Yosemite Five Ounce Coins at 25,338

The United States Mint has confirmed that the waiting list notice which previously appeared on the online product page for the Yosemite National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin was “inadvertently posted.” Based on the new report available today, sales have reached 25,338 out of the 27,000 maximum mintage.

The following statement has been provided by the Mint:

The 2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins — Yosemite National Park are not sold out. Unfortunately, however, a message saying that a waitlist for the coins had been put into place was inadvertently posted to the United States Mint’s online catalog on June 23. As soon as we learned the message had been posted, we removed it. We also lifted the household order limits for these coins the week of July 4. We regret the error on our part and the inconvenience the posting of the waitlist language caused our customers.

It seems rather unusual that a notice incorrectly posted on the website would not be realized for more than two weeks. The appearance of the waiting list notice and the presumed sell out was reported at various online and print publications such as CoinUpdate.com, Mint News Blog, and Numismaster/Numismatic News. The presence of the notice also likely had an impact on the pace of sales over the past few weeks. Many potential customers viewing the notice may have chosen not to order since it indicates a reduced chance of the order actually being fulfilled.

With the waiting list notice and ordering limits removed, we may now see some indication of the level of demand for multiple coin orders.

The Grand Canyon Five Ounce Silver Coins continue to track slower than the Yosemite release. Sales have now reached 20,834, which compares to sales of 23,104 Yosemite coins over a comparable sales period.

Coin Update News: New US Mint Sales Report

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  1. VG says

    Back to coin talk here. For what it's worth, I sent in three Yosemite 2010 P ATB's to PCGS. They all looked flawless to the naked eye. Two graded SP70 and one SP69. I am not a dealer nor someone who could even distinguish an MS70 from an MS69 coin. Maybe I've been lucky, but the 2010 P ATB's I've gotten from the Mint are fantastic.

  2. Anonymous says

    "All Republic-rats are the same – they like to argue with each other about this or that and make promises to voters about this or that but it is all senseless theatrical nonsense – all they really care about (at least the ones with the most power and influence) is their own political power or they wouldn't be politicians."

    And DemocRATS don't? Take your stupid comments to Move-On.org. This is about numismatics!

  3. Anonymous says

    the 4 ATB P coins I've got so far all look great also – I don't know if I've just been lucky or haven't been unlucky – yet. I hope my MH coin is a good one also so I'll have a complete set of nice problem-free 2010 ATB P coins to go with my 2010 ATB PCGS MS68 PL/DMPL coins I got from APMEX.

    Then I'll have to decide if I will continue on to 2011 with these coins – I'm not sure yet.

  4. Anonymous says

    "Gold and silver will fall again in the next two weeks when our government works out the debt limit issue. Shorting PMs is the way to go. On the less than 10% that this doesn't happen, gold and silver will double overnight."

    Hey pinhead, where do you come up with this junk? Did you see the $2 spike in plata today??

  5. Anonymous says

    guys would you have a little bit long term view on the prices of gold and silver. after our great central bank chairman's QE5 next year your silver and gold would have triple. after our great president Obama's re-election, gold and silver will jump 50% in one day. after our great life-time leader Obama (constitution changes at 2015 for life-term presidency) your silver and gold will be priceless.

  6. Anonymous says

    Who is running that goat-rope excuse for an operation is a good question.. They are so dysfunctional its almost funny…
    There really isn't anyone in charge of anything far as I can tell.. One big committee with no leadership or decision-making body. Almost like the government… OH WAIT!! sheesh.. sorry.. It is the government. Nevermind.

  7. Anonymous says

    Got my grand canyon yesterday very bad marks on washington's face these are suppose to be collector coins,where is the quality.

  8. Anonymous says

    Got my grand canyon yesterday very bad marks on washington's face these are suppose to be collector coins,where is the quality.

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