US Mint Confirms Enhanced Uncirculated 2014 Native American Dollar

Late last week, the United States Mint began sales of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. Based on the press release and initial product page, the set seemed to simply contain a regular uncirculated 2014 Native American Dollar and a $1 note. The Mint has now confirmed that the $1 coin carries an enhanced uncirculated finish.


At the start of sales, some readers noted the description of the coin as “2014 Native American $1 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin” shown on the image of the packaging. I had updated the post to highlight this observation and also reached out to the Mint for an explanation. This morning, the Mint provided details of the enhanced uncirculated finish created for the coin.


A wire brush was applied to both the obverse and reverse fields and artwork on the dies. Three distinct finishes are used across the obverse and reverse designs. The obverse contains elements shown in white with a standard uncirculated finish. The fields and elements shown in blue carry a standard frost finish.


The reverse design makes use of all three finishes. The elements shown in white carry a standard uncirculated finish with the elements in yellow carrying a light frost finish. The background fields shown in blue carry the standard frost finish.

Some readers who have received the sets in hand confirm the different appearance for the $1 coin included in the set. If anyone wants to share a photo to add to this post, please leave a comment.

In the regular weekly sales report, the Mint reported orders received for 9,720 units from the 50,000 maximum. This includes only sales through Sunday, November 23, 2014. Word of the special finish seems to have spread when the first sets started arriving on Monday, which may have contributed to an acceleration in the pace of sales.

On the Mint’s website, the American $1 Coin and Currency Set is indicated as “Currently Out of Stock”. This does not seem to be a sell out. Recall that at one point the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Clad Set was listed as out of stock, but sales were later resumed.

This represents only the third time that the US Mint has used an enhanced uncirculated finish. The first instance was for the 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Eagle, and the second was the 2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar. The 2014-D Enhanced Uncirculated Native American Dollar would seem to have the lowest mintage of the three at the product limit of 50,000 units.

Update: The Mint just provided the following additional details:

Being an Enhanced Uncirculated program, the base finish on the obverse & reverse was wire brushed. This was developed specifically for this program and implemented into production for the first time.  This approach gives the coins a bright finish without appearing polished (like proof coins do).

On the obverse, standard laser frosting was applied to the field and particular elements of the artwork to accentuate the design.  Specific elements of the artwork and all lettering are in the wire brush finish to further accentuate them against the laser frosted field.

On the reverse, standard laser frosting was applied to the field.  A lighter level of laser frosting was then applied to particular elements of the artwork to enable it to stand out.  Specific elements of the artwork, all lettering and the compass are in the wire brush finish to further accentuate the design.

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  1. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    So now we get to address a guesstimate of Monday’s sales figures along with the Sunday total of 9720. Any takers?

  2. Samuel says

    i received the coin yesterday and posted my observation, basically my feeling is almost the same as picture.

  3. A&L Futures says

    @ MNB

    When I get home this evening, I can take some photos for you. I think I’m one of the odd-balls who purchased more than 100. I’ve sold 25 so far, so I won’t be messing with those packages, but I do expect to keep fifty or so for myself. You have my email, so just hit me up when you can.

  4. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Of course we’ll need a true CPA (not “car parking attendant”) to track and keep tabs of the figures of when “out of stock” was for Monday, & who put in orders before hand. Then they can run the statistics based upon when the next sales begin. So for myself, not having the extra time or patience to keep tabs, do bequeath the tabulation responsibilities (yes, I’m a cowardly creative chicken) to whomever wishes to take on the fun. Put me in for 7,777.

  5. says

    I went down to the US Mint DC HQ sales shop yesterday and the clerk said that he has not received any of these C&C sets. He also said that he has been getting phone calls constantly asking about them. His stock is low for everything because the new fulfillment company is very slow in filling his orders.

  6. Sith says

    Only the mint would enhance a coin then forget to advertize it…I will see what funds I have after Black Friday

  7. Sith says

    Oh its only 13 bucks…but what difference does it make if it is out of stock…hopefully the remind me feature will work.

  8. Hidalgo says

    @A&L Futures – now you need to determine when to sell. Do you sell before the remaining 2014 Native American Coin and Currency set are available for sale? Or do you sell them after the sets are sold out in the hopes that the coins will appreciate in value with time?

  9. says

    I had been skeptical that this was really “enhanced” but it looks like it is after all. I wonder if we’ll see a “Perth Mint” situation where the piece will go up for sale unannounced (and then vanish just as quickly).

  10. Larry says

    The only thing I find strange about this is that there is no house hold limit. At 14 bucks, one of the big boys could have easily bought the whole supply.

  11. Hidalgo says

    @Larry – many of the “big boys” and visitors to this blog did buy a big supply. Check out the posts – you’ll see some posters who bought 100 or more of these sets.

    Clearly, they are coin dealers or flippers who plan to re-sell the sets at a profit. Why would a collector need more than one?

  12. Hidalgo says

    A bit of trivia….. The fact that the U.S. Mint introduced its 2014 Native American Coin and Currency set in the month of November is no coincidence.

    On August 3, 1990, George H. W. Bush declared the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month, (Native American Heritage Month).

    Also, Michael states that 2014 Native American coin is the third coin to have an enhanced uncirculated finish. As I previously stated, I would expect the U.S. Mint to issue more collector coins with this type of finish in the future.

  13. IPS_STUFF says


    some collectors might need more than one….
    – Making more than one set of Sacagawea / native dollars for someone besides themselves. (Kids / Grandkids)
    – Have some to trade in the future.
    – sell some to have more funds to use in the future.

    These are just a few I could come up with in the 8 minutes after your post… 🙂

  14. Hidalgo says

    @IPS_STUFF – I can see where someone might buy a few (say 1-5). However, a regular collector would not buy 100 or more of any product unless s/he planned to sell or flip them.

  15. says

    I really appreciate MNB having an inside connection to the Mint, but, there are a couple things we still don’t know;

    1.Will the Mint make more than the 50k set aside for this C&C set?
    2. What is it with the dollar bill being related to L&C?

    Also, the satin finish started in 1998, (I think) is not considered “Enhanced Uncirculated”? If not, is this process just known as satin uncirculated or something else?

    Just thinking out loud and trying to learn along with everyone else here…

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Hidalgo says
    NOVEMBER 26, 2014 AT 12:09 PM

    A bit of trivia….. The fact that the U.S. Mint introduced its 2014 Native American Coin and Currency set in the month of November is no coincidence.

    On August 3, 1990, George H. W. Bush declared the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month, (Native American Heritage Month).

    Also, Michael states that 2014 Native American coin is the third coin to have an enhanced uncirculated finish. As I previously stated, I would expect the U.S. Mint to issue more collector coins with this type of finish in the future.
    Thanksgiving has NOTHING to do with it??

  17. fmtransmitter says

    CaptainOverkill says
    NOVEMBER 26, 2014 AT 11:51 AM

    I had been skeptical that this was really “enhanced” but it looks like it is after all. I wonder if we’ll see a “Perth Mint” situation where the piece will go up for sale unannounced (and then vanish just as quickly).
    Yup, the Mint is working CLOSELY with Perth on how to market their products and sell coins!

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Stuart Bradley says
    NOVEMBER 26, 2014 AT 10:47 AM

    I went down to the US Mint DC HQ sales shop yesterday and the clerk said that he has not received any of these C&C sets. He also said that he has been getting phone calls constantly asking about them. His stock is low for everything because the new fulfillment company is very slow in filling his orders.
    Not surprised in the least bit…

  19. fmtransmitter says

    For all who have said you enjoy the US Mint for being true to the hobby and staying away from “circus” coins and being a classy act, say goodbye, those days are over, this is a business and sales is the name of the game and the only way to move fwd is to keep up with the other Mints making a “mint” i.e. Perth, RCM, to name just two of several..

  20. MikeinPA says

    recently discovered this site, i subscribe to several coin mags but must say i have earned a lot more from my fellow collectors here, Thanks to all

  21. Hidalgo says


    * I’m sure that the fact that Thanksgiving Day falls during the month of November played a role in commemorating November as Native American Heritage Month.

    * Incidentally, the Federal Government dedicates certain times of the year for special groups. Some examples:

    Black History Month – February (includes Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays)
    Women’s History Month – March
    Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – May
    Hispanic Heritage Month – mid-September to mid-October (includes Columbus Day)

    * For more information on commemorative months, check out the site below.

  22. cagcrisp says

    “Being an Enhanced Uncirculated program, the base finish on the obverse & reverse was wire brushed. This was developed specifically for this program and implemented into production for the first time. This approach gives the coins a bright finish without appearing polished (like proof coins do).”

    “developed specifically for this program and implemented into production for the first time”.

    SO……..This is a Variety of an Enhanced coin? Maybe the TPG’s will designate as such? Could add if that happens…

  23. Tinto says


    If this is only the third enhanced UNC then I guess I’ve inadvertently started an enhanced unc collection … neat

    Also the SAC will be the first done in base metal ……

  24. albumaccumulator says

    Tinto says
    “Also the SAC will be the first done in base metal ……”

    Also the first Denver mint EU Coin.

  25. thePhelps says

    The Denver part is the one that has me being a bit worried about this coin. IMO – they have been the weakest performing of the US Mint producers for years. I hope they can produce 50k coins that have at least some 70’s in them.

  26. CasualCollector says

    Denver does have a bad reputation — but don’t forget they did produce quite a few 70’s of the Baseball clad

  27. Gary says

    If your a collector and you aren’t flipping coins to grow your collection then you may need to reevaluate what your doing. Anytime I can add to my collection without going out of my own pocket, you can bet your @%# I am going to flip the #$%@ out of it!

    I am one of those evil collectors/evil flippers!!

  28. Hawkster says

    I am listing several reasons why the Coin and Currency Set has been so wildly successful. I invite others to add to my list as you see fit.

    1. The relatively inexpensive cost of the Set.
    2. Collectors who buy everything the Mint offers.
    3. Collectors who love enhanced coins.
    4. Collectors who love C & C sets.
    5. Those who hope to make a quick buck.
    6. With no HH limit, a hoarder’s delight.
    7. MNB commenters can brag about the number of sets they bought.
    8. Got them for the grandkids.

  29. thePhelps says

    CC… yes but generally they fall short in quality.

    @Gary – I purchase extras where I can to sell as well. My problem is I don’t have the base funds to buy more than an extra here or there. I’d get shot if a carton of 100 coins showed up! (but that is just me)

  30. Hidalgo says

    @Gary – I buy U.S. Mint products to add to my collection. I have found that it is much safer to invest my expendable cash in the stock market. My stocks have appreciated about 10% this year (compared to about 35% last year). That appreciation is much higher than all of the coins I purchased from the U.S. Mint during the years I have been collecting!

    (Note: almost all of my gold coins that I bought in previous years have lost value with the decline in gold prices. But that’s OK with me – I did not buy them with the expectation that they would appreciate).

  31. jeff says

    A couple of thoughts, first the mint did not confirm they will strike more, second three finishes seems labor intensive so it may take time to punch them out or like one poster said it’s getting late in the year and the mint is probably moving towards 2015 production I don’t think they’ll strike the entire run just sayin.

  32. A&L Futures says

    Hildago said –

    “@A&L Futures – now you need to determine when to sell. Do you sell before the remaining 2014 Native American Coin and Currency set are available for sale? Or do you sell them after the sets are sold out in the hopes that the coins will appreciate in value with time?”

    Great question – (as of this posting) I’ve sold 34 of the 99 I have on-hand. When you subtract S/H and eBay fees, I’m looking at a 90% ROI. I still have 65 in this lot, and it’s my goal to flip these before the second wave is released by the U.S. Mint.

    Assuming I can keep this up, I’ll have paid for both lots and managed to fill the truck up with a tank of gas and a Big Gulp from my local 7/11,

  33. Hawkster says

    I’d like to add an additional reason for the overwhelming success of the $1 Coin & Currency Set:

    Collectors who can’t get enough of the Lewis & Clark themed Mint products.

  34. Hawkster says

    A & L Futures,

    So you think that thus far it is worth your time and energy to flip the sets? I opened the ebay link you provided for your listing. $99. a set is your asking price? And you’re getting buyers?

    How is that company (A&L Futures) doing across the pond?

  35. cagcrisp says


    I’ll give you One of Mine: “Who doesn’t want to spend $13.95+freight for $2?”. Help pay down the National Debt inch by inch…

  36. Hidalgo says–%20CCG%20Coin%20and%20Currency%20Set%20Submissions%202014%20(Actual%20Blast)&utm_content=&spMailingID=10031042&spUserID=MTI4MzA5NDMzNjgS1&spJobID=422293268&spReportId=NDIyMjkzMjY4S0

    NGC and PMG are offering a special pedigree. Here is what is posted on the NGC website:

    Submit 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency set for special COIN AND CURRENCY SET pedigree. Important Update: NGC will assign the “Enhanced Finish” designation to the 2014-D Sacagawaea Dollar from this set, which has sold out at the US Mint.

  37. gary says

    Any newly minted coin the U.S. Mint makes can have a cheap & easy “enhancement” selectively applied to it.
    Decent price for the Sacajawea but it will be just one of many enhanced-surface coins the Mint will produce in future years.

  38. Hawkster says

    So the labeling company, NGC, has the set already sold out at the Mint. There are plenty of commenters, with Brad leading the way, who beg to differ.

  39. says

    These enhanced coins that Gary feels will continue to be produced by the Mint will play right into the hands of the TV coin guys, as it will afford them the opportunity to offer their “proprietary” sets of enhanced coins in oak display cases. These guys love putting together “special” sets, which they can sell at “special” prices.

  40. Tinto says


    Yeah the EU will probably become more mainstream …. along with the RP … at which point I will not chase each release, I’d just try to maintain a “type” set ….

  41. Larry says

    I like the enhanced uncs as long as only one is made for a given type of coin. Like how many RP ASE’s do we really need? One would have been enough. Please mint, just one. That should help the future value of this coin.

  42. A&L Futures says

    @ Hawkster,

    I’m offering 2014 C&C sets for $38.95 (OBO), with $5.90 in S/H.

    Is it worth my time and energy to flip these sets? With a 90% ROI, yes. However, as more sellers hit the bay, I’m sure my ROI will take a 20%-35% hit.

  43. gatortreke says

    My buddy called the Mint today and was told they were SOLD OUT. He asked whether that meant they were just out of stock or whether all 50,000 were sold and he was told the entire stock had been sold. Customer service has been wrong before so I’m not sure this is true but thought I’d pass along the info anyway.

  44. M says

    Why does NGC need the packaging for just the coin. Isn’t it obvious where the enhanced coin comes from? US Mint nicely packaged these so the coin can be safely removed without damage to the OGP. I have never seen NGC return OGP in perfect condition. Its usually sliced apart with rubber bands around it.

  45. Hidalgo says

    @gatoreke – try calling a few (say, 3-4) customer service representatives at the U.S. Mint. More than likely, you will receive inconsistent responses among those whom you call.

  46. says

    It is entirely conceivable that these sets sold out, especially in light of the massive number that were sold on Monday after photos of the enhanced Sac were posted. The original sales total of approximately 9,000 was calculated through Sunday. Monday is when the real action happened as sales exploded. Forty one thousand sales in one day for a modestly priced item is a real possibility. But, we will see.

  47. David says

    As long as the edge lettering and $1 is removed and ONE DOLLAR is used, I am not going to give these Chuckie Cheese tokens a second look. Heck these aren’t even issued for circulation so why bother? Everyone else is going to hoard these anyways so there will be endless supplies of BU coins out there.

  48. jeff says

    David I don’t know about that it only makes them more different then past coinage. I’m hearing the grading might be poor being their from the Denver mint. PIZZA, PIZZA

  49. thePhelps says

    I just got home and the pair of these I ordered on opening day are here. The enhancement really does look quite nice, and for Denver mint coins these are actually very nice. There is nothing in the package detailing the linkage to the $1 bill in anyway… the dollar bills aren’t sequential numbers – mine are 05697536 and 05697465

  50. says

    This is what I am told by the Mint CS rep-

    The Mint has in deed reached a sell out of all the coins. The CS rep went on to say that since there is not a huge consumer base for these they have no plans to mint more, but if “push comes to shove ” as he put it, they could do it. He also said the the Mint would Congressional authority to mint more, but I doubt that.

  51. Hidalgo says

    I decided to call Customer Service at the US Mint about the 2014 Native American Coin and Currency set. Here are the responses I received.

    1. C: The set is currently out of stock. I don’t know when we will get more in stock.

    2. M: The set is currently out of stock. They have not told us when they will get more in stock. They are thinking about re-ordering them. You can click on the Remind Me button and enter your email address. If they get more in stock, you’ll be notified.

    3. F: The set is currently out of stock and we don’t know when we’ll get more. Once a product is gone, we don’t know when we’ll get more since we can’t see it in our system.

    So at least the representatives are consistent – the set is out of stock (as they see it in their system).

  52. says

    Some of the MNB posters are concerned about the quality of the coins produced at the Denver Mint, including the enhanced Sac. That issue was easily remedied by making the fields of the Sac frosted. The obverse and reverse fields probably constitute about 75% of the coin’s surfaces. The frosted fields, in effect, do a good job of hiding flaws on the coin.

  53. jeff says

    Three different finishes that should tell everyone there done, this isn’t just strike a planchet and move on this is a process. I don’t think the mint is up for this late in the year. I really think the mint was caught off guard how well this was received. There done, we gone, turn the page. If you were lucky enough congrats, I want to thank several posters for bring up the enhanced finish I thought it would be a generic set but changed my mind and got in late Sunday and pulled the trigger again Monday on the hype and pandemonium, next up is ?

  54. Sith says

    Well all I know is everyone said the Kennedy was sold out when it went into “out of stock”…and it was not, so I would take the sold out with a grain of salt. You would hope the mint would have placed it in sold out on Tuesday if they did not plan on making anymore.

  55. thePhelps says

    Sith – I agree… with the unknown sales volume for this C & C set. I would be hard pressed to believe the mint spent the money to produce 50k sets. While the mint hasn’t traditionally been very good at controlling the ordering process and shutting down orders – when they don’t have product – perhaps they are getting better in this new system. Instead of taking more orders and creating a back fill bottle neck – they are throttling orders to prevent pissing off the buyers.

    Either that or they truly sold more than they expected and are now filling the orders and sorting through the cancellations – and matching numbers… and will post it sold out when they get done tabulating… something like they did with the BHoF coins – but less transparent.

  56. RSF says

    This Mint-Modern component of the hobby is certainly changing. We’re on a slippery slope.

    When someone can call and say “I’ll take all you have left.” of any product that may have a glimmer of ‘market upside’, we’re on our way to a system where the secondary market is the market.

    The Mint gets a kudo this time however, for at least giving those of us paying attention a chance to get a few before it was recognized. But the Mint, I fear, is also recognizing that there is good money to be had in their association with the TV dealers and the TPGs. It’s becoming a manufacturer – distributor arrangement.

    We need to re-emphasize the coin,(in OGP) and reject the fancy labels, or this part of the hobby as we knew it, is gone.

  57. Bob R says

    As an observation, too many here on this blog are trying to make a big deal about this C&C set. It is NOT SOLD OUT, but only temporary OUT OF STOCK, that means as I understand the English language their will be more available at a later date. That is how I read this anyway….I suspect Jon in CT would agree. (I reference him only because he doesn’t play the wish it game as too many do here).

  58. Eagle One says

    K14 Clad Kennedy 2 Coin UNC Set Forecast Model:

    Objective: To accurately forecast when the 200,000th K14 Clad Set will sell.

    As of 11/23/2014 @ 11:59 PM EST
    200K in 138 days since sales began on 7/25/14 at 12 Noon EST.
    200K Target Date is estimated to be December 13th 2014.
    This week’s Instantaneous Slope = 2,413 units per day.

    This model has remained smooth and natural.
    The empirical trend and forecast function fit tightly together (R²= 0.985).
    Function used: f(x) = 0.1883x³ – 38.079x² + 2585.6x + 73325
    Rate of Sales has gone from 386/day to 2,413/day.
    Sets are under heavy accumulation.

    December 13th ± 3.2 days with 95% Confidence

  59. Bob R says

    With all do respects Gary you say the mint sold appx 40,000 sets on Monday before 5:30pm, I don’t believe that. I stick with the “out of stock”, not the “sold out wishers”, and as Hillary would say, “what difference does it make”?

  60. GoldFishin says

    @MINT NEWS BLOG- Michael, I would appreciate it if you would review my post on the previous thread that is awaiting moderation.
    It was a very important message from me to another poster that has had tremendous contributions to this site. Thank you!

  61. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Don’t Go Away my Friend. I Really appreciate what you have to say on this board. I was a Plant Manager for 13 and there was Never a day that I enjoyed what I did but I thought I was the best person for the job when I did it. There are many things said and posted on this Blog that I do not agree with or appreciate. You do Add a great deal to the commentary and I look forward to your posts…

  62. cagcrisp says

    I keep notes on who posts what. There are people on here that I truly respect and others that I don’t. It is a shame that some post things that they know are not true and are doing it solely for financial gain.

    For those that are new to the blog, read many posts and see if there is a pattern as to what people post and then you can decide who is trustworthy or not…

  63. jeff says

    I think someone missed the boat. “What difference does it make anyways” what the narrator forgets is the Kennedy clad had a 500 k mintage so they only punched out so many this offering they were all struck, or in my opinion they only had so many and that’s it I’ve been wrong many times before, let’s start a survey who’s right SOLD OUT OR NOT SOLD OUT. Put me down for sold out all gone.

  64. mark says

    NGC says they are sold out… But does that mean sold out of their first batch and (may or may not) be making anymore… Or sold out of the entire 50000 mintage?

  65. coachmike says

    I believe I have found the connection for the $1 bill (a one dollar rebate, rather than a collectable) in this years C and C set. The bill was printed in Kansas City, which was an encampment on Lewis and Clark’s route.

    So it is the letter code “J” , representing Kansas City printing the bill, rather than the serial number.

  66. TimTom says

    @NC_Stacker – That seller has at least 43 coins graded in that lot. And from the sampling I looked at (about 10 of them) they are all 69s. I wonder if there are any 70s out there. Will these grade out similar to proof coins, MS coins, or somewhere in between in terms of the 69:70 ratio, And how much will that first 70 go for? Moon money I’m sure. And like someone else said, what if they throw in PL/D(M)PL down the line?

  67. TimTom says

    @coachmike – They were printed in Fort Worth. FRNs are either printed at DC or FW. If you look at the $1 bill in the first proof picture on PCGS forums, there is a “FW” on the front bottom right corner next to the various plate numbers. Kansas City just indentifies which Reserve branch “called” for the bills.

  68. Eagle One says

    Philosophy: Logic & Reasoning

    “Be Truthful.”

    “We must uphold the Truth.”

    “The truth always comes to light. Sometimes, it just takes time.”

    The “Truth” is the precise verbal or written recollection of anything that you say, see, hear, or do.

  69. CasualCollector says

    I’m going with “Not Sold Out” (but guessing the next batch is the remainder of the 50,000 and then they do sell out of this product). However, some might still be wondering if the 50,000 is only the PRODUCT limit, and that they might decide to include this EU SAC in another product (making the MINTAGE total > 50,000).

  70. CasualCollector says

    Just a second thought on the product limit. Perhaps they cannot say Mintage Limit of 50,000 because this product actually has 2 different items in it (and the dollar bill would not be limited to a 50,000 mintage limit – lol).

  71. GoldFishin says

    OT- the PCGS population numbers for the 2014 S Kennedy Silver Enhanced MS70 DMPL have gone from 1 to 8 since last Friday. Still insignificant numbers, but people need to realize that standard turnaround time at PCGS is 20-30 business days. PCGS coins submitted under Modern Tier are just now starting to be returned to their owners. I am not sure I would be paying $2000 for a coin with unknown future population results. It is a higher speculative purchase. Call me crazy, but I think that is crazy. Maybe it will work out for them.

  72. Jerry Diekmann says

    RSF – a slippery slope indeed! All these different finishes, varieties, early releases, first strikes, autographs, ad naseum ad infinitum will some day reach a point where the buyers say, “no more!”, and the system implodes. All of these manufactured differences are just that, manufactured to sell more of the same product by saying this one or that one is different in some way. There has to be a limit to what the market will bear. b This set is a prime example of a manufactured set with no reason for existence. it doesn’t commemorate anything, the dollar bill is an enigma, and the enhanced dollar coin is just another example of enhanced finishes, satin finishes, and other tweaks designed to sell the same coin over and over again. At some point the Mint will go overboard and everything will stop. They did the same thing in the 1930s, but with needless coins commemorating nothing, and as a result a entire generation did not see a commemorative coin minted, when there were notable events, like the Civil War centennial, among others, that deserved to be commemorated. I think it’s time to stop all these finishes while there is still a market. But the Mint, which now seems to be in business with the big dealers and the TPG’s, will probably keep pumping out unnecessary coins and finishes until the straw finally breaks the camel’s back.

  73. mark says

    If ngc says the U.S MINT is sold out ..then why label them early release. They would all be early release. Help me out here….

  74. KEITHSTER says

    Ok then put me down for they made a half batch so that put the Sunday Monday out of stock sale at 15,280. Oh then that last call ya ya let me talk to your boss this is Mr. *^&%##$%^big yup the rest make it happen!! So put me down for both all sold out but only out of stock for now. So don’t get them undies in a bind we’ll remind you that your cherry has been picked and your good to go! So hang in there should be a few more in sometime just not sure when?? Good Luck And Happy Turkey Day Unless Your A Turkey Then Get Off The Computer:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  75. Gary says

    I think it is a little late in the season for another 2014 release? Unless they add this 2014 Sac. Dollar to a 2015 set of some sort?
    I don’t remember the 50 k mintage Lincoln CC set going back on sale after they were sold out.

  76. Tinto says

    I went to the Mint’s website and checked their FAQ FWIW

    “What does Back Order, Out of Stock and Sold Out mean?

    Back Order: When products are in “Back Order” status, this means that the product is available for sale, however there is no inventory in stock and a future ship date is displayed on our website. Products in this status can still be ordered online or through the customer contact center.

    Out Of Stock: When products are in an “Out of Stock” status, this means we do not have inventory of the product and we do not have an anticipated in stock date. Products in this status cannot be ordered online or through our customer contact center, but you can request to be reminded when the product will be returning to sale (through the “Remind Me” function on the product detail page.)

    Sold Out: Products in a “Sold Out” status are no longer in stock in our warehouses and are no longer available for sale. Products in this status will be removed from the website shortly after they have sold out.”

  77. Hidalgo says

    Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving Day. On this national holiday, I am thankful for the blessings we have experienced throughout the year,

    And thanks Michael for taking the time to update this blog. Having had my own collectibles website, I know the sacrifices one must make. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you, your family, and your loved ones.

  78. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    But this enhaned Sacagawea has not dipped below the 1997-P satin finish Jefferson nickel with 25,000 mintage. The nickel now sells for $160 on eBay, $300 if you slab the mother.
    So the Sacagawea will eventually sell for appx. $80 to $90 if not slabbed.

    Personally, I don’t like the looks of slabs, a better slab design would be smaller and more square, i think.

  79. cagcrisp says

    This Gold Kennedy listing Sold yesterday for $2,800.00.


  80. says

    On behalf of Sacagawea and her Native American friends, a Happy Thanksgiving to all. We’ve come a long way since fish, corn, roots, and gourds were offered on a platter. Wait a second: I’ve just described a vegetarian’s delight.

  81. mgm says

    Does anyone know what the last total mintage numbers were/are?

    Terry says

    November 27, 2014 at 9:48 am

    American Buffalo 2014 One Ounce Gold Proof Coin is OUT OF STOCK on mint web site.

  82. MikeinPA says

    one thing i am thankful for this Thanksgiving is that i didn’t buy the gold Kennedy :), Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  83. Hidalgo says

    @mgm – the last US Mint sales report shows that 20,447 2014 American Buffalo Gold Proof coins have been sold.

  84. NC_Stacker says

    On this Thanksgiving day, enjoy the company of friends, family members and loved ones. Be thankful that they are sharing this day with you, as you never know if this will be their last Thanksgiving.

    I wish to everyone here that reads this blog a joyful and wonderful Thanksgiving.

    (That includes you Jon in CT too)

  85. Larry says

    I think I finally figured out why the 1$ bill is in the set. INSTANT REBATE! It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

  86. Hidalgo says

    @Larry –

    The name of the US Mint’s latest offering is the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. The connection between the coin and dollar bill is that both are $1.00 in value. Hence, the name of the product is “2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set.”

    There is another U.S. Mint product with a similar theme: the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, which contains an American Silver Eagle and U.S. Presidential dollars. All coins have a face value of $1.00.

  87. thePhelps says

    @Hidalgo… there is no denying both are valued at a dollar. I think the baffling part of this is the fact they built up this coin and currency set as a tie in to Lewis and Clark. Ok, so the coin is directly related to that tie in. The dollar included in the package offers nothing to that legacy. There is nothing offered in the package to explain why they put the paper dollar in with the coin, other than to say it is a coin AND currency offering.

    I’m of the belief they created the set to simply be able to offer the Enhanced Coin – and couldn’t find another cheap easy way to do it. It would have made a lot more sense to include a $2 bill – which at least has Jefferson on it. If they were going to build up the Lewis and Clark basis for the set. That would have at least given both items some historical reference.

  88. says


    We all knew you were being humorous. Well, most of us. Incidently, does your dollar bill have the blue-gray Washington eye variant in the C&C set?

  89. Larry says

    I don’t know why the mint did what they did, I am just glad they did it. If the set had a common Sac coin, all of the fun we had in the past few days would never have happened. I can’t wait to get the one I ordered and see what it looks like. That’s what this is all about. Pictures never seem to capture the beauty of the actual coin. Take the RP Kennedy. Turn it over and move it from side to side under a bright light. It glitters like a diamond. You can’t see that in a picture.

  90. Hidalgo says

    @thePhelps – I agree that, from your perspective, there is no obvious connection between the $1 bill and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    The U.S. Mint, in its product description, does not claim there is a connection. However, the U.S. Mint does describe a connection between the $1 coin and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    The showcase of the set is the enhanced uncirculated Native American dollar. So your belief that the U.S. Mint created the set to offer the Enhanced Uncirculated Coin is logical and makes sense.

  91. says

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think the enhanced Sac could have stood on its own as an offering instead of marrying it up with a dollar bill. Talk about an arranged marriage.

  92. Tinto says

    Lewis and Clark carried Peace medals with them to distribute … it would have been neat if the Mint had struck a replica of one of them to include with the Sac rather than the dollar bill.

  93. says

    The Mint already offered a replica Lewis and Clark peace medal as part of the 2004 L&C coin and currency set. We’re drowning in L&C offerings.

  94. KEITHSTER says

    Mint has a picture of the next discovery set up but you’ll need your zoom to read what them coins are about? So lets Looks like a half a dollar and a quarter from here? Hope we don’t buy them all up so as to leave some for the kids> Have been getting 3 different types of unc quarters from the banks lately which is also different from the past. The rolls use to only last about a week so they seem to be pumping out too many? Well Good Luck All :>:>:>:>:>:>

  95. Dave SW FL says

    Not seeing it, Keithster. Which buttons did you push to get there. I only found it on the product schedule with no pictures.

  96. mark says

    Discovery Set——The set comprises three copper-nickel clad Kennedy half dollars in three different finishes from three Mints — Proof from San Francisco Mint with the S Mint mark, Uncirculated Mint set quality with the P Mint mark from the Philadelphia Mint, and circulation quality with the D Mint mark from the Denver Mint.

    The set, to be offered at $24.95, also includes an educational booklet about the coin production process, coin tubes, a magnifying glass, and cotton gloves. The box that contains the set can be used as a storage box for United States Mint lens sets as a collection grows.

  97. says

    Just what we need in the Discovery Set–more Kennedy stuff. There certainly was a glut of Kennedy coin products this year. A little overkill?

  98. Tinto says


    Peace medal replica 2004 … huh … I don’t follow commems that much … maybe I should take a look at it

  99. TimTom says

    @Hidalgo – That seems like a bit of wishful thinking at $46.29/set if my math is correct. I could see that MAYBE for single sets with a confirmed sellout. But with no certainty yet, I think that the seller might be better served pricing singles closer to $30 each, yielding a bit more than a 100% profit. Alternatively, they could offer each box of 27 at $600 and still realize around 60% profit. But what do I know, I don’t flip, well except that one time back in 2011 😉

  100. says

    Go on ebay and enter “2004 coin and currency set”. There are a number of listings for these sets, which contains a replica of the peace medal. If you check the sold listings, you will see that the average sale price was around $45.

  101. coachmike says

    Mint Black Friday special is……………………….. Free shipping on orders $75 or more. That’s it folks.

  102. M says

    I will ask this again. On the Mint website it says: Mintage Limit NONE Package Limit 50,000. Does that simply mean the total mintage of the Sac program? The package limit applies the special finish and presentation?

    Also, why is NGC wanting the folder. The coin removes easily without damage.

  103. coachmike says

    @M sez
    The product in this packaging is limited to 50,000. More of this same product COULD be minted and sold as a different set, product, whatever. It is highly unlikely that other uses for this particular EU Sac will come out this late in the 2014 year. None are scheduled. However unlikely, the mint has left its options open to mint more of this coin this year in a different package. ONLY the enhanced uncirculated are included in this 50,000 not ALL the other types of the Sac.
    The package limit applies to the package, not the surface of the coin — just the presentation in this package design.

  104. cagcrisp says

    The Above mentioned free shipping for Order $75.00 or Above is for ONLINE orders Only and it concludes Dec 1st…It Also is BUDGET only…

    “Now through December 1, enjoy FREE budget shipping for online orders of $75 or more!*

    *Offer valid for online orders only

  105. cagcrisp says

    I Personally am Not currently going to Buy any Gold or Silver. Downside risks just looks greater to me than the Upside. I think every portfolio should have between 5-10% of PM’s. Today I have 7.6% and that is too high for me Currently. I think 5% max would be about right. I don’t ever sell anything so I will just ride it out and see if Gold gets in the High $1000 range before looking at it again…

    The only 2 reasons that I ever want to be in the PM’s is a hedge against inflation and hedge against a Weaker US Dollar. I for one am in the camp of deflationary expectations and I don’t see the dollar weakening Unless Oil causes some Major headaches to the banking industry…

  106. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – I’m not sure where the incentive is or who might actually benefit this late in the year with the free shipping this go around. This is how it’s sandwiched in & the upcoming “gift ideas” aren’t even available –

    11/6/2014 Everglades Five Ounce Silver Coin
    11/13/2014 America the Beautiful 2014 Quarters Circulating Coin Set
    11/18/2014 Everglades National Park 2014 Quarter, 3-Coin Set
    11/20/2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set – OUT of STOCK
    11/28/2014 to 1 December – FREE SHPPING
    12/16/2014 Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting
    12/22/2014 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Who Knows When – Limited Edition Silver Proof Set 2014

    Ok, I concede, I will now buy my ‘Glades puck(s) at the regular price of $154.95 like so many of you that are far more impatient than me and it’s clear no discount for me! haha

  107. gary says

    Just what I was holding out for… SOME kind of discount to pick up my P-mint Everglades 5 oz. No sense waiting & hoping for a price break based on lower spot silver.

  108. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Glad to see you Back. I was actually considering My Options if you didn’t return. It’s getting Harder to separate the wheat from the chaff around here. Your part of the wheat.

    Seems like a LOT of self serving information going around here the last few day. Most I’ve seen in many many months…

  109. cagcrisp says

    I got Out of one of the Big Banks this morning pre-market. Don’t like what the Environment is currently for the Big Banks…

  110. jeff says

    I beleive we are getting close to end off year audit, which might be another reason the NA C & C Set is sold out. I also think the mint is retooling for 2015 just saying, I’ve been wrong before.

  111. says

    If and when the Mint resumes sales of the C&C Set, will the “new” stock consist of the following:
    1. Cherry picked returns.
    2. Credit card orders that were denied.
    3. Returned packages to the Memphis Facility because of undeliverable addresses.

  112. NC_Stacker says


    If the big banks go then you will be left with only your PM’s

    Would 5% be good enough for you then?

  113. fmtransmitter says

    Also, why is NGC wanting the folder. The coin removes easily without damage.
    Because it is a PROOF IMHO…

  114. Hidalgo says

    I personally would not recommend anyone buying precious metals for investment purposes at this time. For the past few years, the value of gold, silver, platinum, etc. has been on a downward trend. Although we recently saw a bump up in prices, values are falling again. As of this writing, gold prices are below $1200 per ounce and silver prices are below $16 per ounce. Silver has dropped by more than 40 cents per ounce today. (I’m sure the fall is tied to OPEC’s recent decision).

    With the above being said, I will still collect gold and silver coins. I intend to keep (versus sell) most of my purchases in my collection. A better long-term investment is stocks and mutual funds. But that is certainly my preference – it may not be yours.

    Bottom line: buy what you like, not what you think will appreciate. If you buy a coin for $1,000 and its value falls by 20%, at least you’ll have a coin that you’ll like. And that sentimental value can be worth much more than the 20% fall in price.

  115. fmtransmitter says

    Took me awhile to figure out why my Gods 2 oz weren’t as popular as other series and it is because they are 2 oz INGOTS. For whatever reason, collectors do not like ingots, at least not now. When I first got into this, I was all about ingots, they looked cool, felt cool, and reminded me of gold bars. The strike and beauty of this series is at the top of the list in my collection, and with only 1 more to go to complete the series, I see this as a winner down the road, and if not, I bought, and enjoy looking at, what I want…Happy black Friday! Who else s email has been getting blown up?

  116. fmtransmitter says

    NC_Stacker says
    NOVEMBER 28, 2014 AT 10:23 AM


    As the saying goes, the time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.

    always manipulated, will bounce back Monday IMHO…

  117. thePhelps says

    While I like modern coins and purchasing from the mint. When gold and silver decline – it is a good time to look at older numismatic coins for collecting. That is where I started collecting to begin with, and will go back to as the markets drop out. Many of the PM based coins go on a roller coaster ride with the increase in the base value of the coins riding the crest of the base metals – so I tend to move away from them when the PM’s go crazy like they did through the early part of this century… looks like it is time to start looking for some classic coins again.

  118. cagcrisp says

    @NC_Stacker, I would be glad to answer you question but I’m not sure that I understand it. I’m a long term bull on the specific bank stock that I sold. I think short term the banks as a whole will sell off some IF Oil continues downward and interest rates continue downward. This morning the Japanese 2 year note dropped below 0 % .
    There are some credit derivative swaps that could be in trouble with some of the Big Banks if WTI Oil drops below $60. I don’t know if mine was a part of them OR not but Usually the market paints a wide brush.
    I would have to have a Sizeable stock market move upward(25% up) Combined with a Sizeable PM market move downward ($300/oz down) to get to 5.1%.
    I don’t think the Downside for Gold is priced into the market if the Swiss vote goes down (As I expect it will).

  119. ips_stuff says

    Waiting on the metals may be a smart play, but if you want to get 5 OZ ATB bullion you may be shopping for the 2015 when released. I recall all the 2013 where gone by Dec 12 of last year.

    So if you are not buying specific coins and buying only for metal, then I agree waiting is the way to go at this time.

  120. cagcrisp says

    The following set of 4 Gold Kennedy’s Sold yesterday for $11,000.00

    2014 W Kennedy 50th Anniversary Gold High Relief Half Dollar PF70 ALL FIRST 4

    NGC for Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

  121. KEITHSTER says

    Yup free budget shipping with$75 was thinking it should be a free sac to replace the bag ! So maybe they are sold out ? What else you got how about a little % off they are all doing it ? Well Good Luck All New Meaning To Black Friday:>:>:>:>:>:>

  122. fmtransmitter says

    Franklins in MS67 are my vote for an undervalued series if you want to play the classics…

  123. M says

    I wonder if the enhanced SAC will show up in the end of year silver proof set? As far as future outlook…I like the gold US Marshalls coin and predict it will be hot.

  124. Dave SW FL says


    The LESPS contains only silver coins as I recall. I think the enhanced Sac is done for the year.

    Maybe I’ll be 2 for 2. I called the free shipping first

    I know, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

  125. Hidalgo says

    As of this writing, gold prices have fallen by more than $21.00. Silver prices have fallen by at least 75 cents (currently at $15.44 per ounce). How low will they go? How low will they go?

  126. M says

    LOL maybe they show out of stock to conveniently escape the free shipping deal. Knowing some may order hundreds.

  127. thePhelps says

    @fm… I like Franklins MS64 or better as well. MS67’s are tough to find but worth the money. I also like to find them in the raw. Many old time collectors still have sets of these from when they were growing up – and I’ve bought several very nice sets over the years.

  128. M says

    Yeah I guess those silver proof sets do contain all silver. Which brings me back to my previous question. Why is NGC making us destroy the packaging for the SAC when the coin or coin and capsule can be safely popped right out. Its not like the coin is offered anywhere else.

  129. cagcrisp says

    Look for an Arbitrage opportunity between the GLD and Spot on Monday. Today there was a Disconnect between the much more liquid GLD and Spot. GLD down 2.65% whereas Spot was only down 1.79%. Another drop of $10 on Spot would get them close to alignment…

  130. fmtransmitter says

    I won an auction for a SP 70 PL Kennedy and I compared it to my OGP. The one in the slab is much clearer and although you can see striations in the face under mag., the field is free of it and the naked eye cannot see them either. Very nice coin and glad I added one. DPL, ah, I would spend that dough on a proven classic but ya never know in this hobby…Good luck all!

  131. Ends in Error says

    Shouda coulda woulda……. just think if the Mint had paired up the Sacky with a special $50 or even a $100 bill. Then every numisboard on the web woulda been a combat zone and the Sacky woulda been VERY limited.

    In a few years when the paper $1 is finally gone, these C&C sets will be relevant.

  132. jeff says

    The $1 bills are not that spectacular other than being uncirculated. The Coin is stupendous in hand you can see all three finishes, the frosted application is awesome, the enhanced fields is clean, the proof is mirror like I’ve never seen a coin that you can see these individual and different finishes Oh that’s because the mint has never done a coin like this, it’s the first, they should grade out fairly well 67,68,69 Get’em if you can

  133. Bob R says

    @cagcrisp The GLD ETF always trades lower in percentage over spot gold as SLV does with silver, one reason is that it is a trust that holds PM and contracts, and is more attuned to market fluctuation. If you like to own the PM’s it is a much better than owning the bullion itself, very easy to buy and sell, no markup’s involved, and for sure no EBAY FEES.

  134. Bob R says

    @cagcrisp I would like to know what the decline in spot gold is compared with the decline in the GLD ETF over the past year, or YTD. That would be very interesting to compare.

  135. Bob R says

    Well my dead cat bounce happened with silver this month, look for silver now to be trading under $13 by years end, IMO. We may be buying the ATB P pucks from the mint under $100 next summer.

  136. Dave SW FL says


    Dream on, brother ! The paper price may trade that low, but I think the mint will never be able to get planchets made at a price that would enable them to mint, package, and most importantly ( for them ) profit obscenely!

  137. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – thanks for the kinds words, I appreciate that coming from someone with your accomplished background/education and value-add out here. And I agree, the comments out here can lead to very insightful and beneficial discussions when they serve informative purposes than self-serving. I’m also surprised that there’s been a little gems of data points dropped out here in the past few weeks that haven’t garnered more comments, oh well. Hey in the last few days I’m reconsidering my posture with these C&C sets. I recalled the conversation I had back in Baltimore on the 1st of this month with mint rep and we talked about what all goes on to pull sets like these together, ordering packaging all while trying to minimize waste/cost. IF the mint did underestimate the initial demand response, we could be looking at 4-6 weeks (or longer) for item availability to reappear. I personally think they had 25-30k sets ready (we’ll know by Tuesday pm). From a run up perspective, we’re at and nearing the percentage high water mark for the gold BHoF in May following their sell out and this is for a clad Sacabuck – if the delay continues I can’t help to think we may see a little more of a run up in price to a 4x+ factor. If that plays out, I don’t believe I’ll be retaining my sets as they’ll be the option to cash out (like BHoF May/June) and buy back the sets that I plan to keep. Long term these moderns (most) struggle to maintain 2-3x issue price. And if D should be cranking them out now, I prefer those sets as that’s probably where I’ll find my error/variety coin. Of course all this becomes OBE if they reappear w/i the next two weeks, what happens in the next month will be key. Good luck, & hope for the slow boat!

  138. Hidalgo says

  139. thePhelps says

    I just completed a new survey from the Mint. Much of it was related to the new website and how much I like it…

    I basically told them the only thing I like about the new website – is that it can handle larger volumes. Other than that the list of dislikes was too long to fill the answer box.

  140. Hidalgo says

    @Bob R – the dollar – oil – gold chart depicts the interrelationships between gold/oil and dollar prices. On the global economy, when the dollar strengthens (e.g., during strong economic times), gold and generally speaking, oil prices tend to fall. When the dollar weakens (e.g., during the great recession, foreign wars, etc.), gold and generally speaking, oil prices tend to gain strength.

    The U.S. economy is humming along. I said this a couple of years ago, despite comments to the contrary. Since that time, gold values have fallen significantly while the U.S. dollar has strengthened.

    Economists are predicting another recession in a few years (sustained economic growth does not last forever). When the next recession hits, expect the dollar to weaken and gold values to increase. During times of uncertainty (e.g., recessions, wars, etc.), investors tend to shift their money to safer investments, e.g., precious metals.

  141. NC_Stacker says

    Hidalgo I think that flipper of 100 sets is getting cold feet. I bet that person is trying to get the money before the credit card bill arrives.

  142. Hidalgo says

    @Bob R – the bottom line on the chart you posted is that the best time to buy precious metals is when the U.S. economy starts to slow down and enters into a recession. Right now, I would not recommend buying precious metals for investment purposes. It may take a few years before one realizes gains from his/her investment. Of course, you’re free to do what you want.

  143. mark says

    I think the sold out sign will come. Once every shipment is past the 7 day return policy. Then they will put up all the retuns at once. But they will go quick.

  144. Mike in NY says

    Just received the 5 sets I ordered. The enhanced finish is very nice. Has anyone else received sequential $1 bill serial numbers? My 5 are in sequential order.

  145. Dustyroads says

    I finally received my two C & C sets this morning. My impression of them is that they are “fancy” circulation quality pieces. The field is well done, but the wire brush implementation is not as nice looking under 10X as I had hoped it would. It does have a proof appearance, just not to the extent as to which one could call it proof.
    The feeling that some others have expressed here of the Denver Mint’s inability to Mint top quality coins has been realized, at least in these two coins with the presence of scratches, nicks and even a gray hair in the capsule of one of the coins. Over all, I’m happy with the purchase and wished I had 10 more at the Mint price, but will be happy with these two

  146. mark says

    Yes…out of my 54 sets, lots of sequential numbers. But no more than 5 in a row. My favorite 01110 /01111.

  147. Hidalgo says

    @Mike and @Dustyroads – I received my 3 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency sets today.

    * Mike – All three of my sets have $1 bills with serial numbers in sequential order (-0925, -0926, and -0927).

    * Dusty – my dollar coins are beautiful. They look like they have reverse proof finishes. Clearly, this coin is unique and may be the key coin in the Sacagawea/Native American dollar series.

  148. Dustyroads says

    Hidalgo, I wish they were true reverse proof quality, but they are very nice regardless of the technique used to produce them.

  149. Larry says

    Thinking about this in hindsight, this may have been the best way the mint could have done it for us collectors. Some people complain they want a low mintage, this ones got it. Those of us who read this blog first learned, thanks to the sharp eyes of another blogger, that this was an enhanced coin. I think many, like me, waited until we had some proof, and we got it when another blogger supplied us a link to the first actual pictures. I bet many like me decided that was the time to pull the trigger. If you bought at that time, there was no trouble getting on the mints website and ordering all you want.
    Maybe it is just coincidence, but it sure seems the mint was working in our best interests.

  150. Tinto says

    Still waiting for mine ordered at 9pm the same day as the release but only two SAC sets along with an “S” bag of atb quarters .. called them up two days later and was told by a CSR in a huffy puffy tone that orders like mine take two to three weeks since I wasn’t ordering an amount where the free expedited shipping kicked in (I think that is what he said) or that I had not opted for a faster (costlier) shipping method …. another two days later they emailed me saying that it was being shipped .. but still waiting ….

  151. Ends in Error says

    I opened up a box with 2 C&C sets and 5- 2014 Unc Mint Sets. The C&C Sets were cool with consec # $1 notes. I got 2 more boxes of 10 C&C sets , might open them might not. I’m officially starting a Sacky set because of these Coins. I dont want a Goodacre or Cheerios. ; )

  152. Ends in Error says

    PS. The key to my collection will be the 2000 MS67 I got from Legend. A rare coin indeed. Thumbs up and LOL.

  153. says

    I haven’t see the coin and currency sets turn up either on the live TV shows or on the websites of the Coin Vault and Coin Collector. I’m hoping these guys got caught with their pants down and were not positioned to corner a big chunk of the market. When these sets do eventually make it on their live shows, the guys will play them up to the fullest. These TV coin shows go after a different type of collector: one who is not aware of true market prices, and one who is taken in by their well rehearsed sales pitches.
    One thing that I have observed with the coin and currency sets is the extremely large quantities that were bought by many “small” collectors. This phenomenon may be a first for any Mint offering, ever.

  154. Dave says

    Special Collectibles TA9 2014 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 9,720 + 150 (Sold) YES (Availability)

    Just called and ordered current production of 150, located in warehouse.

  155. Dave says

    Okay, okay, so I had a little fantasy — a man can dream can’t he (besides about Jill G.)? Anyway, stats show available, so I called the mint (true); they are not sure when next availability; however, I think I got a pretty good idea.

  156. Dave says

    Hey V.A. Bob —

    Did you see where they are trying to take the Apache Helo (one very nasty mofo) from Utah (48!)?

    “According to a draft plan, the U.S. Army wants to take possession of four dozen Apache helicopters from a number of National Guard bases, and Utah would be one of the first states to lose its fleet.”

    –Salt Lake Tribune, 29 November

  157. NC_Stacker says

    Dave I wonder how many page views the mint just got from your statement. 🙂

    I’m not a Sac collector, but this might start my collection in them.

  158. Dave says

    @NC_Stacker — November 29, 2014 at 6:29 pm
    “Dave I wonder how many page views the mint just got from your statement. :-)”

    Yeah, I hope they get a hint and move the prod. along.

  159. Ends in Error says

    What in Hellfire does Utah need Apaches for anyway? Soon they should have some unmanned drone choppers available to combat any of those radical Mormons out there. Put a couple Hellfire Missles on em – who needs Apaches?

  160. Dave says

    @Ends in Error — November 29, 2014 at 8:14 pm
    “What in Hellfire does Utah need Apaches for anyway? ”

    Well — you know those big sink holes they have discovered in Russia? NorComDef, has it that they are actually tunnels intended to come out in the US. Rumor has it that the Russians think that behind the “Zion Curtain” (Utah) means more than just funny under wear. The National Guard (Utah) is prepared to neutralize this threat by using its, Longbow Fire Control Radar, an integrated radar frequency interferometer for passive location and identification of radar-emitting threats. If that doesn’t work they are prepared to convert as many Russian soldiers (to Mormons), using the that same system — kind of like the “Jedi” mind trick in Star Wars, but using brain penetrating subliminal radar waves.

  161. jeff says

    I’m wondering if we can inference the dollar serial number to the strike of the coin wouldn’t that be special. First strikes lowest serial number higher strikes higher serial numbered just a thought. Really idle blog since this issue, feels like some here got left in the dust, its not to late there somewhat cheap on Ebay, once the mint puts the SOLD OUT sign up, “To the moon Alice” as Ralph Kramden would say. I wondering if I’m giving any away for Christmas.

  162. Ends in Error says

    This is really a nice Coin in this EU finish. Has an Indian on the obverse and Indians on the reverse. A cool item for a gift. And the paper $1 may soon go bye bye so it’s an artifact in the making. Best of all, the set is very inexpensive. Nice packaging too.

  163. cagcrisp says

    The Swiss referendum “Save Our Swiss Gold” is Projected to have been Defeated 78% to 22%. Not unexpected…

  164. Abner says

    Received my three C&C sets yesterday and I have to compliment the mint on a very high quality set, coins and bills should grade out pretty high for those that like to do this and the packaging is very nice. All three of my FRN’s are sequential 05696565-67. Thank you for the heads up on these sets possibly containing what should be a very key coin for years to come. Really enjoy reading all of the comments on this board. Hope to contribute more down the road.

  165. mark says

    The selling of these sets on ebay have really slowed over the weekend. Maybe people holding off to see if the mint puts more up for sale.

  166. Dave says

    @mark say – November 30, 2014 at 11:54 am
    “. . . people holding off . . . mint puts more up for sale.”

    It is not a matter of “IF,” but when.

  167. Larry says

    Even if the mint puts more on sale, 50K is 50K. I think the more important question would be if the mint plans to make more than 50K for some as yet unknown future product. I don’t think they will, but with the mint you never know.

  168. mark says

    Noticed a (hour glass) next to the back order status of the Kennedy 2 coin clad set..never saw that before.

  169. Hidalgo says

    The U.S. Mint previously stated that it would not mint its entire product limit at one time to prevent waste. We saw that happen with the gold and silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins, the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Clad Set, and some of the 5 ounce silver America the Beautiful coins.

    Considering the time it takes for the U.S. Mint to produce coins (which includes minting, inspecting, and packaging), I would imagine that it will be weeks, rather than days, before any new 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency sets are available for sale.

    (By the way, the U.S. Mint is very likely aware that these sets can be purchased and flipped on the secondary market at a higher price. I’m sure they will find a way to control sales of its remaining sets).

  170. jeff says

    The longer this drama plays out the better appeal the coin will have in the future. I have my own opinion. The coin will be a top 100 of coins to have, weather it’s 50 k or less which I’m assuming it’s less, year end audit coming, already striking 2015 coinage, just to difficult process to restart a new batch. If they were able to overcome these hurdles there will be HH limits.

  171. fmtransmitter says

    OffT: Seems the collector itch spews over into sports ie the Honus Wagner ingot…Thoughts?

  172. cagcrisp says

    Spot market Opened at 600 EDT. Only down about $10 from close of Spot on Friday. Currently a little under $1,160.00

  173. Hidalgo says

    Gold and silver prices are tanking again as of this writing.

    Gold has fallen more than $23.00 and silver has fallen more than 80 cents (it is now selling below $15 – it’s around $14.53 per ounce right now).

    So, I wonder if the U.S. Mint will lower prices on its gold and silver products?

    I still believe that precious metals (platinum, gold and silver) still have a way to go before prices bottom out. How low remains to be seen….

  174. Bob R says

    @Hildago, yes silver is down nearly 4% and gold 2%. My guess is silver holding $13 as a bottom, gold $1050. This may soon be time to jump in as a buying opportunity that only occurs every several decades.

  175. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I think IF the vote in Switzerland had been Closer then Gold wouldn’t have sold off so hard. Switzerland was the last country to go off something close to a Gold standard. The Referendum Really got drubbed a Lot worse than any poll that I saw. We already know that there is NO government that would go on a quazi gold standard on their on. Switzerland probably had about as good a shot at doing it as any country.

    With deflation through out the industrialized world and the USD getting stronger, there really isn’t any hope short term for Gold unless something happens to some countries currency (Russian rubble?) OR if Oil stops the free fall.

  176. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- I will be making my next silver bullion purchase in the A.M. if silver is down again. Gold falling further…down $16 and change now.
    Oil looked like a blow off day on significantly higher volume on Friday. Thoughts? Speaking of arbitrage… the ratio of (ounce of gold)/( bbl of oil) in dollars is still higher than long term average. If one was to take an long term hedged position you would most likely go short gold and long oil at these levels. Prices would most likely come into long term average balance at around $1000, if oil remained in the neighborhood of $70. Either way it looks to me like oil is the better buy.
    Do you think something far worse is coming our way…I know you said you thought deflation was the bigger risk and it is hard to argue against that watching the current action in the commodities market, but at some point won’t the worldwide QE infinity catch up ? I am a hopeless contrarian and believe that the big money is always creating or taking advantage of such huge downward moves in any market.

  177. fmtransmitter says

    What boggles my mind is we see these “spot” prices but sellers of PM’s didn’t pay that so they are not going to sell it for that or even a margin of THAT. They are still going to charge a pcnt above THEIR cost, as any business would. Yes spot plays a role if you want to sell bullion but that is why I, and many others, stay with collectible coins. Those are actually going up in value. If you walk in your local coin shop and buy some junk silver for spot, back up the truck but remember these prices always do this at year end and good luck everyone…

  178. Hidalgo says

    @Bob R – I repeatedly stated that gold and silver prices would fall a few years ago. But folks challenged my comments and in some cases, mocked what I had to say.

    My personal guess — and it could easily change with time — is that silver will bottom out at $10 – $12 per ounce. I am uncertain about gold since it is so volatile. If silver prices do not fall within this range, investing in silver when it is selling for $10 – $12 would be, in my opinion, fairly safe, considering the wild fluctuations in the precious metals market.

    I feel really bad for folks who bought rolls of American Silver Eagles when silver was selling for $40+ per ounce a few years ago. Their investment has decreased by more than 50%.

    I will continue to buy gold and silver coins – not as investments – but because I enjoy collecting coins. I still am looking to add some classic gold coins to my collection. And I collect world silver bullion coins as well (I have a complete set of silver Britannias, Chinese pandas, Australian silver koalas, Rwanda wildlife coins, etc.).

  179. GoldFishin says

    KCSO- provident did, but they are selling out of everything fast. Let me know if you find anything. I am buying a roll of ASE’s as I type. Normally, I don’t buy ASE’s, but nice price. Can’t find anything else I like.

  180. fmtransmitter says

    Since the last season of Gold Rush has been shot and is over, I wonder if Tony “the Viking” Beets has gotten his dredge up and running and if so, I hope he sold of that yellow stuff to make his wife happy. Parker too! Mom is pissed, she needs cash, not gold!

  181. Bob R says

    Saudi Arabia is using their oil to punishing their Shiite enemies, Russia, the Canadians and USA shale production, that’s called finical leverage against your foes and toss in capitalism policy for the long term….so gold and silver markets follow too. Continue shorting the Russian stock market (RUSS) and go long the airlines IMO

  182. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Personally I wouldn’t be a Buyer of Gold, Silver or Oil at these levels. There are some Really good theories as to what game the Saudi’s are playing in the market. I have no idea which ones are true or not. I will Agree that there is Usually a blow off at the top and bottom of every market. I thought the US market preformed Relatively well on Friday considering what Oil did. Until the Saudi’s get what they are after, I still see downward pressure on Oil.
    I advise a major tire distributor on Oil prices. A major headwind in the tire business is high price of Oil. When Oil gets down to a Buy level I have them get in to hedge tire sales. I don’t think we are there yet. The only two major areas of the US that will be hurt Currently are Dakota and South Texas.
    I don’t play in the Silver market, so I don’t have a feel for it. I don’t see any support for Gold until it gets under $1,100.00.

  183. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, As far as QE is concerned I would think 75% of All economist thought that interests rate would Rise when the Fed stopped the last round of QE. $17 trillion of Debt and the 10 yr dropping 28% since December 31st 2013. Who would have Ever thought that…

    EU, Japan and China all Loosing…

  184. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I just wrapped up a search of the major players, a lot is no longer available. Provident has sold out of all their ’14 pucks and the Prospector rounds. AtBs still available else where though at jacked up margins. Gm has pandas at the lowest I’ve seen them (Clark – FYI). Louis – JMB has $8 Bisons for $22. Not much to write home about.

  185. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- I am not buying oil or gold, just yet, I am slowly accumulating silver, I don’t own a single ounce of silver that I paid more than $22 for. I bought zero bullion after 2011 and am only starting to buy again now.
    Thank you for your insight, maybe a safer unhedged investment would be companies that benefit from lower oil prices. I personally don’t think the Saudis can keep up the antics forever. It definitely will put a hurting on deep offshore oil, oil sands, and the fracking business.

    @KCSO- same thing I ran up against…I was going to buy the RCM bald eagles from provident but they sold out while I was refreshing the page. I shopped all day to find something to buy in the morning if silver was down, but the major players are not reducing their premiums, I am not paying $4 premium with silver at -$15. Hence, the ASE purchase. Happy Hunting!

  186. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Predictions for 2015? I broke some of my Cardinal Rules of investing in 2014. Cost me some money, nothing major but I will not make the same mistake again.

    @Pittsburgh P, Hope you come back my Friend…

  187. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, I know if you look at Historical ratios, Silver would HISTORICALLY be the play vs. Gold.
    “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent” has been attributed to John Maynard Keynes. Whether he Indeed said it or not is up for debate, regardless of who said it, it still remains the truth…

  188. thePhelps says

    It looks like the Saudi’s are trying to push the shale oil producers out of the market – by driving the price down. They know full well the shale producers require higher prices to make the investment profitable.

    While the lower prices are good for the average person – it will be hard on the producers – and it is a long game by the Saudi’s. (IMO)

    Ok… I for one am getting tired of hearing about “cheap” gas… when the price is still floating around $3 a gallon. Cheap would be $1.50 – $2.89 isn’t cheap.

  189. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I’ll be hard pressed to substantiate the purchase of the ’15 UHR, while I like the design, I can almost see how it’ll play out again and require years to recoup the premium (and/or possibly a depressed metals market.

    Since February 2013 when the mint hiked its premium, the only offerings on the pricing grid that has offset their respective premium cost in numismatic value has been the ’13 PRF Buff & ’13 UNC MacArthur (as I recall). Now if the UHR was of a classic, iconic design, I’d be in like Flynn. One-Offs appear to be too risky and haven’t seemed to garner much interest from the classic collecting boys.

  190. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Cheap would be .49.9 to .69.9 like it once was for quite a while… & Ag @ $350/oz. That’s the kind of “cheap” I like!

  191. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, What is the design of the 2015 UHR? I didn’t know they have settled on any design. I know I’m not in because as the Gold price drops the % markup continues to Rise. That is one thing the Mint needs to Change…

  192. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Apparently the Mint thinks the phrase “Prices for products containing precious metals are subject to change” is only a one way street for them!

  193. Bob R says

    With PM drop that would be deflation for the mint purchase costs, but they hold onto their prices thus they hit the gold mine if consumers continue purchasing.

  194. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- Agree, I am no longer in the market for graded anything or overpriced overhyped issues, (unless) the mintages are very low and escape popular exuberance. I bought a couple more JFK sets last week to qualify them for FS and I am done for this year I believe. Forgot…. I will buy a couple Everglades PCGS graded to keep up my ’14 sets after prices come down. They started showing up in auctions last week, but they have a lot to go down before I pick them up. Glad you didn’t go anywhere, it wouldn’t be the same. 😉

  195. Bob R says

    Year of the Goat, bid at over $400, I just don’t understand why. Bennie Baby or 1916D Mercury dime.

  196. Dave SW FL says

    Gold & silver support broken yet again. Next supports are $1000 and $10. Bear markets are brutal. There is no relief, especially with a deflationary environment (reportedly.). This will lead to GREATER federal deficits, more monetization of the debt, negative interest rates, and lower commodity prices. All this courtesy of the Federal Reserve. They are trapped in their own game. We are becoming Japan.

    God help us

    PS. The deflation is a government phenomenon. Ask any consumer what has gone down in price. Take a look at your food – a gallon of ice cream is now 3 quarts at the same or higher price. Rents are not dropping. Utilities ditto. Car prices & repairs? Appliances? Mint coin ?
    Ok, TV sets down. I’ll give you that one. But you get the idea……the little guy continues to get screwed .

    End of rant. Please forgive my frustration. It will not happen again

  197. Dustyroads says

    I don’t see PM prices as being irrational, more on the line of healthy volatility.

    There’s a good chance this president will be able to keep us out of a major military conflict while he is still in office, but we will eventually be in one, until then just keep up the decadence and inconsequential living.

  198. Dave SW FL says


    Got the Glades puck PCGS SP69 for $158 yesterday. Could not pass it up – I am a Floridian.
    I will look to buy PCGS DMPL bullion if silver gets to $10 – any prediction on a price for the graded ones at that spot ?

  199. GoldFishin says

    @The Phelps- I have a suspicion that the Saudi strategy may also have something to do with the new oil exporters in the region, more popularly know as ISIS. I really have no idea about the inner workings of Mideast Oil, but you have to believe that it is not in the best interest of Saudi Arabia or any other moderate state(if there is such a thing) to allow ISIS to become a serious player in the oil exporting business. I have a hunch that maybe the Saudis want to lower the price to below the black market price at which ISIS is operating. What that price is…I have no clue.

  200. Erik H says

    Silver / Gold ratio is @ 77 to 1 right now. If you don’t care about the price and hope to trade silver for gold in the future, now is the time to sell gold and buy silver (or just buy more silver!)

  201. Bob R says

    PM and energy commodities price drops is a good thing for the US stock market and economy. Not long ago and even today people were complaining about the fed a QE 1, 2 ,3 , and 4 printing money….gold was the selling point to own.

    Well today that thought sure seems to be wrong. The Fed did a great job saving us from a new depression, remember when just a simple money market fund was questioned as a dangerous investment?

    The only commodities I see in a deflation period now is energy and pm, the agricultural are not. The US economy is not in an deflationary mode, interest rates are low, will not head up very much to make any difference, and non energy, non metal stocks will continue upward.

    Word to the wise, ride the market wave, don’t try to catch the falling knife in oil and gold. Of course this is just my opinion. Sorry for the long rant.

  202. GoldFishin says

    @DAVE SW FL- When I am purchasing any 5 oz puck, I very simply take the cost of the coin and add $54, PCGS grading cost. If I can make a purchase at or below that cost I feel like I have done well. I personally submitted the first 3 ATB issues to PCGS this year, but after seeing that I could buy them below that cost without the risk of getting back a 69(money loser), I have only been buying already graded PCGS coins. Most of my 69 DMPL purchases have been around $160 and my SP70 purchases in the $175-190 range, well below the cost of coin and grading. The everglades is a popular issue and may take a while to get to that range. I have to get at least one for my set to be complete this year. Good luck to you! (you did well on your purchase)!

    Also, if coin premiums remain at these elevated levels as the price of silver continues to decline, I will be hesitant to buy graded coins. I am always looking for the best coin with the most potential at the lowest possible cost. The bullion pucks are really not reasonably priced at most of the retailers right now, if they even have them at all.

  203. Bob R says

    @GoldFishing The Saudi business idea is to #1 hurt their most hated foe, Iran. #2 to slow down shale production in the Dakotas. #3 screw Russia, they do not like Communism, that is a threat to the kingdom. The Saudis have the open spikit to oil and they will use that like Cuba has sugarcane (just a joke). Last thing, ISIS oil production is less than my uncles well in Texas, just not enough get a sweat over. If ISIS gets near the kingdom then the kingdom will make ISIS look like trick or treater’s

  204. cagcrisp says

    @Bob R, Corn is in Major deflationary mode. Corn is the #1 grain in the world and the US is by far the #1 producer of corn in the world…

  205. RSF says

    What is emerging in the Middle East is a struggle for the Saudi throne. The house of Saud knows that and are getting rid of the marginal suppliers so that we and others will once again be dependent on them and continue to spend $100 billion a year to keep the sea lanes open for their oil to flow. (as we have done annually for decades)
    And of course, do their fighting for them against any threat from ISIL. I hope we disappoint them. Religious wars are only over when the sides are exhausted. I hope we’ve learned our lesson and will not take sides.

  206. Bob R says

    @cagcrisp Corn is down because of two factors, oil is down, corn is the crop to make ethanol, oil down, ethanol down, plus the crop planting this fall is good, plenty of moisture in the midwest. for corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar beats, these are not major deflationary modes, it is the normal market cycles, maybe next year we will have a drought, maybe there will be war between major world parties, maybe the banks too big to fail will fail, don’t hold your breath, maybe you will faint.

  207. Bob R says

    @cagcrisp I owe you a apology, corn is a spring plant crop, out here we grow winter wheat, but I still feel corn prices is down because of ethanol-oil prices, with the future of midwest weather favorable.

  208. jhawk92 says

    Somewhat OT, but I wanted to thank cagcrisp and Bob R. for their feedback about 10 days ago regarding the gold Kennedy’s. I’ve been watching the bay for true auctions and bid on a few that were between $1025 and $1050, but no success. Last night, worked a deal to get a PCGS PR69 with OGP for $100+ lower than current mint pricing, so I feel pretty excited about it. I haven’t completely decided whether to crack it out of the slab and put it back in OGP, but I think I probably will. I appreciate the knowledge sharing on this blog and had a price target in mind and actually beat it by a bit. Thanks again guys…anytime you are in the Denver area, let me know and a beer or two is on me.

    I’m on the lookout now for an Everglades DMPL bullion puck to round out the 2014 set, and just have the 2010 pucks left to complete the full series. Seeing Ag down under $15 is pretty amazing, intraday got close to $14.50. Now only if the 2015 Eagles were available, as well as the 2015 SML’s…I’d love to place an order soon to lock in pricing.

  209. jeff says

    Where can one find the Denver Mint mark on the 2014 NA C & C Set ? I can’t find one, could it possibly be on the edge lettering can’t see it through the capsule.

  210. Bob R says

    @jhawk, I’ll take that offer next time in CO, I love the Purple Mountains Majesty….and Twin Peaks….

  211. Bob R says

    Interesting report…depressing too depending on your positions…
    Gold fell more than two percent at one point to $1,142.90 per ounce (XAU=), its lowest level in more than three weeks, while silver was also hit, falling more than six percent to a five-year low below $14.50 per ounce (XAG=).

    The Swiss gold reserves proposal, had it been approved, would have compelled the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to more than double its gold reserves and banned it from ever selling the metal, threatening its ability to defend a 1.20 euro cap on the Swiss franc imposed at the height of the euro zone crisis.

    The Swiss franc dipped to 1.2042 on the euro (EURCHF=) from 1.2018 at the end of last week, though the Swiss currency is supported by investors who still regard it as one of the safest currencies in the world. It last stood at 1.2040.

    “The result should of course temporarily relieve the pressure on the SNB’s currency floor, albeit whilst doing little or nothing in our opinion to reverse the fundamental downward trajectory of EUR/CHF,” said JPMorgan analyst Paul Meggyesi.

    Oil prices hit five-year lows, unable to find a bottom despite their biggest fall in 2 1/2 years last week after OPEC held back from cutting output in the face of a supply glut.

    U.S. crude (CLc1) briefly fell more than three percent to a five-year low of $64.10 per barrel, with the fall from June exceeding 40 percent. It last stood at $64.56, down 2.4 percent.

    Adding fuel to the fire, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister told fellow OPEC members last week that they must combat the U.S. shale oil boom.

    “They (OPEC) can get by at $60 a barrel, but that price would knock out a fair whack of the competition – much of U.S. shale oil for example – as well as put investment in future capacity growth firmly on the back-burner,” ANZ analysts said in a note. “They’re playing the long game, banking that others can’t.”

  212. Bob R says

    jhawk, I would keep that Kennedy in the slab for now, who knows what will happen in the future, you can always take it out of the slab and go OGP, but never put it back in the slab, just send it back for grading. Just hold for now and don’t crack it out…or shake..shake..shake

  213. jeff says

    “A wire brush was applied to both the obverse and reverse fields and artwork on the dies. Three distinct finishes are used across the obverse and reverse designs.

    “Being an Enhanced Uncirculated program, the base finish on the obverse & reverse was wire brushed. This was developed specifically for this program and implemented into production for the first time. This approach gives the coins a bright finish without appearing polished (like proof coins do).

    On the obverse, standard laser frosting was applied to the field and particular elements of the artwork to accentuate the design. Specific elements of the artwork and all lettering are in the wire brush finish to further accentuate them against the laser frosted field.

    On the reverse, standard laser frosting was applied to the field. A lighter level of laser frosting was then applied to particular elements of the artwork to enable it to stand out. Specific elements of the artwork, all lettering and the compass are in the wire brush finish to further accentuate the design.

    This does not sound like the typical lets pound out another 20K-30K coins tomorrow .

  214. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF -right back at ya Partner! You’ve done well on your AtB cost basis, congrats. I on the other need to exude a little more patience and get my costs down, I can’t keep it up with all my interests out there. With the metals at where they’re at and having broke through every support level I thought was safe, I’m thinking 2015 will help flesh out where my collecting focus going forward. I’m still relatively new at playing the PM game, so an early beat down may be a good thing the learning curve. / If the mint holds true to its word, in 4 weeks, 1) the gold JFK will be pulled, & 2) the remaining 225k silver sets will continued to be offered until….(this time next year? – I’m GREATLY surprised that the Clads haven’t sold out yet, I believe that is VERY foretelling of the silvers now that the FS window has closed). I’ve starting to see some downward pricing pressure on the silver sets, you? / I’d like to target the two that we’ve spoken about in the past though there’s plenty of time for the numbers to increase and collectors priorities/focus to shift onto something else. Big, big day ahead of us (or tomorrow) when those numbers show! Gotta love it!

  215. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    No one caught my PM Freudian pun slip of “Ag @ $350”. When it was really Au @ $350/oz? Slow crowd, or perhaps just too kind for an old fart.

  216. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    jhawk – so you have pulled together your 2012 set? Good deal! Still too rich for my blood or perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places. I’d follow Master AtB Sinsei GF’s lead, and let some time pass on the ‘glades puck for an off time to snag one. I hope though that some profitability remains for the dealers as I sure would hate to see anymore toss in the towel and limit the available offerings. At least we have 3-4 months before we’re likely to see Nebraska for the next go around… good luck!

  217. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Alfred – caught it, though ‘most’ knew what you meant.., besides, it serves no one’s interest to be a MOTO – Master Of The Obvious!

    cag – you know any MOTO’s? 😉

  218. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack, “Masters of the Obvious”. Oh Lordy…Surely you don’t refer to Anyone on here? Believe it or not but I do Show Restraint on NOT Commenting on Others post on here. And it is ALL that I can do to show said restraint…

    After hitting a Low of $1,141.00 this morning, Gold is Currently showing some good support. A Surprise to me.

    @GoldFishin, I hope you were able to get some Silver in the wee hours of the Morning when it had a 14 handle on it…

  219. Sith says

    @Alfred – Lucky you, but we all probably figured one of our resident “Spelling Natzi’s” would chime in….they must be on vacation, but hopefully they got a life.

  220. Sith says

    @cagcrisp – Japan was downgraded. Some asked the other day why Japan was not affecting the price of gold, and here you go. Why it took a biased rating agency to express the obvious is beyond me.

  221. stephen m says

    Bob R, Make no mistake about it. The people we fight and the people with the oil are all in it together in that area of the world. I’ll agree with the Phelps, $2.89 a gallon for gas ain’t cheap. Not long ago we had $20.00 a barrel for oil, $5 for silver and gold was @ $500.00 I think. Milk is now higher gallon per gallon than gas. I must be getting old but let’s see how low things will go. Usually when a price, for anything, falls and hits bottom there is one big bounce in the upward direction.

  222. Dustyroads says

    jeff, The Mint would have no problem producing more than the product limit of the EU Native Hospitality dollars. IMHO, it would not be in the Mints best interest to press more and possibly lower the value of the coins.

  223. Dustyroads says

    Alfred E. Numismatic,

    Yeah, I think everyone knew what you meant, and like the others I thought of our resident typo cop the second I saw it. Actually, he’s been evolving, I sort of like the new Walton’s series.

  224. KEITHSTER says

    See they have up the last chance stuff and keep adding more hope they leave the FS’s linger? Will need more time to find that dough! Had to go to the postoffice to pickup first time for that this new shipping is#$%^&^ budget shoul be set free for all Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>

  225. JOSEPH says

    You must be out of your mind. an apple with a bite is $115. that’s not cheap. LOL

    Bob R says
    NOVEMBER 30, 2014 AT 9:18 PM

    PM and energy commodities price drops is a good thing for the US stock market and economy. Not long ago and even today people were complaining about the fed a QE 1, 2 ,3 , and 4 printing money….gold was the selling point to own.

    Well today that thought sure seems to be wrong. The Fed did a great job saving us from a new depression, remember when just a simple money market fund was questioned as a dangerous investment?

    The only commodities I see in a deflation period now is energy and pm, the agricultural are not. The US economy is not in an deflationary mode, interest rates are low, will not head up very much to make any difference, and non energy, non metal stocks will continue upward.

    Word to the wise, ride the market wave, don’t try to catch the falling knife in oil and gold. Of course this is just my opinion. Sorry for the long rant.

  226. fmtransmitter says

    Hey, India can get rid of the 80/20 rule all they want, CHINA is sucking up all the Gold mined with a huge nozzle!

  227. KEITHSTER says

    No I have not had the problems like most. Have gotten everything I’ve ordered used to be in a timely manner with the upgrade but now with the snail mail it’s differant people to deal with. But this one must have not fit in the mail box so they just left a note and I just went and picked it up but have never seen a postoffice like that two guys stuck in a little room stuff every where man how do they do it? My main delivers I just leave a note to put it in the car out front and please lock the door how sweet is that nuff said Have A Good One All:>:>:>:>:>:>

  228. Sith says

    @JOSEPH – Its called stagflation…”The Fed did a great job saving us from a new depression.” In your opinion, in my opinion they did a fine job saving the banks, and made the inevitable collapse based on their money printing that much worst. The funny thing is the IMF closes the printing presses when some third world county gets into trouble, with the inevitable depression, but somehow what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Then add that the Fed did the exact same thing from about 1934 until about 1937. Then they turned the spigots off, and everything started to collapse again so unless you expect another world war to save us, IMHO hard times are coming. This time is even worst that is unless you believe the government unemployment and inflation rates. And for the record WW2 only saved us as we were were not bombed, and as such we were 50% of the worlds manufacturing capacity.

    “Don’t try to catch the falling knife in oil and gold” – I like dollar cost average and with oil taking a hit I may change actually start to reinvest in that field. Owning oil stocks at one point was like owing a gold mine or a printing press,

  229. Dustyroads says

    Sith, According to CNBC the Saudi’s can extract oil for $10.00 a barrel, $5.00 in some cases. If you look at an historical oil price chart you will see that OPEC slammed the price of oil down in late 2008 to $45.00. OPEC may not want to take it down that far, but they certainly are playing a long term game. So if you plan on going there, be patient, then don’t do what I did back when oil was $50.00 per barrel and let a so called expert talk me out of investing.

  230. Dustyroads says

    Do I need a disclaimer?

    I’m far from an adviser unlike another commenter. Listen to him, not me.

  231. jhawk92 says

    @Bob R-You got it. Purple Mountains are nice, but I have a feeling Twin Peaks might be better? I haven’t been, but always up for a new spot. And yes, I think I will keep it slabbed for now. The seller said he couldn’t see any reason why it didn’t grade a PR70, but I’ll take a really nice coin at a discount to the mint price. Who knows, I might have ended up with someone else’s return after having waited this long for a Mint purchase.

    @KCSO-Yes, I did track down a set of the 2012 pucks. Or rather I pieced it together from the same source. It might have been a bit more than chasing down individual coins, but I do value my time somewhat. I will probably have to go piecemeal with the 2010s though. APMEX had all 5 coins listed a few months ago, on sale, and all either DMPL/FS or DMPL/FS/Mercanti signed. I probably should have jumped on those at that point, but I had also just bought the 2011 and 2013 sets, so funds were a little tight. I see a couple FS sets up on the bay now, but I will probably wait on those since I just picked up my gold Kennedy. And that’s probably not a bad idea to keep watch for the Everglades DMPL and see if pricing comes down a bit. I wouldn’t mind picking up a cheaper coin or two to help average out the others.

    @cagcrisp-Thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person. The photos were pretty nice, but I’m sure don’t do it justice. Kinda wish silver had stayed down…that was a heck of a ride today. I’ll keep watching and maybe add some more bars if we don’t see Eagles or SML’s up soon.

  232. JOSEPH says

    Hmm… you sound like those economists. LOL. how come they didn’t predict any financial crisis? let’s see what will it be the next crash. not pretty good I guess. remember year 2000?

    Sith says
    DECEMBER 1, 2014 AT 1:17 PM

    @JOSEPH – Its called stagflation…”The Fed did a great job saving us from a new depression.” In your opinion, in my opinion they did a fine job saving the banks, and made the inevitable collapse based on their money printing that much worst. The funny thing is the IMF closes the printing presses when some third world county gets into trouble, with the inevitable depression, but somehow what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Then add that the Fed did the exact same thing from about 1934 until about 1937. Then they turned the spigots off, and everything started to collapse again so unless you expect another world war to save us, IMHO hard times are coming. This time is even worst that is unless you believe the government unemployment and inflation rates. And for the record WW2 only saved us as we were were not bombed, and as such we were 50% of the worlds manufacturing capacity.

    “Don’t try to catch the falling knife in oil and gold” – I like dollar cost average and with oil taking a hit I may change actually start to reinvest in that field. Owning oil stocks at one point was like owing a gold mine or a printing press,

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