US Mint Circulating Coin Production November 2014

evergladesUpdated figures are now available for the United States Mint’s circulating coin production through the month of November 2014. The production totals for the Everglades National Park Quarter have also been provided.

During November, the US Mint produced 958.78 million circulating quality coins at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This represented a decline from both the prior month and the year ago period. During October 2014, production had reached 1.17 billion. In November 2013, production was 991.14 million.

For the current year to date, production has now reached 12.40 billion pieces. Significantly, this is now ahead of the full year annual production from the prior year which had reached 11.91 billion pieces.

The table below includes the latest production figures broken down by denomination and mint facility. The first number column includes the production for November 2014, while the second column includes production for the year to date.

2014 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Nov 2014 YTD 2014
Lincoln Cent – Denver 333.60 M 3,832.40 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 328.00 M 3,677.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 46.32 M 570.72 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 56.16 M 592.16 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 100.00 M 1,080.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 97.50 M 1,023.00 M
Quarters – Denver 0 862.80 M
Quarters – Phil. -2.80 M 717.40 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 2.10 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 2.50 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 5.60 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 3.08 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 15.26 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.88 M
Total 958.78 M 12,404.92 M

As typical, the cent accounted for the majority of overall production. There were 661.6 million pieces struck during the month, representing 69.00% of total production. Nickels and dimes held at a relatively even keel with previous monthly levels. Notable for this month, there were no quarters produced and a small negative adjustment was also made. No half dollars or $1 coins were produced during the month.

2014 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
Great Smoky Mountains 99.40 M 73.20 M 172.60 M
Shenandoah 197.80 M 112.80 M 310.60 M
Arches 251.40 M 214.20 M 465.60 M
Great Sand Dunes 171.80 M 159.60 M 331.40 M
Everglades 142.40 M 157.60 M 300.00 M
Warren G. Harding 3.78 M 6.16 M 9.94 M
Calvin Coolidge 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Herbert Hoover 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3.92 M 4.76 M 8.68 M

The production totals by design have now been updated with the figures for the 2014 Everglades National Park Quarter. Overall production came in at 300.00 million pieces, representing the second lowest figure for this year after the Great Smoky Mountains design.

With the latest update, the US Mint has now provided production figures for each of the designs issued this year for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program and the Presidential Dollars Program.

New Sales Report Posted

The new weekly sales report has now been posted on Coin Update. The closely watched 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set saw sales increase by 24,226 from the prior week. The cumulative sales total through the reporting date of December 7, 2014 has now reached 38,299. This accounts for 76.60% of the product limit of 50,000 units.

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  1. mark says

    his is an Ebay scam. “Kglpass3” has been running this scam for years under a variety of user names such as kglpass4, kglpass5 and so on. Kglpass3 buys 100’s of items on Ebay everyday and immediately repost’s the items they “won” through auction on Ebay Asia. They do not pay for the items knowing they have a few days before a complaint will be filed for non-payment. If they can sell the item for a substantial increase they will have the item shipped to a “drop ship” location in Gardena CA (ACI Express Inc., 14452 S. Avalon Blvd. KGL #19114). Notice the unit number…. “KGL”.

    If they can not sell the item they know a complaint will be filed with Ebay, thus giving them an additional four days to run this scam. On the third day of the resolution process through Ebay they will make payment through Paypal. As soon as the item arrives at their shipping company in CA they will immediately put a stop payment on the Paypal payment and claim the item was damaged in shipping. Thus giving them additional time to continue to sell the item. They will eventually never pay for the item and keep the property. Ebay will do nothing until they get numerous complaints. When you are talking about the volume of fraud being done every day by kglpass3 everyday this is a million dollar operation.

    Once Ebay eventually catches on they will shut the account down. Kglpass3 then becomes kglpass4 and the scam starts all over again.

    A quick “Google” search of “kglpass” will reveal 100’s of victims.

  2. Wes says

    I wonder if that Household limit for C&C will effect Households that already ordered and if all the orders that are on hold now will be limited or reduced to 5 sets.

  3. fmtransmitter says

    mark says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 3:28 PM

    Sold a $300 dollar coin on ebay. Buyer sends me his very specific shipping instructions. Address not paypal confirmed and after searching, I find its a warehouse in California that direct ships to foreign countrys. So thru ebay/paypal I refunded his money.

    Many people over seas have “ship to” addresses here in the states that FWD their mail to them BUT they are Paypal verified. Good call but I would have done some more research, maybe calling Paypal CS to find out if he’s legit before losing out on the sale.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    TimTom says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 5:43 PM

    @fmt – oh and slide 14 is the maine state quarter
    Nice call..

  5. fmtransmitter says

    TimTom says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 5:27 PM

    @fmt/Rudy – I don’t think you’re correct on the Nevada coin. IF you look closely at your design, the ear is more curved downward, aka not as pointed as slide 13. Also, more telling I’d say, is that the ear in your Nevada coin covers part of the horn where it does not in slide 13. I still think It’s the AK-05 design here:

    JMHO. What say ya’ll?

    Hard to tell, I was looking at where the shading was on the inner horn and it made me think but I almost have to agree it is the Nevada

  6. fmtransmitter says

    If people would just use their minds to think how to make money the right way instead of scamming people, they could easily be a millionaire without hurting others, sad..

  7. CasualCollector says

    C&C Can now be “Backordered” — Limit is 5 per household. I ordered 5 the other day, and I can not order more (says household limit reached).

  8. GoldFishin says

    @mark- second package I have shipped priority that has been delayed. The first one took 8 days….now I have one that has 6 days and still has not shown at delivery location. I had first class packages arrive in 2 days from coast to coast, not sure what the problem is, but I suspect it has something to do with the multi-billion dollar contract USPS has signed with Amazon, which includes Sunday delivery, and also the busy time of year.

    ALSO- note to everyone- check your ebay message inbox for 4X ebay bucks good through 12-11, if you have had your eye on something to purchase. Not good on bullion categories, however. 🙁

  9. CasualCollector says

    btw, if you plan to order 5 of the C&C Sets, add approximately $30 more and get free shipping (the Kennedy Uncirculated sets would be my choice to fill…)

  10. says

    You guys are great. I am relatively new to collecting.

    Reading the blog has kept me away from a lot of aggravation from rogues operating on ebay to finally getting a 5 coin ‘back order’ in with the mint, via telcon, to purchase the limit of 5 – TA 9s = American Coin & Currency sets.

    Keep up the banter.


  11. GoldFishin says

    How to block unwanted Ebay bidders:

    To add buyer requirements or block buyers:
    1- Go to Site Preferences in My eBay.
    2- In the Buyer Requirements section, click Show, and then click Edit.
    3-Select your requirements, and the click Submit.

    If you don’t want to sell to certain bidders and buyers, you can put them on your blocked list. They won’t be able to bid on or buy your items unless you remove them from the list. You can block up to 5,000 users.

    To add people to your blocked list:
    1-Go to the Blocked bidder list page.
    2-Enter the username(s) you want to block, and then click Submit.

  12. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    That’s approximately 2,259 orders left on the C&C – if – every order is the HH limit of 5. The count down continues.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Well, it seems the new Mint contractor is learning slowly the ins and outs of the ordering process and will issue household limits at the BEGINNING of the release next time instead of AFTER, simply because it became an item that collectors wanted. i understand that there is no way to know ahead of time what item will be a hit and what will not but a little common sense and years of experience can go a long way in predicting such things…

  14. NC_Stacker says

    Just order more and have it sent to a different address. This was a way to bypass the limits. I don’t know if this works with the new website rollout, but it’s worth a try if you want more.

  15. VA Bob says

    Maybe some of the collectors on the west coast will get a chance now. I hope the guys that were upset (Brian and Ray) are tuned in so they get their sets.

  16. jeff says

    If you ordered the NA C & C Set any time since they went on sale on November 20th you may have reached the HH limit it goes all the way back to opening release. If you never order any there is a HH limit of 5

  17. GoldFishin says

    different CC doesn’t work either…even cleared all cookies….Household limit is effective it seems

  18. thePhelps says

    @fm – I don’t think the contractor has anything to do with the mints ordering limits. They are a packager and shipper, not involved in policy.

  19. GoldFishin says

    NC STACKER- I have same billing address for both CC’s. I used different shipping address and a card I haven’t used before, but didn’t work. Oh well, I don’t want to wait forever anyway. They might be selling for $20 or less by the time I got them.

  20. Ikaika says

    The HH limit is working. Purchased 2 sets last time when A&L notified us. Got another 3 tonight. Tried 4 sets, NO GO.

  21. GoldFishin says

    I hope the people that want them check MNB and order them now. PAY NO ATTENTION to OUT OF STOCK, just click on it and order. It says BACKORDER once you click on the item.

  22. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – There is still the “Friends and Family” plan.

    I’m glad to see the Mint crack down on the HH rules. If people got them and flipped them, no problem, but now’s the time to let go of the greed. If the big sellers got all the sets, we’d all be complaining about them right now and how it isn’t fair. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between corporate greed and personal greed. Just because one does it, doesn’t justify it. Maybe it’s just me, as I would have a problem selling something at an inflated price, knowing it’s still available at the fair price. Even if it’s to the unsuspecting or people with more money than brains. I’d rather see, from a collectors standpoint, just what the market to the final collector base would bear, rather that to the hype.

  23. Tinto says

    The Mint imposes a HH limit now for the C&C. What a joke …. those big buyers who wanted their fill have filled it already … now they penalize the remaining folks .. as if this “action” will somehow erase their original screw up … but in a bureaucracy maybe it does …

  24. Darek says

    After spending over 6000 this morning for 2014 first spouses coins I have empty pockets. No TA9 for me this time around.

  25. GoldFishin says

    @VA BOB- yes, If I wanted them bad enough I could open new account in the name of my wife, son, mother-in-law or whoever. I only got 5 to begin with and really didn’t want any more, so no sweat for me. I am glad others may get them that really want them….I was more interested in testing the system for future reference. 😉

  26. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- I noticed that you dipped your toes into the greasy oil pit today. Do you have any issues with the O-I-L etf. I am thinking about getting my toes greasy as well, maybe as early as tomorrow. thanks.

  27. A Different Jeff says

    When an activity like order fulfillment is farmed out like this, it sometimes takes a bit of time to notice that something might need a mid-stream adjustment, as in this case. I suspect that when the contractor noticed that orders were going out for an item which didn’t, at the time, seem that remarkable, it may have taken a day or two to let the mint policy makers know. The contractor had no cause to limit orders as there were no limits placed on them at that time. When the initial supply ran out, the EU hadn’t been ‘discovered’ yet. The mint didn’t act until the orders resumed on Dec 3rd and 4th. At that time I am guessing the mint decided to do something which was to mark the set ‘out of stock’, thus buying time to implement the household limit. It was probably applied to all the orders placed from the 3rd which hadn’t shipped, which explains the extended ‘on hold’ status, and also why the CS reps answered with the standard responses to the questions about the status as they hadn’t been informed about the HH limit. Hopefully the sets will be shipping soon, the new orders processed and the expected sellout will happen. Sorry about the long-winded comment, but I like to hear myself type.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    VA Bob says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 7:28 PM

    GoldFishin – There is still the “Friends and Family” plan.

    I’m glad to see the Mint crack down on the HH rules. If people got them and flipped them, no problem, but now’s the time to let go of the greed. If the big sellers got all the sets, we’d all be complaining about them right now and how it isn’t fair. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between corporate greed and personal greed. Just because one does it, doesn’t justify it. Maybe it’s just me, as I would have a problem selling something at an inflated price, knowing it’s still available at the fair price. Even if it’s to the unsuspecting or people with more money than brains. I’d rather see, from a collectors standpoint, just what the market to the final collector base would bear, rather that to the hype.

    I would have a hard time being the TV dealers saying the 4 coin kennedy set is for sale at the US Mint ON AIR and then selling same set for $60 more than one could call, assuming they have no internet because they are watching a coins show to buy coins, and buy it for $99. Weird. Am I just a loyal customer and want to hand them $60. What gives? I see the graded sets but in OGP?

  29. fmtransmitter says

    Darek says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 7:33 PM

    After spending over 6000 this morning for 2014 first spouses coins I have empty pockets. No TA9 for me this time around.
    Ouch, the Mint thanks you!

  30. fmtransmitter says

    thePhelps says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 7:16 PM

    @fm – I don’t think the contractor
    I knew I was going to get flack, I hope the point I was trying to make came through though..

  31. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – “testing the system for future reference. ;-)” that cracked me up bro! I liked that. I didn’t even need the entire HH limit before it was imposed (only bought 4 sets).

    Cag – I try not to pass judgment on what others do, especially something of minor importance in life in the whole scheme of things. Everyone gotta do what they feel is right for them. But, do I really want to hear how someone bought X number of sets to sell at X price over the current Mint price, to X number of eBay shoppers? Not particularly, fully realizing some may take some degree of pride in that. I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone here by saying this. We are all different in our approach to coins. I most enjoy the blog when the topic is on the coins themselves; designs, production facts, etc.

  32. VA Bob says

    FM – I’d be in the same boat as you. I know I’d be fired when I told the customers, “Why the hay aren’t you on the Mint website buying these?”. Some may feel they are getting some sort of personalized service or something, but I find it hard to believe someone that shells out that kind of money wouldn’t research prices everywhere possible. I also believe the gloves are off when the coin sells out at the Mint, and the market should pay whatever it bears. Even then too many wallets fatter than brains can skew the true prices.

  33. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, I’ve never purchased the OIL ETF. I did go to my brokerage account and do some research on it. OIL is a rather small ETF. Average daily price volumn is approximately $15million. I didn’t see Anything except that that I didn’t like. It tracks WTI and that’s a pure play. I like that. I assume this is a trade and not a long term hold. Looks like all they own is futures and you know the risks involved with futures. Since OIL is more of a pure play your Risk/Reward will be greater than my XLE ETF.
    I would have no problem trading the OIL.

    My situation is more unique in that some people Only do what I do and I can’t Always Do what I want to Do if you follow. Today I HAD to be in before those that I got In would get In. Once I’m Out they’re Out.

    You know that it’s not an Oily knife your trying to catch but a Bloody knife. Not for the weak at heart…Good luck and I’ll track your OIL vs. my XLE. IF oil continues downward mine Should outperform and upward yours Should outperform (Unless AAPL buys XOM and in that case I’m Golden)

  34. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, I agree with what you said. I wish the blog was like a FB post and you could “like” comments. I try to temper my comments on here and for the most part I don’t try to upset to many. Let’s just say that I had the Opportunity to buy more CC sets tonight and I just thought “For what?”. Let someone else have them. I really don’t want them. I got what I wanted and gave them all away and now they have all been flipped. I had a Reason for doing what I did. It was not the end result of monetary gain but to get three people Involved in decision making. When should I list on the bay? Should I list Buy it Now? or Auction? Should I have Free Shipping? Should I list Box Unopened? etc. etc. I listed all these things to the people that Flipped them and I gave them NO HELP with the Answers. They had zero cost and All proceeds went to their small Children. Believe me they enjoyed the adventure and I enjoyed watching them make decisions (right or wrong) and learning from said decisions. One thing I will share is that they learned Shipping was Higher than they thought …

  35. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- about gold and oil…here’s my thinking…the gold per oz. / oil price per bbl ratio at current prices with gold 1231 per oz/ WTI 61.35 per bbl is 20.06. Historically anytime the ratio rises above 20 it is normally a good time to buy oil and/or sell gold. But sometimes both will rise in tandem. If gold continues the recent rally, the ratio will extend even further, creating even a more attractive scenario for long oil.

    The last time the ratio was above 20 on an annualized average basis was in 1998, which turned out to be a very good time to buy both oil and gold for long term positions( of which I am talking about), but especially for oil. Since both are also historically primarily driven by dollar strength or weakness….. I think the recent dollar strength( which is overextended imo and showing a weekly bearish engulf) creates a fundamentally and technically opportune time to start building a long term position in oil and less so with gold, but gold could be ok. I have the gold side of it covered already.
    What think ya?

  36. Bernie in FL says

    Gotta love the Mint. Now they put in a HH limit after the Big Coin Companies already got all they wanted, shipped and received. Now they open it up for the 3rd time and put a HH limit that hits the small guy that just wants to get in and get his for his family and friends for Christmas.

    Really, a HH limit. It only limits us small guys. The Mint seems to always be one step behind the human thought process. Sometimes I wish there were some transparency over there……..

    OK, got it out of my system 🙂

  37. GoldFishin says

    @Bernie in FL- I remember somebody on MNB recently commenting how the US Mint is now starting to behave like the Perth Mint, opening sales on elusive products at all times of the day or night. The only way to get those kind of issues is to stay on top of your laptop or smartphone and be first dog out of the gate…so to speak.
    I still think there is no way the Mint can create this kind of coordinated chaos on purpose. Some people here are giving them way too much credit. Heck, they can’t even get people’s orders placed in the cardboard box before they glue it shut, and yet they are supposedly some sort of brilliant marketeers? 🙂 😉 🙂

  38. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, The USD is key in both Oil and Gold. It’s amazing that $17 trillion in debt and the USD is showing the strength that it has. I’ve got all the Gold that I need (personally) so I don’t need to be buying anymore of it through a commodity ETF or a stock ETF. I am under weighted the Oils so thus my purchase today. I only bought 1/2 position today and I recommended my client only buying 1/2 position.

    I would much prefer Oil to Gold if you have a two year horizon. I don’t see Any inflation and that’s the primary reason to own Gold.

    The wild card is just Exactly what are the Saudi’s up to. Fundamentally OPEC should have dropped production but didn’t. I have no idea what the Saudi’s end game IS but I don’t think they will stop until that end game is achieved. Once everyone is on One side of the trade I like to be on the other. Seems everyone wants to Short Oil so I figure it’s time to be a Little Long…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    I also believe the gloves are off when the coin sells out at the Mint, and the market should pay whatever it bears.
    Absolutely agree 110%…

  40. Sith says

    GoldFishin – The only thing you need to know is who is printing how much money, just throw out your charts out the windows, regardless of which market you are in, it is a currency trade, as everything depends on central banks actions

  41. VA Bob says

    Cag – you’re a good man, period. The hobbies better for it because of people like you.

    GoldFihin – “Can’t get the coins in the box before they glue it”, you are on a roll tonight. Too funny. But I do sympathize with Keithster.

  42. TC says

    HH limits of 5 now.

    I wonder how this will affect the orders over 5 ordered previously and status “in process” now?

  43. Sith says

    @cagcrisp – The Saudi’s game plan is simple take out the fracking revolution just like they took out alternative energy in the 80s, and help their allies destroy Russia.

  44. VA Bob says

    FM – It’s like two gas stations across the street from each other, different gas prices, yet the same tanker, from the same gas terminal, fills both their tanks. There will always be someone pumping gas into their vehicle at the higher price.

  45. Dustyroads says

    Sith, Their game plan could be to take out alternative energy today while they are no doubt taking out fracking operations. Supposedly, most fracking operations need $70.00 per barrel in Texas to operate.

  46. says

    I bought 3 –count em–3 C&C Sets during the initial ordering window. No more, no less. And I am content with just owning the 3 sets. I too had a second and third opportunity to add to my total. But I didn’t. I willfully retreated to the sideline to see how this thing has played out. I am, at this point in time, looking forward to getting a few of the 2015 uncirculated pucks. To me, the C&C Set is history.

  47. Dave SW FL says

    Delighted to report all items were in the box. The Glades P puck is just one beautiful coin. The Sac C&C sets are nice looking and the coins look really good without magnification. Will 10x them in natural light tomorrow.

    Also received the 2 PCGS SP69 Glades I got on the Bay for 5 cents under the mint’s price. I guess I’ll never be a grader because I cannot see any flaw anywhere. They both look perfect. Not complaining 🙂

    Now, if DumbPost could just get its act together……

  48. Ends in Error says

    I agree about the “Hold” thing. Oh well I dont need the last 2 orders of 5 anyway.

    Thanks for canceling for me, Mint. Saved me the trouble.

  49. KEITHSTER says

    How do you get the -2,800, 000 Philly quarters the bean counters miscounted? They were stolen ? Maybe a mint error headed for the waffler ? Anyone Mr. Wizard that’s still a chunk of change just don’t get it.But I’m glad the #’s are heading down and that the Everglades are 2nd. lowest this year and even the banks have been keeping the limits on them. Why would they T off the main buyers by putting a limit on the on hold orders when there was no limit when the order was placed? Get over it and get it over retro limit that can’t be that good or is it? Good NIGHT &Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  50. GoldFishin says

    @Sith- I tend to agree with you about the Saudi’s game plan, but something doesn’t smell right about their actions. Maybe something else is going on we don’t have a clue about. I think about it this way. It is well known that Saudi oil stocks are in decline and maybe in quite significant decline depending on which source you reference. It would make sense to me if I had a product that was in decline, yet I could limit my production and allow a competitor’s product to supplement world supply and attain higher prices for a much longer period of time than I otherwise could….it would make sense to me to do so. In other words, if I knew full well that my competitor’s product only worked at a certain price level, which is a higher price for me and it allows me to keep my business going at very profitable levels for a much longer period of time, and in addition keep my all my wives and rolls- royces, wouldn’t I welcome that? I mean sure, you could put a hurting on them for a while, but eventually you would hurt your own business and end up being at the brunt end of the ugly stick, you know what I mean? ( that one was for VA Bob) 🙂

  51. says

    Dave SW FL,
    I agree that the Glades P puck is one awesome looking coin. And if birds are your thing, you can look forward to the 2015 Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (Delaware) ATB, which has an egret and great blue heron depicted on its ATB. It’s actually very similar looking to the Glades. A birders delight.

  52. Bob R says

    I think it is interesting how strong the PM’s have been holding up with a very strong dollar and the Kingdom dumping oil to hurt their Shiite enemies, the Russians, along with all competitors. The camel jockeys sure know what they are doing. Gld & Slv could have dropped just as bad with oil IMO.

  53. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    A retro limit would cook the books in the current sales stats, making more available than were stated Tuesday. Do we “re-count” the votes (3rd & 4th sales data)? I think not.

  54. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Also, don’t forget about the Feds freedom to “jockey” interest rates, which can affect your oil & PM’s performance.

  55. Larry says

    Well all I can say is that its been a fun year for modern collectors. We had the BHOF’s, the Kennedys, and now the pleasant EU Sac surprise. Not to mention some really nice 5 OZ pucks. Sure the mints not perfect, but they do seem to be trying. 2016 is the year I’m looking forward to. Hopefully we see something special with the 100 year anniversary of the merc dime, walking liberty half, and my favorite, the standing liberty quarter.

  56. Bob R says

    @GF As I understand it the Saudi’s break even point for oil is about $10 per barrel, they have an unlimited supply, it is the market place at work. Destroy your competition when it is easy. My honest opinion is it is to hurt Iran the most, put the squeeze on their arch enemy.

  57. Bob R says

    As a gold and silver owner I thank my lucky stars that the PM has not followed the oil market these last 3 months, of course if I was looking to add to positions it would be a different mater.

  58. Jerry Diekmann says

    How do you order the C&C set if the werbsite says it is back-ordered and there is no place to add it to your cart? Maybe it’s just not worth pursuing another Mint screw-up.

  59. VA Bob says

    Jerry – Click the Back Order button it should take your order. I wouldn’t wait too long if you want these.

  60. Jerry Diekmann says

    Thanks, GoldFishin – I followed your instructions to disregard the “out of stock” and was able to purchase some sets. I’m guessing there are a lot of Ebay buyers who are dismayed by how this sale was mismanaged too. Add this one to the Kennedy sets and I’m sure there are a lot more people now who like the Mint less than they did a year ago at this time. The Mint just doesn’t seem to be very well managed.

  61. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Yeah, ok — blah, blah, blah — still waiting for my orders placed on the 3rd and the 5th; I also ordered the 2014, Everglades quarters “S” Mint rolls (on the 3rd) and STILL have NOT received them! They left the Mint on the 5th with 2 day priority shipping — what is today the 11th? Let’s see? that is 8 days and 6 days since they shipped!??

  62. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob and fm: I would be on the same side as you are, but many of these flippers, big dealers, TPGs, and HSN coin hawkers are part of society that is less than honorable. The whole insurance industry is like that – populated by people who don’t want to work very hard but want to make a lot of money, and have no qualms about selling Grandpa or Grandma on reverse mortgages and fixed and variable annuities, and other products where they make a lot on commissions and the poor buyer who is either unknowing or gullible or older, or who doesn’t know a lie when they hear one, are made to suffer the consequences, and they are significant expenses they incur that they didn’t need to. The coin industry is a lot like the insurance industry – some fine and honorable people, but they are definitely in the minority. The idealist in me says both the coin industry and the insurance industry should be better regulated, but then the realist in me says – nope – look how regulations have been thwarted and watered down and failed again and again and again. I keep thinking of the Gulf Oil spill, for those of you who may be interested in buying Big Oil stocks, now that the prices are down. It’s truly a dirty business.

  63. Jerry Diekmann says

    Regarding oil and gas prices. I never understood why some people would pay 20 cents or 30 cents a gallon MORE for the same gas, but here in California I can buy ARCO gas for $2.73 and down the street Shell is selling it for 20 cents a gallon more and Chevron and Union 76 (read Exxon) are still over $3.00 a gallon for regular unleaded. Why? The gas is all the same!

  64. J. Allen says

    Does anyone have an idea as to why the platinum eagle is showing “out of stock?” As of Dec. 7th, the Mint shows only 4,727 sold. The 2013 Pt eagle sales figure was 5,745, and I think the product limit is around 15,000; one would think the Treasury would mint at least 5,500 coins.

    I am getting pretty tired of the manner in which the Mint is conducting their business this year; the fiasco with the BHOF coins, dropping the 10% subscription discount, the ridiculous release of the Kennedy gold coins, the declining quality of their coins, (The unc. clad BHOF were the worst, I sent them in for exchange three times, due to OBVIOUS major flaws, before I finally gave up figuring this was a good as they were going to get, also, had a number of problems with some of the 5 oz. ATB’s, which I hadn’t experienced in previous years, and the Kennedy uncirculated were pretty sloppy too.), the end of refunding return postage, even though the reason one was returning the product for exchange was due to sub-standard product, the lack of e-mails to advise of product being shipped, (the only way I can tell if a product has been shipped is if it shows up on my credit card), the C & C being “in stock” when I ordered, but is now backordered for some inexplicable reason, and now the PT eagle is out of stock, with no warning that the Mint was getting low on product (the Canadian Mint makes notations on their website if product is getting low, too bad the U.S. Mint couldn’t work this option into to their new, not-so-fantastic website. I don’t know who’s running this “COMEDY OF ERRORS,” but I’d sure like to tell to the “powers that be” exactly what I think of them, nothing of which is complimentary! Does anyone know who one can call, other than customer service, to tell them exactly what I think of them? I am getting to the point where I’m just going to order the 5 oz. ATB’s to finish off my collection, and say the heck with their other offerings, as it’s just not worth the headaches caused!

  65. cagcrisp says

    The American $1 Coin and Currency Set is Still available after 14 hours. That speaks volumns about Real demand vs. Speculative demand.

  66. TC says

    HH limits of 5 now.

    I wonder how this will affect the orders over 5 ordered previously and status “in process” now?

  67. SilverFan says

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 11, 2014 AT 7:09 AM

    The American $1 Coin and Currency Set is Still available after 14 hours. That speaks volumns about Real demand vs. Speculative demand.

    The 5 household limit is likely slowing things down a bit.

  68. Larry says

    The Fedex tracking shows my 2 C&C sets just left Indianapolis, which is about 3 hours from me. The estimated delivery date is 12/16! 5 days to go 3 hours, just doesn’t seem possible. Are they using horse and buggies?

  69. HarryB says

    About slow Post Office deliveries, in my area I noticed that the Post Office was running the route I live on 3 times a day Mon-Sat and 2 times on Sunday, so I asked my regular postman what was with all the delivery runs. The postman responded their delivery volume is at least 3 times any previous volume, largely because Amazon is now shipping USPS…went on to comment that all talks of further layoffs are no longer heard. It appears that the Post Office is suffering from success and the Mint’s Smart Post economy shipping is slower as a result. I also note far less UPS deliveries in my area..

  70. cagcrisp says

    @SilverFan, Yep. If there were No limits they would be Long Gone, however, they would All be on the bay within the month. Maybe this way some people that Actually want a coin will get it…

  71. HarryB says

    @cagcrisp & Goldfishin & others: thanks so much for the lessons on commodities trading. I find your comments very educational. The knowledge of the posters here is very impressive and your willingness to share is commendable .

  72. GoldFishin says

    My Smartpost packages are being held up by FEDEX not the USPS…..once the package is being delivered from Fedex to the USPS, I normally have it in 1 or 2 days. I am not convinced that Fedex is just not placing all their in house products ahead of Smartpost at this busy time of year. They delay and USPS gets the blame.
    I talked to FedEx CSR supervisor about a package that showed no movement for 7 days after it arrived in local FedEX dist. center, she was rather rude and told me to take it up with the Mint. They had no idea what the delay was. Once they finally delivered it to the Post Office, I had it next day at my P O Box address.

  73. Dave SW FL says

    Has the mint reminded ANYONE that the Sac $1 C&C is now available to order?

    I think the reminder button is there only to collect email addresses to add to their list. Don’t ask why they want it – they probably don’t know (but if you call CS, they would be happy to throw a guess up against the wall!)

    J Allen – I was asked to take a survey after my last order. I Gave them 3-6 out of 10 on all questions except ” How likely are you to order from the bUSMint again.” That got a 10, and therein lies the problem for them to be motivated to correct their issues. That and the fact that they have a monopoly, so a who cares attitude goes a long way.

    That said, when I can buy PCGS graded ATB pucks off the Bay for less than I have to pay the mint, maybe I should rethink buying from the mint.

  74. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, When you nibble on OIL let me know the price you get in at and then IF it drops a penny I will get in, that way I can Outperform you….

  75. Wes says

    Funny how many on here were exited when they found out the Sac coin was different. Now just complaints about how the mint has handled this. As far as I know it is and always has had a product limit of 50,000. Now I would be disappointed if they include the coin in another product. As far as limiting or canceling sales after they were received the mint has maintained the policy that they may do so.

  76. HarryB says

    @Goldfishin: yes FEDEX does prioritize what goes on a truck by revenue generation, my sister in law used to work for FEDEX in Memphis and told me that years ago. Smart post is FEDEX Ground, and they usually have 3-4 day delivery. My last C&C smart post delivery was with the post office 4 days. I live 120 miles from Memphis but the route most often taken per tracking is for FEDEX to send my delivers to Atlanta then transfer to post office for delivery in Alabama.

  77. GoldFishin says

    @HarryB- Cagcrisp is a likeable very smart guy with a wide range of expertise and I am also glad he chooses to share some of his insight here on MNB. The coin offerings are a little slow this time of year, so I guess it gives us some time to briefly explore some other semi-related topics.
    Like you, I also believe that the huge contract the USPS received from Amazon, which includes Sunday delivery, has delayed somewhat the delivery of their priority packages to some areas of the country. I have had several delays now with Priority packages going to the state of Texas. Others areas of the country seem to be running slightly slower than normal but sill ok.

  78. Peter says

    I wonder how many of current offerings will be ordered through the catalog that we all got in mail. Some people still rely on that.

  79. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, The oil went up in the 1970’s, $1.25 a gallon, the first I can remember. Since then it has made major moves south a few times but went back up in price fairly quickly. Long on oil now is good advice. If it drops in price a little more, buy a little more. Will the price stay low and for how long is the question?

  80. cagcrisp says

    @stephen m, In the past when oil dropped it was the Demand side that drove it down. Today oil it is the Lowest in 5 years and then we were in the Great Recession and unemployment was double digit, housing, auto companies, banks and brokerages houses were in need of bailing out. Today this is the Supply side that is driving prices downward. The bottom will be hit when the Saudi’s say it will be hit. How long it will be down will Again be determined by the Saudi’s. There are Trying to hurt Somebody and when they have achieved their goal they will take their foot off the brake…

  81. Bernie in FL says


    You are absolutely Right !!! We totally forget that the Mint is a government agency and therefor the bureaucracy must be astronomical. The darn place reminds me of two new cashiers at 7-11 trying to figure out the cash register and help you at the same time while making $7.25 an hour. What kind of customer service do you expect.

    Seems just about anyone with two neurons in there head could do better than them. OK, enough ranting for a day 🙂

  82. maddogdday says

    Interestingly, the mint’s pending charge on my credit card for the 15 C&C sets that I ordered on 12/4 has disappeared as of this morning. I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting them if that’s the case and likely due to the new product limit change. I had ordered 10 sets on the 3rd which were shipped and are presently being routed all over the USA according to the Smart Post tracker and the date of delivery has been moved back to 12/15. Just glad I got the 10.

  83. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- WTI couldn’t hold the overnight gains into the open, I will let you know. I read up a lot last night on Saudi related news.. they are getting a lot of heat from multiple sources and I don’t know how much longer they can hold up the strategy to the detriment of their regional and international allies. Considering they are also notorious equity investors, I guess they can keep it up until they purchase all the oil related issues they are after. 🙂 I am going in with 1/3 positions. Still on the sidelines. Will advise. 😉

    I am looking at this kind of like silver, sort of wish it would go lower and stay that way long enough to average in and see some kind of base formed, but in today’s algorithmic world, seems all we get is V bottom recoveries. Hence, the catch an oily bloody falling knife scenario…. 😉

  84. Frankie says

    The US Mint will place a temporary hold on your card whenever you place an order – and irrespective if it’s for items that are in stock, backordered or pre-ordered. The hold will disappear after a maximum of 5 days (credit cards, 3 days for debit cards in my experience).
    These are their business practices.
    Once you see that charge again on your card it’s safe to assume you will receive your order. In the meantime, stay calm & stack on… 🙂

  85. NC_Stacker says

    “seems all we get is V bottom recoveries”

    Get rid of the Algo’s and it will return.

  86. Bernie in FL says


    LOL !!!

    But they are strangely similar, in that we must now Call to Cancel an Order. Use to have the simple Cancel Button……….

  87. Louis says

    They should have had a household limit from the get go, but as far as I know this is the first it’s being applied retroactively. On 12/4 it was not in effect but it seems they are applying it to those orders. And Smartpost is running 2 weeks now from shipment to receipt at least for me, which is much slower than any other type of shipments in my experience. My 12/2 Everglades shipment is now supposed to arrive on the 16th, and same with two others orders shipped a day or two later. Even UPS ground and USPS media mail are faster than that.

  88. Dave SW FL says

    FedEx needs a map! Follow up on my C&C order shipped 12/4 and made it to Grove City, OH (2 hrs from destination) and sat there 2 days. In their wisdom, they moved it on to Charlotte, NC. Still no ETA. Eight days and counting.

    You just can’t make this stuff up! Is it possible there is a company less efficient than the USPS? I guess so. Interesting carbon fingerprint on this shipment.

  89. fmtransmitter says

    Dave SW FL says
    DECEMBER 11, 2014 AT 8:33 AM

    Has the mint reminded ANYONE that the Sac $1 C&C is now available to order?

    Not once has that been fixed yet…IMO, REMOVE the option until it is functioning correctly…

  90. fmtransmitter says

    @Dave SW FL: Only thing I can think of is SOMEONE, who knows, lost a ton of money when the shipping was changed, HOWEVER it was changed and retaliation is the slow shipping we are incurring…Old way was normal time..

  91. Louis says

    And if you think that is bad I have a DHL package from Germany (which is usually ultra-reliable like Germans) and it came here, cleared customs, sat around a few days, and then they sent it back to Germany, where they are now preparing to send it to me again! Maybe second time will be the charm.
    Wake me up when the holidays are over.

  92. Dustyroads says

    OT, but since a few of us have been talking oil, and for good reason, I thought I would bring up the massive 1 billion barrels of production from Eagle Ford in South Texas. I have a tendency to play devils advocate on go against the stream at times, so I can’t help but to consider the possibility that the Saudi’s are not entirely the culprits in this oil slam down we are watching, but are in a reactionary move against an aggressive move born right here in the USA.

    Here’s a story I pulled up on Eagle Ford if you are interested:

  93. Raphael says

    Bottom line for me, is the Mint touted how it’s new web site the was latest and the greatest. But expect for handling the rush of orders when new items are released, not only is it no better then the old site but in many ways less customer friendly. In other words one step forward and two backwards.

  94. Raphael says

    As proof of my comment, I get more information on the mint from this blog, then the mint itself, should be the other way around.

  95. Chuck says

    Talked with the Mint and it sounds as though orders that have been on hold should start shipping around 18 Nov.

    We’ll see.

  96. fmtransmitter says

    @Dustyroads: You will never know the real story by reading ANYTHING online on things of this nature, it’s all behind closed doors IMHO…

  97. CoachMike says

    I sent in the remind me last week and again when it came up the other day for the C & C. I did get an email notification yesterday. But it said the Kennedy clad was back in stock, not the C & C that I requested??????

  98. MarkInFlorida says

    Hey Sith, on the last thread you said:

    Sith says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 11:06 AM
    @MarkInFlorida – They stopped sales of the 2014 platinum proof in October.

    But it was just released Oct. 20! How many have been sold?

  99. cagcrisp says

    If you’ve heard the Expression “Not worth a Flip”. I just watched an Auction close with 10 bids for $25.00. Selling a single CC for $25.00 with 13% fees and a couple of bucks shipping cost, initial cost, allocated purchase shipping cost, time and effort listing, time and effort packaging, time, effort and gasoline going to the post office and you end up with less than $5.00 profit for a single sale. Not worth a Flip…

    IF it was me I would pull the $1 dollar bill out. That way you will always have a dollar…

  100. Louis says

    @FM- Thanks, buddy.
    @Chuck- Maybe, but if it they are going back and applying the limit of 5 to orders placed then, a lot of them will be cancelled. It’s a crapshoot basically. But I know I have a few sets on the way and 1 in hand, so it’s alright.

  101. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Those rogues at the Mint are always sending or “popping” up a survey and asking me to take it; I don’t know why they bother?

    I have actually called them at their official phones (not CS) and I get voice mail and I leave a message, not once have they called me back.

  102. Peter says

    As of right now there is no indication that the mint is canceling orders for the C&C sets purchased on or before 12/4. If they do that then you can call it an unfair practice as the rules cannot be changed retroactively after the sale was completed.

  103. Dustyroads says

    fmt, You’re right, and I don’t put much stock into articles I read, I was more interested in the 1 billion barrels fact. That’s a lot of oil
    A couple years ago I let tomtom give me a shorter route north from where I live into the Texas hill country region for a vacation on the Rio Frio river. Boy was that a mistake, I must have driven on the most desolate road in Texas and dealt with oil trucks and machinery for and hour and a half. It’s has been a boom. I in fact own 50% mineral rights on a large piece of ground which has been tested and confirmed the presence of gas under it, but no drilling yet. It has been profitable over the last decade in that I have been able to receive close to $20,000.00 just to hold the land for an oil co. owner out of Laredo. Maybe in the future I can get some drilling started on it. Anyway, enjoy that clear Florida water.

  104. jj says

    i got a 1946 nickel back in change today. i thought that was cool. just one year away from the wartime silver nickels.

  105. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty: There has been rumors forever that the GPS were set up to make actually waste more gas by the oil companies, that is funny story. I hope you hit black gold and make millions!

  106. Blair J Tobler says

    jj – it is cool – I got a ’51 dime in change at Dunkin’ Donuts the other day. It’s been a along time since I last found a silver coin in change.

  107. HarryB says

    I ordered 2 more C&C sets, up to my HH limit, 12/10 at 7:30 PM. Shipping notification email just came. Glad I am on leave today so I could post.

  108. paddy says

    The five c&C sets I purchased yesterday Shipped today….This will be interesting….Will post time of receipt.

  109. SilverFan says

    Maybe the sets ordered yesterday and shipped today are returns…lol. You have to love the new IMPROVED ordering system. Go Mint!

  110. Dave SW FL says

    Shipping update
    C&C set in last 5 days went from 2 hrs from destination NE Ohio to PA, to Charlotte, and now back to PA. It’s like watching a ping pong match! Just unbelievable 🙁

  111. cagcrisp says

    Those of you that were wanting the CC in a Slabbed 69 you can get what you want on the bay for $74.95. One vendor has Sold 15 of the 29 listed as being Sold. Currently he has 6 or 13 Available for Sale. Under the One BIN that he has, he has 5 available…

    IF you wanted one at $99.95 you have to love one for $74.95. He has Sold as Low at $65.75 as an Auction. Just a minute ago he Sold one for $70.00 at Auction…

  112. Brad says

    Dave SW FL,

    Man, that is just plain crazy. If you had known this would happen, would you have just driven the 2 hours and tried to pick up your package in person?

    I hope by the time your package finally stops at your house, it doesn’t look like it’s been ran over by a truck a few times!

  113. Teach says

    So people who ordered the C&C on the 10th are receiving emails that their order has shipped but people who ordered on the 4th are being placed back into BACKORDER status. Does anyone know what’s going on? Do I need to call the mint or is this a lost cause?

  114. Dustyroads says

    Why on earth are the most recent C&C orders shipping first? Like NC_Stacker’s order on the 4th, mine is now finally in “backorder” status.

    fmt, That would be nice, but I have no idea when or if that will ever happen. There is a very large gas field 4 miles to my north with dozens of wells pumping. If it happens, that would be nice, but I’m prepared to work till I drop.
    You see me telling you to enjoy the water there, I really mean that, we have a beautiful barrier island here that is a tourist attraction connected to the mainland by a causeway. The water here is quite murky due to it’s close proximity to the Rio Grand river, off shore it’s not so bad. The last time I was in Miami we left out on a cruise and I will never get over how beautiful it is there.

  115. Dustyroads says

    My order was actually on the 3rd, and now listed as “backordered” with no ship e-mail. I’m now thinking that the Mint people are having some problems.

  116. Ikaika says

    Just a thought: Could it be possible the US Mint is adjusting the orders of those that ordered more than 5 sets earlier to 5 max? Maybe that is the reason for the delay.

  117. BillB says

    @Harry B., I worked at Fedex for 20 years in a number of fairly high management positions. I can assure you that packages are not given priority by revenue generation; that is not how the system works.

    @DaveSW Florida
    >>You just can’t make this stuff up! Is it possible there is a company less efficient than the USPS? I guess so. Interesting carbon fingerprint on this shipment.<<

    I'm not sure what you are tracking, but I daresay you are misinterpreting it. You can say what you want about Fedex, but I can tell you it is anything but an inefficient company. Comparing it to USPS is a joke.

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