US Mint Shares Plans for Launch of 50th Anniversary Kennedy Products

During a conference call held this morning, Marc Landry, the United States Mint’s Acting Associate Director of Sales & Marketing, shared some details on the Mint’s plans for the launch of the upcoming 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products. These details provide collectors with a better idea of what to expect when the coins go on sale.

Broadly, the US Mint is seeking to have enough of each product on hand to satisfy demand but not overproduce. For each product there will be significant inventory on hand and ready for immediate shipment. During the first sales week, the Mint will evaluate demand and adjust production plans accordingly.


The first product available will be the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set, which contains uncirculated half dollars from the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. These are produced with the original obverse portrait of 1964 and are struck in the standard copper-nickel clad composition. The sets are priced at $9.95 each, providing the lowest price point of the three offerings.

When sales begin on July 24, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint will have 37,000 units on hand. The sets will also be available at the ANA convention held early the following month.


The next product available will be the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. Struck in three-quarter of an ounce of 24 karat gold, the coin features the original design from 1964 and carries the dual date of “1964-2014”. Pricing will be established based on the average weekly market price of gold. Sales will begin on August 5, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET. The coins will also be available for sale at the ANA Chicago World’s Fair of Money starting at 11:00 AM CT.

Across all channels, the US Mint will have 40,000 of the coins available at the start of sales.

With regards to the ANA convention availability, the US Mint will seek to improve on what they have done at past conventions. They will seek to avoid some of the long line waits and congestion, while attempting even and wide distribution. The Mint will have only 2,500 of the gold coins available for sale at the show, with 500 made available per day. Each day, sales will open at 11:00 AM CT when people will be allowed to line up and the Mint will distribute tickets. There will be three sales registers at the event, with two dedicated to handling the gold coin sales. In prior conventions, there was only a single point of sale.

There will be an ordering limit of five of the gold proof coins per household for orders placed online or by phone. At the convention and Mint retail locations, there will be a limit of two coins per person. The Mint indicated that they might consider adjusting the limit at the ANA convention after the first day of sales. Retail locations where the coins will be available include the Philadelphia and Denver Mint gift shops and the sales counter at US Mint headquarters.

The third product issued to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar will be a four coin silver set, including coins from different facilities and carrying different finishes. The coins will include a reverse proof version from West Point, a proof version from Philadelphia, an enhanced uncirculated version from San Francisco, and an uncirculated version from Denver. All coins will be struck in 90% silver and carry the original portrait design. The sets will be priced at $99.95 and are anticipated to be released in the fall.

The US Mint indicated that their new order management system is scheduled to go online this fall. The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Silver Coin Collection will be the first major release under the new system.

During the call, I asked whether the US Mint would go back to establishing maximum mintages for special products once the new order management system is in place. Since the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set offered in 2011, the US Mint has opted for open ended mintages or four week ordering windows for special products. Marc Landry indicated that the Mint’s preference is for no mintage limits, citing the difficultly in gauging customer demand these types of products.

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  1. ips_stuff says

    I am going to approach this one with caution and then place the gold next to my 2013 reverse proof buffalo in the safety deposit box.

    I called yesterday about my last BHOF gold unc on order since 3/28 at 6:38 am p.s.t. and was told it should ship by the 18th (Friday) and today it had the ship date move for the first time in a month to 8/10

    Think I might see 50th anniversary Kennedy coins by 2015 ?!?!?

  2. says

    If the Mint carries out a “mint to demand” policy for the Kennedy offerings, as well as future offerings, you would think that the best course of action would be to have a ordering window in place. I don’t believe that there are any collectors who favor an undetermined or prolonged ordering period.

  3. Sith says

    I’m on the fence with the gold coin, as I can’t offset my costs with a flip, but all in for the silvers. But I can’t complain anyone buying these coins are doing so for the love of the coin, or long term value

  4. says

    WOW!!!500 Gold Kennedy’s /day. Three sales registers???? That should take all of 30 minutes to wipe out the entire supply. WOW!!!!

    So in theory a minimum of 250 people could wipe out all the Gold coins per day? And just exactly how many dealers are going to be in the front of the lines?

    Does Joe Collector even stand a Slim chance of getting a coin?

  5. Chester Snodgrass says

    This is very exciting. It is about time the mint came up with a program like this. At least they are not going insane like the Canadian Mint in putting out all sorts of dubious issues. Eventually when they discontinue the penny they should put out a gold version too. Special anniversaries call for special issues. This is a perfect response.

  6. VA Rich says

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Article ~ Thanks. Well, that about answers everything we’ve been speculating. Glad now I had to pull out of ANA now

  7. ABC says

    The mint’s mission is to produce coins for collectors, not investors. Ultimately, whether there is a mintage limit or not, it all boils down to supply versus demand. A coin may have a low mintage and not garner any interest and so may never gain any future premiums (First Spouse coins). A coin may have an unlimited mintage and still attain large gains in the secondary market (2009 UHR).
    For me, I collect whatever appeals to me, regardless of mintage.

  8. GRAMPY60 says


  9. Brad says

    You know all 37,500 of the non-convention gold coins will sell out on the first day. Everyone pushing and shoving for the First Strike and Early Release grading designations will see to that of course. So, if the Mint bases their production level on that frenzy, they’ll produce way too many coins.

    I wish they’d just sell all 2,500 of the Chicago coins on the first day. The scenario I picture is the same people buying as many coins as they can each day, causing others to miss out entirely. You miss getting any of the 500 coins on the first day, they just say “sorry, come back tomorrow!” You know all 500 each day will be snapped up almost immediately. With only 2,500 total possible to get the special Chicago grading label, they will be worth a pretty penny for a little while!

    I guess it’s only wishful thinking that the Mint would keep a list of who bought coins the first day, and not allow them to buy coins on the second day or after unless demand fizzles. Yeah, right. That would be too much work to check names against a list each day. I just have to hope that I can get in line fast enough to ensure getting mine. I was only planning to attend the show on the first day.

  10. TomP. in Va says

    Is the 1964 portrait unique to the special sets or is it used in the usual Mint unc set (u14) ? My basic question, is the first 50th annv. offering different than what is contained in the normal offering?

  11. Mint News Blog says

    TomP.- The 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars released in the annual mint set, bags, and rolls carry the modern modified portrait. The 50th anniversary offerings will be the only source for coins with the 1964 portrait.

  12. Dave says

    Hummmmmmm”…….37,000 clad first run available and 40,000 gold first run available????

    Now THAT’s interesting.

    I will wait and see on this one. Couldn’t wait for the Circus coins. These, not so much !

    I think these “show” sales are just ridiculous ….. Feed the label frenzy festivals…. Some day they will get severely burned. The unsuspecting consumer certainly is!

  13. TomP. in Va says

    MNB Michael,
    Thanks. I’ll probably buy the special unc. set as an adjunct to my normal purchase of the annual set for the grandkids.

  14. mgm says

    Will retail locations being selling them on which day? The ANA day or the first day of sale for the rest of us?


    There will be an ordering limit of five of the gold proof coins per household for orders placed online or by phone. At the convention and Mint retail locations, there will be a limit of two coins per person. The Mint indicated that they might consider adjusting the limit at the ANA convention after the first day of sales. Retail locations where the coins will be available include the Philadelphia and Denver Mint gift shops and the sales counter at US Mint headquarters.

  15. says

    @mgm, The ANA day and the first day of sales for the rest of us is the same day. All Gold Kennedy sales regardless of venue will go on sale August 5th at 12:00 Noon ET.

  16. mgm says

    cagcrip, thanks… Hope to see some of you in line in Denver Aug 5th…


    cagcrisp says

    July 16, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    @mgm, The ANA day and the first day of sales for the rest of us is the same day. All Gold Kennedy sales regardless of venue will go on sale August 5th at 12:00 Noon ET.

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    Great news, Michael. Thanks for publishing this consolidated summary. As I had commented on another venue, I really was beginning to tire of the Mint’s cloak & dagger, bits and pieces approach – and on FB, no less.

    Given the price-point for the 2-coin set and the overall number of Kennedy type-set collectors, I’m really suprised with the initial, on-hand quantity. I see this one exceeding 50K units pretty quickly.

    If the Mint will, in fact, have 40K units of the Gold Coin available for shipping as of the day of sale, that’s a whole lot of FS / ER coins that will get dumped onto the market in very short order. In looking at the recent sales trends for the 1 oz AGE, the 1oz Buffalos and the 2013 Rev Buffalo, as well as the increased interest in all things Kennedy and the slightly lower cost of the Kennedy Gold Coin, I think the market saturation will be 55K units. As beautiful as the coins appears to be, I do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to the 109K sales point of the much more unique 2009 UHR.

    I’m definitely most interested in the 4-coin set, and will be holding some capital in reserve for when those coins go on sale later this fall. Given the size of the coins, I remain curious as to just how much “enhancing” can be incorporated onto those devices and fields.

  18. VA Rich says

    Let’s think about this for a moment…

    The 2 coin Unc Set is $9.95 with a 5 set household limit – or – a rather low $50 price point for 5 sets.

    Hypothetically, 37,500 sets could sell to 7,500 buyers within the first few hours. That’s only 7,500 orders regardless whose buying…

    Anyone else see a ’13 WP ASE or BHoF all over again? Is 7,500 unrealistic? Or another long wait for your order to arrive if you don’t make it in this the dealers on the first day a likely scenario?

  19. Larry says

    500 the first day of the ANA? Knuckleheads. I was at the last show when it opened to the public, and the line was already more than 250 people for the RP Buff, probably because dealers get to enter the show early. As I have said before, I am going to the show to see if the coin is worth the money. Since there is no mintage or time limit (at least that is what it seems so far), I can take my time ordering. I am patient, don’t care if it takes a few months for delivery.
    I bet unless you are one of the fortunate that can enter the show early, you will not get one of these coins at the show. I don’t understand how the mint doesn’t know this. They should have at least 2000 for each day, limit one, then probably most folks could get one. Who wants to stand in line for nothing? that just makes people angry.

  20. says

    Michael, let me add my voice to those praising your writeup. It’s quite detailed and informative.

    Does anyone know the target date for the rollout of the new ordering system? I’m trying to get an idea of what “the fall” means for the release date of the silver coins. I am assuming September, but would be unsurprised if it’s October either.

    I think this is also the first time the mint has announced its initial supply of coins as well. I’m expecting ordering for the clad halves to be a cakewalk. It will be very interesting to see if the announcement of “mint to demand” will cool demand for the gold Kennedies. I am personally happy about mint to demand because it will make it easier for me to get a gold, but I know many here will not be as an MtD policy will likely decrease the resale value.

  21. Bernie in PA says

    I’m hoping someone can provide me with some insight – I mentioned on previous threads that I’m new to collecting, starting with the BHOF coins this year. I live close to the Philadelphia Mint. Am I reading correctly that I could go (stand in line) and possibly obtain the gold coin from the Philly Mint’s retail store on August 5th? Or am I misreading this?

    That sure would beat waiting on an online order…

    Thanks in advance for the help… love the info on this blog!

  22. Bob R says

    @Bernie, as I read it you will be able to buy 2 gold coins at the Philly Mint’s store August 5th.

  23. Bernie in PA says

    Bob R – thanks! That’s how I perceived it; glad to have another pair of eyes confirming that.

  24. Bob R says

    HOF Gold UNC order date 3/29 now date has changed from June. Expected to ship on 07/31/2014. Maybe there is hope.

  25. VABEACHBUM says

    @ CO – It’s been quite a while since I looked at the original RFP and contract award documents, but I seem to recall that the transition was supposed to begin on 01 OCT (start of new FY), while the business transition was to be completed in 30 calendar days and the system phase-in was to be completed within a separate timeframe.

    One of the MNB faithful had discovered and posted the links to all these contract documents approximately a year ago; that’s when I read through them last. I might try to track them down, again, sometime later this evening.

  26. says


    Thanks for the information. Seems like the silver set might come near the end of this year. I hope it doesn’t come too late as I’d been toying with the idea of getting some extra as Christmas gifts.

  27. says

    @Bernie in PA, The caveat being that if you go to Philadelphia and stand in line it still does not mean you will get a coin. 2 per person but they don’t say how many will be available for distribution on the first day. You may try calling the Philadelphia mint number and see if they can give you an availability number.

  28. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – When you find yourself with some spare time and absolutely nothing better to do:

    I still have a couple more links I need to track down and verify. But, unless something has changed, the Go-Live date is supposed to be 01 OCT 2014.

  29. says

    @VA Rich, I think the 37,000 initial sets of Clads only says that the Mint is confident they will not have any problem meeting demand. They have produced over 4 billion Clad Kennedy’s in the past 50 years so I would think that is something they can do without any production delays. They have never produced a .9999 Gold Kennedy so that is a reason for a larger inventory. Another reason for the large inventory of Golds is the pricing structure. The price could be +/- $37.50 weekly and they don’t want numerous cancellations if the price drops during the week. Make a sale and within a week it will be ISAR and shipped the following week.

    Then Again….you could be completely right and this is deja vu with the ’13 WP ASE or BHOF coins.

  30. saucexx says


    The way the price is dropping you’ll be able to pick up a $5 unc BHoF for close to list soon enough.

    Funny, I have a $5 gold proof ordered on the 29th that also changed to a BO date of 7-31.

  31. VA Rich says

    cag – there’s one lil component that’s missing from the equation.., the slow boat (from China)

  32. saucexx says

    Anybody want to confirm if I’m seeing this right? It’s what I found listed in the Federal register

    $1200.00 to $1249.99 3/4Troy oz 1,202.50
    $1250.00 to $1299.99 3/4Troy oz 1,240.00
    $1300.00 to $1349.99 3/4Troy oz 1,277.50
    $1350.00 to $1399.99 3/4Troy oz 1,315.00
    $1400.00 to $1449.99 3/4Troy oz 1,352.50

  33. fmtransmitter says

    I don’t think EVERYONE is going to pay the inflated grading prices to have the gold graded on site. The ones who do will be working for Dealers and flippers. The COLLECTOR, wow does that sound old these days, will just keep their litte treasure in OGP…I know I would…

  34. fmtransmitter says

    I say end the Kennedy half dollar THIS year with a bang, the solid gold one and special set, THEN since we still have dies laying around, make ONLY 50,000 a year for the LESPS….Who agrees>???

  35. Ray says

    Sounds like I’ll be able to buy the gold and unc in persion at the denver mint shop, then if I’m feeling a little wild, I can hop on a plane to Chicago ANA and get them graded there onsite.

  36. says

    If have mentioned before that it is the Graded coins that are forcing the BHOF Golds down. Currently there is one specific seller(not the one I have mentioned in the past that has auctions), this seller currently has 16 Buy It Nows for Gold uncirculated BHOF 70’s @ $645.00 and 12 Buy It Now for Gold proofs BHOF 70’s @ $655.00.

    Kind of puts a lid on the upside for OGP.

  37. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Saucexx – I see where you’re coming from. The pricing looks odd, because the product only contains 3/4 ounce of gold. Assuming a median price of $1225 in the first tier, that would be approximately $919 worth of gold. Then, using the Mint’s costing criteria that the metal content comprises 70-75% of the product cost, with manufacturing costs and profit margins in the remaining 25%, the product price is back into that same $1200 range. Does seem weird, though, to see the price close to but less than the spot gold reference.

  38. TomP. in Va says

    Since the special annv. coins are unique (with one duplicate in the 2 and 4 coin sets), there appears to be 10 variations of the 2014 Kennedy half dollar when combined the usual annual sets. That seems to be an interesting collection in and of itself.

  39. says

    You know, it wasn’t funny for you to say the Kennedy should go out with a “bang” the first time. But you keep saying it I guess until someone says stop. Well, stop.

  40. VA Rich says

    Hello Tom in beautiful Virginia – there’s 13 variations of the ’14 Kennedy (when you count the gold and biz strike found in the Unc set).

    Doesn’t look good the BHoF collectors set.., no price and no picture as of yet, the BHoF already has their product out.

    Oh boy, the price is up on the 2014 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin – Grace Coolidge – the mint is on it this time! Anybody seen April 4th BHoF orders yet?

  41. Ray says

    Thx VA Rich. Almost missed the receipt line. How long til they have a Denver/Philly First Day release label? I’ll have to wait for that one.

  42. Clark says

    For me, the money line from MNB’s report was, “Marc Landry indicated that the Mint’s preference is for no mintage limits, citing the difficulty in gauging customer demand these types of products.” From this I derive:

    1) The Mint does not use market research, which would predict demand, before it decides to make special products–even those not mandated by law, like this 50th Anniv Kennedy series;

    2) Unlike most enterprises, rather than tackle the “difficulty of gauging customer demand,” the Mint just throws its hands up, shrugs and mints to demand and says it’s too darn hard to solve the problem…better to fly by the seat of your pants. I know it’s government, but the Mint is an enterprise. No successful private sector business makes huge new product development decisions in a market research vacuum ; and

    3) When the Mint sold out of silver and gold BHoF varieties two weeks after sales began, it had exact demand data, yet we are still waiting for most silver BHoF coins in July. I’m wondering how and what the Mint will reevaluate after the first week of Kennedy sales.

    Michael–Thanks for the complete summary. Did anyone on this morning’s conference call ask what caused the Baseball Hall of Fame coin production and fulfillment delays? And, if those problems will affect the Kennedy series?

  43. TomP. in Va says

    Annual sets
    unc. – D 1
    unc. – P 1
    proof clad 1
    proof silver 1

    Special sets
    2-coin 2
    4-coin 4
    minus dup -1 (unc D)
    gold 1

  44. Jerry Diekmann says

    Thanks, Michael, for getting and sharing this information. Now, if we could just get black on white instead of dark gray on light gray, we could more easily read what you and other bloggers are saying.

  45. Eric says

    When did folks order their gold BHoF coins? I ordered mine when it was technically “sold out” on the waiting list at the end of the first day, but have already received all of my order.

  46. Ray says

    Tom P, the halfs in the Unc Sets are different from both the 50th anniv Unc set, and the ones sold in rolls and bags (different strikes). So they are unique. As are the ones in the Unc sets. And the ones in the Rolls. So theres the 4 your missing.

  47. says


    Thanks for digging up those links. Assuming everything goes live October 1, I would guesstimate we’d see the silver set released sometime around October 15-October 31.

  48. Bernie in PA says


    Great point. I’ll be sure to contact the Philly gift shop before camping out. Thanks!

  49. TomP. in Va says

    Ray, Thanks for pointing out that the rolls and bags are different than the annual unc. sets which I didn’t count (are the bags and rolls different from each other?).

  50. says


    If you purhase a Kennedy gold on the first day at the Philly gift shop, as you evidently now plan to do, send a copy of the sales receipt along with the coin to your favorite grading company. They will come up with a designer label with a picture of the gift shop, making your coin coveted for generations to come–no need of going through the expense of hopping a plane to Chicago.

  51. Paul says

    Ray, I think the gold is only made in Philly. Probably won’t be available in Denver.

  52. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich I’m still waiting for my april 4th orders of Silver BHoFs… Ship by dates still 6/19 & 7/2 lol. My clad proofs came last friday & clad uncs are supposed to be here tomm from that order…

  53. BearMetal says

    FS and ER labels sure seem to appeal to many collectors, but I do not get it. Take for example, the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins. The Mint will have 40,000 available for 1st day sales. Each of these coins would qualify for FS and ER labels making these labels meaningless. Which coin sold was actually minted first; second; third; etc.? Neither the Mint nor the Sellers have any idea. Now, if the mint were to edge mark the coins with the Die Number and Coin Sequence produced by the Die, you would then have some actual uniqueness and additional value. As it stands, you have trays (?) of coins being boxed and loaded on carts (?). First coins are stacked on the lower rows and later coins continue to be stacked on top. When orders are fulfilled, the coin boxes are taken from the top first, not the bottom. The FS and ER labels add absolutely no value.

  54. Tom says

    Just wondering what all I’ll need to camp out each day at the Rosemont Center: pop tent, lantern, case of beer, fan, toiletries, another case of beer, ??
    Oh yeah, gonna be great fun!

    First day at coin shows dealers/exhibitors usually get in early to set up and wheel n deal a little. Wonder what chance the unwashed will have getting in that first 500 coin line?

  55. Jerry Diekmann says

    BearMetal – I agrre with you – these labels have no value except to the TPGs who are pushing them and the buyers or flippers who fall for what is awfully close to being a scam. The ones who are left with their labels that are worth nothing more than the original government packaging will then finally realize that they have indeed been scammed. By then the big dealers and TPGs will have moved on to the next Mint product – there seems to be two of these products each year that get hyped up by the dealers and NGC and PCGS. Eventually this operation will fall apart on its own greed, like happened with the 1930s commemoratives which commemorated a lot of nothing.

  56. VA Rich says

    Ray – I know, right? We all know these labels are ludicrous, but if Brad is gonna stand in line for an ANA label, and you in line in Denver, then I want a special label for me standing in line at the mint HQ.., maybe JFK with the backdrop of Roosevelt Island or better yet, me and JFK standing outside in the Georgetown Cup Cake line on any given weekend! I guess Pitt or Hi Lo has Philly covered then? Such silliness

    Pitt – sorry that first round didn’t work out in Chicago. You or any of the regulars here passing through Dulles, let me know or maybe tag up in Baltimore in a couple months around 30 Oct for a cold one.

  57. Bob R says

    Most everyone agrees these FS & ER are just a gimmick. My question is this. I look at a graded 69 and a graded 70 with my naked eye. I see no difference IMO. Are they graded by optics only or am I just going blind?

  58. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Bob R – No, you’re not, and it’s not just you. I’ve thought the same thing several time over, and especially when trying to distinguish between MS 69 and MS 70. Really makes me appreciate my OGP coins!!

  59. Louis says

    @Tom- Definitely bring several cases of beer! You can get the other buyers so drunk they will lose their place in the line.

  60. Tom says

    @Bob R — Yours is not to reason why, yours is but to buy and buy.

    Just because you and I and 99% of the buying public can’t see a difference in 69 to 70 doesn’t mean that there is no difference of course. Now, the real question is – should you and I and 99% of the collecting public really care. When a submission ratio of 69 to 70 grades is about 50/50 what should be a reasonable premium, if any. I would say zero premium is reasonable unless you are a collector of slabs and labels. A 69 coin is the Mint production average – a basic proof, burnished, or raw coin.
    Top TPGs excel at true numismatic grading and certifying. But grading modern bullion and collector coinage is senseless and a huge greedy sham.

  61. Sith says

    Bob R – The perfect coin. There are no microscopic flaws visible to 8x, the strike is sharp, perfectly-centered, and on a flawless planchet. Bright, full, original luster and outstanding eye appeal.

  62. Sith says

    Bob R – PF69, Coin has a sharp strike with full original luster, with no more than two small non-detracting contact marks or flaws. No hairlines or scuff marks are visible. Eye appeal is exceptional. IMHO there is such a minor microscopic difference between 69 and 70 that takes an “expert” to say this coin a coin is perfect, but these experts have been accused of bias towards their favorite customers, and as they can only tell the difference…

  63. mgm says

    Got this email this morning. I never thought I’d get this coin.

    Order number: 42969xxx

    Order Date: 03/28/2014 at 08:21 AM

    Order #: 42969xxx – 1
    Item: B32 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 8/10/14

    This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply.
    If you have questions, please visit the Help page at or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT.

  64. Brad says


    And if they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them? 🙂

  65. JagFan says

    From the ANA website:

    Show hours
    Tuesday-Friday, Aug. 5-8: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Saturday, Aug. 9: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Early bird badge hours: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    ANA member admission time: 9:30 a.m. Wednesday-Saturday

    If you are planning on going and attempting to get one of the gold coins – you might want to look into purchasing the Early Bird Badge.. If Not, you might as well stay at home!

  66. ips_stuff says

    @MGM – I am not sure if Brad is “doubtful” that you will get it by August 10th or that you will get the coin at all.

    Just because you received an Email, does not mean anything. This still could be canceled. I have pending order(s) from 3/28 and 3/31 that I too received backorder message, on all of the orders I have for Gold. Pretty sure of only one thing…….. mint is not a very organized business entity.

  67. mgm says

    I let you know in a few weeks Brad…

    Brad says

    July 17, 2014 at 8:26 am


    And if they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?

  68. Pittsburgh P says

    Pitt – sorry that first round didn’t work out in Chicago. You or any of the regulars here passing through Dulles, let me know or maybe tag up in Baltimore in a couple months around 30 Oct for a cold one.

    VaRich no worries… We can’t predict what will happen & never know till it arrives 🙂

    I am about 80% sure I will be at the Baltimore Winter Expo on 10/30 though since its much closer-only about 2 hours or so away. So if you’re there let me know & I’ll take ya up on that.

  69. Brad says

    Hee hee. Let’s just say I got the e-mail this morning too for my afterthought BHOF Gold Unc order on 3/28 at 4:49 pm, and it says they’re expected to ship on August 1st! So yes, I have my doubts that ANY of the remaining open gold orders will be filled. Why the Mint doesn’t just cancel them at this point I don’t know.

    I was just trying to be funny by using one of the best quotes from one of my favorite movies, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” RIP John Candy.

  70. Sith says

    @Brad – They are not canceling them because people like me who had a shot at an extra coin got sick and tired of waiting and canceled their order

  71. says

    From an article on another website:
    Delays in shipping Proof and Uncirculated 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame gold $5 half eagles, silver dollars and copper-nickel clad half dollars is tied to availability of the specific packaging to accommodate the concave/convex coins.

    Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said the Mint has been receiving weekly shipments of packaging from its vendor and shipping schedules have been adjusted based on receipt of that packaging.

    According to Jurkowsky:

    ➤ Gold – “Ninety-seven percent of all orders have physically shipped. The remaining 3 percent of all orders will be shipped this week.”

  72. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx Cag

    ➤ Gold – “Ninety-seven percent of all orders have physically shipped. The remaining 3 percent of all orders will be shipped this week.”

    Interesting so approx. 1500 coins to be shipped… Doesn’t look like alot of people are gettin gold if you haven’t already…

  73. Ray says

    Does the mint really expect to show up 15-30 minutes before the start of gold kennedy half sales, and not expect total madness?

  74. Clark says

    @Cag–I had not seen that article. Thanks for the post. The Mint official must be referring to plastic capsules because other packaging elements are unrelated to the unique shape of the coins.

    It is comforting to know that all gold and most silver BHoF coins have been produced. Inasmuchas plastic capsules are the real challenge, I wonder if PCGS will grade & encapsulate these special capsules?

  75. fmtransmitter says

    2cents says

    July 16, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    You know, it wasn’t funny for you to say the Kennedy should go out with a “bang” the first time. But you keep saying it I guess until someone says stop. Well, stop.

    That was NOT said to be funny and if anyone took it the wrong way my

  76. Eddie says

    Does anyone know the mintage’s of each of the sets yet?

    Gold Coin – ?
    4 piece silver set – ?
    2 piece clad set – ?

    Thank you to anyone who can help with this.

  77. Pittsburgh P says

    @clark IDK if you’re joking or not but no they will not grade & encapsulate the capsules…

    @eddie we won’t know the mintages until after they stop production. They are mint to demand…

    Fmt I didn’t even catch it and don’t think you were tryin to be funny…

  78. Clark says

    @Pitts–I actually didn’t know that PCGS grades and slabs capsules. Sounds absurd, even to an avid collector of coins in grade 70.

    @fm–I also knew your meaning and took no offense.

  79. Pittsburgh P says

    That’s why I thought you were kidding because it is so absurd 🙂

    PF70 Gold BHoF 5$ encapsulated in a Curved *MSOGPCC70 capsule… Imagine the premium it would bring!

    *Mint State ogp crystal clear

  80. Pittsburgh P says

    I guess they probably would if they thought a buck could be made… Just can’t see encapsulating a capsule

  81. Clark says

    Pitts–Silly, isn’t it? BTW, I hate to say it, but it looks like the HOF stole your baseball bat BHOF coin display idea. Hope they give you a royalty!

  82. White Lightning says

    In 2013 The ANA Board of Governers recommended A base fee of $100 early badge fee for the New Orleans Spring National Money Show. There was a $150 early badge fee for the Worlds Fair Of Money. Does anyone know are we looking at the same cost of $150 for this ANA Show?

  83. says


    So the Mint is awaiting the curved capsules for the remaining, already produced, HOF coins. Does that mean that these gold and silver coins are sitting around unprotected and exposed to the elements at the Mint? That cannot be very comforting.

  84. Clark says

    Hawk–Not comforting at all…especially for those 75% of silver BHoF their spokesman claims are already manufactured.

    How can they plan and publicize such a huge curved coin production but forget to buy the capsules?

  85. Sliverlover says

    For true, I wont buy the gold piece, but ,I will buy silver sets,

    reasons: Hard to sell gold coin on secondary market,
    2 : The ratio of the profit , gold coin HARD to be double of original price, But silver are easy to be 2x -5X

  86. murf says

    Just as reference: BHOF Unc & PR Gold orders placed just after midnight EST, early in the morning 3/28 delivered this week.

  87. Pittsburgh P says

    @Clark yeah I saw that about the bat! They probably read this blog and took my idea 🙂
    No royalties yet… 😉

  88. VABEACHBUM says

    WRT the curved capsule shortage, I definitely would like to know the temporary storage conditions for those 90% Silver coins. I have learned the hard way that the 10% copper in any of the US, Silver $1 Commemorative Coins is extremely reactive to the air, and will tone / tarnish with the slightest amount of prolonged exposure. The Series I “Britannia Silver” Britannia coins (1998 – 2012) will do the same thing if not properly sealed in an air-tite or similar capsule.

  89. Wdg5 says

    Awesome news, I just got a flyer in the mail confirming the 2 dates for the UNC set and the Gold coin. I am VERY keen on getting my hands on the 4 coin set. Thanks for the heads up Mike!

  90. Wdg5 says

    I’m also praying that the Ultra High Relief coin for 2015 becomes reality. Anyone else heard about this UHR plan?

  91. MadHatter says

    Will the Kennedy rolls also be produced with the 1964 obverse portrait this year? In other words, will the 2-coin set be distinct from the year’s other annual uncirculated Kennedy offerings?

  92. VABEACHBUM says

    @ MadHatter – The Business Strike Kennedys in bags and rolls, and the Kennedys found in all of the standard Annual Mint sets (UNC, PR, Silver PR) are struck with the standard obverse design that has been in service since 1965.

    The “higher relief” obverse design will be used only in 2014 and only upon the 2-coin UNC Set, the 4-coin Silver Set, and the 3/4 oz gold coin.

    When considering the 6 coins from the annual releases and the 6 coins from the 2 special sets, there can be 12 distinctly different Kennedy halfs – and the gold coin – in 2014.

  93. VaBeachEd says

    Bob R says

    July 16, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    HOF Gold UNC order date 3/29 now date has changed from June. Expected to ship on 07/31/2014. Maybe there is hope.

    My two HOF Gold (1 unc & 1 proof) were updated on 7-17 to ship on Aug. 1. Today I received an email giving me credit for $4.95 and said my order was never confirmed, so it was now cancelled. I called and two different people told me my order was always on a standby list and now it was cancelled. They were sorry!!! I ask for someone above them and got a voicemail.
    I told them that my order was placed on 3/29 and about a week or so later it was given an order number and a bag was sent to me and every few weeks I received an email saying it was on backorder and a new shipping date was changed. All I could hear was is was never confirmed and they were sorry. No one could tell me why it changed to an order with an order number then they kept changing my shipping date.
    I asked how the U S Mint could keep changing my backorder shipping date, if I did not have a confirmed order and why would they charge me when shipping a Mint bag and give me an order number with a shipping date?

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