US Mint Produces Nearly 12 Billion Circulating Coins in 2013

rushmoreThe United States Mint has updated their circulation coin production figures to include production through the close of 2013. During the year, nearly 12 billion coins were produced, representing an increase of 27.5% compared to the prior year.

During the month of December 2013, production was relatively limited, with 285.96 million coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. Production has typically been limited during the final month of the year. In the previous year, the US Mint had struck 245.34 million coins in December 2012.

The table below displays the latest production figures broken down by denomination and mint facility. The first number column represents the production for December 2013, while the second number column represents production for the full year.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Dec 2013 Full Year 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 76.80 M 3,319.60 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 126.00 M 3,750.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 13.20 M 615.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 11.76 M 607.44 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 24.50 M 1,025.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 30.50 M 1,086.50 M
Quarters – Denver 3.20 M 804.40 M
Quarters – Phil. 0 650.80 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 4.60 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 5.00 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 14.01 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.45 M
Total 285.96 M 11,906.94 M

During the month, circulating coin production was confined to cents, nickels, and a small number of quarters. The cent accounted for the majority of production with more than 200 million pieces struck.

There were no half dollars or $1 coins struck during the month.

The following table displays the full year 2013 circulating coin production totals by denomination compared to the prior year.

2013 vs 2012 US Mint Circulating Coin Production
Full Year 2013 Full Year 2012 Change
Cents 7,070.00 M 6,015.20 M 17.54%
Nickels 1,223.04 M 1,023.60 M 19.48%
Dimes 2,112.00 M 1,676.00 M 26.01%
Quarters 1,455.20 M 568.01 M 156.19%
Half Dollars 9.60 M 3.50 M 174.29%
Native Am Dollars 3.64 M 5.88 M -38.10%
Pres Dollars 33.46 M 44.04 M -24.02%
Total 11,906.94 M 9,336.23 M 27.53%

Behind the overall annual increase of 27.53%, some denominations experienced a rise in production, while others registered a decline. Significant increases were seen for the quarter and half dollar denomination.

Since 2009, the production levels for quarters have been much lower than typical due to a significant backlog of excess inventory at Federal Reserve Banks. This led to minimal production levels for the first few years of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program which launched in 2010. Last year, production levels finally started to recover, as the excess inventories had finally been worked down. This year, production levels have further recovered, registering a 156.19% increase from the prior year.

A more unexpected annual production increase was registered for the half dollar, with the number of coins struck increasingly by 174.29% to 9.60 million. These coins are not distributed for circulation, but only sold through numismatic products. When quizzed about the sudden increase in production which occurred last month, a spokesman for the US Mint could offer no explanation. Sales figures for the two roll sets and 200-coin bags haven’t shown any corresponding spike that would explain the production increase. Perhaps the US Mint struck the additional 2013-dated coins for an as yet unannounced product to be released in 2014?

Annual production declines were registered for the Presidential Dollars and Native American Dollars. Following a Treasury Department decision in late 2010, the Presidential Dollars were no longer struck for circulation, rather the coins would only be sold within numismatic products offered by the Mint. This led to a significant decline in production in 2012. A corresponding decline was seen for the Native American Dollars, which have production levels based on overall $1 coin production levels. Further production declines for both series were seen in 2013, as sales figures for numismatic bags and rolls have tapered off.

The final table below shows production totals by design for the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters and 2013 Presidential Dollars. The table is now completed with the totals for the Mount Rushmore Quarters.

2013 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
White Mountain Quarter 107.60 M 68.80 M 176.40 M
Perry’s Victory Quarter 131.60 M 107.80 M 239.40 M
Great Basin Quarter 141.40 M 122.40 M 263.80 M
Fort McHenry Quarter 151.40 M 120.00 M 271.40 M
Mount Rushmore 272.40 M 231.80 M 504.20 M
McKinley Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.13 M
Roosevelt Dollar 3.92 M 5.31 M 9.23 M
Taft Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.12 M
Wilson Dollar 3.36 M 4.62 M 7.98 M

The 2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter saw production of 272.4 million pieces at Denver and 231.8 million pieces at Philadelphia for an overall total of 504.2 million. This is nearly double the amount of quarters produced for the previous design and represents the highest overall production total for a design of the series to date.

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  1. Brad says

    It’s kind of funny to think that the production level for Mt. Rushmore quarters is now considered high, when that same production level in the 50 State Quarters program was considered low. How times have changed!

  2. IPS_STUFF says


    And now the 2012 quarter production looks really low.

    I wonder if production figures in the 30 millions will be worth more than the 25 cents in my live time?

  3. stephen m says

    Should be able to find a Mt. Rushmore in my pocket change soon. I’ve seen so very few atb’s in my change since the program started.

  4. says

    I had been inclined to think it was an error, but given the linked Coin World article it appears they really did mint that many halves. Wonder what it was for. It would seem a little odd to include ordinary clad 2013 coins in the (presumably) upcoming Kennedy set.

    I’ve begun noticing AtBs finally popping up in change. It’s still infrequent and limited to mostly 2013s, but at least they’re occasionally there now.

  5. high low silver says

    Thanks for the quick CoinWorld link Michael !! Intresting story about those 2001P Kennedys.

  6. john f says

    Good to see the 2013 numbers. I didn’t save any 2013 coins. Too many minted. However, the 2009 nickels and dimes are TOUGH to find, and I have saved everyone of those that I have seen (In change and CRH). I also saved a few rolls f the quarters form 2009, 2010, and 2011, and even more of the 2012. I had a full box of brand new Acadias I received at the bank and saved ten rolls of those in original wrapping. I don’t know if they will be worth more than face in my life time, but it isn’t financially crippling or anything like that, and they will probably at some point (okay – at my death) go to my son. The 2009 nickels and dimes though are good keepers.

    I too wonder why the half dollars went up so high compared to the last twelve years of low numbers. I expected 2 million or so from each mint again this year. I haven’t seen any 2013 halves inboxes yet though.

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    In the grand scheme of things, I’m still not seeing a whole lot of any 2012 or 2013 coinage in the change that I receive, and I’m one of those 1 in 10 still hanging on to using cash for nearly every sales transaction. After “Target” and some of the other headline hacks and breaches, I don’t mind that I am.

    I continued to be fascinated by the fact that, with continuing migration towards a cashless society, the US Mint still found it necessary to increase circulating coin production by 27%. Really?? Then there’s the 2013 Kennedy Halves. Even if the Mint were to sell 500K Anniversary Sets that might include 2013 P & D coins, that’s still 5M extra 2013 coins without a home. We definitely have ourselves a mystery.

  8. Boz says

    Yes as I have lamented in the past, no rolls of untouched quarters t the bank since 2008, and no new bills available. This Christmas, for first time in years, new crisp bills were available again for the asking.

    Still no fresh quarters since 08, and few if any D quarters from 06. Apparently they were hoarded. 09 quarters are impossible in pocket change as have been all of the ATB’s so far.

  9. stephen m says

    VABEACHBUM, A cashless society will likely be a long long time away. Most folks I know on my income level still trade with coins and bills except for the debit cards used by the various government entitlement programs. Most don’t have a checking account or credit cards. Cash is still good at a lot of places of business and may be for a long time to come.

  10. RSF says

    I have heard that casinos are beginning to stockpile halves in anticipation of an eventual transition to them in their machines. They also make nice poker chips.

    It’s also curious how the Mint can continue to ignore the law concerning the Native American dollars. They have once again produced only about half of the required 20% of all dollar coins minted in a year.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    I have to admit I look at my S Rushmore rolls that were stamped almost everyday. I love those rolls. They are the most special clad of my collection so far except of course my Presidential Dollar albums slowly filling up.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    IMHO I believe the increased production for Kennedy Halves is for this years special set and a possible end to production. We shall see and we also shall see all Kennedy Halves start to go up in value once production is ceased due to psychological influence and a natural reaction to they “won’t make them anymore” mentality.

  13. SmallPotatos says

    I’ve received 8 AtB quarters in about the last 6 months in pocket change. All P mint, 6 of the 8 are 2013, the other 2 are 2012. All one park each, except for Perry, where I have 3. The only 2013 that I didn’t get is Rushmore.

  14. oldfolkie says

    I’m embarrassed that the mint. and our Government continues to make so many worthless coins instead of coinage that would actually be used. A cashless society would be a big mistake but is just another reality being forced on us by a Government living in the past and trying to be politically correct. Redesigning our coinage to reflect our ideals instead of dead people, making coins we’d actually use, getting rid of worthless pennies and even nickels, making $2, $5, and even $10 dollar coins would all save money and make sense. Coins, denominations, designs, compositions, and even sizes used to change because it made sense. Lobbyists from vending machine companies and the cotton industry didn’t dictate our coinage. Groups of vocal women, like the group that squawked at the suggestion to remove George and replace him with Teddy on the ATBs didn’t have so much clout. And then there’s the Common Cents group that thinks pennies are somehow a symbol of a wise country instead of the complete opposite. Let’s just keep making the coins we have now and ignore the fact that a dime today wouldn’t buy what a penny did in the 60s. And then let’s pretend that there will never be problems that interupt cashless money transfers or cashless transactions. ATMs will always work, gas pumps will always accept our cards, and the electricity will always work.Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him, or at least someone with a spine, common “sense” and an eye to the future and our future needs.

  15. smiledon says

    I still believe that dropping the penny is going to push up what we buy/pay for with cash. If I am selling something that will cost $.88 cents, will I round up or down for cash? I can not think of any rational person that would undercut themselves. Least we forgot that any price increase is on the back of the buyer. This is my 2 cents. (no pun intended)

  16. JBK says

    smiledon – you are correct. I was living in Germany during the conversion to the euro and everything has to be rounded when it switched. Guess which way it all went?

    If there were no cent coins, then in theory half the time the sales price would round up, and half the time down, but eventually prices would just end up being in 5 cent increments, and the new price will always be the result of rounding up.

  17. Wes says

    Couldn’t those extra half’s be minted with a 2014 date on them? They did mint some of the bicentennial coins in 1975.

  18. Don says

    Captain Overkill,

    Now I’m still thinking that those extra six million Kennedys that were minted in 2013 are actually 2014 dated Kennedys. The 2014 Kennedy bags and rolls will be available in the middle of February. It seems that it was just a matter of the Mint being prepared to offer the 2014 circulating Kennedys relatively (and unusually) early in the calendar year, in advance of the special anniversary Kennedy offering.
    But, I’m still open to anyone else’s speculation on these extra 6 million Kennedys.

  19. Don says

    I overlooked your comment of 3:59 pm in which you share the belief as I do in that these are 2014 Kennedys.

  20. Jon in CT says

    Since 2013 represents the 50th year in which the Kennedy half-dollar was minted, I don’t see anything odd about the fact that demand for 2013 Kennedy halves was higher than average.

  21. thePhelps says

    I’m skeptical on the 2014 Kennedy theory. If they have a month to prepare this year to mint them – why would they mint them last year? It isn’t like they are rolling out a ton of new coins to start the year with…. lets face it they are in a lull right now with very few new products being sold.

    Add to that the total says 2013 Kennedy halves – why wouldn’t they just hold off and put that total in January of this year – since they have no reason to announce they were minting the coins anyway – unless they are 2013 coins.

    I am more inclined to with the speculation they are doing an offering that will include both the 2013 and 2014 coins – than they minted 2014 coins.

    How would they explain the year end total coins in 2014 and have several million more in the vault than they have provided for publicly on paper?

  22. stephen m says

    Maybe the next generation or the one after that won’t need a 1cent coin. I grew up without and worked hard for everything I have. If I’m owed a penny back in change from a purchase, well I want it.

  23. says


    Good point. I was still stuck in the mindset that we were looking at 2013 Kennedies. 2014 would make some sense.


    It might be an issue of production capacity. They could be producing something in January that makes production of more Kennedies difficult. It’s hard to say – I’m hopeful Michael, Louis, or someone else will be able to extract an answer from the Mint on this issue eventually.

  24. Don says

    Jon in Ct,

    Actually, as Michael pointed out in his above narrative, the demand for the 2013 Kennedys did not spike from 2012. And yeah, there is a little controversy as to whether 2013 or 2014 is the true anniversary year. Of course we know that the Mint has decided that it’s ’14.

    the Phelps,

    I’m thinking that the circulating 2014 Kennedys were minted at the end of 2013 to prepare for the packaging of the bags and rolls and have them ready to go in mid February. I’m also thinking, although I haven’t done so myself, that it might be a good idea to spend the $32.95 and snap up the still available two roll set of the 2013 P & D Kennedys. Who knows?
    I still think that the special Kennedy set will only have 2014 dated coins. And I don’t believe that they will use the circulating quality Kennedys in the set. If they do include an uncirculated P & D Kennedy, it would be the uncirculated type that is found in a Mint Uncirculated Set– better striking quality and free of contact marks.

  25. high low silver says

    If you go to the Mint site and click on 2013 KENNEDY roll there is a one year sale period , then go to the 2012 rolls there is no end period. Weird!?! Since 2002 there was a 1 year sale period except for 2012.

  26. Ray says

    @Samuel, i’m not following you, what do you mean by “the January 3rd 5oz sub is still not in the sub section. poor IT.”? I made a subscription order for 5 oz atbs on Jan 4th and its in my subscriptions, as well as my order history. Are you saying Jan 3rd orders are not? I like that they show the discounted price on the subscription page. Seems to work fine for me.

  27. Eddie says

    I still wished the Mint would a UHR 2014 Kennedy silver half dollar made from .999 silver and put in the set. I’m not talking about making it bigger just the same size as a 90% silver half that is minted now.

  28. Don says

    Chances of an UHR Kennedy are slim to none. The Mint has reserved the UHR to its precious metal offerings, specifically gold. Maybe we’ll see a platinum UHR in the future. But on a half dollar? I don’t think so.

  29. fmtransmitter says

    We have been reading about Perth and US collaborating for awhile now. IF the US Mint wants to keep up with the rest of the World’s coinage, specifically collector versions, we will see UHR soon. IMO The whole Mercanti thing has me thinking this along with other reports and articles I have been reading.

  30. high low silver says

    If I’m reading the Mint site right June 21 2014 I can order 2 rolls of 2012 Kennedys but the 2013s will no longer be on sale.

  31. JBK says

    In regard to 2013 half dollars, this article says that “When quizzed about the sudden increase in production which occurred last month, a spokesman for the US Mint could offer no explanation.” However tthe linked Coin World article says that “United States Mint spokeswoman Heather Sabharwal said Mint officials can’t explain the increase in sales,”

    So….they CAN explain the increase in production (it was due to an increase in sales), but they can not explain the increase in sales.

    If I am reading this correctly, the 2013 halfs were minted due to demand, not some as-yet unknown usage next year.

  32. Dustyroads says

    That is interesting high low. I think the Mint doctored the books, or maybe the Franklin Mint or some other retailer bought them. Who knows, they may show up painted.

  33. Samuel says

    Ray, i placed order to subscribe 5oz and quarter set on Jan 3. The quarter sets showed up in the sub section immediately, but not the 5 oz. both subs show shipped in order history. just the 5oz still not in the sub section.

  34. fmtransmitter says

    I say govmint ordered the Kennedy’s for their own special set they will sell for $19.95 with a nice presentation, maybe even slabbed GEM BU by PCGS. This si the future IMO, plastic coffins, labels, fancy packaging, and a coin worth $.50. HSN Guy may be in too…There is a planned marketing to celebrate 1964-2014 Kennedy halves.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    6 million half’s = 3 million dollars. 2 mil each of P,D,S and a nice profit with say $5 into the product, sell for $24.95 X 2 mil = $49,900,000…

  36. Louis says

    Sam and others- Just call the Mint. As was explained by others weeks ago when you place orders for several subs, not all will appear under my account. But they are still there if you made an order and if you call they will confirm them. It’s all good and “they are working on the problem” of not all appearing online.

  37. AkBob says

    OT – Does anyone know if any of the TR Coin and Chronicles Set have been shipped? I didn’t know it but just checked my US mint account and I ordered a set back on Dec 17th and it says it’s still in progess. Actually is says backordered, expected to ship 3/7/14. There is still a cancellatin box there as well. When did this set become available? I’m surprised it hasn’t shipped and how far out the ship date is currently. Did I miss a shipping date? Oh well, I just hope we don’t have to wait for the Baseball Commemorative. Patience Bob, Patience.

  38. AkBob says

    Louis – Thank you. Wow, that kinda surprises me. I’m glad I didn’t realize I had ordered a set. Funny thing was I decided to order a set and after I ordered one I checked my account a found out I had already ordered one. Reminds me of the old days when you rented a movie at the rental store and when you got it home and started watching it you realized you had already rented it. LOL Maybe they will move it up. Oh, the other nite I was watching HSN and he said that he ordered 25,000 of the 2013 sets and he told the mint he didn’t want the packaging but the mint insisted he take it. Wasn’t the packaging the reason that a lot of sets were shipped out late or am I mistaken? Seems like the mint had to wait for boxes or something like that.

  39. Don says

    The 2013 uncirculated Kennedys can be obtained in a couple ways: The first way is to buy a 200 coin bag (now sold out) or the two roll P & D set. Combined, the mintage of these circulating quality Kennedys will be close to four million.

    The second way to get a 2013 uncirculated Kennedy is to purchase the Mint Uncirculated Set, where you will receive a P & D Kennedy. As of Jan. 5. the Mint reports that 348,232 of these sets have been sold. That means that the combined P & D Kennedy mintage is 696,464.

    Therefore, besides being of much better quality, the uncirculated Kennedys that are in the Mint Uncirculated Sets will only have about 25% of the mintage than those in the bags and rolls.

    Something to think about.

  40. Dave says

    I have received many new ATB quarters in change at Costco. Also many new pennies, nickels, and dimes at both Costco and Target. They will not sell you full rolls, unfortunately.
    Did get full new rolls of 2009 cents at, of all places, the hospital cafeteria!

  41. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hopefully 2014 will be the last year for the JFK half dollar. It has been issued (and not circulated) for longer than he lived. I’m old enough to remember when half dollars circulated as much as quarters (just not as many, but very common) – and they were 90% silver, like the quarters and dimes. Little did we know that all of them would become valuable after silver was removed from coins in 1965 (and half dollars in 1971).

  42. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    JFK has always been my favorite president. Him along with Werhner von Braun paved the way for humans to jump the great leap of evolution walking on another heavenly body, the Moon.. On the reverse of the 2014 commem should read:

    “We choose to go to the Moon… and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. (notice the plural, he could not say ‘it is hard’) because that challenge is one we’re willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone… and one we intend to win.

  43. VA Rich says

    Dave – I recently received many new AtB quarters at two different self-serve car washes. Funny thing was, I kept pulling out the quarters I wanted to keep while feeding the dollar exchange machine bills ’cause the AtB’s looked so good.., when it was all said and done, I think the washes cost me about $10-$14!!!

    Regarding the JFK set, do keep in mind that mint has stated that they are contemplating the release of two (2) JFK sets – one low end, the other high end.

    Assuming a low end set consisting of two Unc halfs, and a possible 4-coin high end set with the potential for high demand, aspects of a two set release does substantiate some of you gentleman’s arguments above. I just have one simply request.., that we don’t have to wait until the end of 2014 to find out the composition only to wait until March of 2015 to receive the product.

  44. VA Rich says

    And just a shot in the dark here, with the ANA Money Show in late Feb in Hotlanta, perhaps a roll out of a special set at the convention???

    The mint has stated that they desire to conduct more coin roll outs centered around a convention, the next opportunity would be Chicago in August, which I anticipate we’ll see the HOF Comm or whatever high-end surprise that may be in store for the year. Man they been awful closed lipped this year compared to last…

  45. thePhelps says

    The mint site is down for maintenance… think that means they are fixing the subscription problem?

    Also – isn’t it kind of a tradition that following a year of high volume manufacturing by the mint – they follow with low volumes? I read elsewhere that 2007 was the last year for such high volume minting – and that was followed by low numbers in 2008…

  46. VA Rich says

    I wonder what impact the subscription will have the mintage of the AtB P pucks?

    From previous post, it sounds like many of us are going full bore on the P’s this year through the subscription, I’m a first time subscriber and know I’m in on the buy 9, get your 10th for free plan, like so many others. If the mintage of Gattlinsburg is in line with its predecessor at ~23k.. could we see a sell out within two weeks? MTR didn’t stick around for very long!

  47. thePhelps says

    Well – I had such high hopes for the mint updating the subscription page to reflect the ATB subscriptions… and they…didn’t.

  48. matt says

    I’d think the healthcare site is what they need to concentrate on more. Boy, our government is incompetent and so is this president and now I’m an independent. Makes JFK look like a Republican now:-( I lost my insurance at the 1st of the month, making it harder to enjoy coin collecting because I’m worried.

  49. Samuel says

    theP, the mint really needs to re-exam the quality of their IT team. technically, the 5oz and quarter sets r the same, why 5oz wont show up there? and it took so long for them to try to fix?

  50. thePhelps says

    Samuel – I know the subscription is there – just can’t see it. The only time it might be an issue is if I decide to cancel it in the future. It’ll be fine someday I suppose…

  51. Don says

    Jerry Diekmann,

    When I was in H.S. in the mid 60’s, most of the coinage was still silver, not clad. Having a rudimentary knowledge of coin collecting at the time, I was elated to receive a low mintage, 1921 Walker Half for change in the cafeteria–and it was in good condition!
    But I don’t have it anymore, probably something I dealt in a long forgotten trade.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    If the JFK half in changed in ANY way whatsoever, BEFORE minting ie, 50th anniversary around the edge etc. Different reverse, etc. IF Mercanti designs it, etc etc, ALL 6 plus million will sell. If the set is slabbed and a special label is created, ALL will sell out. They know how to move clad if they want. It is actually;y very easy now a days…IMO

  53. Dustyroads says

    Phelps, I do believe this year could look much like `07-`08, but don’t you think it has more to do with a perception of falling metals prices? Also, when comparing commemorative #’s prier to the recent recession, they are much greater then compared to today’s #’s, presumably because of price. I can’t help but believe that today’s buyers are priced out, and the Mint should know this. One commenter about a month ago posted an angry rant about his frustration with prices, comparing today’s prices with those 10 or 15 years ago. So who knows, and the US Mint ain’t talkin!

  54. fmtransmitter says

    That is why clad is much easier to sell over face value than PM’s with special labels, packaging, mint marks, mintage limits, etc etc etc. If there is $1.50 face value in the package and say the item $9.95, it will move. Psychologically it is very easy to say, it’s only $10 bucks, I spend that on lunch, dinner, but could be millions in profits. Just saying…

  55. Dustyroads says

    Don, When I was a lad during the early `70’s, I bought a 1654 Pine tree coin for .75 cents from an acquaintance, then sold it to a coin dealer a few years later for $50. That was a lot of money at the time, but I could kick myself now for doing it.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    Remember the bi centennial quarter reverse. Those are becoming more collectible even though they are common. I have 10 of the 40% silver in GEM BU, I love those quarters.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    IMO I think the Mint changed something on this years half. Remember you heard it here first….

  58. Dustyroads says

    fm, I took a look last night at what sets the Franklin Mint are selling, they have several available with different variations from reverse proof to colorized. I know they sell a lot of the older coinage, but I couldn’t find out if the one’s I saw were `13’s or not.

  59. fmtransmitter says

    ouch dustyroads, my brother did that with his baseball card collection. Would be worth a cpl hundred thousand today, sold them for $300 in the 80’s…

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Then if we get lucky, 10 will say 1964-2013 by mistake and get released to the public…Ha…

  61. Don says

    In another remembrance of silver coinage of the early to mid 60’s: As a senior in HS I worked part-time at nights at a local department store. Manning the cash register in the stationery dept., I received many Morgan and Peace silver dollars in payment for items. Needless to say, when I counted out the money at closing time, I exchanged dollar bills in my wallet for those silver dollars.

  62. simon says

    The best I can come up with is a 1969 Silver clad Kennedy Half, and several silver dimes in the 78 – early ’80s. I received a silver dime in change as late as 2008, and a 1941 Walker half from a bank teller when I asked for half dollars. I’ve received some very nice mint state 1940’s – 1950’s copper in change in the last year. One regret I do have is that I never saved the freshly-minted yearly clad coins in the past, which I do-do regularly now.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    My friend cleaned her Brothers house for a bag of change last week. She asked if I wanted to give her cash for it. I said of course. Had that FEELING, and sure enough a 1958 dime was in there.

  64. Vachon says

    Maybe some local banks actually caused half dollars to be needed? They may be sold at a premium to collectors but does not the mint still have an obligation to provide coins, even half dollars, for circulation if ordered? For speculation purposes, I would imagine the mint would not be so inclined to say they were released into circulation considering how many people pay the premium for them.

    I get half dollars from my bank to search through and give out in change at work. I actually got a couple of 2013’s last year. It was the first time ever I’ve gotten half dollars in the same year as stamped on the coin, so maybe?

    I also ran the numbers for the ATB quarters. Total production since 2010 is just a few tens of millions short of the total production for the first three state quarters.

  65. simon says

    FM : Reminds me of the time I was raking through construction trash at a home site and found a shiny 1944-S Mercury dime in the dirt. I still have this coin in my possession, safely in an airtite. The year 1944 seems significant to my random “finds.” They include a 1944 “S” nickel, and a 1944 mint state cent.

  66. Wes says

    I received a funny looking dime according to the cashier at the supermarket as change. I t turned out to be a 1941 D Mercury dime in excellent condition. I look at it as helping make up for all the times they gave me Canadian dimes and Quarters.

  67. Dustyroads says

    Don, That must have been really cool to be able to find silver dollars in change during the `60’s. My late uncle who work as the local school’s tax assessor started exchanging silver he found in school change during the `60’s. My aunt knows she can sell them to me if she wants to, but I don’t think she will ever seriously consider it. When I asked her just exactly how much silver he had collected, she said she didn’t know, but it is too heavy for her to lift.

  68. Nick says

    I don’t know if this compares to taking Morgan and peace dollars out of change… But I’ve found 4 silver dimes Roosevelt and mercury. As well as 2 silver Washington quarters in my 2 years as a cashier in high school and that was 5 years ago

  69. Dustyroads says

    A lot of people like to think that the world is coming to an end and only bad times are ahead, but IMHO mintages are going to rebound someday, and we will be looking back at these fantastic times to be mintage hunters. As someone mentioned earlier, lower `08 mintages followed higher `07 mintages. Since it appears the US Mint may have over speculated demand in `13, lower mintages may be in store for `14, similar to what happened in `08.

  70. AkBob says

    Dusty – What in the world does the world coming to an end have to do with lower or higher mintages? LOL You may be correct about the lower mintages this year though.

  71. DNA says

    The Mount Rushmore represents a milestone. This is the first ATB design to exceed the mintages of the lowest mintage State Quarter (OKlahoma)

    Mt. Rush-D 272,400,000 Mt. Rush-P 231,800,000 Total 504,200,000

    Okla-D 194,600,000 Okla-P 222,000,000 Total 416,600,000

  72. Ray says

    i think 08 had low mintages because of all of the offerings being made, gold eagle and buff, and platinum coins, all with fractionals. it will be interesting to see/know when the low mintage has hit its bottom. my guess is that it has. weve seen the gold unc eagle go above last years mintage. and the gold proof eagles of 2013 have higher mintages than 2012. the gold buff is the only exception, and that is because of the first time RP. the silver proof set is higher than 2012. so is the reg proof set.

  73. AkBob says

    Dusty = I was only kidding. Hey, it makes for a better story/comment, right??? Glad to see you have a sense of humor.

  74. Wes says

    Only a couple of weeks ago 2013 70 sets and enhanced ASE were everywhere on sale on the internet. I just was checking and either they sold hundreds of them or they have pulled them trying to create an artificial price support.

  75. Wes says

    Okay they can still be found but APMEX and Modern Coin Mart had a lot of them on sale for the last four months and now they only have a few on their website.

  76. AkBob says

    Wes – they are starting to disappear. Seems like all the sets are starting to disappear. It’s about time. You know, when the 2011 25th Ann Set was released with only 100,000 produced a lot of people thought that it wasn’t enough. Well, it’s been how many years and there’s still a lot of them for sale. Maybe only 75,00 is all that’s really needed after all. Who knows, just a thought.

  77. Jerry says

    Back order is a very good “strategy” to attract buyers, look at uncirculated dollar coin set, it has been obviously highlighted since listed as backorder.

  78. Brad says


    Yes, it has. That’s obviously fueled by thinking a sellout is right around the corner. But, I’ve been thinking for a while now that it’s not really going to sell out just yet after all. Rather, my guess is the Mint likely ended sales of the individual option of the 2013 W ASE to re-direct that remaining inventory to the production of additional Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets, which were already selling much faster than the 2012 set did. The first batch wasn’t going to allow the set to remain for sale as long as the Mint had intended.

    All of that is pure speculation on my part, but it seems to make sense. The backorder started on 12/26. If it were going to be declared “sold out”, surely it would have done so by now.

  79. Brad says


    I would imagine most everyone who ordered it hoping for the quick sellout would be in the same boat as you. But, how many more sets will be made all depends on how many of the W ASE’s were left to allocate to that purpose. I doubt the Mint struck any more of the coins beyond what was already in stock, so the set could still sell out fairly early. But, the higher mintage over the 2012 set would likely squash any short-term price appreciation.

  80. high low silver says

    Zeeman, I’m gonna wait until next week,I was hoping for 205K total but that’s slipping away.

  81. Eddie says

    I go to bed each and every night praying the Mint doesn’t screw up the Kennedy set. Some would like to see a gold Kennedy half but this is only a half dollar we are talking about. Why would you make a gold half dollar I don’t think there has ever been one. Besides the half dollars have always been made out of silver as far as I know of.

  82. Eddie says

    I know a few people here have said they would like to see an end to the Kennedy half. I grew up with the Kennedy half. I hated seeing the Franklin half go but when I saw the Kennedy I thought WOW this is pretty cool. I hate the fact when the Mint switched over to clad I was disappointed especially when I saw how lifeless the clads were. To me the Mint should have gave it more detals when minting them some of them look dreadful. To me that was the biggest mistake the Mint made when minting the clad Kennedy’s. I always disliked the clads because of that very fact and you know they could have made it better looking..

  83. fmtransmitter says

    Soooo who wants to invest a cpl million to market a Kennedy 50th set with me?…J/K It’s coming though…Has my curiosity peaked. All the Dealers are strategizing as we speak…

  84. high low silver says

    Eddie : I remember getting a gold foil wrapped kennedy in candy coins back in the day.

  85. matt says

    I’m hoping for a Denver Bronco champion Superbowl silver dollar from the mint too. Do u thin the mint can get on that?

  86. Ray says

    Patriots are cheaters and should have Super Bowls 36, 38, and 39 stripped from them. At a minimum they should each have an asterisk next to them.

  87. Don says

    We’ve already had patriots on a coin. Remember the bicentennial quarter in 1975 and “76? Alright, those patriots predate Tom Brady.

  88. fmtransmitter says

    Add another classic, won a 1800 seated liberty half. Can’t wait to get her…She looks so pretty sitting there in her robe, protected by our Nations shield. Clear liberty across. What an amazing time, the mid 1800’s to the turn of the century.

  89. AkBob says

    FM – When you mentioned that coin previously I looked it up on Xbay. It really is a very nice coin. BTW, speaking of Auistralian Eagle have you seen the Australian Silver Egle on Xbay that shows a box and the box says high relief on it. That makes me feel better. Boy I can’t wait to get that one that coin. I’m still very curious as to what I end up getting from govmint as I didn’t cancel my order from them. Did you cancel yours?

  90. JagFan says

    Boy was Provident Metals deceiving on their Zombucks program… Looks like they are producing multiple finishes for each design now. Initially they gave you the impression that the uncirculated was the only one and that when they pulled it that was it… Well now they are hawking the Proofs in both Silver and Copper for each of their designs…

    I guess just like a zombie, they couldn’t keep it contained??

    So much for a good thing!

    I predict the same thing for this years Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle. Before you know it they will have them in every color of the rainbow…

  91. fmtransmitter says

    @jag, I am staying with the govmint publication stating the 5 oz later this year. However I DO see if this is a popular coin, they will produce it yearly. That is why I am in for the FIRST year but not anymore based on that price.
    Yes AkBob, I cancelled the PROOF 40mm version from govmint, however a co-worker has kept his so we are going to compare them to each other and also go in on a paid membership to NGC for coin grading privileges.

  92. fmtransmitter says

    I never did get on board with the zombucks even though I wanted to. Sorry to hear about the new multiple finishes. Seems that is way to sell. Low mintage limits and just keep changing the finishes. ANYTHING to keep pumping them out right?

  93. Brad says

    I wonder if the Mint was really paying attention to which products it put that clause about the product being “available for one year from the on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe” on? It would make an interesting scenario for several products that still have prior year items on sale. The clause is included on the Presidential Dollar Coin and First Spouse Medal sets, the ATB Quarter 3-Coin sets and the Presidential Dollar First-Day Coin Covers. If sales of the 2013’s end after one-year, will the prior year versions of those respective series without the clause still be allowed to continue hanging around endlessly, selling only a unit or two every week? Or, will they finally be granted a mercy killing?

    Maybe it would finally give some new life to those product lines, if the 2013’s are pulled off-sale despite paltry mintages. Looking at the sales of the 2011’s and 2012’s, ending sales for the 2013’s after only one year would lock in some nice new lows for the Coin/Spouse Medal sets, making the number of complete sets possible be pretty small. I’m actually surprised the Mint continues to make those, with such pitiful sales numbers. I was afraid they would go the way of those Presidential Dollar Proof Signature Sets of 2007-2008.

  94. fmtransmitter says

    I am curious if any bloggers have been watching the ATB Rushmore 5 oz pucks and pricing on xbay. Have they been going for say higher than US Mint purchase prices yet? Just curious with the fast sell out. I am sure many Dealers still have these in stock but do not know for sure.

  95. JagFan says

    @fmtx – looks like the ATB Rushmore P mint are selling for around $180 in OGP & around $225 in sealed box from the mint.

    I’m looking forward to the 5oz release of the wedge tailed eagle as well – Looks like it will be out around October? There may not be many of these produced and who knows how many Govmint may scoop up so it might be worthwhile to start communicating with one of the dealers in Australia who received an alotment of the HR… Doesn’t hurt!

  96. VARich says

    Proof Zombucks Walker 1 oz Silver Round – Coming Soon – @ $49.95 – whiskey tango foxtrot???

  97. thePhelps says

    VARich… yeah it wass noted earleir. I think I’ll pass on the proofs – high dollar coinage isn’t going to matter in the apocalypse… I’ll stick with the bullion releases.

  98. JagFan says

    Snooze you lose. The above listing is no longer active. He sold 3 in the first 20 minutes for $126 plus S&H so he raised his price to $130 and sold the last 3 in another 20 minutes…

    That is definately a strong indication that he was a little low on the price and that the demand is out there!

  99. HIdalgo says

    Are the US Mint’s production numbers for the 2013 Kennedy half dollars a fluke or mistake? There are strong reasons to believe that they are not.

    I remember seeing newspaper headlines the day after Kennedy was assassinated during November 1963. Consider the following…. Many Americans: still remember the day he was shot, consider Kennedy as the greatest modern President (according to a November 2013 Gallup poll), and want a coin “commemorating” the 50th anniversary of his death. It should be no surprise (especially to Baby Boomers) that there is additional demand for the 2013 coin. That demand would then lead to the minting of additional half dollars.

  100. fmtransmitter says

    It’s coming Hldalgo…We are waiting on what and how it will look. There will be printing issues, box issues, and ordering issues and we won’t get them until 2015 or later IMO…

  101. Don says

    I guess you are still not of the belief that the extra 6 mill. Kennedys produced in 2013 are actually 2014’s. The demand for the circulating quality 2014’s will obviously be unusually heavy, given that the Mint has deemed it the 50th anniversary of the Kennedys. This year’s Kennedys will probably fall into the categories of “must-have” and “key date” for many collectors.
    They are beginning sales of these in mid-February, merely a month away. The Mint has obviously stockpiled the 14’s and is ready to go.

  102. Boz says

    Ask any bank and they will tell you half dollars are not made anymore. Only some really old lady who just refuses to retire still remembers them.

  103. VA Bob says

    You know everyone keeps talking about how early the Kennedy halfs are this year. Personally, I don’t believe they are that early, I purchased Kennedy half rolls from the Mint on the following dates (I meticulously track these things for my records):

    2005 Feb 2, 2005
    2006 Feb 23, 2006
    2007 Apr 2, 2007
    2008 Jan 25, 2008
    2009 Jan 22, 2009
    2010 Jan 30, 2010
    2011 Oct 7, 2011
    2012 Jun 8, 2012
    2013 Sep 27, 2013

    Now the later dates I obviously ordered late in the most year, but I used to order as soon as they came out as indicated by the Jan and Feb order dates for some years that I listed. I believe some folks are reading too much into this years “early” release date for the halfs. If anything it’s getting back to normal.

  104. Jerry Diekmann says

    Maybe I’m dating myself, but I remember, back in the days of circulating silver coins, half dollars were almost as common as quarters. Anytime you were getting back change of 50 cents or more, they always gave you a half dollar, not two quarters. That happened later after people started hoarding JFK half dollars. I have no idea why anyone would want to hoard any JFK half dollars minted since 1971, when silver was removed from the half dollar.

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