Vote on the 2013 American Platinum Eagle Designs

The United States Mint recently provided the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) with nine design candidates for the 2013 American Platinum Eagle. As I have done on a few occasions in the past, I wanted to give Mint News Blog readers the opportunity to view the candidate designs and vote on their favorite.

The numismatic American Platinum Eagle is currently in the midst of a six year design series which highlights the six principles of American democracy found within the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. So far, the series has presented the principles “To Form a More Perfect Union” (2009), “To Establish Justice” (2010), “To Insure Domestic Tranquility” (2011), and “For the Common Defence” (2012). Designs representing each principle appeared on the reverse of each coin, while the obverse carried the rendition of the Statue of Liberty by John Mercanti.

The final two principles to be featured in the series are “To Promote the General Welfare” (2013) and “To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity” (2014).

Design candidates for “To Promote the General Welfare” included one alternative featuring two bald eagles building a nest, three alternatives with an image of Young America looking towards the future, two alternatives with figures and a cornucopia of fruit, two alternatives with fruit and hands, and a final alternative with a group of figures in a woodcut style. View images of all design candidates here.

The CFA preferred design AEP-R-02, which features Young America looking towards the future with a ring of 13 stars and the horizon line in the field. The CFA recommended that the design be simplified by removing the stars and horizon line.

The CCAC strongly preferred design AEP-R-03, which features the same figure of Young America, but with three gears in the background to represent the local, state, and federal government working together. Chairman Gary Marks said, “We liked the visionary of looking forward to the future juxtaposed against the gritty industrial image of getting the work done.”

The final design selection will be made by the Secretary of the Treasury after weighing these recommendations and receiving input from the United States Mint.

Readers can vote on their favorite reverse design for the 2013 American Platinum Eagle in the poll below.

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  1. Leo S. says


    I vote for the No. 7 design. I think we have plenty of Lady Liberty on our coins and it is time for some variety. I think this design represents best the theme of Promote the General Welfare.

  2. Blair J. Tobler says

    Leo S. – I agree. Just showing an image of Liberty doesn’t say “Promote the General Welfare” to me either.

  3. Steve says

    I like #4. But it dosen’t matter. Geitner will just over rule the CCAC and the general public and pick a lame one.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    Number 2 was my choice and its the least obtrusive. What about the Harrison FS due out 12/6/12 ? The coin is hard to make out the reverse is orchids and paint brushes.

  5. Jack in N.E says

    Off topic,but with the year almost over is there any news of the 2012 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set? Thanks

  6. Mint News Blog says

    The US Mint has confirmed that they will offer the set, but no details have been provided about the release date. I would think the release would not occur until after sales have started for all four of the gold coins.

  7. says

    I’m pretty impressed with the current crop of designs and am having a hard time picking between AEP-R-02, 03, and 05. I’d honestly take any of those three.

    Depending on how the image looks on the actual coin I might pick this up. I skipped common defense, but this might end up being a real winner in terms of art quality.

  8. Kraw says

    AEP-R-09 is the weirdest looking design I have ever seen from a coin. They look like lego-people and there is some kind of a coffee bean tree?

    Hard to go wrong with the rest. I like 01 and 03.

  9. Blackbeard says

    AEP-R-05 is the best looking the rest are real boring. Platinum Eagle are some favorite coin in my collection. Mintage Limits Should be 10,000

  10. David says

    If they include the gears, they should have Young America flexing her bicep and wearing a polka dot kerchief. I don’t think that flowing gown would pass OSHA regulations, with all those gears to get caught in. I’d like to see the version 2 with her holding a large cornucopia on her hip, instead of just holding the flowing gown. That would help say ‘promote general welfare’.

  11. hi ho silver says

    My favorite coin is a type 1 standing liberty quarter, I would love to see the 02 design on any U S Mint coin in a proof version !!

  12. VA Bob says

    Perhaps they should have an image of some Section 8 housing “Promoting the General Welfare” as it exists now in current times.

  13. Louis says

    #2 preferably the way the CFA suggested is superb. Time to start saving up for that baby. I know it won’t happen, but a silver version for those who have limited resources would be nice too.

  14. Dirk says

    #2 is my fav, #3 is just too busy and govt doesn’t work together very well at all in my mind. Ok so who voted for #9, its terrible

  15. CW says

    AEP-R-09 appears to be generic people and maybe leaning towards political correctness. Is Lady Liberty too old-fashioned for modern America?

  16. Fiat Lux says

    AEP-R-02 really looks nice. The rest look like pandering to the politically correct. If you’re going to to gears, give them some meaning. How about a fractal or a something based on the golden ratio. Or maybe a simple exponential curve of fiat e=mc^2 compounding interest. Make a donut to show how America has lost it’s soul to the bankers (JPM and GS), multinational corporations, mooching food stamp welfare entitlement

  17. says

    The gears are suppose to represent the governments working together, local state and federal governments to promote our general welfare. Also to represent the hard work that lays ahead for young America. I like #2 the best and with the 13 stars.

  18. Louis says

    #9 really is disgraceful more than politically correct. They don’t even look like real people!

  19. Mercury says

    It’s #02 for me. And though I’m not that crazy about seeing the shoreline in the horizon, I guess I can live with it. But in keeping with the theme, I would suggest is that they add the all-seeing eyeball triangle inside the center of the stars. Because the one thing we do know for sure, that in “Promoting the General Welfare,” not only would Lady Liberty be watching, but also her bigger brother as well.

  20. Alan says

    I’d normally prefer the less crowded “field” as with the CFA’s choice, but this time I have to side with the CCAC. The gears background puts a new twist on the done-to-death theme of “stars arranged in a circle” and best of all, it repeats the circular form of the coin in different places and sizes. Repetition of forms is always a nice design element, whether in movies or on coins. 😀

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