World Trade Center Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Congressional Gold Medal Design Candidates

The Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee have recently reviewed design candidates for the three Congressional Gold Medals which will be awarded in honor of the men and women who perished as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Public Law 112-76 enacted on December 23, 2011 authorized the award of three medals which shall be given to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York, and the Pentagon Memorial at the Pentagon. The designs are to contain suitable emblems, devices, and inscriptions as determined by the Secretary of the Treasury. The Secretary is authorized to strike and sell duplicates in bronze to be made available for sale to the public.

Shown below are the design candidates for the obverse and reverse of the Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Congressional Gold Medal to be given to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York. The candidates for the other two medals will be shown in separate forthcoming posts.

Obverse Design Candidates

FH-NY-O-01 FH-NY-O-01A FH-NY-O-02 FH-NY-O-03 FH-NY-O-04 FH-NY-O-05 FH-NY-O-06 FH-NY-O-06A FH-NY-O-08 FH-NY-O-08A FH-NY-O-09 FH-NY-O-10 FH-NY-O-10A FH-NY-O-10B FH-NY-O-11 FH-NY-O-12 FH-NY-O-13

Reverse Design Candidates

FH-NY-R-01 FH-NY-R-01A FH-NY-R-02 FH-NY-R-03 FH-NY-R-04 FH-NY-R-05 FH-NY-R-06 FH-NY-R-07 FH-NY-R-12 FH-NY-R-12A FH-NY-R-13 FH-NY-R-14 FH-NY-R-15

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  1. CasualCollector says

    I was just looking a little closer at a graded BHOF Silver Uncirculated (MS70). I noticed on the reverse the “E” of the “E Pluribus” has a “Strike through” of a small thread or hairlike string. It made a “stringy” like indentation through the “E” in a vertical line. Some of the thread (or hair???) might still be on the coin.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1) how does the TPG miss this? Or is it a case that the TPG will not say anything unless the submitter requests the notation of the Strike Through?

    2) Regarding value of the graded coin as an MS70 (without Strike Through Notation) — does value increase, decrease, or stay the same?

    3) Should I send it back to this TPG to get the “Strike Through” Notation added to the grade (is it possible if I send it back that they will lower the grade after seeing the “Strike Through”?

  2. mark says

    CC— Just sell it as is. No extra value, just struck with a piece of wire on it.

  3. VA Bob says

    Need more proof of prevalent lackadaisical grading practices with moderns? Plenty of coins that don’t match the labels out there.

  4. CasualCollector says

    I was really just curious how the TPG missed this, and how they might have graded the coin had they seen this Strike Through.

    I did a search and found that some graded coins actually have the “Strike Through” Notation listed as part of the grade.

    Since the “E” is one of the smaller letters on the reverse (compared to USA and ONE DOLLAR), I guess it is a small strike through relative to the larger letters (maybe that’s why the TPG missed it).

    I’ll just keep it as is for now…

  5. mark says

    Does not match the label…hell…does not match the grade…. Dam rookie modern graders.

  6. gary says

    If you can’t count on TPG to apply the right labels for coins, how much can you trust their opinion of coin grading?

  7. Dustyroads says

    CasualCollector, Of course it’s just me speaking, but I know they move very fast while they grade these coins. I’m sure that if you try to resubmit it and ask them to check the strike through they may do it free of charge.
    As for if it will lower the grade, keep in mind that what the TPG’s are looking for are post minted defects. A strike though happens during minting, therefore shouldn’t lower grade.
    Also, any errors should increase the coins value, so I think a may be worth you time to investigate further.

  8. Pittsburgh P says

    These designs are not very good imo… Many of them are just too busy. The only one I liked for the obverse were of the eagles… Not the one crying though the ones flying with the silhouette in the background. Didn’t like any of the obverse but I guess the tree would be ok. I just think they should do better for this subject matter… Maybe another contest or something. I guess it’s not for the public though but I still think some effort should go into these medals… jmho

  9. says

    So a strike through doesn’t affect the grade? I guess I don’t know what a perfect 70 coin is supposed to look like. But then again the more I learn about Sheldon; crook, racist, etc and that he died in ’77 he probably never saw a 70 coin…

  10. fmtransmitter says

    mark says
    MAY 19, 2014 AT 8:38 PM

    Does not match the label…hell…does not match the grade…. Dam rookie modern graders.
    They are hiring for a modern grader, apply! Make it right!

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Just talked to eBay, they said if you already have an offer on the table, i.e. an active listing, you CANNOT make said item go into your STORE if you open up a storefront. What a crock. The only way is to re-list the item to get the 6%. Well heck, I am not losing $40 if I end the auction and re list and HOPE I get another offer. What a crock.

  12. CasualCollector says

    @Dustyroads and everyone on the Strike Through
    Thanks for your thoughts!

    I just added a picture of the Strike Through. This is on the BHOF Silver Uncirculated Reverse — the “E” in “E Pluribus Unum” to recap, the coin is currently graded MS70 by one of the Top-2 TPG’s

  13. says

    fm…I see there is a offer “pending” on your auction….if it is from a buyer, decline it, then close the listing early, open up a store and re-list it. If the “pending offer” is a counteroffer you made to a offer you received you can’t do anything until the counteroffer is either accepted or rejected…or the time runs out…48 hours from the time a counteroffer is made.
    Of course, you have to decide if you will get another offer the same as you currently have….without knowing more details, I can’t really suggest anything more. Good luck though….if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them if I can.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    no questions steve, thanks, i just think it is wrong for them to leave money that is on the table. it is an offer, i had counter offered with the same buyer and the listing expired so my loss for not opening store before it re listed. no wonder they have that new check mark that says it will auto re list 3 times for you!

  15. fmtransmitter says

    CC, that site is putting all kinds of cookies on my pc like an android device. you getting paid for clicks? i tried to back out and it went to every click during the back out process…lol

  16. says

    On Topic…..okay, this is a walking on eggshells subject. Gotta be so careful about what you say. But, if they want to present Gold Medals to appropriate individuals, that seems fine and proper. But another public sale included? And, in bronze? We just went through the 2011 Silver medal that really did not do all that well, the general public was not that enthusiastic. Is this to raise capital to contribute to the memorial or cause? The news today was filled with stories of a souvenir shop inside the new museum at Ground Zero. Many relatives are not pleased. I’m not sure if another public sale is such a good idea.

    Off Topic……there have to be plenty of others besides me who are extremely pissed off about how the mint IS NOT shipping out the open orders for the BHOF Gold and Silver. My new orders for current mint sets, UNC W SE, Kennedy rolls, Silver Proof sets, etc. all shipped out in days……had them to me in about a week. The $5 gold…..I ordered 4…..are going to take 3 months? I had them ordered an hour after the sale began. Four days later I ordered 4 silver dollars. Not until 7-31-14? I mean, WTF! How can this be? They push out the new orders almost instantly but the limited production items take 3-4 months. Were these items not produced yet? Did they think they would not sell out? This is absurd. Thoughts?

  17. CasualCollector says

    @fm I’m not sure why its putting cookies anywhere. The link is supposed to be a folder with only the pictures that are shown. No AdSense at all for the BHOF folder.

  18. Dustyroads says

    CC, Don’t worry about the site, it’s fine. Looking at your strike through, it’s easy to see in you excellent pictures the shadows revealing the depth that is present, it looks like a fiber from a cloth used to wipe the dies.

  19. VA Rich says

    GSM puck just hopped from 5/31 to 6/03 – think she’s a goner now, that took longer than I would have thought.

    Time to pull the plug on the ’13 AUDCS! Brad – how much time we have left?

  20. Bob R says

    I really believe the mint did not know the popularity of the HOF coins until just days before sale. They planned and thought that the coins would not sell out until late summer or fall at the very earliest, one pointing fact is why they had entry price reduction for early orders. It looks like they are producing them with the original sales plan forecast that they totally missed.

  21. fmtransmitter says

    cookies, crackers, pretzels, who knows…I am done. Off to find a 1983 P Washington Quarter die crack variety.
    Yes, wacpac83, I agree best put this behind us but never forget! 10 year done and gone, NSA snooping, Bin Laden fish food..Time to move on, what’s done is done and must never happen again!

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Just a caveat to my last post, if the bronze coins brings ANY sort of relief, provides memories, or does ANYTHING at all to help the families and friends of the victims i.e., bring a young child into coin collecting as their first purchase, I am all in for them! God Bless the U.S.A…

  23. fmtransmitter says

    BTW, compare Dec, 7, the day of infamy and how much stuff was sold to commemorate that. I mean, this is capitalist A,mesmeric, no one forces us to buy anything, well except taxes..Ha..

  24. Ray says

    R15 looks amazing to me. I really hope they go with that one for the reverse. The obverse Tough call on the obverse.

    As for TPG grading, I sent some stuff in last year that I thought would grade at 68, maybe 69. They both came back as 70s. I haven’t submitted any coins since. I now collect in OGP and buy PCGS 70s at coin shows only.

  25. Blair J Tobler says

    I’ll probably be in the minority but I like O-13 paired with R-13. I got choked up when I saw the eagle, and the message at the bottom of R-13 is very appropriate

  26. bg35765 says

    As for if it will lower the grade, keep in mind that what the TPG’s are looking for are post minted defects. A strike though happens during minting, therefore shouldn’t lower grade.

    This is false. One of their primary criteria is the quality of strike. A weak strike might not have any post minting imperfections, but still shouldn’t be graded a 70.

  27. VABEACHBUM says

    Having lost friends and coworkers in two of the three locations, I definitely believe there is a genuine need for the proper recognition of ALL the Heroes and a solemn rememberance for all who were lost.

    In looking at the language of the Law, “…the Secretary of the Treasury shall strike 3 designs of the gold medals with suitable emblems, devices, and inscriptions, to be determined by the Secretary…” I find the requirements kind of ambigous, and I don’t know that any one person (the SoT) or small groups of people (CCAC, CFA, etc) can identify a specific design that conveys the either totality of the events or the castrophic losses that have impacted, and will continue to impact, our current and future generations.

    I still remember exactly where I was when these events began, how I felt as I watched them unfold, then receiving notifications over the next several days. I just don’t think any of these designs convey that level of emotion or the level of recognition these National Heroes are due.

    I also would point out, from the last section of the Law, “PROCEEDS OF SALE.—Amounts received from the sale of duplicate bronze medals under subsection (b) shall be deposited in the United States Mint Public Enterprise Fund.” Since the Mint is manufacturing these duplicates as a break-even enterprise, none of the respective Memorial Organizations will be receiving any revenues from this effort.

  28. thePhelps says

    @bg and Dusty… agree with your thoughts bg. The graders are supposed to be looking for the quality of the strike and any of the imperfections caused by a less that perfect pressing. I’d read years ago the reason early coins seldom get higher grades is because the early equipment wasn’t capable of producing PF or MS70 coins. To have them ignore imperfections today and grade an obviously flawed coin seems to speak volumes to the quality of the grading companies these days.

  29. Brad says

    VA Rich,

    Judging from the Excel spreadsheet number through May 18th, there’s probably about 3,800 of the 2013 AUDC Sets left to sell. Maybe they’ll be sold out by June 30th.

    It’s curious that the GSM 5 oz. P coin has overshot the mintage limit in sales as of that same Excel report (25,421), but yet it’s still showing backordered on the Mint website instead of sold out. Someone had suggested that the mintage limit had been raised to 30,000 like Shenandoah, but I doubt that. I’ve never known the Mint to change a published mintage limit before, especially after sales have begun. It would seem that would make a lot of buyers feel they’d been duped. Maybe the Mint is just taking some spare “waiting list” orders or something for protection against cancellations. But, if so there’s no mention of a waiting list on the product page. Weird.

  30. gary says

    @The Phelps… given the fact that a TPG grade is just an opinion and given the quantity of modern coins submitted it is no wonder that their assembly-line fast grading system would result in the oversight of strike through errors. Even more egregious is their mislabeling of coins, which points to sloppy QC. Their have been numerous instances of wrong dates, mint marks, denomination, etc. on labels. I’ve seen some of these on Ebay and where some sellers have the hutzpah to call them rare grading errors!!!
    @Brad… I sure hope that the Mint sticks to their announced mintage limit for the GSM P-mint. It’s one thing to announce higher mintages for coins not yet released but if they go down the road of raising mintages of coins already on sale it sure would be duping collectors and the Mint’s credibility would go out the window!

  31. stephen m says

    thePhelps, The graders do look at the coins they are grading although I don’t know how close. I saw a set of 25th anniversary silver eagles ER in 66 grade. The flaws are pretty obvious but gave the coins a lot of character and, i don’t know why, but they looked like proud survivors. At the same time the set looks out of place. Anyway it shows me the graders do look at the coins they are grading.

  32. James says

    WACPAC83: Save your breath. I posted the same questions (rant) within the last week. Due to the overwhelming lack of responses, I am assuming that all posters here are concerned about is labels and grading. To me, purchasing a coin that is on sale and waiting months to receive it is unacceptable. That is what perpetuates the behavior from the mint. Complacency by the sheeple. How does that saying go, the squeaky wheel gets the oil? Happy collecting.

  33. gatortreke says

    @James: I wholeheartedly concur that ordering a product from the Mint only to be told you’ll have to wait 3-4 months for the item does nothing to build goodwill and warm fuzzies by the public. If you go by the Letters to the Editors in publications such as Numismatic News, many of the Mint customers have critical things to say about them (sometimes justly, sometimes not) but putting an item up for sale when there are few available to send is a problem the Mint needs to address. The practice certainly does not build goodwill.

  34. says

    The following was posted on the Mints FB page yesterday. I have a hard time thinking that someone from the Mint would approve of this posting unless things were getting better with the shipments. So far there has been 14 comments and 13 comments have not been UNFAVORABLE (one person commented on the Thunder beating the Clippers). Surely they would not be posting this if they don’t think they can ship these within a couple of months?

    This isn’t fantasy baseball and far from a wild pitch. The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Clad Half-Dollars are still available! You can purchase them here:

  35. Dustyroads says

    bg and Phelps, Yes , eye appeal and strong strike are very important, just didn’t mention it. In fact, if one is going to collect Franklin halves, the San Francisco Mint rarely struck their coins with much force improving die life. Honestly, I’m not sure if a stronger strike of these early 50’s half dollars would be able to achieve a higher grade on that alone, but they are certainly greatly more valued.

  36. says

    @fmtransmitter, good job on selling your coin. I think that is the highest OGP price for a Gold.. You played your hand well…

  37. VA Rich says

    Ah be damned, FM sold his coin.., didn’t think it would happen…, FM- you’re such a Flipper!

    Now you’ll have to change your handle to FFM – Flip’n FM! Just kidding, congrats! That’s a whale of a price!

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    @James the lack of responses to your post/rant and others like it is not due to ….”I am assuming that all posters here are concerned about is labels and grading.” It is because it has all been said before… Hundreds of times by as many posters… I have ranted and raved many times about this and more than a few times was told I will get em when I get em and does it matter when I get em(thanks fmt ;-))Personally I figured no response was necessary. Didn’t know you needed one to boost you ego. Sorry, I am responding now. It sucks!

  39. says

    @James, I have commented on this before. Total mis-management on the part of the Mint. They need to hold a press conference and answer questions. Survey after survey that they send me I will tell the Mint exactly what I have said here. A total failure on the rollout of the BHOF coins..

  40. VA Rich says

    Well guys, look at it this way, the more the mint hurries to get the baseballs shipped, the more the likelihood of a mint error.., like a cracked die, double strike, or MS Proof-like.., then you’ll will be sitting pretty, and then others of us will be wanking.

    I do think a MS Proof-Like may be a strong likelihood on either the $5 or $1.., now wouldn’t that be something!

  41. Ray says

    I had 2 issues when I submitted coins to a TPG (NGC). My AtBs had small white spots, and still graded as 70s (surprisingly, because they werent perfect). NGC told me that the white/milk spots on the coin were a product of production, and wouldn’t negate from the grading. Even though it was my coin, and was a 70, I still disagreed. It comes down to ethics. If they can rationalize that coin to be a 70, what else are they capable of? The 2nd issue I had was with a 2013 unc silver eagle. I had taken it out of its capsule for a couple of months, and it was stored half way in a small 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ coin flip. The part of the coin that was exposed to the air, was clearly showing toning and honestly, i didnt even know why I had submitted it to be graded, other than I had to use the coupon for 5 free gradings. That came back as a 69, and I was told that toning will not take away from how a coin was being graded. It was a huge learning experience for me. I thought it would be a 65/66. I’m never submitting coins to be graded. It is after all, just their opinion, and clearly I have higher standards than NGC. 70 means perfect, no asterisk, no excuses, no explanations. Seems to me they are more about the revenue than the quality of grading. I really dont know how they continue to operate.

  42. James says

    Sorry, wasn’t looking for an ego boost. I have only been buying coins from the mint and reading this blog for about 2 years and don’t remember any of my few purchases taking months to receive. IMO if the mint keeps getting deluged with complaints, maybe someday we would not have to take em when we get em. JMO.

  43. Pittsburgh P says

    @james was only kiddin… Just my dry sense of humor 😉
    I hope you are right but imo the mint will go about thing as they always do. Usually they do get their products out within a somewhat reasonable amount of time but they are not a “normal” business. That’s why monopolies are illegal!

  44. VABEACHBUM says

    @ James – The 2011 ASE 25th Anny Set had the single biggest sales fiasco, hands down. But once the dust settled, the sets were shipping pretty quickly.

    The biggest programmatic (roll-out / sales / delivery) fiasco that I can recall prior to the BHOF coins probably had to be the 2009 UHR: Huge initial sales demand, “1st of” production problems, shipping delays, the OGP UHR “Book” shipping separately, the same screams from (the same) people who would not be able to get their FS / ER Designations. Prior to that, the 2008 Buffalo Sets were a bit of a whisker-do.

    I see alot of nearly identical failures between the UHR and BHOF programs, which is really, really sad. Most of my 03/27, mid-afternoon BHOF orders are still pushed to 6/30 and beyond. And, while I’m an OGP collector who is not in a huge hurry, per se, these delays and the Mint’s very poor, blase’ acknowledgement of their respective causes and corrective actions is completely unacceptable. Things could be worse, I guess; the Mint already could have charged the credit card. What kind of a riot would we have on our hands then?

  45. James says

    Pittsburgh P: Thanks for your input. I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that someone will tighten up the ship, but I won’t hold my breath.

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