US Mint Reduces 50th Anniversary Kennedy Silver Set Product Limit

The United States Mint has announced a reduction to the product limit for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection. The previously indicated limit of 300,000 units has now been reduced to 225,000 units.

Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

The four coin silver set represented the third in a trio of products issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar series. The US Mint seemed to be anticipating intense demand for the product which includes 90% silver half dollars from different mint facilities with proof, reverse proof, enhanced uncirculated, and uncirculated finishes. Just days ahead of the October 28 launch, the Mint had announced the product limit of 300,000 units and initial production of 180,000 units immediately available for the start of sales.

Whereas opening day sales for the 50th anniversary clad set and gold proof coin had topped the US Mint’s initial production level, the opening day sales for the silver set fell short at 85,670 units. Sales rose to 125,147 through the opening weekend.

After three weeks of availability, the US Mint removed the ordering limit of five sets per household, which has provided a boost to the pace of weekly sales.

As of November 24, sales have reached 165,824 units, up by 21,252 from the prior week. The cumulative total now represents 73.70% of the revised product limit. The US Mint has indicated that the product will remain available until sold out.

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  1. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    WRT to the bill – this was ‘borrowed’ from the aforementioned link ~ mystery solved?

    “If indeed the serial numbers run 0570 0000 to 0574 9999 then winners of this lottery will be reflectors and repeaters.

    05700750, 05711750,…05744750
    05700570, 05710571,…05740574

    05700000 and 05749999 would probably bring premiums.

    Maybe some would pay extra for (you never know on ebay):
    05700571, 05710572,…05740575

    Otherwise, it’s an instant $1 rebate, bringing the cost of the set to $12.95 (plus shipping)… “

  2. Frankie says

    I just called the mint. The lady didn’t know if it’s sold out or just out of stock, but it wasn’t possible to place an order either way. Either way, those who played the BHOF gold game will want to stay away from this one. 50k is a lot to go around…

  3. Jim says


    So this coin is not only enhanced but also colorized. I guess everyone’s worst fears of the Mint going the way of other mints has been realized.

  4. IPS_STUFF says


    Is 50k really a lot to go around with the following being considered?

    1) Coin that is part of a series and not a unique “one-off” item like the BHOF, this can become a key to a series
    2) Cost is $13.95 compared to $400 plus, lot more affordable.

    The real question will be once someone has these is hand and determines that they are truly unique and different than other versions of 2014 Native American Dollars as indicated by the “Enhanced” wording.

    Just another opinion.

  5. Dustyroads says

    Keep Calm & Stack On, That’s the way I’m looking at the bill to. This may have already been mentioned, but there should be a fairly good number of available sets on line with consecutive serial numbers soon at a higher premium. I can see those selling much faster, say 5 sets with all consecutive numbers… everyone wins.

  6. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- Sac looks more like she’s been trading her fish and loaves for some cheap chinese made goods. ‘-)

    Did you see last weeks sales of JFK silver, over 21K sets, just as I suspected. Two reasons, resellers trying to beat the ER/FS deadline and the arrival of PL/DPL coins. I have a lot to say about it but can’t in this public forum, not yet anyway,. We would have had a real secondary market winner if the mint would have stayed the course at 180K, now I am not as sure, but still think so. Have to wait and see if there is follow through after the FS window is closed. If so, then the second reason I gave could carry us to a sellout. If we pass the 180K already minted, what kind of surprises will the second batch of coins bring? Will all the enhanced coins be PL/DPL? Could be….stay tuned. It will have implications either way.

    @Dustyroads- good point, unless the Denver Mint packaging and shipping Dept. is populated with former Las Vegas card dealers.

  7. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I hear ya! Rather glad to see the large FS/ER buys from the retailers.., they should be priced right in due time as previous discussed.

    As of right now, I just want to ask, “Will the real Jack please stand up?!”

    I mean we have:
    a) Zebra stripped Jack – seems prominent
    b) Dull Jack – the ones I have (w/o stripes)
    c) PL Jack, or should we call him 40% Proof Jack
    & d) DLP Jack, or 90% Proof Jack

    So how was Jack intended by the mint?

  8. Hawkster says

    By downplaying this C&C set, beginning with the initial press release where there was no mention of an enhanced Sac, the Mint has unwittingly stumbled on a new sales strategy. The word “enhanced” was not even mentioned in the original product description. The accompanying photos that the Mint provided also did not offer any hint as to how the Sac was enhanced.
    It was not until posters commented on the enhanced Sac in the set, after which the speculation and interest started to take off. And yesterday, when a poster on another forum posted pictures of the enhanced Sac, things exploded. I then realized that a sellout was imminent.
    Yeah, the Mint basically let the coin forums run with it and fuel the frenzy. And you know what? I wouldn’t mind if the Mint did this with a future offering. It was fun–at least to those who paid attention to what was happening and got their orders placed in time. Come on Mint, pop another surprise.

  9. Tinto says


    Agree … I too thought it was executed very well … nothing was telegraphed was like a mystery waiting to be discovered … unlike the JFK roll out which I thought was over the top marketing …

  10. KEITHSTER says

    Yup the coin discovery kit for big kids but I think they knew it from the get-go. I can here it now watch this cherry-pickin don’t think so returns ah don’t think so mad customers ah don’t wait we always get those so no fair not fair so who told you life was fair?P off the big no they’re in the know all in the know sould know. Wait list wait told ya no returns there all gone but if you want we’ll open it for a couple of min. cause you know what’s his name? As for the which is which JFK’s back to the collect the 4 differant don’t think we’ll ever know how many of each there be but atleast we got 4 for 1 so enjoy if it is the die wear thingy should be about the same unless you make to big of a thing of the PL’s and the pump the rest out on the warn dies. So just a shout out Thank You to the Mint for atleast trying to restore the order histoy removing your coin of the year to out of stock and the fun in the adult dicovery set. So Good Luck And Stay Tuned Any Buddy Out There:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  11. cagcrisp says

    So much for FIFO. After Keep Calm & Stack On talked me into Buying yesterday, I did 3 Identical orders. Boom, Boom, Boom. THEN I realized that I wanted one of these going out of state. Went back on the website and inputted a Whole new shipping address. Probably took 20 minutes. Went in and made a Purchase to the new shipping address. The Sales number was 226 After the First of the Initial 3. The Last order with the out of state shipping address has Shipped and the Others are still Processing.

    SO…..a Purchase 20 minutes later and 226 orders later has shipped and others are Processing…So much for FIFO…

  12. mark says

    All three of my 54 total packages are on their way. Just noticed I still had 99 in my shopping bag, from just playing around. Tried to checkout an it says. SORRY THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILIBIBLE. The sold out sign will come after all credit cards are verified.

  13. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Shucks Cag, I was hoping you’d share a buyers remorse story, how you were snookered by KCSO, & want me to buy them from you at cost! May be next time… 😉

    Where’s the #’s?!!!

  14. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I’ll only be snookered if I can’t unload, then I will be ” in Hot now” and you will have to change your name again…

  15. CasualCollector says

    I wonder if “Remind Me” Button is just a free way to get more email addresses (to send emails for future offerings). Or it could simply mean they are not sold out yet…

  16. mark says

    Went from out of stock to (currently) out of stock. Wonder how long it takes to get more minted. Now we should be able to get first strike…. early release.

  17. Wes says

    I wasn’t interested in the coin and currency set before and I am still not interested Enjoy your hoard of Sacs.

  18. Brad says

    Don’t worry about it. The 50,000 mintage of the unique dollar coin will carry this set for a while. I’m willing to gamble more money on it when the second batch becomes available. Be ready to pounce, because the second wave will fly off the shelves. That is, unless the Mint imposes an ordering limit for the next batch, which they very well might.

  19. says

    The 50k “limit” is for the “product”, or, folder with the dollar bill and dollar coin in it. The “mintage limit” of the dollar coin itself is non existent, “None”. The Mint can still and I am guessing already have minted 100’s of thousands or millions of the EU coins. The dollar bill somehow being related to Lewis And Clark has me baffled and if there is in fact something about the dollar bill we don’t know yet will be the real rarity. Of course this is all IMHO…

  20. Robert says

    I started collecting coins in 2014. I’ve been to conventions and notice a rift between people who collect old and new coins, more often than not the old timers scoff at modern coins, refusing to accept them into the halls of the coin collecting hobby, which to a certain extent I understand. I follow the advice I was given to me which was collect what you like, so my collection thus has old and new coins alike. A question about this set: I understand the resale value if the mintage is low, but it’s hard for me to understand buying 1,000s of these. Is there really that much of a post-sell out demand? Won’t it take so long, years on Ebay, that you’ll just go insane? Thank you.

  21. CoachMike says

    I think the write-up for this product was poorly done, perhaps on purpose. They left out VERY important information on the coin, now we are left with a possible surprise “PURPOSE “of the bill.

  22. Hawkster says

    You still think there is a second batch of these C&C sets yet to be produced? You have undying optimism.

  23. Dave SW FL says

    When has the mint ever created a unique finish for a coin and then released that coin for general circulation?
    My prediction is that this is similar to the matte finish nickel only minted for the Botanical Gardens set

  24. Dave SW FL says

    And I think it is sold out. I will be very surprised if it goes back up for sale. Won’t last long if it does!

  25. Brad says

    Yeah, I’m pretty certain that only the first batch is sold out. The fact that the Mint changed the status to “temporarily” out of stock on the website reinforces that line of thought.

    Now, if only the Mint would update those sales numbers through Sunday night, we can get an idea of how many units the first batch consisted of. I figure it was 20,000-25,000. Of course, it still may be hard to tell since there was undoubtedly a sales surge yesterday after those pictures of the $1 coin were posted. The confirmation of a unique coin must have been like throwing gasoline on a fire.

  26. Brad says

    Whoops, make that “currently” out of stock. I didn’t look at the page again until after I posted. Either way, it makes it sound like they will be back at some point, and that’s the important thing.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    mark says
    NOVEMBER 25, 2014 AT 1:39 PM

    Went from out of stock to (currently) out of stock. Wonder how long it takes to get more minted. Now we should be able to get first strike…. early release.
    If you know how the Mint works, they have the coins, it is always the printer and/or packaging that they are waiting on…

  28. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    NOVEMBER 25, 2014 AT 12:38 PM

    So much for FIFO. After Keep Calm & Stack On talked me into Buying yesterday, I did 3 Identical orders. Boom, Boom, Boom. THEN I realized that I wanted one of these going out of state. Went back on the website and inputted a Whole new shipping address. Probably took 20 minutes. Went in and made a Purchase to the new shipping address. The Sales number was 226 After the First of the Initial 3. The Last order with the out of state shipping address has Shipped and the Others are still Processing.

    SO…..a Purchase 20 minutes later and 226 orders later has shipped and others are Processing…So much for FIFO…
    That sucks but I don’t trust what that site says. All my orders still say processing and I have had some ship, some not, all I had to call to straighten order out…

  29. fmtransmitter says

    $2k for a label…I would’ve bought 20 sets and took my chances by having a trained eye advise on which ones to submit. May have same some benjamins..

  30. coachmike says

    My order for CC made yesterday at 3:02 just shipped. #27335xx

    I’m guessing that only a few thousand people/businesses will control the entire 50,000 pretty much.

  31. Blair J Tobler says

    Looks like jeff answered his own question….

    jeff says

    November 14, 2014 at 7:24 am

    2014 C & C set so you pay $19 including shipping for 2$ IN CLAD AND PAPER, who in hell thought this idea up. REALLY

    jeff says

    November 25, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Wes, thanks I will enjoy my 10 dozen set. FYI they all shipped.

  32. Chuck says

    I’ve seen a few comments on this and other sites concerning how large the collecting community is for Sacagawea coins and I looked at the 2000 C & C set . Currently selling in upwards of a $100 with a set mintage of 75,000. Assuming all 50k of this year’s set are sold and no additional EU Sacs are sold I’d be more than happy to make 3 or 4 times (or more?) profit on this years set.

    If there is support for 75,000 there is support for 50,000.

  33. Hawkster says

    Do you mean it ( C&C set) went from “crap” to the greatest thing since sliced bread? That’s one hell of a flip flop you did. Congratulations.

  34. Jon in CT says

    coachmike wrote on November 25, 2014 at 2:58 PM:

    I’m guessing that only a few thousand people/businesses will control the entire 50,000 pretty much.

    And I’m guessing the number of folks with existing Sacagawea collections is even smaller. 🙂

  35. says

    @Dave SW FL, First, this isn’t a release for “general circulation”. The Mint produces circulating coins for that. But to answer your question one example of a special coin released for circulation is the 2000P Sacagawea “Boldly Detailed Tail Feathers”. The Mint produced 5,500 of those and one sold recently in 66 grade for $5,060.00

  36. Eagle One says

    Removing the K13 House Hold Limit certainly added a significant punch up in the sales numbers. This has produced an unnatural trend with a sharp bend upward in the right tail of the raw data plot. Therefore, the model I have been running is no longer valid and can no longer be tightly fitted to a natural curve. I also tried a number of different polynomials and still could not get a satisfactory fit. Additionally, with the First Strike window closing soon and everyone on the hunt for the DMPL; this will most definitely influence the trend line again. Last week, K13 sets were selling at a rate of 3,000 per day – the highest daily rate since the first week of sales. Someone is buying in unusually large numbers. With 14,176 silver sets left to go, the initial 180,000 will most likely be gone this week or next. The big question now is; will the Mint opt for another production run of 45,000? Which equates to an additional $4.5M in revenue. It wouldn’t surprise me if they go for the 225,000 with the hopes of selling them all by December 30th 2014. If they do, they could most likely end up with about 20,000 or so lingering into 2015. As a collector; I would like to see the K13 Silver Set end at 180,000. But the Mint probably has its eye on the $4.5M still hanging on the tree.

    Also, I did my very best to mathematically model the end date of the K13 scenario for you all. However, the variables kept changing and the time period was very short with a very large upward shift near the end. This whole experience was taught me that I am not the only one looking at the sales data and that the Mint is also very adept at turning the marketing knobs as needed to get results.

  37. TimTom says

    Sweet!! My order at 5:00PM for one C&C set shipped at 12:30 this afternoon. Bias toward single set orders? LIFO FTW!

  38. Brad says

    If there’s too long of a delay in getting the next batch ready, then the “First Strike” or “Early Releases” aficionados should be happy if the first batch was indeed that small.

  39. GoldFishin says

    @brad- you are correct, the FS/ER window will be key if that is anywhere close to what was sold in the first batch.

    @timtom- ruh roh pretty much sums it up 🙂 wraggy, is that you wraggy?

  40. Dave SW FL says

    Looks like I was WRONG and there will be another batch later – if so, I will be picking up several more. My original order shipped UPS today.

    2cents good call!

  41. thePhelps says

    Yeah…since little was known prior to the roll out… that is a decent number. Keep in mind that was from Thursday to Sunday (I think).

    I’m still on the fence about this set – since I still don’t see the pairing. I agree with others… a $2 bill would have made more sense. The Enhanced is a nice twist – but I would have enjoyed the entire set more with the $2 bill.

  42. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A&L Futures 4,118
    • GoldFishin 4,800
    • jeff 5,400
    • mark 5,689
    • TimTom 7,117
    • Teach 8,920

    • Zeeman 9,786 WINNER

    • Tinto 10,000
    • Steve 11,555
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A Bob 17,666
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Mark Rex 18,505
    • Don 20,500
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Jsm, sell out on Monday

  43. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – hear that hissing sound? Cautiously look up!

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – GT SND 22,581 11/16/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – GT SND 22,729 11/23/2014

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD 17,218 11/16/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD 17,913 11/23/2014

    While I should be thrilled with my Free Shipping promo come Friday, some life could be blown into these with a discount! 15% would work for me! 🙂

  44. fmtransmitter says

    Wow,I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for clad in a long time. Hope it brings in some new younger collectors…And new paper collectors…Cheers numismatics!

  45. cagcrisp says

    The numbers for the Silver Kennedy does NOT match what Michael posted. The spreadsheet shows 166,291 +21,719

    The Clad Kennedy is showing the number that Michael Showed for the Silver Kennedy 165,824 +16,896
    Gold Kennedy 67,301 +442

    SO….My guess, Those numbers got transposed…

  46. Jon in CT says

    cagcrisp wrote on November 25, 2014 at 4:17 PM:

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Numbers are OUT

    9,720 for the $1 Coin & Currency

    Wow, the Mint sold fewer than 10,000 sets of TA9 through midnight Sunday. That suggests the Mint had fewer than 15,000 sets available for immediate fulfillment. Which, in turn, suggests it might take a long time to actually sell all 50,000 sets (I’m sure Eagle One will soon issue another of his sell-out date predictions for TA9).

    Good luck to all of you brand new Sacagawea coin collectors. 🙂

  47. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2014 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 215,885 11/23/2014

    2014 ANNUAL $1 UNC SET 19,834 11/23/2014

    235, 719 total sold – who is buying all of these? And why?

  48. hw says


    Goldmart has the 2014 W,S,P,D 50c Silver Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary 4-Coin Set PCGS MS70 / PR70 First Strike (Signature, Ask Not Label) for $340. Note that the JFK silver unc is graded as PCGS PRF70 DCAM First Strike.

  49. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- my only question is…when will the Mint pull the plug on these…will they languish into 2015, or will they end them at the end of the year? Cautiously look South!!

  50. Hawkster says

    If you buy the annual Mint proof and uncirculated sets, which thousands do, than you are automatically a Sacagawea collector. There’s your collector base. Any questions?

  51. Jon in CT says

    Hawkster wrote on November 25, 2014 at 5:16 PM:

    If you buy the annual Mint proof and uncirculated sets, which thousands do, than you are automatically a Sacagawea collector. There’s your collector base. Any questions?

    I see. The folks who’ve already bought the coins they collect via the Mint’s proof and/or uncirculated sets are somehow now in desperate need of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency set. Makes perfect sense. 🙄

  52. Hawkster says


    No, not the set. Just the coin. Spend the dollar bill and throw out the cardboard. Any more questions?

  53. Eagle One says

    Jon in Conn,

    K13 was the last of my forecasting efforts. Why you ask? Well, there were several market influencing announcements that broke trend from week to week and the resultant was a variably modal upward moving target (an unnatural trend). Also, moving average trend analysis did not work well either. This was due to the Mint’s continued efforts to boost sales on a weekly basis through announcements. The Mint is definitely on top of their marketing strategy and certainly has the ability to get what they want. Hind-site is 20:20. Do you concur?

  54. says

    I have a question for everyone. If the Mint does in fact stamp out 100’s of thousands or millions of these, what will that do to the re-sale ability and TPG labeling? Will they still hold value because there were only 50k put in the cardboard holder? If that is the case then the TR Discovery Set should be more valuable because they are limited to 20k and are still for sale.

  55. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2 cents – I’ll admit, I’m must be smok’n something rather heavy to think that I’ll EVER get my AtB Puck discount of 10-15%

    You Sir, must be injecting something, to think that more than 50k will be minted when it’s 25 November…

    Anything else you want to ask? 🙂

  56. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    @fmtransmitter says
    NOVEMBER 25, 2014 AT 4:44 PM

    Wow,I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for clad in a long time.

    That’s because it’s semi affordable and a chance for us po folk to gain a little on something that doesn’t require the common person to drop a mere $100 to $2,500 out their imaginary bottomless bank accounts, as we’re often lead to read.

  57. Senior says

    I have been reading but hesitant to write.What is the significants of the coin and currency set and if a buyer were to buy 10 set will Serial numbers be in series,please pardon my ignorance.Does this set have potential?

  58. Brad says


    I doubt the Mint kept the sets in serial number sequence, but I don’t know that for a fact. I have not received my sets yet. I think chances would be good to at least get SOME sets in serial number sequence if you order a fairly good size group, but I don’t think they will ALL run in sequence.

    I think the set has good potential due to the special finish on the $1 coin, especially if the only place it is sold is in this set, and that being the case no more than 50,000 of the coins would be issued.

  59. senior says

    Brad. Thank you.If I get the opportunity when they reappear I will attempt to purchase several.Happy Thanksgiving

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