West Point Silver Eagle Set Ordering Ends Next Week

set11The four week ordering window for the United States Mint’s 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set will conclude next week on June 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET. This special set is issued to mark the 75th anniversary of the West Point Mint and includes American Silver Eagles with a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated finish.

Orders for the set opened on May 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET. Initial demand for the set was heavy, slowing the US Mint’s website to a crawl and briefly resulting in the online catalog being taken offline. Through the opening weekend, orders had been received for more than 180,000 sets, which far exceeded the sales for last year’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set during a comparable period.

The US Mint has provided a sales odometer on the product page, which has been updated each weekday. The data from the daily updates is shown below. The first number column represents the daily change, while the second number column represents the reported cumulative sales total.

Date Increase Total Sales
5/10/2013  138,514 138,514
5/13/2013 44,259 182,773
5/14/2013 4,768 187,541
5/15/2013 4,185 191,726
5/16/2013 1,926 193,652
5/17/2013 3,082 196,734
5/20/2013 3,068 199,802
5/21/2013 4,299 204,101
5/22/2013 2,125 206,226
5/23/2013 974 207,200
5/24/2013 1,525 208,725
5/28/2013 5,486 214,211
5/29/2013 3,130 217,341
5/30/2013 2,638 219,979
5/31/2013 3,000 222,979

As can be seen, following the initial surge, the pace of daily orders soon dropped to a much lower level. This bottomed with a daily increase of 974 sets, before pushing higher this week.

While there seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm about this set which contains two exclusive coins and the first ever enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle, many will be watching the sales numbers to see how the final mintage might compare to the previously released anniversary sets. The 20th Anniversary Set released in 2006 had a final audited mintage of 248,875. The 25th Anniversary Set released in 2011 sold out of its maximum mintage of 100,000. Most recently, the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, which was minted based on demand during a four week ordering window, had final adjusted unaudited sales of 224,981.

Since last year’s San Francisco Set was offered in a similar fashion as this year’s West Point Set, does this provide some clues about what to expect next week? During the final week of sales of the San Francisco Set, the US Mint received orders for 75,714 units, which accounted for 30.1% of the unadjusted final sales total. See full sales data here.

Or is it the case that this year more of the overall demand moved to the opening days of availability? In this case, we might see sales for the West Point Set stall out around the 250,000 mark.

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  1. thePhelps says

    I think we will see a large surge next week. I read several different sites that many are holding off ordering and waiting for several items. They can wait until next Thursday and order both the WM 5 oz. the Perry 5 oz. and these sets as wll as the Uncirculated ASE and have them all for free shipping.

    I plan on ordering another set next week with my Perry as well as the uncirculated coin set.

  2. VaBeachEd says

    I thought I would repost this from May 28 for this weekend. I saw the interest from Samuel, Rich, merryxmasmrscrooge and Dustyroads…….. Also Dusty, you are correct about the Purple Heart Medals, over 500,000 were made for the invasion of Japan which the Atom Bomb prevented and General Patton was on his way to go hunting and had a minor auto accident on December 9 and died 12 days later on December 21, 1945 in Heidelberg Germany and buried in Luxembourg.

    VaBeachEd says:

    May 28, 2013 at 4:23 am

    VA Bob – I always buy extra coins or sets (in silver), from the mint and then get one or two in 70 grade, from a third party. In the early days of gold Buffalos (2006 & 2007) I bought 3 of ’06 and 2 of ’07 from the Mint, then gold kept rising. At the price of gold now, I will only buy the RP Buffalo in a 70 grade. Some times the premium in the pre-order period is not that much extra, knowing you have a 70, you don’t have to worry about the mint flaw. I do not sell coins, I just like to collect, but I also know a time will come to sell my collection or it will be left to some one who will enjoy it (I hope).

    My real love has been collecting Liberty Head Half Eagles (5 dollar gold). I got my 1839, 1839 C (need D) 1840 “broad mill”, all 4 of the 1893′s,1908 then started for those in between when gold started going up. Over half of my gold half eagles are graded, but I have almost stopped my collecting of ungraded old gold or silver Morgan’s, because of the chance of getting counterfeit coins. The other reason is about 14 years ago, when I really got interested in Liberty Head Half Eagles (gold coins almost 1/4 oz.), I could buy a nice AU grade (unslabbed) for about the price of a MS 70 graded (slabbed) American Silver Eagle today.

    Now, I collect mostly ASE. I was lucky in 2011 and got my order for 5 sets of the 25th Anniversary Set, into the mint after 1 1/2 hours of trying, on the computer and the phone. They are still sealed in the US MINT box. I also bought 2 sets graded PCGS 70′s signed John M. Mercanti. Last year I got 7 SF sets (sealed in 2 mint boxes) and 2 PCGS 70′s signed John M. Mercanti and 1 NGC ER 70 set. This year I have been buying 2012 W MS 70 Burnished ASE (lowest mintage of the past 5) and have ordered 7 West Point Sets and will buy 3 sets graded 70. I also bought last years 5 oz. ATB, in one each of PCGS FS SP 70 and one each of NGC MS 69 DPL ER and just bought my first White Mountain 5 oz. ATB, NGC MS69 DPL ER for $246.51.

    Now for everyone upset at me, for talking about buying graded coins, I want you to read again what I have been buying and why!
    I love US MINT OGP coins and coin sets, BUT in MY case I buy them for the love of some coins and investing in others. Like I said before, I buy for me and the future (hope we have one).

    If you look at eBay for a 1986 ASE in OGP check the price for under $90.00 and look for a 70 grade and it will be over $500.00. I think that is all I have to say about why I buy graded PR 70 or MS 70 ASE coins, when I can.

    Short story, When I was 12 years old and had a morning newspaper route, I saw a bright uncirculated 1909 VDB S penny for $25.00. I delivered 110 newspapers every morning and cleared $11.00 a week. I asked my dad, if I could borrow the money and he said it was too much money for any penny!
    Fast Forward…..About a week ago on eBay a 1909 VDB S AU 58 sold for over $1,200.00 and a MS 64 sold for over $2,000.00 (good price).

    I do not make (what most would say) a lot of money. I raise cattle about 120 miles from my home in VA Beach (a lot of driving) and have a few rental houses. If I get kicked any more, I will be out of the cattle business. I’ve been kicked enough and getting too old for it. Point being, my hobby is also my investment. The value of most modern ungraded coins are tied to the PM price, while the top graded coins do not always follow the PM price down like the ungraded coins. The lowest mintage, in the top grades, will follow the coin collections upward over the coming years, history has proved it (re: 1909 VDB S penny and 1986 graded 70 ASE).

    I just bought a book today, for ASE lovers. “AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES” A Guide To The U.S. Bullion Coin Program, by John M. Mercanti, Chief Engraver, U S Mint (RET.) and Michael “Miles” Standish, Senior Grader, PCGS. It goes thru 2012 also has date by date ASE, populations, mintages, values plus more bullion coins and info.

    P.S. My thanks to all the Vets for serving, also my dad is 91 and served under General Patton. My mom passed away last month at 91 and they were married over 71 years. God Bless

    Sorry to post this late, may repost if new page updates today.

  3. Dustyroads says

    I hope Michael is right when he questions if the WP set will stall at the 250,000 number, but watching all the increased buying since the start of 2013 has me doubting that happening. My hope is still in dealers having second thoughts about trying to sell large quantities of these and canceling some of their orders.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    Short Story are you kidding me. Hopefully the San Francisco sets performance is not an indication of the West Point set performance. Those sets I have stored away will hopefully bring what I paid for them.

  5. nick says

    bought a 25th anniversary display case yesterday. going to display 2013’s: bullion, unc, proof, rev proof and enhanced. should be awesome. debating whether to get a second WP set. Everyone told me I was foolish for buying the limited edition silver proof sets (2). and they are selling for 220$ on Ebay. Who knows. I do WANT another WP set. can I spare the cash? I have a week to decide.

    Anyone else doing the 5 coin display as I am?

  6. Brad says

    The SF set is pretty much a secondary market failure. Not because it’s a bad set, but because it has the stigma of not having had a stated production limit when it was being sold. Most collectors like to know what we’re buying is something that is limited, so we can have security of knowing it may retain some value based on that simple fact. The SF set might be doing better had it had a stated production limit of 250,000 sets. A lot of this stuff’s value is psychological. No limit=not valuable in many minds.

    Next year, the Mint should limit the special ASE set (whatever it ends up being) to 250,000 sets. That number seems to be enough to satisfy true demand. To keep big dealers from hogging them all, there could be a limit of 1 per household for the first week to be sure everyone interested has a chance. After the first week, let the dealers with deep pockets or collectors who want multiples buy the rest if they want.

  7. stephen m says

    Brad, the SF sets @ 224,000+ was low compared to all other ase’s with the exception of 1995W. I think the sets will hold their own and be just fine for future value and No-limit=not valuable in many minds is just as you said “psychological.” but the sets themselves don’t know that and should increase in value.. Michael is maybe close on the number of sales for the WP sets. What we don’t know is how many orders will be cancelled, if any, and deducted from the final # of sets ordered. I don’t think either set will be an instant profit maker on resale.

  8. thePhelps says

    nick – I have the same box waiting for these coins and the Uncirculated ASE…

    I’m not sure I understand the stigma around the SF set myself. I had stopped buying coins for a few years and missed the set. In a few years there will be others buying the set that also missed it last year, and won’t have any idea about the mint issues.

  9. Dave says

    Three things —

    1.) True — subtract total of all returns & in the end, we all might be surprised.

    2.) The San Fran set will have future economic performance/market.

    3.) The mint might very well, end sales early, as they are known to be unpredictable.

    ;- )

  10. simon says

    nick : interesting idea. I do have all my anniversary sets in OGP lined up on the counter top, and am just waiting to add the W set when it arrives later this year. The sets together look awesome just now !

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Mint updated MY status of the 2012 LESPS (LS1) to reserved and in stock. Glad I was able to get one as I do not own one and the price on eBay was high. As for this new 2 coin set, obviously the FIRST release of any NEW type of “enhanced” version will bring out the interest. As a collector, it only makes sense to add 1 or 2 to the collection. I have ordered 2. Look forward to seeing a real photo of the enhanced. Anybody come across one let us know where we can see it. Also, looks like the Mint has pushed the ship date back out to Sept. 30, where it was Aug. 30 all last week. Cheers!

  12. Chuck says

    The problem with all this instant information we have is far too many people want/expect instant results i.e.. I buy something today and I expect the value to go up tomorrow otherwise it’s a failure. The 2011 set was an anomaly not the norm and the fact that the 2012 70 sets are doing well is largely ignored. I’m having a hard time understanding the downside of buying a 70 set for $230 and have it still selling for $400+ today. That’s a 74% profit if you sell. That is not a failure in my book. And the raw sets are selling for slightly more than issue with some going for around $200. I’ve got some MS 70 Pandas that I picked up for $90 in early 2009. It took a while but they now go for around $300.

    Patience seems to be in short supply these days.

  13. VA Bob says

    Sounds to me like the Mint found the number of ASE collectors out there. About 200K give or take a several thousand. Then there are the sets sold purely for speculation, somewhere near 1/5. Interesting pattern. I would imagine if the mintage goes much higher than 250K – 270K, it will have surpassed its saturation point. It will always be collectible, just too abundant to garner huge profits for the foreseeable future, unless some variation or anomaly is discovered.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    I agree Chuck, this is a LONG TERM hobby IF your in it for investment reasons. Mine are both and it takes patience and A LOT of time and research, which COULD/WOULD pay off, as it should, with anything that you do your due diligence. Well said.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    What I just LOVE is that I have been doing this for less than a year and have spent countless hours on research, compiling data, asking questions, consulting with experts,etc and EVERY single day is like a Holiday for me.I love to learn and this hobby is not only the OLDEST, but is the most historically interesting I have ever embarked upon. Having fun, and to me, that is what it is all about. If I make a few dollars in the process, good for me. If I made a few bad choices, I strive to make better ones in future purchases to compensate. Reminds me of a good game of Chess, NOT checkers!! Ha..

  16. Erik H says

    nick says:
    May 31, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Anyone else doing the 5 coin display as I am?

    I did it with last year’s SF set and will probably do it again this year. However if the mint keeps coming out with 5 different ASE a year I will probably quit after this year. I like the ASE but I don’t have to have every one. I’m sure I’ll will never buy the 1995-W or a 2006-P Reverse Proof. I’ll be happy with my 2011, 2012 & soon to be 2013 sets in OGP from the mint.

  17. Dave says

    fmtransmitter —

    My late father was a world coin dealer — I remember one day discussing the cost of a college education with him and his associates. Anyway, one of them said to me something to the affect that he too
    paid for the cost of his education. I said, what do you mean? He replied, in this business he had made a few mistakes over the course of his career and thus, in doing so, he too over time, had paid for his education as well.

    Welcome and best of luck in collecting/investing.

  18. gatortreke says

    Re: graded coins, my question about them is a long term one, how will recently graded coins with all the special labels, etc… hold up and be perceived in the future? I know coin collectors who scoff at older ANACS and PCGS graded coins and don’t think much of them over bullion. Will the same hold true 20 years from now for currently graded items?

    I’m a collector in this for the long term and I’ve used eBay to take advantage of market opportunities on numerous occasions so I am NOT opposed to buying/selling on eBay. That said, I wonder whether noting that recently graded MS-70 coins are doing well currently on the service says anything about the longer term value of these graded coins? I don’t know the answer and if I was actively trading these coins, this question really wouldn’t matter much to me but I debate with myself whether I should keep these sets in their OGP or should I have them graded with the hope some are MS-70. My current thought is that in the long term, sets currently graded MS-70 will be discounted by future collectors in favor of a new or different grading procedure but clearly I am not clairvoyant and don’t know this to be fact, it’s just my current thought.

    I enjoy the conversation on this topic because it challenges my views as well as makes me aware of different collecting approaches to the coin hobby.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks for the insight.
    The simple fact I have discovered is it comes down to 2 facts. Rarity AND condition. That is it! If you are lucky enough to get both you have a winner almost every time. Be prepared to pay for that winner. The grading aspect to me is getting a little ridiculous with the different labels etc. The true old time professional collectors are going to look at rarity and condition, raw or graded. Simple as that. Every time a modern coin is minted, as I have seen mostly with the World coins recently, the collectors almost ALWAYS go for the classic look of the earliest versions. They were the most beautiful and have great eye appeal. Miss Canada for example. Rave reviews already compared to the others being minted. NOW, Canada just put an entirely new twist to this and minted the $20 silver Hockey player coin which actually has a value more as FACE value than even silver bullion content. Of course that is due to silver dropping so low recently. I believe it will go back up. That is just classic hedge fund JP Morgan type tactics. US currency, circulated, is technically worthless zinc at this point. Silver, gold will always be the true test of tradeable value for goods. Has been since the beginning after spice and silk.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    I will take a RARE and HIGH graded coin in an OLD version slab any day of the week if the price is right…

  21. Shutter says

    My current thought is that in the long term, sets currently graded MS-70 will be discounted by future collectors in favor of a new or different grading procedure

    That’s pretty unlikely. What’s far more likely can be broken up into three groupings:

    1. Issues that have extremely high rate or very high number of MS70 grades. Those will never grow unless the spot price skyrockets. For example, NGC graded almost 121K of 2012 bullion eagles as MS70. There just aren’t enough collectors to suck up that supply.

    2. Issues with moderately low rate of MS70, but high total mintage. That’s just an invitation for people to go cherrypicking through ungraded examples. Sooner or later the population of coins graded 70 will go up and the prices will go down.

    3. Issues with very low rate of MS70. These are going to be the ones that keep their value and even grow. There aren’t enough of them to be affected even if someone discovers another one. 1999 Bullion ASE is a good example. NGC graded 90 of them and I’m sure that they are all in collector hands and if one comes up for sale, don’t bother. There are plenty of people with more money than you and who absolutely, positively must have it.

  22. fmtransmitter says


    Spot on comments. Thank you.

    I wanted to add a flip side to this matter. I was considering getting a 2100 Grain .925 silver Jamaican Proof coin graded and was advised against it. Reason, there is not enough around, or that have been graded, to compare it to. If the coin is not popular so to speak, even if it has been minted by a Government and has a huge amount of silver/gold in it, it would be hard to consider it increasing in value by getting a perfect grade. One more aspect to consider. Popularity. Just a thought.

  23. joe says

    Provident Metals now has the 2013 Perry’s Victory & Peace Memorial 5 oz Silver ATB up for pre-sale. FYI…

  24. Dustyroads says

    IPS_STUFF says:
    May 31, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Looking for thoughts on the moving ship date on the WM 5 OZ

    Someone indicated if dates move than might indicate something more than a back order condition. I have not monitored the moving dates on backordered items enough to know if it is an indication true backorder versus a possible sell out. Does anyone know if backordered items automatically have the date shifted to next day regardless ???


  25. thePhelps says

    Dusty – I think it is still fairly safe to say they aren’t selling out the WM yet. It has been on sale less than 3 weeks, and is selling briskly. With the mint making $80+ a coin – it is reasonable to expect them to go to the 25k limit if there is still demand.

    I think a couple of things happened. 1st the initial demand exceeded expectations, and 2nd they had to switch over to do a Perry run for next weeks release.

  26. tonyrigatony says

    HEY NICK , Im also doing the 5 coin display, from my leftover 2011 holders ENHANCED in center, “S” &”W”, RP on each side of that, with “S”&”W”‘ Proof on the ends. It’s going to look BAD A*@ in my display cabinet.

  27. ClevelandRocks says

    @Dusty: 5 star general gold was backordered moving back a day every day for weeks before the new batch came out, so no sell out for WM till max are sold IMHO.

  28. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, With mintage at just under last years sell outs, it makes me wonder, so I did the the only reasonable thing to do.

  29. says

    @tonyrigatony That is a fantastic way to repurpose the 2011 mint boxes!!! That OGP is a very handsome display case. It would also be a great holder for the top 5 great key dates in the ASE series. I don’t personally collect ASEs (Just the annual platinum proof is all I can afford from the Mint in a single year.
    Enjoy those coins, Mr. Pasta! (LOL)

  30. tonyrigatony says

    At $ 70.00 an Oz. I think the final adjusted mintage for WP.set,will be about 170,000 there will be many last minuite cancellations.

  31. Dustyroads says

    Cleveland, I remember the commemorative unc. gold doing that. Was it moving each day? I thought it was stationary. They have also done it with the WM S 40 coin rolls.

  32. thePhelps says

    Dusty – hope you bought a couple! I actually think the mint has a couple of reasons not to sell out early on this issue. 1st they really got raked over the coals for the Hawaii coin ending abruptly. 2nd the price drop to me was probably a last ditch effort to put life back into the series, ending now would probably alienate a lot of past present and future collectors. I think with the delay – the price decrease and only being on sale for a couple of weeks… they are right where they want to be with the series. 25k will probably be about the most they can expect to collect it.

  33. thePhelps says

    tony – this isn’t a bullion coin. Most of the people who already bought it – were willing to buy at $75 an ounce when it was announced (based on last years price).

    I doubt we will see this drop anywhere near 170k and I think it will slide in art 275 to 300k.

  34. ClevelandRocks says

    Unc gold 5 star was stationary (twice), proof moved daily, both got new batches.

  35. Dustyroads says

    Phelps, One, hopefully funds will be available for the Rushmore later this year.

  36. thePhelps says

    I am in for the series – Rushmore is the one I am looking forward to the most as well. I think they showed some creativity on that one.

  37. Ray says

    Rushmore is most definitely going to sell out at a limit of 25k. i’m doubling up on that one and it seems to be very populart with everyone. i am also looking forward to the Fort McHenry. Perry Victory does nothing for me and I’m passing on it. Returned my White Mountain (P) and am just keeping my refund. I am going to use that $$ for a GReat Basin.

    I’m in the market for a 2012 SF ASE set. If anyone wants to sell me a set, please emial me.

    I am wondering what the US Mint does with the sets of returned WP ASE sets? Will they be scrapped and melted down, and deducted from the final audited #s? I placed 2 orders, for 2 sets each, which is 4 sets total. 1-2 are going to be gifts, and I want to keep 2 sets. I may end up ordering 1-2 more early this coming week.

  38. Eddie says

    If you order another set or 2 now you won’t be paying for them until sometime in September.

  39. nick says

    That does sound neat. I believe that the WP sets will level off at around 299k. I don’t think im going to be able to afford a second WP set but im going to end up getting another anyway lol. I recently got into Washington quarters (ms 65). ive been really into the ASE’s lately tho. Enhanced looks awesome

  40. Dan in Fla says

    Yes the price delay has me watching everyday for a change in date delivery expected as that is when they will charge my credit card. I do not want to get over extended and my order gets bounced. As it stands now my orders will ship 6/17/13 and 7/11/13. The Mint needs to get them out faster as some people will not get theirs until 9/30/13 three months later. I just hope the ship dates are right and they do not push them forward as I have plans to purchase an AGE burnished coin on 6/6/13 and Perry coins also.

  41. Rich says

    Has anyone noticed that the 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin – for sale 6-6-13 – has ‘no mintage limit’? Hope it is just a typo.

  42. Samuel says

    i just found out both of the WM received last Thursday have water stain, one is very bad, one is lighter. struggling whether i should send them back, since they r “backordered”.

  43. EvilFlipper says

    My money is on 300000k+. I bet the big dealers wait until the last second to try to buy. Possibly 325+

  44. Jon in CT says

    Rich wrote on June 1, 2013 at 7:10 pm:
    Has anyone noticed that the 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin – for sale 6-6-13 – has ‘no mintage limit’? Hope it is just a typo.

    I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out. Weird. The description of the subsequent Great Basin 5 oz Uncirculated silver coin, due out on 6-27-13, DOES specify a mintage limit of 25,000. So I guess the “no mintage limit” info for the Perry 5 oz AtB must be a typo, as you suspect.

  45. charles says

    wp set total sells will be around 270,000….after cancels….240,000.
    The big guys ordered on the first day.

  46. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    marley, this is a highly fluid and dynamic situation… i can see the eddy currents and laminar transforming into turbulent flow… now that we say 300,000+ the conditions have changed…
    n’er we bet a mintage number reverse psycology always comes into play…
    i say silver a sliver below 280,000.

  47. Eddie says

    e says:
    June 1, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    the 2016 set might be 7 coins

    Which set are you referring to the 5 ozers or the ASEs?
    What might they be to get 7?
    This has puzzled me ever since I read your post.

  48. EvilFlipper says

    The only new thing I see them coming out with next year is ultra high reliefs if they want to make a big change or a complete redesign of all the bullion designs. It seems these designs have just about run their course. Otherwise we may see demand start to wane for these products significantly, especially with the huge markups. We need to have an open public redesign for the bullion coins.

  49. EvilFlipper says

    I’d redesign the new liberty with her holding right hand raised with a eagle perched on it and a shield lowered to halfway down her body to about mid section. Liberty over security…. And put a the preamble on the back in franklin or jeffersons handwriting.

  50. Silver Sam says

    Evil Flipper-

    I always enjoy your comments and analysis of the market place.

  51. Don says

    I have a complete set of bullion silver eagles (1986-2013) housed in a Dansco album. The earlier dated coins that have been in the album for several years have shown tarnishing around the rim. Am I correct in thinking that there is a reaction going on with the sulfur in the paper pages of the album? If so, maybe these albums are not the best way to preserve and display the eagles. Any thoughts out there?

  52. VA Bob says

    Our luck they will have Lady Liberty in a TSA body scanner. And, since they changed the software, due to complaints, there will be no nipple the Phelps. Probably won’t see that until the PC crowd changes Lady Liberty to a man. You’ll have to get a silver Mexican Libertad to fulfill your vote. They are attractive. Provident currently has them on sale (ending soon). APMEX had them on sale for one day only last week.

  53. Dustyroads says

    Don, The albums have been used for years and are favored by a large number of hobbyists, but you are right in thinking sulfur in the paper will tarnish silver. My favorite holders are PVC free flip coin holders, capsules are great too. I’m guessing you’re looking for something like what you already have. I don’t know enough about these display books, maybe someone will be kind enough to comment with a suggestion.

  54. Ray says

    In January, I bought a 2013 silver bullion ounce and 1/10th gold bullion and let them sit out on my dresser. No more than a month later and the obverse of the silver coin was tarnished pretty bad. Absolutely nothing changed with the gold coin. I never know silver reacted so readily. Now I keep everything in capsules and a few things in acid-free pvc flips. live and learn.

    i added another order w/ 2 WP sets, bringing my total to 6. I’ll probably add 2 more before they stop offering them. Its nice that I can cancel my order if I change my mind for any reason down the road. I think we’ll see final #’s around 225000. With how the US Mint handles placed orders, and the ability for purchasers to cancel them, i think we’re going to see a large reduction from the final #s.

  55. Smiledon says

    I have the same thing you have, and I have the same problem. What I got was a “sleeve” that Dansco sells. Since I got the sleeve, I have not had the problem. Remember to keep your book in a cool, dry place, and try the sleeve. I got them from coinsupplyexpress.com. Don’t do what I did, thought each page needed a sleeve. Each sleeve fits one book, so I felt rather silly when I found that out. However, they took the others back with no problem.

  56. says


    I agree with you the possibilities for “special sets” of the present silver eagle design have just about run their course, though I would like to see them do a high relief proof coin before retiring them completely.

    Also agree that we may yet see 300K+ for the West Point sets before the close of sales.

  57. george glazener says

    @ The Phelps:
    LOL, that would be the upcoming Janet Jackson Commemorative due out in a few years…!!

  58. Don says


    The Dansco album I have has slip-through plastic sleeves that go across each row of three coin slots. Is that what you are referring to? But, even with the sleeves, the coin rims are in contact with the paper in the album. As per your suggestion, I’ll check out coinsupplyexpress.com.

  59. george glazener says

    OT, but an update to an earlier thread:
    I recently applied to the US MINT for a refund of return shipping costs. I insured the package, sent them the postal receipt, wrote a nice little note, and included a copy of the original USMINT sales receipt. It took a bit over a week, but I got my answer Saturday. My request was denied. The form letter included (3) possible reasons for the denial, one of which was: “The product was not defective or damaged.” Ah HA! That was my mistake. I should have claimed “defective product” in the check box for “reason returned”. But since I just “changed my mind”, they said tough luck Charlie.

    Lesson learned, and hopefully, you guys can do better than I did.

  60. stephen m says

    I received an email from the mint saying my order for 4 sets is on backorder and will ship 9-30-13. That’s the same as the original ship date i was given when i put in that order but thought it unusual to receive the notice. Go US Mint.

  61. Smiledon says

    I guess the best way to describe this as a “box” that is only open on the side, and you side the coin book into the “box.” Air is what is getting to your coins, and this cover is reported to be made with a special coating keep the chemicals in the air from interacting on your coins to cause them to tarnish. Again, since I have them, no more of my coins are tarnishing. I got that sleeve about 4 years ago.

  62. high low silver says

    I got screwed the same way gg !! Always check damaged product. You can appeal that decision, good luck on that.

  63. Brian says

    Stephen – I got the same e-mail stating my new date was 9/30. It was 8/30 at the time that I placed my order.

  64. Brian says

    My order that was originally backdated for 8/30 was placed on 5/30 – order number 41690xxx.

    I also ordered a set on 5/31 and the backorder date was 9/30 on the website at that time.

  65. Ray says

    Thx for posting info about your returns. I returned something for the first time last week. Where is the form to apply for a refund for the return shipping I paid? I cant find any info on the mints site about applying for a refund for this. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx all!!

  66. george glazener says

    You have to send the request for return shipping to PBGS (2799 Reeves Rd,, Plainfield, In 46168) as a separate letter. Attach the receipt from the Post Office for the shipping cost. Send a Xerox of the original US MINT sales rcpt, and remember to check “Defective” product on the little return slip of paper which you place with the coins.

    Otherwise,they’ll say “Ha! You’ve been talking to that idiot George” REFUND DENIED..!!

  67. mike says

    I just got silver eagle mint packageing from silver towne and I cant open the capciles any ideas.

  68. george glazener says

    try a butter knife, very gently slide it in the the crack and work the blade around the circumference several times, lifting one part of the capsule slightly as you turn it. after several revolutions, the crack will widen enough to where the lid will become loose in your hand. Have a glove or a soft rag handy, as you do not want the coin to fall out or into your fingers.

  69. simon says

    Here’s another trick. Take a dull old style razor blade ( or a swiss army mini knife blade ) and slide the edge / tip in the slot very gently. As George mentions it is safer and easier to pry the capsules open by working in small increments around the perimeter of the capsule, without breaking the rim.

  70. Dan in Fla says

    The new number on the West Point Set is 231,500. I wanted to know why someone would want to remove the airtite capsule?

  71. Wes says

    I decided not to order this set now. after seeing the ship date for 9/30/2013. How do I know they aren’t just going to send me someones reject. The mint should know what to expect after 2012 and been better prepared to ship out at least 200,000 sets immediately. Unless they are waiting again for the packaging?

  72. Brad says


    Exactly. The way the Mint handles sales of these special sets just BEGS for orders to be cancelled! A projected wait time of four months is a bit ridiculous.

    It would be much better for them to begin shipping orders right away after sales begin, so the clock will start ticking on the return period. That will finalize their sales much sooner. There are probably at least 100,000 (maybe even 150,000) sets already struck. What’s the point in sitting on them instead of shipping them out now?

    The way they continued to delay shipping last year on the SF set caused a great number to be cancelled. If those coins had already been struck, the Reverse Proofs were then unsellable and the work was done for nothing.

  73. Eddie says

    @Don & @Smiledon

    The sleeve you are referring to is called a slipcase. Just like a book you slide your album into the slipcase.

  74. Jag-Nut says

    @Dan in Fla

    Probably so that they can put them in their Dansco Album.

    Seems to be a lot of chatter towards the Album in this post.

  75. JBK says

    It would seem to me that since no one will see their sets until after the ordering period has passed, and since the sets are essentially being minted to order, there is LESS chance of getting someone else’s returned set. (I am not sure to what that extend that happens in any case).

    Just like with the 2011 set, if you are not happy with what you received, you can either return it for a refund or keep it as is. In years past (perhaps far in the past) they always had a few extra sets on hand to cover lost or damaged sets, but I do not know if they are doing that with this set.

    Also, I think/supect/hope that the enhanced coin will drive interest in the set once they start to ship. No one has seen it in person yet (at least most of us) so it is a wild card. I do not know if I will pick up an extra set in the next couple days to speculate with, but I at elast want my own set to maintain it’s value.

  76. Dan in Fla says

    I ordered all my sets the first day and cannot buy any more now. I do not know what will happen in the next 3-4 months so I would rather get the payment over with sooner than later.
    Yes 231,500 was today’s number.Dusty.

  77. Shutter says

    MCM is beginning to take orders for NGC graded sets. They are asking for $179 for PF/SP 69 and $289 for PF/SP 70 sets. That’s quiet a bit more than their first offer last year, when they sold PF 70 sets for $229.

  78. stephen m says

    Shutter, quiet a bit more indeed. I got that mail and wanted to order but didn’t. I was expecting the same price as last year, even thought they might be $10.00 less. I can’t figure if they are expecting slow or heavy demand for this set.

  79. says

    Goldmart is taking orders too: NGC or PCGS 69 sets for $164.99
    NGC 70 sets for $269.99
    PCGS 70 sets for $349.99

  80. says

    @ stephen m…I think companies last year started out at a price that turned out to be well below market value. This year they are anticipating 70 sets to sell at what lasts years SF 70 sets are currently going for.

  81. thePhelps says

    I think the graded sets will be an interesting beast this go around. I think westpoint typically puts out the best coins of all the mints. (note I think). I am expecting higher than normal 70 grades which might drive the price and value of that set down.

    I am kind of in awe of the $164.99 set – almost can’t buy ship and sell for that price.

  82. says

    @thePhelps…I think even if these sets grade well (lots of 70’s) I don’t think that will drive prices lower…most buyers on ebay are not aware of the population reports.

  83. im just a bill says

    ordered on the 2nd day – 41514***
    original ship date was 8/30
    now it says 7/25

  84. Rich says

    Ordered at noon, on Friday (2nd day)

    Original ship date: 08/08/2013
    Current ship date: 08/08/2013

    You just cut me off…bill!

  85. Shutter says

    I got that mail and wanted to order but didn’t.

    Well if you order a 70 set today, you get a ½ oz of silver, so that’s another $12 discount.

  86. Tim says

    Off Topic: FedEx just dropped off my single Canada Bison Stampede coin and man it is nice. I ordered at the beginning of sales when 3 was the limit but only got the 1. Have a hard enough time justifying the price on 1 let alone 3. It is super cool with a standard clamshell case inside of a small (thin cardboard) box with a fine bison stampede image on it that really looks nice. Only 1 set of the WP for me, way too many other items catching my eye this year.

  87. ClevelandRocks says

    Dear MCM: I can buy 2 sets in OGP for less than one of your 70 graded sets.

  88. ClevelandRocks says

    I can use my loupe and send back any sets that don’t look like 70s.

  89. fmtransmitter says


    I agree. My plan is to order 2 OGP’s. Keep one for the collection, the best one via loupe, sell other, put a cpl more $’s in and get a graded 70 set AFTER the hype slows and the big boys are sitting on all that extra inventory and the price drops. It’s all a chess game and knowing where and when to make moves. Love it.

  90. stephen m says

    Shutter, i saw the 1/2 silver round offer but didn’t see the OGP if requested like last year. Steve, the 229.00 price last year was a good deal but you know “nothing good last forever.” I’ll get a set and hope for the best.

  91. VABEACHBUM says

    I received the MCM email, too, and like some of the recent posts, was taken aback by the sharply increased price for graded sets that were $20 cheaper as issued by the Mint. Agree that these resellers are setting the bar at the current threshold values for the graded 2012 SF Sets. Based on the info that Steve posted, the differential between NGC and PCGS 70 sets from Goldmart is amazing. I can’t wait to see each TPG population reports for these coins. All things considered, I think the initial market response might be a little tepid.

    @ Tim – I ordered my RCM Buffalo during their first hour of sales. Like you, just ordered the one and am extremely pleased with the coin and packaging. One of the RCM’s examples of an enhanced finish coin; definitely a benchmark product. I’m axious to see the next offering in this RCM series, yet having this coin in hand only increases my anticipation for the enhanced ASE coming in my WP set.

  92. ClevelandRocks says

    Sorry MCM, don’t see much upside of $289 for a 70 set containing $46 of silver.
    Especially with a mintage of over 250,000. I do see a downside though.

  93. Shutter says

    NGC 70 sets for $269.99
    PCGS 70 sets for $349.99

    The prices I saw on GoldMart site just now are $259 and $299. Keep in mind that this is cash price. MCM cash price is $282 and MCM doesn’t charge for shipping.

  94. Dave says

    “The system has encountered an error (Error Code: 14998). Please contact Customer Service or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Yeah — no $__t. — when I tried to place an order for the Special West Point ASE set, earlier last night.

    Going once, twice. . . (?). Somebody must have been on lunch or break.

  95. Dave says

    My late coin dealer father use to say this can all seem like a racket and then there’s the Gestopo.

    All be — the mint just allowed my order to go through — about time!

  96. ClevelandRocks says

    Mint price OGP with nice display case and 7 day return policy: $139/set + $5 shipping…seems like the best deal to me.

  97. ClevelandRocks says

    WM 5oz now on non-movable 6/21 date so next batch will be here soon….

  98. bigdawg says

    ok lets see $139.00 for 2 ounces of silver,but $349.00 for 2 ounces ,i must really be missing something ,and people get upset about the price of gas

  99. vaughnster says

    A little off topic but I just returned from Las Vegas and was amazed at how many White Mountain and Perry’s Monument quarters I received in change machines there. They were so common I stopped checking after my first day. That’s definitely a place where there’s a fresh supply of money. Kept looking for a slot machine that would accept my 5 oz. ATB coins but didn’t find one. Maybe next time 🙂

  100. DCDave says

    The silver set presentation box in OGP is way nicer than the OGP gold eagle Mint packaging. The aftermarket guys may be in for a surprise when few bites for over-priced, high mintage graded sets.

  101. vaughnster says

    I don’t think that $179 with free shipping for a NGC graded PR69/MS69 set is an outrageous price. That is much less than if you were to send in a set yourself when you factor in the actual grading cost as well as shipping/insurance both ways. Usually MCM includes the OGP if you request it.

  102. J. Allen says

    On 5/3/13 I ordered 3 5 0z Chaco Culture coins {America the Beautiful 5 0z silver–Item #NQ1). (This was shortly after the price was reduced to $179.95.) The US Mint accepted my order and gave me an order number. Three days later, 5/6/13, the US Mint issued a statement that Chaco Culture had “sold out” on 5/6/13. A couple weeks later I received notification that my order was cancelled as the Mint was sold out at the time I ordered. I called the Mint to find out what was going on as I had ordered 3 days before the sold out notification. The person I talked to couldn’t give me a satisfactory explanation.
    Has anyone else experienced a similar problem from the mint?

  103. art says

    J. Allen,
    The mint will accept orders that goes beyond the available inventory in anticipation of cancellations/returns. sought of like a waiting list. Unfortunately, that may mean a sellout before your order is filled.

  104. coins are great says

    Is anyone out there waiting to have an order filled for the 2012 limited edition silver proof set? I ordered one before they sold out (back in April) and it was supposed to ship at the end of May, now it says end of June. From what others have experienced with orders for items just before sell outs, I am wondering if it will ever arrive. Thanks.

  105. Shutter says

    Especially with a mintage of over 250,000

    With only 2 days to go, not at all clear that it will limp past quater million.

  106. Jim_D says

    The orders seem to be slowing down. 231,500 yesterday to 233,400 today. With two days left there could be a flurry of orders Thursday.

  107. thePhelps says

    I plan on ordering1 or 2 more on Thursday – when I order my 5 oz. It is interesting how the volume is not moving upwards on this.

  108. CW says

    @J. Allen, yes. The same thing happened to me. It amazed me that they sell stuff they do not have. I guess modern inventory control is not within the mint’s capabilities. I know this much. I will think twice before ordering anything else.

  109. Jim_D says

    Interesting breakdown of ordering pattern (numbers rounded):

    1st week — 194,000 ordered, 194,000 total

    2nd week — 13,000 ordered, 207,000 total

    3rd week — 13,000 ordered, 220,000 total

    4th week — 13,000 ordered, 233,000 total with 2 days to go

    My guess is the final number may be less than 241,000.

    Your mileage may vary.

  110. bigdawg says

    Lets see i’ll say 50.00 for 2 silver eagles and 129.00 for two pieces of plastic what a deal

  111. Jag-Nut says

    I guess that over the next 30 plus hours that there will be a huge increase in orders for the two coin eagle set.. However what will be interesting if we had the data, how many of these orders that are placed on the last two days end up being cancelled? Unfortunately we will not know for months!

  112. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Jag-Nut – I think that sales pendulum is going to swing both ways in these remaing 30 hours. Between the 2006 Anny Set and the 2012 SF Set, I think the hobby has demonstrated that the market saturation for ASE collector sets is right around 250K. No doubt that we’ll see increased sales between now and Thursday evening, but I also think we’ll see alot of people who are frustrated by the very late ship dates cancel their orders and pursue their sets through secondary sources at a slightly higher price. For so many, it’s all about the instant gratification.

    I’m also curious as to whether or not any of the MNB followers have jumped in on the initial offerings of those exorbitantly priced, graded sets from MCM, GoldMart and others? I understand it’s all about “what the market will bear,” but when I saw their listings, I would have sworn that these folks had been colluding with NYM, HSN and some of the other gougers that caiter to the uninformed public. Things like this make me appreciate my OGP coins more and more every day.

  113. stephen m says

    vabeachbum, i ordered a 70 set @289.00 from MCM. The biggest reason why is to get a 70 set because i don’t know if the price will settle up or down and this set has both coins only available in this set and should be a much nicer set than the SF sets. A RP & the first enhance ASE. Of course since i went ahead and ordered they might settle on a downward price. I’m betting the price will increase. I agree the safe bet, and the least cost, is a set from the mint in OGP which i ordered also. I see the sets rising in value in the future and if not i will get another set maybe at a lower price to offset this 229.00 set cost. The big sellers and players seem to be leaving less and less $ on the table for us and it appears the gap in pricing is closing between TV and the ones you mentioned. Let’s hope for a lower mintage than the SF sets.

  114. Shutter says

    i ordered a 70 set @289.00 from MCM.

    Me too and for basically same reasons. Plus we have no way of knowing 70 sets will turn up.

  115. Chuck says

    Latest odometer reading (5 Jun 2013): 243,226. An increase of 9,848 over yesterday’s. Roughly 7,700 more will put in last year’s range (251,000)

  116. Don says

    Tomorrow, June 6, will be the Mint’s final odometer posting for the WP set. Would it not be better if, instead of the daily 3:00 P.M. update, the Mint waits another two hours or so to post the FINAL sales number at the 5:00 P.M. closing time?
    I’m fairly sure that with last year’s SF set, they did not account for the last two hours or so in posting the final sales odometer reading. This kept everyone puzzled as to the final number.

  117. Dmitriy says

    Don, it really won’t matter that much. The 3:00pm and the 5:00pm numbers will still be totally off after accounting for returned and canceled sets. Either way you look at it we still have to wait several months to get the actual final number. My bet is we will find the number out sometime around the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 when the mint produces a Year-End Report.

  118. stephen m says

    whoops, i meant to say offset the 289.00 cost not 229.00. Must have been the med.

  119. anonymous says

    Goldmart sent out an email on 4 Jun announcing a price drop on PCGS PR70 set to $290 NGC PR70 set to $240. On checking their website the price has dropped again to $275 and $235 respectively.

    There are two labels available for PCGS – west point first strike label and us flag first strike label, and two labels for ngc – star label and standard label.

    Which of these four sets would be the one to get?

  120. stephen m says

    Shutter, i requested a price adjustment on the 70 set i ordered from MCM based on Goldmarts price. They said they don’t price match with that company and for me to let them know if i could be helped further on the matter by them. They have lost my trust and free advertising i had for them. I should have waited before buying.

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