Waiting List for 2010-P Hot Springs Five Ounce Unc Coins

The United States Mint has now posted a “waiting list notice” for the 2010-P Hot Springs National Park Five Ounce Uncirculated Coins.

The notice indicates that orders have been taken to meet the maximum 27,000 mintage. Any additional orders placed will go on a waiting list. If any coins become available due to cancellations, orders will be fulfilled from the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

It has taken much longer than most people expected for the first numismatic version of the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins to reach a sell out. The start of sales corresponded almost exactly with the price of silver reaching a peak near $50 per ounce, before a sharp decline took the price to a low of about $32 per ounce. Silver is currently trading around $35 per ounce, and rapid price swings continue to take place.

The decline in silver and subsequent volatility may have resulted in order cancellations from collectors having second thoughts about their purchase or speculators seeing increased risk in the product. It was likely the case that order cancellations were offsetting newly placed orders, keeping the sell out at bay.

The reported sales figures during the period of availability were as follows:

April 28: Opening day of sales. By 9:00 PM, sales exceeded 19,000.
May 2: Sales reach approximately 25,000.
May 3: Sales reach 26,133.
May 8: Sales reach 26,866.
May 13: Product put on waiting list status, as presumably sales hit 27,000.

Many collectors have already started receiving their coins from the US Mint, and one modern coin dealer has already began selling examples graded by NGC. Some have received the top grade of SP70, which so far has not been awarded to any bullion version of the coin. The numismatic versions are vapor blasted after the coins have been struck. This process involves using water vapor and ceramic media mix to create a “uniform, protective finish” on the coins. The procedure would seem to eliminate the possibility of any PL or DMPL surfaces that can be found on some bullion versions, but seems to result in higher numerical grades.

Secondary market prices on eBay seem to be around $350 to $390 for uncertified coins. This represents a premium above the US Mint issue price of $279.95. This is also higher than recent prices realized for the bullion version of the coin that are raw or graded below MS69.

The next numismatic version featuring Yellowstone National Park is scheduled to go on sale next week on Tuesday, May 17.

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  1. Anonymous says

    IMHO the USMint handled the distribution in exemplary manner. It was fair, even, and everyone who wanted a copy had the opportunity to purchase one. Congratulations to USMint staff for a job well done!

  2. Anonymous says

    You can't look at it by keeping it in the box. Plus, unless you plan on flipping it, what's the point. The mint packaging, IMHO, is not designed for long term storage. Open it and enjoy it.

  3. Anonymous says

    The waiting list notice was actually already up on the morning of the 12th when I checked.

  4. JimD says

    Since they are blasting the surface with the water/ceramic mix, shouldn't all 2010-Ps be the same? It's not like a smooth surface or a cameo. For all intents and purposes the coins should all be perfect/near pearfect. What is the point of having it graded?

  5. Anonymous says

    Open that box , come on .Would you rather look at a brown cardboard rectangle or a HUGE silver round? Hope that helps your decision.

  6. Anonymous says

    I would open it for the simple reason that the coin and OGP are 1-2 knockouts. A winning combination! Do it – you will not regret it.

  7. Anonymous says

    > What is the point of having it graded?

    AGREED! I think with these monster silver cookies the OGP is highly desirable. I intend to keep mine in the collection so the grade is irrelevant.

  8. Anonymous says

    Is this 5oz p mint mark 27,000 of each issue the rarest bullion set every sold by the mint. NO IT IS NOT.

  9. Anonymous says

    I received my APMEX set. No, I don’t work for them. No, I am not getting any kickback.

    What I will say is that for the money, $979.90 (paid by check), I can’t beat what I received.

    For that price, I got 3 PCGS MS68PL and 2 PCGS MS68DMPL. I checked eBay and there is an auction for the same exact set I have. No, it’s not my auction!

    This makes my 6th set. By far, this is the best value and best looking set. Next comes CNT which I received raw. The other 4 sets from the AP’s were nowhere near as nice as this set.

    Also, their packaging was by far the best. They came in a box within a block of foam that had individual slits for the slabs. That box was then protected by a skeleton of foam which was then placed snuggly within another box.

    Without a doubt, I hit a homerun with this set. Kudos to APMEX on this one!

    And for the curmudgeons and doubters; don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  10. Anonymous says

    Off Topic…but…I know others may be interested
    where is the best place to buy1 oz assayed gold bars
    used apmex in the past but now charges way to much over spot especially for 1 -5 bars….bars at gainsville coins are $30 cheaper pamp swisse….has anyone dealt with them or do you have another suggestion. At apmex it seems when the spot price goes down the premiums go up…whats with that! also what do you think about us mint gold bullion vs bars….what do you prefer and why…thanks for your kind replys

  11. Anonymous says

    Do you think that the Yellowstone P silver coin will sell out faster than the Hot Springs coin? I keep wondering if the ATB 5 ounce series will suffer the same fate as the First Spouse series. Strong at first, but then they peter out. Having higher mintages after the first 5 sure won't help demand down the road….

  12. Anonymous says

    Gainesville is is great to deal with too, but their cash price is a bank wire. Credit card orders ship very fast. I like them both.

  13. EvilFlipper says

    The more I look at it the more I am amazed by the brilliant job the mint did with these. I can't wait for yellowstone!

  14. Anonymous says

    These 5oz are beautiful coins with a great theme. Much greater appeal I think long term than the first spouse which suffer design issues to say the least and the only reason that seems to get people excited about some are low mintage numbers.

  15. Anonymous says

    I bought a 5 oz'r from the mint and am satisfied for the most part with the item. I bought it mostly as an investment coin and will buy the other ones if I am able. I would have rather had them in one or two oz. proof. For some reason I don't understand why the mint used this big slab of silver to put a melted down low detail version of George from 1932. It just seems like a waste not to have put something more detailed on the coin like Teddy Roosevelt, the father of the park system or a detailed eagle like on the peace dollar or the walking liberty half. I just think the mint should have found something with more detail for the obverse.

  16. Anonymous says

    Has anyone received their 2010 ATB set from Prudential? My application was received and accepted and that is the last I have heard from them for two weeks now. I'm supposed to hear from the shipper but have heard nothing.

  17. Anonymous says

    Who is looking at George anyway. I flipped mine over as soon as it came. The details on the reverse are very nice, almost "High Relief" like.

  18. Anonymous says

    Sold out? I think these flippers are still cancelling. I just got another order in without a waiting list.
    Did anybody checked the US Mint website?

  19. kbsig says

    My APMEX 2010 ATB's arrived today -one of the best deals I have pulled the trigger on short of the PF/MS 70 $10 24K Buffalo coins at release.

    All five arrived MS 69PL First Strike – deffinitely better than "BU or Better – FS".

    Ordered only one of the Special Hot Springs coin – off to NGC, coin looks nice.

  20. Anonymous says

    The Mint did a fine job on these silver saucers. I think I will get one for each year. Unless silver drops dramatically and the Mint price reduces accordingly. Wait and see what happens.

  21. Anonymous says

    I received my set all FirstStrick from Apmex. How do I do guys? I need your expertise. Thank you!

    1. MS68
    1. MS68PL
    2. MS68DMPL
    1. MS69PL

  22. Anonymous says

    I have not heard anything from PB Financials since order confirmation either. We're considered small potatos and a nuscience to them I feel. They're correct in believing that we will probably not be repeat customers.

  23. Anonymous says

    I'm pissed about the PCGS holders from APMEX.
    These coins were for me and my family to enjoy, not to flip. There is an elephant in the room….
    You can't see the engraving at all on the super thick side of the coin. The coin looks like it is encased in a tomb.

    The NGC holders are far superior, period. If you want a smaller holder, buy a smaller coin. The NGC holder really let's you see the coin much better.

  24. Anonymous says

    Those Apmex employees just don't know what is over-kill is. I'm still waiting for them to tell me that they received all MS 70's.

    Cherry Pickers.

  25. Anonymous says

    I spoke with Diamond State Depository representative and they told me that PB today sent them information to released coins to large number of people and on Monday they will start to inform people by mail where to send $65.00 check. I wasn't on this list and they told me that they expecting another list of orders on Monday.

  26. Anonymous says

    I got my apmex 2010 ATB set today as well. 2 MS69DMPL and 3 MS69PL. I had intended on flipping them, but this was auch a once in a lifetime deal, I think I'm going to have to hold on to them.

  27. Anonymous says

    "For some reason I don't understand why the mint used this big slab of silver to put a melted down low detail version of George from 1932"

    Because that's what the law Congress passed told the Mint to do.

  28. Anonymous says

    It's funny to read those comments from people who dont have an APMEX set call us employees! I guess since I got 3 68DMPL's and 2 68PL's I must work for them. Oh brother.

    To the guy whining about the PCGS holders, APMEX allowed you the option of getting them raw. You obviously didn't read their correspondence with you.

  29. Anonymous says

    I also called the Prudential shipping company and they said they send out letters requesting payment of the shipping fee as soon as they get the notifications from Prudential. My name was on the list so she said my letter should arrive shortly.

    Meanwhile my Dillon Gage set came today (in vinyl flips) and the UPS driver told my wife it was probably a gun since it was a small heavy box and kept in the UPS safe room over night. "That's how they ship guns" he told her.

    I told her I wouldn't buy a gun through UPS. I go to the gun show and pay cash to a private seller.

  30. Leo S. says

    Just got my set from Dillon Gage today. Set was graded by NGC in BU condition and all the coins looked very nice. They were shipped in a double box and very well protected. My first time dealing with DG and I would recommend them to anyone in the future. Also, their representatives were very helpful and pleasent to deal with.

    I do not work for them

    Leo S.

  31. Anonymous says

    Back to "not opening":
    What are the straight pros and cons vs. opening the cardboard box.
    I have two of these and would very much like to see them, however, I would like to eventually sell them; or at least one.

  32. Anonymous says

    The only reason for not opening it is that you can qualify for the first strike designation.

    Other than that open and enjoy.

    I don't see the allure of an unopened box.

    Just my opinion.

  33. Anonymous says

    I received my set all FirstStrick from Apmex. How do I do guys? I need your expertise. Thank you!

    1. MS68
    1. MS68PL
    2. MS68DMPL
    1. MS69PL

    May 13, 2011 5:34 PM

    I'm the one who posted the above post. Thank you to the anynymous posted "May 13, 2011 5:44 PM". I received only one MS69, to those who received all MS69, Wow…!

    I stil have a set from MTB. My intend is only keeping one set, can't afford to keep two sets. What would you guys do? Thank you all!

  34. Anonymous says

    If the coins sold out within a month from the Mint, every coin is qualified for First Strike designation (whatever that means). The grading Cos. know that.
    All you need to do is pay them extra fee for the label. But ask yourself though, if all the coin is qualified for F/S, where is the fun?
    But hey, people are still sold on that marketing idea.

  35. Anonymous says

    I thought I did good with my APMEX set – 3 MS68PL & 2 MS68DMPL but it looks like kbsig got the best coins with all MS69PL's – but I'm still pleased with my coins since I thought I would probably only get all BU's. I'm also pleased with my HS coin from the mint. I think I might try to collect the entire series if I can.

    So which coins do you all like better – the satin finish unc coin from the mint or the bullion PL coins?


  36. Anonymous says

    I like the ATB coin designs but I really wish I had one of these 5 oz silver coins with the traditional eagle reverse design from the Washington quarter – which is probably my favorite coin design as well as the reverse of the Walking Liberty Half dollar.

    These big bold eagle designs are my favorite and on one of these 5oz silver coins it would look amazing.


  37. Anonymous says

    Got my 2010-P Hot Springs; it's outstanding. I will not send it into PCGS for slabbing in spite of the fact that I got AMPEX PCGS slabbed bullion versions (2 69s, 3 68 DPMLs). I agree that the PCGS slab isn't ideal for these coins; if you must slab, then I think NGC would look nicer. I personally think storing the coins in a safe place (just the air-tites they come in from the mint) would be quite adequate. I somehow doubt these will ever be a big collectors item in my lifetime, and I have doubts as to how long I will buy these…

  38. Hidalgo says

    I have been reading a lot of comment / complaints about the APMEX certified ATB 5 ounce silver coins.

    Good golly. First of all, those who were able to get one of these sets should consider themselves to be fortunate. I really wish I had been one of the lucky ones.

    Second, you can always remove the coins from their slab holders and sell them for bullion. My bullion coins were sent in bubble envelopes — I had to buy airtites to protect them. If I want them certified/slabbed, I'm going to have to pay an arm and a leg to do so.

  39. Anonymous says

    I got my Dillon Gage bullion ATB set today. Small package. Like others, I don't know if I should open it as I may want to re-sell the set.

    Why do folks like unopened packages? Perhaps because of concerns that others will cherry pick?

  40. Anonymous says

    As I have said in other blogs, the US mint versions of its gold and silver coins generally tend to be in greater demand then their "bullion" counterparts. Sure, they may cost more, but they tend to sell at a much higher price as well.

    All of those who were bashing the US Mint's Hot Springs P coins and were trying to selfishly promote the bullion versions can eat crow.

    Why do people bash? Primarily to promote themselves or their own self interests.

  41. Anonymous says

    @ May 14, 2011 3:06 AM

    The five bullion silver coins are selling for about $1400 – $1500 on the bay right now.

    Based on Michael's finding that current bay prices are between $350 – $390 per coin, the first five ATB pieces would sell between $1750 – $1950.

    It's clear, at least as of right now, that the mint's coins are more valuable than the bullion versions.

  42. Anonymous says

    Is this 5oz p mint mark 27,000 of each issue the rarest bullion set every sold by the mint. NO IT IS NOT.

    Correct, but you are missing the point…it is the first of its kind. That means a lot to collectors. This issue also has been nicely distributed so that many different collectors have them and will likely hold onto them for a long time. No dealer will have any sizable quantity and this will drive up demand/price over time.

  43. Anonymous says

    If you are worried that the numismatic versions of the ATB 5 ounce silver coins sell for such a premium over silver spot, then you should stick to the bullion issues. The numismatic versions are for collectors. IMO, MS69DMPL designation is nothing but an overpriced market CREATED by the TPGs (in collaboration with HSN, coin vault, etc.) that will likely crash as it has with other graded bullion coins.

  44. Anonymous says

    With all the focus on the hockey pucks the new buffalo, new satin eagle and maybe even the proof eagles will be winners. Sales will be low. Kudos to those who can afford them.

  45. Vanessa says

    My APMEX2010's arrived today, pretty much in-line with what other have said. "D" Box, all with the First Strike label. UPS gets a BIG THANK YOU! They attempted delivery at about 12:30 PM EST, no one was home, I called to schedule a pick-up after 5:00 today, a very nice customer service rep. called back about 5 minutes later and said they could attempt delivery in the next 5 -10 mintues!! YEA!
    Hot Springs – MS69
    Yellowstone – MS69
    Grand Canyon – MS69PL
    Mount Hood – MS69PL
    Yosemite – MS69PL

    No DMPL's, but still very happy!
    Thanks APMEX, great deal and thanks to UPS, so I didn't have to wait til Monday..

  46. Vanessa says

    For those that received DMPL's from APMEX, did your box (the white box) have a "C" on the outside? My box had a "D" which provided all MS69's of which 3 were MS69PL.
    I am so in on Tuesday for the 2010 "P" Yellowstone, may wait a couple of hours, so as not to drive myself crazy like last time.

  47. Anonymous says

    Anonymous @ May 14, 2011 4:16 AM

    You state, "it is the first of its kind. That means a lot to collectors."

    The Martha Washington First Spouse gold and Washington signature series were the first of their kind as well. They are not as well sought out as other items in their respective series.

  48. Anonymous says

    They are good looking coins.Cant wait for Yosmite.Still think its a waste of 5 ozs of silver. Would love to see fractional silver eagles.

  49. Anonymous says

    Just opened my 5 oz. puck from the mint,above georges head on the rim looks rippled has anyone else seen this.Thanks

  50. Anonymous says

    they all have this, even the bullion coins…something to do with the edge lettering.

  51. Russell says

    I may have reserved one of the last of these coins. I had planned to try to submit an internet order on 4/27, the first day. But due to the Alabama tornadoes the day before, I had no electric power, cell phone service, or internet service.

    When my dsl line finally started working again (5/6), I went to the US Mint website and was amazed they were still taking orders. The Hot Springs coin was listed as "backordered" with an estimated shipping date of 5/20. However, yesterday I received a shipping confirmation via email.

    By the way, I received one of the early release 2010 ATB sets from APMEX in early December. These were the ones APMEX was forced to sell at a lower price than they first listed (about $850 instead of $1495). All of my coins look fairly scuffed , none are PL or blemish free. I see that more recent purchasers from them, at a slightly higher price, seem to be getting better coins. Perhaps they went through their coins and picked out the worst ones, and fulfilled their early orders with these coins. I'm not complaining, just speculating.

  52. Anonymous says


    That sounds like a perfectly plausible hypothesis to me. I never saw my first set from APMEX though. I had pre-sold it very early and just shipped it to the buyer in the unopened box as soon as I received it. They never complained to me about the quality, but who knows what they did with it?

  53. Anonymous says


    Sounds like you did much better than most of us with all MS69's and MS69PL's. My APMEX box had a "B" on the outside and I got 3 MS68PL's and 2 MS68DMPL's just like Anonymous May 14, 2011 6:10 AM. This seems to be the approx. avg. grade from what I've seen posted here.

    I thought I did real good with my coins until I saw you and a few others got MS69's. But I'm not complaining because I could got all BU's.

    I didn't even noticed this "B" mark on the box until you mentioned it and I'm not sure what it means.

    But I'm very pleased with my coins and plan on keeping them for a long time.


  54. Anonymous says

    NGC has been much more conservative in giving a PL designation. They also have a superior holder for the 5oz that let's you see the inscribed edge of the coin. I have a Mt Hood DMPL MS69 and a NGC (no PL)69. I also have a PCGS PLMS69 UHR and a PCGS MS69 UHR. You can see the difference with the UHR PL v. no PL. I do not see any difference between my Hood PCGS DMPL v. NGC no PL at all (and I like seeing the ".999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE" nicely displayed on the lower edge of the coin in the NGC holder). I do not have a Hood PCGS no PL to compare it to the DMPL.

  55. Anonymous says

    Here's some info on bullion prices and demand:

    The sharp drop in gold and silver prices has stimulated a surge in buying from India in a sign that consumers in the world’s largest gold-buying country retain faith in the decade-long bull story for precious metals.

    Bankers have been surprised by the strength of Indian demand in the past week, when gold dropped below $1,500 a troy ounce and silver tumbled below $35 a troy ounce.

    UBS and Standard Bank, two large bullion dealers, have enjoyed some of the strongest days of sales to India this year, according to analysts at the banks, while others reported a similar surge.

    The buying from India, which accounts for a fifth of global gold demand and a 10th of demand for silver, comes as some investors in the west have cut exposure to precious metals and other commodities, spooked by a series of steep falls and the imminent end of quantitative easing in the US. Investors have cut their holdings of gold and silver through exchange-traded funds by 1.4 per cent and 5.7 per cent respectively in the past two weeks.

  56. Anonymous says

    I don't see any B or C on my box, and I got all MS68DMPL from AMPEX. I am not going to complain one little bit. Was happy to just get a set, was expecting a simple BU grade. I guess some people are not happy no matter what.

  57. Anonymous says

    people are knowing how much they bought from apmex for those 5 oz ATB slabbed coin set. and forgot if they gonna sell back to apmex.

    apmex is buying 2010 bullion 5 oz 5 coin set at $1,100.00 per set. that is if you have more than 10 set to sell them or the amount should be $10,000.00 or more to get that buying price. if not. the buying price will be at the discretion of apmex. that's mean it will be lesser than $1,100.00 per set.

    anyway that's how the dealers make money from collectors and investors. they are always the winners.

  58. Anonymous says

    if i bought slabbed ATB five coin set at $1,500.00. apmex is paying $1,000.00/set. i will lose some 33.33% or $500.00. no wonder people like to play stock market. commission for buy or sell is only few bucks. said you buy $1,500.00 worth of stocks and sell back worth $1,500.00 of the same stocks at the same price. you only lose $10.00 if the commission is $5.00 per transaction.

  59. Anonymous says

    Did Apmex give an employee discount to their spin doctors?

    10 down 90 to go.

  60. Anonymous says

    …Did Apmex give an employee discount to their spin doctors?

    10 down 90 to go.

    May 14, 2011 2:50 PM…

    Gotta love sore losers. Misery loves company. Wonder if your're the same complainer or an echo of the ohers who missed out. You remind me of the "Pop pop" boy who buzzes around like the Internet troll he is.

    I'm no employee but got my slabbed set. For all the raw sets I got nothing beat paying $979.90 and getting a graded slabbed set.

    What's funny is that they got all the bad mouthing (rightfully so)for their early shenanigans, but in the end, gave those who were picked the best value out all the AP's!

  61. Anonymous says

    I am all for proof that all these ATB coins from ApMex are Ms69 plus.

    I am from Iowa. "The Show Me State"

  62. Anonymous says

    Now does everyone understand that the ap's cherrypick their coins?
    In my opinion, this is sad.

  63. Andrew says

    Anonymous said…
    Iowa is not the Show Me State, Missouri is the Show Me State.

    That's hilarious!!! What a goof!

  64. Anonymous says


    Those coins had a "burnished" finish, these have a "laser blasting" finish.

  65. Anonymous says


    For all you jackals and nimrods who can't get your geography straight, I've uploaded my set from APMEX.

    As you can see my receipt says out of state so I am not an employee. I blocked all personal information for obvious reasons.

    You can see the box it came in. Note the letter "B" on the bottom right. I don't know what that means but folks on the Internet are saying that it indicates the grade you got.

    Like Ripley's says, "Believe it or not."


  66. Anonymous says

    Does anyone here think that they will burn out from all of the US Mint ATB 5 ounce coins it will offer this year? There will be 10 offerings (coins from 2010 and 2011). Plus, there will be the gold buffalo, platinum eagle, silver eagle, etc.

    I wonder if demand really will remain strong. I know I won't have much money left in my pocketbook by the end of the year!

  67. Anonymous says

    Yes, my wallet will burn out! I really think with astronomical prices, this might be the year for a few winners. I'm guessing the Buffalo proof and Eagle UNC. It's too much money for both! Even the proof Eagles might do well.

    Who knows. Maybe I'll skimp and save to buy those offerings. Might have to sell a couple of things to swing it.

  68. Anonymous says

    Wow, this 5 oz. 2010 Hot Springs is a heck of a deal – for the mint. These were struck when silver was around 20 bucks an oz. They would have been 150 bucks a coin if released shortly after they were struck.

    The mint waited to release them when silver was 40 and climbing and felt obligated to adjust the price – upward of course. I smell something.

  69. Anonymous says

    I will close my APMEX account they gave me all BU, not one graded.
    All had mirror like fins but just do not like how they could not give
    a graded coin in every box

  70. Anonymous says

    I'm just as pathetic as you guys, blogging about coins on a Saturday night! Gotta get a life!
    I 100% agree with anon 12:03 am comments on NGC v. PCGS ATB slabs. I'm skeptical of the PL too.

  71. Anonymous says


  72. Anonymous says

    "if i bought slabbed ATB five coin set at $1,500.00. apmex is paying $1,000.00/set."

    What are you talking about? APMEX charged $979 and is paying $1100 at this point to buy them back.

    If you were in the stock market and bought good companies like GM, Chrysler, Enron, Countrywide, and Lehman, you would now have zero. Not even a fancy stock certificate. At least if silver goes to zero I will have some beautiful coasters!

  73. Anonymous says

    Next week Yellowstone and gold Buff proof, the following week the platinum proof. This hobby's getting expensive. I should have stuck with beer can collecting. It looked good on my wall and I didn't have to keep in in the bank vault.

  74. Louis says

    As I understand it, APMEX is paying $1100 for raw sets, not graded numbered sets. If you got any 69's you can sell them for approx. $400 a coin or more in some cases. Those who got Box D really won the lottery. Mine are coming from Box B which means all 68, but I am not complaining. As for the AP's cherrypicking, I bought several sets from AP's other than APMEX and received many coins which were graded 69. For example, my Fidelitrade set got 4 69's and one 69 from NGC. But honestly, how could you not expect a certain amount of cherrypicking to occur? On the other hand, I just got a Gettysburg from Provident Metals ( a great company, and no I do not work for it) and I am close to certain it is a 69. It actually looks better than most of my 69's.

  75. Anonymous says


    Time for a new article. A few of the bloggers here have a one-track mind. They can't get over APMEX, the free certification they received, the quality of their coins, and the fact that they are unable to profit from a bullion investment.

  76. Anonymous says

    Yo Mike – Loved you blog for a long time now, but am moving on now. I'll be back to reading your blog in about 10 years or so when the ATB hockey puck gab fest is over.

    This topic has gone beyond boring and beat to death now. I have nothing against the pucks, just am tired of EVERY post being about them.

    Maybe you should start a ATB Hockey Puck Blog site? If not, go ahead and just rename your blog to the Mint ATB News Site for the next decade or so.

  77. Anonymous says

    Don't blame Mike…its the people who post the blog. I read the blog posts now for laughs. It will die down, and get back to serious posts in a few weeks…not 10 years.

  78. Anonymous says

    I agree, it's not Mike.

    It's just a few bloggers with a one track mind. These are the same bloggers who likely talked about silver going up in price indefinitely and their agenda to pull down certification companies.

    Just ignore the one or two folks. It's clear they aren't happy with themselves and aren't happy unless they can make a profit from coins.

  79. Anonymous says

    Fellas, this entry in his blog is ABOUT the hockey pucks so your whining has no place in this entry. If you're bored to death about the topic, then don't click on the entry titled
    "2010 P Hot Springs five ounce UNC Coins."….duh!

  80. Anonymous says

    I received my APMEX set with 4 x MS69PL & 1 MS69, no DMPL.

    I also received my "P" Hot Springs. I do enjoy the look of the "vapor blasted" over the bullion version however I plan on returning it so I can use the $$ towards the Yellowstone, Grand Canyon & Yosemite. I like those designs better and so far the secondary market premiums for the bullion versions seem to be higher for these issues of the coins.

  81. Anonymous says

    I like the numismatic finish, but for eye appeal the bullion to me looks so much better. My box from A had a B written on it, 2 MS68DMPL, 3 MS68PL. Not for sale !

  82. Anonymous says

    Anonymoose May 15, 2011 6:55 AM:

    Only one blogger uses "hockey pucks" in his post. How many times have you posted here, ranting and ridiculing others?

    Get a life. LOL!

  83. sigkb says

    @Louis @ May 14, 2011 11:53 PM

    My APMEX box has a "D" on it and I received 5 MS69PL's. I just noticed the sharpie "D" on the side of the box after rereading the posts.

    "D" was the best box to get or "B"?

  84. Anonymous says

    it seems like the "D"s had 69's and the "B"s had 68's. My box had a "B" and I had all MS68DMPL's and MS68PL's like others have said.


  85. Anonymous says

    I meant to state I HAVE all MS68DMPL's and MS68PL's – not had – because I plan on keeping my coins.

    And it appears sigkb got the best coins from what I've seen posted here.


  86. Anonymous says

    Simple Economics 101:

    If the US dollars worth in declineing and you countries currency such as the British Pound is worth 1.5X the value of the dollar,that means that you get everything for one third less. So if Silver is $45.00 per ounce, you are only paying the equizalent to $30.00 per ounce.

    Therefore, the price of Silver will continue to rise as the value of the US dollar declines.

    Every strong currency in the world will take advantage of the transfer os wealth from the US to India, China etc.

    Anyone that has sold Silver resently knows exactly who is buying it and I can only say if you don't love it, sell it.

  87. Anonymous says

    @ May 15, 2011 9:00 AM

    I hope you will invest all of:

    * your retirement funds and
    * money saved for future mortgage payments
    * your savings for your childrens' education

    into the purchase of silver.

    Based on what you're saying, you'll be a gadzillionaire in a few years. Good luck to you.

  88. Anonymous says

    TO: May 15, 2011 9:00 AM

    I hope you will invest all of:

    * your retirement funds and
    * money saved for future mortgage payments
    * your savings for your childrens' education

    into the purchase of silver.

    Based on what you're saying, you'll be a gadzillionaire in a few years. Good luck to you.——

    REPLY: My 401 K become a 201K, The value of my home is half what it was five years ago. The silver that I purchased in the 1990's has gone up in value bigtime.

    You can sit back and watch a lifetime of work go down the tolite or you can roll the dice on what will mostly certainly become reality.

    No Guts, No Glory.

  89. Anonymous says

    I got rid of mine ATB's already but just wondering I must be the only one who got just BU coins ?

  90. Anonymous says

    they should make the 5 oz out of plastic so we don,t have to pay to put them in a plastic slab

  91. Anonymous says

    My coins from Apmex came all BU FS. The box they came in was marked "A". To me 4 of the coins look like will grade at least 69 (I hope). Only one has a really nasty scratch right on the mirror finish (Yosemite). I am pleased with my coins. Already sent them to pcgs.

  92. Anonymous says

    Once the 2011 areout the price on the 2010 bullion will go down. That is just the way it is
    get rid of the 2010's now except the ATB's from the mint,they will be the hot ones

  93. Anonymous says

    I disagree these 2010 ATB are going to go to the moon.

    There are only 33k vs 100,000 Plus and complete sets are going to be harder to come by.

    Sit and grin.

  94. Anonymous says

    I can't find the comements about it now, but I remember someone mentioning that their Hot Springs P coin had a weak strike on the bottom, making some of the letters in "Quarter Dollar" lighter. My coin suffers from that, the TER and DOL are not as well pronounced.

    Does this de-value the coin? I know I can't return it and get a replacement. I wonder how many of the 27,000 have this issue?

  95. Anonymous says

    I liked my Hot Springs P. I will get about 10 of the next coin the Grand Canyon one. Silver will soon hit $100 ounce.

  96. Anonymous says

    Hi y'all,

    Serious question. I have been reading about folks getting "raw" bullion ATB coins here.

    What does "raw" mean? Mine look uncirculated, but they aren't "brilliant" or "proof like." Is that what y'all mean by "raw" ?

  97. Anonymous says

    To: "Once the 2011 are out the price on the 2010 bullion will go down. That is just the way it is
    get rid of the 2010's now"

    No…just the opposite will happen…once everyone sees that the 2011 have 126,500 for each coin, vs 33,000 for the 2010's, the 2010's will command a much higher premium…especially long-term

  98. Anonymous says

    "Sorry but it would be SP70 if its a P."

    Novice question: What does SP mean in this instance?


  99. Rich G. says

    I think many are suffering from ATB Fatigue. I have never read so many silly posts on this site. I think we all may need a "time out" until something REALLY interesting needs attention.

  100. Anonymous says

    The grade is ms 70 for the p

    just as the grades for the bullions are ms

    grading is ms or proof

    go back to the moon

  101. Anonymous says

    I think SP might mean satin proof and I noticed a 2010 ATB Hot Springs P 5 oz Silver NGC SP 70 coin sold for $775 ON 5-14 and a 2010 5 Oz. America The Beautiful Hot Springs PCGS SP70 coin is currently bidding for $620.


  102. Anonymous says

    I got a B box and it had 4 68DMPL and 1 69PL (or something like that I just remember 4 68s and one 69) and I like the look of the 68s better.

    I was looking at the other raw sets I got from all the different APs and there is a big difference in quality. Some designs had mostly good quality and others only a few good.

    The first set I got was the APMEX in December with the refund and it was so disappointing looking that I flipped them when a bullion dealer offered me $2500 for the set. Now that I have some better looking ones, they aren't bad. And the Mint's vapor blasted version is really outstanding.

    I think the Mint's version will go into my collection, and all the rest into my bullion investment. But I need to get rid of the slabbed ones and get unslabbed to store those Mint tubes. Why slab bullion? How dumb. Just a trick to get more than melt for a bullion coin.

  103. Anonymous says



  104. Anonymous says

    copper pennies are 95% copper, 5% zinc but I understand your point – all commodity prices will continue to increase as the value of the US dollar continues to decrease.

    It's just a matter of time before homeless people will be burning $100 bills to light their cigarettes and spending silver dimes to buy cartons more.

  105. Anonymous says

    gold and silver is REAL money and has been so for thousands of years. Fiat currencies like the US dollar are just an illusion of money and unless they are backed by gold and silver – which the US dollar no longer is – they have no value at all because governments can just increase the supply of them continuously which can't be done with gold and silver – that's why they have value.

    But the whole US economy is an illusion – we borrow money from Asia to consume products from Asia and people think this consumerism means we have a strong economy. Actually this has only made the US the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. We have become completely dependent on other countries to buy our debt and send us their products and when this ends we will be forced to realise what an illusionary economy we actually have.

    A worthless currency and historic debt is going to mean serious trouble for most Americans when they realise that all the savings and investments that they thought they had in US dollar denominated assets are completely worthless and this illusion ends and reality begins.

    Your ignorant comments now aren't going to be much consolation to you then.

  106. Anonymous says

    i got a question, i need to send some Atb bullion coins for garding to PCGS, do they need to be in airtites when i send them?i mean is how should i pacakge them if i donot have airtites holders?

  107. Anonymous says

    It looks like the price of the gold coins at the Mint this week might come right down to the wire! The average is hovering right around $1,500, but just under at this moment.

    I'm sure hoping we get a decrease this week, but I'm not going to hold my breath! Even if the average below $1,500 holds, the Wednesday pm fix could still spoil it.

  108. Anonymous says

    You really should consider NGC for the 5 oz ATBs. I also have seen both the PCGS and NGCs for the ATBs and the NGC is a better holder for the coin because it is so thick.

    Also someone commented that PCGS is giving out a lot of "PL"s so I'm curious to know the total population of PL v. graded (not counting the non-quantified "BU's") non-PLs for PCGS.

    10 years from now (and with the fakes coming from China) you will be happy to read the purity and weight etched on the side of the coin that you only can see with the NCG slab. Harder to fake that too!


  109. Anonymous says

    Does anyone have a link to the Yellowstone coin sale page that goes on sale tomorow?

  110. Anonymous says

    at $1,503.40/oz. right now. let's said the last three amounts to be included for an average stay at $1,503.40/oz. the int will not lower down the price. cause the average will be $1,500.05.

  111. Anonymous says

    Maybe the sense of urgency will be gone for the Yellowstone coin, since Hot Springs stuck around much longer than most thought it would.

    I'll be at the party right on time tomorrow, but if the site is dragging again I may just chill for an hour or two before placing my order. It might be safe to do that. The operative word there is MIGHT, though. Yellowstone could be more popular with more people than Hot Springs was.

    Any thoughts?

  112. Anonymous says

    @ Anon 8:31..I'm in for the Yellowstone (NP2). I expect the demand to be much higher for this one . I'll be at the party tomorrow as well.See ya there .

  113. Anonymous says

    The USMint's distribution system is very fair and will activate to moderate the orders. Any person who wants a coin will have a good chance to get one!

  114. Anonymous says

    At this moment silver is $34.33/oz. 5 X $34.33 = $171.65

    The Yellowstone stated issue price is $275 plus shipping. This represents around a 60% mark-up from spot for the coin. Seems a lot to me, but I'm not sure what "standard" mark-up should be.


    Yes, I'm going to buy one as close to noon as possible, but will not be concerned if I have to wait an hour or two to not have "computer freeze". I'm very happy with my Hot Springs "P". Looks great!

    On a side note: The coin comes with the Washington obverse showing and is more difficult than usual to actually take out of the case. The Hot Springs reverse actually seems to not want to fit in the holder facing out, so I have to keep the coin with the obverse showing. Anyone else experience this?


  115. Anonymous says

    On a side note: The coin comes with the Washington obverse showing and is more difficult than usual to actually take out of the case. The Hot Springs reverse actually seems to not want to fit in the holder facing out, so I have to keep the coin with the obverse showing. Anyone else experience this?


    May 16, 2011 9:23 AM

    Mine is very tight but works either way. I have noticed the black felt material will also get into the lip around the holder.


  116. Anonymous says


    Yes, I experienced the EXACT situation you described. The only way to have the reverse side show in the case is to remove the coin from the capsule and flip it over so the reverse is showing on the side the obverse was originally showing on.

    I didn't do that, but that would fix the problem.

    It seems like the Mint would have packaged the coins so that they match the stock photo on the item page, which clearly depicts the reverse side showing in the case. Since the capsule is not identical on both sides, the side meant to be facing up should have the reverse showing. Who knows, maybe some of them did.

  117. Anonymous says

    I'm not returning mine , it appears to be flawless. Except for the darn upper lip tick.!!

  118. Anonymous says

    I never did see anyone answer my question yesterday about the Hot Springs P coins that display a "weak strike" on the bottom. My coin has weakness on the bottom of the letters "TER DOLL".

    Does this type of problem de-value the coin? I know if I want one of these at Mint issue price, I'm stuck with this one. If I return it, it will simply go to someone on the "wait list."

    I hope I'm not stuck with a coin that is deemed to be worth less than others. Does anyone know?

  119. Anonymous says

    I received mine with the reverse showing, it may be when they were packed the holder was not always turned the same. Also I do not plan to return my coin, it is great.


  120. Anonymous says

    Yellowstone is a much more popular theme than Hot Springs. Yellowstone (as well as other ATB themes like Yosemite) bring back personal memories for many that have experienced them.

  121. Anonymous says

    Michael, I much more prefer your approval method on new posts. It works very well, I just hope it doesn't take up a large amount of your time. Your articles are the best.


  122. Anonymous says

    Subject:2010 Yellowstone P (NP2). Question : Who's buying tomorrow @ noon & who's waiting till later in the day to buy ?

  123. Mint News Blog says

    "Michael, I much more prefer your approval method on new posts."

    Thanks. I am manually approving comments for a while. Blogger doesn't allow some of the finer controls available via WordPress or other platforms. It does take up some of my time, but things were going downhill.

    I think there are just one or two people who get a kick out of posting false information or carrying on fictitious conversions with themselves.

  124. Anonymous says

    My hot springs P has both the weak type on the bottom and the "lip tick".

    My friend showed me his APMEX set… all BU's and I have to say they all looked like crap.

    Not a good week here.
    Hoping for some better luck tomorrow.

  125. smirish says

    Hi. I'm pretty new to coin collection. I started when my son was born in 2009. Want to buy him a nice coin every year and give them to him when he's 18 or 21. I started in 2009 with an St. Gaudens Ultra High Relief and bought a platinum Eagle last year. Anyway. I ordered the ATB Hot Springs collectors version from the Mint on the first day of issue. Got it a couple of weeks later. I noticed on the reverse there is a strange squiggly mark on the shield. It doesnt look like it belongs there and pictures I've seen of the quarter version doesnt have this mark. So I figured I got a damaged coint. I didn't want to try to exchange it because I was afraid I would not be able to get another. Anyway, I had a friend oreder another one about a week later for me. He just gave it to me this morning and it has the exact same squiggly mark on the shield on the reverse! Is the sheild suppossed to be like that? Did I just get two bad coins? Am I screwed? If it was a mint error are these coins worth much more?

    and advice or info is appreciated.

  126. Anonymous says

    Don't worry, I thought the same thing for awhile…but yes, the squiggly marks are meant to be there and are on all coins..both bullion and numismatic 5 oz ATB's
    have them.

  127. Anonymous says

    the atb's have great designs
    they are big
    america likes big
    all will sell big
    but my pocketbook is small

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