Warren G. Harding Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Today, August 19, 2014, the United States Mint began sales of the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set for the Presidency of Warren G. Harding.

Warren G. Harding Coin and Medal Set

Each set includes one uncirculated 2014 Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar and one Florence Harding First Spouse Bronze Medal. The coin and medal are mounted on a plastic card which includes portraits of the President and First Lady on the front and issuance information on the back.

The sets are priced at $9.95 each. There are no stated product limits or ordering limits.

This set represents the first availability of the Florence Harding Bronze Medal, which carries the same design as the one-half ounce 24 karat gold coin. For the initial years of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program, the Mint had offered the bronze medals individually coinciding with the release of the gold coins. Starting in 2012, the Mint stopped selling the medals individually. Currently, the medals are only available within the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets and the annual four or five medal set issued near the end of each year.

Previously released Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Bronze Medal Sets going back to Millard Fillmore still remain available for sale, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln which has sold out. Sales for the sets have shown a diminishing pattern over time. The sets from last year have last reported sales ranging from a high of 4,303 for Theodore Roosevelt to a low of 3,101 for the Woodrow & Ellen Wilson set.

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  1. Brad (The Original) says


    Have you been able to confirm with the Mint that the sellout of the U13 is real this time?


  2. says

    Currently there are 18 Auctions for “2014 Gold Kennedy -69 -70” Ending Today. Of those 18 Only 1 has any bids. The 1 being bid on is for a Sealed Box of 5. Current bid $6,100.00 ($1,220.00/coin) +shipping of $29.95. Bid increment is $100 so next bid of $6,200.00 Which puts you Exactly where you were this time last week if you ordered from the Mint but instead of paying shipping of $4.95 from the Mint you would be paying $29.95…

    Flippers Nightmare…

  3. Blair J Tobler says

    Michael – you’ve answered a question I’ve recently wondered about: when did they stop releasing the medals individually? Thanks for your always informative posts!

  4. jeff says

    That’s hilarious these flippers got caught . This Kennedy release and the Ferguson situation seem to have something in common I just can’t put my finger on it!

  5. VA Rich says

    Jeff – you don’t want to put your finger in it.., you smell it? Take a deep breath.., the sharks are beginning to circle… 444 total listings with some piddly medels included, just a matter of time and someone is going to get burnt running an auction.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeppers!!! Somethin smells 🙂 VaRich I replied to ya in the last thread… To lazy to copy & paste.

  7. Eagle One says

    2014-W Gold Kennedy (EBay’s Most Recent Sold Listings)

    2014-W PCGS PR-70 50C Gold High Relief 50th Anniversary DC (Proof)
    2 Sold $1945.00 Aug-18 13:26

    2014 W Gold 50c Kennedy 50th Anniversary High Relief Early Releases PF70 U.C.
    1 Sold $1735.01 Aug 17, 2014 20:18:27

    2014 W Gold Kennedy Half 50¢ PCGS Proof 69 DCameo Chicago ANA 1st Strike
    1 Sold $2175.00 Aug 17, 2014 18:30:19

    2014-W PCGS PR-70 50C Gold High Relief 50th Anniversary DC (Proof)
    1 Sold $1945.00 Aug 17, 2014 18:16:31

    2014-W GOLD Kennedy Half ANA Release CHICAGO NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo
    1 Sold $3,200.00 Aug 17, 2014 17:44:04

    2014-W GOLD Kennedy Half ANA show CHICAGO PCGS PR70 Low Mintage 1st Strike
    1 Sold $3,150.00 Aug 17, 2014 15:35:54

    1 Sold $4,995.00 Aug 17, 2014 13:10:30

    2014 W 50th Anniversary Gold Kennedy Half NGC PF70 UC Early Releases
    1 Sold $1,604.00 Aug 17, 2014 11:16:57

    1 Sold $4,000.00 Aug 17, 2014 00:00:00

  8. Eagle One says

    Spots on Reverse

    1 Sold $1,350.00 Aug 17, 2014 20:05:32

  9. MAT says

    @cagcrisp I see 2 pf70 ER one just ended and the other is under 1 hr. One sold for 1650.00 the other is at 1600.00

  10. says

    Most recent Sale 2014 W 50th Anniversary Gold Kennedy Half NGC PF70 UC Early Releases In Stock Ended: Aug 19, 2014 11:59:16 PDT (About 13 minutes Ago)

    $1,650.00 16 bids

    Same Seller has 4 more Just like it ending within the next 3 hours.

  11. Eagle One says

    $1,600 to $1,700 seems to be the present window for the NGC PR70 UC ER w/o a special label.

    Looks like the special labels can add $1,000 to $2,000 per coin. With the exception of the “First Coin Sold, Second Coin Sold, Third Coin Sold…labels” which are probably more.

  12. Hawkster says


    Keep those flippers’ nightmares coming. I enjoy reading your comments, which are backed up by your astute observations of the latest ebay transactions.
    Hey, who knows, maybe the real collectors will take back the hobby. And our man fm might be encouraged to once again transmit his comments on this Blog. But, it might take a while.

  13. says

    I don’t Buy on the bay and I don’t Sell on the bay so I really don’t know about the fees, however, I have read that it is Approximately 13% If you do not have a store.

    Coin Cost $1,240.00
    Pay someone to stand in line $200.00
    Grading $100.00
    Shipping/Insurance $15.00
    Total Cost Outlay $1,555.00 If you have 1 graded

    If you sell on the bay with a 13% takeout you would need a Selling price of $1,787.36 just to Break Even.

    So far this One Buyer has sold 1 for $1,650.00 and 1 for $1,675.00. With 3 more Auctions to go, this day is Not Starting off Well…

    “Where in the hell did that iceberg come from? ….blub blub blub…”

  14. Hawkster says

    Eagle One,

    Does anyone know who got the last ANA Kennedy sold before they shut down sales? I wonder if they customized a label for the buyer of that coin. It’s just plain laughable.

  15. Hawkster says


    Yeah, it’s hardly worth the time and effort for most of the ebay sellers–especially if they are actually losing money in the process.

  16. gary says

    Flippers nightmare for sure. But pity those suckers who bought the Rosemont coins and those who bought PF70’s a week ago. As for PF69, they are bodybagged… worth less than an original OGP and waste of money & time getting it graded as such.

  17. Jon in CT says

    Yeah, everybody knows that eBay sales prices of any coin which is still available for purchase directly from the US Mint are a foolproof predictor of a coin’s future value ten years down the road. 🙄

  18. VA Rich says

    Some of issues on the Reverse side of the gold JFK seems to be tick marks (or shiny indentations) running along the letters “sTaTES Of” whereby the capitalized letters are the ones with issues.

    I’d be curious to know if others have seen the same, and what would cause this?

  19. Boz says

    Time to move on. Kennedy is so yesterday. Let’s move on.
    Anybody think the hoards will be standing in line to get Eleanor Roosevelt?

  20. MN says

    @VA Rich

    I don’t see the letter mark issue you describe so it still looks like I got one “70” Kennedy Gold. The one I sent back had a mark on the shiny field under the chin I could see; it was a sizable shave/scrape mark when I looked at it using a 10x loupe.

  21. Jon in CT says

    Given that the Mint sold only 1,180 Kennedy gold coins during the week ending last Sunday. Isn’t it about time the Mint droped the household sales limit on this product?

  22. Jon in CT says

    Same question for the Kennedy two-coin uncirculated set (K14), where the total sales number increased by only 4,803 over the week ending last Sunday. What purpose does the five-per-household limit serve now for this product?

  23. says

    Sorry if this is old….been away for awhile. Just noticed the Shenandoah and Arches bullion 5 oz mintages are still @ 20,000 each

  24. says

    News Worthy Information Concerning Silver BHOF Coins:

    1. Since 04/13/14 Silver BHOF Proofs have Shown Sales of 262,091. Today’s HARD copy Mint Sales Shows 267,660. A Plus of 5,569
    2. Since 04/13/14 Silver BHOF Unc. have Shown Sales of 137,909. Today’s HARD copy Mint Sales Shows 131,419. A Minus of 6,490
    3. Since 04/13/14 Total Sales of Silver BHOF coins have Shown Sales of 400,000. Today’s HARD copy Mint Sales Shows Total Sales of 399,079

    So there May be more Silver Proofs Sold than Originally Thought, Less Silver Unc. Sold than Originally Thought and Total Sales May be Under 400,000.

    (Gold BHOF coins have remained as they have been on the HARD copy)

    That’s News Worthy….

  25. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- the ticks you describe in the lettering of my coins were in the words UNITED STATES in the middle letters, and in the LF DOLL area of HALF DOLLAR. 2 coins of each type. In addition, for good measure one had a glaring gouge at the right bottom corner of the shield. As I said yesterday the obverses were perfect on all 5 coins I received except for one milk spot right above Kennedy’s head which looked like a small cloud ruining the eye appeal of that coin.

    @Pitt P. – you would happen to have one of those clad BHOF’s laying on the table when you are placing your orders, would you? Congrats on the nice JFK’s!

  26. Jon in CT says

    Excuse me, but hardcopy (or HARD copy) has always meant a copy which has been printed on paper (i.e. the “hard” part of hardcopy). Is the Mint now mailing out a report via USPS?

  27. says

    Another Little tidbit that May or May Not be True:

    I Think the 2013 ANNUAL $1 UNC SET (XA5) is Gone Gone Gone. The Mint’s excel spreadsheet shows that the Mint is continuing to take Sales, However, The HARD copy of the Mints Sales has not changed much in the past two weeks.

    Hard copy Mint Sales 07/27/14 42,922
    Hard copy Mint Sales 08/03/14 43,043 + 121
    Hard copy Mint Sales 08/10/14 43,044 +1
    Hard copy Mint Sales 08/17/14 43,041 -3

    The excel spreadsheet has shown increase sales the past two weeks of 286 and 183. That’s why I think the Mint is continuing to Sell but will Not fulfill these sales…

  28. hw says

    Off Topic.

    Update on Disney coins. The NZ Mint (http://www.nzmint.com/) will be releasing silver only coins, on Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 12:00 am NZT (that’s 6:00 am US Mountain Time on Wednesday, August 20, 2014). No word yet on release dates for the Disney gold versions. The Perth Mint (http://www.perthmint.com.au/Default.aspx) will release the same coins on Thursday, around 8:00 am, Australian time. That’s around 4:00 pm US Mountain Time on Wednesday,

  29. says

    The 5 auctions for 2014 W 50th Anniversary Gold Kennedy Half NGC PF70 UC Early Releases In Stock have All concluded. All 5 were from the same Seller. Here are the Results:


  30. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, hey just glanced through and saw how nice everyone was. I really appreciate all your comments and knowledge and it is I that have learned so much from all of YOU. If I was able to help anyone, that has been so much more valuable than any COIN could ever be. Did I just say that? lol BTW, my name is Frank…I will chime in soon. Just need to to deal with some personal things. Really have become attched to this MNB and thank you Michael for bringing this to us. Take care bloggers…CIAO

  31. Steve says

    I’m glad the flippers lost their arse! Especially if they were too stupid to cancel. Hopefully this will chase the fly by night flippers away for future releases.

  32. Steve says

    I might send a few low ball offers to flippers. I love how they won’t budge from their asking price. Have fun paying those credit cards off, lol.

  33. Jon in CT says

    Steve wrote on August 19, 2014 at 7:09 PM:

    I love how they won’t budge from their asking price. Have fun paying those credit cards off, lol.

    Did it ever occur to you that if they don’t budge from their asking prices then maybe they don’t have any problems paying off their credit cards every month? Heck, they’re probably even earning 3% cash back from their credit card companies on their Kennedy gold coin purchases.

  34. Jon in CT says

    BTW, my name is Frank…
    BTW, my name is Jon

    Take care bloggers…CIAO
    There’s exactly one blogger here; everyone else is a reader/commenter.
    Take care logorrheic … FOAD

  35. Vetnut says

    Returning my gold Kennedy, black noticeable streaks on the obverse. Just not not satisfied with it, very visible at first glance. Hoping for a decent replacement. Anybody know if the Mint will credit you return shipping costs? Sending back gold in the mail is going to have a significant cost, insurance and all.

  36. Wes says

    Cag thanks for posting those numbers. So about half as many UNC as Proof BHOF. Glad I got the UNC even if proof may be easier to sell. I am not interested in selling coins anyway.
    Hope your right about the 2013 UNC Dollar set.

  37. Brad (The Original) says

    Yeah, I’d wager that Cag is correct about the XA5 being sold out. Why the Mint is dragging their feet in hanging the sign on it I don’t know. Unless it was actually a mistake to mark the U13 as sold out yesterday when they really meant to put it on the XA5. I figured there would be a post about the U13 being sold out today, but I’m sure Michael is trying to confirm that before writing about it.

  38. Eagle One says

    PCGS Kennedy High Relief Clad Unc in MS-70 still remains elusive.

    2014-P 50C UNC Set 50th Anniversary (MS-66, 168) (MS-67, 513) (MS-68, 319) (MS-69, 56) (MS-70, 0)

    2014-D 50C UNC Set 50th Anniversary (MS-66, 379) (MS-67, 777) (MS-68, 233) (MS-69, 32) (MS-70, 0)

  39. bg35765 says

    That seller of the gold Kennedy’s just took a $560 loss. Ouch!

    Until now I thought the “flipper’s nightmare” posts were people just trying to scare others off. But now I regret buying my five. They are on the way to PCGS so there is no turning back now.

    Worst case I’ll just throw them in the safe deposit box and forget about them. But I had some home improvement plans that would have been a better use of that money.


    Jon – the Cheerios packaging often contained a Sacagawea with an alternate reverse pattern. So in that case it is the coin that is valuable.

  40. says

    @Pittsburgh P, Earlier you mentioned you are putting together a JFK 20014 type set. I’m doing the same and looking at ideas. I have a question for you, are you planning to display graded or OGP?

  41. says

    @bg35765, I along with some others have used the Flippers Nightmare but I am Glad that I have what I have. I don’t think saying it’s a Flippers Nightmare has anything to do with what we think the Gold Kennedy will be worth in the Long Run. For those wanting to Flip then it is a problem. IF you are Bullish then weeding out the Flippers is only to your advantage…

  42. Sith says

    @Steve – Don’t jinx it…

    “Sorry if this is old….been away for awhile. Just noticed the Shenandoah and Arches bullion 5 oz mintages are still @ 20,000 each”

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – I was wondering if you were going to comment about “the atmosphere here (at times) being a bit unfriendly and seemingly for no good reason,” and “unwarranted” “over the top” responses. Just your 2 cents about people posting within the confines of our “own” expectations.

  43. VA Bob says

    Vetnut – Just be sure to make copies of all your receipts for shipping and insurance. The Mint will reimburse for all costs as long as it is for a defective coin return. Send these in with a copy of the invoice in a separate envelope from the coin(s) being returned. You will be reimbursed by check in a few weeks. Keep copies of everything until you get the check in the mail.

  44. bg35765 says

    Cag – I thought it would be a decent flip because of the coin collector demographic. I hoped to sell four and hopefully make enough to pay for the fifth which I would keep.

    It looks like I was wrong. Oh well, it happens.

    If I keep them all I just hope that my kids don’t open the safe deposit box after I die and say, “Oh dad, I cant believe you bought five Kennedy gold coins when you had the opportunity to buy Lou Hoover! What were you thinking?!”

  45. says

    @bg35765, You definitely were Right on the demographics. The Open ended minting is problematic. If the Mint made an unanticipated Halt in production you would see a rise on the secondary market. Other than getting Labels, If you want Clad, Gold and Silver just wait and get them all together in October. Pricing of Gold is always a 50/50 guess…

  46. Eagle One says

    “That seller of the gold Kennedy’s just took a $560 loss. Ouch!”

    I don’t think it is in anyone’s best interest to try and sell anything OGP and expect to make a significant profit when the same exact thing is still available from the Mint for less. People are jumping the gun and shooting themselves in the foot.

  47. says

    I’m glad I made the decision to refuse the shipment of my three gold halves at the post office, although I hated doing it. I guess my sense was right on about not being able to sell two and have an inexpensive one for myself. I have to disagree with some of you though about the long term demand for the gold half. It should be a favorite among many collectors. I’m sure also that it will have a contingent of those who don’t like it, but that’s ok, some people hang the most ugly artwork on their walls too, too each their own. I’ll get mine later, either from the US Mint, or a graded 70 on Ebay for close to cost. Modern numismatics collecting is rarely about long term appreciation unless PM’S rise, but I

  48. Gary S says

    I believe I stated in a previous post that the Gold Kennedys will be had on EBAY for under the issue price.
    Made to order hurts the true collectors and the flippers. 2011 will never return…..ie 100k mintage 25th Ann. Set. Ah, now those were the good old days.
    Future big profits from coins will only come on the sly…Such as the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set…or the 2012 Silver Proof Set.

  49. Eagle One says

    I’m with Dusty. I believe that the Gold Kennedy Half will play out similar to the 2009 UHR. Hopefully with a much lower mintage.

  50. VaBeachEd says

    “Gary S says

    August 19, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    I believe I stated in a previous post that the Gold Kennedys will be had on EBAY for under the issue price.
    Made to order hurts the true collectors and the flippers. 2011 will never return…..ie 100k mintage 25th Ann. Set. Ah, now those were the good old days.
    Future big profits from coins will only come on the sly…Such as the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set…or the 2012 Silver Proof Set.”


    You got that right! those days were great. I remember being on the computer and my cell phone at the same time, trying to get my order in for my five 2011 25th Ann. sets. I still have them in the mint sealed box. I got my order in after about 90 minutes. I bought 2 more graded PCGS 70’s signed John Mercanti sets.
    I bought two gold Kennedy’s at 12:02 and 12:08 and about the time I made up my mind to cancel one it was too late to cancel, so like others I will just put them away. It would be nice if they would put a limit on the upcoming silver Kennedy set, but I am sure that will not happen. It would be nice to know what you buy would increase in value over the years.

  51. Jerry Diekmann says

    Cagcrisp – Great analysis. Like you, I hope the flippers have their day of reckoning. Maybe this hobby can one day return to the collectors. I myself wouldn’t pay 1 cent extra for any label – it’s the coin, NOT the label, which a lot of people seem to have forgotten, and it is starting to catch up with some of them. These sorts of frenzies always die out, and like a Ponzi scheme, the last one holding the coin is the biggest loser. Think of it – what value is an “early strike” or “first strike”, or a label with a flag or a buffalo or whatever five years later? Nothing!

  52. Peter says

    Thankfully, I was able to refuse delivery of my 5 Kennedy gold proofs today (an absolute first for me, after ordering from the mint off and on since the early 70’s) The circus surrounding these have created so much negative news for our great hobby that many otherwise very interested collectors (me included) have been turned off to the issue, IMO. The Mint needs to re-evaluate how they distribute these issues, because with the BHOF, the household limits were way too high, and the delivery way too slow, with almost no accurate communication. From that they reacted for this issue in a way that created an advantage to big dealers that squeezed most of the little guys from the first day releases. Also, the cut-off for 1st strike submission at PCGS is one day BEFORE Long Beach starts! Good planning/awful planning?

  53. Jerry Diekmann says

    Baskins – your chance of getting a 1oz. gold Richard Nixon coin, at least one made in the USA, is somewhere between nil and zero. But a 1/2 oz. gold Pat Nixon coin will be available. She certainly was more worthy of being commemorated than her very strange and weird husband. But I doubt very many of her coins will ever be sold.

  54. Small time collector says

    Not many hobbies are isolated from profiteers and not many hobbies are cost free. I buy for the enjoyment and hold items that will never be made again.
    I’m new here and surprised how many are openly buying and returning using the mints generous return policy, and buying planning to re-sell to hedge the buy in cost. If it’s so un-enjoyable or un-comfortable to participate, why stay involved? To view coin collection as a moneymaker one should look at the time spent figuring the angles and ‘managing’ their purchases (and returns). Just how much an hour is one’s time worth?

  55. gary says

    Unless my math is off, the seller of the 5 OGP Kennedy golds would have lost about $430 to Ebay and Paypal. ($250 Ebay fee cap + .029% for Paypal). Whatever, I don’t understand why the buyer did not simply return the whole lot to the Mint and the Mint would pay for the shipping! DUH!

  56. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents – OPG… I already got a cherry display box with a glass top & will use a soft styrofoam type material covered by a fine silk black cloth to hold the coins in place.

  57. thePhelps says

    @Jon in CT – the Cheerios set is a “pedigree” and not a label. Some of those coins are actually different than the coins generally released to the public.

  58. says

    Currently there are 24 Auctions for Gold Kennedy’s using the search “2014 gold kennedy -69 -70” with an additional price range of “$1000.00-$5000.00” that will End Today. OF those 24 Auctions, Only 1 has Any Bids. The 1 that has bids, currently is priced @ $1,650.00 with ‘Reserve Not Met’ with 42 bids.

    22 of the 24 Auctions have a starting Price Less than $1,650.00 So Why would Someone bid More than $1,650.00?

    Looking at the Bidders and you will see that there are Only 3 Bidders that have bid between themselves 20 times Once the price got above $960.00.

    Put a High Reserve out there, Churn some bids and Hope Someone Comes along and Says “Hmmm 42 Bids, I need to get a Piece of That” and takes that Puppy Off My Hands…

  59. SKM says

    @Mr. Pittsburgh P– My JFK Gold Coin arrives tomorrow. My BHOF Silver Proof (ordered 4/11) arrives Friday.


  60. Pittsburgh P says

    SKM glad to hear you got your hold taken care of! Enjoy your coin & hope you get a stellar one. Imo these are breathtakin! Hard to take your eyes off em!

  61. hw says

    Off Topic.

    Disney coin update. The NZ Mint released colored silver only coins today. There are six coins which you can purchase as a set or individually. No word yet on release dates for the Disney gold versions. The Perth Mint will release the same coins later today around 4:00 pm US Mountain.

  62. Hawkster says

    All of the flippers nightmares are coming to fruition, as Cagcrisp continues to document the Kennedy gold ebay activity. It certainly brings new meaning to the term, “fool’s gold”.

  63. bg35765 says

    gary – You are right. I forgot about the $250 ebay maximum fee.

    small time collector – “Just how much an hour is one’s time worth?” Speaking for myself, I find it fun to analyze the sales reports to try to find winners. I also enjoy opening the coins and looking at them before selling them. So I don’t consider it to be work in the traditional sense.

  64. hw says

    Off Topic.

    Additional note on Disney coins. The New Zealand Mint will release Mickey & Friends 1/4 oz GOLD series coins at 10:00 am NZT, on Monday, September 22nd, 2014. That translates to around 4:00 pm US Mountain Time on Sunday, September 21, 2014..

  65. VA Bob says

    I’m surprised how many here believe that published mintages are somehow good for collectors. All that does is encourage flippers and speculators. Sure it may be good for them in the short run, but it hurts the long term because sales are not based on what the hobby will support. One just needs to look at some of the biggest winners are, that have held their value over years, to see that published mintages are the exception as compared to unknown mintage (until after production finishes). Personally, I take a coin that sells out expectantly over a coin with XXX number predetermined.

  66. Joseph says

    Hawkster says
    AUGUST 19, 2014 AT 4:11 PM


    Yeah, it’s hardly worth the time and effort for most of the ebay sellers–especially if they are actually losing money in the process.

    Well, ppl have money to burn… I cancelled all my Gold Kennedy orders. will come back years later and buy at fire sales price. hope that gold is not under $700/OZ. as always, LOL.

  67. Clark says

    VaBob–I agree with you that publishing mintages in advance of issuance does more harm than good. It promotes the much revered and very true rule of collecting what you like, not what you think others may like. I guess that’s why I’m very pleased with my one gold Kennedy. I like it despite all the drama and other theatrics we’ve seen before, during and since August 5th.

  68. VA Bob says

    Clark – I can’t believe people don’t understand when everyone gets one today, it means that those that snoozed or are new to the hobby must buy from someone that wanted the coin, there by raising the price on everyone’s coins. When a mintage is set, which very well might be an over-supply of the coin, people that don’t want the coin buy hoping to sell to someone else for profit. They might do well in the shot term, but it usually causes a glut in the market, eventually lowering the prices of everyone else’s coins (like the BHoF), or at the very least keeping them from their true potential for a much longer time.

    It’s as simple as predetermined mintages equal artificial demand, while unknown mintages equal collector demand. I’ll take the later any day of the week. It might not be good for flippers short term profits, but it is better for the long term collector and the hobby in general.

  69. GoldFishin says

    @VA BOB- I have to agree with you with about predetermined mintages, but I would add that predetermined time line for sales should also be an unknown if mintages are to be unknown. I don’t like this advertising that we will make xxx number of coins each week until xxx date is met, and then well, after that we may mint some more or we may end sales.
    If we aren’t going to have predetermined mintages, which I agree is good for long term collectors and does have the effect of placing coins in stronger hands, don’t then take away all the guess work about when sales will end.

    Things are playing out with the JFK offering nearly as I expected and as many of us here were, and are, secretly hoping for. I can elaborate more after Dec. 31st. My JFK’s were delivered returned today to Novitex. I hope I get some of those newly minted ones you were talking about, but I could end just getting some of the canceled orders which I expect will continue after a timid pop in sales only because of the looming price increase which has now occurred, furthering even less incentive now for new sales.

  70. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – You make a good point. I like the mystery of when a coin will sell out and don’t believe the Mint is doing anyone except flippers and speculators any favors when they divulge this kind of information. As long as advance notice of a product release is available, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a coin. I do suppose they have to disclose the number of commemorative coins made as it’s outlined in the law that authorizes those coins. The 95 W ASE’s and 98 S JFK matte wouldn’t be as valuable today if people knew the numbers when sales would end. You can bet the Mint would have been making more if flippers and dealers were buying large quantities.

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