US Mint Produces 9.3 Billion Circulating Coins in 2012

denali-21The United States Mint has updated their circulating coin production figures to include production through the close of the 2012 calendar year.

During the month of December 2012, production was 245.34 million pieces. This was down from the prior month when 765.76 million coins were produced, and down from the year ago period when 431.78 million coins were produced.

For the full 2012 calendar year, circulating coin production reached about 9.34 billion pieces. This represents an increase of 13.9% from the prior year and represents the third consecutive year that production has increased.

US Mint coin production bottomed in 2009 when 3.55 billion coins were struck. Orders for new coins plummeted as the economic situation slowed down commerce and also resulted in a backwash of old coinage re-entering the system. With previously issued coins flowing back to Federal Reserve Banks, there was little need to order newly produced coins from the Mint. The effects lingered for certain denominations such as the quarter, but overall production rebounded to 6.34 billion in 2010, 8.2 billion in 2011, and now 9.34 billion in 2012.

The table below presents a breakdown of circulating coin production for December, along with total production for the 2012 calendar year.

2012 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Dec 2012 Full Year 2012
Lincoln Cent – Denver 101.60 M 2,883.20 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 46.00 M 3,132.00 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 25.2 M 558.96 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 9.84 M 464.64 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 37.00 M 868.00 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 22.50 M 808.00 M
Quarters – Denver 0.40 M 313.81 M
Quarters – Phil. 2.80 M 254.20 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 1.70 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 1.80 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 3.08 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 2.80 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 16.24 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 27.80 M
Total 245.34 M 9,336.23 M

The additional table below compares the full year 2012 production to the full year 2011 production for each denomination.

2012 vs 2012 US Mint Circulating Coin Production
Full Year 2012 Full Year 2011  Change
Cents 6015.20 M 4938.54 M 21.80%
Nickels 1023.60 M 990.24 M 3.37%
Dimes 1676.00 M 1502.00 M 11.58%
Quarters 568.01 M 391.20 M 45.20%
Half Dollars 3.50 M 3.45 M 1.45%
Native Am Dollars 5.88 M 77.56 M -92.42%
Pres Dollars 44.04 M 297.36 M -85.19%
Total 9336.23 M 8200.35 M 13.85%

Behind the 13.85% change in overall production, there were significant shifts in production by denomination. The production of Presidential Dollars and Native American Dollars both plummeted. This was due to the Treasury Department decision to suspend production of the coins for circulation.

The denomination which saw the biggest gain was the quarter, which saw production increase by 45.20% compared to the prior year. Much of the production gains for the denomination came in the fourth quarter of this year. The denomination with the next largest gain was the cent, which was up by 21.80% compared to the prior year.

The final table below shows the production totals by design for the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters and 2012 Presidential Dollars. The one change to the tables from their last appearance is the addition of totals for the Denali National Park Quarter.

2012 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
El Yunque Quarter 25.00 M 25.80 M 50.80 M
Chaco Culture Quarter 22.00 M 22.00 M 44.00 M
Acadia Quarter 21.606 M 24.80 M 46.41 M
Hawaii Quarter 78.60 M 46.20 M 124.80 M
Denali Quarter 166.60 M 135.40 M 302.00 M
Arthur Dollar 4.06 M 6.02 M 10.08 M
Cleveland Dollar 4.06 M 5.46 M 9.52 M
Harrison Dollar 4.20 M 5.64 M 9.84 M
Cleveland (2) Dollar 3.92 M 10.68 M 14.60 M

The Denali Quarter saw total production of 302 million coins, made up of 135.40 million at the Philadelphia Mint and 166.60 million at the Denver Mint. Previous posts have mentioned the increased production for this design. With the final figures now confirmed, there were actually more Denali Quarters produced than the combined total for the four other designs issued for 2012.

Other News

I wanted to briefly relay a few other bits of information. Sell outs for the US Mint’s 2012 numismatic products continue. The 40-coin rolls of “S” mint marked circulating quality Chaco Culture Quarters and Hawaii Volcanoes Quarters have both sold out. The 100-coin bags for these two designs sold out previously, meaning the coins are no longer available from the Mint.

The only circulating quality “S” mint mark quarter products still available from the Mint are the 40-coin rolls for Denali National Park and Acadia National Park.

Following up on a previous post, the US Mint’s 2012 annual report included statement that the total number of 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Sets sold was 179,921, significantly lower than the last updated sales total of 224,981 provided by the Mint.

Within comments to the post, a reader correctly surmised that the figure from the annual report reflected units shipped within the fiscal year ended September 30, 2012. Additional sets shipped after the close of the fiscal year were not included in the total. I have confirmed this with the Mint and the sales total of 224,981 stands.

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  1. Samuel says

    I did not pay attention to quarters until today. is there any SF quarter production numbers? or in previous posts?

  2. Kraw says

    It seems to me the mintage for the circulating quality S quarters are not too far different from the Kennedy halves, and maybe the future value will be similar. I don’t see them having huge premiums in the future for clad stuff. Maybe because the quarters are more collectable than the Kennedy halves they will hold more value?

    I’d say sell them now if you got ’em

  3. Mint News Blog says

    “is there any SF quarter production numbers? or in previous posts?”

    The US Mint has not reported actual production numbers. We can get an idea of the total production by calculating the number of coins sold in the bags/rolls.

  4. Robertson says

    For the full 2012 calendar year, circulating coin production reached about 9.34 billion pieces.

    …and about 6 billion of them (cents) will promptly find their way into storage containers.

    Doesn’t sound like a productive endeavor to me.

  5. Fosnock says

    Even though they are still very low by historical standards I think it was a good thing I skipped the Denali P&D rolls. If production collapses again like it did last year I may start to buy them again but with the new S rolls what is the point.

  6. Boz says

    Wow with that many Alaska quarters the banking meltdown and the economic crisis must be over. Parking meters don’t accept coins anymore so where are all these quarters going to?

  7. Smiledon says

    I collect the proof ATB quarters; does this mean that this set may actually be worth something?
    Well, maybe wow.

  8. bill says

    the prices for the el yunque on feebay are crazy high! $50 two weeks ago, $70 last week, now 90-$100!


  9. joe says

    Each coin they produced would have to be worth one ounce of gold (at today’s price) to pay off the US National Debt…fyi.

  10. HistoryStudent says

    Thanks for the follow-up on the SF Sets at 224K in sales to be correct.

    Hats off to TomP, too.

    ~ HS

  11. posterhunter says

    The mint workers must be exhausted from seeing Denali quarters all day in the 4th quarter and then all night in their sleep.

  12. stephen m. says

    Am i correct in saying that the 75th anniversary SF sets still have a lower mintage than the 2006 anniversary ASE set? Both should hold and increase in value over the years.

  13. says

    @stephen m….yes you are correct….224,981 SF set vs 248,875 (or right around there) for the 2006 20th Annv. set.

  14. DNA says

    The mint workers must be exhausted from seeing Denali quarters all day in the 4th quarter and then all night in their sleep.
    Not really:

    2012 Denali P and D = 302,000,000

    2008 Oklahoma P and D = 416,600,000 (lowest variety for State Quarters)

    2000 Virginia P and D = 1,594,616,000 (highest variety for State Quarters)

    Wow with that many Alaska quarters the banking meltdown and the economic crisis must be over. Parking meters don’t accept coins anymore so where are all these quarters going to?
    All the new parking meters in my city (and many others) still take coins.
    Vending machines, car washes, laundries, etc. etc.

    Is the Denali a blip, or will all the 2013 ATB Quarter mintages be higher as well? Higher mintages for all 2013’s would be a better sign about the economy.

  15. DNA says

    I skipped the Denali P&D rolls – with the new S rolls what is the point.
    Despite the record-high (for ATB Quarters) mintage, most people’s odds of finding Denali Quarters in circulation or in a bank roll are still very low.

  16. Fosnock says

    @DNA – Yes I know but they were already a long shot to increase in value, and the S rolls meet my collection needs. If I had know that some of the S rolls would go so much up in price…

    @Dirk- Speculation has it that people are hoarding pennies and all nickels for their metal content. The current nickel melt down value is 7 cents. One hoarder estimates that he has up to $15,000 worth of nickels stored away in various “secure locations.” The Portland Mint, an Oregon business sells nickels in bulk to serious hoarders: $10,000 worth of Jeffersons for $10,888. “It’s very hard for an individual to get that many nickels on his own,”

  17. Phil says

    I think the Native Am dollars for 2012 will be sleepers. It’s the best design and lowest mintage Native Am dollars since the original flying eagle reverse design was discontinued. I bought a couple of 100 coin bags (one from each mint) in anticipation. Even if they don’t appreciate in value, I still have a bunch of nice looking dollar coins that I can circulate and give away as gifts. I love the Sac dollars, and still hope that they will replace the dollar bills (once the govt uses some common sense by discontinuing the dollar bill).

  18. Don says

    The main thing is that you have a good feeling about the’12 Native Am. dollars. Please don’t feel the need to justify your purchase to the Blog readers.

  19. Zaz says

    The NA$1 of 2012 is indeed a sleeper. The proof was only available in the two short sold clad and proof sets, if I not mistaken, was not sold in any other product. Could rival the 2001 Sac proof in terms of hoarding and price gouging. One to keep an eye out for.

  20. Tim says

    The 2012 NA$1 is the very reason I obtained the Silver Proof Set. I think it has potential down the road…

  21. posterhunter says

    302 million Denali quarters is about enough to give every person legally in the US 1 quarter to carry in their pocket.

  22. John says

    Sorry, Off Topic:

    I was wondering, do you have to pay customs when you receive an order from the Perth Mint?

    My FEDEX package from the Perth Mint was supposed to arrive yesterday but I was told I had to pay customs first. I called FEDEX and they are supposed to call me back. My total order was around $200.

    Has anybody experience this?

  23. Dan says

    Hi John

    I received a package from the Royal Australian Mint 2 days ago and it had a customs declaration on it. The order only totaled around 600 US. This was not the first time, it has happened two other times last year. Not sure if it was for leaving australia or arriving in US but I did not have to pay anything on it. However, recently when canada offered their 5 and 10 dollar gold pieces, if I ordered them all together they wanted my social security number since it totaled more than 2,000. I split the order and ordered individually and since the highest priced coin was 1750, they did not need my social to report it. I has heard that somewhere in the obamacare legislation they were going to track some bullion transaction, but I thought that was repealed but I am not sure. Maybe a dealer or larger buyer on this blog may have the answers. Now I am curious also.

  24. Samuel says

    John, the answer is no. unless they change the rule or perthmint declare your coins as something else.

  25. John says

    Dan, Samuel & Jeff,

    Thanks for the info, I just picked up the package at FEDEX, I didn’t have to pay anything but there was some confusion for sure.

    This was my first order so I got free shipping from Perth, I might order again in the future but will have to spend $400 to get free shipping.

  26. DNA says

    The 2012 (Proof) NA$1 is the very reason I obtained the Silver Proof Set.

    If the 2012 Proof Native was the only coin you really wanted, you could have bought the Clad Proof Set and saved $36.
    Just kidding! It’s always smart to opt for Silver, especially this year.

    There’s 249,265 less of the 2012 Proof Natives than there are 2012 Proof Presidentials, and everyone loves the 2012 Native reverse design.

    2001-S Proof Sacagawea Dollar mintage = 3,184,606
    2012-S Proof Native American Dollar mintage = 1,189,445
    (based on new updated totals of Clad Proof Set @ 794,002 and Silver Proof Set @ 395,443, compiled by the U.S. Mint on January 7th, 2013)

    Like the 1999 Silver Proof Set, the 2001-S Proof Sac was another “moonshot” product, and you can now buy an entire 2001 Silver Proof Set for less than what the 2001-S Sac went for by itself at its peak.

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