Yosemite Five Ounce Coins – Order Limit and Waiting List Notice Removed

The product page on the US Mint’s website for the 2010-P Yosemite Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin now indicates that there are no ordering limits and the waiting list has been removed.

These changes seem to have occurred separately over the past few days. The first reader reported that the ordering limit had been removed on Friday. At that time, the waiting list notice remained in place on the product page. Earlier this morning, another reader reported that the waiting list notice had been removed.

The Yosemite Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins went on sale at the US Mint on June 9, 2011 with an ordering limit of one per household. The first report of sales came on June 12, by which time customers had ordered 20,511 out of the 27,000 maximum mintage. By the following week on June 19, sales had risen to 23,104. The US Mint placed a waiting list notice on the product page on June 23, 2011.

The waiting list notice had stated:

“The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Yosemite National Park Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.”

At this time, I do not have any information on what occurred to cause the waiting list notice to be posted and then removed two weeks later. There seem to be two possibilities: 1.) the waiting list notice was posted prematurely and when the mistake was realized, it was removed; or 2.) order cancellations occurred to reduce the number of acceptable orders below the 27,000 limit. These cancellations could have been initiated by customers or the Mint.

Whatever the cause, this is the first of the numismatic America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins that is available for ordering in unrestricted quantities.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Certainly an interesting development but worth awaiting info from the Mint to confirm the status. I plan to get just one of each copy. I'm Happy and Satisfied!

  2. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I just noticed that about the Yosemites. All it means is that their wait-listing stunt was pure bullshit.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of these coins, but that was just a dirtbag move by the Mint in order to entice people to order the coins asap.

  3. Anonymous says

    With no ordering limit now, I wonder how long these will last? There couldn't be too many left for sale at this point I wouldn't imagine.

    Maybe the next time there will be no "wait list" notice, but just a sold out sign.

    I wonder if I should order any more while there's still time?

  4. Anonymous says

    I thought something was wrong. The mint was probably sick of all the returns for poor quality so it posted the wait list early.

  5. VG says

    Due to it's changed status PCGS is creating a new label for the Yosemite 5 oz. silver coin: "First Strike Seconds" for an additional $20 per coin fee. Sounds like a secondary market winner. I'm in for 100 coins!

  6. JA says

    I don't think this says much about the future prospects for this coin unfortunately.

    If demand has to be spurred by double-dipping into the market segment of those who have already bought one, it puts into question the popularity of the coin.

  7. Anonymous says

    It was a political debate about weather to put up the Wait List Notice. One side clearly want to put it up to spur demand, the other want to put it up to make the coin feel like people wanted it.

  8. Anonymous says

    These will end up selling for melt in the future. Total waste of time. Buy the bullion, better looking to boot!

  9. Anonymous says

    I sold some stuff last week and now I just wish silver would drop back to $32 for a couple days so I could load up on more of the bullion versions. I like how the APMEX price goes up and down as the price of silver changes.

  10. Anonymous says

    Michael: Any info. yet on when the Chicksaw bullion coin will be released? Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says

    I had posted previously that I thought sales would peter out on this series and expected this one to last a month. But was surprised when it was announced 24 large sales the first week which scared me but ended up a mistake. Dealers will most likely clean out a large amount of the remaining coins. They are an oddball coin like the FS's and expensive for a silver product. Probably won't last long now with ordering limit removed. This sets up the possibility that the 2011's may sell at a slow rate with ordering limits removed at some point.

    These are gonna end up like the spouse coins and some of the buffalos, and other Mint precious metal products. Prices will go up but mainly because metal prices rise. I still plan to by the 2010's but the 2011's and beyond are questionable. I wouldn't expect the Mint to have high mintages on the later versions and some like the FS's may have very low mintages in future years. As I stated above this series is much like the FS series in that they are oddball coins. They are expensive for a silver product but will increase in price mainly because metal goes up.

  12. Anonymous says

    I thought too that maybe the day will come when the $279.95 price tag looks like a bargain. However, I don't have enough faith in that to tie up that kind of money in very many of these right now. I may be sorry later, but I may also be sorry later if I buy too many of these things and the price of silver heads south.

  13. Anonymous says

    20,000 Would be a good start for the ATB 2011-P's. There seems to be enough demand to support that sales figure for now. A slightly lower price point would be better but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it stayed the same.

    Hey I don't care if they cut it down to 10,000 I'm in this series for the long haul. IMHO, personally I really like the larger coins. The Gettysburg Bullion is beautiful and I can't wail to so it in the P version.
    So if you don't like them don't buy them, If you think they are ugly, don't buy them. If you think they are over priced, don't buy them. That is more for me.

  14. Anonymous says

    My G.C. that was ordered within 30 minutes on the first day was just shipped UPS today. My second G.C. order with proof ASE (ordered Thursday) also shipped today but used USPS. Both used a physical address so I’m still confused to why they are being sent by different methods every time I order??? Also I’m wondering about the shipping delay on the first order since people reported receiving their G.C. coins on Friday & Saturday.

  15. Anonymous says

    I ordered my G.C. on 12:03pm on June 29 and got it from UPS Air last Friday. Unfortunately, I got a defective coin with a bunch of scratch dots on the reverse side (as of it had been dropped on the floor). It is very frustrating, and I am planning to return it now. I have seen posts talking about getting defective coins from the Mint and didn't realize the chances of getting is actually petty high (1/4 ATP P coins for me).

  16. Anonymous says

    I bought the first 3 Ps and cancelled GC. I'm out. Its going to be a repeat of the FS. There are better coins to be had.

  17. Anonymous says

    put out a silver eagle with a 27000 mintage and you will have about 20 grand in ms70/prf70

  18. Anonymous says

    Got my G.C. ATB today and it has these tiny pin nics under the JF initials. Not worth it to send it back. The key to the P coins is to have all 5 coins

  19. Anonymous says

    just noticed gold is above $1550 again so mint prices may be increasing again sometime soon

  20. Anonymous says

    No price increase this week, as the earlier fixes in the period were low enough to hold the average down to the current tier. Unless the price REALLY spikes high tomorrow and Wed am, we should be safe. Next week, however…

    I went ahead and bought my Grant FS coins a few days ago. The chances of getting a price drop anytime soon are slim. An increase next week or the week after seems more likely. I'm sure by the time the Hayes coin is released, the pricing will be in at least the $1,550-$1,599.99 tier, maybe even the tier above.

    Man, these coins are getting expensive! When I committed to this series, the coins were $500 cheaper each!

  21. Anonymous says

    "I'll skip the roo but i got the roo at sunset not UHR but nice design."

    @July 11, 2011 2:14 PM

    In my opinion, this is a fantastic design; I just love it. Can anyone say for sure what the amount of silver in this coin is? I have seen conflicting descriptions of this coin as far as the silver content. One place describes it as having one troy ounce of 99.9 fine silver. On the other hand, a couple of other places describe it as 1/5 ounce of silver having 6 grams of silver. I'm pretty sure there is a big difference between one troy ounce of silver and 1/5 or 6 grams of silver. Interestingly enough, despite the difference in descriptions, the prices from the different places are relatively consistent, that is to say, they are close in price. Can anyone elaborate on whether these are different coins or what the real story is regarding the silver content of this coins or coins? Thanks for any information.


  22. Anonymous says

    Clarification: The above post refers to the kangaroo at sunset coin for 2011. Sorry I wasn't clear on that in prior post.


  23. Anonymous says

    "Royal Australia Mint says it is 1/5 troy Oz (6.03g) 99.9% Ag, which I believe is official. Link here:

    Thanks 9:19 p.m. I agree with you that RAM clearly shows it is 1/5 try ounce (6.03 g). What does Coin Update News mean when it states, "Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 1 troy ounce and diameter of 40 mm."? Do they mean 1 troy ounce in total weight including the 6.03 grams of silver or are they referring to something else? The Coin Update News sure makes it sound like one troy ounce of 99.9 percent silver. This is very misleading and makes the coin much pricier in terms of cost versus melt value. I must admit, it sure fooled me. But then, I'm pretty much of a novice. Thanks for the info.


  24. Anonymous says

    I think people are getting satiated with the 5-ozer. I thought when they removed the limit, coin dealers would scoop them up instantly. Apparently not so. I am beginning to have doubt on the popularity and the future of the rest of the coins (like 50+ more issues). 27,000 coins x 5 issued & released in one year may prove too much for collectors to digest. I, like many others would stop after Mount Hood.

  25. Anonymous says


    I dug a bit further on it and it seems there are two different specs for the same design based on different issuing years.

    And there are two versions of 1 oz coins (F12 & F15 mint marks respectively).

    RAM really should have a better archive on its products. I could find official info either. Here is an unofficial one:

  26. Anonymous says

    And funny enough, the above unofficial link says the smaller one is 1/20 Oz (6.03g), which I believe he meant 1/5 Oz.

  27. Anonymous says

    Smells like a stunt by the Mint. What an odd turn of events…..HH limit to waitlist to unlimited.

    Personally, I feel that these are not going to go the total way of the FS series. They are an oddball size but the subject matter is far better and they are cheaper per coin. The problems right now with slow ATB sales reflect market dilution, summer slow period, and greed on the Mint's part. These are a hefty markup over spot at current pricing. The Mint needs to adopt a price changing strategy similar to their gold products with silver. Silver took a hefty dive and the price of these did not change.

  28. Anonymous says

    You need to remember that demand for the first two ATB 5 ounce P silver coins (Hot Springs and Yellowstone) was higher than for the last two (Yosemite and Grand Canyon). That would explain the faster sell out.

    Why was demand higher?

    * Price of silver was increasing or was higher.
    * Unknown public/collector reaction to the new product
    * Low mintage led to anticipation of high demand

    Unfortunately, the high demand did not translate to high secondary market values. The return on investment on eBay is certainly not worth the trouble of buying several of these coins and flipping them….

  29. Anonymous says

    I like the silver bullion coins from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Problem is that those foreign mints produce such a large number of different coin versions, that it tends to lower demand for the individual designs….

  30. Anonymous says

    yeah, i agree. if you have 20 types and each type is 5,000 mintage the cost goes way down. this is true with the japanese proof sets.
    another point. just got yosemite slabbed today, MS69. first time I slabbed. But i don't like it, it's as big as a lunch tray. i realize the plastic around the coin hinders the enjoyment and the plastic isn't worth XXXX anyway. just adding plastic, or some mark or stamp around the coin doesn't increase it's value. so I will never slab any coins again.

  31. Anonymous says

    Someone mentioned the ATB set maybe not holding up. I believe that the Mint can cancel the collector versions at any time, but they are required by law to issue the bullion. Might have some low mintages over the years if demand is low.

    But in the long run I think older collectors will love these since you can see all the detail, and even to non-collectors they are an impressive piece of work that you can see from a distance. Someone wrote an article recently that coins aren't as popular as art collecting because you need a microscope to look at them. Well with these you don't!

  32. Anonymous says

    To 8:20 am,

    Please stop asking for the report like that every week. If I were Michael, such a post would make me want to delay posting the report. I know you always say please, but it still has such an air of impatience to it. Give him a chance, will ya? At least he gives it to us in Tuesdays instead of dragging it out until Thursday like Numismatic News does!

    Thanks, Michael!

  33. Anonymous says

    Am canceling my ATB orders and not gonna buy Hood.

    This 2010 ATB P coins are going down!

  34. Anonymous says

    u.s. mint sales report please.

    July 12, 2011 8:20 AM
    Ya, give the Blog a break!
    What's the point of asking for it?
    You know Michael will post it once he get his hands on it!!!

  35. Anonymous says

    I just recieved my Grand Canyon ATB. Beautiful. Perfect! Only one more to go. I am very happy with my coins.

  36. Anonymous says

    Ditto! I received my GC coin and ASE Proof; both looked very nice (albeit expensive).

  37. Anonymous says

    I saw mine was delivered and signed for. I'm going to complete the 2010's but am leery about the long term excitement for these coins.

    I think gold has hit a new all time high. Buy on those dips, even if fractionals!

  38. Anonymous says

    Yeah, the yellow metal is on the march. I was looking at the gold averages and it appears tomorows am price would have to be way over 1600 to generate a price increase. The flip side is that its doubtful there will be anymore decreases unless the stockmarket takes a big dump and no one wants that. If anyone sees things differently show me the money.

  39. Anonymous says


    There are 2 different Roos. F12 is the smaller diameter (22 millimeter diameter, 1/5 ounce) F15 is a 1 ounce, 40 millimeter.

    Both are $1 denomination but the F15 PROOF is the one you want. IMHO.

    Jim L.

  40. Anonymous says

    I strongly believe the ATB 5 ounce collector P series will stop at Mount Hood. The Mint is only obligated to produce the ATB 5 ounce bullion and not the collector P version. It is not a good sign that people are returning them. Who cares about the low mintage is demand is shrinking?

  41. Anonymous says

    I am curious about this because I really like the 5 oz versions. They are unique, eye-catching and so far have a premium out there. If all coins lift the ordering limit, then the numismatic value will surely dip as supply outweighs demand (yuck). But, if this is from a data glitch or to close the gap to a limit of 27,000,it could be a buying opportunity. OR, if the limit is relaxed only on the Yosemite, then it may make the others all the more valuable if the limit stays on the Hot Springs, etc. Anyway, I like the coins for their beauty and their way of showing off Americas finest places. I do hope that the 27,000 limit sticks to retain interest and current demand for these unique coins.

  42. Anonymous says

    The 2010s can no longer be minted this year. They are stuck at 27K. This includes the few remaining YOS.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hey – I noticed the 27,000 coin limit is still posted on the US Mint website for the Yosemite coins, but only the one per HH is removed. If the 27K limit still applies, my guess is that this sells out and this is a limited buying opportunity, especially given the sales figures in the last mint sales report

  44. Anonymous says

    Gold is up over $20 today. How could that not push the average up enought to increase prices Thurs? Should I get my Julia Grant online Wed., or wait until Thurs. when I can get it in person at a Mint sales counter (as Golino explained in his article)? Funny how the coins will be available the very day when prices will probably be higher (Thurs.)? Any thoughts?

  45. Anonymous says

    I'll bet the limit will be removed tomorrow on the Grand Canyon coins too, since they will have been available for two weeks at that point with no sellout.

    I wouldn't buy the remaining Yosemites at this point either. Like someone else pointed out, the remaining inventory is likely returned coins, most of which probably have defects. Some of the defects might be small, and some might have simply been returned by would-be flippers who changed their minds about fooling with these.

    If the 2010's are the only ones with a "P" version, that should make them a little more in demand I would think. The reason for that is because with only 5 designs available, anyone who tries to collect the entire set of bullion coins would likely want to own the five 2010-P coins as well, to have a truly complete set of all versions of 5 oz. silver ATB coins.

  46. Anonymous says

    Yes, the price of gold went up a little over 1%, so i would expect the value of any in hand to do the same. I am buying the Yosemite 5 oz. With the order limit still at 27K, i think it will sell out shortly. Way to go Mint News Blog!!! Once again, first on the scene and keeping us in the green!!

  47. Anonymous says

    Got my GC today. Looks perfet to me! Let's wait and see the details on the 2011's before making decisions…………….

  48. Anonymous says

    To 12:41 pm,

    The average of London Fixes for this week's calculation so far is $1,539.41. There is one more fix to go to determine this week's average price for the U.S. Mint's price determination. To trigger an increase, the Wed am fix would have to come in at $1,634.75 or higher. The chances of that are slim to none, so I think it's safe to say that there will be no price increase this week.

    However, if the price fixes starting on Thursday stay above $1,500, chances are good there would be an increase next week. The average could be overridden by the Wed pm fix, provided it comes in below $1,550. The reason for that is because the current price tier in use is the $1,500-$1,549.99 tier, and to change the price the Wed pm fix has to agree with the weekly average. If the weekly average is higher, but the Wed pm fix agrees with the tier currently in use, the average is disregarded and no price change is made.

    I hope that helps.

  49. Anonymous says

    Sorry, I meant if fixes starting on Thursday stay above $1,550, not $1,500. Sorry for any confusion!

  50. Anonymous says

    @ 07/12 11:40 AM Yeah, gold will need to open at or above $1624.75 on Wednesday AM in order to dictate the immediate price increase. Then again, if gold jumps $54 overnight, we'll have bigger problems to manage.

    Regardless, looks like nothing more than a one week reprieve, as current market dynamics are likely to force the price increase next week.

    Prior to the current economic turmoil, PMs vs market performance were almost diametrically opposed: as the markets did well and reinforced the strength of the Dollar over the long term, PMs would fall off; when the markets (and confidence in the Dollar) took huge hits, PMs would shoot up based on "safe haven buying."

    Over the last 2 years, PMs and the markets have become more synchronous – and they shouldn't be. World markets, and the US Stock Market in particular, have been artificially propped up for the last 18 months. And when they fall (to quote my 3 year old), they will "fall down, go boom."

    With the end of QE II and the unresolved debt ceiling issues, we are left to face some tenuous times and greater scrutiny within the world economy. Make sure your seat-backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position; we expect to encounter some turbulence ahead!!

  51. Anonymous says

    @1254 PM – You've got the right Opening Price of $1634.75. Looks like we were chasing the same answers at the same time. Sadly, I fat-fingered one of the data points. Agree though. Don't see an increase this week; definitely next week.

  52. Anonymous says

    if gold average stay over $1,500.00 an ounce next week. then the scary u.s. mint gold prices will be:

    2011w AGB 1 oz proof—- $1,860.00
    2011w AGE 1 oz unc—— $1,828.00
    2011w AGE 1 oz proof—- $1,835.00
    2011w AGE 1/2 oz proof—–$931.00
    2011w AGE 1/4 oz proof—–$478.00
    2011w AGE 1/10 oz proof—-$205.50
    2011w AGE 4 pc set proof-$3,400.50
    2011w FS 1/2 ounce proof—$954.00
    2011w FS 1/2 ounce unc—–$941.00

  53. Anonymous says

    opps….. missing platinum eagle. since platinum did not move up. the price stay unchanged.

    2011w APE 1 ounce proof – $1,992.00

    only $157.00 above AGE 1 oz proof.

  54. Anonymous says

    Thanks for everyone's help. One thing about gold and QE, check out today's fed minutes where several governors said they may be open to QE3. That is a big part of why gold went up. If the economy tanks again, they will have no choice.

  55. Anonymous says

    "Over the last 2 years, PMs and the markets have become more synchronous – and they shouldn't be. "

    It's because interest rates are at zero, and the fed has been dumping money into the market. It has to go somewhere so people buy stocks and PMs.

  56. Anonymous says

    It's called inflation and we ain't seen nothin yet – except PM and other commodities will far outperform stocks.

    It's just a matter of time before gold prices will be higher than the DOW.

  57. Anonymous says

    Perhaps, but I would not put all your eggs in the PM basket or any one basket.

  58. Anonymous says

    Us stocks and bonds are the rotten eggs and PM's and other commodities are the GOLDen eggs I want in my basket.

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