US Mint Coin Production May 2012

Updated figures are available for United States Mint circulating coin production. These new figures cover production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints through the end of May 2012, and include some updates for specific designs of the America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential Dollars series.

For the month of May 2012, circulating coin production reached 819.86 million at both facilities across all denominations. This is down from the prior month total of 858.04 million, but up from the year ago period which had production of 807.41 million.

A breakdown of production by denomination and mint facility is included below. The first number column represents the total production for May 2012, while the second column represents total production for the year to date.

2012 US Mint Coin Production Figures
May 2012 YTD 2012
Lincoln Cent – Denver 305.60 M 1,154.40 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 228.00 M 1,336.80 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 65.52 M 252.72 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 38.40 M 232.08 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 73.50 M 344.00 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 42.00 M 330.50 M
Quarters – Denver 22.00 M 69.00 M
Quarters – Phil. 24.80 M 72.60 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 1.70 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 1.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 2.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 2.80 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 5.88 M 12.88 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 14.16 M 27.88 M
Total 819.86 M 3,841.96 M


Production was dominated by cents, nickels, and dimes, but not to the extreme extent seen in the previous two months. The start of production for latest ATB Quarter and Presidential Dollar designs served to increase production of these two denominations. Even so, the cents, nickels, and dimes still accounted for 91.8% of all circulating coin production.

For the year to date, total coin production has reached more than 3.8 billion coins, which is tracking ahead of last year’s pace of production.

Production totals for certain America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential Dollars have been provided or updated. As stated in the past, the US Mint has specifically reserved the right to restart production of any design within the year of issue based on demand and production capacity. This has already occurred for each of the 2012 Presidential Dollars.

2012 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
El Yunque Quarter 25.00 M 25.80 M 50.80 M
Chaco Culture Quarter 22.00 M 22.00 M 44.00 M
Acadia Quarter 22.00 M 24.80 M 46.80 M
Arthur Dollar 2.80 M 6.02 M 8.82 M
Cleveland Dollar 2.66 M 5.46 M 8.12 M
Harrison Dollar 4.20 M 5.682 M 9.882 M
Cleveland (2) Dollar 3.22 M 10.722 M 13.942 M

Numbers for the recently released Acadia National Park Quarter have been provided with 22 million coins struck at the Denver Mint and 24.8 million coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The overall total of 46.8 million is just above the low level established for the previous release featuring Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

For the Presidential Dollars, production totals have increased for each of the three designs that previously appeared on the chart. The Chester Arthur Dollars show an increase of 1.96 million coins from the Philadelphia Mint. The Grover Cleveland (first term) Dollars show an increase of 1.4 million coins from the Philadelphia Mint. The Benjamin Harrison Dollars show an increase of 0.082 million from the Philadelphia Mint and 2.66 million from the Denver Mint.

The Grover Cleveland (second term) Dollar makes its first appearance at an unusually high 13.942 million coins. This amount is higher than the production totals for each the first three designs and well above the total demand experienced (so far) for the 2012 Presidential Dollars that have been offered in numismatic bags, rolls, and boxes. Is the US Mint trying to anticipate the total demand for the expected one year duration of the offering? Or will there be another outlet for this greater number of coins?

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  1. Leo S. says


    We now have 2 President coins released but no cooresponding FS coins. They say on the Mint website TBD but no date yet. Also, have you noticed that on the APMEX website that the FS in original govt. packaging are mostly not available. Is the demand for FS increasing or is something else going on? Any information on these two items would be appreciated.

  2. george glazener says

    Grover Cleveland was in office a year before he got married. Maybe the MINT is trying to keep us in suspense like the public was in 1885.

  3. Mint News Blog says

    I have inquired on numerous occasions about the 2012 First Spouse coins. The US Mint has never provided any useful information or explanation for the delay.

  4. Mint News Blog says

    The circulation strike Kennedy Half Dollars have been around the same low mintage levels since 2008. The thing to consider is that basically the entire mintage is distributed directly to collectors. This means that the survival rate and proportion of coins within collector hands is very high, which dampens the impact of the low mintage.

    Over time, I think the series should maintain a solid collector base, which should support values.

    Besides the circulation strikes, there are also the satin finish versions of 2005 to 2010 and the silver proof versions. These have even lower mintages and might present a popular focus for some collectors.

  5. Zaz says

    14.1 M presidential ‘non-circulating’ dollars in Philly. That’s alot of dollars to be sold later on. If 10.7 M are Cleveland II dollars, where are they going? Does the Mint really expect to sell that many? The Cleveland I dollars sales are trending less than the Arthur, and the Harrison coins should put up similar numbers. Did some island country that uses the dollar order coins instead?

  6. george glazener says

    LOL, they’ll end up putting several million Benjamin Harrisons into cold storage right next to his Grandfather Wm Henry Harrison.

    But just wait until Teddy Roosevelt hits the streets this time next year. They’ll have to make 50 million of him to meet demand. Come to think of it, we need a TR Commemorative. Imagine those teeth on a full size 1oz Commem..!!

  7. ED says

    I think the Kennedy should not be minted after 2014. That would make it a 50 year run. Maybe a special set to celebrate it too.This might boost the value too Paul.

  8. Nate says

    By my calculation there won’t be any US Mint repricing of gold today. I have the average for the past week coming in at just under 1600 (~1595). Does this agree with everyone else’s expectations?

  9. Nate says

    Thanks, Steve. So I squeak by to wait yet another weak to purchase the SSB unc gold.

  10. Yomama says

    Leo S. – thanks for the info on the FS. I’ve noticed recently that FS in original gov’t. packaging is also hard to find on eBay. It seems everbody is offering graded FS coins only? Thanks

  11. Dave in CT. says

    Just a note,
    Over the weekend in Chicago, mobs of young men
    attacked people in 3 diff. locations. The hell Chicago is not that
    bad. And the police do try to limit this news to the press,

  12. george glazener says

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Are you insinuating that the mainstream media, our beloved little Katie Couric and her ilk, actually suppress or ignore certain news stories that might reflect badly on our society? I’m speechless that you would even suggest such a thing..!!

    Just to prove you wrong, I’m going to fly to Chicago tonight and walk the south side from dusk until dawn for 3 days waving 100 bills in the air while whistling Dixie on a penny flute….! I’ll be back here next week to tell you how in error you were…!!

  13. Nate says

    Dave, every city has crime. Of course in the entire city of Chicago there are going to be some incidents of crime every single day. Can’t live scared in my opinion. Just have to be smart wherever you go.

  14. george glazener says

    True, but the problem is that highly organized and deliberate gang related violence is a much more dangerous problem than the occasional robbery, assault, and battery that ALL cities see. To suggest that one is every bit as safe in downtown Chicago as they would be in downtown Corning, NY is reckless and naive.

  15. Dave in CT. says

    George, Didn’t mean to open a can of worms. This is for the poster that said Chicago isn’t that bad. Just replying to that remark. I’m from the south side, and still have friends in the Evergreen Park and Mt. Greenwood area, along with others out west in Oswego and Naperville area. I have known the old mayor of Evergreen Park (tony vacco) and know, for instance, that this(south-side seemed to get the most positive tests) problem (this area was very hard hit,a few folks died) with the West Nile disease (mosquito) was suppressed from the press because it was so severe, this also included the Beverly area too. This is but a small example, but very true. Officials didn’t want to scare the older/elderly (which this area has a high percentage of) and I know that this sounds completely ridiculous and insane, but I did get this from reliable sources when I last visited Illinois. I always found this hard to swallow. But when you get this type of news from these types of people, it is true.

    George, Love your comments !
    Nate, Every city does have its problems, but not every city has young people that herd together in a group (some gangster groups are involved too),
    and then walk around in broad daylight in high residential areas and just beat the shit out of one or more people. Not like this and not in this way. Yes it does happen in many places, but this seems to be a new trend that is very popular now and it’s not just the gang bangers that are doing this (too many bored unemployed youngsters). So yes, some of these reports, not all, are being hidden by the request of Chicago’s finest so as to not get this out and have potential tourists not want to go the city.
    This is big bucks and last year, many people chose to go and visit others states. Also, as a marine, I still serve in the reserve and always know my surroundings. I also would never want to be compared to Rush, now what was his last name !

  16. Jon in CT says

    Zaz wrote on June 12, 2012 at 8:17 pm:

    14.1 M presidential ‘non-circulating’ dollars in Philly. That’s alot of dollars to be sold later on. … Did some island country that uses the dollar order coins instead?

    Other countries that use US dollar coins in circulation obtain them from the US central bank (i.e. the Federal Reserve), not directly from the US Mint.

    Ecuador has used US dollar coins since 2000, nearly all of which were Sacagawea dollars. Last month, the Ecuador central bank introduced US President dollar coins into circulation for the first time. See:

    Given that the people of Ecuador (like those in the US) are totally unfamiliar with what a Presidential coin should look like, I predict that counterfeit Presidential coins will soon become a big problem there.

  17. Zaz says

    It says 125,371 today. Is this different from yesterday? I’m not really paying close attention to the numbers sold on this set.

    Re: the OT comments, I think you will find that every major metropolitan city has its share of lawless areas. It takes a death of an outsider before the local police take notice. The death of a transient, a homeless or a small time drug dealer barely ripples the local press. In San Francisco, there’s a small section of Golden Gate Park that lacks any kind of official attention and a major hangout for the above. Recently, some kid from the outside got punched in the head by a gang banger there, fell into a coma a lá Bryan Stow, and was taken off of life support Friday. 30 years old with his life seemingly spread out before him, senselessly deprived of it. It takes a death from the group of people that affects a city’s tax base before the local authorities and law enforcement do something about it.

  18. Dave in CT. says

    Interesting and good comment.
    On the numbers, I guess it will not be tracking the numbers until the
    last few days. I have not ordered yet, but will get one regardless of the total
    mintage. Just can’t pass up a good old fashion reverse proof. Now, is it wishing too much for a UHR reverse proof ? Or a UHR on a W-unc. Thinking out loud.

  19. Dave in CT. says

    George, Can we start walking at 79th and Cottage Grove and continue southwest to 87th and Halsted with us holding those $100 bills. But I will have a Confederate flag in my other hand and singing Dixie as loud as I can.

  20. george glazener says

    LMAO…Well, come on down then..!! Set a spell. Take yer shoes off! I’ll crack open some Two if by Tea, fire up the grill, and light some cigars over the hickory wood charcoals as the steaks sizzle to perfection under some “John Boy & Billy” grilling sauce. (redneck radio show here in the South)

    Confederate Flag? Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to wave that around the inner city of ANY city, unless I was in the mood for a hail of lead and an iron pipe upside the head. We could carry a boom box on our shoulders and loudly play “Freebird.” We might only get angry stares, but no gunfire. I tried that once here in Atlanta, and survived to tell the tale.

  21. Dave in CT. says

    Goerge, OK ! Funny, very Funny. How bout this ?
    We’ll both walk casually, both wearing the Confederate flag on each side of our shirts with the inscription “We Have A Dream” above it, and playing “Sweet Home Alabama” at a normal sound level for that depressed area that one might expect to hear.
    On another note, my wife brought up a some very interesting insight on
    my walking around change that I spoke of on an earlier post. That is my 2011
    HR Kangaroo that I carry in my pocket. She said that I might be the only one in the world with this coin, that grades XF or AU. Does this make my coin valuable ? I could not find this grade and its worth in any price guide. Only
    saw it from MS63 – MS70 ! Now that is some serious insight. Anyone that might be interested in this can call us at, 555-1234. If its busy try again.

  22. Dave in CT. says

    What ever happened to Clair Hardesty ? We enjoyed his posts.
    They were extremely knowledgeable, insightful and well written !
    I hope he is in good health and did not get off this blog because
    of some of the posters acting distasteful with their unnecessary
    rude, nitpicking, harassing, and generally bipolar unneeded comments
    from the last year or so. Clair was in my opinion a very smart man.
    Knew the facts. I would like to read his post again, and I would like to say to him, “Clair, please contribute your thoughts again,and do not let the actions of some, have you steer clear of this fun and informative blog”. A few years
    back, I stopped posting because of what I described above, and only re-
    cently started again.

    Shane, come back ! Shane…

  23. george glazener says

    Well, Grover of course..!! No doubt about it. He was amazing. Look, the guy was 49 years old when in 1886 he married the lovely and winsome Frances Folsom, a mere child of 21, a tender young woman in the flower of her youth, an unspoiled cherub unschooled in the wily ways of politics and lustful gentlemanly desires, a sweet innocent lamb cast tumbling into the raging fires of worldly deceit and global intrigue. Guys, 49 years old in the late 19th century is like 65 or 70 to you me. For this portly and corpulent middle aged President to successfully woo this charming young woman speaks volumes about his libido, his magnificent stamina, his gargantuan and gregarious personality, not to mention his overstuffed wallet. It was truly a feat of epic proportions for any man in any time or place. My hat’s off to him and I salute you Sir for landing the most eligible bachelorette of the late 19th century. Hoorah and Huzzah..!!

    Lord have mercy, now I really can’t wait for that Frances Cleveland First Spouse Gold Coin.

  24. says

    I’m somewhat late to the party on this thread, but CoinWold just released a good article showing that the Mint is now showing a loss – negative seigniorage – for 2012 based on the most recent production figures.

    And this, folks, is why they haven’t cut prices on the AtBs and why they’re going with mint to demand for the two coin set. They need to maximize revenues from numismatic sales as much as possible to offset these losses.

    Folks who want to go through old rolls of nickels and pennies to fill in the holes in their collections ought to do so now, as I’m convinced a metal composition change will be coming within a year or sooner.

  25. ED says

    Id be more likely to bet that they will stop printing a dollar note and replacing with these “Golden dollars” merchants dont want. Whatever happened to the story about getting rid of the penny years ago ??

  26. Sam says

    Captain – what metal composition do you forsee for the mint? is aluminum a viable alternative, its certainly would reduce the weight of any circulating coin?

  27. ED says

    Capt. Ahab says whalebone.LOL !!! Why dont you ask Coin World or Coinage magazine ,Sam ?

  28. says


    I think aluminum’s unlikely because it’s been tried before. You might enjoy reading about the story of the aborted 1974 aluminum penny here.

    I think the most likely probability is copper-coated steel, similar the composition of the Canadian penny. There was a news item linked a few months ago from Coin Update where a more complex alloy of cheap metals was suggested, but I don’t recall offhand what those mixes were. I suspect that Congress/Treasury will seek to go with whatever the cheapest option is, given the national mood right now.

    It’s possible the penny and nickel might also be eliminated entirely. I hope Congress would not take this step, but it is possible.

  29. ED says

    I already did the pre 82 penny thing Too bad there is no melt here. I got $26 of copper !!!

  30. george glazener says

    I’d rather we eliminate our current Congress entirely and keep our coins like they are if you want my opinion. I think this group of people we have right here could run this country more sensibly than the boobs running wild up there now. But then I live in Realinda, not within the Washington Beltway.

    Personally, I would miss the Washington $1 FRN a lot, but I could get used to the dollar coins. In fact, I often ordered them from the MINT via the Direct Ship Program and did my best to circulate them all over the place. People stared at me, glared at me, even flared their nostrils at me, but in the end, they took them from me. We could all get used to it. But we’d also need a $2.00 coin with Daniel Morgan on the obverse. Anybody remember him?

  31. george glazener says

    I don’t see any silver and gold people around here. Just the usual colors. But I’ll keep my eyes open….

  32. Dave in CT. says

    George, I remember, Daniel Morgan is Captain Morgan’s illegitimate
    brother on his mothers side, twice removed,

  33. ED says

    i guess its gonna take a day or so to think about my last post, hopefuly not a month !!!

  34. stephen m. says

    An article in coind world says Grover Cleveland paid $150 for a for a substitute to serve in his place during the civil war. I wondered if service in the union army was mandatory and if so whom served for the substitute?

  35. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Frankly, my dear Scarlet, guess they didn’t make a Jefferson Davis CSA $1.

  36. Dave in CT. says

    The house in the old western TV series The Big Valley, and the house in
    Gone With The Wind, are the same house. YES. Another fact from Dave in Ct.

  37. says

    I find the mintage on the Denver mint 2012 dollars curious compared tp philly mints..why such a difference??

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