Vote on the 2012 Native American Dollar Designs

The Native American $1 Coin Program began in 2009 and has featured annually rotating reverse designs representing contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans.

So far, designs have featured Agriculture with the “Three Sisters” method of planting, Government with the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy, and Diplomacy with the written peace treaty between Native Americans and the settlers at Plymouth.

The 2012 Native American Dollar design will feature trade routes of the 17th century and the spread of the horse. The United States Mint recently provided the thirteen design candidates for coin. Some of the designs are traditional depictions while others are done in the style of Native American ledger art.

While the final design selection is made by the Treasury of the Secretary, a large number of groups review the designs and provide their own recommendations. The authorizing legislation provides for review or comment by the Commission of Fine Arts, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, the Congressional Native American Caucus of the House of Representatives, and the National Congress of American Indians.

The CFA and CCAC both commented favorably on the ledger art designs, but both ended up recommending a traditional depiction NA-08. The remaining groups recommended NA-04, NA-07, and NA-08, which were all traditional depictions.

Coin Update News has previously provided coverage of the CFA’s discussion and recommendation and more recently the CCAC’s discussion. Each of the articles also includes large sized images of the candidates.

In this post, I wanted to provide Mint News Blog readers with a chance to vote on the design that they would like to see on the coin. This poll, of course, will not have any impact on the final design selection (unless the Secretary of the Treasury is reading). The poll will remain open for 7 days.


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  1. SmallPotatos says

    I really like the rotating reverse of the Sac dollar. I wish they had done that in ’01 or ’02. it may have stimulated more interest in the coins. i collected the rolls up to 2004, but quit as i just was seeing where the series would go. i need to get the 09’s & ’11’s, and have a few rolls of ’10’s left over from the direct ship program. (yes, i did spend them!!). designs 2,3, & 4 are the designs i prefered the most. i would have picked design 4, but i did not like the words included, so i chose design 3 instead. the latter design choices seemed to be too abstract (not that that is a bad thing, i just think it didn’t work here).

  2. beaver says

    wow! great designs. cant go wrong with 1 to 4 and 8. i liked the original and last year’s design also

  3. says

    I am surprised that no.7 isn’t getting more votes because all the others lack buffaloes and aprox.1/3 of the native american’s followed these beautiful creatures as their lifeline. “NOMATIC” bands and one or more of the indian “NATIONS” as a whole, but not all survived on the said animals. So !, it’s nice to see some other natural and native things included besides the indian and a horse.That is to cliche for me. But, they are all very nice. VOTE NO.#7 guys.

  4. Brian says

    I’ve always felt native american themes would have been a much better choice than first spouses for a gold series.

  5. auxmike says

    I went for #4. I always likes injuns and their culture. I just can’t warm up to the golden dollar concept though,…

  6. Tony The Coinman says

    If we could make changes to one of the designs, I would go with number 4 but remove the words from it. I still voted for this design in this poll but in the real world, I would prefer to see it adopted without the words.

  7. Ron says

    My vote was for #8. I just wish they would have used a small herd of buffalo instead of the horses in the left background.

  8. CaptainOverkill says

    Voted for 8, but I wasn’t especially thrilled with any of these designs. They’re kind of weak offerings compared to some of the stuff offered this year like the platinum eagle, the MoH, and the Chickasaw quarter.

  9. jimmy says

    u.s. mint gold products will go up tomorrow for another bracket, be sure to buy it today. the mint might close them for price adjustment sooner tomorrow.

    2011w AGE proof 1 oz $2,035.00, 1/2 oz $1,031.00, 1/4 oz $528.00, 1/10 oz $225.50 and 4 coin set $3,770.50
    2011w AGE unc 1 oz $2,028.00, 2011w AGB proof 1 oz $2,060.00, APE proof 1 oz $2,029.00
    2011w first spouse proof $1,054.00, unc $1,041.00
    2011 commemorative $5.00 gold. i guess is proof $564.95, unc $554.95.

  10. jimmy says

    the don’t have to suspend its one dollar coin direct ship. simply just add 1% or 2% for credit card user.

  11. Walter Williams says

    Voted for #8. Earth to Mint:: Stop making so so many of these $1 coins. Just make enough to go into the annual mint sets (proof and UNC).


  12. joe says

    “u.s. mint gold products will go up tomorrow for another bracket, be sure to buy it today. the mint might close them for price adjustment sooner tomorrow.”

    I try to mix collectibles with bullion coins; however, with the price of PMs (except for silver) escalating the way they are, I don’t see paying a premium on collectibles at these levels. I plan (and now have to be) to be very, very selective with my future purchases.

    It seems like a good time to purchase silver and pass on the other metals…


  13. Zwiggy says

    I actually really like some of the ledger art designs, they are well done and it has been a long time since I can recall something abstract on a US coin.

    Only problem with the designs is the wording – “Spread of the Horse” and “Horse Culture”, I mean c’mon, seriously?? Do you have to put the word “horse” up these in case people think that is a giant frog being ridden?

    #11, 12 are nice and simple and artistic, but the wording make them lose my vote…

  14. Two Cents says

    For myself, the image of an Indian on horseback, either standing still or in action, has always been stirring and somewhat majestic.

    The ledger-art designs seem quite appropriate to this coin honoring the Indian people, as what better way to show their culture than with the artwork of the culture itself.

    My favorite design, though, is #8, with both horse and Indian side-by-side. To me, it shows that one is not the master and the other not the bearer — instead, that they are both partners, standing together as equals.

  15. simon says

    As a New Mexico native I have to go with #03 first choice and #02 second choice. The use of horses brought in first by the Spanish spread through New Mexico to the nations. Also keep in mind that the headdress was worn for very special ceremonies and occasions, and not for regular hunting as is portrayed in the coins (a bit like wearing a premium tux just to go grocery shopping.) How many of you folk are aware that the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US is Acoma pueblo in western NM, or that Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the US, or that the oldest European building in the US is St Michale’s church in Santa Fe, or …

  16. Hidalgo Cohen says

    I just saw the latest US Mint sales report.

    Uncirculated Gold Eagles – 251 sold. Total sold: 4,145
    $5 Gold Uncirculated Army 77 sold. Total sold: 6,263
    $5 Gold Uncirculated Medal of Honor: 193 sold. Total sold: 6,377

    I am beginning to think that none of the three coins above will be “rare” by year’s end.

    Michael, what do you think of the growth potential for these coins, now that they sales have recently surged? Do you have a preference for the gold eagle, army coin, or medal of honor coin as a future investment?

  17. mjinden says

    To everyone concerned about horses and the wording on these examples, the theme for 2012 is how the Native American contributed to the spread of horses and their overall influence. I like the ledger designs because they are more true to the Native American culture.

  18. simon says

    My tilt towards the southwest would be for the classic Indian-on-a-horse motif popular in Indian art in New Mexico, which is not even in the designs. It shows an Indian warrior-medicine man with a weapon under his arm pointed backwards to the sky, as he is straddled on a horse, at a cliff edge, A very strong rear wind sweeps across the back of the Indian causing him to crouch as he tries to maintain his balance, with his headdress feathers split, and the horses head is bent downward, as its tail is brushed forward across its rear.

  19. says

    So the design will “feature trade routes of the 17th century and the spread of the horse”? A few problems with this. There’s nothing to signify trade routes in the designs. With all the images of lone warriors and buffalo hunters, these designs have nothing to do with trading parties. What they’re conveying is the same Western “romance” seen in countless examples of kitschy art.

    Moreover, the Plains horse culture didn’t reach fruition until the 19th century. And ledger art didn’t exist until the late 19th century. So the coins are using stereotypical images from the wrong era to promote the alleged topic.

    For more on the subject, see:

  20. Mike Sloane says

    I tend to gavitate to the more primative depictions of the great indian tribes. Its
    Very difficult to make a decision because we tend to identify with the images of the “Plains Indians” specifically the Souix. I would like to see a whole series of coins dedicated to the different tribes and areas of the country.

  21. Brian says

    Hidalgo, those numbers are a week old. Click on the “Coin Update” link at the top of this page to see an article with the latest numbers. The MOH uncirculated sales jumped 899.

  22. CMC says

    I voted for number 9. The design is clean and in ledger art. It is a Native American depiction of a Native warrior. There is still a tendency to depict American Indians as a thing of the past and this coin follows that tendency. Maybe one day the Mint will issue a coin depicting a modern day motif of a culture and Nations who are still very much alive and maintaining their own identity within an overwhelming other identity.

  23. jimmy says

    if gold price stay till next wednesday. then the u.s. mint have to adjust its gold products prices by another bracket. see prices below:

    2011w american eagle gold proof 1 oz ——- $2,085.00
    2011w american eagle gold unc 1 oz ——— $2,078.00
    2011w american eagle 4 coin proof set ——-$3,863.00
    2011w american buffalo gold proof 1 oz —— $2,110.00
    2011w american eagle platinum proof 1 oz – $2,092.00

    2011w first spouse proof ——– $1,079.00
    2011w first spouse unc ———- $1,066.00

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