US Mint Coin Production August 2012

The United States Mint has provided updated circulating coin production figures, covering production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities through August 2012. The preliminary mintage has been indicated for the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarters.

For the month, production across both facilities was 655.50 million coins. This is down from the prior month when 906.62 million coins were produced, but up from the year ago period of August 2011, which had production of 604.54 million coins.

The table below includes the production figures broken down by denomination and mint facility. The first number column represents production for August 2012, while the second number column represents year to date production though August 31, 2012.

2012 US Mint Coin Production Figures
August 2012 YTD 2012
Lincoln Cent – Denver 182.80 M 1,968.00 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 270.40 M 2,199.20 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 30.24 M 396.48 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 13.76 M 326.64 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 49.00 M 588.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 67.50 M 586.50 M
Quarters – Denver 31.00 M 142.41 M
Quarters – Phil. 10.80 M 118.80 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 1.70 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 1.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 2.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 2.80 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 16.24 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 27.80 M
Total 655.50 M 6,379.67 M

During August 2012, production took place for only cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters, with no representation from the higher denominations. As typical, cents accounted for the majority of production. This was followed by dimes, nickels, and then quarters.

For the year to date, coin production has now reached 6.38 billion coins. This now exceeds the annual production for 2010 which was 6.37 billion, but remains below the annual production for 2011 which was 8.20 billion.

The US Mint provided a preliminary mintage for the recently released Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarters. All of the preliminary mintages provided so far for the America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential Dollars are shown below. As stated in the past, the US Mint has specifically reserved the right to restart production of any design within the year of issue based on demand and production capacity.

2012 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
El Yunque Quarter 25.00 M 25.80 M 50.80 M
Chaco Culture Quarter 22.00 M 22.00 M 44.00 M
Acadia Quarter 21.606 M 24.80 M 46.41 M
Hawaii Quarter 78.60 M 46.20 M 124.80 M
Arthur Dollar 4.06 M 6.02 M 10.08 M
Cleveland Dollar 4.06 M 5.46 M 9.52 M
Harrison Dollar 4.20 M 5.64 M 9.84 M
Cleveland (2) Dollar 3.92 M 10.68 M 14.60 M

At 124.80 million coins, the Hawaii Quarters show a big jump in production from the prior design which had only 46.41 million coins produced. Will this be the start of a trend towards higher mintages for subsequent releases of the America the Beautiful Quarters series?

As discussed in the past, quarter production has been at historically low levels due to existing supplies available at Federal Reserve Banks, which reduce the need for newly produced coins. If production levels for quarters start to rebound, this may finally call attention to the low mintages for certain releases of the series.

For the America the Beautiful Quarters Program so far, the lowest mintage for a single design occurs for the Chaco Cultue National Historical Park Quarter with 44 million coins produced across the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The lowest mintage for an individual issue occurs for the 2012-D Acadia National Park Quarter at 21.606 million. These numbers may change if the US Mint resumes production before the close of the year.

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  1. Boz says

    Wow the economy must really beinthe tank ifyougo by the numbers of quarters minted. BIllions of each statehood design during the boom years of President Gore’s administration. Now only enough chaco’s for ones person in 20 to hope to eventually get one in daily commerce.

    I have still no t gotten any 2010 or2011 quarters in bank r Lola,much less any of the 2012’s. Are they all still in the vaults or has coin vault bought them all for tvsales.?

  2. says

    Thanks for the latest numbers, Michael. It’d be nice if we finally saw some life breathed into the AtB circulating quarters program at last. Hopefully this isn’t another “fake-out” like Chickasaw turned out to be.

  3. Boz says

    Enjoy your blog Mr Z. Very insightful and the behind the headlines news helps us decide what current offerings to collect.

    My opinion is the extremely low production of the first spouse and the tab pucks are going to make for some really high dollar items some day. The silver 25 cent proof sets should also keep up with inflation or better. Hope the grand kids will benefit from this on down the line.

  4. KEITHSTER says

    Just got my s mint volcanoes in the mail box and opened up a box heads up opened another sorry not impressed! what is it someone popping a zit or up chuck on a plate can’t tell.And they went all out and made 126,000,000 oh-oh what should have been a shot in the arm for the atb’s looks more like a shot in the foot. Likes been said before if you want a nice one get the silver proof there lovely.Hopefully they made so many because they know full well they’ll be making them out of the steel soon and like to amp it up before a change over.Ya they got the spots too what is it solvent grease the water time to change all three gentlemen please keep the spots off our coins. I’d go with distilled water it’s all I use for everything.Well atleast the rush is off to get the bank rolls was lookin today and both tellers are like they got ones with volcanoes?Then I saw the numbers and won’t be needing many of those.They’ll be like the bi 76’ers around forever till the price copper-nickel really sky-rockets. OH WELL GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

  5. JimL says

    Mike, as always, reminds us that the mint reserves the right to recommence
    production of coins within their year. I believe that this was done with the Hot Springs ATB but has it been any other ATB’s since?
    I also wonder if they overproduced on Hawaii figuring that this was a more interesting design that might translate better to actual circulating issue strikes. To Wit KEITHSTER has indicated disappointment in his box. I also wonder if KEITHSTER’s box was run in the latter stages of the run where the dies weren’t as fresh. I purchased a roll of the Magnetic (steel) 2012 Canadian Pennies last April and the seller indicated that they had been struck in very early January. The pennies are astoundingly nearly proof-like, and have much sharper detail than subsequent zinc offerings I have seen on the ‘bay. However, I have also noticed that subsequent steel (magnetic) ones are also not as sharp, sell for less than they were last spring and no one talks about the date stamp on the box that they came from either (assuming they came from a box). I also have purchased random shotgun rolls of mostly 2012 Denver strike ATB’s and have been pleased with the quality, particularly the Yunque. So if it is decided that Yunque came out well in general would the mints be inclined to return to recommence those and skip Acacia and Chaco or what would drive their decision? I think not as they have no way to judge their “popularity” (unlike the Presidents that are bought through the USM) because it takes so damned long to get them into general circulation…sometimes a year or too….except in the case of Hot Sprgs.

  6. ClevelandRocks says

    Tip of the day:
    Consider purchase of 2012 1/2 oz proof gold eagle in the next few days if it looks like a price increase on Wed.

    2012 1/2 oz. proof AGE may end up as a key proof AGE item. Look at the sales numbers (including sales of AGE sets) and tell me if you agree….

    With gold likely to rally further in the short and long term, this would be a good purchase, in addition to the more expensive 1 oz w-AGE burnished Eagle and the ’12 proof platinum (before more price increases).

    Wish I personally had more $ to spend….

  7. Hidalgo says

    @ Cleveland – what makes you think that the 2012 proof gold eagles won’t be sold during 2013? All 4 of the 2011 proof gold eagles can still be purchased from the US Mint as part of a 4-coin set.

    Just sayin’ …..

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    @ Hidalgo: My recommendations are based on informed speculation, looking at current sales numbers, past years sales #s, and Mint’s random sales patterns where some products are now “sold out” well below mintage maxs, usually when they are not selling (’11 proof Buffalo continued sales baffle me). Also my recommendations are based on PMs rising (especially when you know there will be a price increase like we know almost 100% the proof platinum will do on Wednesday), so even if you buy an item that turns out to be a “non-key” date, you still will have a winner (this philosophy would not work for anomalies like the Army clad, as if you miss with a clad gamble, you end up close to face value!).

  9. William says

    It seems that the US Mint is about to change horses in mid-stream…

    If my vibe is right, I am collecting first spouse gold and the 2012 presidents before any announcement is made.

    The mint is very quiet about what the future holds for collectors. I also like SV6 (silver proof sets) and XA3 (annual uncirculated sets). I may be dreaming. Perhaps the mint is just waiting on another “Big Ben” monetary policy before they announce new directions at the mint.

  10. says


    I beg to differ. In my opinion, the US mint is behaving as though it’s rudderless. Sales of most of their numismatic products are down across the board. The 2012 AtBs were released months late. The first spouses are still not available with about three and a half months left to go in the year. There was an issue early in the year with the product schedule going empty. Several 2011 coins such as the proof buffalo, the AtBs, and the uncirculated silver eagle are still on sale.

    If I had to guess I’d say the mint is possibly having leadership issues (I don’t think a director was ever appointed after Moy left though there is an acting director), or they may have lost key personnel from staff cuts, or they may not have the cash on hand to replace or maintain older machinery.

  11. DNA says

    Just picked up some business strike “D” Hawaii Volcanoes Quarters.

    This design looks great as a Proof, but the business strike looks like a planchet rinse spill. It’s a little better if the coin is higher-grade (MS-64) and has some reflectivity in the field.

  12. says

    To Keithster:
    Appreciated your 1st take on the volcano coins! Of the perceptions you made I believe what you are seeing is “upchuck on a plate”. It seems to make an allegorical reference to the feeling that one gets with an onset of buyer’s remorse along with a queasy kind of revelation that you have just been ripped off by purchasing a collection of trinkety garbage! If perchance I miss the mark here, by all means. Of course you could upgrade and also purchase the Upchuck Silver and to complete the set, the 2012-W upchuck hockey puck!

  13. says

    Capt’n: I’m not sure that the mint is rudderless. I think that the mayhem of their so called schedule is the result of being overextended in their capability to keep up with all of the the things Congress MANDATES them to make, couple with MANDATES made internally with their marketing experts in some of the quick cooked, often half baked combinations and iterations of endless variety.

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