Will First Spouse Coins Remain Popular?

The First Spouse Coin Series may be this year’s most popular offering from the US Mint. The first three coins of the series sold out without hours, and collectors are already eagerly awaiting the fourth coin to be released this year for Dolly Madison.

The series is currently expected to run until at least 2016. Can the popularity last?

I recently submitted an article to CoinLink to explore whether or not the popularity for the series will endure. To read the full article follow the link below.

First Spouse Gold Coins – Will the Popularity Endure?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Only if they Improve the packaging.
    What’s up with the 4 medal set with a foldout which is ok, but the coins are not in a hard plastic holder.

    Mint set for the 1 presidential cost $2.00 dollars extra and least came in a plastic holder.

    So up the price slightly (hmm..2 dollars) and give us a plastic holder.

  2. John says

    well this is kind of funny, as I am answering this question two years later and probably no one will ever read the comment……but to answer the question…..No the popularity will not last.

  3. ClevelandRocks says

    Almost 4 years later and series is dying a painful death….
    Alice Paul at bat, not even a First Spouse!

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