World War II Civil Air Patrol Bronze Medal

At a ceremony held yesterday, a Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The medal was authorized under Public Law 113-108 and recognizes the organization for their humanitarian, combat, and national services during a critical time for our nation.

The United States Mint had initially prepared 15 different obverse and 12 different reverse design candidates for the medal, along with some additional variations. The full slate of design candidates can be found here.

The candidates were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), who each offered their recommendations. Coverage of the recommendations can be found here and here. The final designs were selected by the Secretary of the Treasury and were not publicly revealed until the actual award of the medal.

Civil Air Patrol Medal

The selected obverse design differs from the recommendations of the CCAC and CFA. Two CAP volunteers, one male and one female, are depicted watching the skies. In the background is the image of a tanker escorted by CAP planes overhead. Inscriptions include “Civil Air Patrol” and “1941-1945”.


The selected reverse design matches the recommendation offered by the CFA. A partial laurel wreath representing honor and service surrounds the CAP’s insignias. The inscriptions read “Honor”, “Civilian Volunteers Who Flew Armed & Humanitarian Missions”, and “Act of Congress 2014”.

As in the past, the United States Mint has made bronze duplicate versions of the Congressional Gold Medal available for sale. A 3-inch version of the medal is available priced at $39.95 and a 1.5-inch version of the medal is available priced at $6.95.

American $1 Coin and Currency Set Update

Another update on the American $1 Coin and Currency Set… the product is once again available to order on the US Mint website under “backorder” status. The product now carries an ordering limit of 5 units per household. Until now, when it was not out of stock, the product had been available to order in unrestricted quantities.

Recently, the US Mint has been much more fluid with their product limits and ordering limits. As discussed in a recent post, all three of this year’s 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products saw subsequently announced or subsequently adjusted product limits.

In the past, product limits had typically remained fixed, although sell outs could occur at lower levels. Household ordering limits had typically been put in place from the start of sales and if warranted later increased or removed. We have now seen these typical patterns broken, which may have implications for collector perceptions of future offerings.

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  1. NC_Stacker says

    @Bernie in FL

    What MNB has over FarmVille and CandyCrush is interaction with people. Learning from others, building on your coin collecting skills, and developing friendships. Where as FarmVille and CandyCrush falls into the ” What about MY needs” fulfillment.

    How many times can you count on your hand where FarmVille or CandyCrus has helped someone?

  2. says

    C’mon, fess up. Did you actually remember the topic of the main body of Michael’s article? You know, the one which was headlined in nice, big letters.

  3. Dustyroads says

    It could be the reason why we rarely see Michael Z interacting in the thread. He used to chime in fairly often, but stopped in 2013.

  4. Peter says

    I’m wish the new website had a counter on each product page. What was I thinking, it’s ONLY 21’st century! Can’t even get a coin without a scratch. Maybe my grandkids will live to see that.

  5. Teach says

    So who here thinks we will ever hear from the mint what is really going on with the C&C sets shipping from orders on the 10th and not the 4th? WHY? Just when you think this can’t get any nuttier. I’m going to hang on to my orders and go along for the ride. I have never seen the mint like this before, I know they can screw things up, but they really screwed up this offering.

  6. Buck says

    My 12-3 order just went from processing to shipped. Maybe they heard all the grumblings on the various coin forums.

  7. says

    I’m still scratching my head over that ebay seller that has a “Buy it Now” price of $995. for the NGC 70 Sacagawea. And he didn’t even throw in the crispy dollar bill. Or, is that in a separate auction?
    You would at least think that he would also have a “Make Offer” with the Sac. Heck, if he had that, I would have offered the seller $990.

  8. NC_Stacker says

    “You would at least think that he would also have a “Make Offer” with the Sac.”

    Ask if they will take payment in the form of 990 doll hairs.

    Then this opens up a new business opportunity for Ebay to open up Hair Pall.

  9. Peter says

    My 12/4 orders for C&C just went to processing. Funny thing, all other orders went to processing too. Even the ones that were completed. I feel the magnifying glass over my head.

  10. Jim says

    VABob, I know. Too funny right? My wife placed an order online from Costco and it delivered from CA. to VT. in 6 days UPS Ground. In all fairness to the USPS, they haven’t had the opportunity to mess up yet as they do not have the package yet.

  11. Tinto says

    I placed an order Dec 9 from the Mint for one proof Platinum eagle and some of the mint medals, like the Fallen Heroes … the last email notification Dec 10 says it shipped and my CC was charged for the entire order today.

    What I’m puzzled about is, why is there a box next to the proof platinum eagle and not against the other items? I saw that from the time the mint said it was PROCESSING the order .. and I thought it was in case I wanted to cancel that item. Or maybe they have the box to cancel the entire order but just guessing here … but why is it still there if my CC has been charged and the status is “SHIPPED”?

    BTW I went to the USPS website and used the tracking number from the US Mint and it
    says “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS ” I’m calling the Mint’s CS at least to vent FWIW …

  12. I started collecting yesterday says

    Hello. Regarding the 2013 $1 Federal Reserve in this year’s Coin and Currency set, I’ve seen a lot of questions about the significance of the bill. I thought I read somewhere that the Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note is cut from a new 50 subject sheet rather than the 32 subject sheet that has been used since the 1950’s. Maybe that’s why the bill is part of the set? I don’t know, I just started collecting yesterday. Even though, I’m still not interested. I’m more interested in the FDR set coming out in two weeks. Thanks. P.S. to the person who runs this blog…I like it very much and I included my real e-mail address this time. Thanks.

  13. Dustyroads says

    I liked getting the free shipping on a 12-10 order which shipped today, but I missed out on any free shipping the US Mint may have been offering on the 12-3 orders.

    So I’m curious about others having your 12-10 orders shipped already, did you receive the free shipping?
    If so, It’s not cool how the Mint just got out of paying for the free shipping on those 12/3, 1:30 and later and 12/4 placed orders for the CC’s.

    BTW, From the beginning of the new Mint website I have not been able to use the tracking link in my yahoo mail from the Mint. I always have to go to the Fedex tracking. Anyone else have that problem?

  14. Dave SW FL says

    Dusty roads,

    Same here with smartpost(?) . You can no longer click on the tracking number at the mint site. Must copy a gazillion digits ( hoping dyslexia does not kick in), go to FedEx site , transfer the digits ( again battling dyslexia), and then W. A. I. T. For it

  15. Eagle One says

    Received my 2014 C&C set today from MCM. GEM Certified Note and SP69 Certified Coin for $99. No problems with the note or the coin. I think it was a great deal.

  16. VaBeachEd says

    My order made on Dec. 10, for 5 sets C&C plus 2 rolls of the Sacagawea Dollar P&D, shipped today.

  17. Wes says

    Dusty, link to Fed ex tracking number in the mint email worked fine for me. I use FireFox browser. If that makes any difference.

  18. GoldFishin says

    NEW THREAD- Be sure to read the headline this time so you will know the pop quiz question. 😉

  19. Louis says

    It’s true about the tracking. In the old system you could look up your order, click on the tracking # and get your status but now you need to cut and paste. You can also add a 92 in front of the FedEx # once it enters USPS as I learned from a FedEx gal. The slow boat is finally approaching my shores and has reached my local post office.

  20. Dustyroads says

    I’m hoping for a return to some of the conveniences of the old website, that is if it doesn’t compromise security in any way.

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