Vicksburg National Military Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

Earlier today, the United States Mint began sales of the Vicksburg National Military Park Quarter numismatic bags and rolls. This coin represents the ninth release for the America the Beautiful Quarters series.

The reverse design by Thomas Cleveland features an image of the U.S.S. Cairo on the Yazoo River as it would have appeared while serving in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. The obverse features the John Flanagan portrait of George Washington that has been used for all issues of the series.

The US Mint is offering two roll sets, which include one 40-coin roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one 40-coin roll from the Denver Mint. The custom designed wrappers indicate the design, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents. Each two roll set containing $20 face value in quarters is priced at $39.95.

Separately, the US Mint offers 100-coin bags from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint. The canvas bags are sewn closed with a tag indicating the date, design, state abbreviation, and mint mark. Each bag containing $25 face value in quarters is priced at $49.95.

The Vicksburg Quarter bags and rolls will be available from the US Mint for one year after the official release date.

An official launch ceremony will be held tomorrow August 30, 9:30 AM CT, at the USS Cairo Museum located on the grounds of the park. After the ceremony, a roll exchange will be available where attendees can exchange currency for rolls of the new quarters at face value.

2011 Proof Silver Eagle Re-Pricing

The US Mint has re-priced the 2011 Proof American Silver Eagle and resumed sales today. The one ounce silver coins are now priced at $68.45 each, representing an increase of $8.50 from the original price of $59.95.

Publication of the re-pricing in the Federal Register came on the same day that the price for the upcoming 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle was published. These collectible uncirculated coins are priced at $60.45 each and will go on sale September 15, 2011.

Back when the 2011 Proof Silver Eagles first went on sale, this CoinWorld article indicated that the US Mint’s pricing was established based on a silver market price of $37.50 per ounce.

The market price of silver is now $40.70 per ounce, which is $3.20 higher than the value used to establish the original price of the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle. The highest London Fix price for silver within the past month was $43.49, which is $5.99 higher than the value used to establish the original price.

Thus, it seems that higher silver prices cannot be blamed for the full extent of the $8.50 increase.

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  1. In the Middle says

    They are bumping the price up so the 25th ASE set will be around $350-400.Oh wait I forgot the packaging. Better make that $450-500. WTF! The mint is getting greedy. Starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. says

    Vicksburg is my second favorite release. It’s funny that’s it’s coming so late after they released the 5 oz silver bullion version of it – I’ve had the Vicksburg bullion for months now. And I just got my Chickasaw bullion two weeks ago, even though the quarter is not set to debut until November 14!

    As for the price increase on the silver eagle, ouch. Not quite the $70 I was afraid of, but still close enough to hurt. I agree with the other posters – the Mint seems to be getting greedy. I’m afraid this is probably going to lead to a very high price for the anniversary set. $350 minimum, but as one poster said, over $400 is not out of the Realm of possibility now. If it’s that high, I will have to reconsider buying, given how badly my funds have been strained chasing the flood of high-priced products this year.

  3. stephen m. says

    At 100,000ea. the mint knows the 25th anniversary set will sell no matter if the price is $400+. Greed or good business on the mints part? I’ll only purchase one set, as i intended, anyhow.

  4. Ed says

    Trying to get just one set will be challenging. With a max number of 5 that can be ordered, this set will, I anticipate, sell out quickly. Really does not matter what the mint prices it at. Wouldn’t surprise me if the set was priced around $495.00 There will be 2 coins that will be unique to the set: the 2011-S uncirculated and the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagles. I am sure the set will be a sellout before the day ends on the day of release.

  5. jimmy says

    no. silver will most likely stay around $40.00 to $42.00. so that 25th anniversary set might only be around $350.00.

  6. jimmy says

    i think the mint is using $41.50/oz. as its base to compute. and add 60% premium for the proof. 40% premium for the uncirculated. plus other small charges.

  7. ClevelandRocks says

    I’m ok with the ASE proof price increase. It makes the ones I own worth more, and total sales down a bit. Kind of opposite of the “will they ever stop offering for sale” the 2010 silver proof set selling for low premiums that can only be over-saturating the after market now in year #2 of sales.

  8. Richard (Cush) Walton says

    I am further pained by this latest increase that only solidifies my regret to have not hoarded more gold and silver. This accentuates how we live in a cashless society and how we are willing to lick the honey that is dripping no matter the price. How does one explain to a child how collecting Mint products is a numismatic endeavor worthy of pursuing?
    My devalued cash now goes into survival gear and I am sad this is so.

  9. ken says

    As long as these prices hold, the 25th anniversary set should cost $300-$350, with $350 being price gouging territory!

    If silver falls another $3 between now and then, I expect each coin to have it’s price reduced by $10, using the Mints math!

  10. Two Cents says

    Does anyone think that the 2011 ATB 5-oz. coins will be sold by the Mint at a highter price? They contain 5 ounces, just like the 25th Anniversay Set, which people on this blog are speculating to be sold between $350 and $400 (or higher?).

    I had actually hoped that the 25th Anniversay Silver Eagle would have been a 5-oz. coin at the same price as the ATB ones. At 3 inches, that would have made it truly unique and would have really showcased the beautiful Walking Liberty design.

  11. says

    Two Cents,

    For the 2011 AtB-Ps, I’m hoping they’re debating whether to sell them at all. With the release of the anniversary set, most collectors are not going to be able to afford more AtB-Ps AND the anniversary set to boot. Something is going to have to give, and it will probably be the AtB-Ps. The Mt. Hood sales were pretty bad and the coin is still far away from a sellout (bizarrely, the Grand Canyon hasn’t been wait listed yet either as far as I can tell). It’s even possible the Mount Hood coin may never sell out. Given the poor sales of Mt. Hood, the Mint has to be hesitating for fear of recreating a “First Spouse” scenario.

    So with that said, if they raise the price of the AtB-Ps to like $325, my expectation is we see initial sales numbers under 10,000 for Gettysburg, maybe even sales numbers under 7,500. And after that sales will simply stop – none of the AtB-Ps will sell out.

  12. John Boy says

    The mint should consider selling the 2011 ATBs as a set. If they price them correctly, they will sell out. Had they done the same with the 2010s, we probably would not even be speculating whether or not there would be a 2011 release.

  13. limalo says

    Given the slow sales of the Mt. Hood AtB-P, isn’t about time the Mint removed the one coin per household limit? If they want to avoid the possibility of the Mt. Hood never selling out (as mentioned above by CaptainOverkill) wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction? Seems to me that removing the limit would result in, at least, a few more sales. I’d like to get another one so that I would then have two complete sets of the 2010’s to pass on to my two sons.

    Anyone have any idea if and when the Mint might remove the limit on the Mt. Hoods?


  14. Louis says

    Looks like pm coin prices will be up tomorrow since we have been in the $1800-1850 range for I think all but one day in the past week.

  15. says

    I’m stunned at the Grand Canyon accepting 774 orders over the 27K limit. Is someone asleep at the switch at the Mint, or have they just decided to quietly Mint more GCs for some reason? Or are the numbers for GC not being reported correctly?

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    UPDATE – From the Mint’s Release Schedule…

    The 2011 Gettysburg ATB-P 5 ounce coin is scheduled to go on sale September 22nd – as a single piece. The other four pieces are listed as TBD. No indications of a 2011 ATB-P Set.

    This announcement should mean that total quantities and pricing info should be available in 7 to 10 days. I’m really interested as to what tact the Mint will take with regards to both. Given the falling interest in the 4th and 5th release, as well as the recent Spot Silver actions, I can see lower quantities AND an increased price!!! I would expect most of us typical collectors to save for a couple of the 25th Anny Sets, then pic up the Gettysburg 5 oz after-the-fact, if interest and funding allows.

  17. Wylson says

    I ordered an extra GC the day the HH limit was limit and it is still backordered. Maybe they are taking orders until they find their 3,000 item misplaced stock.

  18. says

    No, don’t tell me that VA Beachbum! My poor wallet can’t handle it!

    Seriously, I think I’ll have to pass on at least some of the 2011-Ps (I’ll probably pick up Vicksburg and Chickasaw since they’re my favorites and will hopefully not come until 2012). It’s just too expensive.

  19. Ikaika says

    I still think the 2010 ATB bullion were better investment than the collectors “P” version. Bottom line is the Mint just has too many products for sale.

  20. Bill says

    Is it time to sell the my Buffalo gold, high mint number coins and buy other gold coins with lower mint numbers like the first spouse half ounce?

    Is anyone else trading into lower minted gold coins?

  21. Louis says

    If you have a 2011 Buffalo proof, I would not sell it. This will be the second lowest mintage in the series and with all the other offerings, I doubt more than another couple thousand at most will sell between now and the end of sales later this year. If you have a bullion Buffalo, I would probably sell and get the two latest spouses in UNC with the money.

  22. Two Cents says

    CaptainOverkill, thank you for your analysis.

    I too am puzzled over the Grand Canyon 5-oz. sales beyond the maximum mintage. I wonder if there has been an unprecedented number of returns (for refunds) and cancellations of orders. Maybe with silver losing its luster and signs of a deepening recession, plus a seemingly high-cost 25th Anniversay Set coming up, that collectors/flippers are having second thoughts about their 5-oz. silver purchases.

    So the Mint may have sales of 27.774 (as of Aug. 29), but hundreds may have been returned or cancelled, and the Mint is waiting to sort things out before they close the Grand Canyon ordering.

  23. mbound1 says

    For those folks interested in the 5oz ATB’s, it appears today the mint disclosed the next collector’s version availability. The mint’s website shows that Gettysburg (#6 in the series, the first 2011 date for sale so far) will be available starting 9/22/11.

  24. Tony H says

    No more 5 oz ATB for me. I made up my mind (after the 3rd coin) realizing the coin was having a hard time selling out despite the skyrocketing silver price. In the long run I think it will just trail the bullion price. Anyway, I think the Mint overpriced the coin and 5-5oz coins a year is just too much for many people. I would rather slow down and stock coins that have more potential appreciation. I would definitely go for 25th anniversary ASE.

  25. Art says

    The next round of the Grand Canyon 5 oz. finally shipped. Probably why the Gettysburg 5 oz. sale was just scheduled. Let’s see what happens with the 27,000 limit. GC cannot be made in 2011 because it’s a 2010 coin. So why did it take so long to ship what is supposedly already in stock? Did the mint go through every GC left because of the light surface issue? And how does it work when there are a lot of returns for last year’s coins? Did the mint make more than 27,000 during that calendar year to cover the returns? It would be nice to know what goes on behind closed doors.

  26. says


    On your question about why it takes them so long to ship products already in stock, I think this is mostly because they have a bad order fulfilment system. Most of their new releases, which should theoretically already be minted and in stock, usually takes about 2 weeks to actually ship simply because their order fulfilment process is so crummy.

  27. ClevelandRocks says

    Micheal or anyone:

    The Army CLAD UNC may end up with less than 40k sales.
    Are there any other unique clads with this low mintage?

  28. Michael says

    The lowest mintage modern commemorative half dollars (unc) are:

    1996 Swimming: 49,553
    1996 Soccer: 52,836
    2003 First Flight: 57,122

    The first two carry a big premium, the third does not.

    In an old post, I did mention the possibility of the unc Army Half Dollar setting a new mintage low. It seems pretty likely now.

    The big drawback is the $19.95 price, which I think is really excessive for a clad half dollar.

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