Waiting List for 2010-P Hot Springs Five Ounce Unc Coins

The United States Mint has now posted a “waiting list notice” for the 2010-P Hot Springs National Park Five Ounce Uncirculated Coins.

The notice indicates that orders have been taken to meet the maximum 27,000 mintage. Any additional orders placed will go on a waiting list. If any coins become available due to cancellations, orders will be fulfilled from the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

It has taken much longer than most people expected for the first numismatic version of the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins to reach a sell out. The start of sales corresponded almost exactly with the price of silver reaching a peak near $50 per ounce, before a sharp decline took the price to a low of about $32 per ounce. Silver is currently trading around $35 per ounce, and rapid price swings continue to take place.

The decline in silver and subsequent volatility may have resulted in order cancellations from collectors having second thoughts about their purchase or speculators seeing increased risk in the product. It was likely the case that order cancellations were offsetting newly placed orders, keeping the sell out at bay.

The reported sales figures during the period of availability were as follows:

April 28: Opening day of sales. By 9:00 PM, sales exceeded 19,000.
May 2: Sales reach approximately 25,000.
May 3: Sales reach 26,133.
May 8: Sales reach 26,866.
May 13: Product put on waiting list status, as presumably sales hit 27,000.

Many collectors have already started receiving their coins from the US Mint, and one modern coin dealer has already began selling examples graded by NGC. Some have received the top grade of SP70, which so far has not been awarded to any bullion version of the coin. The numismatic versions are vapor blasted after the coins have been struck. This process involves using water vapor and ceramic media mix to create a “uniform, protective finish” on the coins. The procedure would seem to eliminate the possibility of any PL or DMPL surfaces that can be found on some bullion versions, but seems to result in higher numerical grades.

Secondary market prices on eBay seem to be around $350 to $390 for uncertified coins. This represents a premium above the US Mint issue price of $279.95. This is also higher than recent prices realized for the bullion version of the coin that are raw or graded below MS69.

The next numismatic version featuring Yellowstone National Park is scheduled to go on sale next week on Tuesday, May 17.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I meant to state I HAVE all MS68DMPL's and MS68PL's – not had – because I plan on keeping my coins.

    And it appears sigkb got the best coins from what I've seen posted here.


  2. Anonymous says

    Simple Economics 101:

    If the US dollars worth in declineing and you countries currency such as the British Pound is worth 1.5X the value of the dollar,that means that you get everything for one third less. So if Silver is $45.00 per ounce, you are only paying the equizalent to $30.00 per ounce.

    Therefore, the price of Silver will continue to rise as the value of the US dollar declines.

    Every strong currency in the world will take advantage of the transfer os wealth from the US to India, China etc.

    Anyone that has sold Silver resently knows exactly who is buying it and I can only say if you don't love it, sell it.

  3. Anonymous says

    @ May 15, 2011 9:00 AM

    I hope you will invest all of:

    * your retirement funds and
    * money saved for future mortgage payments
    * your savings for your childrens' education

    into the purchase of silver.

    Based on what you're saying, you'll be a gadzillionaire in a few years. Good luck to you.

  4. Anonymous says

    TO: May 15, 2011 9:00 AM

    I hope you will invest all of:

    * your retirement funds and
    * money saved for future mortgage payments
    * your savings for your childrens' education

    into the purchase of silver.

    Based on what you're saying, you'll be a gadzillionaire in a few years. Good luck to you.——

    REPLY: My 401 K become a 201K, The value of my home is half what it was five years ago. The silver that I purchased in the 1990's has gone up in value bigtime.

    You can sit back and watch a lifetime of work go down the tolite or you can roll the dice on what will mostly certainly become reality.

    No Guts, No Glory.

  5. Anonymous says

    I got rid of mine ATB's already but just wondering I must be the only one who got just BU coins ?

  6. Anonymous says

    they should make the 5 oz out of plastic so we don,t have to pay to put them in a plastic slab

  7. Anonymous says

    My coins from Apmex came all BU FS. The box they came in was marked "A". To me 4 of the coins look like will grade at least 69 (I hope). Only one has a really nasty scratch right on the mirror finish (Yosemite). I am pleased with my coins. Already sent them to pcgs.

  8. Anonymous says

    Once the 2011 areout the price on the 2010 bullion will go down. That is just the way it is
    get rid of the 2010's now except the ATB's from the mint,they will be the hot ones

  9. Anonymous says

    I disagree these 2010 ATB are going to go to the moon.

    There are only 33k vs 100,000 Plus and complete sets are going to be harder to come by.

    Sit and grin.

  10. Anonymous says

    I can't find the comements about it now, but I remember someone mentioning that their Hot Springs P coin had a weak strike on the bottom, making some of the letters in "Quarter Dollar" lighter. My coin suffers from that, the TER and DOL are not as well pronounced.

    Does this de-value the coin? I know I can't return it and get a replacement. I wonder how many of the 27,000 have this issue?

  11. Anonymous says

    I liked my Hot Springs P. I will get about 10 of the next coin the Grand Canyon one. Silver will soon hit $100 ounce.

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi y'all,

    Serious question. I have been reading about folks getting "raw" bullion ATB coins here.

    What does "raw" mean? Mine look uncirculated, but they aren't "brilliant" or "proof like." Is that what y'all mean by "raw" ?

  13. Anonymous says

    To: "Once the 2011 are out the price on the 2010 bullion will go down. That is just the way it is
    get rid of the 2010's now"

    No…just the opposite will happen…once everyone sees that the 2011 have 126,500 for each coin, vs 33,000 for the 2010's, the 2010's will command a much higher premium…especially long-term

  14. Anonymous says

    "Sorry but it would be SP70 if its a P."

    Novice question: What does SP mean in this instance?


  15. Rich G. says

    I think many are suffering from ATB Fatigue. I have never read so many silly posts on this site. I think we all may need a "time out" until something REALLY interesting needs attention.

  16. Anonymous says

    The grade is ms 70 for the p

    just as the grades for the bullions are ms

    grading is ms or proof

    go back to the moon

  17. Anonymous says

    I think SP might mean satin proof and I noticed a 2010 ATB Hot Springs P 5 oz Silver NGC SP 70 coin sold for $775 ON 5-14 and a 2010 5 Oz. America The Beautiful Hot Springs PCGS SP70 coin is currently bidding for $620.


  18. Anonymous says

    I got a B box and it had 4 68DMPL and 1 69PL (or something like that I just remember 4 68s and one 69) and I like the look of the 68s better.

    I was looking at the other raw sets I got from all the different APs and there is a big difference in quality. Some designs had mostly good quality and others only a few good.

    The first set I got was the APMEX in December with the refund and it was so disappointing looking that I flipped them when a bullion dealer offered me $2500 for the set. Now that I have some better looking ones, they aren't bad. And the Mint's vapor blasted version is really outstanding.

    I think the Mint's version will go into my collection, and all the rest into my bullion investment. But I need to get rid of the slabbed ones and get unslabbed to store those Mint tubes. Why slab bullion? How dumb. Just a trick to get more than melt for a bullion coin.

  19. Anonymous says



  20. Anonymous says

    copper pennies are 95% copper, 5% zinc but I understand your point – all commodity prices will continue to increase as the value of the US dollar continues to decrease.

    It's just a matter of time before homeless people will be burning $100 bills to light their cigarettes and spending silver dimes to buy cartons more.

  21. Anonymous says

    gold and silver is REAL money and has been so for thousands of years. Fiat currencies like the US dollar are just an illusion of money and unless they are backed by gold and silver – which the US dollar no longer is – they have no value at all because governments can just increase the supply of them continuously which can't be done with gold and silver – that's why they have value.

    But the whole US economy is an illusion – we borrow money from Asia to consume products from Asia and people think this consumerism means we have a strong economy. Actually this has only made the US the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. We have become completely dependent on other countries to buy our debt and send us their products and when this ends we will be forced to realise what an illusionary economy we actually have.

    A worthless currency and historic debt is going to mean serious trouble for most Americans when they realise that all the savings and investments that they thought they had in US dollar denominated assets are completely worthless and this illusion ends and reality begins.

    Your ignorant comments now aren't going to be much consolation to you then.

  22. Anonymous says

    i got a question, i need to send some Atb bullion coins for garding to PCGS, do they need to be in airtites when i send them?i mean is how should i pacakge them if i donot have airtites holders?

  23. Anonymous says

    It looks like the price of the gold coins at the Mint this week might come right down to the wire! The average is hovering right around $1,500, but just under at this moment.

    I'm sure hoping we get a decrease this week, but I'm not going to hold my breath! Even if the average below $1,500 holds, the Wednesday pm fix could still spoil it.

  24. Anonymous says

    You really should consider NGC for the 5 oz ATBs. I also have seen both the PCGS and NGCs for the ATBs and the NGC is a better holder for the coin because it is so thick.

    Also someone commented that PCGS is giving out a lot of "PL"s so I'm curious to know the total population of PL v. graded (not counting the non-quantified "BU's") non-PLs for PCGS.

    10 years from now (and with the fakes coming from China) you will be happy to read the purity and weight etched on the side of the coin that you only can see with the NCG slab. Harder to fake that too!


  25. Anonymous says

    Does anyone have a link to the Yellowstone coin sale page that goes on sale tomorow?

  26. Anonymous says

    at $1,503.40/oz. right now. let's said the last three amounts to be included for an average stay at $1,503.40/oz. the int will not lower down the price. cause the average will be $1,500.05.

  27. Anonymous says

    Maybe the sense of urgency will be gone for the Yellowstone coin, since Hot Springs stuck around much longer than most thought it would.

    I'll be at the party right on time tomorrow, but if the site is dragging again I may just chill for an hour or two before placing my order. It might be safe to do that. The operative word there is MIGHT, though. Yellowstone could be more popular with more people than Hot Springs was.

    Any thoughts?

  28. Anonymous says

    @ Anon 8:31..I'm in for the Yellowstone (NP2). I expect the demand to be much higher for this one . I'll be at the party tomorrow as well.See ya there .

  29. Anonymous says

    The USMint's distribution system is very fair and will activate to moderate the orders. Any person who wants a coin will have a good chance to get one!

  30. Anonymous says

    At this moment silver is $34.33/oz. 5 X $34.33 = $171.65

    The Yellowstone stated issue price is $275 plus shipping. This represents around a 60% mark-up from spot for the coin. Seems a lot to me, but I'm not sure what "standard" mark-up should be.


    Yes, I'm going to buy one as close to noon as possible, but will not be concerned if I have to wait an hour or two to not have "computer freeze". I'm very happy with my Hot Springs "P". Looks great!

    On a side note: The coin comes with the Washington obverse showing and is more difficult than usual to actually take out of the case. The Hot Springs reverse actually seems to not want to fit in the holder facing out, so I have to keep the coin with the obverse showing. Anyone else experience this?


  31. Anonymous says

    On a side note: The coin comes with the Washington obverse showing and is more difficult than usual to actually take out of the case. The Hot Springs reverse actually seems to not want to fit in the holder facing out, so I have to keep the coin with the obverse showing. Anyone else experience this?


    May 16, 2011 9:23 AM

    Mine is very tight but works either way. I have noticed the black felt material will also get into the lip around the holder.


  32. Anonymous says


    Yes, I experienced the EXACT situation you described. The only way to have the reverse side show in the case is to remove the coin from the capsule and flip it over so the reverse is showing on the side the obverse was originally showing on.

    I didn't do that, but that would fix the problem.

    It seems like the Mint would have packaged the coins so that they match the stock photo on the item page, which clearly depicts the reverse side showing in the case. Since the capsule is not identical on both sides, the side meant to be facing up should have the reverse showing. Who knows, maybe some of them did.

  33. Anonymous says

    I'm not returning mine , it appears to be flawless. Except for the darn upper lip tick.!!

  34. Anonymous says

    I never did see anyone answer my question yesterday about the Hot Springs P coins that display a "weak strike" on the bottom. My coin has weakness on the bottom of the letters "TER DOLL".

    Does this type of problem de-value the coin? I know if I want one of these at Mint issue price, I'm stuck with this one. If I return it, it will simply go to someone on the "wait list."

    I hope I'm not stuck with a coin that is deemed to be worth less than others. Does anyone know?

  35. Anonymous says

    I received mine with the reverse showing, it may be when they were packed the holder was not always turned the same. Also I do not plan to return my coin, it is great.


  36. Anonymous says

    Yellowstone is a much more popular theme than Hot Springs. Yellowstone (as well as other ATB themes like Yosemite) bring back personal memories for many that have experienced them.

  37. Anonymous says

    Michael, I much more prefer your approval method on new posts. It works very well, I just hope it doesn't take up a large amount of your time. Your articles are the best.


  38. Anonymous says

    Subject:2010 Yellowstone P (NP2). Question : Who's buying tomorrow @ noon & who's waiting till later in the day to buy ?

  39. Mint News Blog says

    "Michael, I much more prefer your approval method on new posts."

    Thanks. I am manually approving comments for a while. Blogger doesn't allow some of the finer controls available via WordPress or other platforms. It does take up some of my time, but things were going downhill.

    I think there are just one or two people who get a kick out of posting false information or carrying on fictitious conversions with themselves.

  40. Anonymous says

    My hot springs P has both the weak type on the bottom and the "lip tick".

    My friend showed me his APMEX set… all BU's and I have to say they all looked like crap.

    Not a good week here.
    Hoping for some better luck tomorrow.

  41. smirish says

    Hi. I'm pretty new to coin collection. I started when my son was born in 2009. Want to buy him a nice coin every year and give them to him when he's 18 or 21. I started in 2009 with an St. Gaudens Ultra High Relief and bought a platinum Eagle last year. Anyway. I ordered the ATB Hot Springs collectors version from the Mint on the first day of issue. Got it a couple of weeks later. I noticed on the reverse there is a strange squiggly mark on the shield. It doesnt look like it belongs there and pictures I've seen of the quarter version doesnt have this mark. So I figured I got a damaged coint. I didn't want to try to exchange it because I was afraid I would not be able to get another. Anyway, I had a friend oreder another one about a week later for me. He just gave it to me this morning and it has the exact same squiggly mark on the shield on the reverse! Is the sheild suppossed to be like that? Did I just get two bad coins? Am I screwed? If it was a mint error are these coins worth much more?

    and advice or info is appreciated.

  42. Anonymous says

    Don't worry, I thought the same thing for awhile…but yes, the squiggly marks are meant to be there and are on all coins..both bullion and numismatic 5 oz ATB's
    have them.

  43. Anonymous says

    the atb's have great designs
    they are big
    america likes big
    all will sell big
    but my pocketbook is small

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