US Mint Provides Final Audited Mintages

2010 Silver EagleThe United States Mint has recently provided final audited mintage figures for a large number of numismatic precious metals products. The newly available mintages cover proof and uncirculated Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, Platinum Eagles, Gold Buffalo coins, and related sets. This is the first such update provided by the US Mint in several years, with new figures covering coins originally issued from 2009 to 2012.

As most readers know, the US Mint reports cumulative sales levels for numismatic products on a weekly basis. I use this cumulative data to prepare weekly sales reports on Coin Update, which calculate the weekly changes and draw comparisons to sales levels for past products. Once a numismatic product sells out, the last reported sales figure represents the best approximation for the mintage of a particular coin until the final audited mintage is released. Sometimes it can take years for the final data to be released.

Typically, the different between the last reported sales and the final audited mintages will be a small decrease. Presumably, this may remove order cancellations and returns or perform other final reconciliations which take place after the product has sold out and weekly reporting has stopped.

The table below summarizes the newly available final audited mintages. The first number column represents the previously available last reported sales figure, while the second number column represents the newly available final audited mintage. The final column shows the change.

Sales Mintage Change
2010 Proof Silver Eagle 860,000 849,861 -10,139
2011 Proof Silver Eagle 850,000 847,473 -2,527
2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle 309,927 309,884 -43
2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set 100,000 99,882 -118
2012 Proof Silver Eagle 819,217 832,779 13,562
2012 Uncirculated Silver Eagle 202,504 198,820 -3,684
2012 MAH Coin and Currency Set 60,203 56,857 -3,346
2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set 224,981 224,935 -46
2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set 50,169 44,952 -5,217
2012 Annual Uncirculated $1 Coin Set 28,368 27,300 -1,068
2010 1 oz Proof Gold Eagle 25,000 24,899 -101
2010 1/2 oz Proof Gold Eagle 10,000 9,946 -54
2010 1/4 oz Proof Gold Eagle 10,000 9,926 -74
2010 1/10 oz Proof Gold Eagle 20,000 19,704 -296
2010 Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set 35,000 34,581 -419
2011 1 oz Proof Gold Eagle 30,000 29,495 -505
2011 1/2 oz Proof Gold Eagle 8,066 7,970 -96
2011 1/4 oz Proof Gold Eagle 10,381 9,971 -410
2011 1/10 oz Proof Gold Eagle 24,000 23,886 -114
2011 Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set 18,873 18,811 -62
2011 Uncirculated Gold Eagle 8,822 8,729 -93
2012 1 oz Proof Gold Eagle 14,848 14,782 -66
2012 1/2 oz Proof Gold Eagle 3,962 3,961 -1
2012 1/4 oz Proof Gold Eagle 4,969 4,927 -42
2012 1/10 oz Proof Gold Eagle 11,680 11,892 212
2012 Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set 8,957 8,848 -109
2012 Uncirculated Gold Eagle 6,118 5,829 -289
2009 Proof Platinum Eagle 8,000 7,945 -55
2010 Proof Platinum Eagle 10,000 9,871 -129
2011 Proof Platinum Eagle 15,000 14,790 -210
2012 Proof Platinum Eagle 10,084 9,081 -1,003
2011 Proof Gold Buffalo 28,693 28,683 -10
2012 Proof Gold Buffalo 19,765 19,715 -50

All of this data can be pulled from the US Mint website at this location. Note that a few of the line items have unusual or incomplete product titles. Also, the 2011 25th Anniversary Set shows total unit sales of 499,410 units, which I am guessing has incorrectly quintupled the number of sets sold since there were five coins in the set- although this does not occur for other multi-coin sets.

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  1. Brad says

    Man, some of those are some SERIOUS downward adjustments! How could the mintage of the 2012 LESPS drop by over 5,200 units? That alone is over $780,000 in revenue! Once the fact that the mintage is quite a bit lower than everyone thought, the value of that set may rise even more now. Too bad I didn’t buy any.

    I want to see some audited mintage numbers for the rest of the 2009 through 2012 First Spouses!

  2. Mint News Blog says

    Brad- I have inquired with the Mint if final updated numbers are also available for the First Spouse Coins. If I receive figures, I will post asap.

  3. says


    You beat me to the punch and echoed my thoughts. Some of those disparities are quite startling. I cannot wait to see what the First Spouse numbers look like if Michael is able to get them.

  4. Samuel says

    2011 Uncirculated Gold Eagle 8,822 8,729 -93
    2012 Uncirculated Gold Eagle 6,118 5,829 -289

    very nice.

  5. DigMan says

    Got this from Mint RE: 2013 LESPS
    “Item: LS2 Exp Ship: 3/12/14

    How long will they play this game and what’s the added value with less than 50,000 produced?

  6. DNA says

    The 2012 LESPS was totally overpriced, until the regular Silver Proof Set sold out. At which point I ordered a few of the Limited Sets.

    -5,200 makes me wonder if that was the number of cancelled orders that (for some reason) were never re-allocated back to salable inventory…

  7. Dustyroads says

    Wow, very nice in deed! I’m blown away by these reductions of the 2012 LESPS, UNC gold, and the UNC ASE from the same year. What a nice surprise to come home to.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    In looking at these adjustments, most represent a delta of 1-3 percent which, by itself isn’t horribly bad for most inventory management systems. But, as Brad, C.O. and others have commented, when you look at the 2012 LESPS and the 2012 Proof Platinum adjustments, each represents a change of at least 10 percent, and each for precious metal products to boot.

    I couldn’t begin to guess which part of the Mint’s processes might be broken, but those types of inventory discrepancies would result in dismissals in the commercial / industrial world. Maybe the Mint’s new e-commerce system coming later this year will minimize most of these discrepancies – and the time necessary determine them.

  9. VA Rich says

    Brad – you know you want the ’12 LESPS after picking up those silver proof sets; ironically, I think we’re both the same age and missed out on it though wish we had grabbed one…, just make the splurge and start the series. Maybe Nick will sell us one…

  10. says

    I have had absolutely zero luck in getting any mintage info for the First Spouse Bronze medals for years. Letters and phone calls to mint personnel including a letter faxed to the executive assistant to the Mint Director produces no response.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    That set has been selling for close to $300 for awhile. You just noticing now because you saw the figures. Look for a PCGS PF 70 set in those! Thousands! NGC won’t pedigree the set.

  12. Dave says

    I got lucky earlier this year when I traded one of my SanFrancisco sets for a LESPS at even money at my local coin shop! It is now worth twice the SF set 🙂
    Hope I get my 2013 before the 2014 comes out.

  13. simon says

    NIck – a very-very good idea. There is generally no telling if there will be a substantial mintage dip for a single year in the near future. Also, the coins will be stamped in quad 9 Ag which is endearing to say the least. To conclude collecting coins is way more fun than pawning.

  14. CB says

    While checking for the First Spouse numbers, could you also ask for the final mintages of the silver 5-ounce “P” ATB quarters. I read recently that the 2012 Denali may be the key with less than 14K minted.

  15. VA Rich says

    Nick – IF, and that’s an IF, the half dollar concludes this year or changes designs, I suspect in the long run, you’ll really want the first three of the series. I made someone’s day last night and paid way too much for my ’12 that I’ve wanted for some time… so I’m in now. And, after this year, you may never find a set being offered by the mint at $139.., oh, and I almost forgot, you’ll have a little gucci mint bag to carry it around in! One more thing, this low mintage & consumer demand rhetoric isn’t the end all.., the 2013 will do well because the ’12 has done very well and the ’14 will do even better.

  16. charles says

    Sorry guys, but I think any premiums on the lesps will be less for the 2013 set, and even less for the 2014 set.

  17. Gary says

    @VA Rich…what did you pay for the 2012 set, if you don’t mind me asking?
    I know they had been going for around $200 on Ebay.

    @ Charles…I think everybody gets a little jumpy looking for quick premiums. I think if the US Mint keeps these at a 50k mintage they will do just fine.

  18. DigMan says

    The Mint has probably ALREADY “sold out” of the 2013 LESPS. which will make the “13’s in hot demand–if they ever ship them out.

  19. Brian says

    Gary – Don’t forget the 2012 burnished silver eagle was also in the dollar coin set. So the new combined mintage is 226,120.

    The 2013 is at 209,890 and rising.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Thank you Michael, wow, you are right, these figures were a long time coming. Seems things take YEARS to do in Washington, everyone is on the slow boat. You can hear it in the voices of the worker’s, like they are in prison waiting on retirement so they can be let free.

  21. fmtransmitter says

    DigMan, still available to order, with the free bag. Your key word there was probably? Going to the website will show you they are still there, thousands are still there for sale.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set 100,000 99,882 -118
    Been on my radar for a long time, afraid with this, these become even more out of reach. Congrats to those who have sets, some several!

  23. VARich says

    Gary – $200 on the bay was quite sometime ago…, opened one have fallen into a range of $250-$270; unopened sets are fetching $290-$320.

    Just a thought, there’s so many unknowns surrounding the JFK half dollar opportunity for this year that the value of the ’13 & ’14 set could see perhaps some major swings.., when you stop think through what the mint may throw out and change up in the other associated sets to be offered. I’m excited to see how this all shakes out.., so planning accordingly

  24. Brad says


    No, I can’t bring myself to do it right now. I’ve had an uncanny knack for buying things at their peak of popularity in the past, only to have them fall later. While that might not happen here, I’m not quite ready to take the plunge just yet.

    As far as those speculating that the 2013 LESPS will not perform well after sellout, I have to disagree. The entire scenario for 2013 Silver Proof Set products is largely shaping up to be similar to that of 2012. The standard set sold out early again with another low mintage, and the limit of 50,000 Limited Edition sets is unchanged from last year. Sales of those seem to be at about the same pace as the 2012, too. The revelation that the actual mintage of the 2012 set is just over 5,000 less than what was originally thought will strenghen it’s position as the “key” set, but the expected slightly higher mintage of the 2013 certainly won’t be enough to kill it’s future value. Once it’s gone, it should climb to $200+ shortly after. The low-mintage dime and half dollar coins in the 2013 silver sets will carry them in much the same way as they have the 2012’s, just to a lesser degree due to the slightly higher mintage.

    So, maybe I should just buy a dozen or so extras of the 2013 LESPS and sell them after the Mint sellout, investing some of the profits into the 2012 set to start a series.

  25. Samuel says

    the reason i like the set is that, probably you can’t get such a big box (with so many layers) with $139, fro many mint.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    So I got the 2nd Edition American Silver Eagles hard cover book by Mercanti and I must say it is very very well done. It has some comments from Reagan’s son and the history about “National Coin Week” etc…Very nice coffee table book. Classy…Great job!

  27. fmtransmitter says

    The Enhanced Silver Eagle on the cover is stunning and the silver foil lettering. Very nice book, a must have for silver eagle collectors IMO.

  28. stephen m says

    @fmtransmitter, There appears to be plenty of 25th 2011 anniversary ASE sets available on Ebay to those that missed the opportunity the day they went on sale. I was on line and calling from noon until about 4pm before I finally snagged my 5 sets that are still in the sealed box. I agree with you and can see this set and coins from this set going only up in value. The MS S coin is my favorite pick to be the star of the set. The “Bag” is very low on my want list.

  29. Samuel says

    the missing package contains 20+ coins. anyone has an estimation of the value? wondering how much insurance they put on it.

  30. Speculator says

    Michael, these are very interesting numbers. From a big picture perspective, most of the audited numbers are fairly close to the original numbers reported. I doubt that the small changes will have much of an impact.

  31. Nick says

    I’m goin to pass on the 2013 lesps. I don’t see much there like I did for the ’12. I am going to get a set of the quarters in silver proof to continue my atb quarter set

  32. Don says

    In regard to the 2011 25th anniversary silver eagle state: Why was the Mint 118 units shorts of the widely publicized 100,000 mintage? Shouldn’t a product with a stated mintage be exactly that? If only the customers at the top of the wait list knew that there should have been over a hundred sets still available.

  33. Howard says

    fm I received this book and the first one too, but take a look at the quoted mintage for 2008-W Burnish, is that correct??? And the second edition
    has put graded coins in a more prominent placement in the newer book.

  34. Brian says

    Don – returns, credit card cancelled, person died, etc. Was there a wait list? I was not a collector back then.

    I think the long term future of the LESPS will be like that of the prestige proof sets of the 80s and 90s. It might be a good flipping opportunity for a while, but don’t get caught holding for too long.

  35. Don says

    Yes, there was a wait list. My neighbor was one of the waitees, but he did receive his sets.
    I don’t see how such things as returns, CC problems, deaths, etc. have any effect on the actual mintage total. The 99,882 is the audited MINTAGE total, not sales total. In fact, I would have thought that the Mint would have minted a quantity slightly higher than 100,000 to allow for replacements on damaged sets.

  36. thePhelps says

    Don – I think given the sets sold out quickly, and then the mint had to deal with cancelations after the sell out as well as replacing damaged sets etc… that falling just short of the 100,000 is essentially the same as selling 100,000. I think your being a little hyper-critical when you are talking 118 sets short of 100,000.

  37. JEFF in TX. says

    The Mint just took an educated guess on the 2008-w with the 07′ back UNC. silver eagle. What if the number was to be lower . Some one may have changed the die hub before the Mint found out. It would be fun to post on a site if you have one or more, to see what the public total is to the Mint’s total. Which is around 47,000?????

  38. fmtransmitter says

    @Howard, oddly, I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet except a few pages. I won’t rely on any mintage numbers in it, as I don’t view it as a reference book vs. a nice coffee table book with history of our bullion program and insiders view. I like the Red Book for mintage’s, among others.

  39. fmtransmitter says

    I agree stephen m, I see them all the time around $1,000. One day maybe I will buy. I am liking World coins and targeting the Kennedy set this year. Target may change, as it always seems to.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    As for TPG’s getting more attention, IMO it is only natural as collectors in rural areas of our Country and the World who do not have access to buy coins “in hand”, and rely on the internet to buy sight unseen, that the TPG’s are going to HAVE to play a more prominent role in this hobby. The internet was the best ever to happen to TPG’s…

  41. high low silver says

    Don: Good question about 2011 ann set. The clad Kennedys from 2002- 2012 had an exact mintage, right on the money every year.I think the word Max mintage was in use for mint products back then or they are hoarding them.

  42. stephen m says

    Very good question. Since it was a quick sellout I’m sure someone would have been happy to get one of the 118 missing 25th sets. It’s not many sets granted but they would still have to be accounted for I would think. I mean if they came up short on my watch I would want to know where and why they went? Did they go out the back door and walk off? $35,400 worth of 25th sets missing maybe? Maybe union and the Mint rehired that security guard that was tied in on the edge lettering pilfering with the, I think, presidential dollar coins. None of the government operated businesses want bad press and try to keep a low profile on this kind of thing if there are missing sets.

  43. les says

    jut a comment on the first spouse coins I really do believe these will be worth a small fortune in the near future if you have the whole set in proof and mint state I don’t see how anyone could go wrong on this series the lowest ever in mintages in history of the mint in gold .wish I had the money to accumulate a set . only dreaming . we let this one get away .

  44. Don says


    Again, I am not talking about selling just short of 100,000. I am talking about minting just short of 100K. The audit is for mintage, not sales.

  45. thePhelps says

    Don – I think you are talking semantics. Please explain what you believe that number means – and why it is so critical that the mint ended 118 short of 100,000.

    To me it could very well be they shut down ordering – and then audited the orders and found duplicates. Or they shut down ordering and had cancellations, or fulfilled all pending orders and destroyed the excess held for replacement and were done – 118 short of 100,000… I see no reason to believe it is an issue.

  46. high low silver says

    Maybe 118 bogus claims were filed for not receiving any coin . That’s the only thing I can imagine an audit would catch…….. 4 RP gold eagles were missing in 2006.

  47. Don says


    You don’t have to look any further than the recent Girl Scout commemorative. The mintage total far exceeded the sales total, resulting in the Mint having to dispose of unsold inventory. Mintage totals and sales totals are two completely different things, and this is an example where they were very far apart.
    Let’s see what happens when the mintage figure is audited for this GS commemorative. The audit should, by all rights, include total mintage, not just surviving mintage.

  48. HarryB says

    Interesting discussions on mintage vs sales, however over my active collecting years, since the mid 60s the term appears to be used interchangeably, however they are different, with final mintage figures equalling what was released into circulation or sold to collectors,not how many were produced. The 1964 Peace dollar as an example was minted then cancelled/melted, thus no recorded mintage figures exist.

  49. high low silver says

    PCGS confirmed a 1974 d aluminum penny last month … far I guess there is a mintage of 1of a million never recorded ??

  50. thePhelps says

    HarryB – you hit it exactly. The only time mintage totals are really different than sold totals is when the mint keeps a set number of examples. Otherwise the number sold is the final mintage number.

    Don – the GS coin mintage will show up as a sold number. The mint destroyed the coins not sold. For collectors those coins mean nothing anyway, you’ll never be able to purchase the excess mintage – they will never show up anywhere to be purchased – they are gone.

    Look back at the classic commemorative coins and you can read how the mint made so many coins – and then you’ll also read how they destroyed the coins not sold. Then look for mintage numbers in a collectors book – they don’t talk in what could have been numbers – they refer to the actual number of coins minted and sold to the public. This is the mintage numbers collectors are concerned with – not the total number of coins pressed at the mint and later destroyed. (unless you want to get into the 1964 Peace dollar discussion).

  51. thePhelps says

    hls – that is kind of a whole different discussion. Same but different. Where none of those coins was supposed to be released and all were supposed to have been destroyed… that one wasn’t leaves the door open that others might have survived… but so far the total population of 1974 “D” Aluminum pennies is 1. The possibility that the number changes over time exists – because obviously we don’t know if they did destroy all the other coins. BUT that isn’t in the discussion for coins released and sold to the general public… and the mintage numbers of those coins.

  52. Jerry Diekmann says

    thePhelps – do you know what happened in the case of the bicentennial silver clad “S” uncirculated and proof coins? The Red Book gives their mintages as 11 million and 4 million, and then says “mintages are approximate”. Several million werem melted in 1982″. Seems strange that we don’t have the actual mintage numbers, after the Mint melted the unsold coins. There seems to be an actual number of 7,059,000 million for the 1976S clad proof coins – just not the silver clad coins, the only S coins to my knowledge that were issued in both uncirculated and proof condition.

  53. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Les

    I hope you are right about the FS coins. I just bought the last 2 for 2013 to keep my set complete. I’ll have to save every penny for the ’14 set

  54. Zaz says

    @Les: Re: FS, they are already worth a small fortune in either the proof or MS sets. There have been 30 spouses released already and that’s either 15 oz or 30 oz of gold if both types are collected. Just 10 more to go including Jackie next year that will probably see a surge of interest in the series.

  55. VA Rich says

    Hey guys – check this out – Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

    From the Coin Update link, 21 Feb –

    “In another action, the CCAC voted unanimously to suggest in its annual report that the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Moon Landing by Apollo 11 astronauts should be marked with a commemorative coin in 2019.”


  56. ClevelandRocks says

    I think the FS series is doomed to have low interest.
    This blog was excited about the upcoming Mary Lincoln, but she was a dud too.
    I’m personally excited about Lady Bird Johnson, but doubt she, or Jackie K. will generate much interest. They should have made them 1 oz silver coins.

  57. Eddie says

    I don’t think the Jackie Kennedy FS will bring much interest to the series but to that one coin.

  58. Eddie says

    She will be the best seller of the series. I to think the FR series would done a lot better of it was either 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce of silver. Gold is out of most peoples reach so the silver would have did a lot better… my little opinion and only at a reasonable price also especially the 1/2. No one wants to spend $20.00 or even more over spot for a 1/2 of silver.

  59. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VA Rich – Thanks for pointing that out. Great news and a long time coming. The space program, as a whole, provides an opportunity for an entire series of coins, vice one commemorative.

    I am hopeful that Congress and the Mint will move away from our currently stodgy Commemorative program and towards increased flexibility in identifying programmatic topics long before 2019 gets here. Following through on the elimination of the special interest, surcharges / fund raising aspect of our commemorative program will be the first, major step towards that end.

  60. VARich says

    VABB – couldn’t agree more! And if I may add, increased flexibility in the weight/dimensions of said Commemoratives…

    …how cool would a 5 oz, enhanced concave Apollo coin that resembles the Ike Eagle Landing reverse be???

  61. VA Bob says

    That’s good news VA Rich. I just hope they do it right. An enhanced silver coin with the moon’s surface in matte, the lunar module/astronauts and space in proof and of course earth in the distance.

    Another design I think would be cool is astronaut’s’s helmet filling the coins field with the image of the moon’s surface and earth ‘reflected’ in the visor.

  62. KEITHSTER says

    Yup got three more rolls the other day I know they made many and these now might end up like the state one’s if they keep it up ? But with the finish on the smokies is that enhanced die work?they should take a beating in circulation & bags.So might even try for a few more?On closer look with the loupe is that bird giving us ” the bird” don’t blame him though oh well Good Luck to Us All :>:>:)

  63. fmtransmitter says

    The great somkey mountain design is a GREAT desgin IMO, it just needs the different type fields to make the feautures stand out. The cabin, the greenery, the mountains, the sky, and the eagle. If they had the different fields like the back of the CR Commem, it would look stunning.

  64. ybsane says

    Anyone try ordering the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set this weekend?
    I ordered one Friday and in My Order History shows order request is in process.
    I ordered another one yesterday and got a confirmation email with a backorder status but when I click on My Account under My Order History is this message:
    Last Order:
    Subtotal: $140.00
    Status: Sold Out

    Since there were still over 10,000 sets remaining as of the 16th I have to assume either the website isn’t processing the orders for these sets properly this weekend or the bag is sold out.

  65. Samuel says

    y, i would assume they r updating their website. i just checked my subscriptions, the only shown sub is gone. so, i suspect they r doing something at this moment.

  66. simon says

    fyi in the WSJ :

    Sameer Samana, senior international strategist at brokerage firm Wells Fargo Advisors, is urging clients to treat gold’s rebound as an opportunity to sell anything they still have.

    “What we have found in our work is that a broad basket of commodities is a better hedge against inflation, a greater diversification and a better hedge against the dollar,” Mr. Samana said.

    Gold does well “when you are very nervous about the world,” he said.

    He thinks metals like copper, aluminum and zinc, which unlike gold are used primarily in industry, are a better bet in a time of economic recovery.

  67. says

    @ Nick, There is an ETF that has future contracts for aluminum, zinc and copper. The ETF is DBB. It tries to split equally between the three metals. I assume this is an ETF partnership. I have been in a few ETF partnerships and they don’t always have tax results like you think they should. I would sure do some due diligence.

  68. Blair J Tobler says

    VARich & VABB – I’m with you on Apollo commemoratives! I’m gonna start saving for them now! My budget have never allowed for the purchase of gold coins, but I’ve got 5 years to save for gold Apollos!

  69. ClevelandRocks says

    Don’t buy physical copper. 200lbs is worth 1/2 oz of gold!
    Storage would be a nightmare.

  70. fmtransmitter says

    In your opinion CR of course: I love copper and have storage for it and there is a case for copper being the next silver one day, one long day. Some people live on wide open ranches and have no problem stockpiling copper or any metal for that matter. Then setting up proper security around the perimeter. I stick with numismatic silver at the moment but do have several large bars of copper, looks like gold bars, nice to dream. lol

  71. Ray says

    Ill bite. So why would anyone think copper is the next silver? Looking at amount mined each year, I find it laughable. Premiums are huge %-wise on phys Cu. Don’t see it happening on this planet.

  72. fmtransmitter says

    @Ray: Try and do a little research and see what you can BUY/PURCHASE pure copper bullion for compared to the spot price. Let me know what you find out.

  73. Wes says

    So Silver would be a better hedge than gold since it is used as an industrial metal? I also have platinum that is diversified.

  74. gary says

    You can get all the copper you want by going to the bank & getting rolls to separate. Sure it takes time but each cent is worth 2x face even at today’s lowish copper prices. Along the way I have found steel cents, lots of wheaties, 1909 VDB, 1911-S and several indian cents. Even found some unplated zinc cents & a few blank planchets. Storage? Heavy plastic totes & a hole in the ground can do the trick.

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