US Mint Circulating Coin Production October 2014

centUpdated figures are available for the United States Mint’s circulating coin production through the month of October 2014. For the eighth time this year, overall production topped the 1 billion level.

For the month of October, the US Mint produced 1.17 billion circulating quality coins at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This figure was up from the prior month when just over 1 billion coins had been struck, but down slightly from the year ago period when 1.22 billion coins were struck.

For the year to date, production has now reached 11.45 billion pieces. This is up by 7.71% from the comparable year ago period when production had reached 10.63 billion pieces. For all of 2013, the US Mint had struck 11.91 billion circulating coins.

2014 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Oct 2014 YTD 2014
Lincoln Cent – Denver 351.60 M 3,498.80 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 352.80 M 3,349.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 55.44 M 524.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 49.44 M 535.92 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 114.50 M 980.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 87.00 M 925.50 M
Quarters – Denver 86.00 M 862.80 M
Quarters – Phil. 72.00 M 720.20 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 2.10 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 2.50 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 5.60 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 3.08 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 15.26 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.88 M
Total 1,168.78 M 11,446.14 M

During the October 2014, the US Mint struck a combined 704.4 million cents, accounting for 60.27% of overall production. The smallest denomination has typically accounted for more than half of monthly circulating coin production.

The next most produced denomination for the month was the dime at a combined 201.5 million pieces, accounting for 17.24% of overall production.

Production for the quarter reached a combined 158 million pieces, accounting for 13.52% of production.

The least produced denomination for the month was the nickel at a combined 104.88 million pieces, accounting for 8.97% of production.

During the month, the Mint did not strike any circulating quality half dollars or $1 coins. The last time production for the $1 coin occurred was in May. Production for the half dollar took place only in January.

2014 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
Great Smoky Mountains 99.40 M 73.20 M 172.60 M
Shenandoah 197.80 M 112.80 M 310.60 M
Arches 251.40 M 214.20 M 465.60 M
Great Sand Dunes 171.80 M 159.60 M 331.40 M
Warren G. Harding 3.78 M 6.16 M 9.94 M
Calvin Coolidge 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Herbert Hoover 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3.92 M 4.76 M 8.68 M

There have been no updates to the chart showing preliminary production levels by design for the this year’s America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential Dollars.

From the totals released so far, the Great Smoky Mountains Quarter had the lowest overall production amongst the quarters at a combined 172.60 million pieces. The Arches National Park Quarter had the highest production at 465.60 million.

The highest produced Presidential Dollar for the year was the Warren G. Harding $1 Coin at 9.94 million pieces. The low position is shared by the Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover $1 Coins at 8.26 million pieces.

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  1. says

    As usual I’ll ask to deaf ears: WHERE ARE THE CIRCULATING S QUARTERS? Maybe the deaf ears will feel the vibration and at least comment?

  2. cagcrisp says

    @2cents , You have asked before and I have replied Before, there are NO circulating coins of ANY denomination made in San Francisco. NONE.

    IF you want an S quarter you have to buy Directly from the Mint.

    Here is the quote I have shared before FROM the US Mint: :”The United States Mint at San Francisco plays an important role in our nation’s coinage. Although it does not currently produce circulating coins, it is the exclusive manufacturer of regular proof and silver proof coin sets that set the standard for numismatic excellence with their brilliant artistry, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality. “

  3. says

    @cagcrisp, Thanks again for your comment. I still don’t agree with it, but that’s ok. If I want a D or P JFK I also have to buy directly from the mint. Do you know if these S quarters are counted with Uncirculated Mint Sets, Proof Sets or something else? I’m just looking for a production number right now.

  4. cagcrisp says

    @2cents , As for I know you don’t ever get Production numbers for numismatic products. Only Sales numbers. You have 4 spots on the Mint’s website to get “Production & Sales Figures”:

    1. Numismatic Products: Cumulative Sales
    2. Numismatic Precious Metal Products: Sales
    3. Bullion: Sales/Mintage
    4. Circulating Coins: Production

    So you can see, Some are “Sales” and some are “Production”

  5. says

    Thanks everyone. Got the number I was looking for. I think the S quarters, be they “circulating”, “uncirculating”, or whatever are sleepers.

  6. cagcrisp says

    Rolls, Bags and Boxes GD3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – GT SND (S) 4,168 127
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes GD5 2014 ATB QTR 40-COIN ROLL – GT SND (S) 4,013 201
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes AW3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – ARCHES (S) 4,346 65
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes AW5 2014 ATB QTR 40-COIN ROLL – ARCHES (S) 4,706 79
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SB3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – SM MTN (S) 5,772 18
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SB5 2014 ATB QTR 40-COIN ROLL – SM MTN (S) 6,094 71
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SH3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – SHDOAH (S) 5,711 43
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SH5 2014 ATB QTR 40-COIN ROLL – SHDOAH (S) 5,263 65
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SH6 2014 ATB QTR 3-ROLL SET – SHDOAH (P&D&S) 10,128 40
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes SB6 2014 ATB QTR 3-ROLL SET – SM MTN (P&D&S) 11,165 49
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes GD6 2014 ATB QTR 3-ROLL SET – GT SND (P&D&S) 8,486 260
    Rolls, Bags and Boxes AW6 2014 ATB QTR 3-ROLL SET – ARCHES (P&D&S) 9,435 84

    AGAIN…These are Sales numbers and Not Production numbers

  7. VA Rich says

    Not too shabby…

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY SILVER SET 137,802 11/9/2014

    This was my 1st day sales numbers, oops, a swing & a miss!

  8. VA Rich says

    Quite surprised with this #, though I’ve read else where that some subscribers were not aware of the 10% discount cancellations and not too happy about it (after receiving the invoice) –

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD 16,243 11/9/2014

  9. VA Rich says

    Puck 1st week sales –

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SM MTN 21,415

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHDOAH 20,120

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ARCHES 21,301

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – GT SND 20,047

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD 16,243

  10. fmtransmitter says

    Good, give us back some money then…I feel for those that didn’t want it and now have to send back for refund.

  11. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, I don’t know whether you noticed or not, but they Drastically changed the spreadsheet. Appears that they are Dropping Items that are No Longer Available for sale. I only see 2 items that have a “Y”. Sure Screws up my formulas.

    Also……………..did you see New Item : ABS “AMERICA BEAUTIFUL 5OZ 25 COUNT BULK BOX”

  12. cagcrisp says

    Mint Kennedy excel spreadsheet update for 11/09/14 (change from 11/02/14 spreadsheet):

    2014 50TH ANNIVERSARY HALF DOLLAR UNCIRCULATED K14 146,222 (up 4,414)
    2014 50TH ANNIVERSARY HALF DOLLAR GOLD K15 66,547 (up 493)

  13. fmtransmitter says

    @cagcrisp: Those numbers, the way they appear, are confusing.

    Rolls, Bags and Boxes AW3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – ARCHES (S) 4,346 65

  14. cagcrisp says

    As I posted above, it Appears that the Mint is no longer listing Items No Longer Available, thus the Gold and Silver BHOF coins are NOT listed AT ALL on the spreadsheet:

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 11/09/14 (change from 11/02/14 spreadsheet):
    Gold proof BHOF 32,495 last reported on 11/02/14
    Gold unc. 17,694 last reported on 11/02/14
    Silver proof 267,865 last reported on 11/02/14
    Silver unc. 131,916 last reported on 11/02/14
    Clad proof 234,365 (up 4,370)
    Clad unc. 136,894 (up 819)
    Young Collector 24,541 (up 731)

    Gold BHOF 50,189 oversold 189
    Silver BHOF 399,781

  15. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, Sorry about that. That is how the appear on the Mint’s spreadsheet:

    Rolls, Bags and Boxes AW3 2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – ARCHES (S) 4,346 65

    AW3 is the Mint “Program Item”
    2014 ATB QTR 100-COIN BAG – ARCHES (S) is the “Product”
    4,346 is Total Sales
    65 is Weekly Difference (That does Not appear on the Mint’s spreadsheet, it a formula I have)

  16. VA Rich says

    cag – I feel your pain, I got stuck on the BHOFs and it took me a moment to figure it out as I was wondering where the other numbers went –

    The 5 oz AtB box is a supply item that sell in bulk – would be nice if they actually had a photo of the box. As a collector of pucks, I might actually have an interest is getting a couple of those boxes, though not 25.

    I’m changing my handle to – KCSO – Keep Calm & Stack On 🙂

  17. cagcrisp says

    It Appears the 2014 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET 8,417 has Sold Out; It has been shown as Out Of Stock for Over a week and this weeks sales shows a Negative 16 as sales…

  18. Eagle One says


    Just to confirm, its has been 168 hours since the last reported K13 data point (24×7=168). Giving us a T+300 hours total since sales began (132+168=300).

    Therefore, the next official data point will be 300, 137,802.

    Can you confirm if this is correct?

  19. cagcrisp says

    the 1/4 oz and the 1/2 oz AGE are Both listed on the Mints website at Back ordered. The end is near for these two. The 1 oz has already Sold Out.

  20. says

    2cents, The “S” circulating quality quarters are an anomaly to say the least. They seem to have been an after thought when they hit the market in 2012. I also like them and follow their mintages, which have been slightly down this year from last to around the 1.4M area for each design. Last years mintages were up at around 1.5 to 1.6. I think these will appreciate in value, but will take a while. That’s hardly a concern being that they are so inexpensive. Have fun.

  21. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, Are you just counting Only the S in the 1.4m? Anything beside the 40, 100 and 3 rolls in just the S? I don’t get as high a figure as you do. Just wondering if I am missing another item…

  22. Eagle One says


    Thank you for validating our last data point. Below is the analysis……

    Based upon the data provided by the MNB posters and the U.S. Mint, I have been able to reforecast the number of days it will take to sell out the first 180K Silver Kennedy Sets (K13). Enough historical data was collected to produce a fully plotted raw data curve. A trend line was tightly fitted to the raw data curve and an extrapolation function was derived from the trend line. The correlation coefficient (r²) between the raw data plot and the extrapolation function was calculated to be 0.9845 (where 1.00 is a perfect correlation). Therefore, the extrapolation function is statistically worthy enough to be used for extrapolation or estimation purposes.

    where “x” is the number of hours

    f(x) = 18316 LN (x) + 36902

    Raw Data

    HRS: K13s Sold
    1: 35832
    3: 50070
    5: 64576
    8: 82137
    12: 85697 *
    26: 98748
    28: 99934
    132: 125147 *
    300: 137802 *

    * Official Mint Data

    Based upon the empirical data, it is estimated through mathematical extrapolation, that it will take the Mint 2,472 hours (103 days or 3.4 months) to sell 180K Silver Kennedy Sets – starting from the first hour they began sales on October 28th 2014 at 12 Noon EST. The 180K sales mark is expected to occur on January 12th 2015. It is also observed that initial sales began at a rate of 85K per day and have declined to a rate of 1.8K per day. This indicates that sales are steadily declining as indicated by the table top shaped graph.

  23. Eagle One says

    PCGS K13 Populations as of 11/9/14

    530169 2014-P 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set, DC : 22 (69); 54 (70)
    530174 2014-W 50C Reverse Proof 50th Anniversary Set : 27 (69); 46 (70)
    530295 2014-D 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set: 1 (65); 3 (66); 1 (67); 39 (69); 36 (70)
    530177 2014-S 50C Enhanced – Silver 50th Anniversary Set: 1 (68); 34 (69); 40 (70)

  24. says

    Eagle One, Is it me, or do these figures look small? I have to assume this data is being very slowly up loaded, which would be a plus for PCGS.

  25. Eagle One says


    PCGS has a 20 business day lead time on moderns. So the bulk of the population data should start showing up around November 30th.

  26. Boz says

    I am impressed with the design. The proportions seem to have carried over well. Some previous designs seemed to have too much blank space. But I am hardly the artistic type. For once there are no casting marks or seams at various junction points around the edges. They seem to have done a good job with the dies.

  27. Samuel says

    got 2 5oz today, look good. you guys said this design is good? if thats the case, i will get 2 more.

  28. Boz says

    Agonized on the Eglades due to the relatively higher premium. I do plan to get a few more later, hopefully after the price break. But if Floridians come in with high numbers of citizen buyers it might actually sell out eventually and become a key coin in the series. With my luck the one I skip is the one everybody else wants.

  29. Boz says

    Yes I think I will get a roll of bullions. But I started with the P ones and wanna keep the series going. I dont know why E Glades seems high because it is a bargain compared to Hot Springs.

  30. says

    One thing about the AtB series 5 oz. coins, these sell better with the nicer designs. May be an advantage to just buy the better looking one’s. Even the better looking bullion designs seem to sell for more in most cases for no other reason but that they are of the better design.

  31. sharks2th says

    @VA Rich – You may want to read the article linked in today’s Provident E-newsletter regarding the UBS settlement. It has a little discussion of the supposed manipulation between the close of the Asian markets and opening of the European markets. Let me know if you want the link.

  32. says

    Received my Everglades “P” pucks today….two had some minor issues…nicks, etc….but not too bad. While I like this puck, it is my third favorite this year. My favorite is GSM and my second is Arches. But I do look forward to the bullion Everglades I’ve ordered.

    For those that like to compare stats, my three P sets this year cost me $722.65/set. My bullion version was $579.26….and that includes sometimes buying capsules if you bought from someone that sent them in a flip.

  33. says

    @Goldfishin, I see NGC didn’t note the error on this JFK either. Wonder what they do besides coming up with unique labels? I hope the PNG and ANA are proud to have their name on these labels…

  34. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    sharks2th – I was just reading that, thanks for thinking of me! Sounds like it’s bigger than anyone can comprehend, why am I not surprised!

    Hey, my modus operandi going forward it this – load up the Provident cart, if I wake in the middle of night, check the Kitco app, if Ag is tanking below my target price point, kick over to Provident and hit the checkout button, go back to bed! 🙂 I saved close to $60 last week doing that from this week had I waited.

  35. Erik H says

    I thought I would get my Everglades today but I guess the workers at the post office were being lazy since tomorrow is a holiday. How can a package travel 1000 miles in a few days but can’t travel 30 ft in 8 hours????

  36. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    sharks2th – I was just reading that article, thanks for thinking of me Bro! Sounds like it’s much bigger than anyone could comprehend, why am I not surprised!

    Hey, my modus operandi going forward is this –

    1. Load up the Provident cart to include free shipping
    2. If I wake in the middle of night, check the Kitco app,
    3. If Ag is tanking below my target price point, kick over to Provident and hit the check out button
    4. Go back to bed!
    I saved close to $60 doing that last week than had I waited to this week – good luck all!

  37. GoldFishin says

    @2 cents – I imagine it was probably part of a larger submission, but not sure. The seller may not even have been aware of the “error”. I think you have to identify to NGC if you want a coin to be graded as an error or variety. I am not sure how it played out, but it is sort of a unique error coin for those that like errors. It is really not my thing, but I was watching it and if I could have got it for not much over regular price I would have, because it looked flawless in NGC’s photos.

  38. Erik H says

    I thought I would get my Everglades today but I guess the workers at the post office were being lazy since tomorrow is a holiday. How can a package travel 1000 miles in a few days but can’t travel 30 ft in 8 hours????

  39. KEITHSTER says

    Stopped at the bank around 4 today just had that feeling asked just checking on the new quarters got them yet? Yup just got them in how many you want? Well even I know the answer to that trick question “can I get 5” is the correct response! And so she did 5 rolls of the Everglades birds in D. So they’re out there good hunting:) Although they’re not that impressive in the quarter size they make up for it in package size!!! Am sure the 5ozers will look sweet had 2 ship today that I ordered on saturday from the other computer as this one won’t let me. Looks like they over polished the die’s on the regular ones east and west on both sides kind of gives it a neet foggy look in the right light? Good Luck And Thank God For All Our Veterans And Have A Great Holiday 11 11 14 :>:>:> :>:>:> :>:>:> :>:>:> “>”>”> :>:>:> :>:>:> :>:>:>

  40. GoldFishin says

    @Keep Calm- since you are a new poster here I would like to give you a couple of tips. Please don’t provide links that have not been verified! Avoid posters that start with the name Jon! Also be aware of a know-it-all poster that goes by VA RICH. 🙂

    On a serious note, thanks for the link, nice article. I will tell you that I have reported several sellers on Ebay lately and I watch the items I report to see if anything is ever done about the auctions. To my dismay, Ebay seems to be very disinterested in stopping these sales lately, Even the reporting methods are very difficult as they don’t have good menu options for the reporting of a problem item. I would advise novice buyers to avoid all purchases that are not authenticated or in original OGP packaging with all coa’s. Buy only from reputable sellers. When I first started buying items on Ebay years ago… I would take every single purchase to my dealer friend with 40 years experience and let him check them out and give me some feedback. I would advise anyone to treat every purchase as if it is a misrepresented item and go about to prove that it is not. I have avoided ever making a bad purchase with that discipline. I hope? 😉

  41. GoldFishin says

    @Keithster- I always really enjoy reading your posts. It makes my day!! Happy Veteran’s Day to you and yours!! >>

  42. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – Yeah, I’ve heard stories about that abrasive cuss that goes by VA, I wouldn’t believe a word that clown has to say! Freak’n city slickers.., geez!

    Sage advice my friend, and so true! When I started buying on ebay I got handed to some real doozies (didn’t even come close to the photo being shown). Being naive, I held onto them, well his my dilemma now, my conscience won’t let me pawn them off on someone else, I”m not going to pass my problem child(s) on, so I’m really stuck with them now. Maybe just sell for a little over spot (someday).

    I’m watching someone that’s unloading a lot of AtB P’s on the bay now, interesting thing is that their offerings all seem to shoot to $200 rather quickly and then just stall – I’ve seen it time and time again over the past week. Hmmmm…….,

  43. GoldFishin says

    @KC- I’ve seen it for weeks…not always….I have checked it out thoroughly and concluded that it has to do with the cost of coin and grading…the Mercanti is more expensive to have graded. Ask yourself…as a reseller, does it make more sense to take all the risk and expense submitting to TPG or just wait and pick off some already graded coins for less than grading cost? I think it is an easy answer. I have taken advantage of it from time to time myself as my funds allow.

  44. GoldFishin says

    @KC- shoot the seller a message and ask them a harmless question and while your doing so just mention in passing that you would love to buy a coin but they all seem to bid too high so fast…or something like that. Sort of always seems to be the same bidders….you will find out pretty fast if something funny is going on. It will probably cease immediately if it is, that is one thing a seller doesn’t want to tangle with Ebay about. I think it is just lazy buyers that put in a buy limit price and then some newbie comes along and bids until they have the high bid. At least from what I can tell.

  45. Jerry Diekmann says

    Be careful of dishonest sellers on Ebay who use shills to bid up prices, and be especially wary of “second chances”, which can happen when the shill is the highest bidder. Do not expect Ebay to do anything to help you if you are duped by a dishonest seller. Ebay is in business to rake fees and commissions off of sales – they really don’t care what the product is or if it is described correctly. When it comes to Ebay, “letter the buyer beware” should be in all caps and BOLD.

  46. Bob R says

    Looking at the Lincoln cent production numbers, what a waste of cost and energy to produce $72,984,000 in pennies. That’s a lot of “cents”.

  47. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks’ GoldFishin I always get a kick out of Yours also and so informative too! You Sir are one smart person. Please keep up the good work as we miss you when you get blogged down. Had to get online and go to moms old email to track my soon to be new pucks ? Yep one of those what the *($#@% were they thinking always use to be able to trac from the order history which for now seems to be history itself?Duh mmm Good news is it says its due on Thursday Via the snail truck I guess these new ones are afraid to fly that or the guy with the free upgrade stamper lost it or retired or even worse? Oh well don’t matter that much won’t be opening that one anytime soon unless one of them birds are missing some feathers or something? Wasn’t going to order so soon did try to hold out like some are doing but like any addiction just couldn’t help my self!! Hope they’ll drop but not holding my breath thinking before they do that they might just brush the finish off and knock the P out and call um bullion? But when they start to even think about dropping the price on their drawers full we’ll here about it here first! But looking like it’ll be awhile so take a deep breath all. Sorry but do ramble but don’t want to make it too easy to read between the good the bad and the fugly But Do Love And Want To Thank All Veterans You Know Where We Would Be Without You Been Working For You For 34 Years And Not Ready To Give It Up Yet Have A Good One All And Many Thanks:>:>:>

  48. Jerry Diekmann says

    Bob R – producing all those cents is just nonsense (pardon the pun). Time to remove the cent -it has lost all its value. A good judge would be if something costs more to mint than it is worth, than it has a negative value and is essentially worthless. The UK, Canada, and some European countries using the Euro have already stopped making the 1 cent and 2 cent coins, and both of them were worth more than our lowly cent. Same for the nickel – reduce its size or change its composition, but do not copper-plate it. Brass and nickel plated steel have worked in some countries like Germany for over 50 years, until Euro coinage became the standard. Also, aluminum is cheap and could be used in place of the more expensive copper and nickel. This decision should be a no-brainer for the Mint – it would be for any public or private company.

  49. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    If I were Mint director I wouldn’t mint so many coins. We already have more than enough coins in circulation, how many billions per year, it is a complete waste of time and money. This is an example of stupid management.

  50. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VA Bob, VA Rich and my other, brothers-in-arms, a very Happy Veterans’ Day (or Remembrance Day up north and across the pond) to all. Much thanks and sincere gratitude for the years of service and respective sacrifices that allow us to enjoy the lives we have today. I hope everyone enjoys their day!! I’m off to take in some of the public ceremonies in the Hampton Roads area.

  51. Sith says

    @GoldFishin – Provident no longer ships the ATBs in capsules. Not a deal breaker but it does make the other dealers that more completable.

  52. cagcrisp says

    The hard copy Mint’s sales numbers are already out and there is no change from yesterday’s spreadsheet. They have indeed changed reporting items. There are only 2 items that are listed as a “N” last week there was 97 “N” items:

    PF5 2014 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET, with listed sales of -16
    WA6 2014 PRES $1 250-COIN BOX – HARDING (D) with listed sales of 0

    Both items are still showing on the website but both are listed as Out of Stock

  53. Hidalgo says

    What is the quality of the coins that Provident sells? According to its website, it does not cherry pick its silver coins. Rather than taking chances, I have usually purchased from Modern Coin Mart. I have received the best quality coins there, even though the prices are a bit higher than the lowest low price that one can find in other coins stores.

  54. Dave says

    @cagcrisp, November 10, 2014 at 10:59 am
    “@Dave, Like I have said before there are opinions on here that I respect, and there are those that I don’t. The more someone posts it helps me separate those that I do from those that I don’t. You have your ideas and I have mine. That’s what makes a market. I wish you well…”

    Congratulations, however, you don’t need to justify yourself to me — believe whatever you will. Really? Everyone has ideas and opinions — since when?

    Some people are less secure in those idea’s and opinions than others and the more they show those insecurities, the less important it is either way, especially when justifying themselves by stating the obvious, but then again — hey, those are just ideas.

  55. cagcrisp says

    I am Not a Buyer of the 5oz ATBs, However, IF I was I would be Encouraged by the 1st week sales of the Everglades. I think the 16,243 sales number speaks Volumes as to the Long term price appreciation of the series. The Base is Stronger than I would have thought. The higher the first weeks sales number were the better for you guys. Here are opening weeks sales of the 5 offerings:

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SM MTN 21,415 4/13/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHDOAH 20,120 5/18/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ARCHES 21,301 6/15/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – GT SND 20,047 9/21/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD 16,243 11/9/2014

    Week Ending 04/13 Closing Silver prices ranged $19.88-$20.09
    Week Ending 05/18 Closing Silver prices ranged $19.27-$19.60
    Week Ending 06/15 Closing Silver prices ranged $19.02-$19.67
    Week Ending 09/21 Closing Silver prices ranged $17.79-$18.67
    Week Ending 11/09 Closing Silver prices ranged $15.33-$16.03

    Not only was the Everglades Battling the drop in Silver (bogus argument in my opinion) But also the Loss of the $15.50 10% discount.

    If Silver stays around Current prices I would expect 2015 5 oz’ers to be Around $125-$130

    I would think between now and Year end the Federal Register will be coming out with new prices for many items…

  56. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Well said VABB – allow me to echo your sentiment and pass along a sincere appreciation to our fellow veterans out here on MNB and lest we forget those that left before their time – Freedom Isn’t Free

    Good Day All!

  57. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – “would think between now and Year end the Federal Register will be coming out with new prices for many items…” ~ that’s what I’m banking on.

    If the 2015 AtBs were price adjusted around New Years, then wouldn’t current available AtBs be brought along as well? I’m thinking so. One scenario to the contrary IS IF the mint adjusts the 2015 AtBs in March and just allows all the 2014s to sell out at $154.

    Though the above scenario isn’t too customer friendly in that they will be reduced the affordability on the more popular design of the year and lower the price again for future offerings (assuming Ag stays low and we do get a silver price adjustment).

    One other thought, if the mint is carrying inventory towards the Christmas shopping season (starting in 3 weeks), we may see a drop just to clear out 2014 goods. Maybe a Black Friday sale (with a bad included)??? haha!

  58. cagcrisp says

    The last time pricing was changed for the 5oz ATB’s was 07/09/13. What were Average Monthly Silver prices Before the Change and After?

    Jan 2013 $31.11
    Feb 2013 $30.20
    Mar 2013 $28.79
    Apr 2013 $25.26
    May 2013 $23.04
    June 2013 $21.09
    Price Adjustment to $154.95
    July 2013 $19.72
    Aug 2013 $22.09
    Sep 2013 $22.60
    Oct 2013 $21.98
    Nov 2013 $20.65
    Dec 2013 $19.61
    Jan 2014 $19.87
    Feb 2014 $20.83
    Mar 2014 $20.64
    Apr 2014 $19.67
    May 2014 $19.30
    June 2014 $19.86
    July 2014 $20.89
    Aug 2014 $19.68
    Sep 2014 $18.41
    Oct 2014 $17.16
    Nov 2014 Avg through 11/10 $15.68

  59. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, I’m not a buyer of the ATB 5 oz’s either. I do feel the everglades is a very nice looking coin and would like to think the design tremendously helped sell that first week sales number at 16,243. Lower new mint silver prices will be welcomed.

  60. thePhelps says

    @cag… thanks for the price run down. I am holding out for a couple of weeks before I jump on the current ATB… with it breaking lower @ just under $20 the last time – I figure it might go lower @ $15.

    I’ll have to go get a couple of the bullion… to wet my appetite.

  61. cagcrisp says

    @stephen m & thePhelps, I am Hoping that instead of free shipping during the Holidays that this year the Mint will do something more Creative and do Something that will actually spur some sales. They took away the 10% subscriptions so Maybe they will throw us a bone and do more than Saving $4.95 on shipping. The new Mint site has more flexibility as far as a discount is concerned (Either the Promo Code OR the Order discount function) than the old site. They built it into the New System….It Is Time To Use It…

  62. jayjaspersgarage says

    Just for fun I put several rolls of “S” quarters into circulation every year. Sure it costs a small premium on a $100 bag but it gives people who pay attention a big surprise once in a while. I also plant Indian Head cents in small cent rolls that are returned to the bank occasionally.

  63. VA Bob says

    VABB – Thanks and all the best to you and all the other Vets and their families. If you haven’t served or had any family that served, thanks to you as well, we couldn’t have served without your support. I hope all will reflect for a moment today.

  64. Bob R says

    Baseball labels on ASE coins, now this nonsense of TPG special labels hopefully will be their demise.

  65. NC_Stacker says

    To all the veterans out there this Veterans day Thank you for your service and contribution to this country. Things would be completely different without your service.

    American Vet: “Do you speak German?”
    French national: “No.”
    American Vet: “You’re welcome.”

    Just received my Everglades P pucks today and I am very impressed with the design. Much better looking at this in person then the images I have seen online. The detail on the bird is impressive.

    Two of the pucks had very slight rim edge dings but they would still score good with NGC but not with PCGS if I were to ever send them off to be graded.

    Packaging: Not packed at tight as the Kennedy’s as the pucks in the sealed box when shaken did rattle.

    All in all I am still happy that I bought them.

  66. Jon in CT says

    Eagle One wrote on November 11, 2014 at 7:35 PM:

    I would much rather see John Glen’s autograph on an ASE.

    I would much rather know who the heck John Glen is/was. 😈

  67. VA Rich says

    Eagle One – let it roll, its Tequila Tuesday, if not familiar with that or Gin’thursdays, ask Pitt, GF, or a host of others.., it a recurring event

  68. Dave says


    Appropriate smiley face. You are the kid in High School who knew everything, corrected everybody, and nobody wanted to hang around with.
    I was a teacher for 32 years, and none of us liked your type , either. And all this time you thought you were impressing us. Too bad… are only feeding your own ego. And it is VERY large.

    Sadly, if you simply shared your expansive knowledge in a positive manner, everyone WOULD be impressed with you, appreciate you, and honor your contribution. Instead you CHOSE to alienate. Really, it’s just sad.

    Please stop the petty nitpicking.

  69. Jon in CT says

    Eagle One wrote on November 10, 2014 at 3:26 PM:

    Based upon the data provided by the MNB posters and the U.S. Mint, I have been able to reforecast the number of days it will take to sell out the first 180K Silver Kennedy Sets (K13). Enough historical data was collected to produce a fully plotted raw data curve. A trend line was tightly fitted to the raw data curve and an extrapolation function was derived from the trend line. The correlation coefficient (r²) between the raw data plot and the extrapolation function was calculated to be 0.9845 (where 1.00 is a perfect correlation). Therefore, the extrapolation function is statistically worthy enough to be used for extrapolation or estimation purposes.

    where “x” is the number of hours

    f(x) = 18316 LN (x) + 36902

    It is a well-known fact that one can fit an (n-1)ᵗʰ order polynomial to any data sample of size n perfectly, with a resulting residual error equal to zero, meaning that the correlation coefficient (r²) must be exactly 1.

    You’ve always assumed a log distribution for Mint coin sales but have never explained why.

  70. Jon in CT says

    Sleeping through life as a teacher for 32 years (I’ll place a big bet you “worked” for a public school system) is NOT a credential I value highly (or at all).

  71. Jerry Diekmann says

    Why not John Glenn’s autograph on an Ike dollar with the reverse of the eagle landing on the moon? Or Susan B. Anthony’s signature – wait – I guess we’re too late for that. Well, I’m sure the TPG will come up with some gimmick to relieve some fools over their money. These things will never be worth more than a couple of dollars over bullion, IMO.

  72. Jerry Diekmann says

    Eagle One and Jon – Sorry, you lost me. I’m a college graduate but all of that flew way over my head. I know about correlation as I worked with it in my job forecasting demand vs. price, but the math concepts are beyond me – sorry!

  73. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hard to believe the Mint would strike more Harding dollars than FDR dollars. I guess it just means mintages mean very little in this series. That seems to fit in OK, because the whole series has no meaning. Most of the presidents are not worth remembering, much less commemorating. More than several were just awful. Given the fact that the Mint knew the Sacagawea dollars were not circulating well, and they tarnished badly (any chemist or metallurgist would have told them that manganese is one of the worst metals to use in coin alloys, and we already knew how bad it was from the war nickels of 1942 to 1945), so why even issue these unneeded coins. Was it a “full employment act” for the Mint, along with striiking worthless cents? Cents should have been done away back in 1982, when they came up with that copper coating over zinc, another metal which may be good in coins as an alloy, but deteriorates quickly when exposed to air or circulation. Again, we already knew about it from the zinc covered cents of 1943 which were a disaster as a coin, but were great for propaganda. There are much better alloys out there – check out the alloys used for the various Euro coins – they seem to work fine and the aluminum bronze doesn’t tarnish like our “golden” dollars do. You would think this country could do a better job when it comes to striking coins for circulation. Now, I’ll hop off my high horse.

  74. Jerry Diekmann says

    Jon – you do not need to be so negative with people. Teachers are very important and good teachers can have a tremendous impact on the lives of children. I think you owe Dave an apology. No, I have never been a teacher, but I do respect the work they do. Many of them are very committed to making this a better world for the younger generation, which we should all realize, one day replace all of us older people. I have never been a veteran (I was too tall for Vietnam – over the height limit), but I do respect our soldiers and veterans and the sacrifices they have paid, some with their lives, some with lifelong mental and/or physical disabilities, in order to allow all ofus the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Many people in other parts of this world never had those chances because of maleovolent and diabolical dictators – we have been free of them now for 238 years because of our soldiers. And we are one of the best educated and advanced societies in this world because of our teachers.

  75. Eagle One says

    LN(x) or the natural log is commonly used in finance equations when forcasting decay and compounding. First, second, third, fourth, and fifth order polynominals were tried and they did NOT produce a statistically significant fit to the raw data plot.

    John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth on February 20th 1962. The Project was called Mercury and the mission was called Friendship 7.

  76. Hawkster says

    John Glen was born 1932 in Sudbury-on-Thames, England. As an assistant director, he was responsible for such films as “For Your Eyes Only” and “”Octupussy”. Does that answer your question?

  77. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, If the Mint continues Sales into 2015, this thing could get Interesting…

    Gold Kennedy Guesstimates (resorted from low to high)

    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • zeeman 75,000 08/03
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to 109k
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26

  78. Hawkster says

    Thanks. As you can see, I have attempted to blunt Jon’s sarcasm with humor. He seemingly does not know how to respond to or acknowledge humor.

  79. stephen m says

    Jon in CT may be a person that can only be serious no matter what the subject or occasion may be. I know of a person like that and as kids he would ask all the rest of us “when are you going to grow up?” My answer was always “never.” It takes all types to fill this world.

  80. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, on 11/10/14 a 3 Coin Proof Set 2014 MLB Baseball Hall of Fame $5 GOLD + $1 SILVER + $Half Clad Sold for $709.00 with 5 bids.

    And….on 11/11/14 a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Proof Coin Set – $5 Gold, $1 Silver and Half $ Clad Sold for $731.99 with 6 bids.

    Anyway you break it down that’s at least $600.00 for the Gold…

  81. Jon in CT says

    Eagle One wrote on November 12, 2014 at 2:10 AM:

    LN(x) or the natural log is commonly used in finance equations when forcasting decay and compounding. First, second, third, fourth, and fifth order polynominals were tried and they did NOT produce a statistically significant fit to the raw data plot.

    You might want to take a look at the Poisson distribution

  82. Hawkster says

    Eagle One should be very happy that you did not correct the misspelling of the word “forecasting”. Or, did you fail to notice?

  83. Eagle One says


    In this case, we are not using a distribution (a tally of random occurrences), we are using a continuous function. Poisson is used to predict the “number of events that can occur in a given period of time.” We are trying to estimate “how much time it will take to achieve a given number of units.” Just a simple pre-calculus function.

    I can tell that you have no idea what you are talking about. I can also tell that you are not academically astute; nor are you an educator. You are just bluffing everyone and looking for a fight. Your arguments are highly specious (superficially plausible, deceptively convincing, but actually wrong) and you are obsessively deceptive. You thrive on deception and the web is the perfect place for you to do that without going to prison. That is why you hang out here and superficially hurt people. This is the only place you can abuse others without ending up in a state mental facility, state prison, or with a black eye. I suggest that you get your head examined.

  84. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Thanks cag – any chance you track available units of the $5 BHoFs on fleabay? I’m curious what the inventory trends have been over the past 8 weeks, and then compare that over December and then again this coming fall.

    I had started to track those #’s though got sidetracked –

  85. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    AtB Puck Collectors ~

    Regarding the possibility of a price decrease on the Pucks, in doing some research, I’m leaning to the thought that the mint balances the Puck price to around $11/ounce over spot. Currently, it’s $15.3 per ounce over spot at a sales price of $154.95 – therefore currenlt pricing for the pucks is out of parameters (or an imbalance exists) if using historical pricing over the past 14-18 months.

    Has anyone else done any similar reseach? Can to a similar conclusion or ascertain a different result?

  86. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, My search on the bay is “2014 baseball Gold coin” and I track ALL available vs. 69’s and 70’s. I’m not into Graded coins so I just want to bounce out the OGP’s.

    This morning’s search showed 153 in total baseball Gold coins. 74 in OGP.
    Here are the same Day of the month since June 11th 2014:

    06/11/14 219 in Total & 162 in OGP
    07/11/14 240 in Total & 125 in OGP
    08/11/14 200 in Total & 101 in OGP
    09/11/14 167 in Total & 92 in OGP
    10/11/14 162 in Total & 78 in OGP
    11/11/14 151 in Total & 75 in OGP

    The Main thing that has happened is that FINALLY the true auctions are going away and either a Set Opening Price Auction OR a Buy It Now is the preferred method on selling…
    Currently there are 20 Auctions and 56 Buy it Now, However, of the Auctions there are Zero True auctions…

  87. Hawkster says

    Keep Calm,
    Those collectors that are holding out on the Glades uncirculated puck in hopes of a price decrease may have to reconsider their course of action. It would be regretful to these collectors if a sellout occurs before any price decrease takes place.

  88. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    The mint minted less than 24,000 of the ‘Glades? Ahhh.., don’t know about that.

    Volcanoes and Arcadia low mintage was most likely the result of slow sales and increasing Ag prices which surged from $27 to $34/ounce.., resulting in price increase for the pucks from $202 to $229.

  89. Cochisz says

    Thank you @ Eagle one. You said that very well. Hope Jon gets the picture and grows a little
    In mind,body and soul.

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