William & Ida McKinley Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Tomorrow, November 19, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set for the Presidency of William McKinley.


The release of this set comes long after the original release of the William McKinley Presidential Dollars on February 19, and very shortly following the release of the Ida McKinley First Spouse Gold Coins on November 14. Both of the designs are brought together in a compact and low priced format.

Each set includes an uncirculated 2013 William McKinley Presidential Dollar and a bronze medal bearing a likeness of the Ida McKinley First Spouse Gold Coin. The coin and medal are mounted on an illustrated plastic card  with issuance information on the back.

The sets are priced at $9.95 each with no stated product limits and no household ordering limits.

From 2007 until 2011, the US Mint had offered individual bronze medals featuring the designs of the First Spouse Gold Coins. Starting in 2012, these bronze medals were no longer offered individually, but only within the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets, as well as in the annual four or five medal sets issued near the end of the year.

As such, the William & Ida McKinley Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set will represent one of two products to contain the Ida McKinley Bronze Medal. The other will be the 2013 First Spouse Bronze Medal Five Medal Set which carries a tentative release date of December 2013 with a price of $16.95.

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  1. thePhelps says

    I think they made extras of the Rushmore for first sell. I ordered another and it has shipped already. Some of the others are backordered again (or have been) and have been in and out of stock all year – and we are 17k and still not backordered. Any bets they made the full 25k for this one?

  2. Brad says

    I’m going to stick with the prediction that the Rushmore P will sell out around 20.5K like White Mountain. Those two had 30,000 caps on their bullion versions, so maybe their collector versions will be equal as well. I know it seems stupid for the Mint to cut it off early when more money could be made by striking the last 4,500, but who knows. At least we should only have to wait a few more weeks to find out what happens.

    And to make on on-topic comment, I still like these coin and spouse medal sets. I don’t get why they’re such slow sellers. They’re a pretty attractive product, and a handy way to get both items. At the reduced price of $9.95 each, they don’t seem to be too overpriced either. The $14.95 of 2011 was excessive, but $9.95 is fine.

  3. says

    Actually, White Mtn & Mt Rushmore 5 oz bullion have a 35,000 max, while the other 3 are 30,000.

    But, it;s hard to say what the Mint is thinking…when they see 17,000 sold in the first 10 days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make all 25,000..or close to it. And as thePhelps pointed out, they haven’t gone on backorder yet, so it seems the Mint was prepared for heavy demand on Rushmore.

  4. Jon in CT says

    Ft McHenry 5oz Uncirc, at 18,674 in sales, is probably closer to “sold-out” than Mt Rushmore, which still has lowest sales among all 2013 5oz Uncirc.

  5. Hidalgo says

    I’m uncertain about all of you, but whenever I speculate that a certain US Mint product will have a low mintage/low sales, I find that I’m wrong. It’s the unexpected sell outs that catch people by surprise. And they are very hard to predict. If you’re lucky and predict accurately, you may be rewarded in the form of increased secondary market prices..

  6. MarkInFlorida says

    I know why the lowest mintage Hawaii and Denali bullion are higher priced, but why is the unslabbed Acadia bullion going for $350?

  7. thePhelps says

    @Brad… these presidential dollar and spouse sets are over priced. While they might be nice sets, you can wait and order the souse coins for $17 and the uncirculated presidents for $17 and have them all… had they been $5.95 maybe.

  8. thePhelps says

    @Mark – given the option to purchase any of the 3 you mentioned – only the Acadia is interesting to me. I’ve tried to buy 1 for a reasonable price and can never manage to get one. Someday…

  9. VARich says

    As someone was kind enough to post over the weekend that Great Basin is Back-ordered until 10/18/2013, so we’ve had a full business day, and it’s still 18 Oct.., make me loose confidence in these ‘back-ordered’ status on the mint page …, Prf ASE just went to sold out.., would have thought with all its volume that it would have ‘pop’ed’ back-ordered at some point. Anyone have the magic coder ring?

  10. VARich says

    Ray – some of the retailers are running sales on graded AtBs if you check every few days, it’ll save you the hassle from before if that’s what you’re looking for. Good luck! I’m going to double down on the ’14’s across the board, would still like to see some variation in the P pucks.., why not, between the quarters and pucks, you would have clad, bullion, proof and enhanced – personally I think the majority out here would wet our pants over that.., imho, of course.

  11. Brad says


    You’re right about the production max levels for the bullion coins, my mistake. That’s what I get for making a statement from memory instead of double-checking it first! 🙂

    Even if all 25,000 are sold for Mt. Rushmore, it should still be a popular coin after sellout. Considering the relatively low price they’re being sold for by the Mint, these should do well regardless of the silver spot price. If spot goes back up to the $40+ range later, that would just be icing on the cake. And the design really does look pretty cool in person. Fort McHenry does too. Who was it the other day that said that these 5 oz. P coins were growing on them? I’m kind of wishing I had kept a complete set going myself. But since I sold all of my valuable 2012’s, I can’t bring myself to go back now.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    FIRST ever bullion puck just arrived, Rushmore. Wow, what a difference from the vapor blast technique. Nice and shiny, “slight” wipe marks but very slight. Glad I got one of each to compare. These are such beautiful coins and priced so incredibly right for what other Mint’s want for a 5oz.

  13. simon says

    FM : the best bet is probably direct from airtites.com . I have purchased from them (Z5) and they are very reasonable (< $2) with quick shipping.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    It’s a personal record, 2 PV ATB’s, 1 Denali ATB, 1 Hawaii ATB, and 1 Vicksburg ATB out of two rolls of quarters for laundry. lol

  15. Dustyroads says

    fm~the slight rub marks have been present on all the bullion I’ve purchased, I wish I knew where they are getting it!
    VARich~It does make you wonder.
    Brad~You sold the 2012’s?

  16. Zaz says

    @fmtrans.: Air-Tite has blister packaged Z5s for $1.99 each, places like APMEX charge as much as $4.00 per Air-Tite. JP’s corner is $1.60 per, I usually buy quantities 25 at a time for $35.95. They have a promotional flat shipping rate of $9.95 for any order over $50.00, and a pretty decent variety of coin products at very competitive prices from my LCS. Make sure you get the new style Z5s, the original Z5s were twice as thick and left a gap on one side of the coin, and were made for the high relief 3″ medals.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Well I worked in a metal shop and polished many a metal in my day. Those are polish marks from pushing too hard on the wheel and/or using a pad that is worn out and not the soft kind. To get the perfect mirror image you would spend at least an hour per coin “slowly” polishing it. These workers do not have that kind of time to spend on each coin. I actually think they are getting it much better from what I have been reading and the returns etc.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    I could wet sand those tiny scratches right out with a super high sand paper and water and would look perfect. Zaz, thanks for the heads up…

  19. fmtransmitter says

    Polishing is a highly skilled trade and a master craftsman who has mastered this art can make a darn good living..It is not easy to do and takes years of practice and many mistakes…

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Hmmm, based on that article about possible recalling the new $100 bill. Wouldn’t it be great if they DID recall them and those of us that put up some crispies would actually have a collectible piece of paper? Now, do we take it in an exchange it or what? How would a recall take place?

  21. Brad says


    Yeah, I sold most of the 2012’s that I had. I still have a couple of Chaco Cultures, but the rest are gone. I didn’t have a complete set through then anyway, since I never bought the 2011’s. I only started buying the 2012’s when it became apparent that they were lower mintage and more valuable. I didn’t want to pass up on the profit that the 2012’s offered, so I sold off the Hawai’i Volcanoes and the Denalis that I had bought. So, I’m too many coins short to bother trying to put together a set now.

  22. charles says

    Great Basin 5 oz that was previously showing a backordered date of 10/28, now shows 12/3…two weeks from now….close to a sell out?

  23. Dustyroads says

    Brad~My interest in the 5 oz’s began with my Denali purchase from the Mint, I’m now wishing I had the Volcanoes. Although I’m aware that everything has a price, it’s my hope that I will have a chance to see where prices go for 2012 US Mint products in several years.

  24. Brad says


    Actually, the Great Basin now shows “sold out.” It must have had a production level of only 18,000. I wish I’d picked one up now. I almost did, but decided not to.

  25. Brad says


    Yeah. I wonder if Perry’s Victory only has 18,000 too. If so, it should be gone in a few days also. Maybe I should buy it just so I can get a little slice of the pie! The drawback is that I don’t like the design. I’d hate to be stuck with it if it turns out to not be a winner!

  26. Brian says

    It seems the mint estimated demand based on how popular they thought the design would be. Ft. McHenry started selling after Great Basin and is still available even though it has sold 18,674 vs. 17,824.

    So they clearly knew it would be more popular and they had to know that about Mt. Rushmore too.

    The question is, how many of Mt. Rushmore did they produce? It has to be more than 18,000 or else it will probably sell out later this week.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    @Brad, How you could not like PV design? J/K, each to his own, however, I do not think you would have any trouble, or lose more than say $20, if you decided to sell it…:)~

  28. Brad says


    Well, I went ahead and gambled on Perry’s Victory. I just ordered four of them, and threw another Mt. Rushmore on the pile as well. If PV has more than 18,000 though, I may have made a mistake. By “stuck” with them, I mean not being able to sell them to anyone without taking a loss. Even a $20 loss (or less) is not acceptable to me on a precious metals product. I’ll hold it for years before I’ll do that! I’ll admit defeat on clad products, like the extra 2005-2007 proof sets I sold to a dealer at a flea market last Saturday. He paid me Grey Sheet bid, which was $4.25 for 2005, $7.75 for 2006 and $14.50 for 2007. Pitiful I know, considering the issue prices I paid for them were $22.95, $22.95 and $26.95, respectively. However, it was still better than the money I would have netted if I had sold them on the Bay. The fees and USPS Priority postage (the only method I use) are killer on low value items like that!

  29. says


    I personally think the one to watch is Fort McHenry. That one’s been going gangbusters (at least in comparison with the other AtBs) since its release. I am not sure of the reason for its popularity, but I am betting Fort McHenry will be the second AtB-P to sell out this year.

  30. thePhelps says

    For those who haven’t purchased the bullion coins for this year…


    These are easily bought still individually for around $130 – but the above link gets you all 5 for $650… pretty soon they’ll be higher based on the last couple of years…

    I think my favorite bullion this year is the White Mountain.

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