US Mint Produces Nearly 12 Billion Circulating Coins in 2013

rushmoreThe United States Mint has updated their circulation coin production figures to include production through the close of 2013. During the year, nearly 12 billion coins were produced, representing an increase of 27.5% compared to the prior year.

During the month of December 2013, production was relatively limited, with 285.96 million coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. Production has typically been limited during the final month of the year. In the previous year, the US Mint had struck 245.34 million coins in December 2012.

The table below displays the latest production figures broken down by denomination and mint facility. The first number column represents the production for December 2013, while the second number column represents production for the full year.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Dec 2013 Full Year 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 76.80 M 3,319.60 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 126.00 M 3,750.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 13.20 M 615.60 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 11.76 M 607.44 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 24.50 M 1,025.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 30.50 M 1,086.50 M
Quarters – Denver 3.20 M 804.40 M
Quarters – Phil. 0 650.80 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 4.60 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 5.00 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 14.01 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.45 M
Total 285.96 M 11,906.94 M

During the month, circulating coin production was confined to cents, nickels, and a small number of quarters. The cent accounted for the majority of production with more than 200 million pieces struck.

There were no half dollars or $1 coins struck during the month.

The following table displays the full year 2013 circulating coin production totals by denomination compared to the prior year.

2013 vs 2012 US Mint Circulating Coin Production
Full Year 2013 Full Year 2012 Change
Cents 7,070.00 M 6,015.20 M 17.54%
Nickels 1,223.04 M 1,023.60 M 19.48%
Dimes 2,112.00 M 1,676.00 M 26.01%
Quarters 1,455.20 M 568.01 M 156.19%
Half Dollars 9.60 M 3.50 M 174.29%
Native Am Dollars 3.64 M 5.88 M -38.10%
Pres Dollars 33.46 M 44.04 M -24.02%
Total 11,906.94 M 9,336.23 M 27.53%

Behind the overall annual increase of 27.53%, some denominations experienced a rise in production, while others registered a decline. Significant increases were seen for the quarter and half dollar denomination.

Since 2009, the production levels for quarters have been much lower than typical due to a significant backlog of excess inventory at Federal Reserve Banks. This led to minimal production levels for the first few years of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program which launched in 2010. Last year, production levels finally started to recover, as the excess inventories had finally been worked down. This year, production levels have further recovered, registering a 156.19% increase from the prior year.

A more unexpected annual production increase was registered for the half dollar, with the number of coins struck increasingly by 174.29% to 9.60 million. These coins are not distributed for circulation, but only sold through numismatic products. When quizzed about the sudden increase in production which occurred last month, a spokesman for the US Mint could offer no explanation. Sales figures for the two roll sets and 200-coin bags haven’t shown any corresponding spike that would explain the production increase. Perhaps the US Mint struck the additional 2013-dated coins for an as yet unannounced product to be released in 2014?

Annual production declines were registered for the Presidential Dollars and Native American Dollars. Following a Treasury Department decision in late 2010, the Presidential Dollars were no longer struck for circulation, rather the coins would only be sold within numismatic products offered by the Mint. This led to a significant decline in production in 2012. A corresponding decline was seen for the Native American Dollars, which have production levels based on overall $1 coin production levels. Further production declines for both series were seen in 2013, as sales figures for numismatic bags and rolls have tapered off.

The final table below shows production totals by design for the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters and 2013 Presidential Dollars. The table is now completed with the totals for the Mount Rushmore Quarters.

2013 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
White Mountain Quarter 107.60 M 68.80 M 176.40 M
Perry’s Victory Quarter 131.60 M 107.80 M 239.40 M
Great Basin Quarter 141.40 M 122.40 M 263.80 M
Fort McHenry Quarter 151.40 M 120.00 M 271.40 M
Mount Rushmore 272.40 M 231.80 M 504.20 M
McKinley Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.13 M
Roosevelt Dollar 3.92 M 5.31 M 9.23 M
Taft Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.12 M
Wilson Dollar 3.36 M 4.62 M 7.98 M

The 2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter saw production of 272.4 million pieces at Denver and 231.8 million pieces at Philadelphia for an overall total of 504.2 million. This is nearly double the amount of quarters produced for the previous design and represents the highest overall production total for a design of the series to date.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Add another classic, won a 1800 seated liberty half. Can’t wait to get her…She looks so pretty sitting there in her robe, protected by our Nations shield. Clear liberty across. What an amazing time, the mid 1800’s to the turn of the century.

  2. AkBob says

    FM – When you mentioned that coin previously I looked it up on Xbay. It really is a very nice coin. BTW, speaking of Auistralian Eagle have you seen the Australian Silver Egle on Xbay that shows a box and the box says high relief on it. That makes me feel better. Boy I can’t wait to get that one that coin. I’m still very curious as to what I end up getting from govmint as I didn’t cancel my order from them. Did you cancel yours?

  3. JagFan says

    Boy was Provident Metals deceiving on their Zombucks program… Looks like they are producing multiple finishes for each design now. Initially they gave you the impression that the uncirculated was the only one and that when they pulled it that was it… Well now they are hawking the Proofs in both Silver and Copper for each of their designs…

    I guess just like a zombie, they couldn’t keep it contained??

    So much for a good thing!

    I predict the same thing for this years Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle. Before you know it they will have them in every color of the rainbow…

  4. fmtransmitter says

    @jag, I am staying with the govmint publication stating the 5 oz later this year. However I DO see if this is a popular coin, they will produce it yearly. That is why I am in for the FIRST year but not anymore based on that price.
    Yes AkBob, I cancelled the PROOF 40mm version from govmint, however a co-worker has kept his so we are going to compare them to each other and also go in on a paid membership to NGC for coin grading privileges.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    I never did get on board with the zombucks even though I wanted to. Sorry to hear about the new multiple finishes. Seems that is way to sell. Low mintage limits and just keep changing the finishes. ANYTHING to keep pumping them out right?

  6. Brad says

    I wonder if the Mint was really paying attention to which products it put that clause about the product being “available for one year from the on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe” on? It would make an interesting scenario for several products that still have prior year items on sale. The clause is included on the Presidential Dollar Coin and First Spouse Medal sets, the ATB Quarter 3-Coin sets and the Presidential Dollar First-Day Coin Covers. If sales of the 2013’s end after one-year, will the prior year versions of those respective series without the clause still be allowed to continue hanging around endlessly, selling only a unit or two every week? Or, will they finally be granted a mercy killing?

    Maybe it would finally give some new life to those product lines, if the 2013’s are pulled off-sale despite paltry mintages. Looking at the sales of the 2011’s and 2012’s, ending sales for the 2013’s after only one year would lock in some nice new lows for the Coin/Spouse Medal sets, making the number of complete sets possible be pretty small. I’m actually surprised the Mint continues to make those, with such pitiful sales numbers. I was afraid they would go the way of those Presidential Dollar Proof Signature Sets of 2007-2008.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    I am curious if any bloggers have been watching the ATB Rushmore 5 oz pucks and pricing on xbay. Have they been going for say higher than US Mint purchase prices yet? Just curious with the fast sell out. I am sure many Dealers still have these in stock but do not know for sure.

  8. JagFan says

    @fmtx – looks like the ATB Rushmore P mint are selling for around $180 in OGP & around $225 in sealed box from the mint.

    I’m looking forward to the 5oz release of the wedge tailed eagle as well – Looks like it will be out around October? There may not be many of these produced and who knows how many Govmint may scoop up so it might be worthwhile to start communicating with one of the dealers in Australia who received an alotment of the HR… Doesn’t hurt!

  9. VARich says

    Proof Zombucks Walker 1 oz Silver Round – Coming Soon – @ $49.95 – whiskey tango foxtrot???

  10. thePhelps says

    VARich… yeah it wass noted earleir. I think I’ll pass on the proofs – high dollar coinage isn’t going to matter in the apocalypse… I’ll stick with the bullion releases.

  11. JagFan says

    Snooze you lose. The above listing is no longer active. He sold 3 in the first 20 minutes for $126 plus S&H so he raised his price to $130 and sold the last 3 in another 20 minutes…

    That is definately a strong indication that he was a little low on the price and that the demand is out there!

  12. HIdalgo says

    Are the US Mint’s production numbers for the 2013 Kennedy half dollars a fluke or mistake? There are strong reasons to believe that they are not.

    I remember seeing newspaper headlines the day after Kennedy was assassinated during November 1963. Consider the following…. Many Americans: still remember the day he was shot, consider Kennedy as the greatest modern President (according to a November 2013 Gallup poll), and want a coin “commemorating” the 50th anniversary of his death. It should be no surprise (especially to Baby Boomers) that there is additional demand for the 2013 coin. That demand would then lead to the minting of additional half dollars.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    It’s coming Hldalgo…We are waiting on what and how it will look. There will be printing issues, box issues, and ordering issues and we won’t get them until 2015 or later IMO…

  14. Don says

    I guess you are still not of the belief that the extra 6 mill. Kennedys produced in 2013 are actually 2014’s. The demand for the circulating quality 2014’s will obviously be unusually heavy, given that the Mint has deemed it the 50th anniversary of the Kennedys. This year’s Kennedys will probably fall into the categories of “must-have” and “key date” for many collectors.
    They are beginning sales of these in mid-February, merely a month away. The Mint has obviously stockpiled the 14’s and is ready to go.

  15. Boz says

    Ask any bank and they will tell you half dollars are not made anymore. Only some really old lady who just refuses to retire still remembers them.

  16. VA Bob says

    You know everyone keeps talking about how early the Kennedy halfs are this year. Personally, I don’t believe they are that early, I purchased Kennedy half rolls from the Mint on the following dates (I meticulously track these things for my records):

    2005 Feb 2, 2005
    2006 Feb 23, 2006
    2007 Apr 2, 2007
    2008 Jan 25, 2008
    2009 Jan 22, 2009
    2010 Jan 30, 2010
    2011 Oct 7, 2011
    2012 Jun 8, 2012
    2013 Sep 27, 2013

    Now the later dates I obviously ordered late in the most year, but I used to order as soon as they came out as indicated by the Jan and Feb order dates for some years that I listed. I believe some folks are reading too much into this years “early” release date for the halfs. If anything it’s getting back to normal.

  17. Jerry Diekmann says

    Maybe I’m dating myself, but I remember, back in the days of circulating silver coins, half dollars were almost as common as quarters. Anytime you were getting back change of 50 cents or more, they always gave you a half dollar, not two quarters. That happened later after people started hoarding JFK half dollars. I have no idea why anyone would want to hoard any JFK half dollars minted since 1971, when silver was removed from the half dollar.

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