Well, that was fast: 2017 Congratulations Set sells out in two minutes

Yesterday at 12 noon (Eastern time), the U.S. Mint released product number 17RF: the 2017 Congratulations Set, which contained an S-mintmarked (rather than the traditional W-mintmarked) American Eagle silver Proof. The gates clanged open and within 1/20 of a second, the orders were flying. I know for a fact that it was within 1/20 of a second, because that’s how quickly I clicked.

I’m neither an investor nor a proper collector, but ever since learning about the coin last week—from a Mint New Blog reader, naturally—I knew I’d try to get one. My interest was purely professional, of course—a quasi-scientific study, in the interest of the blog: What will our subject do under these harried conditions? The subject should be a newbie, and I definitely qualified. Despite editing numismatic books for a dozen years, I’ve never been tempted to dive into the hobby—in fact, the more I’ve learned about numismatics, the more I’ve realized how little I know, and the less inclined I’ve become to spend real money on coins.

To establish my bona fides, I’ll reveal the extent of my “collection,” which is housed in a 1930s jewelry box belonging to my late grandmother. These items include:

  • a baggie of entertaining junk-box pieces (five for a dollar!)
  • a 1-ounce Year of the Goat Australian bullion coin
  • a copper Catherine the Great 5 kopeks that could, in a pinch, be used as a weapon
  • an Ivan the Terrible kopek, purchased on the same day (my husband’s selection; interpret our choices as you will)
  • several Russian coins from the lifetime of Anton Chekhov, on the grounds that he could have carried one of them in his sainted pocket
  • a number of Whitman Expo tokens, flatties, wooden nickels, etc.
  • a handful of worn Buffalo nickels from the Whitman vending machine
  • a couple of Indian Head half eagles, Indian pennies, and similar items that are actually worth having (gifts from my father-in-law)

I did pony up for the Australian “Southern Sky” coins a few months ago, because I liked them and I have a lot of trust and respect for the person who called my attention to them. But that’s the extent of my experience in the hands-on collecting area of the field.

I knew I’d get distracted by other matters and would forget the event entirely if I didn’t take precautions, so I circled the date on my calendar; established a Mint account and signed up for a reminder email; programmed an alert into my phone; and surrounded my monitor with fluorescent sticky-notes. Thus reassured that the bases were covered, when Tuesday arrived I didn’t remember it until three minutes before the shotgun start.

Gah! I went to the site, logged in to my account, and proceeded to troubleshoot. Credit-card number? Check. Delivery address? Check. I’s dotted, T’s crossed? Check, and check. I pulled up the ordering screen and positioned my cursor over the blue “Remind Me” button. I glanced at the clock in my browser:


I thought about checking my email, then mentally popped myself on the knuckles with a ruler and resumed waiting.


I started to wonder how the order would go down. Would the blue “Remind Me” button become a red “Add to Bag” button at noon? Or would it be stuck on blue until I refreshed the browser, at which point it would be too late? I decided to refresh the browser now. I counted to ten—one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand—then refreshed it again. I did this until, in between refreshers, the screen blinked and the button turned red.

I clicked almost before my brain perceived the color change, then hit “Checkout” and the next screen popped up. Shipping choice, okay, got that, but why does it not think I’m logged in? What is happening?

I plowed through that hiccup and got to the payment screen—where the credit-card blanks were empty. No no no, I added that earlier and my credit card’s zipped back up in my bag! Ah, drop-down menu—select card—click the “Next” button . . .

Nothing. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand.

What’s the deal? Why won’t you go? I squinted at the screen. All blanks full. I drummed my fingers on my desk. A-ha! A little red alert:

The Security Code is

And here my brain shorted out. A full one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand passed before my security code floated to the top of my mind like the message in the window of a Magic 8-Ball. I keyed in my code and completed my order. I looked at the clock as it clicked over to:


I printed my order confirmation. I indulged in one long, deep breath, then shifted over to the blog comments. Order times and numbers were stacking up; I wanted to play, too, so I added mine.

And then, at about 12:03, the readers were reporting in: it’s over. This product is currently unavailable. Learn more.

I said out loud, “Well that was fast.”

* * *

According to CoinWorld.com, the official sell-out time for the entire product limit of 75,000 was about two minutes. This morning the Mint’s communications office sent an email blast to editors; it consisted of one sentence: “Sales attrition from cancellations, returns and credit card declinations could result in a very limited quantity being made available for sale.” Which means that, if you got shut out, you should find an app that will alert you when the status changes. (I like Distill.) Even with an app, you’ll have to be fast—by the time you receive the alert and get online, they may be gone already.

Wait, why am I sharing my Distill tip? Before finishing this report, I checked my status on the Mint’s website, which said, “back ordered.” I completed my order before 12:01, ages before the set was sold out. The Mint sent me a confirmation. Yet my bank account hasn’t been pinged for it, and my status is “back ordered.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be here at my desk, pretending I don’t really care, that it was all for the advancement of science, and that I didn’t really want one anyway.   ❑

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  1. cagcrisp says

    @Rick, I don’t sell coins so that will never be a problem.

    I did receive a nice note this week from an retired Editor of the Largest Newspaper in Arkansas thanking me for a Civil War coin that I recently gave him.

    He has an internet blog about the Civil War and I thought since he puts in his ” 2 cents worth” sometimes that he would actually like a nice 2 cent piece and sometime he will probably write about the origin of In God we Trust…

  2. Rick says

    @Rick, I don’t sell coins so that will never be a problem.

    Oh, now I understand why many of your market observations and predictions are often off the mark. Thanks for the clarification.

  3. DBR says

    I am by no means an expert in numismatics so I can’t analyze trends as well as others here. I’ve enjoyed the discussion about the FS coins and the series. I think if more girls and women (wealthy ones that is) started coin collecting then they might appreciate the contribution of the FS series to American coinage. It’s is definitely a wealthy collector’s type of coin.

    I still don’t know why the Presidential $1 coin series never merited a more noble metal then the golden-looking zinc manganese clad varieties.

    I do collect the Presidential series and am done with the uncirculated sets. Now, on to the Proofs.

    My wish: before they destroyed all the dies for the Presidential coins that they’d strike a final limited edition variety of each in white gold (to distinguish it from its more yellow zinc manganese counterparts). I would have liked that very much., and think it worthy of collecting and the office of the President.

  4. earthling says

    Eric H

    I think of myself as more of a Collector than Investor. True I do buy extras in the hope of “cashing in” but in reality I rarely do “cash in”. Mostly I just sit on my “Treasure” and dream of an increase in value.

    When I first got back into Coins in 1999 , it wasn’t too long before I tried selling a few things on ebay. I remember selling a few Proof Sets and Bags of State Quarters. Back then you could buy a Proof Set for maybe $18 (from the Mint) and after the dust settled you might sell it for $80 ( I don’t remember the exact amounts, but I’m giving ball park figures). I was so thrilled with a profit I would throw in extras for free. For instance if I sold a 99 Silver Proof Set for $90, I’d throw in a 99 Clad Quarters Proof Set. My Coins were not picked over and they were in flawless condition. I wasn’t needing the money, I had a job on the Assembly line with my current employer. I just did the buying and a very little selling as a hobby.

    I look at the Money I’ve spent with the US Mint and it’s a ridiculously high amount. With the reality based selling of my 2017 Congratulations Coins, I think a change is way past due.

  5. Joe M. says

    @ cagcrisp
    You gave away a civil war coin, but put my coin in a cloud???
    I guess I’ll have to get in my helicopter and go look for it before it falls into someone else’s backyard.

  6. Texas In 1880 says

    I wouldn’t hope much for gold falling out of those clouds, but you might be able to find some Bitcoin up there.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Joe M. It wasn’t the best coin in the world. It was a good give away coin to someone that doesn’t do coins. The difference between a good 2 cent piece and an average 2 cent piece is about $50.

    The “We” in “In God We Trust” is the key to a 2 cent piece.

    This coin had a Very weak “We”…

  8. So Krates says

    cagcrisp – Do you still track the C&Cs? If so I’d like to hear the current trends…if not I’d like to hear your last data points. I am starting to offload a few (better late than never). From the last greater fool I met, I was able to get $245 for Harry, $125 for Ike, and $75 for Ronnie (he didn’t want my JFK or Johnson, lol).

  9. So Krates says

    I vote for Numismatrix for The Word of the Thread award for epicene . Nicely done.

  10. cagcrisp says

    @ So Krates, Old Old data points…

    This was through some time in November 2016…

    Truman vs. Eisenhower vs. Johnson

    I’ve tracked the Truman’s since 08/02/15. Total bay Sales for the Truman’s in OGP are 1,419…

    1st 62 Sold Averaged $201.00
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $204.81
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $205.93
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $192.91
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $193.37
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $193.64
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $195.57
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $214.75
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $225.36
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $222.94
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $237.11
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $243.05
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $240.99
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $245.65
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $260.90
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $215.29
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $206.12
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $213.72
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $254.52
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $260.89
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $264.05
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $280.21
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $261.37
    Next 59 Sold Averaged $262.21

    I’ve tracked the Eisenhower’s since 08/17/15. Total bay Sales for Eisenhower in OGP are 3,335…

    1st 215 Sold Averaged $206.68
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $190.01
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $181.08
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $169.49
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $165.77
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $164.73
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $160.19
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $153.62
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $159.39
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $156.52
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $152.27
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $124.68
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $109.95
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $88.86
    Next 208 Sold Averaged $95.78
    Last 208 Sold Averaged $87.40

    I’ve tracked the Johnson’s since 10/27/15. Total bay Sales for the Johnson in OGP are 2,100…

    1st 150 Sold Averaged $96.79
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $94.92
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $87.71
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $81.82
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $78.00
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $72.00
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $73.20
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $72.21
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $70.87
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $72.18
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $70.74
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $70.88
    Nest 150 Sold Averaged $71.45
    Next 150 Sold Averaged $67.93

  11. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Yeah, I had to look up epicene. Can’t even recall hearing the word before. Thanks, Numismatrix, for stretching our vocabulary!

  12. MarkInFlorida says

    Thanks can, and thanks KS for asking, I was wondering about those C&C sets and was planning to ask myself. Truman is still doing nicely, but the others tanked. Glad the HHL was 5 for Truman and lower for the others!

  13. Numismatrix says

    😉 It was unintentional – I can’t say that the Morgan’s and Barber’s are favorites
    but they do stir interest. I believe the Morgans were minted at the most
    facilities of any US coin, i.e. [P], S, CC, O, and D (five total). The Barber
    fractionals were minted at the same excluding CC, and I’ve often wondered
    about the reason, since 1892/1893 were overlapping years. Correct me
    if I am mistaken.

  14. Dave SW FL says

    Well, someone really wanted one of those Grove Minting 1977 Frank Gasparro Liberty Dollar Pattern commemoratives in nickel….the last one just sold on the bay for $59 +$2.85 shipping.
    Not bad for an item that was available for $15 from the originator!
    I got a few in silver. Still available in silver if anyone is interested.

  15. Joe M. says

    @Texas in 1880…bitcoin…yea, in the clouds…101000011101000101001010 = 0
    @cagcrisp…I cherrypicked an 1864 sm motto from a junk box in 1997…maybe the dealer only looked at the WE, saw it wasn’t there, noticed the damage, then threw it with all the other “junk”.
    I’ve been cherrypicking since 1995 🙂

  16. So Krates says

    A pathetic pittance.

    $20 profit on $55 is 36%. That’s not a bad overnight return on a modern issue. They can’t all be baseballs

    You made $300 for 1 minute online, a few minutes at the PO, and an hour looking for a buyer? Shoulda bought 150 instead of 15 🙂

  17. Numismatrix says

    Thanks ! I do have a soft spot for CC issues but the wallet is
    always on the light side. Well, back to the guitar.

  18. earthling says

    “You made $300 for 1 minute online, a few minutes at the PO, and an hour looking for a buyer? Shoulda bought 150 instead of 15 ”

    Right you are there So Krates. Was Diana the one that related the Mint Buying experience to Slots Gambling? With this release by the Mint there were too many unknowns – unlimited mintage of this particular issue, unlimited “limited” products in the future , a market in general retreat…………..

    Since I almost passed this thing entirely , I suppose a $300 profit wasn’t too bad. But I skipped OT at work today and $300 is but a pittance to the money I left there. If I wanted to totally surrender my life , my job could be a Gold Mine. BUT… isn’t there always a but? But my job sucks wind. I’m seriously wanting to retire after this fall . I used to be in a Bachelors program in Mechanical Engineering , attaining Junior status at NCSU before dropping out. I got an Associates in Computer Engineering. I read mechanical things better than the English Language. My job involves working with Industrial Robots yet I cant get training or even Literature so I can train myself to be more advanced. The job is without challenge or opportunity to become better. Yet our plant is not running most of the time. This is AMERICAN INDUSTRY at the International Level yet its run like an amateur backyard operation… by incompetent idiots.

    I’ve worked at Factory type jobs all my life and have witnessed the American Worker and management for a long time. When Trump came along saying he’s going to ” make America great again” , I said Thank You Jesus!

    At the same time I was thinking – Good Luck Buddy , this mess is too far gone to ever be “great again”. The World caught us a good 40 years ago, we’ve been eating dust ever since then.

  19. Mint News Blog says

    My bank account’s been pinged for the shipping on my Congratulations Set order, but not for the product. My purchase is still showing as “backordered” on the Mint’s website, but perhaps it’s beginning to make its way through the system.

    By the way, earthling, do you follow Mike Rowe at all? I’m a white-collar geek with a graduate degree, but at heart I’m a blue-collar girl with a farming pedigree. I’m a big fan of Rowe’s efforts to educate the American public about good, six-figure jobs in the trades. (http://profoundlydisconnected.com/) You might find him interesting, too.

  20. Sith says

    @earthling – American management generally sucks. As far as I can tell the USA still can’t implement the most basic total quality management (TQM) program(s.) All because short term profit overrides, long term goals. TQM has been successfully implemented in Japan for decades. Yes I’m sure they are a few “haters” that will bad mouth TQM, but every-time I asked what they hated about it, it turned out they were describing Management by objectives (MBO). The only thing I can say is as inefficient as we may be, we are more efficient than most of our competition, IE the Chinese, and the European Union, are worst than us. Japan maybe more efficient but they have other problems, like a lack of natural resources.

    Trump has gone after H1B visa abusers, which is a welcome relief in my line of work, but saying that I’m not sure why you though Trump would be able to fix our manufacturing sector, not without causing a trade war or God forbid a shooting war.

    The solution to make America great again is simple, and one that people have made fun of me, when I mention it. When you go buy a gadget ignore the less expensively foreigner made gadget, and buy the more expensively made in USA gadget, and hope your expectations of quality are met by paying more for it. They most likely will not meet those expectations.Please reread the second sentence of this post, on why I feel they will not be met.

  21. earthling says

    Diana, I’ve checked out Mike Rowes site and it looks like someplace I’m definitely going to spend a lot of time with. I’ve been on 2nd shift most of my life so I’m not really into regular TV fandom but I have seen a few episodes of Mike Rowes show. I liked his style, very entertaining! Oh, and your comment ”
    I’m a white-collar geek with a graduate degree, but at heart I’m a blue-collar girl with a farming pedigree. ” makes you 110% OK in my book. I grew up next to the Amish Community in Dover DE and feel like Farming is my background. I even attended an Amish 2 room school from grades 1-3.


    My problem with America becoming ” great again ” isn’t completely a knock on management although that certainly is a part of it. I’ve seen the push on the Japanese Quality Programs and I agree completely with the goals – we do need to get better. My main problem is the American Worker. Most workers are lazy, have no pride, and don’t really like to even move their bodies. I had an old supervisor at a Vegetable Processing Plant about 28 years ago who said this , ” If a person wants to work they will work, if they don’t want to work then you can pay them $100/hr and they still won’t want to work”. Yeah they will take the money but money doesn’t really change our basic nature. You either like to work or you don’t.

    I like to work despite not really liking my present job. I like to learn and do complicated things. I really enjoy troubleshooting things and fixing them. I don’t like sitting for long periods of time , watching a computer screen for red blips and doing very routine things like going to push a few buttons. I guess I’m a bit overqualified for my present job as an Auto Industry” Skilled Tradesman” but the money is just too good to walk away from. With Robots, I feel like the skies the limit on knowledge and ability yet I feel like I’m being confined to some sensory deprivation chamber in my current job. It makes no sense to me.

    I guess that’s just the result of the UAW and their philosophy of having 100 bodies instead of a few good motivated people.

  22. So Krates says

    earthling – Good post. You are getting to the heart of the matter It’s more than mgmt and production QC it’s personal QC. Speak well, write well, act well. Personal pride as you said. I was just reading the pamphlet in the Truman set and it speaks about the sign on his desk that read The Buck Stops Here. Our society needs folks with more personal integrity and a sense of responsibility. I don’t want workers committing suicide for failures at work as in some cultures, but we would benefit from a move in that direction.

    As you said it’s been 40 years. This is from 1986 and is just as relevant today


  23. joe#2 says

    Louis? Good news on the 2017 Australia gold domed Southern Sky coin. Prices going up on APMEX. 🙂

  24. cagcrisp says


    @earthling, At one point today, the market cap of TESLA surpassed GM today.

    …SO…By market cap, TESLA was momentarily the #1 car maker in the United States.

    (TESLA surpassed Ford a few weeks ago)…

  25. Sith says

    @earthling- Hear, hear! All I can say is at least for my generation, its hard to have pride when your treated like an expendable commodity. The easiest way for a large corporation to make its number is to cut personnel, even if they still need those people. One company in my area was notorious for cutting entire divisions at Xmas. Just so they could make their numbers, and get their bonuses, of course. Then they would scramble, and to try to hire the very same people back in January. In two separate instances, I saw a company fire their entire sales force, among other cuts because they were making too much money, and just in case you wondered how that turned out, well both company folded, because for some strange reason, the sales dried up.

  26. Texas In 1880 says

    Wow, a farmer at heart. Everything is a lush, dark green and filling in here. Yes, you would love farming. A cousin of mine lost his life to cancer a little over 10 years ago. He asked his wife to turn the farm over to another cousin of mine, but….she decoded to continue farming on her own. Of course she has plenty of good help, one would need it for the several thousand acres she maintains. I personally believe everyone should own enough good land to be supportive of their own needs.

  27. Numismatrix says

    Your’s truly is an organic produce farmer; in a small plot,
    on the side. I grow an assortment of vegetables, fruit, and
    herbs. It’s nice waking up on a Sunday morning, and picking
    up fresh herbs for the omelet, or harvesting cabbage and
    potatoes for a hearty soup. Someday I hope to get into
    small animals too. Cheers !

  28. earthling says

    It’s like deja vue all over again at work today. I get to work at 3PM, line rolls at 4:30 PM. Well the day guy tells me they were down a couple hours due to a broken bracket on my Sealer Robot #2. He sez they got it fixed OK. Well the line never did start up at 4:30 , at 4:50 I get a red blip from Robot 2 and it’s down. Broken bracket again. Well we’re running now … but for how long?

    Oh well, it’s a job.

  29. earthling says

    What really sucks about this job is that I have no hand in most breakdowns. Millwrights just took care of the broken bracket. I heard talk about it breaking repeatedly over the last 5 years. Well hopefully it won’t break again for a few days.

    Fingers are crossed.

  30. gatortreke says

    I’m somewhat undecided on whether the desire to work is something we are born with or something ingrained in us as we are raised. I’m more inclined toward the former, believing there’s a certain percentage that are born with the desire, a large percentage who do it but only because they have to and then a smaller percentage who work hard at not working. I don’t think this is something endemic to just Americans, rather it is part of human nature. I lived in France for a year and the percentages seemed to hold true there though their system seems to increase the numbers in the “working hard at not working” category. I’m of the mindset that the Pareto Principle holds true in this case.

    I’m not saying that you can’t encourage and create an environment that increases productivity and enthusiasm at every level depending on proper incentives but it is something that few businesses, government agencies, etc… actually get right.

    I remember when TQM was being instituted at my employer back in the early 1990’s and the problem I had with much of it was that I had little faith that those who were implementing the plan actually believed in it. They were doing it only because the plan was rolling downhill from further up the food chain. There was very little buy in from the mid-level managers and thus even less buy in from the standard worker.

  31. Louis says

    Seems I am have stumbled onto a blog about work in the 21st century. Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. If I had a nickel for every time I could say that!

    @joe #2- Thanks, buddy. Last 4 left! Let the good times roll!

    Got my congrats coins. Very nice coins as expected from SF mint.

    Also got 2 of those silver Gasparos, but I did not go down to pick them up yet. The nickel ones did so well, so I figured why not.

  32. Zaz says

    On the topic of work, my 2c cents worth, I got through my 25 years at a nationally reknowned telecom company, had something like 16 different jobs from customer call center to pulling lines and installations. Some jobs were really boring, some I was good at, but when my 25th annie rolled around, I took the more than generous compensation package and ran. Ironically if I had waited another four months I would’ve lost out on 1/2 of the formerly “free” health benefits. Now I work part time in hospitality selling beer and dogs at the local MLB ballpark as a runner. Tips are good, fans are fun to talk to, I get my exercise. It is so much fun, I’d actually considering paying to work or volunteer for free. Bottom line, you gotta find something you enjoy or love doing otherwise work is rather meaningless other than for that bi-weekly paycheck that doesn’t seem to stretch far enough. 25 years in the rat race was enough for me…

  33. Texas In 1880 says

    Got my Congratulations Sets too, once again they were all bouncing around in an over sized boxed with nothing more than one sheet of bubble wrap thrown on top.
    Something tells me the advice I gave in the last questionnaire did not make it to corporate.

    I would be willing to bet that you like your job more than you say.


  34. Sith says

    @gatortreke – That was because TQM would have eliminated a lot of middle management positions. Anyway the latest management technique we are learning is called Lean. Lean is just TQM light, as such its more palatable to management, but I see the same issues with Lean, that I saw with TQM. Management would rather form a “tiger team,” than just listen to the worker bees.

  35. So Krates says

    The French have the right attitude with putting a limit on the hours worked and mandatory vacations. We were not meant to loaf about, but we were not put here to work 80 hour weeks in concrete towers, cubicles or coal mines either.

    In a pre/post monetary world, 2-4 hours work per day with one sabbath day per week would suit the average human just about right. IMO, 15-25 hour work weeks are best for mental and physical well being.

  36. So Krates says

    Still waiting for mines to come off B.O. Had my order number before 12:01, but like Diana, had a few second delay fumbling with the security code, and that’s all it took to separate the Haves and the Waiting to Haves.

    Wasted five minutes of my life inquiring with customer service as to why no projected date like usual on the BO status but of course only got the stock answer of “it will ship as soon as available”.

    Related to the work ethic and personal pride, the robot rep. read my full order back and each time she spoke a dollar amount she dropped the “s” in cents. The young woman proceeded to tell me each RF17 was fifty-four dollars and ninety-five cent and the shipping was four dollars and ninety-five cent . You would think that if the employment screening could not weed out speakers of Ebonics, than maybe the training could deal with this issue. After all it’s the Mint and they actual sell cent(s). It irritated me so much that I almost axed for a supervisor. 😉

  37. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    I’m LOL, So Krates.

    I have not wanted to bring it up before but since everyone is throwing down about work ethics: It has struck me that the shipping out of Memphis suffers from a lack of pride in doing things well. And in Philadelphia/DC I suspect that things are run more by the “politics of management” than from a desire to do the best job possible. I also suspect that some of this is due to hiring practices that are quota/affirmative action based, rather than hiring the best peeps possible, period. It’s just a suspicion…

  38. Texas In 1880 says

    “In a pre/post monetary world”

    Just imagine living during the stone age as hunters/gathers. Suddenly work as we know it doesn’t sound so bad.

  39. cagcrisp says

    Quote from a CoinWeek article about the 2017 High Relief Liberty:

    “Not that the inhibitive price–which reflects the spot price of gold on the open market and is calculated according to the Mint’s pricing grid for gold and platinum products–will stay the same. After May 6 the initial pricing discount expires and the full retail price of $1,690 goes into effect.”

    Either the article is wrong or I’m wrong. I’ve never heard of an “initial pricing discount” for the High Relief…

  40. Tom says

    @ can’t take it with you. Your comment about Memphis. Last April, my order for the Gold Mercury dimes were delivered with shipping box wrapped in plastic . It was obvious something was wet. I opened it in front of the po. clerk and Inside I had a WET mess. Post office thought something had been leaking from inside as well. Memphis had wrapped it up and marked it.

  41. Texas In 1880 says

    I don’t see any statement made by the USM about this anywhere, other than for Commemorative programs. I guess anything’s possible.

  42. Baldwin says

    Other than commemoratives… I haven’t seen an initial price statement before either.

  43. KCSO says

    Cag – Yeah, I saw that article last week and it is misleading, the author was assuming the price would go up due to an anticipated pricing grid increase when gold was above $1,250.., that didn’t happen, though might this week. So yes, poor choose of words.

    Nice pop in Gold at the moment.., Dow down but not in spiral wil UAL

  44. achmed says

    I am missing a statement of the usmint on their website when the ASE S proofs 2017 that are currently on backorder status will be delivered. At least a window for delivery should be possible. It is just a poor customerservice there.

  45. Throckmorton says

    I am missing a statement of the usmint on their website when the ASE S proofs 2017 that are currently on backorder status will be delivered. At least a window for delivery should be possible. It is just a poor customerservice there.

    I’m betting that the larger orders have priority over the small orders. There seem to be several of us that had confirmed orders of 12:01 that are on backorder

  46. A&L Futures says

    @ Throckmorton et al.,

    I placed a rather significant order for these on 4/4/17 @ 12:00:36. My order was showing as PROCESSING since, but all that changed this morning. My order now shows as BACKORDERED. (UGH)

    How can 75,000 units disappear in less than a minute? (GRRRRRRR)

  47. JBK says

    I am also on BO. I thought I did really well, banging in an order for 2 at the opening bell, but the fact that mine has not shipped yet is a sign of how close I came to being shut out.

  48. achmed says

    may be when the big boys send their Pr69 coins back to the mint we will get our orders fulfilled. Have a look at PCE on ebay. They have 100 (!) PR70 for sale. How many must they have bought to be sure to have 100 coins in PR70???

  49. sharks2th says

    I think there needs to be an article here on the POOR packaging practices of the Mint’s shipper. I received my order from last week today and I’ve never seem such a jumbled mess. I ordered some other products at the same time and my order came in two boxes (with a lot of excess space in both boxes). One box had proof sets facing all directions. I took a pic of the opened box and how the products were thrown about. It looks like someone just shook the box for hours on end. Back with the old shipper I once had them double box an order with a large outer box and two smaller internal boxes. That was the best packed box I have ever received from the mint.

    I think my order was delayed because I ordered other items at the same time. My order shipped Friday. My checkout time was 12:00:50. I know I saw order numbers here after my number which were shipped out before my order. I do select the standard ($4.95) shipping, which may affect some of the order processing. They obviously are not on a FIFO system.

    I am pleased with the quality of the S eagles.

  50. Tinto says

    “I think there needs to be an article here on the POOR packaging practices of the Mint’s shipper. ”

    Totally agree .. perhaps with some pics of the shoddy “packaging”

  51. Mount Airy Dave says

    I received 2 AE S yesterday that were on back order. They shipped 5 days ago. Got my 225th anniversary coin today.

  52. earthling says

    I got my Silver Gasparro commemorative Tokens from Grove Minting today. I ordered 5 and can’t see anything wrong with any of them. Can’t wait to compare them to my Nickel metal versions which are at work in my Tool Box. I suppose they were differ like Proof Ikes do, the Silver one’s are whitish.

    The 2016 Platinum Proof was the last US Mint Products that impressed me as much as this $20 item from Grove Mint. Comparing cost and mintages makes the Grove Mint Product seem like a givaway.


  53. earthling says

    Just checked Grove Mint and they’re sold out of the Silver Gasparro’s. The mintage was 250, I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  54. KCSO says

    “I think there needs to be an article here on the POOR packaging practices of the Mint’s shipper. ”

    Totally agree .. perhaps with some pics of the shoddy “packaging”

    AND of other interesting stories..,

    Just this week.., my 2 Boys Town Silver $1 coins (ordered with my 2nd order of Congrats Ses) showed and low and behold, I received 1 Proof set, and 1 Silver AtB Quarter Set.., which I just sent off for replacement today.

    Now why couldn’t my order have gotten mixed up with the guy or gal that had ordered a Proof AGE and a HR Liberty????

    There is NO FIFO practice at the mint.

    On the Congratulations Sets – My xx1xx order arrived over the weekend; my xx8xx order with the Boys Town coins arrives on Thursday. By ALL MEASURE, my second order no doubtedly should be in Back Order purgatory. Go figure.., there’s no rhyme or reason…

  55. Baldwin says

    KCSO…based on this product distribution… I think we can all firmly place the FIFO story by the mint in the round file. I have seen many who ordered more or fewer than I ordered… shipped and with order numbers much higher than my order. I’ve seen many post the same thing… their orders were done and the order numbers lower than many who have reported shipped product.

  56. Old Big Bird says

    @cagcrisp – I know you track many items that the USM sales report. Isn’t today report late coming out?

  57. cagcrisp says

    @Old Big Bird, I’m Not looking forward to numbers coming out.

    I’m Concerned that KCSO will Win the Closest to the Launch Week sales numbers.

    (I would hate for that too happen)…

  58. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    old sailor bill-

    I would love to have that “2017 proof ms70” for $199.95 because then I could turn around and sell it for Big Buck$ as a slab labeling error! (A proof coin can’t be “ms”…) 🙂

  59. says

    Cag, nice! Yeah, I’d hate for that too..!

    If my dumbbutt had left my original Guesstimate for 1st Day Sales at 14,500 as I should, then the actual First Day Sales of 14,285 would have won me the Virtual Cloud 🏆

    My life is not complete without it!

    I hope they hurry up, I want to A LOT of sales numbers, this is a Big week!

  60. says

    I’m very curious to see how many of the 75,000 ’17 Congratulations Sets were sold in 120 seconds..,

    I know there were less than 1,000 orders.., probably in the ‘hood of 900 to 950 orders placed

  61. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “I hope they hurry up, I want to A LOT of sales numbers, this is a Big week!”

    IF you’re in such a Big Hurry, Just give me the Item you want to see and I’ll make a sales number up…

    (IF it’s a FS?, I bet I get within 5)…

  62. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Haha.., let’s make it BT $5 UNC.., something you’ll get within 10 of…

  63. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Just FYI – for those that collect Privy’s and a fan of the Call of the Wild series.., JMB has the 4th release out – Bullwinkle da Moose.., looks alright. The 5th release is in 2018.., so that means November ’17 with an Antelope, followed by a Wood Bison, and then dun.

  64. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    “Let’s make it a $20 Gold piece from cc..” – what Joe M wins????

    MCM has for your consideration at a grand offering price for a 2017 – S Mercanti signed American Silver Eagle PR 70 for only $295! Get yours while they’re still some available!

    Not! Good grief, that’s insane, is that where this thing is headed?

  65. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “If my dumbbutt had left my original Guesstimate for 1st Day Sales at 14,500 as I should, then the actual First Day Sales of 14,285 would have won me the Virtual Cloud 🏆 ”

    If “IF’s and butts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas”…

  66. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I bet 2017-W and 2016-W numbers are way down this week..

    I totally forgot they existed since Larry spotted the ‘S’ set

  67. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I think the numbers dude at Mint HQ went home early today.., or is still having a siesta..,

    There’s more than a few of us circling like sharks I’m sure, for what surprises those numbers will bring

  68. Tom says

    A signed label is as ridiculous as a first or early release. And people will actually pay for it. Why? That is not what coin collecting is.

  69. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Xena – you’re closer than I, you mind swinging by the mint and waking up the numbers dude?

    That’s so not cool, of all weeks, just to gaff it off.., I gotta go for a run and cut the grass!

    Mint probably just realized they sold 100,000 Congratulations Sets in 120 seconds.., oops.

  70. Brad says

    The conversation here about the 2017 Congratulations Set having an “S” ASE in it is precisely the reason why I can never abandon Mint News Blog. There’s too much valuable information that I’ve gleaned here for me to ever give up on it! I would have COMPLETELY missed out on this had it not been for Larry! I’d already dismissed it as just more U.S. Mint junk. I’ll be more careful in the future.

  71. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hooray for Larry!

    I hope Larry got a set, and if so, its not on Back Order! I image he would otherwise be peeved.

    We need a special code talker’s lingo out here for the special finds.., to keep the lurking dealers and big boys are bay..,

    Who ever bought into the Miners did well today.., bagged a good 3%+

  72. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    This whole thing with North Korea and the diverted USS Carl Vinson battle group should keep Au prices well supported, not to mention the Kremlin issue, one would think.

    Gold increase coming this week.

  73. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    It appears the Soup Nazi was hired by the mint subsequent to the cancellation of Seinfeld.., “No Numbers for You!”

    Oh well..,

  74. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    I received my first order of Congratulations sets today – box of 4. This order went in during the first minute of sales. I’m selling unopened. My second order of two (placed during the 2nd minute) is still on BO. I sure hope that I am able to get that order since that one is the “keeper”…

  75. joe#2 says

    Sean Spicer should study history before making idiotic comments. Just answer questions. Period.. sheesh

  76. Old Big Bird says

    Interesting no sales number from the mint yet at 6:35pm

    •Figures are posted weekly by 5 p.m. (ET) Tuesdays to reflect sales demand through the previous Sunday, starting on June 18, 2013.

    This is from the mint’s site

  77. earthling says

    Lack of Sales results in lack of numbers? Is the Mint trying to do a cover up? Were there massive cancellations?

    Who cares anyway? There are things happening which are far more interesting out there.

  78. KEITHSTER says

    They must have been counting all those Effigy Mounds quarters because those are posted now! 210.8 & 271.2 which leaves 156.8 for the Frederick Douglass so far? As for the S eagle expected all the games but the 7 day limit should be up so some should be shipping soon? Hope the big dogs don’t send too many back so that some of us get a shot at some fresh ones and while your at it hit them a little harder PLEASE WeLL GooD LucK Allllllllll “>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

  79. Xena says

    KSCO – Ha! Might be the closest, but no way. I wouldn’t waste my breath let alone the Metro fare.

    It’s spring break for most of the schools around here, lots of folks are off.

  80. Xena says

    Picked up my 2 Congrats set from my brother this weekend and my order of 2 from the website (along with a 2017W) came yesterday. Given the way the Mint is, I didn’t risk the Mint store really having them even though my brother was there. Packaging issues have already been noted. My order was an early one, although that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    With apologies to those who are in order limbo, has anyone opened an S-Mint capsule yet? They are a bit different (have a rim). Doesn’t pop off easily.

    Reason I ask is that one of mine has either a smudge or dust – hard to tell which and would like to take it out and check. One of the Congrats sets that wasn’t mailed has a small crack in the capsule.

    Had a small speck of dust on the 2017W. Otherwise the proof set, silver qtr set and other Eagles are in good shape.

    I’m an OGP kind-of person, so not really sure what I am going to do with these.

  81. Xena says

    So we all (or at least most of us) have to work to buy coins, right? Been enjoying the comments. I think there’s a bit too much greed and not enough respect for the work of the average person (how much more than an average employee does a typical CEO make?). I think most people want the satisfaction of doing something that matters for someone or something they can be proud of.

    Me, I always wanted to be a farmer or a park ranger. Didn’t work out that way. I can’t really even have a garden, since I don’t get enough sun with all the trees and the deer eat everything anyway. Belong to a farmers co-op in the winter and shop the famer’s markets in the summer.

  82. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @Xena, I have the same issue, look forward to replies.

    HSN dude was selling these for 380 anacs 70. He said he could only get 270

  83. joe#2 says

    Mike Mezak selling the UHR 2017 gold Liberty for $2899.00 It is an awesome coin though.
    I thought the coin was just HR??? hmmm

  84. Xena says

    Almost forgot to catch y’all up on the best news of the past week – had a second Boy Scout complete the Coin Collecting Merit Badge, and have another one who wants to get started!

  85. Louis says

    @joe#2- I agree. I think he may lose his job over this one. Leon Panetta is saying the exact same thing you said right now on CNN. Just answer the question. Don’t editorialize. And Spicer was wrong on so many points. Like how in WWI the Germans and the allies used chemical weapons. Please return now to your regularly scheduled coin program.

  86. Texas In 1880 says

    About the 2017 S capsules, I know what you’re describing because I see the same thing on a few of mine. Only thing is I haven’t taken the time to look more closely at them. I assuming it’s only on the capsules.

    So you’re not sure what to do with them because your an OGP person. Me too, but I’m very close to opening an account at a TPG and sending them in, simply because it’s what sells. Now, I don’t plan on selling those, but if it’s what brings the most cash when or if I have to sell, why would I not want to add as much value to the coin, even if it goes against the values of the true collectors who will tell you so on this blog. I have to do what’s right by me. No disrespect, I love you guys, got it?

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