Confused over proposed tax legislation and like-kind exchanges?

There is some misinformation floating out around the dealer community intermingling “like-kind exchanges” and three different sections of the tax code (1031, 1099-b and bartering). The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) has produced a white paper which goes into detail providing a comprehensive explanation of each section of the tax code. The purpose of the paper is to try and make it … [Read More...]

“One-man library” Q. David Bowers to contribute a weekly column starting on January 3

The late, great, Ed Reiter once called Q. David Bowers a “one-man library” due to his propensity to not only produce a massive amount of content, but to imbue each and every article, column, or book with quality as well. Commencing Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Coin Update and Mint News Blog will have the pleasure of hosting a weekly column by the world-renowned numismatist and prolific author. … [Read More...]

U.S. Mint’s response to members of Congress lacks commitment

Acting Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint David Motl’s November 17 response to an October 27 letter from U.S. Representatives Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Alex Mooney (R-WV) requesting information regarding the Mint’s efforts to combat the rising tide of counterfeit coins entering the United States lacks commitment. “While the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force (ACTF) appreciates Acting Deputy Director … [Read More...]

Bitcoin: Digital bullion, or just digital?

In a recent interview on the “Fast Money Halftime Report,” renowned trader Mark Fisher discussed the similarities between the current hype for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the silver rush seen in the late 1970s and 1980s. Fisher attributes Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value to its organic popularity (i.e., no meddling by Wall Street) and massive public interest. However, what truly separates Bitcoin … [Read More...]

Affordable colonial coinage

By Dennis Hengeveld Colonial American coins are somewhat of a misnomer in the field of numismatics. While many of them were indeed struck before the United States declared independence from Great Britain, others were made afterward, yet are still classified as colonial coins. This might seem a bit confusing, but generally speaking (however, even here, there are exceptions to the rule) colonial … [Read More...]

Review of NGC versus PCGS

By Michael Bugeja Last year at this time NGC chairman Mark Salzberg made this announcement, on which he expanded at the beginning of 2017: [A]ll coins currently in NGC Registry sets—including those graded by other services—will be allowed to stay in those sets. There will be no NGC Registry point deductions or rank changes for these coins or sets. Starting in January 2017, however, if you would … [Read More...]

George Rogers Clark 5-oz. silver Uncirculated coin goes on sale December 5

The U.S. Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2017 America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coin honoring George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (product code 17AN) on December 5 at noon Eastern Time (ET). The America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coins replicate the designs featured on the Mint's ATB quarters. This coin’s reverse depicts George Rogers Clark … [Read More...]

The Mint’s final product scheduled for 2017 to go on sale December 5 at noon

The final product the Mint has scheduled for 2017 is the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin from the Philadelphia Mint. There will be no household order or product limits, but the mintage limit is 25,000. The coin, and corresponding national park, honor the bravery and actions of Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark and his men who fought … [Read More...]

Over $15.4 million in U.S. coins and currency sold at Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ official auction of the 2017 Whitman Coins & Collectibles Winter Expo

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA — The official auction of the 2017 Whitman Coins & Collectibles Winter Expo held by Stack’s Bowers Galleries was an astounding success, realizing over $13.3 million across eight sessions of United States coinage and related issues. Nearly $2 million in paper money also crossed the block with superb results. The sale was highlighted by significant collections including the … [Read More...]

2017 George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Three-Coin Set available November 27 at noon

The United States Mint will open sales for the 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set honoring George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (product code 17AH) on November 27 at noon Eastern Time (ET). This set contains two Uncirculated quarters—one from the Philadelphia Mint and one from the Denver Mint—and one Proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint, all with reverse designs … [Read More...]