Vote on the 2014 Native American Dollar Designs

The United States Mint recently provided the design candidates for the reverse of the 2014 Native American Dollar to various groups who are tasked with reviewing the designs and offering their recommendations. As in the past, I wanted to provide Mint News Blog readers with their own opportunity to vote on their preferred design for the upcoming coin.

The Native American $1 Coin Program features a different reverse design annually, honoring Native Americans and the important contributions made by tribes and individuals to the development and history of the United States. The authorizing legislation provides that the Secretary of the Treasury is to consult with numerous groups before selecting the reverse design for each year. These groups include the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, the Congressional Native American Caucus of the House of Representatives, the Commission of Fine Arts, the National Congress of American Indians, and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The large number of groups involved has resulted in fairly large number of recommendations for the Treasury Secretary to consider for the upcoming coin.

The theme for the 2013 Native American Dollar design is the Native American hospitality which helped to ensure the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The United States Mint provided seven different reverse design candidates. Five of these designs were recommended by the various groups, with no single design recommended by more than one group.


The National Congress of the American Indian (NCAI) had expressed their preference for both Design 1 and Design 2, although modifications were suggested for each. Design #1 commemorates the relationship between the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark through the offer of horses. The NCAI recommended that the link between the horses ears be corrected.


Design #2 shows the friendship and mutual respect that developed between Meriwether Lewis and the Mandan Chief. The NCAI recommended that the pipe should be removed based on its relation to ceremonial and religious use.


The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee recommended Design 3, which depicts a Native American man offering a pipe and his wife offering provisions, with a stylized image of William Clark’s compass indicating northwest.


The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs had expressed their preference for Design 5, depicting a Mandan woman offering provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds with her village in the background.


The Commission of Fine Arts recommended Design 6, which features a depiction of Chief Cameahwait warning Lewis of the unpassable river route through the mountains and instead recommending a land route further north.

design-4 design-8

The two remaining designs, which went unrecommended, are shown above. Design 4 is a variation on Design 5, which includes a different arrangement of the elements and Clark’s compass in the background. Design 8 depicts Sacagawea carrying a basket of corn to barter for items belonging to the expedition. Lewis and Clark are in the background surveying and scouting int he western direction as indicated by a compass.

Note: There was no Design 7, so the numbering includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

Readers can vote on their own favorite design below. All seven different candidates are included.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Love 1 since it is the year of the horse. Interested to see others choices. Once again, thank you Michael…

  2. simon says

    I chose Design 3. I’m putting together a set of all the Sacagawea – Native American issues. It looks fantastic !

  3. VARich says

    Love this voting forum – thanks Michael!

    Nice observation FM, I did not make the connection / HLS – that’s hilarious!

    I’d have a nix #8 – I think if the Native Americans had a looking glass into the future and see the atrocities to come, they would have had Lewis & Clark’s heads upon first step into Datoka country. That gun needs to go too.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    8 is my second choice-I think in the Proof version it will look really sharp with the compass but the circ. ones will not shine right. IMO.

  5. KEITHSTER says

    Seem’s to me you guys are wasting your vote’s #1 is a rehash of last year’s and #8 won’t have a chance because it’s only recomended by collecters? But # 2 now that one seem’s to speak true words now as they were then You can have peace or you can have war your choice? And as long as they don’t loose the peace pipe the coin will say and We chose peace yes the whole world need’s this coin my vote is don’t lose the peace pipe 🙂 Good luck we need it :>

  6. says

    ot..GOLDMART…I know several of you have mentioned receiving your RP Buffalo from Goldmart.
    I ordered on 8/21…NGC PR70 ER Blue Label. (There seem to be very few of these Blue labels…I wonder if that’s the hold-up?)

    For those of that have received your coin, WHEN did you order? PCGS or NGC? Label type?

    Thanks for your time…Steve

  7. high low silver says

    I voted for #2 also….. Reminds me of happy days on the side of a mountain smoking dope ….

  8. Hidalgo says

    @Steve – I ordered a Reverse Proof gold Buffalo – PCGS PR70, Bison label on 8/22/2013. I am still waiting for my order to arrive. Just wondering – will Goldmart refund my payment if it is has sold out of my order?

  9. Hidalgo says

    Anyone – on previous blogs, folks talked about milk spots appearing on their PCGS graded coins. I have noticed that on some of my certified uncirculated silver coins, they are brilliant and shiny when viewed directly under a lamp. However, in filtered light the same silver coins have dark spots/blotches. Does anyone know what causes these dark areas/blotches?

  10. high low silver says

    Hildago : Just keep the coins you get from the Mint in OGP. Case closed !! The (milk) spots were an issue with Canada wildlife series.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    I like #2, #5, and #6. As for #1, it might be good for some other year, since we just had a horse in 2012. But, the ears on the horses would need to be changed so that they look like horses’ ears, and the horses themselves don’t quite look like horses really look. Strange design coming from an artist. As for #2, keep the peacepipe in – it is a very important element to the design, and Lewis & Clark explored the West in a peaceful mission. The native Americans knew they were not part of a war party with Sacagawea and her infant son along as part of the party.

  12. stephen m says

    It looks to me that the Native American Designs dollars are going to become quiet the collectable. I voted for design #6. @ Hidalgo, I don’t know what the dark spots,blotches are and haven’t seen or heard of them before under any type of lighting. Looks like the slabbed coins are going to be full of surprises as more time goes by. Are these PCGS or NGC certified? I have a few PCGS and more than a few of NGC coins proof and bullion and haven’t noticed these blotches on them. The bullion coins i have are from the ASE anniversary sets. NGC has always been my slab of choice, although not for any particular reason other than choosing one out of the two long ago. I think the NGC edge-view holder is a good choice to admire a coin in.

  13. Dustyroads says

    I think it’s the symmetry in #3 that draws me, plus I have to admit it’s hard to keep my eye’s of the girl in the design.

  14. silverhawk357 says

    Fix the darn horse ears or go with #8. I’ll run down to Fort Hall and ask the Sacagewaya model how long she had to pose with that basket of smelly fish

  15. VARich says

    Steve – it’s a mixed bag of sorts – received a shipping email as well though order dates don’t seem to matter to GM as they’re selling items they don’t have in possession and shipping later dates before earlier ones…, good luck!

  16. VaBeachEd says

    Steve and Hidalgo,

    I ordered 2 Reverse Proof gold Buffalo – PCGS PR70, Bison label on 8/21/2013 and received both on 9/16/2013.

    My PCGS PR70DCAM Buff’s, same lable, I ordered in Aug. and received about a week later. It seems like my 2 PR70DCAM are doing the best..

    Ebay shows a lot of Reverse Proof 70’s, but only 6 PCGS PR70DCAM and they are selling from $2,600.00 to $6,500.00 each.

  17. KEITHSTER says

    Well with so many good designs maybe the mint could pick four and match the four different presidents they would sell more and maybe come closer to their % requirement by law of NA vs. PRES. As for the right to vote I think it’s no if under 18 felon or smartact’s but all are welcome here:) Good luck & Goodday All :>

  18. Ray says

    just a follow up from my 7 coin submission to ngc. i got my results and they all graded better than i was expecting. both atbs graded at 70 and all the silver eagles graded at 69, and the $5 AGE graded at 70. i am literally shocked that 2 of my silver eagles graded at 69. i was expecting a 65-67, but this was a first for me, so maybe i shouldnt have had any expectations. both atbs had a small ding on the rim, and i was notified by NGC that there were spots on bothi, so yeah, i’m definitely pleasantly surprised.

    sorry for being off topic but i’m sure a few regulars were interested in seeeing my results. thx

  19. says

    I voted for number 3. We have already had the hand shake, the peace pipe, and the horse. I also liked number 8. So if it comes to #1 or #8, I will take #8. The year of the horse should have nothing to do with this coin!

    Off topic but WHY? so much trouble with the spouse coins? They made them before for years and now they can’t Mint a good one without issues? I think it is just an excuse to have them all up for sale for the Holidays!

    I bought Year of the Horse coins for 2014 and like them very much! Apmex!

  20. thePhelps says

    8 is my personal choice, but that is far too busy for the small coin and will never make it. I like #2 but only with the pipe as well. Take it out and I’ll take #3 instead. #

    The horses on #1 have issues – the ears as others have pointed out do seem out of proportion…

  21. VARich says

    2fr$ – appears the ’14 FS will be getting some attention – CCAC meeting scheduled for October 18, 2013.

    Subject: Review and discussion of candidate designs for the 2014 First Spouse Gold Bullion Coin and Bronze Medal Program, and review and discussion of themes for the American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin Program for 2015 and beyond.

  22. VARich says

    Ray – thanks for the updates and congrats! Having gone through this now, would you recommend a membership level or just pick up ones that you wanted slabbed from a retailer?

  23. hawkster says

    Anyone remember the bygone days when TVs had rabbit ears to pull in better reception? Those horses depicted on design #1 are certainly equipped to receive over- the- air broadcasts.

  24. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    #2 the pipe should be included because it’s part of the Mandan and other tribes’ cultures.
    #4 the woman is very good looking
    #6 We have Clint Eastwood persuaded to go North. Well, Indio I though we should go along the Rio Grande… and there’s a couple others, I think they should add up to more than $10,000…

    I have to go with #6 Send a couple to Clint.

  25. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I like the coin with the horses too, but those “demonic rabbit ears” would kill that design if not changed. Am I alone in wondering what real Native Americans think of these coins? Do they feel that their story and heritage is being best represented by these images. Jus thinkin’ out loud…

  26. David says

    I am undecided between #1 and #6. The article did mention that it was recommended to change the horses ears. I wish they’d get rid of that cartoonish $1 and just use ONE DOLLAR.

  27. VARich says

    Jus-a-coin-luvr – Nope, you are not.., that’s the problem with #8 (which I personally prefer though I’m a NRA whitie). Not to get on a PC kick but there’s some bad symbolism going on in that design – L&C looking west, with a gun, and the girl has somewhat a look of despair or she’s off walking off in some direction who knows where. My point is that L&C expedition was really the beginning of the end for Native Americans, we know what the gun brought, and ‘trail of tears’ (Jackson’s removal policy) ring a bell?

    While #8 is the best design IMHO, once someone on the review committee makes the connection, it’s a non-starter.

  28. thePhelps says

    VARich… I understand what you are saying – but – being PC isn’t exactly a reference point for history is it? The fact is L&C went west – encountered NA (Indians as they were called then), and had guns. That isn’t going to change – no matter how PC someone wants to make America today.

    That type of PC is why we had a girl on a Boy Scout coin – that was meant to celebrate the origins of The Boy Scouts and instead celebrated where it is today in all the PC glory of it.

  29. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    VARich, yeah I’m not a “PC nut” and am an NRA member too. It just struck me as I was reviewing the various images as to what they really communicate. I wondered if these designs really are honoring Native Americans, or do they represent how they lost the very welcome that they once extended.

    None of the people look very happy to be there, especially the Native American girls. I’d rather see something that was strong and vibrant that represents what a Native American may feel is important to honoring their heritage. I’m just not thinking that the images above resonate that very much, but I’m not a Native American.

    Too much coffee today probably… 🙂

  30. Dr Joe says

    Why does the pipe have to take a hike in #2 because of religious reasons but is ok in #3? Am I missing something?

  31. fmtransmitter says

    I mentioned awhile back I have been living vicariously through a book called “Life Amongst the Modocs” written DURING the gold rush of 1849. It is a great novel and really brings you back to what it was actually like during that period when EVERYONE from all over the World had to get along in a small area of California, similar to today but without the electronics.
    Just a coin luvr said “real Native Americans”. I consider myself and family Native American because I did not choose to be born, here but I was. Native American INDIAN is different. BTW, you read about how much they make in Casino money these days? I think it is great personally.

  32. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Yes, they at least do very well in the Casino industry (it would appear), but on reservations it is often reported as pretty grim. I did read where the NCAI was part of the review team, so if they are representatives of the Native American Indian view, and say “OK”, then so be it.

    The coins just struck me as a bit on the sad side and I wasn’t feeling-it I guess when I looked at most of them. Give me a $1 coin with an Indian riding full blast on horseback, bow drawn about to take down a buffalo and I’d be liking that a lot on a coin.

  33. Blair J Tobler says

    hawkster – I still have “rabbit ears” on my TV – not willing to shell out that much money for cable!

  34. Dustyroads says

    Hey Blair, you said it, if I got rid of my cable and XM radio, I’d save $1,400. per year! Sorry for getting of topic, but I hate trowing money away!

  35. simon says

    Thankfully I don’t own a TV – I rather take in fresh air and the scenery on a daily evening walk. This allows me to purchase all the coins I want when I see a good deal. My most recent purchase is an undergraded 1913 Type 1 Buffalo nickel with nice shades of toning and full hairlines.

  36. Arizona bill says

    Why don’t the Native Americans use their own local artists and chose a design that they like?


  37. Jeff says

    I’m with most not a single coin represents a true native indian life. Where are the buffaloes, bow & arrows, tee pees how about the treaty of 1844, scrap the entire lot and start over please..

  38. Ray says

    @VARich, I’d like to wait and see and receive the returned package before deciding that. RIght now I’m leaning towards just buying what I want slabbed. THey did combine my shipping of 2 invoices, which I wasn’t sure they woulld do. And I do not know for sure that they did the conservatiob processes on my 2 AtBs. I haven’t been charged for that. There were a lot of pleasant surprises with this submission, and I never expected them to honor the final cost of everything that I filled out on the invoice. In the end, I paid $84 for grading and return shipping of 2 atbs and 5 eagles (I used the 5 coin voucher that came with the subscription i bought). Plus $22 to ship them to NGC. THere might be detailed reasoning why some coins were graded at 69, and I find value in that. Getting coins graded directly is still a very convoluted process, and right now it still feels more straight forward with just buying slabbed coins. We’ll see. My package was shipped back to me yesterday and I hope to have it on Saturday or Monday.

  39. stephen m says

    Jeff, My choice is still for #6 out of the 7 designs. The us mint, a federal government entity, will make the right decision on this coin design. After all you can trust the government, just ask any Indian.

  40. MarkInFlorida says

    When the Reagan dollar comes out, I’ll for sure get a $500 box and spend them everywhere I go. Especially as tips to food servers who probably voted for Obama!

  41. VARich says

    @tPhelps – that’s a good point and the correct way to view history if we’re to learn anything from it I suppose.

    This NA series has had a good run, perhaps we see it gracefully conclude along with the Presidential series to support the Liberty series in a couple years. I’d really like to see the Liberty series span the gamut from Ag, Au, Pd and clad coins.

  42. VARich says

    Thanks again Ray – this is helping me to come up with a strategy for collecting going forward. This has been a VERY expensive year and I can’t afford to keep up the shotgun approach of ‘buy what you like’ – ’cause I like a lot. Not to mention if gold and silver were to reset back to their higher prices, then that decision would quickly be made for me. Enjoy your coins! .

  43. thePhelps says

    high low silver… so I want to know when I start getting overtime for hours 31 to 40. What genius was it that decided to lower the full time work week to 30 hours and didn’t see this coming. Now we have people working fewer hours taking home less money and now REQUIRED to purchase insurance – I am sure that is improving their lot in life.

  44. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    OT for sure: But on the heels of what thePhelps was sharing:

    Our government has created a 2-fold problem: A) Setting up a system that encourages people that don’t want to work to live off the backs of those that will work. B) Finding endless ways to extract more money from working people to pay for “A”. Creating a Nation of “dependents” is the sure-fire way to financial collapse. At some point there will not be enough people working (and associate revenue) to support “the system”.

    Oh by the way, we just crossed the point whereby the Government has already spent the trillions of annual revenue for this year that they garner from us. We are now into borrowing new money to add to our “black-hole” deficit.

  45. high low silver says

    Jus….I am not on any welfare or any gov. Funded program. I starter working in the 80s and now have a nice gov retirement for my years of service. I had a part time job this summer that yielded me an average of 61/2, 7,8, and once 9 hour day (mostly 7ish) I asked for less hours but they told me they had a business to run and couldn’t help me out….. next day they got the 2 week notice from me.Work me 9 hours with no lunch…….no way

  46. nick says

    1) they need to give the woman on design 4 more of a rack and its a winner.
    2) I cant stand obamacare, its supporters don’t understand how bad of an idea it is.

    My father taught me: work HARD and SAVE your money to have a more comfortable life. Period.

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