Woodrow & Edith Wilson Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Today, December 19, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will release the second Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set for the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson. A set was previously released with a medal featuring his first wife Ellen Wilson. The second set will include a medal featuring his second wife Edith Wilson.


Each set includes one 2013 Woodrow Wilson Presidential Dollar and one Edith Wilson Bronze Medal. The coin and medal are placed within a plastic card containing an image of the President and First Lady on the front and issuance information on the back.

The sets are priced at $9.95 each. There is no stated product limit and no household ordering limit.

The US Mint continues to offer free standard shipping on all domestic web orders as a special holiday promotion.

This represents the final United States Mint numismatic product release of the year. Last week, the Mint released a preliminary 2014 product schedule to give collectors an idea of what they can look forward to in the coming year.

In January, many products are scheduled for release including the 2014 Proof Silver Eagle, 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter products, and several annual sets.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    Precious metal values are all tanking right now. Gold and silver, as of this writing, are falling steeply. Gold, as of this writing, is below $1200 per ounce.

    As I’ve said many, many times before, as the economy improves, gold prices fall. I’m sure we’ll see gold price continue their downward trend in the months ahead (unless there’s a war….).

  2. gary says

    WOW! What an ideal time for the 1%ers to dump their gold & take their losses for 2013 against their tremendous profits gained in the stock market this year. I’d bet anybody’s house that gold will continue dropping right to the last trade date of this year & then make a dead cat bounce up in early January. For all you collectors of the 1st spouse gold, hang onto your bucks… more Mint pricing drops should follow.

  3. says


    It’s impossible to say because the movement of prices right now is irrational. I’ve grumbled about this previously but we’re in a bizarre situation right now where sovereigns like China and India (in spite of the import restrictions on the latter) are vacuuming up large quantities of physical gold and silver in ever greater quantities while the actual price keeps falling.

    If the price of gold continues to fall, you’re also going to see miners start to scale back production or shut down: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-12-02/gold-tumbles-towards-marginal-production-costs That SHOULD boost prices, but then again, the off-the-charts buying by India and China ought to be boosting prices too.

    People who are buying gold as “insurance” with the expectation of an eventual dollar crash and devaluation, or who are just investing for long term (20+ years) are going to be fine and can just wait, but speculators who hoped to make a profit from bullion or people in dire financial straits are in trouble right now.

    Of course, the good side of this is that collectors (like me) will be getting a price break on those baseball coins coming next year!

  4. Taribor says

    I think gold and silver was in a multi-year bubble so while there may be underlying cause of why the price should go up (like you said captoverkill) mayber there are bigger reasons why the price should go down, like the a bubble deflating.

  5. gary says

    I agree Capt-O!
    The cost of mining gold varies greatly from mine operation to mine operation. Many producers will make vague or even overt threats to shut down operations but they better be well capitalized to weather out the low prices. Also, there is a real cost associated to shutting down operations (cost of maintaining machinery, mines, etc. and loss of experienced, efficient miners. In reality, they may cut back production just enough to keep operations running.
    In early 2010, I also felt that the QE was certain to fuel inflation, along with the bank bailout debt. It would seem that the velocity of the fiat went straight to Wall Street and Ponzied an overblown DOW. If the DOW moves much higher before Dec. 1, I think that gold will probably fall as low as $1,150.

  6. VARich says

    I have two sitting out there with an expected ship date of 03 Jan – let’s see if that holds. Thinking we’re looking another new low given that we went back order on the 12th… now let’s get that unc dollar set to start slip slid’n away…

  7. high low silver says

    VaRich I ordered two last night with a ship date of jan 2 good luck to us both with a new low hopefully.

  8. VARich says

    Cheers Bro! I think it’s looking good! Might just have to double down on the set with free shipping!

  9. KEITHSTER says

    Ya they can’t have many of those left my second order for three more will be here tuesday. My mint sets are instock & reserved button gone card pending. So they can’t makeup anymore $ unc sets so they ship what mint sets are left? As for gold let her go down only got the first one and would like the rest at a discount:) And as to the 50 centers hope they made all the extras for Ecuador or Puerto Rico or El Salvador or one of the others that still use the US$ may someone can ask whats up the pres’s in storage needed some company?also see the 5* is on the move wonder how his 50 center is doing not to good I hope? Well good Luck All :>

  10. Dustyroads says

    That’s good news, I bought some graded coins from SilverTown yesterday @ $69. I noticed that the 5* gold ship date went back out to 12/30, they must be seeing some activity.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    PM’s are the most volitale of all. Why I choose to buy collectables that happen to have PM in them. PM’s can bounce in a day. I like reading what people assume on here. Happy Holidays to you and yours everyone. Thanks Michael for a great webiste and the service you provide.

  12. Rick says

    @gary, I’m torn on the ’12 Spouses. While I like the idea of a price reduction that may come soon, I fear the Mint will pull them early as to not take any losses on the Gold they bought earlier at higher prices. The good side of pulling the ’12 Spouses would be yet even more low mintages for those who have them in hand. What to do? What to do!!

  13. KEITHSTER says

    Ya but the backorder is in the no longer available spot the AGE unc spot still says sold out so not to worry My $ unc. sets get here tuesday snail mail and my mint sets went instock today ordered them on the 5th.so they must be done with the unc sets and can’t have to many left.On the FS’s glad I only got the first one let her slide down gold that is so I can pick up the rest on sale? The 50 cent Kennedy’s did they make them for Puerto Rico or Ecuador maybe El Salvador someone please call and ask? Good Luck All:):>

  14. KEITHSTER says

    MY last five post’s don’t make it but what the hey does got any of my last one’s there in never never land? good luck toyouall ;.>

  15. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    What is making the 2013-W ASE sellout so interesting now? I have not been following the news on it. Thanks!

  16. thePhelps says

    That mint site is messed up… the no longer available page shows shipping 01/03/14 on the ASE – but if you go to the ASE page itself it shows sold out.

    Glad I already got mine months ago!

  17. gary says

    Gold closed in NYC today at it’s lowest price since July 2010. Pretty scary stuff.

    I don’t believe that the 1st spouse coins will be “pulled” or anything. The Mint has a dollar-cost average way of getting what they need over spot gold. They made out pretty well with the 2013 Reverse proof buffaloes with their premium when gold spiked up in August, so maybe they will give 1st spouse collectors a break and at least offer the ’13s til dummer anyhow. IMHO.

  18. Brad says


    Hee hee. Offer the ’13 Spouses until “dummer”? I know you meant “summer”, but it was funny as heck! Those of us buying the spouses may be starting to feel a little “dumb” about it, the way gold keeps falling after we’ve done so! Well, at least the silver lining to a continual decline in the price of gold is that the 2014’s may be a lot cheaper than the ’13’s were, and a HECK of a lot cheaper than what I paid for the ’12’s!

  19. Sith says

    @gary – Why is the fall in gold pricing scary? This “dip” has allowed me back into the gold market, and I had not bought gold since 2009. The more it “dips” the more I can buy. It also allowed me to get a bunch of ATBs as silver is in the same boat.

    On a side note I find it funny that gold was already at $1,500 per oz before QE3 started so I don’t see why it would go below $1,200 per oz because they scale QE3 back 11%, but what do I care as long as the price is cheap.

  20. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I’ve watched the UNC ASE status change about 4 different times in the past 2 days. I have to believe it’s done.

    @ IkaIka – WRT the 2013 UNC ASE – W (burnished) coin, it has the potential to be the new key coin within this series. Based on current, individual coin sales, and potential sales as part of the 2013 UNC $1 Coin set, it could be the new low by approx 100K strikes. Some of us had been commenting about this throughout the year, with a few adding extra MS70 examples to their “investment” stacks.

    Speaking of which, “Paradise” currently has NGC MS70 examples on sale for $70.00, and also has 2-3 examples of every 2013 5 oz, ATB-P in NGC SP70 for $220.00. Anyone still looking for McHenry, Rushmore and others might want to check with them.

  21. VABEACHBUM says

    @ IkaIka – I do need to add an “asterisk” to my UNC ASE comment. Technically, the 2008 / Reverse of 2007 is the key to the series with an estimated 43K strikes, but many have classified it as either a “variety” or a “mint error” within the series.

  22. JBK says

    Thx for the heads up. I have procrastinated all year with Mint purchases, aside from the silver eagle set several months ago. Today I picked up the proof SE in the Congrats set and I just ordered two of the Unc 2013W SEs (from the detail page, as someone suggested, where the order button is still active) – we will see if those go through.

    I still need to pick up the proof set so if anyone has a crystal ball on those let me know. And, if the unc SEs fall through, I will need to grab it in the unc dollar set so please give me advance notice of that sell out as well. (I hope that is not asking too much!)

  23. JBK says

    “Sold ou” 2013W SE ordered a few minutes ago: “2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 01/03/2014.”

    That is good for a laugh ….. maybe they will find a few extra that fell down behind the press.

  24. Sith says

    JBK – I don’t have a crystal ball but the 2012 silver proof sets should be a good buy as it is still the lowest mintage for the silver quarters series even when including the LESPS

  25. JBK says

    HLS: you are right – the 2013W Unc SE is back up on the site. I wonder if these can be slabbed as “late release” or “second edition”.

  26. Brian says

    I bought 20 of the 2012 W burnished silver eagle the day it sold out last year. I’m not touching it this year.

    I guess demand could pick up a little next year since there won’t by any anniversary set to compete with it. But the reality is that it is not an interesting coin, especially at more than 2x the spot price of silver.

  27. Larry says

    As interest rates slowly but surely creep up, gold will gold down. No sense owning bullion if you can get 4-5% on a 10 year treasury. But you never know when something bad will happen and cause gold to shoot up again. Seems in my life gold goes up when crazy things happen, like really high inflation in the 80’s, and really bad recession like we just had. In good times it seems to go to sleep. That’s why I like gold collector coins vs bullion, I think good coins have a better chance of holding their value. It’s also much more fun to have a collection of coins than bullion.

  28. Don says

    Please don’t give the Grading Companies any new ideas for frivolous and useless labels, such as the “late release” or “second edition” that you mentioned.

  29. stephen m says

    Brian, The ms W silver eagle is a good looking piece of silver, in my opinion, but you are right about it’s not a particular interesting coin. The last time I did a little crazy on this coin was in 2008 and I ordered 10 of them from the mint without a good reason. As luck would have it two of them arrived with the reverse of the 2007 on them. You just never know. It looks as if the 2013W ASE is officially sold out now.

  30. HIdalgo says

    It’s a pity that misinformed folks have been buying bullion coins as if their prices will continue to escalate. If one looks at the recent trends of gold and silver values, one will note that both precious metals have experienced downward trends. Gold started its decline since 2011. The decline started to accelerate somewhat since fall 2012.

    I pity those folks who bought gold and silver as investments. If they purchased gold bullion at around $1800 per ounce or silver bullion at around $40 per ounce, they will ultimately realize that years may pass before they will be able to break even.

  31. gary says

    @Larry — You are right on the “money” Larry. I’m 61 and have been collecting since age 11 and I have seen boom & bust in 50 years. Lots of it. And yes, when any meaningful interest can be earned once again on CDs & savings, gold WILL go into that long hibernation it had in the 80’s-90’s. Question is, what price will be the level & how long a doldrum? Silver still has the old unfortunate link to gold and so gets pneumonia when gold sneezes. At some point in the “near?” future I believe that silver will partly disconnect from gold as it becomes more esteemed for it’s industrial & technology uses. I’m glad that I never had very many gold coins, but what I do have are true collector coins. The yearly Gold Eagle & Buffalo bullion and numismatic items values are LARGELY underwritten by the current price of gold. Also, A LOT of this bullion was purchased by small investors who put them in IRAs. Now gold is less pricey now and you can always justify buying more to dollar cost average down the high price gold but you’d STILL have to hope & wish to break even. I’m glad that I sold off my bullion gold after last April’s $100 one-day drop. That woke me up. Sold all of it, JUST to get my money back, back then!

  32. gary says

    Samuel, I think a lot of collectors have broadened their horizons to buying world coin issues than the obsessive date collection of American Eagle gold & silver. Also I also think there are a lot of collectors who got stung buying the 2011 5 coin anny set and especially the 2010 ATB bullions. Wow, I remember the 5 coin ATBs were going for THOUSANDS per set for the MS69 slabs. Look at what they go for now on Ebay. You are lucky to dump them at all for $900 – $1,000. They are in all manner of slab, with PL, DMPL, Gem Unc., MS62 to MS69 and on and on. In April 2011, after the Dec. After the Dec. botched launch & hype, I bought a set of PCGS slab rejects (Mix of MS69 & 68) for the (bargain?) price of $979, including shipping. I held onto this “bargain” too long & just recently dumped it on Ebay & made $5 to boot! LOL

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