Reagan Dollar & First Spouse Unveiling and Other Mint Updates


Tomorrow, February 6, the U.S. Mint will hold a ceremony in partnership with the Ronald Reagan Foundation at which designs for the upcoming Reagan Presidential $1 Coin and Nancy Reagan First Spouse issues will be unveiled. The event will take place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, at 11 a.m. PT, and is open to the public; organizers recommend that those … [Read More...]

2016 Richard M. Nixon Presidential Dollar Products, Shawnee Bullion Sales


Today, February 3, the U.S. Mint released rolls, bags, and boxes of the 2016 Richard M. Nixon Presidential $1 Coin. This is the first Presidential dollar of 2016, to be followed later in the year by issues featuring Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. The Nixon dollars are available in six product options that offer varying quantities of the issue struck at the Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D) Mints. … [Read More...]

U.S. Mint To Hold Design Competition for 2018 World War I Commemorative Coins


The U.S. Mint has shared details for an upcoming competition in which contestants will be able to submit obverse and reverse designs for the 2018 World War I Centennial Commemorative silver dollar. The winner will see his or her designs and initials included on the coin, and receive a prize of $10,000. The contest is open to all citizens and permanent residents of the United States who are at … [Read More...]

2016 Shawnee National Forest Rolls and Bags


The U.S. Mint is now selling rolls and bags of the first America the Beautiful issue of 2016, the Shawnee National Forest quarter. This product launch coincides with today's other Mint releases: the 2016 Shawnee National Forest 5 oz. bullion coin and the 2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Proof and Uncirculated silver dollars. The Shawnee quarters are available in six product options that offer … [Read More...]

2016 Mark Twain Proof and Uncirculated Silver Dollars


The 2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Proof and Uncirculated Silver Dollars will be released this Monday, February 1, at noon ET. These coins were originally supposed to launch with the Mark Twain gold issues on January 14, but were held up due to an error on the items' certificates of authenticity. Included on the COA's was an incorrect description of the imagery appearing on the the coin, which … [Read More...]

U.S. Mint Raises Prices on Gold Coins


The value of gold has been climbing pretty steadily over the last couple of weeks, ending today at $1,114.00 an ounce, according to the London Bullion Market Association. Prior to Tuesday, January 26, the commodity had not hit the $1,114.00 mark since November 4. With gold hovering over $1,100 since Monday, the Mint has raised its prices on gold coins in keeping with its pricing structure for … [Read More...]

2016 Native American Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes


Today, January 27, the U.S. Mint will begin selling rolls, bags, and boxes of the 2016 Native American $1 coin at noon ET. Circulating versions of the coin will be available in varying quantities through the following product options: 25-coin rolls will be offered for $32.95 each, 100-coin bags will be available for $111.95, and 250-coin boxes will cost $275.95. For each option, customers can … [Read More...]

Comparative January U.S. Mint Bullion Sales


Bullion sales have been strong during the first weeks of 2016, though the numbers have normalized a bit since the week of January 11, which kicked off the new year with a bang. American Eagle Silver bullion coins have already sold 5,727,000 ounces this month, more than any month in 2015. That's also within 63,000 pieces of 2014's highest monthly total (5,790,000), a number that is likely to be … [Read More...]

2016 Shawnee Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coins


On Monday, February 1, the U.S. Mint will begin selling 2016 Shawnee America the Beautiful 5 oz. silver bullion coins to authorized purchasers. This will be the first ATB 5 oz. issue to be released in 2016 and the 31st overall since the series began in 2010. Each ATB 5 oz. bullion coin measures three inches in diameter and 4.064 mm thick, and is composed of .999 silver. They are minted in … [Read More...]

U.S. Mint Explains ATB Proof Set Error, Drops Prices for Sets With Presidential Dollars


The 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set went on sale on January 11, only to be pulled a short time later and given the uncertain release date of “To Be Determined.” Some sets were purchased and shipped before the interruption, but we don't know how many as the item has not been included on this week's U.S. Mint sales report. Now Tom Jurkowsky, Director of the Mint's Office of Corporate … [Read More...]