Walking Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Coin: Images, Mintage, and Household Order Limits


The Mint has released images of the Walking Liberty 2016 Centennial gold coin (shown above), and posted the official mintage limit of 70,000 and household order limit of 3 on the website. Pricing is not yet available. The coins (item number 16XA) will be available for purchase on November 17, 2016, at noon.

In other news, the following availability dates have been released: the American Silver Eagle 2016 1-ounce Uncirculated coin will be available on December 1; the Fort Moultrie 2016 quarter dollar three-coin set, December 5; the Fort Moultrie Uncirculated 5-ounce silver coin, December 8; and the annual Uncirculated dollar coin set, December 14.

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  1. data dave says

    @Old Big Bird – In response to your Shawnee S quarter comment, I currently have it at 988K, it sold 2K last week and probably has about 20 weeks left. I think it will make it to 1M. I think the low mark might be Cumberland which is only at 928K right now and sold 3K last week. It will be close with that one. I still think the Mint should release any of the extras into circulation and do it in a way that spreads them around the country, like a handful per huge bag that they ship to the major distribution points.

  2. cagcrisp says

    New Gold clock starts Today.

    AM Fix is $1,293.00

    Currently Gold is around $1,287.00

    Parliament is going to have to vote on Brexit.

    Both of these are trending in the right direction (For Me)…

  3. 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air says

    It would have been nice if the mint made this in silver and it would havelooked nice if a silver one was graded MS70 and also the mint should have made clad ones for general circulation.

  4. data dave says

    OT – Possible new low mintage for silver proof sets. The 2012 has the crown right now with 395K. 2015 is sitting at 381K with 9 weeks left (assuming they take it off the site on 12/31/2016). In addition 2012 had an extra 45K LESPS sold but 2015 has no LESPS at all. 2016 sets are at 300K and will probably come close to these same levels. I wouldn’t really push proof sets, but sales of the silver set seem to be holding up better than the regular set. The other thing you get with this 2015 set is possibly the lowest mintage of the Presidential proof dollars.

  5. Old Big Bird says

    @Dustyroads – I to have been collecting the mintages of the Unc “S” ATB that are only sold in rolls from the mint going back to 2012, and the P&D back to 2010. As of 10/31/16 These are just a few of the items that I have tracked in my spreadsheets for years.

    2016 Shawnee 988,280
    2016 Cumberland 927,940
    2016 Harpers Ferry 913,260
    2016 Roosevelt 842,100

    So it is my opinion that none of the 2016 Unc “S” ATB quarters will hit the 1,000,000 mark.

    2012 was the best year with an average of approximately 1,400,000. And the numbers have been getting lower and lower each new ATB quarter that comes out.

    Of course that is if the US Mint is not sitting on a pile of ATB “S” rolls. You can not get a good mintage number from them. But thanks for the offer to supply the figures.

  6. Goat says

    @Diana @Dustyroads;

    Yes to the Whitman Encyclopedia Of Mexican Money. I have volume 1 and 2 , with volume 3 on reserve. Very well put together.

    Dustyroads I also use, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertad_(coin) , little easier for a quick view of a year/size. Current year info is much needed. Since year 2000, any gold (proof/unc) is scarce and proof silver could fall into that statement as well if people flood to that market someday .

  7. Old Big Bird says

    @data dave – Yes in October they sold 11,700 with October 9th being the biggest week of 6,640. But with all of the last minute items up for sale based on the Mints schedule and many of them being larger dollar items sales on other lower priced items might suffer. The only thing making these quarter unique is the fact that they are not in general circulation and anyone wanting a full set will have to go shopping for them.

    I do understand your point thought it might generate more interest

  8. Dustyroads says

    Old Big Bird, I have to admit, I don’t keep track of monthly sales for the quarters, only the figures when they are going to be removed. I have been wondering if these would ever see below the million mark, looks like they’re headed in that direction.

  9. Mint News Blog says

    @Goat — Glad to hear it, and I’ll be sure to pass your kudos along to the Baileys. Volume 3 is well underway; in addition to being a good all-around book, it’s going to have some juicy images that haven’t previously been published elsewhere. What are your thoughts on products like coin folders for Mexican coins — is there enough of a market in the U.S. for a new line of them?

  10. says

    Just read that the Mint is contemplating producing a 225th anniversary four piece American Liberty Silver Medal Set in late 2017, with four different finishes from all four production facilities.. Probable mintage would be double that of the 2016 medal

    Also they might produce a 2018 Reverse Proof set from the San Francisco mint

    Anyone else seen this story,thanks

  11. data dave says

    ATB P Puck Sales by Year:

    2010 – 133.947 K
    2011 – 99.300 K
    2012 – 79.526 K
    2013 – 99.378 K
    2014 – 128.430 K
    2015 – 93.068 K
    2016 – 90.881 K (current sales plus 17.5K for Fort Moultrie)

    Excluding 2010 (first year hype) and 2014 (subscription discount) and 2012 (low year due to high prices), gives you 4 data points in the 90K range. Sales have fallen some, but so have most Mint sales during that time. Hard to tell what might happen during the last 4 years of the program and whether the Mint can keep the price premium reasonable.

  12. .John Q. Coinage says

    I am not sure the “S” mint ATBs will ever have a real jump in value. I have for YEARS got BU rolls @ the bank, but of late, no one wants them, no one cares about them, and the S mint stuff is for collectors, who bought from the USM if they wanted some. I still buy & got the TR 25c from SF, why I do not know. Dealers offer $25 or $26 for a bag of the$e. Quite surprising TR bullion puck has not sold more. They Pucks had picked up a bit of late but stagnant metals prices create no incentive, end of the year duldroms?? Election nervousness? Wait a few days…..our best choices are 2 like 70 years old`s….w0w

  13. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Wily, at the numismatic forum they mentioned this set in their slides. They recently released slides to all participants and the new slides did not show the four medal set. At least I could not find them. This makes me think that maybe they are reconsidering this set.

  14. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, “2012 (low year due to high prices)” . Actually 2012 prices were much cheaper than 2010 prices. All 2010 P pucks were launched at $279.95 and the first 4 pucks in 2012 were launched at $204.95 and the 5th was launched at $229.95.

    Here is the same ‘data’ spun a completely different way:

    Gross revenue by P puck per yearly Launch:

    2010 $37,498,462.65
    2011 $23,179,760.00
    2012 $16,679,478.70
    2013 $16,354,546.10
    2014 $18,261,909.50 (assuming subscription discount)
    2015 $13,955,546.60
    2016 $13,547,682.60 (assuming your 17.5 guesstimate)

    SO…from my point of view ( with the exception of the first 4 offerings in 2014) gross revenue has declined with lowering of prices.

    ATB P puck sales are the text book case of price inelasticity. P puck prices have fallen 46% from 2010 (All 2010 P pucks were sold in 2011) and yet with the price Drop, actual raw coin sales have dropped also.

    What you want is what happens with bullion ASE’s. Bullion ASE’s gross revenues have Increased as prices have decreased.

    Bullion ASE’s have moved in a positive direction and P pucks have moved in a negative direction…

  15. cagcrisp says

    Competitive market for Third Party Graders…

    Collectors Universe Inc., (CLCT) . . It offers independent coin authentication and grading services under the Professional Coin Grading Service brand (PCGS)…

    CLCT just released results of Q1 FY17 that ended September 30th 2016.

    Here are some of my observations. Some in ” “are from the just released 10-Q.

    1. Stock has decreased approximately 26% in the past 3 months. Currently $16.62 down 8.53% Today.
    2. Net income for Q1 FY17 is $1,581,000, down $350,000 Q1 FY17 vs. Q1 FY16
    3. “A lower average service fee earned on the authentication and grading of moderns coins, arising from our previously disclosed more competitive and focused marketing programs for modern coins, that we introduced in January 2016”
    4. “Five of our coin authentication and grading customers accounted, in the aggregate, for approximately 14% of our total net revenues in both the three months ended September 30, 2016 and 2015.”
    5. “Authentication and grading fees accounted for approximately 86% of our service revenues in the three months ended September 30, 2016. The amount of those fees and our gross profit margins are primarily driven by the volume and mix of coin and collectibles sales and purchase transactions by collectibles dealers and collectors, because our authentication and grading services generally facilitate sales and purchases of coins and other high value collectibles by providing dealers and collectors with a high level of assurance as to the authenticity and quality of the collectibles they seek to sell or buy. Consequently, dealers and collectors most often submit coins and other collectibles to us for authentication and grading at those times when they are in the market to sell or buy coins and the other high-value collectibles, that we authenticate and grade.”
    6. Coin revenue increased +$658,000 (7.1%) from corresponding Q1 2016 vs. Q1 2015
    7. Actual coins units processed +166,300(38.4% ) from corresponding Q1 2016 vs. Q1 2015
    8. “The net increase in coin authentication and grading fees of $879,000 in the three months ended September 30, 2016 reflected (i) increased world coin fees of $689,000 or 59.7%, which includes a $342,000 or 65% increase in coins fees earned from our operation in China; (ii) increased coin trade show fees of $194,000 or 9.2%, reflecting revenues from one show that straddled the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016 and the first quarter of fiscal 2017; (iii) increased vintage fees of $111,000 or 3.5% and (iv) lower modern coins revenues $115,000 or 5.1% reflecting a 29% increase in the number of modern units authenticated and graded in this year’s first quarter at a lower average service fee, arising from our previously disclosed more competitive and focused marketing programs for our modern coin business, that we introduced in January 2016.”

    My conclusion: Coin margins are getting Squeezed. Revenue increased $658,000 whereas coins processed increase 166,300…

  16. says

    @cagcrisp….thanks for the info on PCGS.

    While they said their top 5 customers accounted for 14% of net revenue, I would of thought it would of been 25-30%.

  17. earthling says

    Rhodium is not an easy metal to make Coins from. No Mint has ever done it, unless on a very small trial basis. If the US Mint would crank out a few Rhodium Coins, I’d be in line, with a smile.

    Need press? Do the Rhodium.

  18. Peter says

    Regarding the mixed results from CLCT. As a customer (and a stockholder) I have expressed serious concerns to them regarding their lack of respect towards small collectors in favor of their bigger customers.
    Their favoritism towards the big guys leaves us small guys feeling 2nd rate. They do it at shows when you submit, and it continues in the form of much slower turn times.
    If they want to continue to grow their business, they need to be more even-handed in their customer relations.

  19. Fred762 says

    Why not just go ahead and return to 90% silver and 22 karat gold coinage….and of course silver and gold certificates, [redeemable at face value in silver/gold]…like we used to have> Worked well for 150 years.

  20. Silver Savior says

    I think the coin is beautiful but I just can’t see paying these prices for gold when I can get so much more silver that ironically is more rare for investment than gold and is used up in industry.

  21. So Krates says

    earthling says, “Rhodium is not an easy metal to make Coins from. No Mint has ever done it…”

    VERY few people will buy a coin made from Rhodium. WAY less than will buy Palladium which the study commissioned and ignored by the US Mint concluded would be a fiscal loser.

    Baird & Co. Mint makes a variety of sizes of Rh bars. I think Pamp Suisse also makes a 1 oz Rhodium bar.

    The Cohen Mint made Rh coins for years but I believe they closed a few years ago due to the owner’s health. They can still be found on the secondary market.

    If you are considering Rh as an investment, FIRST I would make sure you are completely set with all the gold, silver, platinum and palladium you need. Then if you still have a burning to desire to be in this ultra-thin/wide spread market then buy a few 1 oz. Baird bars.

  22. Gary Lane says

    Just a bit off topic. I am quite curious as to why the Kennedy half dollar was 3/4oz and the new Liberty half dollar is only a 1/2oz? It would seem to me they should be the same.
    Thank you

  23. Gary Lane says

    I guess my post did not make it out there. My question is why is the WLH only a 1/2 oz of gold whereas the Kennedy half was 3/4 oz? The same half dollar coin with 1/4 oz less gold. I will be purchasing one as the dime and quarter both graded SP 70 ultra proof. I am hoping the half does the same. But I still don’t understand why the Kennedy half is still is 3/4 oz and the LHD is only a 1/2 oz. can anyone explain this tome please?
    Gary Lane

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