US Mint YTD Circulating Coin Production Surpasses 10 Billion

centWith the latest figures reflecting production through September 2014, the United States Mint’s year to date circulating coin production has now exceeded 10 billion pieces. Production is on pace for its fifth year over year increase since bottoming back in 2009.

During September 2014, the US Mint struck just over 1 billion circulating coins at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. This amount was up from the previous month when production had reached 913 million, but down from the year ago period when production was nearly 1.1 billion.

A breakdown of production by mint facility and denomination appears below. The first number column represents the monthly production amount, while the second number column represents the cumulative production for the year to date through the end of September.

2014 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Sept 2014 YTD 2014
Lincoln Cent – Denver 204.80 M 3,147.20 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 358.40 M 2,996.80 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 34.08 M 468.96 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 62.16 M 486.48 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 62.00 M 866.00 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 138.00 M 838.50 M
Quarters – Denver 56.40 M 776.80 M
Quarters – Phil. 88.40 M 648.20 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 2.10 M
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 2.50 M
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 5.60 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 3.08 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 0 15.26 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 0 19.88 M
Total 1,004.24 M 10,277.36 M

Looking at the monthly figures, the cent accounted for production of 563.2 million units across both facilities. This accounted for more than half of the overall production activity for the month.

The next most produced denomination was the dime with 200 million pieces struck across both facilities. This was followed by the quarter at 144.8 million pieces, and lastly the nickel at 96.24 million pieces.

There were no circulating quality half dollars, Presidential Dollars, or Native American Dollars struck during the month.

For the year to date, production has now reached 10.28 billion pieces. This is running ahead of the pace of production from the previous year. For the comparable year ago period, production had reached 9.28 billion pieces. Barring any disruption or significant shifts, this year should mark the fifth consecutive year over year increase for circulating coin production.

Annual production had reached its lowest level in decades in 2009 at 3.55 billion pieces. The low figure came amidst a slow down in economic activity and a backwash of existing circulating coinage reentering the system, which sharply reduced the need to newly minted coins. Many of the millions of State Quarters collected during the prior decade were also cashed in, resulting in a long overhang of supply for the denomination.

As the supply of existing coinage was worked down and economic activity increased, annual production totals rebounded in the following years. Production totals would climb to 6.37 billion in 2010, 8.20 billion in 2011, 9.34 billion in 2012, and 11.91 billion in 2013.

There have been no updates provided for the production totals by design for the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters and 2014 Presidential Dollars. The same figures available in the previous month are shown below.

2014 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
Great Smoky Mountains 99.40 M 73.20 M 172.60 M
Shenandoah 197.80 M 112.80 M 310.60 M
Arches 251.40 M 214.20 M 465.60 M
Great Sand Dunes 171.80 M 159.60 M 331.40 M
Warren G. Harding 3.78 M 6.16 M 9.94 M
Calvin Coolidge 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Herbert Hoover 3.78 M 4.48 M 8.26 M
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3.92 M 4.76 M 8.68 M

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  1. Sith says

    They don’t they stay in a vaults run by the Fed…but their is speculation that people are hording nickles and older pennies for their metal context.

  2. Jon in CT says

    Where does the Mint report the circulating quality. quarters produced by its San Francisco facility?

  3. Dave SW FL says

    Just imagine the savings which could be had if the cent and nickel were removed from circulation. Then eliminate the one, two, and five dollar bill – unleash the ” golden ” dollar coins.

    The above 2 coins account for 70% of circulating coinage ( the cent is a full 60% ) so far this year and all people do is dump them into jars or throw them onto the street or into “take a / give a ” cups on the counter. Many stores just give you back the extra pennies rather than bother! This is just a total waste of time and labor ( just ask a Brinks worker) and yet another indication of clueless ” I don’t care” attitude of government. When will ANYONE at the federal level become frugal with OUR hard earned money which they continue to confiscate and waste.

  4. oldfolkie says

    Pennies and Nickels….the perfect reflection of an: out of date, out of sync, narrow-minded, irrational Washington DC.. Pathetic…..

  5. gary says

    I found a 1952 silver dime in a “take a / give a penny cup last week. Left a clad dime in it’s place.

  6. TomP - MA says

    Gary, not as lucky as you but I occasionally find a wheat penny in those cups.

    I have read a theory that the gov’t will not eliminate the penny and nickel because that would prove there is more inflation than they like to admit.

    I was up in Canada a couple of weeks ago and their cash registers automatically round to the nearest nickel. The technology is there for people who can’t round!

  7. says

    @Cagcrisp, It took me a while on the “wonderful” new Mint website but SB5 is a product number example. Do you not think these are circulating coins?

  8. KEITHSTER says

    I’m starting to warm a little to these new guys they sent my Kennedy 2packs that were on hold looks like metal flow to me but thats ok by me! And now they just sent my BHOF’s $1 uncs Way to go guys keep kissin up and maybe someday well or maybe not? Good Lucks To ALL:>:>:>

  9. cagcrisp says

    @2cents, what you are referring to are numismatic coins. They are not made for general circulation.

  10. Frank says

    I have to report this to the forum but the U.S. Mint has refused to exchange my ATB 5 Oz recently even if I clearly marked the exchange box and gave the reason on the return slip. I made an online chat with one of the representatives and was told the U.S. Mint no longer accepts exchanges and below is the exact words:

    “No, everything was okay with the item. The only issue is that we do not exchange items any longer, so that why credit was issued back instead.”

    Hopefully this is just a mistake from one representative. Otherwise it will very unfair for the buyers to pay multiple shipping costs (assuming return and re-order) for the defective coins.

  11. BFN says

    Yup, the “boneheads” (just being polite) in DC could save Billions by eliminating the one and five dollar bill and all denominations below a quarter, but it is not their money so why care…..

  12. Hawkster says

    If you don’t mind me asking, was a flaw(s) on the coin the reason you requested an exchange? And was the reason they did not grant the exchange because, upon examination by a Mint representative, they did not agree with your assessment?

  13. Brad says

    It’s true that the S Mint ATB quarters are considered “circulating” quality, but aren’t actually meant to circulate. However, including them on the production report would be justified since the Kennedy Half Dollars and Presidential/Native American Dollars aren’t meant to circulate anymore either. Since those coins which are now only sold as numismatic items are included on the report, the “circulating quality” ATB S quarters should be also.

    It would be a handy piece of information to have, so we could have an idea how close to a possible sellout some of the 2014-S quarters might be.

  14. hw says


    Look at it from this perspective. The US Mint could have returned the original coin back to you and no credit. I don’t think you would feel much better.

  15. gary says

    It is possible that the Mint is tightening it’s policy on returned items. They can check a customer’s order history and frequency and reason for the returns. If a customer has a history of a lot of returns, the Mint might just elect to issue a refund instead of cycling more new product to be cherry-picked.

  16. ABC says

    Well, if this is true then it’ll make the process of getting replacements longer because we would have to request a refund and then order another coin. And we would potentially be paying more for the coin if a price adjustment takes place.

  17. ABC says

    But what if the reason for the returns were legitimate? I’ve ordered many items in the past that had to be returned because the quality wasn’t acceptable. A couple of the worst ones that I’ve had to return were the ATB 5 ounce Shenandoah and the Arches pucks. They were horrible; both had dings and scratches. The Shenandoah replacement was fine, but the Arches that I got back had one noticeable ding on the obverse. I decided to keep it rather than going through the hassle of returning it again and potentially getting a worse one.

  18. Frank says

    @Hawkster, there are some greenish stain (paint?) near the edge on the reverse side of the coin (not on the capsule).

    15:19:28 [XXX] I show that we issued a credit of $139.45 back to your credit card.
    15:20:02 [Visitor] But I thought I checked the exchange box on the return slip. 🙂
    15:20:19 [Visitor] I want an exchange instead. 🙂
    15:20:51 [XXX] Regrettably, we do not offer exchanges on items and when we received the items back, there was not a reason listed for the return.
    15:21:02 [XXX] I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
    15:21:25 [Visitor] Wait, I listed the reason for exchange on the return slip too…
    15:21:45 [Visitor] There are some paints on the coin …
    15:22:55 [XXX] It could be that exchange was the only thing marked on the box and we do not offer exchanges, so the notes indicate no reason for return.
    15:23:52 [Visitor] That will be very strange because I did put in the reason. Anything went wrong?
    15:24:41 [XXX] No, everything was okay with the item. The only issue is that we do not exchange items any longer, so that why credit was issued back instead.

  19. Hawkster says


    I believe you are right. I’m sure there are many customers who cherry pick, and are only interested in keeping coins that they consider absolutely perfect. There have even been some commenters on this blog site that admit to over ordering “hot” coin issues, with the idea of cherry picking the best specimens and returning the “rejects”.
    Now I’m not implying that Frank is in this category, but hopefully he will reply as to why his exchange request was rejected.

  20. Hawkster says

    If it is fact true that the Mint will no longer issue exchanges for coins returned to them, customers now need to be mindful of placing orders early for new releases. As in Frank’s case, if the 5 oz ATB happens to be a Shenandoah, it would probably now be too late for him to order a replacement, as the mintage limit has most likely been met.

  21. billb says

    “Everytime it rains it rains pennies from heaven”

    I guess that meant something good back in the thirties when they wrote that song!

  22. GoldFishin says

    The US Mint seems to be doing everything it can to run customers off. I predict the new “return only” policy(if accurate) will only tick some customers off so they don’t order at all…..or…… will encourage over ordering to ensure customers get the number of keepers desired. It’s not a very difficult prediction.

  23. Dave SW FL says

    Well, I am one of the ” over orderers ” BUT I do not consider myself a cherry picker! When I am paying over 4X face for a clad proof set plus the shipping, I EXPECT to get quality coins! If I wanted dinged up, spotted, and striated crap, I would go to Costco and get them at face.

    So, if I wanted 5 sets, I found that I needed to order 10 sets because if I only ordered 5, usually at least 2 would have to be sent back and then HOPE to not have to send any replacements back.

    I have over ordered in the past and been so pleased with the quality that I kept ALL of them. However , on the 2014 sets, I had to send all 10 sets back ( detailed post a notes on every subset) and all 10 replacement sets returned, too. The issues were so bad that I could not even put together a complete quality set mixing subsets! This is the first year I have had this problem.

    I know they CAN do quality because the Birthday sets are absolutely gorgeous !

    Now, I just go to the LCS and look at what they have and pay very close to mint price without the hassle.

  24. Dave SW FL says


    Thanks for the comeback!

    I am amazed that these pucks seem to be getting more expensive as silver declines ( over 25% lately)

    Patience is a virtue. It is also time consuming! I’ll hang in there

  25. Hawkster says

    Dave SW FL,

    Are you worn out from all those 2014 returns? Talk about diminishing returns. . .

  26. GoldFishin says

    @Dave SW FL- It’s funny….I have been trying to pick up some of the older SP70 pucks and they are just outrageous graded FS SP70 PCGS. I started back in 2011 buying the OGP and still have the Hot Springs and the Yellowstone in sealed box. But they were so expensive back then I just couldn’t keep up with the DMPL and the SP70 coins so I chose to stay with the bullion versions because I liked the shininess of them over the uncirculated version. I guess that was a huge mistake. If I was just starting out collecting the 5 oz pucks I would go with the Numismatic Uncirculated coins and buy the PCGS SP70 coins. This year’s Great Smokey Mountain is already commanding a hefty premium graded SP70 FS. I will be watching closely the mintages for the remainder of the year with the Sand Dunes and Everglades.

    I too am an over purchaser. I probably am a cherry picker also. I can’t help it, when I collect moderns, I expect for them to be nearly flawless. They have the technology to mint flawless coins, but from what I have seen the Mint’s quality control is very suspect to say the least lately. I have never had to return coins until this year, to the point that I have decided to buy most of my coins on Ebay now. I am not saving anything getting them graded myself. It is cheaper to let somebody else take the hit for the grading and wonder labels. 😉 I like OGP also, and try to buy it when I can afford both. I am buying the JFK silver set in OGP , maybe 2-3 sets, and I will pick up some graded singles on Ebay.

  27. David says

    I have spent some of the ATB quarters from the San Francisco Mint. They do indeed circulate and should have been included in the production totals. And I think the pennies should be discontinued. I am a cashier and I can tell you first hand, nobody likes those bloody coins. They leave them behind, they give you the amount for their bill with the right change combination as to NOT get any pennies back. I find them on the ground, nobody cares.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    Regarding all the cents and nickels that are minted, with little to no value and costing the USA government more to mint them than they are worth, I think the Mint should look to our neigbors up north and across the pond in Europe on how to better manage coin production. Canada stopped minting cents and went to dollar and $2.00 coins a long time aga, and they actually circulate and are even liked by the people since the RCM stopped printing $1.00 and $2.00 bills. Some countries in Europe have stopped minting 1 and 2-cent coins because the coins have lost their value and a Euro is worth quite a bit more than a dolla,r plus there are no paper Euro dollars. The UK uses round pound coins and long ago got rid of the pound paper bill, and a pound is worth a lot more than a Euro.. If all these countries are taking these actions to save money, you would think that our country might take notice and do the right thing and stop wasting our taxpayers’ money. Is this just another example of why some people from other countries refer to us as “ugly Americans”?

  29. says

    sorry…repost from last thread Steve says

    October 10, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Goldfishin…I agree….Dave, SW FL….while still more than I would pay, Aydin Coins has the Arches PCGS MS69DMPL for around $202…the raw coin for around $117.

    I’ve collected both raw and PCGS MS69DMPL from the beginning…..for those of you that also have, you know how crazy the 2010’s sold for….easily over $2000 for a raw set. I still have a set that I sent in to PCGS of the 2010’s….4 are PCGS FS MS69DMPL and 1, the Grand Canyon is MS69PL….I could of sold this set for $3500 at one time, but as I had several bullion sets, I held onto this one….now worth maybe $1150?…but it doesn’t matter, as I want to keep these coins.

    And I will say this….over the years, many have trashed the Hot Springs coin (toiltet bowl, etc)…but I see it as one of my favorites. This is one ATB 5 oz coin that imo looks so much better in the bullion version. I’d take a Hot Springs MS69DMPL or NGC MS69DPL anyday over a SP70.

    Anyway, here is Aydin coins site:

    I love these bullion coins bases on todays prices….and several of the 2014 5 oz ATB’s will have lower mintages than the “P” version….as Brad recently pointed out.

  30. ABC says

    The reason why these coins are still in circulation (and will continue to do so) is probably because those congressmen who represent the states where all the metal comes from is getting campaign contributions from those companies that sell the metals to the mint to make these coins. And, in return, these congressmen will guarantee not to vote these coins out of existence. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

  31. gary says

    @ABC… that’s the real problem. It’s the little guy collector who would suffer the most with a no exchange return policy. I collect the ATB P-Mint 5 oz. in OGP and, so far, have received excellent coins. If I were to get a defective coin I would want to return & exchange for it. It may be the big boy dealers who buy in quantity to prescreen the OGP for 70 specimens who flood the Mint with returns to obtain replacement product to prescreen. The Mint should halt replacements to these big dealers only, not their core coin collecting customers. In any case, I hope that Frank’s experience with return & replacement is only an anomaly and not new Mint policy.

  32. Pittsburgh P says

    Gary I agree the little guy will suffer from this return only policy IF it is the new norm… I hope it is not but if it is it’s due to all the flippers and people who over order. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the practice of over ordering because some here have made valid points for it and against it.
    I personally do not do it, If I do not get something I want in an acceptable condition I will return it for an exchange(at least I did before) but only bought what I wanted.
    I hope it is an anomaly because if I have to return a coin or set only to get an exchange I will not buy another…

  33. Dave SW FL says

    Well, the order history question got the better of me and I had to go to the new Mint website. They must be tweaking it much faster than the healthcare site!

    There is no longer a requirement to answer any ancient security question. I quickly reset with the identical info as before .

    My account history is tremendously disappointing – only 33 orders dating back to 7/3/13.

    I discontinued subscriptions except for the ATB – I live. In FL and think the Glades coin will be one of the best and maybe a low production item as the premium to bullion will be tremendous unless silver gets to $15 before they are issued. If $15 arrives and there is no reduction, I believe everyone should cancel their subscription . According to Michael’s previous posts, it seems they drop the price $4 per oz with every $5 per oz drop. So if there is no adjustment and it looks like $15 will be a reality, I will wait to buy the P coin and go for PCGS DMPL69 bullion.

    Overall, the old site was MILES ABOVE the new one. It was much easier to navigate and find what you want ( my opinion only )

  34. Mike says

    From the new site.

    “Return Policy
    If for any reason within 7 days of receiving your product you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the entire product for refund. Shipping charges will not be refunded for all returns.

    The United States Mint will not accept partial returns nor will it issue partial refunds. For example, if you receive a United States Mint Silver Proof Set™ where one coin is in unacceptable condition, you must return the entire Proof Set, not just the one coin, to receive a refund.„

  35. Mike says

    Here is the email I received on 9-18-14, It says the new fulfillment center will be processing returns for refund or exchanges on October 1 2014. My packing list says for refund or exchange and the return label was addressed to the new fulfillment center. Waiting for call back from a supervisor because having same problem as frank.

    “Shipping Procedures, Returns and Fulfillment Center Changes
    As part of this transition, our Fulfillment Center operations will relocate from Indiana to Tennessee; subsequently, our current shipping and returns practices have been modified as follows:
    September 19, 2014 is the last day for customers to place an expedited order online or via the Call Center. All orders placed after this date will ship October 1, 2014.
    September 19, 2014 is the last day for any returns to be processed at the current Fulfillment Center. Customers should use the return shipping label provided with their order to ensure processing is handled properly. Any returns received directly from customers without the provided return shipping label on or after September 20, 2014 will be returned to sender.
    The new fulfillment center will begin processing returns for refund or exchange on October 1, 2014.
    September 23, 2014 is the last day orders will ship to customers until October 1, 2014.
    Eligible subscription products shipped before September 27, 2014 will receive the current subscription discount; eligible subscription products shipped subsequent to the launch of the new website will be charged at regular price.”

  36. VA Rich says

    Dave SW – Greetings from St. George Is., you have the life down here! While you were on cruise, the majority of regulars here went ‘inactive’ on the subscription. Appears to be no way to out right cancel them yet. Per mint CSR, all past order history is to be imported in the near future.

    MarkRex – call mintcoinsdirect and ask Harry if he has any Arches available. Won’t be auction prices, though you’ll have them in hand. MCM also was revolving stock worth checkimg

  37. VA Rich says

    Surprised to see the backorder status of SNP & Arches removed, though with the website disconnects we’re seeing, if you want it, better get it, until the sites issues are fixed, may just see some sale outs show first. Even last week’s sales report was a head scratcher on some items, so who who knows what to expect int coming weeks

  38. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The economy now is just steaming. Stopping pennies, nickels, who cares about anything else this is a total frenzy. This is the American way, money is god and I still can’t find a good job..

  39. Boz says

    ABC I think you got the one I returned, just one ding. I generally do not return numismatic coins, but that one was justified. How it got through quality control I would never hazard a guess.

    Been getting a lot of little fuzzy black hairs inside the cases lately, as others have commented on. Don’t expect that really hurts a coin, but it still makes one wonder what kind of cheap packaging material they are getting that sheds all over the packing center. And how do the fuzzy hairs from the boxes get inside the lenses unless the lensing process is done on the same workbench? If so, that is rather stupid to say the least.

    With compounding pharmacies getting all kinds of contaminants inside of pharma drugs, etc., perhaps the sterile packing center people doing work fro the mint are using the same processes as the medical community?

  40. Jon in CT says

    fmtransmitter wrote on October 11, 2014 at 7:39 PM:

    We need an error penny BAD Mint!

    But I thought you had already firmly established yourself as MNB’s ‘bad penny’..

  41. Bob R says

    Off topic.
    Of all the commentators posts out here, Jon in CT is one of the best. He knows what he is talking about, has great reference data, a wiz on the internet search’s, smart as a whip on any mistake someone makes, has ripped my ass in the past, no feelings hurt. It is fun.

  42. VA Rich says


    So, what do you think of our new redesigned website?

    The Mint Web team constantly evaluates customer feedback, industry standards, and emerging technologies to develop new and enhance existing services. Your feedback is crucial to our success. Please share your suggestions on how we can improve our Web communications.

  43. thePhelps says

    @VA Rich… It is kind of fun to watch people spend money on labels. I can’t understand why – with technology being what it is – people don’t buy their own printers and labels and make their own. There are plenty of pictures of Jeter or Ortiz or any of the other players people want to attach to the coins – but for some dumb reason they believe having a graders label attached is a value added feature. I guess laziness knows no boundaries.

  44. VA Rich says

    thePhephs – good point, with the advancement of 3D printers, what’s to prevent us from ‘encoffining’ our own with World Series ticket stubs…hmmmm

    They releasing 30 different players, so maybe that’s a good thing, it’ll help absorb more coins from the available OGP pool & in turn, reduce their future availability.

  45. Mark Rex says

    Here was my feedback;

    This was the page loaded for reviewing the new website, so here is my review. Very poor compared to the old site. Navigation was easier on the old website. Pages, catagories, product information, backordered dates, no longer available and other information is much difficult to find if at all. All very disappointing. As much so that it could be the same for the US Mint as it was for the US Govt with the healthcare site. Rollout of this site was a major fail with the security questions as no one thought about warning customers in advance or longer existant customers would have issues recalling their specfic q&a. Still today have issues finding specifics products even with search. The old layout with the nav of catagories on the left made it extremely easier. Made two seperate attempts to place orders but after becoming frustrated with issues above I ended up closing the page and later spent the money on bullion. A silver pricing grid like gold would be an improvement too as silver sits around $17. Bringing back the 10% enrollment discount in the meantime would be great to especially for the 5 oz ATB coins as most are going to go bullion at $105 than nusimatic at $155. As a collector of this series I will be attempting to buy at least one but I have subscribed to 5 of these the start of 2013 but between the increased cost (loss of enrollment discount, much lower silver prices, time to find these products on new site and such I will be canceling my enrollments soon. I haven’t yet because being on the site and seeing the big improvements you guys speak off then seeing the opposite I just don’t want to be on. With no incentive to have an enrollment like the discount or free/reduced shipping or something there really is no reason to enroll unless your away. I hope you take these issues I expressed and look into them and work to improve the site, silver pricing and enrollments. These views of mine are shared by my collecting friends and online from what I seen. To get a better insight I would suggest sending a poll survey type deal to all customers who have made an order in the past year. This way you can hear more as a whole your customers then hopefully adjust and make things better.

  46. jeff says

    Mark Rex the mint could care less what you or other collector base feel or says. It’s evident this is the way it’s going to be. They think the site is streamline they have been working for two years on this roll out (lmao) Peterson is in control cancel your enrollment folks move on the mint is a has been better opportunity elsewhere. EBAY does not charge shipping, it sets the market you can buy any coin any year you want why would anyone pay $27 dollars over spot for a 1$ silver eagle is crazy but it’s your money. Boycott the mint make them pay.

  47. thePhelps says

    @jeff – you can’t buy a bullion coin from the mint. That is the only valid comparison to spot a $1 silver Eagle has. The numismatic versions won’t sell for spot anywhere, even on eBay.

    Buying coins on eBay is fine, but I’ve very seldom purchased coins there cheaper than they are sold at the US Mint.

    Now go away and stop trolling.

  48. Vachon says

    @Gary : Coins have a high attrition rate because of their lack of purchasing power. Cents, nickels, and dimes have so little purchasing power that they are more trouble than they are worth so people get them in change and hoard them until they decide to cash them out a bank or CoinSTAR.

    Evidence of their lack of circulation is abundant. An oft-cited statistic is that coins last 40 years in circulation. If that were the case than most change minted prior to 1974 would be nearly slicks but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any worn-down Memorial Cents and Jefferson nickels. Only Roosevelt dimes and Washington quarters from the mid-1960s show extensive wear but none of them are regularly encountered as slicks either. In fact I have yet to encounter a coin from the late 1960s that looks like some of the worn-down Barber and early date Mercury dimes I’ve seen over the years.

  49. Dave SW FL says

    Last roll of nickels I checked out had 2 1964 AU, 1 1965 EF, and 6 70s&80’s EF.

    Some interesting poll questions would be:

    When you get home for the day, do you
    A) put your change back in your pocket the next day
    B) put your change in a storage container
    C) never have any – I use credit/debit cards
    D) other – please specify ———————–

    Estimate the amount of change stored around your house
    A) less than $1
    B) $1-10
    C) $10-100
    D) more than $100

    The penny coin is
    A) essential to our economic system
    B) a waste of time and resources

  50. Hawkster says

    Dave SW FL,

    In regard to your survey or poll, I would suggest expanding the list of questions. You could then use the results as part of your dissertation in fulfillment of the requirements for a PhD in numismatics.

  51. says

    I talked to the Mint Friday night regarding multiple enrollments for the same item…like my 5 oz ATB’s, that were combined.
    The rep said yes, my two orders (one for 1, one for 2) had been combined…my enrollment on the mint site showed one enrollment for 3 coins.
    I had her change the enrollment from 3 to 2…which she did….and she also entered a new enrollment for the same product (ATB-P 5oz) for 1 coin.

    Tonight, I checked my enrollments and it does indeed show two enrollments for the same product….one for 2 and one for 1.

    While I probably will have to pay shipping twice…that’s ok with me

    BUT…my order history still does not show anything. When I mentioned this, the rep said she saw 104 orders in my history.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Jon in CT says
    OCTOBER 11, 2014 AT 9:45 PM

    fmtransmitter wrote on October 11, 2014 at 7:39 PM:

    We need an error penny BAD Mint!

    But I thought you had already firmly established yourself as MNB’s ‘bad penny’..
    Your either a trust fund baby, a retired, reading, drinking, pill popping trust fund baby, obviously educated, obviously bored and sometimes witty. You need some love. Bashing people or pointing out their mistakes is a simple way for a simple mind to make itself feel better from low self esteem. I hope you heal one day. Either way, you have way more time on your hands than I do. Good day.

  53. VA Rich says

    FM – speaking of pennies, I found some good pennies in your ‘hood yesterday in Eastpoint, FL at a neat little local dealer(Martin’s House of Coins) – 50 year old unsearched tubes and bags of pennies from a found hoard. All wheaties with a good mix of brilliant reds and Indian heads from my first tube, gonna grab a few more as they make nice presents. He had some error pennies to if you’re interested.

  54. Jon in CT says

    The Bozo who adds entries to the Mint’s social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) just posted special entries for Columbus day which suggest to teachers that the Mint’s dumb Lewis & Clark Adventure game is somehow an appropriate classroom exercise for Columbus Day. 🙄

    The Mint actually has an interesting Columbus Day page on their website for teachers which (surprise!) features many of the coins which have been issued to honor Columbus. Why wouldn’t the Mint point teachers to that page?

  55. Jon in CT says

    It now occurs to me that nearly every public school system (except those enlightened ones which have determined that Columbus was actually a mass-murderer) take Columbus Day off as a holiday. So suggesting an activity to teachers for today is dumb on yet another level.

  56. Hawkster says

    Jon in CT,

    You strike me as one who possesses knowledge in a broad range of topics beyond the world of numismatics. I’m sure you are aware, for example, that Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) is meeting Amherst this weekend in a “Little Three” battle of unbeaten teams.
    I will admit that your comments are well researched. Do you sometimes avail yourself to the aforementioned University’s library, or do you travel down to New Haven and use one of Yale’s bibliotheques? (Was that spelled correctly?). Or, is your research home based?

  57. Hawkster says

    There are many school districts that do not celebrate Columbus Day. I know this to be true in the Midwest.

  58. Smiledon says

    To all the ones here that want to drop the penny, nickle, and dime.
    I go walking in the early hours of the morning with the dog, and I pick up all the coins that others choose to leave behind. as an FYI, I have collected, to date, ~$800.00 over the years (5). Value is what someone is willing to pay, and most do not value loose change.
    We are forgetting that more and more are using plastic, so more and more do not have to worry about change.

  59. JagFan says

    We have another Exclusive! Instead of coming from Perthmint, this one is actually designed and produced by the Canadian Mint.. It is a 3/4 oz silver Grey Wold and the US distributor is APMEX.

    Check it out:

    Also, another commissioned coin from Perth Mint (Exclusive for Silver Towne / Coin Vault) is the 1 oz High Relief Santa Claus. Low mintage of 2,500

    Here you go:

    As far as a seasonal coin, I like the new Canadian Venetian Glass Snowman better…

  60. Eagle One says

    This 2014 Kennedy market on eBay is starting to look like a giant toilet plugged up with thousands of tirds that can’t be flushed.

  61. MN says

    @Eagle One

    OGP BHOF Silver Dollar sales haven’t been so hot on eBay either…lucky if a seller can break even on them right now.

  62. Eagle One says

    Mint-to-Demand. I think there was a reason for this. Only the big boys are allowed to make money.

  63. jeff says

    Eagle One says

    October 13, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    “This 2014 Kennedy market on eBay is starting to look like a giant toilet plugged up with thousands of tirds that can’t be flushed.”

    That said it’s like congress and the new Mint Site TURDS NOTHING GETTING DONE

  64. fmtransmitter says

    Jon in CT says
    OCTOBER 13, 2014 AT 10:53 AM

    It now occurs to me that nearly every public school system (except those enlightened ones which have determined that Columbus was actually a mass-murderer) take Columbus Day off as a holiday. So suggesting an activity to teachers for today is dumb on yet another level.
    What in tarnations does this have to do with the US Mint?

  65. fmtransmitter says

    A Rich says
    OCTOBER 13, 2014 AT 8:44 AM

    FM – speaking of pennies, I found some good pennies in your ‘hood yesterday in Eastpoint, FL at a neat little local dealer(Martin’s House of Coins) – 50 year old unsearched tubes and bags of pennies from a found hoard. All wheaties with a good mix of brilliant reds and Indian heads from my first tube, gonna grab a few more as they make nice presents. He had some error pennies to if you’re interested.
    Thanks! I have pounds and pounds of wheaties. Not in market for more right now. Hope you make some money on them VAR…

  66. Sith says

    First let me say wow praise for Jon in CT. I must admit he is knowledgeable, however he has to many troll like qualities for me to give him full credit as being good for the blog.

  67. Sith says

    @Eagle One

    I think you are wrong mint-to-demand benefits collectors, as it tends to destroy secondary market values as everyone who wants one can get one.

  68. thePhelps says

    Sith – destroying the secondary market value – means the collector value of the coin is also destroyed. Too often people seem to believe there is only a secondary market for coins – immediately after the coin gets released.

    If there is no long term upside value for the coin – then all you are collecting is the material value of the coin and subsequently the collector base will go away. Yeah you collected a coin – that everyone who wanted got – and now you can’t sell it to anyone either.

  69. VA Rich says

    To thePhelps point, high mint premiums and high mintage destroys the long-term appreciation value for many of the numismatic offering that end up trading around spot for the metal content, discussed so often here. Case in point, see this article and comment, & there’s 3 coin sets now listed on fleabay at $420 OBO:

    Still can’t believe the large number of gold JFKs still sitting on the bay, there’s really not moving anymore, or it appears that way.

  70. A different Jeff says

    Some observations on the various threads being posted:

    1) The mint produces circulating coins to meet the demand of its customer – The Federal Reserve Bank. They make their production demands based one the demands of THEIR customers – the commercial banks. And they in turn make their demands based on THEIR customers – the merchants. Someone’s using those pennies somewhere. But I suspect most end up in cans and jars.

    2) The circulating ATBs from San Francisco are reported in the weekly numismatic report under ‘Bags and Rolls’. Each issue is on sale for roughly 1 year (sched is late Jan, early Apr, mid Jun, late Aug, early Nov). Sales are averaging about 1.4 million, but it varies. Also, they are not part of the circulating ATB coin set released in late November.

    3) Mint to demand can be implemented by the mint on coins which do not have legislated limits, such as commems. Had it not been for the over exuberance of the dealers looking for a quick buck, the sales levels would probably have been half what they are. Sales of the gold are barely happening; sales of the clads have dropped markedly, considering they are priced better than the 3 coin ATB sets (on raw face value vs. price).
    Mint to demand seems to work as those who want the coins are able to get them, and as interest wanes, they will be withdrawn. Items with fixed limits may spur increased initial impulse buying from those looking to flip quickly. Had Mint to demand been an option on the Civil Rights coins, they’d have been withdrawn months ago. Can’t wait to see how the Silvers do.

    4) Australia dumped its pennies (and 2 cents as well) in the early ’90s and introduced $1 and $2 coins in ’84 and ’88 along with 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins. Spent several months there in ’96; took a little getting used to having a pocketful of coins (maybe 6 to 10) and discovering it was maybe $10 – $15 dollars. Everyone there seemed to be fine with it. Cash transactions were rounded to the nearest 5x multiple of cents; plastic and checks were still to the penny.

    5) Not sure why nickels cost so much to make, but dimes don’t. Maybe we could go back to half dimes and make them clad like the other ‘silver’ coins.

    Just some food for thought

  71. jhawk92 says

    VA Rich and FM-

    I’m heading to FL this weekend bat alas, not to that area of the state. Both my kids have expressed an interest in the hobby as they have seen me work some nice older mint and proof sets. Does that dealer sell the rolls to out of state folks and willing to ship? Sounds like that would be a better start in the hobby than some of the unscrupulous bay sellers. If they are sold out and you guys need to lighten your copper load, let me know. Thanks.

  72. Joseph says

    Is this stealing? someone call the police please. LOL

    gary says
    OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 3:32 PM

    I found a 1952 silver dime in a “take a / give a penny cup last week. Left a clad dime in it’s place.

  73. VA Rich says

    jhawk – he does ship out of state, shipping is $3.25 and add an additional .50 cents per roll. Recommend you call at 850-728-6487 and ask for him to email his inventory spreadsheet and work out a deal from there – good luck!

  74. jhawk92 says

    VA Rich-

    Thanks for the number. I will certainly give him a ring and see if there are any of those rolls left. Will let you know what I nd up with. On a side note, by the end of the month I should be down to just the 2010 set on catching up with the DMPL bullion pucks. Woo hoo!

  75. jhawk92 says

    VA Rich-

    Thanks for the number. I will certainly give him a ring and see if there are any of those rolls left. Will let you know what I end up with. On a side note, by the end of the month I should be down to just the 2010 set on catching up with the DMPL bullion pucks. Woo hoo!

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