the “Old Man” on Pawn Stars has buckets and buckets of pre 82’s. Said he’s waiting for the OK to melt and will cash in as copper rises. As it sits they are valued around .3 or .4 each for the copper content. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Is copper the next silver??

  10. fmtransmitter says

    @ TV Sales of coins-I paused the DVR when an episode of Pawn Stars was on when the camera panned by their SE’s in the showcase. $400 in OGP for each one. You could always go there and get one too! I remember my Grandmother spending all her last days buying HSN stuff. JUNK. What a racket.

    I will admit I bought ONE MS 70 SE to take advantage of their SPECIAL VALUE of the day AND to get the 4 free grades from ANACS.

    Sent in a PROOF 63 FRANKLIN never out of the Mint cello and got PF 65 on it.
    My winner was a 1905 Panama Balboa that graded at a AU 50. Nice clean coin.

  11. Rich says

    @ fmtransmitter – you would think so looking at the Provident’s increased Cu selection…, have a few those arriving on Friday & anxious to see to quality. Good gouge on JJc, thx

  12. Dustyroads says

    I think it would take a big building boon in China to possibly cause the copper price to hit levels it was at several years ago. I would not bet the farm on copper, but a quick check at will tell you what your melt values are. Copper is worth slightly over twice the face value of a penny. $5.00 face=$10.52 melt today.
    If you think sorting pennies is something you might want to do, you should still be able to find 15 to 20% copper, not to mention the extra perks of finding AU or MS looking red wheat pennies, you should see the bucket of wheat pennies I have.

  13. Ray says

    @Dustyroads, do any of the fractional AGE proofs do well on the secondary market. I had watched it for a while and it seemed like I could pick up any year for at or around current cost. Maybe I’m wrong. Please lmk if I am.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    I grabbed some for the long haul. It is cheap and the 5 and 10 pound bars are cool. Rounds are coming out in high quality and look stunning. Golden State Mint makes some nice ones.

  15. fosnock says

    Copper is a waste if you ask me, it a industrial metal, and everyone has been hording it forever.

  16. Kraw says


    As opposed to Au which has only been hoarded since ancient egyptian times?

  17. Dustyroads says

    Resales values of proofs like any other Mint offerings are effected by greater availability, 2008 and last year had some age proofs that are more valuable. Take a look at sales and it’s easy to see that proof numbers have declined making some winners. As it is with any of the numismatic offerings, you really shouldn’t expect to realize much earnings short term unless you’re investing in a large number of units. Do the fractional proofs do well on the secondary market? You already know the answer to that, but keys rule the sky, even semi keys.

  18. says

    Anyone notice what a seeming nosedive first week sales of the Perry’s Victory AtB took in comparison to White Mountain, which had over 10K to start with? Are we back to declining interest or did the design on Perry’s Victory fail to resonate with the buyers? I recall that Perry’s Victory designs were not well received by the CCAC last year.

  19. Kraw says

    CO, I bet it is a confluence of things. There was a huge gap in time between the last 2012 and white mountain release, the drop in Ag was sudden right before that went on sale and people were maybe worried it would go back up so trying to jump on the price drop fast, and certainly that the Perry design is the worst of the 5 this year, and white mountain was one of the best.

    The interest I think is pretty much locked in at this point due to the low mintages of the uncirculated 2012 AtB 5ozers. That is going to limit the collector base on these to no more than ~15k.

  20. Samuel says

    gold coins prices will drop today, right? i am looking at the buffalo and W AGE.
    i like the coin in OGP, but you guys said if u want to sell, better be graded. so, i am struggling here, because i have to sell them at some point later.

  21. Rich says

    UNC set arrived today…, it looks good. Really like the NA design this year in unc and proof is sharp! proof set and eagles looked perfect as well.., suspect well see the same for the enhanced version.

  22. Brad says


    Yes, the Mint should be suspending and re-pricing the gold coins within the hour.

    It looks like they finally corrected the Perry’s Victory 5 oz. page and noted the 25,000 mintage limit. However, I’ve always wondered what the difference between a “mintage limit” and a “product limit” is? Isn’t it the same thing? How can there be a 25,000 mintage limit, but no product limit? I think they need to omit that line from those pages.

  23. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, buying from the Mint in OGP is the way you should go, If you get a perfect coin you can always have it graded at a later date which would answer a possible buyers questions.

  24. joe says

    Samual – A cheaper way to go is to just join NGC or PCGS and send the coins in to be graded yourself. I purchase OGP when I can and have the expensive ones (or the ones I plan to sell) graded by NGC.

    For example, MCM basically doubled the price of the 2-coin WP set to $289. By joining NGC (at the right level), you get five coins graded for free plus have the privileged to send in additional coins for grading as needed. The additional $150 you pay MCM will get you five coins graded by NGC, plus I still have the OGP in hand from my purchase from the Mint.

    The only catch is to hope your receive 70 level coins from the Mint, which can be hit or miss sometimes. I’ve only had a couple of coins I thought were 70s that returned from NGC at a 69 grade.

    I do pay the additional $5 per coin to have them imaged during the grading process…

  25. Larry says

    The latest issue of Coinworld has some great pictures of the enhanced unc West Point ASE. They look stunning! Can’t wait to get mine.

  26. Samuel says

    Dustyroads, Joe,
    buy OGP and send in to TPG, there is always a chance that you get a 69. i dont mind spending a couple of hundreds more to get a 70, but i really dont like the slab, i think the packaging especially the buffalo is part of the beauty of the coin.
    i have been checking the ebay to see the different between OGP and 70, the OGP is rare, as u guys said, people prefer the graded ones. the price gap is about $200-$300. in long term, do u think the gap will increase?

  27. thePhelps says

    Brad – that is the standard product offering language they use on all products.

    Mintage limit is the total number of any specific coin. Product imit doesn’t really apply unless they are including the coin in a set.

    To see examples of that go look at the gold coins that are included in the sets and you’ll see the difference.

  28. IPS_STUFF says

    Submitted my first batch of coins Monday to PCGS…got an email today indicated that the form does not match the coins the received.

    They indicate they did not receive my 1909 S VDB Lincoln
    and my TWO 2012 S SILVER W UNC EAGLES…

    Obviously not too happy on this email and have not heard anyone factor this into the TPG process on the blog


  29. simon says

    IPS : PCGS is capable of some very serious shenanigans. My recommendation to all TPG customers is to carefully take high resolution “in-focus” photographs of each coin (obverse and reverse), and ALSO of “the coins and the submission form” together as a record. You can then submit these as evidence when you make a claim.

  30. Ray says

    @IPS_Stuff, what is a “TWO 2012 S SILVER W UNC EAGLES…”?

    I read that as saying that its both from West Point and San Fran. ?? maybe that was the issue. they do need to make the coin submitting process much more user friendly. its a royal pain in the arse imo.

  31. Dan in Fla says

    NGC & PCGS & ICG & ANACS TPG ‘s. I think I will open a grading company called TCB and charge people about $50.00 a coin to get them back from me. Of course we will have TPG’s give you their opinion of what they think your coin grades.

    Once you get them slabbed you can no longer feel the touch of the gold in your hands. Not that I would ever do that but i do have the option.

  32. IPS_STUFF says

    Sorry in my angry and frustration I listed this missing coins incorrectly…

    1909 S VDB from (Fine to Very fine)
    and TWO of the westpoint with “W” 2012 UNC EAGLE

    Total of 13 coins sent and 3 are missing

    Has anyone else had this issue? I am guessing it is my word against their word, since I did not have a notary inspect the contents or take pictures.

  33. Dan in Fla says

    Hopefully these coins were insured in shipping. Maybe they were lost in transit. That 1909 S VDB is worth a fortune. I would hate to lose that, I have heard stories on this blog that said PCGS had lost a coin and found an extra one later that they gave to him. Good luck finding your coins IPS.

  34. Rich says

    CO – I believe you were looking for more info on launch ceremonies, if so, I just stumbled across this that is a little more official & with event flier:

    Also looks like you’ll get your McHenry roll when the event comes around –

    Coin exchange begins immediately following the quarter launch event
    one-roll ($10) minimum • 10-roll ($100) maximum

  35. Rich says

    Also appears that the launch ceremony may be held 1 week prior to the release of the puck, if GB is any indication

  36. Hawkster says


    The bad experience you are having is why my collectible coins never leave my possession. There is always the potential of negative things happening when they are sent out to be graded, especially being lost or mishandled. Good luck to you–I hope you get a positive resolution.

  37. says

    Rich, thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a page I can actually keep track of. I’d been guesstimating based on news articles on other coin news websites and the dates of past launch ceremonies. They all seem to come between 7-14 days after the coins are released on the mint’s website.

  38. Rich says

    @ george – Yes Sir…, actually died on the field of honor a few times over up in those ramparts as a cadet at VMI back in the early 90’s…, should be quite the spectacle (and turn out). Wouldn’t miss it.

    Too bad the mint didn’t release the Gettysburg puck this month and Fort McHenry last year given the profound historical significance of each battle and influence to the war’s outcome. Oh well…

  39. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, I absolutely agree with you about the beauty of the OGP, especially for the Buffalo’s. If these coins are going to be in higher numbers I think I would simply want mine in OGP, but there are variables which can make your coin increase in value that can be difficult to predict. In fact, we have already seen that the RP Buffalo has won a following which may make it a good candidate for owning in 70. Whats happening with the W uncirculated may also be one you may want in 70, considering it could go the way of the `11 and `12. To answer your question, it’s best to enjoy your hobby, and pull the trigger when you’re ready, this is supposed to be fun while your putting something away.

  40. high low silver says

    At gg : I would go , but the traffic on 15 west and US 81 might be murder. Ill just shoot my legal fireworks off in Pa.

  41. Dustyroads says

    Was just checking markets, stock market hit hard and dollar too. Could be a rise very soon in pm’s!

  42. says

    ot…the 2013 ATB 5 oz bullion coins are selling well.

    White Mountain — 27,000

    Perry’s Victory — 13,900

  43. george glazener says

    Funny enough, I’ll be vacationing in the White Mtns of NH on the 4th…I’d love to go to Gettysburg, but you’re right, the crowds and traffic will be brutal. Maybe we’ll catch the battlefield on the way back thru….

  44. joe says

    George –

    My daughter (just graduated from HS) wants to go to Gettysburg for the anniversary, but I figure hotels will be expensive, traffic will be terrible and the crowds will be brutal as you say. We went a couple years ago and she loved it…and has since won some contests on a speech she wrote about the battle.

    If a person hasn’t been to Gettysburg, they should go when they get the opportunity. The locals are very nice, there’s so much history, and the park is beautiful…especially in the Fall.

  45. george glazener says

    Has anyone else had trouble logging onto US MINT this morning with your regular username + password? My usual entries won’t let me in.

    I know my fingers are fat, but really!!!

  46. IPS_STUFF says

    George – no problem for me at 6:10 am P.S.T

    First try and in checked history (may 9TH order still has cancel box)

  47. e says

    there are hundreds of billions of pennies ,time to stop making them,at least for a few years.

  48. Brad says

    I was hoping my WP set order from May 9th about three hours after opening would move up to a June shipping date, but it’s still holding firm at 7/11. Bummer. I really want to see the enhanced coin in hand!

  49. Eddie says

    I am wanting to buy a WP set that is graded 70. So would it be better to wait buying one and get it later after all or most of the hype has died down? I saw one of the coin shows where they are pushing these hard. I figure it is just to get as much as they can before the price drops now they are selling the 70 graded sets at $299.00.
    Any thought about any of this and it will be helpful to me and a lot of others that are thinking about doing the same.

  50. Dan in Fla says

    Who knows Eddie. I odered my sets in OGP and will only buy OGP no 70’s for me. If you care about getting a graded 70 coin do not do it from a TV show they are too expensive. Shop around the internet there are plenty of people selling this WP set there.

  51. Rich says

    This is an interesting tid bit of information from the ’12 annual report that ties back to all the complaining that I and others did regarding the premium increase this year, sort of puts it into perspective when you think about –

    Numismatic sales decreased 23.3 percent to 5.6 million units in FY 2012. Numismatic revenues decreased 33.3 percent to $481.2 million mainly because of a decrease of $208.4 million in gold and platinum product revenue and a decrease of $41.7 million in annual core sets revenue. Numismatic net income decreased 34.7 percent to $73.9 million. Numismatic net margin decreased to 15.4 percent compared to 15.7 percent last year.

    You see where the income and cost drivers are…, and as a whole, a 15% margin.., so if applied to the ’12 SF set.., appx $23 net/set – would not have guessed that.

  52. Brian says

    Eddie – Goldmart is the cheapest place that I have seen to buy PCGS graded 70s. I think they were sold out of NGC last I looked, but that may have changed.

    Personally though I would rather have 2 sets in OGP for the price of 1 set graded 70.

  53. Eddie says

    I have a couple of sets ordered. I just would like to have a set graded MS70 & PR70.
    I like the OGP myself and would much rather have my coin in the OGP.

  54. Eddie says

    Yeah wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just buy a set of 70’s from a 2nd or 3rd party?
    Besides to send your coins in to be graded don’t you have to pay to join that grading service? Then on top of that you have to pay them to grade your coins. Then you have to mail them in and hope you get the same coins back that you sent in in the first place. Just seems like a lot of trouble and there’s the money.
    Kinda like paying twice to have your coin and/or coins graded?

  55. thePhelps says

    I bought 4 sets from the mint and ordered a 70 NGC set from Goldmart. I figure I can mix and match as suggested.

  56. Mercury says

    Looks like Modern Coin Wholesale at have the 2013-W Silver American Eagle West Point 2pc Set 70 PCGS Blue Star Label preorder $259.95 free shipping. Plus every assortment of the Pre Order 2013-W Silver American Eagle West Point 2pc Set 70 UC NGC for the same price and free shipping as well. Lowest price to date. Hurry and get them before Ebay gobbles them up.

  57. says

    @Mercury…those prices are like Silvertowne’s. The price for their Early Release of First Strike sets are $289.95. The $259.95 price you indicate is for the non early release and non first strike coin labels.

  58. high low silver says

    Eddie: This is why I like OGP. I purchased a Vicksburg silver quarter from Ebay in PR70, it had a razor cut on the OBV of the coin……That’s no PR70.

  59. Tim says

    Either type MS or PR 70’s can have defects as High Low says above. New people need to remember that.

  60. thePhelps says

    Tim – I think a PF/MS70 can have PMD – but it wouldn’t get a 70 if it had defects.

    Whats the point of having a grading system if they are going to allow defective coins to be graded as the highest quality?

  61. kip caven says

    i just picked up a 2013 ASE burnished for $70-
    i have had people BEGGING to sell it to me for 119-
    just curious……did i do ok with this one?
    OH YEAH-its ms70 first release…………….
    thanks for any opinions

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